OLTL Transcript Tuesday 10/16/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/16/07


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Langston: What?

Markko: I'm just looking at you.

Langston: Well, donít.

Markko: What, I canít even look at you?

Langston: Thereís something I have to tell you, and I wonít be able to do it if you're looking at me.

Markko: Sounds pretty bad.

Langston: Yeah, well, it is -- really bad.

Markko: You didnít answer any of my texts, so I dropped by Dr. Lordís house looking for you this morning. She told me to get lost.

Langston: She didnít say it like that.

Markko: Did you put her up to that? Are you breaking up with me?

Cole: Langstonís parents have been dead for a year and a half? Langston -- our Langston? I donít believe this. Wait, I heard her talking to them on the cell phone.

Starr: Cole, she made it all up.

Cole: But why? What -- what happened? What the hell happened?

Starr: Her parents -- they traveled around the world for a foundation that they worked for. They were on their way to the airport and they got in a major accident. When Langston found out, she didnít know what to do, so she hid it. And I honestly donít know more than that because whenever I ask her too many questions, she just shuts down.

Cole: Well, is she ok?

Starr: My Aunt Dorian says her facing something like this is like lancing a boil.

Cole: Does she always talk like that?

Starr: My auntís a doctor, what can I tell you? But she said that itís going to be hard for Langston, but this is the only way for her to feel better.

Cole: Well, what can we do for her?

Starr: Thatís a really good question. Oh, I guess make her feel like nothingís going to change. We're all sheís got. We have to make her feel like everythingís going to be ok.

Dorian: What do you mean, you donít have an answer for me yet? But that was several hours ago. Byron, I am not happy, and you know what happens when I am not happy. No, I'm afraid I donít care that you and your colleagues are all overworked because of some merger. You know, what if I canceled that really fat retainer I pay you every month? How would that work for you? It --

[Knock on door]

Dorian: I want results, thatís all at matters. "Bertil?" Someoneís at the kitchen door, please answer it, I'm on an important phone call!


Dorian: Sorry to be -- oh, goodness gracious. Bert-- maybe her name isnít Bertil.


Dorian: Uh -- hello! Can somebody get the door, please? Now, Byron --


Dorian: By the end of today, I want to know what Langston Wildeís options are. Itís -- a young girlís life depends on this. Thank you! Oh, for goodness sake. What? Oh.

Michael: All right, if you think you got an idea on how to bring Marcie home, letís hear it.

Rex: I'm -- I'm trying to think outside the box. Maybe itís not such a hot idea.

Adriana: Just say it, Rex.

Rex: All right, the cops said the FBI is involved now. If we try my idea and it works, whatís Marcie going to be walking into, and do we want that?

Reporter: Pennsylvania authorities have relinquished control of the search for author Marcie Walsh McBain and the baby boy sheís accused of kidnapping. Pursuit of Mrs. McBain and the child has been turned over to the FBI. This all but guarantees a federal indictment for Mrs. McBain when she is captured.

Reporter: FBI sources have told WVL that locating the son of newspaper publisher Todd Manning has become a top priority, along with filing federal kidnapping charges --

Roxy: Hey, stop talking that crap! Get that camera out of here you're going to be taking pictures out of your butt!

[Ron turns TV off]

Ron: God bless Roxy, I'll tell you that.

Marcie: At least I still have one friend in Llanview.

Ron: Did you hear what that reporter said? The FBI is running the show now. They're talking about you like you snatched some strangerís baby.

Marcie: Yeah, I did notice.

Ron: Hey, you still have plenty of friends in Llanview, ok? Friends that would understand if you explained to them that you were out of your mind, and I'm sure Michael is out of his mind right now wondering where you and the baby are.

Marcie: Michael made the situation, Ron. So now he just has to live with the consequences, ok?

Rex: The feds are taking over now, which means Marcieís coming home whether she wants to or not. But if she comes home on her own, they might go easy on her.

Adriana: Yeah, but we donít know that, right?

Rex: Right.

Michael: Marcieís a wonderful mother who just lost her child in a custody battle. Come on, nobodyís going to put her in jail.

Rex: Bo and Nora wouldnít, but they arenít in charge anymore.

Adriana: And then there is Blair and Todd -- you know they're going to be screaming in "The Sun" for her to get the max.

