OLTL Transcript Friday 10/12/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/12/07


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John: If we're not getting a hit on her plates by now, Marcie must've dumped the car. I want you to recheck the airports and the train stations -- if you want.

Bo: John, you're suspended, and I think you're too personally involved in this case to be giving any orders.

John: We should've found the car by now.

Bo: Yeah, I agree. Letís do what John suggested, all right? Check Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, see if Mrs. McBainís car was abandoned or possibly traded in. Mike, when was the last time you checked Marcieís cell phone?

Michael: Just now -- straight to voicemail every time.

[John sighs]

John: I keep thinking she was going to wake up this morning and realize she canít get away with this.

Michael: "Canít"? Sheís getting away with it so far.

Todd: Yeah, sheís a short, little, loudmouthed redhead with a baby. Sheís not going to be hard to find. Well, so what if she goes underground, thatís where you live. Yeah, all right, well, make sure you call me when you do. And donít -- you know, if sheís in a car, donít run her off the road or anything. Remember, sheís got my kid. All right.

Blair: How'd you sleep?

Todd: Take a guess. He was just on the other side of the door, and I lost him. He just -- he'd just become mine, legally mine, and heís gone.

Clint: Dorian, itís me -- again. Give me a call. Well, good morning, darling.

Natalie: Good morning. Isnít it a beautiful day? I just love, love this time of year.

Clint: You seem very chipper today.

Natalie: I am very chipper. You know that guy, Jared Banks, that I hired?

Clint: Yeah, of course.

Natalie: Well, last night, I fired his ass, and it felt great.

Nash: Ha. What are you doing here at this time in the morning? We havenít even had breakfast yet.

Jared: You get me my job back at Buchanan enterprises or your wife will be eating her breakfast off the metal tray they slide under her prison cell door.

Dorian: Good morning. Oh, Todd -- any news on your little boy?

Todd: No. I'm out of here.

Blair: Where are you going?

Todd: To find him!

Dorian: Well, I see Todd is handling this with his usual wisdom and forbearance.

Blair: Come on, Dorian. Donít do it this morning, all right? Todd was this close to getting his son back.

Dorian: Fine. Have Langston and Starr come downstairs yet?

Blair: No. But I called the school this morning and told them that they'd be out sick.

[Dorian sighs]

Dorian: I donít think a day off from school is going to fix whatís wrong with that little girl.

Starr: Langston. How long have you been awake?

Langston: I donít know -- a while?

Starr: Hey, you donít have to hide the picture of your parents, and you donít have to hide that you feel like crap.

Langston: That was almost easier -- going to school, forgetting about it. Oh, this is just so --

Starr: Real. If anybody knows it, I do. I was so scared for my parents so many times, and I canít imagine what it would be like to lose them.

Michael: She was so terrified last night after court, you know, and angry, man, really angry. She wouldnít even talk to me. You know, I wanted to tell her that -- that we could try and fight this thing, you know, or -- or maybe we could -- could work with Todd -- I mean, do whatever it took to stay in Tommyís life. You know, maybe sometime in the future we could adopt again.

John: She wasnít ready for that.

Michael: No. And now that sheís gone and done this, Johnny, those doors are closed to us and she knows it. She is scared, and I'm telling you, I'm scared, too. I'm scared that I'm never going to see Marcie or Tommy again.

Marcie: Ronnie, where were you? I was worried sick about you!

Ron: I went to get some stuff for the baby.

Marcie: Well, did anyone follow you or anything?

Ron: I donít think so, but, Marce, they're going to be watching the whole family, you know that.

Marcie: No, no. They were here last night, and you said that you hadnít heard from me, so itís going to be fine.

Ron: You think they bought that? Really? I mean, they can come back and start knocking on that door any minute now.

Marcie: Ronnie, I donít really know what to do next.

