OLTL Transcript Friday 10/26/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/26/07


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Viki: Hi there. Welcome to the Bon Jour Cafť. My nameís Viki. What can I get you?

Man: Well, hello, Viki. I'm Charlie.

Viki: All right.

Charlie: Nice little place you got here. Itís different.

Viki: Well, in a good way, I hope.

Charlie: Hmm.

Viki: This your first time?

Charlie: Yeah, I've just been driving all day and got pretty tired of looking at the road. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, this place appeared.

Viki: It has a way of doing that.

Charlie: Hmm. Well, itís nice to have a good, warm welcome.

Moe: Hey, Morasco? How about doing something a little different and getting this food out to the customers before itís stone cold?

Gigi: Why donít you say it a little bit louder, Moe? I donít think they heard you in Lubbock.

Viki: Ok, you were saying?

Natalie: Hey, barkeep, you feel like making a Cosmo for a tired lady?

Cristian: You know, people in costume e first one free.

Natalie: Excuse me?

Cristian: Been working too hard to notice itís Halloween?

Natalie: I'm going as corporate America.

Cristian: Ooh, scary. Got time to hang out for a while?

Natalie: Are you going to have another one of those big-name bands come by?

Cristian: Blairís singing tonight.

Natalie: Oh! So I guess as a booking agent, my cousin Sarah is just a one-hit wonder.

Cristian: Give her a break.

Natalie: I'll think about it. So, where is she anyway? Cristian, come on. We both know where she is.

Sarah: I can push in my own chair.

Jared: Yeah, this is Renee Buchananís restaurant. I donít want word getting back that I was anything less than a gentleman.

Sarah: Who is going to say you werenít a gentleman?

Jared: I donít know. Letís see -- I think your cousin Jessica, her husband, Nash, your cousin Natalie, her ex, Cristian --

Sarah: Jared, if you wanted Cristian and Natalie to think you were a gentleman, I donít think you should've planted one on me in front of them last night.

Jared: Well, you didnít seem to mind.

Sarah: They did.

Jared: What can I say? Sucks to be them.

Sarah: Cristian acts like heís my big brother sometimes.

Jared: Well, see? There you go. Thatís the difference between him and I. I have no interest in being your brother.

Singer: Itís all right itís all

[Radio changes]

[Jazz plays]

John: Just leave it there.

Todd: Are you serious?

John: What, you donít like jazz?

Todd: Yeah, I love jazz, actually. Itís just that itís mood music and I'm already in a mood.

John: Well, if we donít listen to jazz, we donít listen to anything.

[Radio turns off]

Todd: So thatís it -- we're just going to drive down the road in silence until we find Marcie?

John: Works for me.

Todd: I know how we can pass the time, John. Letís bond.

Marcie: Beer bar, beer bar. Thatís not the name, right? The name is faces, but the address is right, so letís go in, ok? Letís just take a chance, come on.

Marcie: Excuse me?

Bartender: Can I help you?

Marcie: Um -- can -- can I have a ginger ale, and maybe an apple juice for my son? Heís a little thirsty.

Bartender: Who are you supposed to be?

Marcie: Excuse me?

Bartender: For Halloween?

Marcie: Oh. Right, itís Halloween -- I -- I totally forgot, I --

Bartender: I thought you were one of those librarian types -- you know, all buttoned up on the outside, raring to go underneath.

Marcie: No. No, no, this -- ahem -- this is just me. So, can we get those drinks now?

Bartender: Sorry, canít serve you, sweetheart.

Marcie: Well, why not?

Bartender: City ordinance -- kids under 21 canít even be in the same room with a bar. You'll have to take him out of here.

Marcie: No, look, excuse me, Mr. Zorro -- uh -- look, I am -- I'm kind of -- I'm kind of supposed to meet somebody.

Bartender: Rules are rules.

Man: I make the rules here. I think we can make an exception in this case. Especially if your name is Penny Shaw and you're keeping a low profile from men in black.

Antonio: Trick or treat.

Carlotta: Oh! How could I not have a treat for such a beautiful little clown? You look completely wonderful. Can grandma have a hug?

[Carlotta squeals]

Antonio: Mama, turn around.

Carlotta: Ah!

Carlotta: So, I thought she wanted to be a princess this year.

