OLTL Transcript Tuesday 10/30/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/30/07


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Adriana: And how far into my pregnancy before I start to show? Oh. So itís normal to feel uncomfortable that early? I'd like to come see you as soon as possible.

Rex: Oh, my God. Adrianaís pregnant?

[Scary movie plays]

[Woman screams]

Starr: Oh, please. Is this not the most lamest slasher movie you have ever seen? Langston? Langston, are you ok?

Langston: I'm scared. Whatís going to happen?

Starr: Are you kidding me? You already know whatís going to happen. The woman was told that she shouldnít leave the room, but instead, sheís going to walk through the hallway with her nightgown on. Then the creepy guyís just going to come out and get her.

Langston: Not the movie. Whatís going to happen to me?

Starr: Langston, you know the answer to that, too. You're going to come here and live with us.

Langston: I donít know if I can do this, Starr. I donít know if I can be a part of your family.

[Children yell]

Roxy: Hey, shut up! You want a balloon, you're going to have to back up, ok? No crowding the talent here.

Miles: Uh -- I think we're going to need some more balloons. I'll be right back.

Roxy: Oh, man --

Miles: Hey, man, you take care, all right? Donít -- donít hit me with that club.

Roxy: Oh.

Miles: Whoop -- oh.

Blair: What are you doing here?

Miles: This is part of my community service.

Blair: Oh, you're paying for almost killing Todd by dressing up like -- what are you, the Fonz? -- And making, like, stupid balloon animals?

Miles: I wasnít found guilty of that.

Blair: Oh, yeah.

Miles: No, I wasnít.

Roxy: Damn right. All he was doing was blackmailing and hijacking Martyís confession from the shrink. If you ask me, which I know you werenít, he got railroaded. You know, I hate to say anything, but this whole rug-rat circuit -- it really blows..

Blair: Have either of you seen my son anywhere?

Roxy: Uh -- yeah, heís right over there.

Blair: Thank you.

Blair: You are in so much trouble. Do you know that? You were supposed to wait for me at Capricorn and we were going to come over here together.

Jack: I couldnít wait. I was afraid that they would run out of all the candy, so I asked the waitress if I can have some money. And I took the bus here. Hey, can I have one of those?

Blair: No, you cannot, Jack. Sweetie, do you know how worried I was?

Jack: Wow, thatís a shocker. I thought all you care about is Langston and Starr. All Daddy cares about is finding my baby brother. No one cares about me anymore.

Marty: Hi, John, itís Marty again. I just wanted to see if you found out any news about Marcie and Tommy, and make sure you're ok. So call me, ok?

Clarence: Havenít you never heard of knocking?

Harvey: Sorry, girls. These boys from the FBI just wonít take no for an answer. They're looking for a missing woman.

Lee: A fugitive.

Clarence: Oh, I'm sorry, honey, but you struck out. Ainít nobody here but us drag queens

Lee: Well, you ladies wonít mind if I ask you a few questions, will you?

[Music plays]

Todd: Wonder what planet do you suppose those people are from?

John: Itís almost funny coming from you. Look, letís just find Marcie and Tommy before Ramsey does.

[Knock on door]

Vincent: Hmm.

All: Trick or treat!

Layla: Oh, my gosh -- Vincent, look! Thereís the most amazing-looking clown here I've ever seen!

Vincent: You in the circus?

Jamie: Itís me, Jamie.

Layla: Oh, my gosh. I never would have guessed.

Jamie: And this is my daddy and Talia. They're together tonight.

Adriana: You can see me tomorrow? Great. I have some really important decisions to make.

Rex: One beer for me, one club soda for you, just like you asked for.

Adriana: Thanks.

Rex: You sure you donít want wine or something?

Adriana: Uh -- I'd better not. Are you going as a ghost tonight?

Rex: Huh? Huh?

Adriana: You're white as a sheet. Are you ok?

Rex: Yeah, I'm fine, I -- I -- I -- you were the one who said you werenít feeling ok.

Adriana: Yeah, my stomach. I have to start watching what I eat.

