OLTL Transcript Thursday 10/18/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 10/18/07


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Jared: Ah. Oh, what? Hey, hey, I'm watching the game here.

Jessica: How long are you going to keep this up?

Jared: And by "this," you mean?

Jessica: I mean parking your ass on our sofa, drinking our wine.

Jared: Ok, actually, the wine and the sofa belong to me, given that I own 51% of everything Brennan.

[Knock on door]

Nash: I got it.

Jared: No, whoa. That -- hang on.  delivery. Itís for me. You're not the  boy.

Natalie: No. But I'm here to deliver what you really want.

Vincent: I do not know whatís going on here, all right? But I'm not going to let you disrespect Shaun.

Antonio: Donít you mean "George"?

Vincent: The man has every right to hit on that woman.

Antonio: Yeah, right, ok. Well, maybe in your world.

Vincent: Look, lieutenant, think what you want about me, ok? But Shaun -- heís all right.

Antonio: Well, Talia seems to think so.

Vincent: Hmm. Now, I do not know what her story is, ok? But that business with Shaun -- itís just for show.

Shaun: Hey, Talia.

Layla: Fine.

Talia: Hey.

Cristian: Hey.

Vincent: Hey.

Shaun: Hey.

Antonio: You know, Vincent just said that Talia isnít really your girlfriend.

Layla: That is ridiculous. Of course, she is.

Shaun: I guess itís time to come clean.

Blair: Hey, Todd, itís Blair. Please give me a call and let me know whatís going on. Thanks. If you're here for the show, you might as well come back in an hour.

Marty: I'm here to talk to you, about Toddís son.

Blair: Todd and my family are none of your business, Marty.

Marty: Anythingís my business when it concerns somebody I care about.

Michael: Makes sense she'd come here. I was so stupid. I should have known Ron was lying.

John: I'm just glad warren tracked her car, and not the feds. Now, all we have to do is persuade Marcie to give it all up before they make an arrest.

Todd: Wow. Guys, did you just forget to invite me to this party? Because thatís my kid you're looking for, remember.

[Phone rings]

John: I asked you if you locked the door. Yeah? Ok. Thanks. Both of you, stay in the van. Do not leave, you got it?

Todd: Question. How does a cop with no badge get a surveillance truck? Answer -- he calls in a favor from a pal at the FBI so he can help his brotherís wife beat a kidnapping rap.

John: I'll deal with you later. Right now, I donít have time for this crap. Dad always said we'd end up in a van down by the river.

Todd: So how does it feel to know this is all your fault? I mean, if you had told the truth from the beginning about who the babyís father really was --

Michael: I'm his father. Ok? You just share DNA.

Todd: You know, Michael, when this is all over, not only are you going to lose this kid, you're going to go to jail for perjury. Yes. You are going to pay, my friend.

Michael: I'm already paying.

Man: Lights are out. Nobody seems to be home. This is your call, John.

Marcie: All right, so you gave her the pacifier for him because he -- he likes that. And -- oh, and -- and the little bag with the grapes in it. He loves those.

Man: All right, look, my wife and I -- we have six kids. Donít worry, she'll take care of your little boy.

Ron: Yeah, and -- and it wonít be for long, just till we get everything straightened out here.

Man: Yeah. I'll go check on the vehicle.

Ron: Thanks, Rocco.

Marcie: Thanks, Rocco.

Ron: So, you're absolutely sure about this?

Marcie: Kind of guess I have to be, right?

Ron: Because if you go tough with this, after today, Marcie Walsh McBain and her son, Tommy, no longer exist.

Layla: Thereís been a misunderstanding here. Obviously.

Sarah: Uh, I'm going to go kick something. Excuse me.

Cristian: Yeah, me, too. Good luck, bro.

Talia: Look, thereís something I want to explain to you, ok?

Shaun: No --

Talia: I never -- I will. See, I didnít tell Vincent that Taliaís my girlfriend cause I didnít want to. I have a problem being with only one person. You know about it, right, baby?

Talia: Um -- yeah. Your commitment issues.

Shaun: For real. Taliaís always been down with us seeing other people.

Talia: Look, thank you, Shaun, for saying all of this, ok? But --

Shaun: I'm saying it because itís the truth. All right?