Ron: I do -- you're going to make some breakfast and you're going to feed Tommy, ok? And then I'm going to go to where I stashed your car, and I'm going to pull it around, and you're going to get in it with Tommy, and you're going to go back to Michael.

Marcie: What if I donít want to do that?

Ron: Well, then I'll call Michael myself and tell him where you are.

Dorian: Do Starr and Langston know that Toddís baby is missing?

Blair: Not yet.

Dorian: I really do wish I hadnít had to bring a grieving child home to this house, where -- where Marcie McBain has gone missing with Starrís half brother?

Blair: What choice did you have, Dorian?

Dorian: Well, I was kind of hoping that La Boulaie would be a safe haven for her.

Blair: Well, it still can be.

Dorian: Sheís been very emotionally shut down for a long time now, and sheís going to start feeling everything.

Blair: I'm just shocked that -- that she was able to fool Starr for so long. I mean, they've been really close for a year. And then Starrís mentioned to me many times that, you know, Langstonís parents were away. I should've been able to pick up on that. Why didnít I?

Dorian: Honey, you were knee-deep in your own problems.

Blair: Have you thought about what I mentioned last night?

Dorian: You mean about going to social services?

Blair: Why are you whispering?

Dorian: Because I donít want Langston to hear, and I certainly donít want to put her through something like that this soon.

Blair: Ok, well, thatís your choice. I mean, that got to the bottom of it.

Dorian: Yes, but I'll tell you, when I was driving over there last night, I said to myself I donít have to go through with this, because I really hated the ea of forcing her to face so much pain.

Blair: You know, I know that I give you a hard time, especially when you do it to me, but I think for Langstonís sake, sheís lucky to have someone that is a meddling busybody like you.

Dorian: I'm going to take that as a compliment.

Blair: Because if anything is going to change Langstonís luck, itís meeting up with you.

Dorian: Ooh.

Langston: Like, 50 text messages from Markko.

Starr: Thatís because he likes you.

Langston: Know.

Starr: You do?

Langston: Yeah. Markko came over before your Aunt Dorian. He told me he loved me.

Starr: He what? Oh, my gosh. Well -- what did you say?

Langston: I -- I was like, "wow, I donít have to feel like everybody has a boyfriend but me, I -- I'm not alone anymore." I knew that I wasnít alone, I just --

Starr: No, I get it. Go ahead.

Langston: But I'm worried now.

Starr: Why?

Langston: Well, Markko knows that my -- my parents are gone, but he doesnít know when it happened or that I've been totally lying to him about that.

Starr: And you think he wonít get why you did that?

Langston: Well, what if he thinks I'm just crazy?

Starr: Langston, he wonít.

Langston: How do you know?

Starr: God, I canít believe I could've helped you, and all I did was think about myself!

Langston: You couldnít have known, I -- I didnít let you.

Starr: You know what? I am going to make Markko understand, ok?

Langston: No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Just donít worry about it. Can we just talk about something else?

Starr: Yeah, sure. Like what?

Langston: Like the fact that you have a new little brother whoís probably downstairs eating breakfast -- go see.

Starr: No, I have every day for the rest of my life to have breakfast with Tommy. Although, I think my dadís going to change his name.

Langston: Maybe you guys can vote on it.

Starr: You have a vote, too. You have a family here, Langston. I mean it.

Langston: Yeah.

Bo: Every cop in the tri-state area has been faxed a copy of this picture. Letís see if we can get it put on the web, too, and all TV stations, especially the local stations near where her father and her brothers live. Mike? You sure you gave us all the names that you could think of that Marcie might reach out to?

Michael: Yeah, yeah, everybody I -- yeah, everybody.

Bo: Ok, I talked to her father and her brothers. They all say that they've heard absolutely nothing.

John: What are they going to say?

Bo: We've got their places staked out. Mike, do you think you can call the family, you know, maybe include that -- that personal touch? That might help.