Michael: So what I hear you saying is there is no good way out of this situation -- Marcie loses her freedom, and then we all lose Tommy.

Rex: While I was thinking outside the box, I had one other idea.

Michael: Shoot.

Rex: What if instead of getting Marcie to come home, we help her stay away?

Dorian: Why, Mr. Buchanan, arenít you a sight for sore eyes. Come on in. Oh, this has been un jour d'enfer. Since you donít speak French, I'll translate for you -- "a day from hell."

Clint: Well, thereís no blood, no broken bones.

Dorian: What are you talking about?

Clint: You're upright, mobile, and you appear to be in charge of your faculties.

Dorian: I'm fine, thank you --

Clint: Uh-huh.

Dorian: Well, physically.

Clint: Thatís what I came over to find out. I had to make sure you werenít trapped by a fallen bookcase or something. But I see that you're not, so I'll let you recover from your hellish day.

Dorian: Hey -- maybe I donít want to recover. Maybe I want to use all this nervous energy on something more fulfilling. What do you say?

Clint: I say you're going to have to look elsewhere.

Langston: This isnít about you, Markko.

Markko: I'm not saying you're not into me anymore, but, you know, you just got some really bad news, so maybe you need some time to sort things out.

Langston: I'm not breaking up with you.

Markko: You're not?

Langston: No!

Markko: Ok, cool. Because I was trying to be understanding, but after what I just told you -- I mean, I've never told any girl that I loved her before.

Langston: I know. I've been lying to you since the first day we've met.

Markko: I donít believe that.

Langston: No, listen, itís true.

Markko: Well, I knew you were sort of weird, but I decided I liked that about you.

Langston: I think this goes into the category of more than just "sort of weird."

Markko: Wait, you donít lie. You call me out whenever I screw something up, and you own up to it when you do the same thing.

Langston: Thatís with the little stuff, Markko, this is big.

Markko: What, too big for us to get over?

Langston: Thatís up to you. My parents didnít die yesterday.

Markko: What?

Langston: Let me finish. Itís been over a year. What do you think of me now?

Starr: I wish there was something I can do to help Langston.

Cole: Well, when my dad died, it was like people got afraid of me, all my friends started backing off.

Starr: Really? Why?

Cole: I donít know. I guess they thought I was contagious or something. So I didnít just lose my dad, I lost my friends, too.

Starr: I'm so sorry.

Cole: Well, if you'd have been there, you wouldnít have done that.

Starr: Langstonís going to know that she has friends.

Britney: Yeah, all two of them.

Starr: I just wish that there was some way that we can help her, instead of me just waiting around for her to open up. I mean, what if she stops talking again?

Britney: As if.

Cole: Well, sometimes you want to talk about it and sometimes you canít. Sometimes you just want to forget it for a while. But the truth is out now, you know, so it wonít be the same.

Starr: I canít believe it happened to you, and now to Langston. At least you have your mom.

Cole: Right -- no wonder why Langston freaked out.

Starr: I still canít believe I didnít see what was going on. I mean, if I think about it, she always had an excuse why I couldnít sleep over. She never had a curfew, and she never got in trouble by her parents. You would think that I would be like, "Wait, isnít there something weird going on?" But it took my Aunt Dorian to figure that out.

Cole: Hey, come here. Give yourself a break, all right? Langstonís not alone anymore.

Britney: But she will be -- soon.

Amber: Who are we spying on?

[Britney shrieks]

Cole: You heard that, right?

Starr: Yeah, I sure did. Starr and

Cole: Britney.

Langston: See, there it is.

Markko: What?

Langston: The look on your face -- itís the one I was afraid of.

Markko: Well, I'm sorry. You sort of freaked me out.

Langston: It happened a year ago -- longer. Telling you -- itís the third time I've told it to anybody, and, so far, itís not getting any easier.

Markko: So what about the rest of your family?

Langston: My parents were both only children, and my grandparents are dead. If it hadnít been for me, there wouldnít have been anyone to call.

Markko: So all this time you've been, like, living on your own? How did you do it?

Langston: I had a roof over my head, and there was enough money. I just -- I kept telling myself that they were out there somewhere.

Markko: How come things are different? I mean, why are you telling me now?