Antonio: Well, we decided that it was a bit of a gender stereotype.

Carlotta: Really? Did you use a big word like that? Wow. I -- I know that only big girls do that, so I guess my little girlís not a baby anymore.

Jamie: Breeís the baby.

Antonio: Uh -- why donít you go over there and get some candy, all right? Come on,. The clown outfit was -- ahem -- part of a plot.

Carlotta: What kind of a plot?

Antonio: Well, she asked me the other day if she could go trick-or-treating with Bree, and I didnít really know how to tell her that I wasnít sure if I could work that out. So I -- we decided to dress her up as a clown, and then I told her that -- you know, that clowns scare babies.

Carlotta: You did the right thing.

Antonio: Yeah, I donít know. You know, sheís always known Bree as -- as her sister since the day she was born.

Carlotta: But Jessica and Bree are part of the past now. Life goes on, Antonio, no matter whether we want it to or not.

Talia: Jamie?

Jamie: Talia.

Talia: Hi! Oh, my goodness. You are such a cool clown.

Jamie: Thank you. Are you a clown, too?

Man: You're Penny, right?

Marcie: Are you Harvey?

Man: In the flesh. And this here is Aaron?

Marcie: Yeah. Heís my son.

Harvey: Well, I'm pleased to meet you, Penny -- and you, too.

Marcie: Say "hi."

Harvey: I'm Harvey Dewitt.

Marcie: Pleasure to meet you, Harvey. I was told that you're one of Eric Walshís friends?

Harvey: Love that kid -- and his husband, James. They gave me the 411 about your situation. Donít worry, Marcie. You and Tommy are in good hands.

Bartender: Harvey? What if J.D. Delroy stops in like he does every night when he gets off duty what if he sees the kid and he closes us down before the big show?

Harvey: What if you donít get miss Penny her ginger ale and I have to take you outside and have a serious discussion with you?

Bartender: Fine. Donít blame me when he shuts us down.

Marcie: Harvey, if my being here is causing any problems for you, then I donít --

Harvey: Donít listen to a word he says. Heís just got his nose of joint because his shorts are too tight.

Bartender: I heard that.

Harvey: Besides, Eric and James have done right by me on more than one occasion. I'd do anything for them, which means I'd do anything for you.

 [Todd whistles]

John: Hey -- do anything, just do it with your mouth shut.

Todd: Pull over and let me out.

John: I could do that.

Todd: Well, whatís stopping you?

John: Marcie and Tommyís safety comes before my sanity -- barely.

Todd: Ah, yes. There it is. "The evil Todd Manning is out looking for his son. World, beware. We are not safe."

John: Isnít that how it always is?

Todd: You know, even you canít keep an eye on me 24 hours a day, John. Letís just -- letís just imagine that teaming up with you is not really blowing my skirt up, and I decide to give you the slip.

John: Not going to happen.

Todd: No, but I -- I not only get away, I just leave you in the dust, and then I get a lead on Marcie. Ha, then I find her -- there she is, and I got her trapped, I got her cornered. Now, what do you suppose would be the worst thing that could happen in that scenario?

John: You screw up, Marcie and Tommy end up dead.

Todd: Uh-uh. Do you really think after everything that I have done to find this kid, that I would let anything untoward befall him?

John: Go to sleep, Manning.

Todd: What kind of father do you think I am?

John: The kind that doesnít deserve a kid at all.

Moe: Itís pronounced "conk," not "conch." They are "conk fritters," not "conch fritters." Think of me conking you over the head.

Gigi: I'll do that. And you think of me picking up that frying pan and putting it where the moon donít shine, Moe!

Charlie: Should I be going over there to break that up?

Viki: Oh, no, no, no, they're fine, they do that all day long. So, do you know what you want yet?

Charlie: Yeah, I mean, well, thereís so much to choose from, and half of itís in French.

Viki: Well, Moe was actually a cook in the navy and he traveled around the world. That menuís a little intimidating to newcomers. I tell you what -- I'll give you a few minutes, ok?

Charlie: Ok -- or you can sit and give me your opinion on whatís good -- I mean, if you wouldnít mind.


Jared: Ok, I have one question for you -- why "Flash"?

Sarah: God, did you have to bring that up?

Jared: Itís -- itís cute, really. What?