Michael: Yeah, yeah, I could do that. John? I mean, you still have friends at the bureau, you know? I mean, canít they -- canít they help us out with this thing?

John: We want to keep this thing local for as long as we can.

Michael: Why is that?

John: Marcie doesnít have legal custody of Tommy anymore. If sheís crossed state lines --

Bo: Felony kidnapping -- itís a federal offense.

Michael: And Todd wonít rest until you throw the book at her. Where is she?

Marcie: I canít believe you, Ronnie. You're my brother, and you're going to stand here and you're going to threaten to turn me in?

Ron: Hey, you know I love you, but do you really think the cops arenít out there right now looking for you? Look, Marce, your best chance at any kind of life is to give yourself up and -- and tell them you were out of your mind when you ran off with Tommy.

Marcie: My only hope for any kind of a life, Ron, is me with Tommy

Ron: Ok, so even if you do manage to get away, do you really want to be on the run with a Toddler? What are you going to do for money? You canít use credit cards, you canít go to an ATM --

Marcie: Look, I'll get a job, ok?

Ron: Oh, thatís pretty good, cool. Let me see -- you fill out a W-2 form and -- well, there they got you there, huh?

Marcie: Itís called "working off of the books."

Ron: Yeah, well, who takes care of Tommy?

Marcie: Look, I'll figure it out, ok?

Ron: "How?"

Marcie: Look, I -- I am not losing my son! Ok? Bottom line, I'm not doing it!

Ron: Marcie, listen to me. Heís somebody elseís son now, ok? No matter how unfair that seems, in the eyes of the law, you are committing a crime.

Marcie: You're right, ok? You're right.

Ron: Thank you.

Marcie: So I will -- I'll go get Tommy, and I'll wake him up, and we'll get ready to leave, all right?

Ron: Marcie, look, you wonít regret this, you know that.

Marcie: Yeah. I know I wonít -- because I'm going to get in that car, Ronnie, and I am going to drive in the opposite direction of Llanview, and I am never going back there.

[Phone rings]

Ron: Itís a Llanview area code. That means it only could be Michael or the police.

Jessica: Well, I thought I heard voices. What are you doing here?

Jared: I'm a partner here -- and nice t-shirt. I didnít see you there last night.

Jessica: Honey, donít let your eggs get cold.

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: Mmm, yummy.

Nash: Mmm. I hope you choke on that. Pass the salt.

Jared: I'm here on a peace mission. All you have to do is tell me you'll lean on Natalie and I'm out of here.

Jessica: Well, as much as I'd like to see your back as you walk out the door -- why am I talking to Natalie?

Jared: Same reason you did before.

Nash: Yeah, he blew it, she fired him, which I think is the best thing I've heard in what is already a pretty amazing day. Great eggs, honey.

Jessica: Thanks, sweetheart.

Jared: Yeah, you two can act as breezy as you want, but we all know I'm holding the cards here.

Jessica: I donít know that. Do you?

Nash: No, I donít know that.

Jared: Out waiting for me to call the cops and tell them I did time because you set me up?

Jessica: As long as I have my family behind me, I am good.

Jared: Oh. Well, I'm sure you're going to miss poor scruffy here and the -- the kid while you're in the joint. Oh -- are you going to have the family lawyer bail you out of this mess?

Nash: You know, I think what sheís trying to say is that sheís not going to roll over and play dead for you anymore.

Jared: Oh, very impressive. See, except if I talk, she does time -- you know, maybe not two years like I did, but any time away could crack fragile Jessica. Ok, you know what? You really want to dredge up all that history in a courtroom?

[Southern accent] "I didnít do it, your honor. It was my evil twin."

Nash: Thatís it.

Jessica: Ok, donít, Nash. Nash, Nash, Nash, Nash, Nash --

Nash: Yeah --

Jessica: Itís ok. Itís ok, I'm -- donít, he doesnít scare me. Go ahead, take your best shot. Any misery you throw at me I can handle, but I will not turn you loose on my sister again.