Rex: Why? Some kind of bug or something?

Adriana: I donít know. Ok, out with it.

Rex: Out with what?

Adriana: When you left the table, did you get some kind of bad news?

Starr: Langston, what are you talking about? You're already a part of this family.

Langston: I'm not a part of any family, Starr. And even when I was, I was an only child. I donít know anything about brothers and sisters.

Starr: You think I did before jack came along? Langston, I've tried to hide him in my hamper, and I tried to lose him in a park, and I promise I'm not going to do that with you.

Langston: Yeah, but your mom basically had to say that she would take me in.

Starr: No, she didnít.

Langston: Oh, come on. Ms. Woodrow from Child Services was standing right there, ready to haul me off.

Starr: She wouldnít have said anything if she didnít want you here.

Langston: I just donít want to mess up anything with us.

Starr: Is that whatís bothering you?

Langston: And what if it doesnít even happen?

Starr: Ms. Woodrow said it would.

Langston: Yeah, but what if she changes her mind? Or her boss says no and I have to go back to the group home, or somewhere else? Somewhere worse?

Starr: Langston, you're being crazy. My mom can get around this. Itís all going to work out.

Todd: You sure this is the place warren told you about?

John: Yeah, this is it. Look, try not to talk too much. Come on.

Lee: You've never seen that woman before? You sure?

Clarence: Nope. Never laid eyes on her.

Lee: You sure about that?

Harvey: No such thing as a little bit pregnant and a little bit sure. Now, can we get on with our show?

Lee: No, not yet. What about you, in the corner?

Todd: I think maybe warren got it wrong. Marcie and my kid would stick out like RuPaul at a biker bar. They either never showed or already left.

John: We'll see. Hey, buddy -- you seen this woman tonight?

Bartender: Like I told the other guys, no.

John: What other guys?

[Doorbell rings]

Starr: Ah, trick-or-treaters. Better give them candy before they egg or fork the house.

Langston: That would be kind of funny.

Starr: Do you want to get the door? Itís your house, too.

Langston: Ok.


Langston: Oh!

[Evil laughter]

Starr: Now you all just go away, trick-or-treaters! Scram, scram!

Markko: Whoa, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Starr: Get out of here!

Cole: Itís us, itís us!

Langston: No duh. I left you, like, 12 messages.

Markko: Hey. Oh. So? Mrs. Manningís going to be your foster mom, for real?

Langston: Looks like it.

Cole: We want to celebrate with you guys.

Langston: Well, itís going to have to be early. I'm still stuck at that stupid group home till itís official. I have to be back before midnight or else I'm busted.

Cole: Well, what are we waiting for? Letís get this party started.

Starr: Right this way, Mister.

[Cole chuckles]

[Starr giggles]

Langston: Come on.

Markko: Hey, wait, wait, wait. Thereís something I got to tell you first.

Langston: What?

Markko: I'm not who you think I am.

Marty: Excuse me.

Rex: Did you get any news while I was getting our drinks?

Adriana: Why would you ask me that?

Rex: I just saw you talking on the phone.

Adriana: Oh, I was just talking to Layla about something.

Rex: Do you know how much I love you, Adriana?

Adriana: Sometimes I really need to hear that. And do you know how much I love you?

Rex: I want a future with you.

Adriana: We've already started it.

Rex: Yeah? You think so? Arenít we?

Rex: Yeah, but I'm -- I'm talking about more than that. Planning a life together.

Adriana: Whatís up with you? You know that things donít always go according to a plan and you never know what could happen.

Rex: Adriana, is there -- is there something you donít want to tell me?

Roxy: Entertaining kids is a bitch. I should have signed up for graffiti removal.

Miles: Oh, come on, I love it. I love working with kids.

Roxy: Yeah, thatís because you're good at it. I suck. Oh, hey, why donít you put on this scary mask and scare those little boogers far, far away?

Miles: No, I donít think so.

Roxy: Yes!

Miles: No, I'm happy with my costume.

Roxy: Costume? You look like all my old boyfriends.