Sarah: I'm waiting for you to ask me if I was into comic books or if I knew my career was going to be a flash in the pan.

Jared: Donít be so hard on yourself. I heard your CD. You were good.

Sarah: I guess. But that part of my life is over.

Jared: You moved on?

Sarah: Not to bigger things -- yet -- but definitely better.

Cristian: Itís not.

Natalie: Whatís not?

Cristian: The casual thing -- "Whereís Sarah?" Come on.

Natalie: It was an innocent question.

Cristian: You were there when she and Jared made their plan for tonight.

Natalie: I didnít really think they were going to go  through with it.

Cristian: Why not?

Natalie: Because The Palace is not cheap, he doesnít have a job, and sheís been cut off from her trust fund.

Cristian: I guess they worked it out.

Natalie: Well, it doesnít bother me at all.

Cristian: Sure.

Natalie: I just feel sorry for Sarah.

Cristian: Right. I know.

Natalie: You know, I blew Jared off, and then he goes straight for the next Buchanan, and you could've stepped up and stopped this from happening.

Cristian: I said something to her this morning. You know what? If Sarah wants to go out with the guy, no lecture from me is going to change her mind. In fact, I think sheís doing it to prove something to the two of us.

Natalie: Ok. That settles it, then.

Cristian: Settles what?

Natalie: We have to get her out of this.

Bartender: O.J. was the best I could do.

Marcie: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Harvey: You can get back to work now, Zorro.

Marcie: You know, I almost didnít make it here. I got pulled over by the highway patrol.

Harvey: What happened?

Marcie: I -- I think he thought that I was drunk. You know, I was -- I was driving so slow because I was really, really tired.  Every time I get out of the car and someone looks in my direction, I think that we're done for. Harvey, I'm not really sure how long I can keep this up for.

Harvey: You made it here, didnít you? You must be doing something right.

Marcie: I guess so.

Harvey: Breathe a little easier now. I know you got people after you, but you got people on your side again.

Marcie: Ok.

Todd: Yeah, so you finally admit it. You donít want to help find my kid, you want to keep me from finding him.

John: I'm not getting into this with you.

Todd: Yeah, you know I'm right.

John: You know, if I wanted you out of the way, I could've dumped you a hundred miles back.

Todd: What was all that crap about me not deserving a kid? Yeah. Like you know what it takes to be a father.

John: Yeah, well, if I'm so ignorant, why do you keep asking for my opinion?

Todd: Ac, I donít really care what you think.

John: Oh.

Todd: I just want to make sure when we find this kidnapping bitch, that you do your job -- and make sure she hands over my son.

John: You know, when we get -- we get Tommy back, you can start ruining his life right away. Until then, just shut up.

Todd: I'm not the one who hurt him.

John: You donít even care, do you, that Michael and Marcie are the only family heís known. Itís always going to be about you, isnít it?

Todd: What, you donít think I can make him happy?

John: You said it, not me.

Talia: Look, I'm really sorry. I was working vice tonight, ok? The Lieutenant was afraid that the hookers were going to try to shake down the trick-or-treaters. And I was just really cold and I wanted a cup of coffee, and I'm sorry, I thought no one would be in here right now.

Antonio: Donít worry about it, ok? We're know you're on the job. Right, Mami?

Carlotta: Yeah, of course. Letís get Papiís friend a nice cup of coffee.

Talia: I guess I didnít need to tell your mom to make that cup of coffee to go.

Antonio: Oh, why are you so worried?

Talia: Your daughter thinks I'm a clown, ok? If she starts talking about running away to join the circus, you might want to set her straight.

Antonio: And you might want to try and calm down.

Talia: Did you see your momís face?

Antonio: Yeah, sheís -- sheís a little conservative, but she does have a sense of humor.

Talia: Well, I -- I know how she feels -- my Muslim ancestors are spinning in their graves. Listen -- um -- look, will you just look at me? I'm going to -- going to go.

Antonio: Wait.

Talia: What?

Antonio: Are you ok?

Talia: Yeah -- this isnít my favorite assignment, and itís been a really long day.

Antonio: Talked to Shaun at all?

Talia: No -- I mean, itís better that way, you know. Itís like it never happened.

Antonio: Yeah.