Langston: I didnít want this big secret to come between us. Thereís another lie. Starrís Aunt Dorian found out the truth, and she made me face reality. I had to tell Starr and you.

Markko: So can I ask you one question?

Langston: Yeah.

Markko: If Starrís aunt hadnít figured things out, would you have ever said anything to me?

Reporter: And just who are you?

Roxy: Roxy Balsom -- like the tree. Keep that tape rolling, because I got a lot to say here. Ok, I think this reporting is kind of misbalanced and unfair, and it stinks to boot. So if you want to know about Manning/McBain story, I got the goods.

Reporter: Go for it.

Roxy: Hi. I'm Roxy Balsom, and I am the proud owner of Foxy Roxyís Hair Haven. And if you come in and you say that you saw this interview, you can get $10 off on a double color process. Anyway, I want everybody to know that I am a good friend to Marcie and Michael McBain, and I'm also the babysitter. So I get a little steamed when a broad like this in a bad blazer and an equally bad attitude start treating my friends like they're criminals. And believe me, I've hung out with enough criminals, so I know that ainít them.

Reporter: Excuse me, you said that this was an interview, so that means I get to ask questions.

Roxy: Yeah, well, ask away, honey.

Reporter: Huh. Michael McBain allegedly perjured himself on the stand at his adopted sonís custody hearing. Marcie McBain ran off with the child after she lost custody. Are you saying that these arenít crimes?

Roxy: You know, I think you're being a little nitpicky about that.

Reporter: Excuse me. I've just learned that you're the same Roxanne Balsom who was involved in the Buchanan baby switch nearly 25 years ago.

Roxy: Uh -- yeah, but that was a long time ago, and we got that all straightened out.

Reporter: You said that you were little Tommyís babysitter. Are you also an accessory in the McBain kidnapping?

Roxy: Well, you know, the only thing I know about accessories is that they should all come with four-inch heels. So why donít you stop that camera and get out of here?

Reporter: What did you know about the kidnapping, and when did you find out?

Roxy: Oh --

Miles: You know, I thought I heard the lady ask you to leave.

Reporter: May I get your name, sir?

Miles: Just identify me as the guy thatís going to make sure she gets what she wants.

Adriana: Donít you think you'll be making a bad situation worse?

Rex: Depends on your definition of "bad," I guess.

Adriana: You really want to help Marcie get away with this?

Rex: Just listen to me. If -- if we can track her down and get a hold of her before the feds do, maybe we can get Marcie and Tommy out of the country.

Michael: Itís impossible. I mean, come on. You donít think the passport control has been notified about this?

Rex: So it wonít be easy. But if -- if we can pull it off, and -- and get her phony documents, and land Marcie and Tommy in a country without an extradition treaty --

Adriana: Thatís a lot of "ifs," Rex.

Rex: But if we can do it, then Tommy ends up with the parents heís known and loved his whole life.

Adriana: Well, itís not the worst idea I've heard, but itís definitely in there.

Rex: Whatís wrong with it?

Adriana: I can say it in one word -- "Todd."

Rex: Yeah, to hell with him.

Michael: Itís a fantasy, Rex. I'm -- I'm sorry, but even if we could find Marcie and convince her to go along with this thing, it wouldnít work. Adrianaís right -- Toddís not going to stop looking for Tommy, and heís not going to let the government stop looking, either. And, come on, Marcie and I -- we're not the type of people who can live our life on the run. I mean, what kind of life is that for my son?

Rex: What kind of a life is it with a nut job like Todd?

Michael: Better than one you're talking about. Look, I know that Marcie believes that she is protecting Tommy, but the truth of the situation is, sheís putting him in danger. We have to find her, and we have to bring her home.

Rex: Ok. Itís your call.

Michael: My call? Look, you said you had an idea. What is it? What are we going to do?

Rex: Oh, well, who said anything about "we"? I can set it up, but itís going to be up to you to make it work.

Roxy: Hey, listen, honey, donít mess with him, because heís Nattyís good friend, Miles Laurence.

Reporter: Are you still rolling, Joe? The Miles Laurence who is accused of abducting Todd Manning? The man who inherited Spencer Trumanís entire estate? Did your guilty conscience lead you to disclose the whereabouts of Mr. Manningís son? Didnít you, in effect, set this whole kidnapping situation into motion?