Talia: Ok, but the real truth is -- um -- I started something that got way out of hand.

Sarah: Is that you?

Cristian: Thatís right.

Sarah: I didnít know you boxed.

Cristian: I used to.

Sarah: And thatís Evangeline there in the front row.

Cristian: You're right, that is her.

Sarah: Looks like sheís cheering for you.

Cristian: Well, thatís because she came to all my fights.

Sarah: So, you guys were together then?

Cristian: Yeah.

Sarah: Layla told me that you guys were broken up when she got hurt.

Cristian: Can I ask you something?

Sarah: Sure.

Cristian: Why were you and Layla talking about me and her sister?

Blair: Marty, I donít need to hear anything you have to say about Todd. I saw you at the courthouse with John, so I know whose side you're on, all right?

Marty: I'm not taking sides.

Blair: Oh, thatís right. Because you are so kind and you're a shrink and have compassion for everyone.

Marty: Well, in this case I do, and itís not because I'm a psychiatrist. Itís because I'm human. And when I said something concerned me about this case, it wasnít about John or Michael or Marcie. Itís about Toddís son.

Blair: So you're actually acknowledging who he is? Thatís huge for you.

Marty: Well, the court gave him custody, so yes, itís Toddís son, and itís for that little boy that I'm asking for your help.

Blair: What kind of help?

Marty: I assume Marcie is going to be brought back to Llanview sooner or later. And when she is, I am hoping that you can convince Todd to forgive her and Michael.

Todd: What the hell is your brother doing in there? Well, he'd better come out of that house with my kid, or at least some clue as to where your crazy wife took him.

Michael: Will you stop calling her crazy?

Todd: Ok, yes, you're right. Sheís not crazy, sheís a -- sheís perfectly sane and reasonable baby thief.

Michael: Marcieís a great mother, ok? I mean, she was doing everything right. You know, she was first in our babyís CPR class, hmm? She buys him all the right toys. She makes re they're safe, you know? She saves every piece of paper that he scribbles on.

Todd: You know -- huh -- when Jack was this age, he used to -- he used to take one of those big crayons -- hold it in his fat little fist and write all the time.

Michael: Yeah, Tommy does that. Well -- I mean, itís all scribbles, but it means something to him.

Todd: Well, what about words, man? Is he talking yet, or what?

Michael: Yeah, he says -- he says "yight" for "light," and he says "doggie" and "kitty" and "up," "mine," "more," "daddy."

Man: Anything?

John: I was trying to see if Ron pulled any maps off the internet or anything.

Man: As long as it helps tell us where Marcieís gone.

John: Yeah. Hey, warren, I appreciate you working with me on this.

Warren: Itís a sad case. Your sister-in-law shouldnít be treated like sheís a criminal.

John: I was wondering why the local police werenít watching the house.

Warren: Bingo.

John: What do you got?

Warren: Look what I found in the couch.

John: Itís still fresh. Marcie was here earlier.

Warren: Itís getting out of hand, John. I think I should call ahead, have them set up roadblocks at the city exits. Sheís on the run again and we need to stop her.

Marcie: How long is --

Ron: Look --

Marcie: This take?

Ron: Hey, donít worry, ok? Rocco works fast. He does. Now, look, you came in here today with a blue car, with Pennsylvania plates, and you're going to go out of here --

Marcie: In a red car -- a dark red car from Florida -- I know.

Jared: Well, well, well, what do you got for me, Natalie?

Natalie: A proposition.

Jessica: Ok, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whatever it is, maybe you should talk about it with me and Nash first.

[Knock on door]

Jared: Yeah? 

Boy: I got a large mushroom and pepperoni for Banks.

Jared: Yeah, great. No, thatís me. Where do you keep the petty cash?

Nash: Uh --

Jared: I'll get this one. Here we go. We got -- are you an Eagles fan? 

Boy: Yeah.

Jared: Oh, games in OT you got to come in. Come on, sit down. 

Boy: Yeah? Itís ok?

Jared: Sure. Yeah. And you were saying, Nat?

Nash: Never mind what she was saying! I want you out of my house, now!

Jared: Smells good. You guys grab a slice.