Clint: I thought that you and Jared had an important meeting to attend this morning.

Natalie: Well, I'm ready for it. I can take it over myself.

Clint: Uh-huh. Why, exactly, did you fire Jared? I mean, I thought he was doing pretty well.

Natalie: Well, I just didnít feel that he was fitting in.

Nigel: Ahem.

Natalie: What is it, Nigel?

Nigel: I told your father Mr. Banks came here asking for Mrs. Buchanan.

Natalie: Renee? Why would he do that?

Clint: Well, Nat, you know he was a big fan of País. He just dropped by to offer his condolences.

Natalie: What did you think, Nigel?

Nigel: I did not have a good feeling about him.

Natalie: See? Dad, this guy is an operator. We're much better without him.

Clint: Well, I think it was just a bit hasty --

Nora: Good morning.

Nigel: Would you care for coffee?

Nora: Oh, I'd love some, Nigel, thank you.

Natalie: Ahem.

Nora: Oh, I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?

Natalie: No, no. Itís just that I fired a guy last night and dad thinks I'm too big for my britches.

Clint: I didnít say that.

Natalie: Your look did.

Clint: What look? Oh, yeah, that look. You know, I think a certain someone whoís only been working at the firm for a couple of months -- I think that certain someone might want to ask the permission of a superior before they go and they fire a fellow employee, huh?

Natalie: Sounds like you think the wrong person was fired.

Clint: I did not say that. I'm just a little surprised, thatís all, because you're the one who hired him.

Natalie: Yes, yes, I was the one who hired him. Therefore, heís my responsibility, and I changed my mind about him -- Nigel here concurs. But you know what, dad? Donít worry about it. In the future, I will not hire or fire anyone without asking.

Clint: Good. I'm still not sure why you did what you did.

Natalie: You know, he wasnít sucking up to me like he was sucking up to you. This guy was impossible, and now heís impossible history. Excuse me, I have to go.

Langston: It was really nice of your mom to get us out of going to school today.

Starr: Nobody expects you to go.

Langston: I'm kind of dreading it.

Starr: Why?

Langston: Well, when people find out -- I mean, itís going to get around. Wait till Britney gets ahold of it.

Starr: Ok, you're right. But I will have your back, just like you've had my back in the past, and so will Markko and Cole.

Langston: Ok, thanks.

Starr: Do you want to go downstairs and see the little rug rat?

Langston: You go. I -- I just need some time.

Starr: Are you ok?

Langston: Yeah, no, I'm fine. I'm just -- just used to having a lot of time alone, you know?

Starr: Ok, I'm giving you a half an hour, and then I'm coming back up here.

Langston: Ok. Go.

[Starr chuckles]

[Door opens and closes]

[Knock on door]


Dorian: Hi. I just passed Starr, and she said that you were in here. May I come in?

Langston: Yeah, go ahead.

Dorian: She also said that you wanted to be alone, but, obviously, I decided to ignore that. How did you sleep?

Langston: On and off.

Dorian: I'm sorry. Do you have any relatives we ought to notify?

Langston: My parents were both only children. My grandparents are dead.

Dorian: So I presume that there was no funeral?

Langston: No.

Dorian: Would you like to have one?

Langston: I -- I really just wouldnít want to have to deal with all that.

Dorian: It might make you feel better.

Langston: I -- I donít even want to go out in public anymore. I just --

Dorian: Why not?

Langston: I'm so embarrassed, I -- I canít even stand it.

Starr: God, I canít believe it.

Blair: Yeah, me, either, but itís true.

Starr: Wait -- so, if -- if Mrs. McBain took off with Tommy and didnít even tell Dr. McBain where they were going, I mean, she must've really flipped out.

Blair: Yeah. I think itís difficult to hand over your child to someone, even if you know itís the right thing to do. I mean, I know thatís very difficult -- I wouldnít want to do it.