Miles: No, all the charges against me have been dropped.

Reporter: How do you feel now that Mr. Manning is still separated from his son? Is part of you glad?

Roxy: Hey, you know, that wasnít exactly kidnapping, because Marcie and Michael -- they adopted Tommy.

Reporter: But they wouldnít have been able to do that if he had disclosed what he knew. I reiterate, arenít you the person behind this whole situation?

Miles: You know, you make it sound like I knew all this all along.

Rex: Ooh, sorry, sweetheart, but this is over.

Reporter: And who are you?

Rex: Uh, someone who can give you a much better angle than either one of them.

Roxy: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey -- shut your cake hole. You know, this barracuda will eat you for lunch.

Rex: Would you and your cameraman like to come with me?

Reporter: Sure.

Miles: Well, I guess itís safe to say that went exceptionally well.

Roxy: Yeah -- except for the lipstick on my teeth.

Langston: You're asking me what was more important -- being straight with you, or admitting the fact that my parents were never coming home. I would've kept on like I was. I know you donít like hearing that any more than I like saying it. But it is what it is.

Markko: No, I get it, I do. I mean, when we first started hanging out during the play, I was giving you all that attitude --

Langston: You didnít do anything wrong, ok?

Markko: Well, then I caught you forging your parents' signatures on that permission slip. I should've kept my mouth shut.

Langston: You told me that the way that I was living sucked, and you know what? You were right.

Markko: Well, I thought you were sticking up for people that didnít give a crap about you, but it was way worse than that.

Langston: I was lying to myself, to you, and Starr. I didnít know how to get out of it.

Markko: What I donít get is you're so tough.

Langston: My parents would go away on their little trips and they would say, "you're going to be all right, right, sweetie?" And I knew what they wanted to hear, so I said it. They wanted a tough kid, so I was one. If you want to take off, I'll understand.

Markko: Hey -- I told you I loved you.

Langston: And I'll never forget that. Nobody said that to me since my parents -- but the thing is I would've kept on lying to you forever to keep you saying that to me. You think I'm a mental case, donít you? I wanted to be close to someone, so I used you. I understand if you donít love me anymore.

Dorian: You're angry at me -- for missing dinner with you last night.

Clint: I'm not angry that you missed dinner. I'm angry that you didnít bother to call to explain why. And then you try to charm your way out of it when I show up here.

Dorian: I see. Oh, Clint, how can you ever forgive me?

Clint: What is that supposed to mean?

Dorian: It was a lapse. I mean, I stood you up for dinner, and then I had the temerity not to call you for, what, 24 whole hours. I -- failing to -- to check in with you, to let you know about my whereabouts, to grovel!

Clint: Oh, you're in a great mood.

Dorian: Ha -- because that is what you really want -- an apology. You know, maybe if I really were underneath a bookcase, you would overlook it, but, oh, no. What could be going on in my little life thatís more important than you are?

Clint: I donít know what you're talking about, but I'm talking about a two-minute phone call.

Dorian: No, you are talking about control, because you are like every other man on this planet.

Clint: Oh, no. Oh, no.

Dorian: Oh, yes, you go to bed with a woman, and you think -- aha! -- You've now got to be the sun in her orbit!

Clint: Donít you turn this into a feminist rant. I was worried about you.

Dorian: No, you werenít. Your nose was out of joint, so you came over here to put me in my place.

Clint: No, I didnít. I was worried about you, but I'm not now, now I'm mad.

Dorian: Oh, yes, and enjoying every second of it.

Clint: What is wrong with you?

Dorian: You tell me. You seem to have everything all figured out.

Ron: Hey --

Marcie: Yeah?

Ron: Heís still napping.

Marcie: Oh. Thanks. Oh, hey -- you know, do you have, you know, some kind of a cap, a baseball cap or something that I can borrow? I kind of get the feeling that every cop in the tri-state area is going to be looking for a chubby little redhead, so --

Ron: Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey.

Marcie: Yeah? What? What?

Ron: Are you sure about this?

Marcie: Look, if you had a baby, you would understand, ok?

Ron: Well, if and when I decide you're right, I wonít be able to tell you. I wonít know where you are.

Marcie: Ronnie --

Ron: Hey --

Marcie: Donít start with me.