Nash: Oh, that son of a --

Jessica: Nash, no, no, no, no. Donít, donít, donít, donít.

Jared: Yeah -- you better listen to your wife, Nash. You wouldnít want to manhandle me in my own house.

Natalie: Well, I probably -- why donít I take him into my 49% and beat the hell out of him?

Jessica: Ok, Jared, why are you here? Why are you here? We hate you! This is my and Nashís home. We're trying -- we're trying to raise a baby here, Jared.

Jared: Itís a good thing I like kids.

Natalie: Ok, no lawyers. We're going to handle this ourselves. You got your job back at B.E. I drew up a new contract. All you have to do is sign it.

Blair: Marty, that is just a swell idea. I'm sure it would be a snap. I'll just say, "You know, Todd, would it bother you so much if you could forgive Michael and Marcie? I mean, all they did was, you know, keep you away from your son, and -- and put your life through hell for months. I mean, come on, Todd. Show a little compassion." Yeah.

Marty: Blair, you and I both know, as well as Todd, the McBains did not know they were adopting his son.

Blair: No, but Michael sure knew about him a long time ago and didnít tell anybody. Now Marcieís run off with Toddís son. Once again, Todd does not know where his son is, and that was after he offered to share custody with Marcie, and she turned him down flat. What do you -- you want Todd to make nice with people that would do something like that to him? I mean, come on.

Marty: I'm not asking anybody to make nice, and if you wouldnít just go off and actually listen to what I am trying to say --

Blair: I didnít start this, Marty.

Marty: I am asking you to consider something. Now, Marcie is either going to be found, or she is going to come back on her own. Either way, Todd is going to be getting his son back. Does he need to get revenge on her, too? And -- and is that the best thing, you know, for that little boy?

Blair: Well, I donít think that little boy is really going to have a real grasp of whatís going on here.

Marty: Well, thatís where you're wrong, ok? Because children as young as him can form lasting memories.

Blair: Ok, see, I knew you were waiting to drop the psychobabble on me -- go ahead.

Marty: You know, whether you like it or not, he has formed attachments to them. He thinks of Michael and Marcie as his loving parents, and he will always see them that way. So when he is old enough to understand what has happened, he is going to resent Todd, especially if he punishes them harshly. Is that what you want?

Blair: I donít think Todd really thinks about years to come, about what he does now and how itís going to affect his future. But you and I both know that Todd does not forgive, and he certainly never forgets.

Todd: You know, I got to admit, I never figured you and Marcie were the types who would try to hold on to a kid after you found out he belonged to someone else.

Michael: Well, we really believed Tommy was an orphan, you know? We didnít think he had any parents. You know, so we took him into our house and we treated him like he was our own.

Todd: Right, and then you found out he was mine, and you said to yourself, "Well, you know, Toddís got two other kids. The hell with him."

Michael: Huh. You know, what happened is a terrible tragedy, you know? I mean, if you think for one second that I didnít care about what you were going through, you're dead wrong, man. Now, I wish that we had all known the truth from the beginning. I wish that you didnít have to spend a year thinking that your son was dead. But I donít regret one moment that I spent with that boy. You know, he taught me that I love being a father. I will never, ever regret loving him. Look, I know that I donít have any rights anymore. But I'm appealing to you, you know, father to father. Do right by the kid, hmm? Be the father the kid deserves.

John: They catch Marcie in a roadblock, she goes in the system.

Warren: I donít know what else to do.

Lee: I do.

John: Whatís going on, lee?

Lee: Lee Ramsey, Special Agent.

John: Been a long time.

Lee: Yeah, you miss me?

John: Hmm. I see you finally got that promotion you wanted.

Lee: Yes, and I see you screwed up again -- lost your badge. That why you called in your old pal warren?

Warren: Whoa -- how about we work this case together?

Lee: No, you are off this case as of this moment -- and subject to disciplinary action for sharing details of a federal investigation with civilian.

John: Well, no, not exactly a civilian. I didnít bring my resume, but I was an agent and a police officer.

Lee: You are a suspended police officer with ties to the perp, and if you come within one inch of this case, I will fix it so that you never, ever wear a badge again, I guarantee that.