Carlotta: Ok, a nice, hot cup of coffee for Papiís friend the clown. Oh, no, no, sweetheart, on the house. Thank you for protecting our children.

Talia: Ok, tiny clown, have fun trick-or-treating.

Jamie: You have your costume. Why canít you come with us?

Talia: Um --

Jared: Howís the salad?

Sarah: Awesome.

Jared: I didnít think Buchanans ate anything but red meat.

Sarah: How do you know so much about us?

Jared: You know, I wanted to work at B.E., so I thought it'd be a good idea to know the territory.

Sarah: Sorry it didnít work out. For what itís worth, Natalie really jerked you around.

Jared: Huh. Well, you know, you got to be able to role with the punches and punch back harder, right in the kidneys.

Sarah chuckles]

Sarah: That sounds like Asa.

Jared: It is -- page 112 of the unauthorized biography.

Sarah: Hmm. He hated that book.

Jared: He did?

Sarah: He always said it didnít make him look tough enough.

Jared: Oh. I wish I could've known him.

Sarah: Me, too.

Jared: You did -- he was your great-grandfather.

Sarah: We used to be really close, and I moved away and lost touch. When I came back into town, I didnít even go to see him. I just pestered my Grandpa, Clint, to try to get my money back.

Jared: One thing the biography said over and over and over was that Asa Buchanan was all about his family, no matter what.

Sarah: Maybe. The thing that really gets me is now that I donít care about the money, I canít seem to get away from it.

Jared: How so?

Sarah: They're having a reading of his will at his ranch in Texas and the whole Buchanan clan is going.

Jared: Really?

Sarah: Yeah. My grandpa called me today and told me.

Jared: You donít want to go?

Sarah: Donít get me wrong, I really loved Asa, but I'm not one for family gatherings.

Jared: Well, why do you think heís having the reading in Texas?

Sarah: He liked to make people jump through hoops in order to get their hands on money. Heís probably laughing his butt off in heaven right now.

Jared: Oh. Maybe itís not about hoops or money. You know, maybe heís trying to send you some sort of message.

Sarah: Maybe. I really donít want to talk about myself anymore.

Jared: Ok.

[Jared sighs]

Jared: What do you want to talk about, then?

Sarah: The real reason you asked me on this date tonight.

Cristian: I am not going to mess with Jared and Sarah.

Natalie: No, itís not "messing with," itís like taking care of our own.

Cristian: Sheís not one of my own.

Natalie: Ok, fine, I'll handle this alone.

Cristian: Natalie, thereís nothing to handle here, ok?

Natalie: Jared is a creep and has a thing for my family. He bought out Nash and Jess' vineyard just to get back at Jess. He knows how sick that Jess was last year, and he knows that Nash and Jess have a baby to take care of, but he doesnít care about them, and I can guarantee you he does not care about Sarah. This bothers you, doesnít it?

Cristian: Thereís nothing going on with me and Sarah.

Natalie: Right. Boss/employee thing, I get it.

Cristian: Well, she has a little crush on me.

Natalie: And itís one-way, right?

Cristian: It is.

Natalie: Even if it is, do you care if Sarah gets hurt? I mean, you gave her a job, you gave her a place to live. To me, that says you do care.

Cristian: All right. What do I have to do?

Natalie: Take your dinner break, we'll go get a bite to eat -- at The Palace.

Cristian: You want to crash their date?

Natalie: No, I donít think of it as "crashing a date," I think of it as a "fact-finding mission." Are you in or not?

Todd: I'm not that bad a father, really. I have a couple of good kids, smart kids, loyal. And they would go to the mat for anybody they cared about. And I just donít think that -- that you can raise good kids if you're an evil bastard like everyone says I am.

John: But Blair had nothing to do with that?

Todd: You -- you have never lived in my house. You have never seen me make them feel better when they're feeling down or read them bedtime stories, change their diapers.

John: Yeah. I wasnít there when you gave jack away to strangers, either.

Todd: Ah, touchť. Yes, I screwed up.

John: Yeah. You thought he wasnít yours, and thatís all that matters.

Todd: Well, Blair had my head so screwed up, man, oh --

John: Ok, so itís -- itís Blairís fault you did what you did to Jack, and now itís Michael and Marcieís fault for what you're doing to Tommy.