Miles: [As the Fonz] Hey. [Normal voice] I wanted a costume with no frills. I spent most of my life looking like a monster. Most people -- they donít get past the mask. Well, I think the kids are ready for some more balloons.

Roxy: Aye, aye, if you say so, sir.

Miles: Uh -- Roxy --

Roxy: Yeah?

Miles: You think maybe we can lose the whole Marlin Manson --

Roxy: You mean, Marilyn Manson?

Miles: Yeah.

Roxy: No, cause the kids love it. I mean, who cares? You know, the parents are stiffs.

Miles: Ok.

Roxy: All right.

Blair: I know things have been a little weird lately, but your dad and I have never stopped caring about you, ok?

Jack: I told you I was the line leader today. You guys didnít even listen.

Blair: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Jack: When dad brings the baby home, will I have to share a room with him?

Blair: No! Come on, donít you remember? You helped me fix up his room. You'll have your own room.

Jack: Well, what if we move back to the penthouse?

Blair: Well, I donít think thatís going to happen.

Jack: Ethan said all his baby brother does is cry all the time. What if Tommyís like that?

Blair: Well, Ethan's baby brother -- what, is he, like, 2 months old? Heís a newborn.

Jack: Yeah, so?

Blair: "Yeah, so," newborns cry all the time. Your little brotherís, like -- what is he going to be? -- Almost 2 years old. Thatís pretty big. They donít cry as much.

Jack: Ethan said all his parents do is worry about the baby. What if you guys are like that?

Blair: Is that what you are worried about? Are you worried that your daddy and I are not going to have enough time for you, Jack?

Jack: You already donít.

Lee: At these -- take it. You know this woman?

Agent: Agent Ramsey?

Lee: Huh?

Agent: John McBainís out there with that Manning guy.

Lee: Son of a bitch.

Harvey: Any closer shave than that and we'd be wed.

Clarence: I could use one.

Harvey: Sister, we could all use one. The point is, Marcie is out of danger.

Marcie: No, no, no, no, I am not out of danger, Harvey. That agent -- he said those two men were looking for me. They know Aaron and me, so I have got to get my son and I have got to get out of here, so I need to know if there is a back way.

Clarence: Not unless we start tunneling now.

Marcie: Clarence, I cannot stay here.

Harvey: Look, let me go out front and see whatís up.

Todd: "Other guys"?

Bartender: You're not all together?

John: Well, we all started out the same place.

Bartender: I'll tell you like I told your friends. I never saw that woman in the picture.

Todd: Does this help your memory at all?

Bartender: Since when does the FBI hand out bribes?

John: Listen, we're honestly trying to help --

Lee: What do you two think you're doing here?

Todd: Ramsey? We're just here for the show.

Lee: No, curtain just came down on you two clowns.

Adriana: Whatís gotten into you?

Rex: You can trust me, Adriana.

Adriana: I do.

Rex: So, you tell me everything?

Adriana: Yeah. Even if there was something that I didnít tell you at first, itís not because I donít trust you, itís because I donít have it worked out in my head yet. I donít know how to explain it.

Rex: Well, maybe thatís when you should tell me, so that I can help you work it out, especially if it affects me, too.

Adriana: Rex, I would never make an important decision unless I talked it over with you first. I'm going to go to the ladies' room.

Rex: Hey, you feeling all right?

Adriana: I'm fine.

Rex: Or maybe she isnít pregnant. She would tell me, wouldnít she?

Rex: "Appointment with Dr. Mayer." Thatís her gyno. Adriana and I are going to have a baby.

Vincent: I am going to take you to get a special something.

Layla: Trick-or-treating together, huh?

[Talia chuckles]

Talia: The only reason why Jamie said that Antonio and I were together tonight is because we are a couple of restaurant workers.

Layla: Hmm. It looks like more than that to me.

Talia: The only reason why I'm here tonight is because Jamie wanted it, so --

Layla: That little girl wants a mama again.

Talia: Layla?

Layla: What?

Talia: Donít.

Antonio: You want to take your nose with you? Bye.

[Antonio chuckles]

Jamie: Talia --

Talia: Whoo.