Sarah: Layla and I were not talking about you, it just came up -- thatís all -- when she was fiddling with my bra.

Cristian: Excuse me?

[Sarah laughs]

Sarah: She was using me for a fitting -- for exposed. Great bra.

Cristian: All right, all right, come on, letís not get off the subject here. Why were you talking to Layla about Evangeline and me?

Sarah: It just happened, ok? We were talking about Timbaland and how great the concert was, how good it was for Capricorn and you --

Cristian: And all that got you started talking about Evangeline?

Sarah: I brought it up.

Cristian: Why?

Sarah: The day of the concert, I overheard you talking to her mom, and it seemed like you really wished Evangeline was there with you.

Cristian: Thatís right. I was wishing she was there because she is very important to me.

Sarah: So, Layla said that you two were broken up at the time of the accident.

Cristian: Thatís true, too. The accident was in my place, and Evangeline was there because I asked her to come over and look at some stuff I was working on. So that kind of makes me responsible.

Sarah: And you're still in love with her?

Cristian: You know, you ask a lot of questions.

Sarah: And you evade a lot of questions. Why'd you stop boxing?

Cristian: I hurt my hand.

Sarah: Do you miss it? Or is that another question that you're not going to answer?

[Cristian chuckles]

Cristian: Yes, I miss it -- sometimes. The ring was a place where I felt completely honest, and nothing else in the world mattered. It was mine, and no one elseís.

Sarah: Like me and my singing.

Cristian: Hmm, look at that. It seems like we both know what itís like to lose something we care about.

Sarah: And now, we both have to find something new to care about.

Talia: Donít be upset with Shaun. This is my fault, all of it. Ugh.

Antonio: How?

Shaun: She started this. She flirted with me at the bar --

Talia: Ok, I never flirted with you. I -- I was friendly. Friendly, thatís all.

Shaun: Fine, if thatís how you saw it. And what she meant by it, you know, getting out of hand, is -- it did get more serious than we both thought it was going to. Right, Talia?

Talia: Um -- thatís the story, pretty much.

Antonio: Look, you donít have to say all this in front of people, you know? I mean, I -- it only came up because -- because of the way Shaun was treating you.

Talia: What do you mean?

Shaun: Antonio didnít like the way I was putting the moves on the other girl. Thatís the thing. I just canít be with one girl. Itís the way I'm wired.

Talia: Wait -- um -- are you breaking up with me?

[Eagles game plays]

Jessica: You canít do this.

Natalie: I just did.

Nash: Why?

Jessica: Natalie, you donít have to give Jared a contract. We already told you that.

Natalie: I know I donít have to. I want to.

Jared: Let me see that. 

Boy: Yeah, Donovan, you're the man!

Jared: Oh, did they win? 

Boy: D-Mac is the man! Gles going all the way!

[Jessica turns off TV]

Jared: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Jessica: Now you're going all the way out -- goodbye.

Boy: Huh. See ya.

Jessica: Goodbye.

[Door closes]

Natalie: So --

Jared: Yeah.

Natalie: This is your agreement. You get your job back, and you agree not to press any charges against my sister, or anyone in my family. And what happened with Tess two years ago -- itís all in the past

Nash: Donít cave, Natalie. We can handle this.

Natalie: Well?

Jared: I want some additional perks.

Jessica: Oh.

Nash: See?

Natalie: Like what?

Jared: My own office.

Natalie: Your own cubicle.

Jared: And three weeks paid vacation.

Natalie: Two weeks paid vacation, and a third only if you're still around in a year. So, are you going to sign this so we can get on with it?

Jared: Hmm. Sorry.

Natalie: What?

Jared: I canít work with you. You're way too difficult.

Marcie: What if this isnít enough, Ronnie? What if itís not enough?

Ron: Relax, relax, relax!

Marcie: "Relax"? My name and face have been plastered on every TV station in the state, if not the country at this point. You want me to relax?

Ron: These are for you and Tommy.

Marcie: Passports?

Ron: Yeah. And a Florida drivers license. From now on, you're Aaron and Penny Shaw.

Marcie: Penny Shaw? How did -- how did --

Ron: Donít worry about it. I'm in construction. I meet people, ok?