Todd: Actually, I blame you, because you kept the truth from me. I donít think any of this would've happened if you --

John: Really?

Todd: Yeah.

John: Donít forget you had a needle in your arm when I dragged Cochran in to prove that you hadnít killed her, and how do you repay me, huh? By ruining my brotherís life, by ruining Tommyís life.

Todd: Well, I -- I made things up with Jack, I can make them up with Tommy.

John: You remember that when you're taking him away from the only mother heís ever known.

Todd: Jeez -- you know heís my son. Am I supposed to just walk away?

John: Why not?

Todd: Thatís why you thought we should make the trip together right? Wear me down, make me give up my rights as a father?

John: I just want you to consider a point of view other than your own.

Todd: Yours.

John: Well, how about Tommyís, hmm? Have you thought about what you're going to say to him when he asks you why you took him away from two people who loved him?

Todd: Yes -- I'm going to tell him that I love him, too, and that -- hereís a novel thought -- that I wanted to be with him because heís my son.

John: Ok. You going to tell him who his mother was? Or what you tried to do to her when she found out she was pregnant?

Marcie: Heís so silly. He is.

Bartender: We're coming up on the witching hour.

Harvey: Oh, shut up. So, tell me about Eric and James' wedding. I'll bet it was fantastic.

Marcie: It was beautiful. It really was. It was -- um -- it was romantic, too, and simple. Very simple, you know, it was this simple, little ceremony on the beach at cape cod and it was at sunset, and the sky was this amazingly odd color of cotton candy pink and yellow tulips.

Harvey: Were you in the wedding party?

Marcie: Yeah, I was. I -- I read Ericís favorite sonnet. "Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments. Love --"

Marcie and Harvey: "Is not love --"

Harvey: "Which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove."

Marcie: You know it.

Harvey: I think old bill Shakespeare must've been thinking of Eric of James when he wrote that.

Marcie: Yeah. It was a really happy day. It was, and I took a million different pictures, you know? Pictures I probably wonít ever see again because me and this little guy, we kind of had to take off -- really soon, I know we did.

Harvey: Donít worry about it. No picture from a camera could make me see that wedding the way you just did. Now, I am going to have to leave you for a while. The big show goes on soon and Harvey needs to get in costume. You're welcome to stay for the show, or I can run you over to my place if you want to call it a night.

Marcie: Probably should go back over to your place, but quite honestly, I'm sick and tired of having no one to speak to.

Harvey: You just sit tight, then. No need to get up at the crack of dawn, either. Where you're going is a long way off. You need to get rest before you get back on the road. All right, children, Almaís coming, donít be impatient!

Todd: You know, heís not your nephew anymore, John, so you're officially absolved from worrying about him.

John: Let me tell you something. Heís always going to get my protection whether you like it or not.

Todd: I know. Heís also got his fatherís protection and his motherís protection, and his brotherís and his sisterís, his Aunt Vikiís.

John: Michael and Marcie, they're just cut off?

Todd: I'm not going to -- I'm not going to create some kind of blended family just so you feel better about the situation.

John: This isnít about me.

Todd: really? See, I think it is. Because I know you like to play hero for your little brother, and I know you feel like you screwed up this time.

 [Music plays]

Gigi: Moe, get it in gear! I've got hungry people out here. Why are you serving the soup in pumpkins?

Moe: Itís my homage to Halloween.

Gigi: Is this your butternut squash and apple bisque?

Moe: Didnít your ma teach you any manners?

Gigi: I do this so when the customers say "do you eat his food?" I can say, "yeah, I eat his food."

Moe: You know, for a single mother with no other means of support other than what I put in your pay packet every other Friday out of the goodness of my heart --

Gigi: What heart?

Moe: You're begging for it, Morasco.

Gigi: You love it, Moe.

Charlie: Ok, I'm going to take your word for it. Just make sure that itís more "coq" and not so much "vin" -- I've got to drive.

Viki: You're going to love it, trust me. I tell you what -- if you donít, itís on me.

Charlie: You make that guarantee to all your customers?

Viki: No, just the ones who ask for my advice and actually listen to it.

Gigi: I saw you at table seven -- hubba, hubba.

Viki: What?

Gigi: Well, I donít know about you, but I wouldnít kick him out of bed.

Singers: You canít change my mind

Viki: Oh. I hadnít really noticed.