Ron: Look, you're my baby sister, all right, but I'll back you on any decision you think is best. But are you sure you're not just panicking right now?

Marcie: "Panicking"? You saw Todd Manning for yourself this morning. He ransacked your apartment, his goons strangled you half to death. If you had a son, would you just give up, Ron? Would you give up, and would you let him raise him?

Ron: What about Michael?

Marcie: I donít care about Michael.

Ron: But you're taking Tommy away from him, too.

Marcie: No, he lied to me! He lied to me, and he gave up on my family.

Ron: So thatís it, you're never going back to Llanview?

Marcie: I am not going to let some convicted rapist raise my son! My son, Ronnie, he is the only child I am ever going to have. And I am not going to let him raise him -- he -- he tried to kill him! All right, and as far as Michael goes, I donít care about him anymore! Ron, I donít care what he thinks, I donít care what he believes. End of story! So letís stop talking about it!

Ron: Fine. You can, uh, pack the rest of your stuff, I'll keep my eye on the TV.

Marcie: Thank you.

[Ron turns TV on]

Reporter: I'm here with Dr. Michael McBain --

Ron: Marcie, Marcie, wait.

Marcie: What?

Reporter: Husband of fugitive Marcie McBain. Dr. McBain, is there something you'd like to say to your wife?

Michael: Marcie, honey? Wherever you are, I love you.

Britney: I'm going to miss you so much.

Amber: I'll call all the time, we'll email. I'll never forget you.

Starr: Why donít you two take it to the Palace Hotel?

Britney: Um -- excuse me. This is a private moment.

Cole: In a public place?

Starr: Were you two eavesdropping on us?

Britney: Like I care about anything you two have to say.

Starr: Oh, please. Your whole last year was about messing with me.

Cole: Come on. Letís get out of here. Sheís not worth it.

Amber: Why did we have to pretend? We never did that before.

Britney: I just got the 411, and I didnít want dumb and dumber to know.

Amber: I know that look. It means something really badís going to happen to Starr. Whatís my part?

Britney: You donít have one. One little phone call and I come out on top.

Langston: So thatís it?

Markko: Hey, wait. Do you remember chorus? Mrs. Finch?

Langston: You had Mrs. Finch?

Markko: We've been going out all this time and you still donít know.

Langston: You werenít in my class.

Markko: I was in third grade, you were in second, but we were in the same school chorus.

Langston: I -- I donít remember.

Markko: Well, maybe you'll remember a dorky dude with glasses who let his mother dress him.

Langston: Freakazoid? Oh, my god, I was so mean to you.

Markko: Well, let me finish. It didnít bother me because, see, if you were messing with me, it meant that you noticed me, and a lot of people didnít back then.

Langston: We went through grade school together?

Markko: Yeah. And then I went to a different middle school than you and, ugh, that killed me.

Langston: How come you didnít tell me this before?

Markko: Well, I wanted you to see me as the guy that I am now.

Langston: Then you donít know me at all. This just makes me like you even more.

Markko: But, see, thatís me, too. I see what you've been going through, and it makes me love you more. I'm not going anywhere.

Langston: Thereís something I didnít say before because I was scared. I love you.

Clint: You want me to tell you whatís wrong with you? Sweetheart, thereís nothing wrong with you. Dorian, you're a delight, an absolute walk on the beach.

Dorian: You know, I'm going to say something to you and I hope you're not going to take it the wrong way. When I say that, I mean I hope you're not going to think that I'm apologizing.

Clint: Heaven forbid.

Dorian: I am working on something, something that is very important to me, and it is not working out the way I wanted it to work out.

Clint: All right -- what is it?

Dorian: I was going to tell you all about it. In fact, you were going to be my next phone call.

Clint: Oh, darn the luck! I was the next phone call -- I see.

Dorian: But you know something? Now I donít want to talk about it, and I especially do not want to talk about it to someone who barges into my house and -- and has the presumption to assume that I am wrong and who presumes that I have to explain myself to him? Ha!

Clint: Ok. I was not thrilled at being stood up, so I may not have been in the best of moods when I showed up, but when I walked in, I suddenly became the guy to blame -- why? Because I was the guy standing in front of you. Now, you're suffering from something, you're worried about it? And yet, I'm taking the brunt of it.

Dorian: Hmm -- thatís your opinion.