Jamie: Look what Layla made.

[Talia gasps]

Talia: Oh, my goodness, thatís very messy.

Layla: For our most special trick-or-treaters. But itís going to take you a while to eat. Do you want to design some clothes for your dolls on my computer?

Jamie: Cool!

Layla: Come on.

Antonio: I know Shaun works for you, man, but, you know, Taliaís better off without him. Sorry.

Vincent: I never thought it had staying power anyway. But Talia, she seems fine.

Antonio: Oh, yeah. Yeah, she does. She -- sheís toughing it out. But it must have been hard on her, you know, finding out that he wasnít as serious about her.

Vincent: Well, maybe she wasnít as in to him as you think.

Antonio: Oh. Well, she deserves somebody whoís going to treat her better.

Vincent: Yeah. Somebody whoís going to know what a fine lady she is.

[Vincent laughs]

Vincent: What? Donít look at me. I'm with Layla now. But Talia -- Talia, yeah, she has the whole package, and any man who doesnít see that is just not breathing.


Talia: You're amazing.

Marty: Look, I'm sorry, this isnít funny. Do you want something?

Blair: I donít want you eating any more candy, ok? We're getting ready to order some food, and I donít want you to stay awake all night long.

Jack: But, ma --

Blair: Excuse me.

Jack: Cool costume.

Blair: You're worse than your big sister. Go wash your hands, ok? We're going to order.

Jack: Fine.

Blair: Ok.

Marty: Blair, do you know who that was?

Blair: He had a mask on. I'm not clairvoyant. Why?

Marty: Uh -- no reason. Look, I've been trying to reach John to find out whatís going on with him and Todd, but heís not answering.

Blair: Well, I talked to Todd.

Marty: Well, what did he say? Have they found Marcie and Tommy?

Blair: No, but they have a lead. Looks like Todd will be bringing his son home soon -- that is, if John and Todd donít kill each other first.

Marty: All right, well, can you let me know if you hear anything?

Blair: You know, I'm being nice to you for the kids' sake, but I really donít feel like being your best girlfriend, you know.

Marty: Ok, yeah, we donít need to exchange makeup tips, ok? Just information would be nice.

Blair: Hey.

Jack: Can I have a root beer float?

Blair: No, you cannot. I donít want to peel you off the ceiling, ok?

Jack: Oh.

Blair: Listen, I think we need to do a little bit more talking, anyway.

Jack: But we already talked.

Blair: I know, but I think we still need to talk a little bit more based on how you're feeling. You know, a lot of kids -- when they've got a new little baby brother or sister coming into the family, they start thinking that the parents, you know, wonít have enough time for them.

Jack: Can I have chocolate milk, please? Jack -- Jack, you know that your dad and me love you very much. Right?

Jack: I donít know.

Blair: Hey. You remember the other night when all of us were sitting around Dorianís big old dining room table, you, me, Daddy, and Starr, and how it felt like we were, like, Miles and Miles away from each other?

Jack: And I slid the salt to Starr and it fell on her lap.

Blair: Yeah. Well, the point I'm trying to makes that around that big old table, we still have a lot of room, ok? Jack, but there will always be a special place for you there, right there at that table, and right here in our heart, ok?

Starr: Cole, whatís taking Markko and Langston so long?

Cole: Who cares?

Starr: I do. Langstonís been a mess today, and I'm just --

Cole: Starr, they're probably just doing what I want to do.

Langston: Whatís wrong?

Markko: Can you keep a secret?

Langston: Hello? I think thatís already been established.

Markko: Ok. I know you think of me as this macho dude. Right?

Langston: Yeah, definitely.

Markko: Horror flicks creep me out.

Langston: Really?

Markko: Well, I -- you know, I donít start crying or screaming or anything, but you know --

Langston: I -- I get it. Itís ok. I'll protect you.

Starr: Well, I canít believe itís been a year since I met you at that party, you lent me your clothes.

Cole: I canít believe you even talked to me.

Starr: I canít believe you werenít into Britney.

Cole: Huh. I liked how smart you were and that you werenít afraid of Britney. I also thought you were pretty hot.