Starr: Well, howís Dad?

Blair: How do you think?

Starr: Heís off the deep end?

Blair: I think your daddyís living in the deep end right now.

Michael: Listen, Ron, I'm asking you this for Marcieís sake, so I need you to be honest with me, ok? Have you seen her?

Ron: No, Mike, I havenít heard from her, ok? I'll let you know if I do.

Michael: I hope you mean that. I'm worried sick about her, Ron.

Ron: Yeah, well, believe me, so am I. Look, Michael, if she gets in touch, I'll give you a call, ok?

Michael: Thanks.

[Knock on door]

Officer: Thatís probably my relief guy. I'll get it.

John: Call the minute you get anything.

Michael: Marcieís brother Ron says he hasnít seen her.

John: You believe him?

Todd: If thatís the New Jersey brother, then I sure as hell donít. Heís hiding her, you guys know it, so why donít you do something about it?

Jessica: Look, I am really sorry that when I was troubled, I did a rotten thing that took away two years of your life. And if I have to pay for what I've done, I will handle that. But I have been through too much in the past few years to be afraid of the Atlantic City Police or of you.

[Knock on door]

Jessica: Now, my sister has thrown you out of the business, and now I'm telling you, you are through harassing our family.

Nash: Hey. Join the party.

Natalie: Oh. I was coming over here to warn you guys about my firing him, but I guess I'm too late. Did he call the cops yet?

Nash: Nope, not yet. He decided to drop by here and give us a shakedown first.

Jessica: Yeah, but we didnít fall for it.

Natalie: Good. Bring it on.

Nash: Ooh, uh-oh. See, now you got me and her and -- well, I guess both of the Buchanan sisters lined up against you. If I was you, Iíd be looking for a white flag.

Dorian: What in the world do you have to be embarrassed about?

Langston: Going around for over a year acting like -- I wasnít even acting. I actually started to believe it.

Dorian: And it must have been incredibly lonely for you.

Langston: I got used to it. But you know whatís weird? It -- it actually started getting to me when stuff started going better for me.

Dorian: What kind of stuff?

Langston: A guy.

Dorian: Markko. Hmm.

Langston: Yeah.

Dorian: And what made it more difficult?

Langston: Well, he found out that my parents were never there, and he kept saying how bad that was and how I deserved better and --

Dorian: He was worried about you.

Langston: I know, and I was telling him this huge lie.

Dorian: I'm sure he understands.

Langston: Oh. I donít know.

Dorian: He was here this morning.

Langston: He was?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Langston: You didnít tell him the whole story --

Dorian: Of course not. I did tell him that you werenít going to school and that you'd be in touch with him later.

Langston: Thanks.

Dorian: You're welcome.

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: Oh, there are some people -- who shall remain nameless -- who would call what I'm doing "interfering."

Langston: Not me.

Starr: I just canít believe Mrs. McBain would do something like this. I mean, maybe I would expect dad to do something crazy like that, like run away with a kid, but Mrs. McBain?

Blair: Well, like I said, sheís desperate.

[Starr sighs]

Starr: Well, I mean, is there anything we could do for Dad or for Tommy?

Blair: I think all we can really do is just support your dad. You know heís got to be tortured, losing his son again like that? And then, you know, he played by the rules this time. I think thatís what really gets to him -- he played by the rules and it backfired. Itís got to make him crazed.

Starr: Do you think Tommyís going to be ok?

Blair: I donít think Marcie would intentionally hurt the baby. But what sheís doing is dangerous, Starr. Letís just hope that she keeps a clear enough head to make sure Tommyís safe.

Marcie: You didnít tell Mike. You said you were going to.

Ron: Marcie, you're still my baby sister and I love you, and I know what would happen if the cops found out you were here.

Marcie: Yeah -- they'd hand your nephew over to Todd Manning.

Ron: Marcie, thatís going to happen eventually, no matter what you do.