Marcie: But, Ronnie, I donít know --

Ron: Donít worry about it. We'll take care of it. Thereís just one last thing you need to do.

Lee: The milk is still fresh. The woman and baby canít have gotten too far. Roadblocks at city exits.

Agent: Done.

John: Of all the guys they could have promoted --

Warren: I know Ramseyís a hard-ass, and I know you two have a bad history, but heís not going to see the human side of this case. I'm sorry.

John: Me, too. Hey, I owe you one.

Warren: Let me know if you need something.

John: Take care of yourself.

Lee: What are you doing? Check this computer now. What do I have to do to make you understand you are not part of this investigation?

John: It involves family, lee.

Lee: And you are suspended for inappropriate actions and protecting your family from the law.

John: You donít want to talk to the one guy in the room that found a viable clue? Ok.

Lee: Whatís this?

[John whistles]

John: Ron Walsh was on the Internet earlier. He looked up the number for a place called Roccoís Auto Body.

Rocco: Hey, carís all ready.

Marcie: Well, so am I.

Marty: I know I am asking for a lot. And what Todd has been through this past year, I -- I canít even imagine not -- you know, not knowing where his son was.

Blair: So you're actually thinking about how Todd feels?

Marty: Well, my son is in love with his daughter, and I think sheís a great girl, so, yes. So, Blair, you know what? I think whatever our differences are, that we could at least --

Blair: Oh, and they have been many differences.

Marty: Yes, they are, but I think in this one instance, you and I can agree -- we would both do anything to protect our children.

Blair: Any decent parent would.

Marty: Well, then can you have a little compassion for Michael? I mean, how do you think it has been for him knowing what would happen -- if he told the truth, they would take his son away from him? And Marcie, what she is feeling right now knowing that is exactly whatís going to happen -- they are going to take her son away from her.

Blair: Look, how I feel is irrelevant here.

Marty: Why?

Blair: Because I canít tell Todd how to deal with Michael and Marcie. I mean, just think about it. I mean, what if it was Cole? What if some very, very nice woman took your son and ran away? Now, could you stand there while some well-meaning person told you to have a little compassion, a little heart? I donít think so. Nothing matters until Todd and his son are together once and for all.

Todd: What the hellís your brother doing in there? Whatís taking so long?

Michael: What do you think heís doing? Heís looking for evidence that will lead us to my -- Marcie and Tommy.

Todd: Yeah, or heís burying it.

Michael: Come on, man.

Todd: He did it before.

Michael: Whew.

Todd: He knew my son was living with you and he suppressed it. Yeah, but heís not going to do it again.

Lee: All right, letís go -- Roccoís garage now. And, John, if you donít want to end up in federal custody, you'll be here when I get back. Search -- keep an eye on him, all right?

John: Hey, Marcieís not some kind of hardened criminal. Donít treat her like one.

Lee: She is a criminal, thatís how she'll be treated.

Marcie: So, come on, Ronnie. How do I look?

Ron: Well, I'm not so crazy about the hair.

Marcie: What? You!

Ron: Marce, I just wish you didnít have to do this, you know?

Marcie: I'll be fine.

Ron: Yeah. But I always think of you as a little kid -- you know that? You're my little sister.

[Marcie chuckles]

Ron: Did you know when you were a year old, we used to pretend that it was your birthday every night? Did you know that?

Marcie: No.

Ron: Just so we could watch you clap your hands and smile and make all those silly faces.

Marcie: Hey. Look, Ronnie, I'm not that kid anymore. You know, I canít be. I havenít been that kid for a very long time.

Ron: Yeah, but I'm still your big brother, and I will always worry about you.

Marcie: Well, donít worry about me, ok? Donít because if you w I'm going to worry and then I'm not going to be able to do what I need to do.

Ron: Ok, ok, ok.

Rocco: I'll be in the back, all right?

Ron: All right. Thanks, Rocco. Here -- I want you to take this. Itís not much, but it'll definitely give you and Tommy -- Aaron -- a new start in life, and the passports are for when you need to leave the country, ok?

Marcie: I'll pay you back.

Ron: No. Donít even try doing that. They might trace it to me, so donít.

Marcie: Ok.