Gigi: Yeah, right.

Cristian: You want to spy on Jared and Sarah? Count me out.

Natalie: Ok, but I canít go there alone because itís going to look like I'm a stalker.

Cristian: And if we go together, it'll look like we're jealous.

Natalie: Not cool.

Cristian: Oh, right, and we're both so good at that.

Natalie: Ok. Here. We'll flip a coin, all right? Heads, we go have dinner and we keep an eye on Sarah. Tails, sheís on her own.

Cristian: All right. But I got to warn you, I'm pretty lucky with these coin tosses.

Jared: I keep telling you, thereís no ulterior motive. We're here because I like you and I want to get to know you better.

Sarah: I just need to make sure that my big appeal isnít the fact that I'm a Buchanan.

Jared: Hey, I didnít know that when we met -- and you might recall your last name is Roberts.

Sarah: You did read the book, right? I'm in there.

Jared: Ok, it doesnít exactly depress me that this is driving Natalie crazy. And, yes, I do plan to pick your brain about your family and the business. But thatís all secondary. We are here tonight because I am insanely attracted to you.

Sarah: Good answer.

Jared: Well, look whoís here.

John: Maybe thereís a game.

Todd: Yeah.

[Radio turns on, then off]

Todd: I'm right, arenít I? You're in on this because you feel like you blew it with your brother. Mm-hmm.

John: When I found out you were Tommyís father, I knew what it was going to do to Marcie.

Todd: So you put managing their situation above the law?

John: Yeah, for a few days.

Todd: Yeah, right. If miles hadnít told Blair the truth, you'd still have your mouth shut about it.

John: You know, I'm going to make sure you get your son back in a way that causes the least amount of harm to Tommy. I suggest when you get him back, you start acting like father of the year.

Gigi: Hey, Viki? Table seven wants dessert, and I donít think heís talking about the peach praline pie.

Moe: What are you gabbing about now?

Gigi: Nothing, Moe.

Moe: Whoís at table seven?

Viki: He says his name is Charlie. Mo Charlie?

Viki: Yes.

Moe: You got so friendly on my time you know his name?

Viki: He offered it, Moe.

Moe: Maybe I should have you back here washing dishes.

Viki: Hey, listen to me. If I hadnít taken some time to talk to him, he would've ordered what he wanted, ok, which was chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks, instead of what he got, which was the blue plate so put a sock in it!

Gigi: Ooh, I wouldnít mess with her anymore, Moe. I think Viki could whup you.

Talia: Sweetheart, this is time for you to hang out with your daddy.

Jamie: But I want you, too.

Antonio: Did you hear that? Itís not like you donít have a costume.

Talia: Thank you for that.

Antonio: And, uh, Jamie hereís been bugging me to ask you to come over ever since you helped us paint.

Talia: What? How come I havenít heard a word about this?

Jamie: Because you have a boyfriend.

Talia: Oh. Well, uh, not anymore, so I can always make time for you.

Antonio: Well, then good. So then itís settled -- come with us.

Talia: I would love to, but, you know, you donít have a costume. And as you said so nicely, I have such a costume on, and I donít think anyoneís going to open their door when they see that I'm with you.

Antonio: Oh, I see. So, well, if thatís the problem, then I think I have the answer.

Natalie: Donít be so obvious, ok? We're here together having dinner. We donít care that they're here.

Cristian: Yeah, they'll buy that.

Sarah: I cannot believe they even showed up here.

Jared: Well, I think it is our duty to give them something to see.

Natalie: So what are you having for dinner?

Cristian: Pig.

Natalie: Heís just doing that for our benefit. Their evening must be tanking.

Jared: I can get the check and we can go.

Sarah: No. No, no, thatís what they want. To hell with them.

Cristian: Letís get out of here.

Natalie: No, no, no. We canít do that, ok? If we do that, then they'll know that they've gotten to us.

Cristian: They did. I mean, look at him -- heís pawing her and sheís letting it happen.

Natalie: Heís holding her hand -- itís no big deal.

Cristian: Hey, come on, toss the coin again. Heads, we stay, tails, we get the hell out of here. Come on.

Natalie: You'll lose.

Cristian: You donít know that.

Natalie: Uh -- well, yeah. Yeah, I -- I do, actually. See, itís a double-sided coin.