Starr: "Pretty"

Cole: Very hot. I knew I liked you then, but now, I really --

 Langston: All right, letís -- oh.

Markko: Oh.

Langston: Letís get this movie started. We're ready to be scared out of our minds.

Lee: Copy that.

Marcie: Whatís happening?

Harvey: Oh, honey, you canít go anywhere just yet. There are G-men all over the joint.

Marcie: Oh, God. Can you believe him? Can you believe the little guy over there? Heís been sleeping through the whole thing, you know?

Clarence: He really is a good baby.

Harvey: Oh, you think? Heís Eric's nephew, isnít he?

Marcie: Heís the best little kid. My God. He is -- heís the best little kid, ever, you know, and he doesnít understand any of this. He doesnít understand we had to leave, and he doesnít understand why heís never going to see his daddy again.

Clarence: Child, itís all right.

Harvey: You canít do this. You canít cry. Mascara streaks just donít play.

Marcie: My nails came off, too.

Clarence: Thatís all right.

Harvey: Oh, darling, what you donít do to a girl.

Marcie: I know -- you know, I know that what I'm doing -- a lot of people think that itís crazy, but itís right. Itís right. I know it is. You know, no one -- I've never loved anybody the way I love this little boy, and if by some miracle we get out of this mess, I am going to make sure that heís the -- heís the most happiest little child, ever, you know? God. If I get out of this mess -- if we get out of it --

Lee: You know what, I donít have time for your crap.

Todd: I donít care, Ramsey. We donít have to stay for this show. There was a burlesque --

John: The all-nude one?

Lee: You're not going anywhere.

John: Well, what are you going to do? We're not breaking any laws.

Lee: You're just here for the drag? Well, these guys are your dates little on. If they stick their noses in anything, no warning shots.

[Shutter clicks]

Rex: Feeling ok?

Adriana: Yeah, better.

Rex: Nervous stomach, huh?

Adriana: Probably. Layla and I are thinking about designing a new line and itís a lot of pressure. But you know what? Donít worry about me. I'll -- I'll be fine tomorrow.

Rex: You know, we can sleep in. Or maybe we could spend the whole day in bed.

Adriana: Oh, that sounds like I've been so tired lately. You know what? Um -- I think I'm going to pack it in, but you donít have to come with me.

Rex: I will if you want me to.

Adriana: Uh -- no, you know, itís ok. I -- I want to stop by Laylaís and pick up the stuff I need so I donít have to get up too early. I'll see you at home?

Rex: Oh, why isnít she telling me sheís pregnant? I mean, whatís she so worried about?

Children: We want Miles! We want Miles! We want Miles!

Roxy: Oh, you think I canít do what Miles does?

Children: "Oh!"

Roxy: Hey! Whatís the big deal? You know, balloon animals donít have a very long shelf life, you know!

Miles: Hey, thanks, kids. Thanks for coming. I hope you had fun.

Roxy: Oh, thanks for hanging me out to dry with these brats. Where were you?

Miles: Well, I -- a kid got separated from his parents. I helped them find him.

Roxy: I guess you help little old ladies cross the street, too. Well, according to my wrist, it looks like itís almost officially off-duty time.

Miles: No, actually, we have a half-hour left.

Roxy: Yeah, well, thatís close enough to happy time. Want to join me?

Miles: Um -- you know, actually, I'm going to stick around and see if any more kids come by.

Roxy: Ok, well, if the community supervisor says anything, just tell him I'm giving mouth-to-mouth regurgitation to somebody.

Miles: Oh. Will do.

Marty: Miles.

Miles: Hello, Marty.

Marty: I just want to know one thing -- why did you try to scare me before?

Blair: Oh, Jack, thereís a lot going on right now. Itís funny how life is that way, you know? Everything happens all at once. You know, think about Langston. She doesnít have a daddy or a mommy or brothers and sisters, so weíre making a place for her in our family.

Jack: And donít forget my little brother, too.

Blair: Thatís right. Two big changes all at once. You know what? I remember Starr when you came to the family. She kind of had a tough time with it.