Ron: Ok?

Marcie: Ok.

Ron: And thereís one other thing -- I want you to have this.

Marcie: What is it?

Ron: But donít open it until you get, like, hundreds of miles away from here, all right? And you'll understand then, ok?

Marcie: Ok.

Ron: Ok.

Marcie: I'll wait.

Ron: Look, I know you canít call me or write when you get to where you're going, wherever it is that might be -- I know that.

Marcie: But maybe, you know, maybe someday I'll be able to --

Ron: But maybe not. So maybe we should make this goodbye last a lifetime -- what do you think? Hey.

Marcie: Can you say goodbye to Dad? And to Eric and even Jerry, who I hate.

Ron: I will.

Marcie: Because I love them -- you know that.

Ron: Yeah. I will. I will.

Marcie: Ronnie, I -- I really donít know how to thank you for all this -- you know, for everything that you've done, and I -- I just -- thank you.

Ron: Just be safe, ok? Thatís all the thanks I need.

Marcie: Oh, thank you. God, I love you.

Ron: I love you.

Layla: Donít do it, Shaun. You guys are so good together.

Talia: Hey, you know what, Layla? Itís cool. Um -- I understand what Shaunís saying and I agree. We've had some good times, a few laughs, but in the long run, it wouldnít have worked out for reasons we both understand.

Antonio: Well, you two -- you seem to know what you're doing, obviously. But I got to say, Shaun, that -- that you are losing one terrific woman.

Shaun: Yeah. I know.

Talia: Um -- I will always appreciate what we had, and thank you for what you did for me.

Vincent: Layla?

Layla: Hmm?

Vincent: How about you and I take Shaun here for a drink?

Layla: Good idea. See you guys later. Take it easy. Come on. You know, Shaun, that was really sweet of you -- helping Talia save face?

Shaun: I learned something about myself, being with her --

Layla: Hmm.

Shaun: Even though it wasnít for real.

Layla: Well, I hope you learned you have something very special to offer a very special lady. Come on.

Antonio: How you holding up?

Talia: Um -- ok. You know, I -- I know I told you that I thought I was really starting to fall for Shaun. But I think I was trying to convince myself that was true, you know? So, breaking up was inevitable, I guess.

Antonio: Well, I -- I have a confession.

Talia: Oh, you do?

Antonio: I do. I'm not sorry that you and Shaun broke up.

Cristian: You and I -- we have a lot going for us.

Sarah: Totally.

Cristian: I mean, I like working at Capricorn. I'm still painting -- thatís a good thing.

Sarah: Oh, and I still have my music, although I'm coming at it from a different edge -- as Capricornís amazingly successful talent booker.

Cristian: Right. You know, you missed your kickboxing class.

Sarah: Darn. Well, see you later.

Cristian: No, wait. If you want, I could teach you

Sarah: Righty.

Cristian: All right, left foot forward. Up on the balls of your right -- there you go. Spread them. Fist up high just like this, right by your chin. You got to protect yourself, you know.

Sarah: All right.

Natalie: This is priceless -- I'm difficult? I mean, compared to you, I'm like -- I'm like Switzerland. I'm neutral, I'm peaceful.

Jared: Can we skip the personal attacks here?

Natalie: Oh, we could skip the whole damn thing.

Jessica: But --

Jared: O wait a minute. Just -- just -- just wait. I do want my job back.

Natalie: Look, he changes his mind -- how fun.

Jared: I just donít buy your terms.

Natalie: No? Then go to hell.

Jared: If you'd only admit why you fired me in the first place.

Natalie: I fired you because you are a backstabbing phony, and I canít stand you.

Jared: Because I kissed her and she liked it.

Natalie: I did not like it. In fact, it pissed me off and it grossed me out.

Jared: Right. Thatís exactly how Jessica felt when her and had sex.

Jessica: Whoa, whoa!

Nash: Whoo!

Jessica: You canít say that!

Nash: All right, itís ok, itís ok. You know what? Itís been my experience that when a guy wants everyone to know that he slept with someone, usually itís because it doesnít happen that often. Hey -- how was jail? How long were you there for? Tell us. And let you guys cool off, ok? Oh, and while I'm gone, donít get any crazy ideas and change the locks. I like you guys and I'd hate to have you evicted. But I do own the place.