Marcie: No. No, itís not. Not if I am smart about it.

Ron: Now, listen to me, Dad called this morning, by the way, ok, before you got up, and he is worried sick about you, and so is Jerry and Eric. Now, look, if you go back, maybe thereís a chance you can still have Tommy in your life.

Marcie: As what, Ron, his -- his lovable aunt Marcie? That would be great.

Ron: Well, look, if you donít go back, you're going to end up in prison, Marcie.

Marcie: Yeah, well, you know what? They have to catch me first.

Ron: You wrote a book. Itís not like you're under the radar, you know?

Marcie: Thank you. Thank you for worrying about me, thank you for everything that you have done. But I cannot turn my son over to Todd Manning.

Bo: You're not helping, Manning.

Todd: Oh, but you are. My son is on the run with some lunatic woman, and the best you've done is set up a command post -- in her husbandís motel room.

Bo: I'm not going to discuss police procedure with you.

Todd: You know, heís probably telling her everything you guys are doing.

Michael: Oh, yeah, thatís the truth.

Bo: Michaelís doing everything he can to help us. And I can assure you that we will get Marcie and your son back safely.

Todd: No, come on -- Marcie would sooner drive that car into a tree with my son in the back seat than give him up to me.

Michael: No, she would never do that, she would never hurt him.

Todd: What do you call what sheís doing to him now, Michael? All right, so you guys are just going to sit here and scratch your heads while her brother lies to you?

Bo: I think you should go home and wait for word.

Officer: Commissioner?

Bo: Yeah?

Officer: Possible hit on a car matching Mrs. McBainís.

Bo: Where?

Officer: Used-car dealership outside Buffalo, traded in early today.

Todd: Oh, buffalo -- I told you she was going to Canada.

Bo: Get the VIN number.

Officer: Sorry, false alarm -- VIN. number doesnít match.

Langston: I just feel like I'm in the way here.

Dorian: Excuse me, did you notice how huge this house is?

Langston: Yeah, but itís Mr. Manningís little kidís first day here.

Dorian: Uh -- no, no. Uh -- evidently not.

Langston: What? Starr just said that --

Dorian: No -- when she went downstairs just now, she found out that Marcie McBain crawled out of a window with Tommy last and nobody has any idea where they are.

Langston: What? But -- oh, my God, Mr. Mc -- well, he must be freaking out.

Dorian: You can just bet he is.

Todd: All right, I want hourly updates from your department. You got my numbers.

John: Call me back.

Bo: Manning left.

John: After he makes demands.

Bo: He did what I asked him to do --

John: And then he just leaves.

Bo: You know, he did overhear a -- a lead that didnít pan T.

Michael: What do you think it means?

John: Donít worry about it, Mike. Heís no closer to finding Marcie than we are.

Ron: You know, you're really a good mother.

Marcie: Thank you. Being his mom, Ronnie, itís -- itís changed my life, you know? Itís changed me, itís changed the way I -- I look at everything.

Ron: If you go to jail, they're going to give Tommy back to Todd Manning and you'll have nothing, Marcie.

Marcie: Thatís exactly why I ha to make sure that no one ever finds me.

Ron: You know what that means, donít you? This may be the last time we ever see each other. Excuse me. Do you have a second?

Jared: Y'all better think about what you're doing here.

Natalie: Look, Jess, I'm really sorry if I made it tougher for you.

Jessica: Oh, no, you didnít. I want my job back. I like that job, and I was good at it.

Natalie: You were not satisfied with your job, and you were trying to force me out.

Jessica: What, he was?

Jared: She doesnít know what sheís talking about.

Natalie: He told me to go back to school and get my college degree so I could figure out how to run the company.

Nash: Aha -- thereby leaving the door open for him at B.E.

Natalie: You know, and why would I waste my time going back to school when I can just "write it" on my resume like you did?