Clint: Dorian, we're going together. We have slept together. God forbid I should expect something from you like a phone call, or should I just be happy to be on your freakin' to-do list?

Dorian: Of course. You're right.

Clint: You canít mean that -- you just said I was right.

Dorian: You are right. Maybe you and I -- we canít pull this thing off.

Roxy: Hey, thanks for coming to my rescue.

Miles: I donít think you could've handled her if I hadnít come along.

Roxy: Well, you know, now that I think about it, she was like putty in my hands.

Miles: Yeah, for sure.

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: So what are you doing here? I thought they set you up at the palace.

Miles: Yeah, well, I've been sentenced to do some community service in Angel Square.

Roxy: Well, you canít get much more angel square than this place -- unless you were sitting right in the middle of it.

Miles: Hmm.

Roxy: So, what you got in mind, mopping floors or fixing up my animal trophies?

Miles: Uh, no. Actually, I -- I donít think thatís on my list.

Roxy: Well, why didnít they talk to me about the list? I mean, they should've talked to me because, you know, I'm practically the mayorette of Angel Square.

Miles: Oh, well, then -- then you would be the perfect person to ask for advice on my options.

Roxy: Well, sure. You help me with this thing, and you know what they say --

Miles: No, actually, I donít know.

Roxy: A bird in the hand washes the other.

Michael: Mar please. You and Tommy, you know, you're my life. I -- I know that what I did is part of the reason that you're gone. But not knowing where you are or if you and Tommy are ok -- honey, itís killing me. I know that itís too early to talk about whatís going to happen with us. I know the only thing on your mind right now is Tommy. But this is whatís on my mind -- I keep seeing you driving along or hitching a ride or on a bus or a train and I keep seeing you looking over your shoulder, scared to death of whatís going to happen to you and Tommy because you're all alone. Honey, if anything ever happened to you or Tommy, I -- I wouldnít want to live anymore. Please come home. Bring Tommy with you. We'll work this out. We'll get through this together. You know, and I know itís -- itís never going to be the same re, but we can try. We can -- we can still be a family. Save us, Marcie. You're the only one that can.

Clint: Ah -- you're just determined to blow everything out of proportion today.

Dorian: You know, when I first started to handle this problem, the one I was telling you was so important to me and isnít working out the way I wanted it to -- my every instinct told me to go solo.

Clint: Well, thatís fine. Just call me and tell me that.

Dorian: And I'm sure if the tables were reversed, you would've called me.

Clint: Oh, yes, I would, thank you very much.

Dorian: But if you hadnít, it would've been no biggie for me because I donít need to know where you are and what you're doing 24/7. That would really be too much information.

Clint: No, itís not, Dorian. Itís called having a relationship.

Dorian: I didnít call you and I am very sorry. But you came over here in a really ugly mood, and I had to fight back.

Clint: So you're telling me, "aw, cowboy, itís not the end of the world"?

Dorian: It isnít the fight thatís the problem. The problem is you seem to have these expectations of me, and I'm not sure I want that.

Clint: I have these expectations because I love you.

Cole: Whoa.

Starr: Ooh -- sorry, bad timing.

Langston: No. Itís ok. We're good.

Starr: See? I told you that everything was going to be --

Britney: Ooh, look -- itís a love-in.

Cole: What, did you follow us?

Starr: Britney, get out of here unless you want to start your new school with dentures.

Britney: Oh, very butch. Leonard must be giving you lessons.

Markko: Leave her alone.

Britney: Or maybe somebody' slipping you steroids.

Cole: Britney, go pack. We're in the middle of something here, ok?

Britney: And not say goodbye to all of you? You know, I really think I'm going to miss seeing you guys stumble off the short bus every day.

Langston: Did you phone ahead to your new school so that they have the coffin full of Transylvanian soil all ready for you?

Britney: You know, speaking of coffins, I think I'm going to miss you most, little orphan Lanny and all the stories about your imaginary parents.

Cole: Yeah, you were listening, huh?

Starr: Just shut your mouth, Britney.

Britney: And let your little band of losers have the last word? I donít think so.

Roxy: "Clean graffiti off the church." Well, what, are they kidding? That grows back the next day. Number two -- "community garden." Oh, thatís wonderful if you love rats. Number three -- "community watch." You ever see that orange jacket? That doesnít go with nothing, and pushers hate the walkie-talkie.