Cristian: You cheated.

Natalie: Well, I used it to win Roxyís paycheck so she wouldnít spend all the money at the bar -- hard times call for desperate measures.

Jared: You want to split some tiramisu?

Sarah: They are really trying to make trouble for us.

Jared: I think they're jealous.

Sarah: You think?

Jared: Seems obvious to me.

Sarah: Letís give them something to see.

Talia: Well, can I -- can I pass for normal?

Carlotta: Absolutely.

Talia: You know, your clown costume is just way better than mine was.

Antonio: I'm right here.


Carlotta: What did you do with Javierís clothes?

Antonio: Luckily, we're the same size.

Carlotta: What is he cooking in?

Talia: Wow.

Antonio: You guys ready to roll?

Talia: Yes.

Carlotta: Papa es loco.

Antonio: Letís do this.

Talia: Thank you.

Antonio: Bye, Mami. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ok.

Carlotta: Have a good time, be careful. Watch your father! Que loco. Bye!

Viki: Here you go. Warm-up on your coffee?

Charlie: Oh, yeah, please, thank you. Now, is this pie going to be as good as that chicken was?

Viki: Itís going to be better. You work, and I'll leave you alone.

Charlie: No, no, I'm actually -- I'm all done for tonight, and, you know, I still have to find a place to stay.

Viki: Oh, you're not going on?

Charlie: No, not for a while. I think this projectís going to keep me in Paris for a little bit.

Viki: Ok. Well, if you need a place to stay, thereís a motel directly across the street. Um, I actually stay there, so I know that they have vacancies.

Charlie: Yeah? How is it?

Viki: Itís fine. You know, itís basic but clean. They give you clean sheets every other day, and no bugs.

Charlie: Well, I'll check it out.

Viki: Good.

Charlie: Maybe we'll be neighbors.

Viki: Yeah, maybe we will.

Charlie: Mmm.

Viki: I told you.

Sarah: Canít say we didnít give them their moneyís worth.

Cristian: I donít believe this.

Natalie: I really think I had a bad idea.

Cristian: The worst.

Natalie: You know what? We havenít ordered our food yet. Why donít we just get out of here before we do something we regret?

Cristian: No. No, we're not going anywhere.

Natalie: Cristian, tell me you're not going over there to cause a scene?

Cristian: No. No, we're going to stay right here.

Jared: No. Four can play this game.

Todd: So Uncle Johnís never going to get out of the picture?

[Phone rings]

John: Yeah? What do you got? Whereís he headed?

Todd: What is it?

John: No, I donít need to write it down, just go ahead and tell me. Where? Decatur, Georgia? You sure? Thanks. The Feds got a lead.

Todd: They found them?

John: Supposedly spotted in some bar in Decatur, Georgia -- faces.

Todd: All right, well, hereís Decatur. We're on 75, right? Thatís perfect -- we stay on 75, it takes us right to Decatur.

John: We still might not be in time.

Todd: If she takes off, then we wonít be.

John: I thought we had a lead on Ramsey. I think I was wrong.

Marcie: Sleepy? Yeah, well, we've had a really big day.

Bartender: Need anything else?

Marcie: About a million things. But I doubt you have any of them.

Bartender: Ginger ale was a little flat. How about some iced tea? Itís the house wine of the south and it'll pep you up.

Marcie: Sounds great.

Bartender: Sorry we got off on the wrong foot. I didnít realize you were family.

Marcie: No, itís ok. Trust me, itís ok. Believe me, I donít want to-- uh, Aaron -- I donít want Aaron here any more than you do.

Bartender: I'll be right back with your iced tea.

Marcie: What am I doing? What am I doing? I almost -- I almost called you "Tommy" again, right? I know, I know I canít call you "Tommy" anymore. Itís just -- look, itís going to be ok. This is going to be ok because we have friends helping us now, right? Maybe everythingís going to be all right.

Bartender: Evening, gentlemen. What can I get you?

Lee: We're FBI, and we're not here to drink. We're here for her. Have you seen her?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Adriana: How long into my pregnancy would I start to show?

Natalie: You may think you have won this round --

Jared: Oh, no -- I know I won.

John: Itís a pretty deserted stretch of road. I leave you out here, they'll never find you.

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