Jessica: You know, you make yourself sound like this straight arrow that was victimized by me, when, really, you're just a con man.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: He so is. In fact, Nigel told me that he went to visit Renee a while back.

Jessica: My grandfather isnít dead two months, and you're already trying to get in good with his widow?

Jared: I enjoyed meeting a Buchanan woman who isnít out to get me.

Jessica: Well, thatís because sheís too vulnerable to see through your garbage.

Nash: All right, look, ahem, you've made your threats and we've told you to stuff them. Natalieís not going to give you your job back, and I'm here to make sure that Jessica can handle anything you at h so you've already ruined my breakfast, you're sucking up all the air in here, so why donít you get the hell out?

Jared: If you donít want to see me anymore, you're going to be the one who has to go. See, I own this place.

Clint: Nigel, I got the feeling that you agreed with Natalieís feelings about Jared Banks.

Nigel: I believe if your late father was still with us and he met Mr. Banks, he would instruct me to "run the varmint off."

Clint: I mean, Natalie would agree with that, but maybe itís because he keeps calling her "Sparky."

Nora: Oh, God, I'd fire him for that myself.

Clint: And Natalie got pretty upset. I havenít seen her like that in a long while.

Nigel: It seems to indicate a rather complicated relationship.

Nora: Hmm. Do you suppose thereís any sexual tension there, Nigel?

Nigel: Mr. Banks exudes an air of confidence where women are concerned. Have I answered your question, sir?

Clint: Thank you so much.

Nora: I do like watching him blush. You arenít really angry that Natalie fired Jared, are you?

Clint: I just donít like it when people let their personal feelings interfere with their judgment.

Nora: Oh -- which is probably why you took in a nice, steady, solid person like Dorian, huh?

Clint: You noticed I was upset with her, huh?

Nora: Well, I just assumed. Did she ever call and tell you what happened?

Clint: No. I suppose if I'm going to continue to see her, I should get used to the things she does.

Nora: What? I'm sorry. I donít understand why you have to get used to what she does.

Langston: Starr. Your aunt just told me what Mrs. McBain did.

Starr: Yeah, I know. Can you believe it?

Langston: Sheís not going to hurt the baby, you know she wouldnít.

Blair: You ladies hungry -- breakfast? Pancakes?

Langston: You donít have to go through all that trouble.

Blair: Itís no trouble.

Starr: Yeah, you know what? Letís have pancakes, ok? And while we wait, we can watch TV.

Langston: Ok. Thanks. Um -- do you want any help?

Blair: Oh, no, no, no, I've got the master chef here. Sheís going to help me out, right?

Dorian: Right.

Blair: We'll call you when they're ready.

Starr: Ok. Letís go.

Langston: All right.

Dorian: You must be exhausted.

Blair: It was a rough night last night.

Dorian: Any idea where Todd is?

Blair: No, I donít know where Todd is, and I wonít know where Todd is because he wonít tell me, and I'm --

Dorian: Oh, no.

Blair: Itís going to be awful, Dorian, and I'm not sure I have another Todd crisis in me, you know?

John: Now, look, thanks for letting me be part of this.

Bo: I shouldnít, you know, after you found out that Manning was Tommyís real father but you kept it to yourself.

John: It was damage control. What can I do -- heís my brother.

Bo: And thatís why you're here, see -- as a brother.

John: I wonít push it.

Bo: Good. But even as an ordinary citizen, if you happen to notice that I'm missing something, I'd appreciate you telling me.

John: Thanks, Bo.

Bo: You really donít think that Manningís on to anything?

John: No, I just said that in front of mike. Manning heard or saw something, heís going to follow up on it himself.

Ron: Marcie, think about what you're doing here, ok? I mean, you wonít ever be able to talk to dad or to me or to Eric, Jerry. They'll be watching all of us, all of your friends in Llanview. And then wherever you go, you have to worry that people donít figure out who you are. Do you want to live like that?