Natalie: I'm so sorry, guys. I really thought giving him his job back would work.

Nash: Ahem. Look, thereís a worm in the middle of my flower. You know that guilt I'm supposed to be feeling about Antonio? Well, I think that this is payback in spades.

Natalie: I know I've said it before, but he really was good at his job.

Jessica: Are you defending him, Natalie?

Natalie: I mean, not the human being, but he could be an asset to B.E. If he was someone else.

Nash: Yeah, but heís not! Heís Jared "Banks!"

Natalie: Yeah. Thatís who he is, all right.

Agent: I'm sorry Ramsey took you off the case.

John: Yeah.

Agent: Hey, what are you doing here?

John: They're with me, all right? Can you give us a minute?

Todd: Did you find anything?

Michael: My God, John, thatís Tommyís cup. Are they here?

John: All right, settle down. They were here, now they're gone.

Michael: Well, what happened?

John: I found a -- an address where Marcie may have gone, but now the feds are on her trail.

Todd: Good.

Lee: Nobody move. All right, search the area now.

Talia: So, wait -- so you're --

[Antonio groans]

Talia: You're not sorry that Shaun and I broke up?

Antonio: Uh -- uh, no, actually, I'm not. I think you deserve better, someone who -- someone whoís faithful and might, you know, want something long-term.

Talia: Yeah, well, I'm not sure I'll ever have that, so --

Antonio: Well, well, I think you will. You just have to hold out for the right guy.

Cristian: Come on. Letís see what you got.

[Sarah chuckles]

Cristian: Come on. There you go. Thatís good. Yeah, you're pretty strong.

Sarah: Like that?

Cristian: Just like that.

Sarah: Whoo. Itís getting late. I -- I better go. I got a band to book.

Cristian: Are you sure? I'm sure your boss wonít mind if you're a few minutes late.

Sarah: Well, if he does, I'll blame you.

Cristian: All right -- why donít you take five, get a drink of water, and then we'll hit the speed bag -- again?

Jessica: Maybe we should find somewhere else to stay tonight.

Nash: No.

Jessica: Oh.

Nash: No -- are you crazy? No, there is no way I'm giving in to that jerk! I'm not giving him the power!

Jessica: Well, Nash, he already has the power.

Nash: No way.

Jessica: Heís holding all the cards!

Nash: No, he doesnít. He thinks he does. He thinks he does, but thatís going to stop. I'm going to find a way to beat that bastard!

Natalie: You know what I'm wondering?

Nash: What?

Natalie: What would Grandpa do?

Jessica: Oh. Something brilliant, I'm sure.

Natalie: Yeah. I have to go. Oh, and, Nash, I'm with you. You guys canít give in to this jerk. I certainly donít intend to.

Marty: I hope you will at least think about what I have said.

Blair: Well, you're certainly going out on a limb for something you're not personally involved in.

Marty: No, I am involved. John is a good friend of mine.

Blair: Mm-hmm. You wouldnít be doing all this if you were just friends. So whatís the real deal, Marty? Are you and John a little thing, huh?

 [John sighs]

John: The agent in charge -- Ramsey? -- He ainít going to be updating us on the case.

Michael: Well, why, John? This involves your family. What, the guy canít throw you a bone?

John: Ramseyís got his own agenda. He always has.

Todd: Yeah, at least he wonít go soft on Marcie like you will.

John: You never see the big picture, do you? Listen, if -- if Ramsey does find Marcie and he corners her, she could become more desperate than she already is.

Agent: Thereís no sign of the woman or the kid.

Lee: All right. Well, we search the entire area till we find something.

Agent: All right, good luck with that.

Lee: And you are under arrest.

Marcie: Hello, itís nice to meet you -- huh. I'm -- I'm Penny Shaw. And this is my son, Aaron.

[Marcie sighs]

Marcie: Oh. Penny Shaw. And this is my son, Aaron. Yeah.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Starr: Hey. Is Langston coming home?

Jared: Maybe I could interest you in something uncomplicated.

Todd: Whatís your plan b?

John: Pool our resources and we do this together, you and me.

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