Jack: Did she think you didnít love her anymore?

Blair: Well, I donít know about that. Maybe she did, but I think more than anything she was really worried that maybe there wasnít going to be enough love to go around and I think once she figured out that there was enough love, she was ok. You can ask her about it. You know what? Your little brother is really going to be looking up to you. I mean, you're going to be the big guy in the house.

Jack: Really?

Blair: Yeah! How do you feel about that -- you know, showing the little guy around, huh? Showing him the ropes?

Jack: I'm kind of getting what you mean.

Blair: I hope so. Jack, I love you. I love you so much.

Jack: Love, you, too.

Harvey: Agent Ramboís on the prowl again. Now, we must all be calm, but itís only a matter of minutes before heís back to finish things off.

Marcie: What am I going to do, Harvey? Thereís nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Harvey and Clarence: Plan B.

Harvey: You are just going to have to hide in plain sight.

John: The bartender was lying about not seeing Marcie.

Todd: No kidding. Why do you think I bribed him?

John: The guyís willing to risk jail to help somebody. You think heís going to roll over for 100 bucks?

Todd: I guess I should've offered him more.

John: You know, these people are helping Marcie because they care about her, so thatís what we do. We convince them that we donít want to see any harm come to her.

Todd: All right, yeah, you do that with these goons with their guns in our backs. See how far you get.

Lee: Stay right there.

Bartender: I'm on my break.

Lee: Whereís everybody else?

Bartender: Getting ready to go on stage, I guess.

Lee: Whatís behind here?

Bartender: Nothing but old costumes and things -- personal items, not anything you'd be interested in.

Starr: Guys, my Momís home. Guys, hurry it up.

Langston: Shh!

[TV plays]

Starr: Ok.

Blair: Starr?

Starr: Do I look ok?

Blair: Hello.

Starr: Oh -- um, hi, Mom.

Blair: Hi. And how was everybodyís night tonight?

Starr: It was great.

Cole: Really good.

Langston: Yeah.

Markko: Yeah, no problem.

Langston: Just having fun watching --

Blair: Oh -- "Baby Bearís Big Halloween"?

Starr: Yeah, itís really good.

Blair: Yeah, well, I've got to head back to Capricorn. I thought maybe I'd drop you off at the group home.

Starr: No, I mean, she doesnít have to go home yet.

Markko: I can drive her.

Blair: I donít know. I donít want to get her in any trouble, you know, with Child Services.

Starr: Itís not like Markkoís a bad driver or anything.

Blair: Well, she has to be in by midnight and not a minute later.

Markko: She will be, I promise.

Starr: Yeah, see? So itís fine.

Blair: Donít you make me regret this.

Starr: Whoa -- sheís not even your foster mom yet and sheís already on your case.

Langston: I donít mind. Hey, Jack, do you want to watch the movie with us?

Jack: Can I?

Blair: Uh, no, you cannot. You're exhausted, buddy, and all that candy -- smile for them. Itís going to take 45 minutes to get all the candy off these teeth.


Blair: Come on. Get up and brush them.

Starr: What was that about?

Antonio: Well, I donít know art like my brother does, but -- but they look good.

Vincent: Yeah, I just picked them up.

Antonio: Yeah, well, so, what -- Vincent Jones is now an art dealer?

Vincent: Well, itís never too late to start over. Know what I mean?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Layla: Hey, Daddy. Come and look at this.

Talia: Jamie, thatís really awesome.

Layla: Adriana and I better hire you before the competition sees this, Jamie.

Antonio: What is it?

Jamie: A wedding dress for Talia.

Antonio: Wow. Itís beautiful. And you are going to look amazing in it when you find the right guy someday.

Talia: Yes -- someday. Well, we'd better go. You guys, thereís probably candy out there that we havenít found yet.

Antonio: Yeah, we'll get -- we'll hit a few more stops and then you're off to bed. Thank you for the candy apples.

Layla: Sure.

Talia: Oh, yeah.

Vincent: So what -- what was the thumbs-up about?