Marcie: No. But I'd rather live like that, Ronnie, than be this -- this shell of a woman who used to have this -- this beautiful little boy in her life, Ron. Oh, come on, please, Ronnie. Please.

Ron: Ok.

Marcie: Ok.

Ron: I'll back you. Come here.

Marcie: I knew it. I knew you'd do it. Thatís why I came here.

Ron: You know I love you, Marcie, but listen to me. I need you to call Mike and --

Marcie: No! No!

Ron: Tell hi-- heís worried sick about you and Tommy.

Marcie: No, I am not calling Michael! Come on, Ron. Look, he found out months ago who Tommyís birth father was, and he didnít tell me -- his wife! All right, so you tell me, how am I supposed to trust a man like that?

Michael: Please. Please come home.

Clint: Nora, you have made it very clear any number of times that you donít like Dorian.

Nora: No, it -- this has nothing to do with whether I like Dorian or not, this has to do with the way she treats you.

Clint: You mean, like not showing up for dinner last night, and then not calling to explain?

Nora: Yes, or the time she ran off to be with David --yeah, things like that.

Clint: Yeah, well, that bothers me, too.

Nora: Well, I'm -- I'm sure she'll have a -- a logical explanation for everything when you track her down.

Clint: I'm not going to, I'm done tracking her down.

Nora: Good for you!

Clint: I mean, I'm not part of her entourage.

Nora: Thatís right.

Clint: I expect a little common courtesy.

Nora: Thatís right, good for you! Oh, I'm so glad I got you angry by saying all that.

Clint: Well, now that you're living here, you're going to pick up on certain things and probably get me angry. And I hope that you donít regret the decision to stay here, because last night Matthew sort of forced the issue.

Nora: Well, I hope you donít regret my decision. And Matthew didnít force the issue. I -- I know that he would be happy living with family.

Clint: What about you?

Nora: Me?

Clint: Yeah.

Nora: Oh, well, you know, I'm kind of getting used to having someone else keep a roof over my head, and I -- I'm actually kind of getting used to servants and foot and -- you know, I'm not used to it, though, and I do like to go down in the morning and burn me up some eggs and not have anyone see.

Clint: Oh. I tell you what -- letís go into the kitchen, kick Nigel out, set fire to some food, and we can call it breakfast.

Nora: You're on.

Clint: Nigel! Nigel!

Blair: I'm trying to be strong for the kids, and I'll do anything you need me to do for Langston. But I swear, when I heard what Marcie did, I thought I was going to crack.

Dorian: You'll get through this. You always do. This is for the second batch.

Starr: Are the pancakes done yet?

Dorian: Uh -- not yet.

Starr: Uh -- ok. Well, I have a brilliant idea.

Blair: And what is that, sweetie?

Starr: Langston should live with us.

John: You know, thereís a guy I used to work with at the Bureau. He might be willing to look into this unofficially.

Michael: I donít know. I mean, I donít want to get Marcie into any more trouble than sheís already in.

John: Best way to avoid that would be to find her and Tommy.

Michael: Yeah. Yeah. Call him.

John: You going to be all right?

Michael: What choice do I have, John? You know, the reason I didnít tell Marcie about Todd is because I thought that if she knew, she'd meltdown, you know, that she wouldnít be able to handle it. And look, because I didnít tell her -- now I donít have a family.

Ron: Look -- Marcie, look, I know what you've been through, and I -- and I've seen you with Michael, and right now I know you're furious with him and it sounds like you have every right to be. But I know you love him. Now, are you really ready to just throw your marriage away? Because if you walk out that door, that be doing.

Marcie: I canít go back to him, Ronnie. I canít. And I will not hand my son over to Todd Manning.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: So you' throwing us out?

Jared: No -- I'm moving in.

Rex: I might know a way to bring Marcie home.

Todd: Ron, itís me! Long time no see, buddy. I'm here to pick up my son.

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