Miles: You sound like you know a lot about the list.

Roxy: I do -- I got my own list, and I owe them a couple of hours.

Miles: You're kidding

Roxy: Maybe we could do them together.

Miles: You mind telling me what you did to get community service?

Roxy: Oh, Rexy and I had a little arson scheme.

Miles: An arson scheme?

Roxy: Yeah, you know, it wasnít anything really --

Man: Roxanne Balsom?

Roxy: Hey. You see my newscast?

Man: Newscast? Lee Ramsey, FBI I'd like a word with you.

Reporter: You've just heard Dr. McBain begging for his wife, Marcie, to return to Llanview with the little boy she believed was hers until yesterday. For those of you just tuning in, Mrs. McBain is accused of kidnapping the boy.

[Ron turns TV off]

Ron: If you go ahead with your plan, that may be the last time you ever get to see Michael. Ok? Now, are you prepared to lose him forever?

Britney: What do you think you're doing?

Starr: It was nice knowing you, Brit.

Langston: Have a safe trip.

Britney: Langston Wilde, you're hurting me!

Woman: Let go of that girl! Are you all right?

Britney: Yes, ma'am. Thank you for asking.

Langston: Oh, please.

Woman: You're Langston Wilde?

Langston: Yes.

Markko: Why are you asking?

Woman: My name is Mrs. Woodrow and this is my associate, Mr. Owens. We're with Social Services.

Langston: Social Services?

Mrs. Woodrow: We've been looking for you. You're going to have to come with us.

Dorian: Wow. I did not see that coming. You just said you love me. Thatís fighting dirty.

Clint: I was trying to get your attention.

Dorian: It worked.

Clint: This thing that you're working on, this problem that you're struggling with -- would you consider the possibility that it might be making you overreact?

Dorian: Yes, if you will consider the possibility that this relationship -- and, oh, I hate that word -- that this relationship has become so full of -- another word I hate -- expectations that itís -- itís --

Clint: Itís what?

Dorian: Itís -- too much for you that I'm asking you to call me?

Dorian: Itís -- itís just that we've come to this place without deciding that we wanted to be in this place. And I think we need to do some thinking -- both of us.

Roxy: Hey, if you're talking about that bootleg Botox, I was nowhere near it. Lee: Ma'am, I just flew in from D.C. I'm looking for a colleague of mine, Agent Warren -- has to do with the McBain babyís kidnapping?

Roxy: Oh, yeah -- Agent Warren, friend of Johnny McBainís. Oh, they're not here.

Lee: They together?

Roxy: Yeah, they were talking -- you know, a little strategy?

Lee: A federal agent is helping Marcie McBainís brother-in-law?

Roxy: And why not?

Lee: Well, thereís the little matter of him being related to the fugitive. Thank you, ma'am.

Roxy: Did I say something wrong?

Michael: Come on, give me a kiss, buddy.

Marcie: Mmm--ah!

Michael: Throw me a kiss.

Marcie: Throw him a kiss. Can you throw him a kiss? Ooh -- ah!

[Michael laughs]

Rex: We're going to go for a walk --

Marcie: My little pumpkin.

[Michael turns TV off]

Rex: Get some fresh air.

Michael: Oh.

Adriana: Why donít you come with us?

Michael: No, I -- I got to stay here, you know, in case Marcie calls or the off chance that she comes home.

Rex: Right.

Adriana: Well, we wonít be long.

Michael: Hey, guys? You think it worked?

Rex: I love her, too, Mike. I hope so.

Marcie: I love Michael. And I will love him every day of my life -- you know that.

Ron: Then go home.

Marcie: No, if I go home, then I lose my son. Look, Ron, the bottom line is that right now, Tommy is more important than Michael is. Ok? He has to be. Listen to me. When I first brought that beautiful boy home, I looked into his big, brown eyes and I made a vow that for as long as I had him, he would come first.

Ron: Ok. So what do you do now?

Marcie: I ask you to help Tommy and me disappear.

On the next ďOne Life to Live" --

Nora: How are you feeling, Lindsay?

Antonio: Whatís the deal with you and Sarah?

Sarah: If Antonio is the one, he is the one we will get you.

Starr: I'm going to kill you for this!

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