Layla: Hmm. You donít want to know. But I think that was the last of the trick-or-treaters, or the last that I'm going to answer to.

Vincent: Ah, good. So, where were we?

Layla: How about you remind me?

[Music plays]

John: Ramsey is such a jackass, the way heís treating everyone like crap. If they know anything about Marcie, they're lying to him and he doesnít even know it.

Todd: How do you know they're not playing us?

John: They're not. They wonít unless you give them reason to.

Todd: All right, so what do we do now?

John: We'll wait for Ramsey to leave, then we find out what he didnít.

Lee: Where are they? Where is that child and Marcie McBain?

Announcer: Hey, tricksters, letís give a Halloween holler for the Glamoramas!

[Cheers and applause]

[Music plays]


Singer: You are not my love you are not my love you are not my love you are not my love you are not my love you are not my love you went for my love you're my devotion you wanted my love so right on the line I could not try and deny to love you forever the only trouble is you really, really donít have the time because I'm one and the only.

Roxy: Oh, man, what a scary Halloween.

Rex: Tell me about it.

Roxy: You, too?

Rex: Oh, itís been a real fright night. I've never been so scared in my whole life.

Layla: Trick or treatís over -- Adriana.

Adriana: I'm sorry to get you out of bed, but I just had to tell you something and itís really important. Oh, Vincentís here?

Layla: Heís totally asleep, donít worry about it. Whatís going on?

Adriana: Ok. So, I'm meeting with my Ob-Gyn tomorrow and sheís really great and sheís going to explain everything to me.

Layla: So you really think this is going to happen?

Adriana: I hope so. I've been so wired, I havenít even told Rex yet.

Layla: Of course, you are. Itís your baby. You conceived it.

Adriana: I know, but you convinced me to go for it, and you were right. If our new line of maternity lingerie works out, this could bring exposed to a whole new level.

Layla: Yeah -- sexy-but-practical undies. Pregnant women everywhere will be thanking us -- their guys, too.

Adriana: I came up with a name for it. What do you think of "hot mama"?

Layla: Itís perfect. I'm so excited about this.

Adriana: I know -- me, too! Even if I'm not ready to be a hot mama for a long time.

Roxy: So, sonny boy, whatís got you all freaked out?

Rex: Itís going to freak you out, too.

Roxy: Me? What have I got to do with it?

Rex: You're going to be a grandma.

Antonio: Why donít we stop by the diner, I'll ask my mom if she could keep an eye on Jamie, and then I'll walk you home?

Talia: Oh -- itís not like I need a police escort.

Antonio: Well, you can never be too careful. Besides, thereís a lot of ghouls and goblins out there.

Talia: Oh. Well, itís police business as usual.

Antonio: Hmm.

Talia: So, no, I'm fine, ok? Just -- take your daughter home. I'll be ok.

Antonio: All right. Well, you be careful anyway.

Talia: Yes, boss. Ahem.

Antonio: Uh -- I had a good time tonight.

Talia: So did I. Itís been a long time since I went trick-or-treating, so -- ok, well, good night, then. Excuse me.

Marty: Donít play games with me, ok?

Miles: I -- I donít even know what you're talking about.

Marty: Right. That wasnít you in that death costume?

Miles: I've been here all night at Angel Square performing my community service with these kids. You can ask anyone. What is wrong with you? Are you all right?

Marty: I'm -- I'm sorry, ok? I guess I -- just a little on edge. I overreacted. Itís -- you know, it is Halloween.

Blair: Todd, call me and let me know whatís going on.


Singer: The only trouble is you really, really donít have the time 'cause I'm one and only one and only cheers]

Singer: One and only letís not pretend to be

Singers: Only for one night

Singer: One and only one and only come back, donít leave us one and only the only one to love one and only one and only one of us got her big scene on love one and only

Singers: The one, the one

Singer: One and only

Singers: The one, the one

On the next "One Life to Live" --

[Starr screams]

Cristian: How do you really feel about Jared Banks?

Blair: You and me, get in between the two of them -- are you kidding?

Lee: You're not going anywhere, McBain.

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