OLTL Transcript Wednesday 10/10/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 10/10/07


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Dorian: You're not alone, Langston, not anymore.

Langston: Really? Do you know something I donít?

Dorian: No, of course not, but --

Langston: But what? Death is pretty permanent, last I heard. For the past year and a half, no one has slept in this house but me. And since that doesnít seem to be changing anytime soon --

Dorian: Of course, you're always going to miss your parents. It must've been awful for you, hearing how they died so suddenly, so tragically. But you are a powerful young woman. And now that the secret is finally out, I'm sure with time --

Langston: Donít you dare tell me that I will be all right. I will never be all right again!

Bo: Hey, John? Did it go as bad as you look?

John: That son of a bitch gave custody to Manning.

Starr: Ooh! Oh, my God, this is so awesome! Did you hear that? We got custody!

Cole: I know -- I was standing right here.

Starr: So when is the baby coming home? I mean, we have to get his room ready, right?

Blair: We've got a lot to do, you're right.

Starr: Oh, my gosh, I'm so excited!

Jack: Why are you yelling, Starr?

Starr: Can I tell him?

Blair: Sure, go ahead.

Starr: Um -- our baby brother is coming home, Jack. Tonight, heís coming to live with us.

Jack: Sweet!

Todd: My God, she took him. She kidnapped him.

Michael: No, that -- thatís not possible.

Todd: The hell it isnít. And you knew all along.

Michael: Marcie, what did you do?

Todd: You were stalling for time, werenít you? I want you to find this woman before she gets away with my son. Go. Go! Donít just walk out of here!

Marcie: Thereís nothing to be scared of, ok? Mommyís here. We're just going for a little ride. Just the two of us, ok? Thatís all.

Dorian: Huh. Langston?

Langston: I donít want to talk anymore.

[Dorian sighs]

Dorian: Would it be ok if I said something?

Langston: Since when has anybody ever stopped you?

Dorian: When you found out that your parents had died, to have suffered through such a tragic loss all by yourself must have been awful. But now that you have shared this secret --

Langston: "Shared it"? Is it called sharing when a person is forced to give something up? And you can stop feeling all good about yourself like you did something nice and mighty, because you didnít. I feel worse right now than I've ever felt in my entire life.

Dorian: But thatís because you've been suppressing the pain.

Langston: You are not my shrink, and you donít know anything about me! So stop telling me what I'm feeling!

Dorian: You couldnít have kept up the way you were. You canít keep living without an adult to supervise you, to -- to provide for you.

Langston: Sure I can. And I was doing just fine -- being on my own and -- and making my own decisions about what to eat and what to watch on TV. And my parents left me plenty of money.

Dorian: A girl your age needs more than just money.

Langston: I have friends, too.

Dorian: Yes, of course you do. And they would've been happy to help you if only you had told them the -- the truth.

Langston: You just donít get it. I donít need help. I need to live my life and have everybody stop bothering me. My mother used to tell me that dignity was the most important thing that a person could have. And that means being strong, and not feeling sorry for yourself for being needy or pathetic.

Dorian: Itís not needy or pathetic to want your friends to support you when you're going through a difficult situation. Oh, Langston, you and Starr are so close. How could you have kept it from her?

Langston: Because if I told anybody that -- that they had died, it would've made it real -- like itís doing right now.

Dorian: Oh.

[Knock on door]

Dorian: Just --

[Doorbell rings]

Dorian: You just stay. I'll take care of it.

[Dorian sighs]

Markko: Oh -- hi.

Dorian: Hi. What can I do for you?

Markko: What are you doing here?

Dorian: I asked first.

Markko: Well, I'm here to see Langston. She was supposed to be at my house for dinner. I've been calling, but her cell goes straight to voicemail, and -- is everything all right? Is she sick or something?

Dorian: No, no, sheís not sick. Um -- itís just that something came up and she canít, uh, see you tonight. But I -- I promise, she will call you -- quite soon.

Markko: Wait -- I'm not going anywhere until I know Langston is ok.

Jack: Do you think our new baby brother likes cake?

Blair: "Cake"? I think thatís a good thing. I think he'll love it. Maybe you guys can whip one up.

Jack: With ice cream?

Starr: You know what? Actually, Cole, I donít think we should make him a cake with ice cream -- you know, Jack doesnít like it at all.

[Jack makes face]

[Blair chuckles]

Jack: And I can give him my stuffed animals, right, Mommy? Like my yellow bird?

Blair: Hmm.

Cole: Yellow bird? Hey, you think maybe you can give me yellow bird, because heís kind of my favorite.

Jack: You're too old.

[Blair chuckles]

Cole: Oh. All right.

[Starr laughs]

Jack: And I can give him my old books, too -- the easy ones, of course.

Blair: Of course. You know what, sweetie? I think that is just a great idea.

[Starr chuckles]

Jack: And definitely fluffy bunny because heís really babyish.

Starr: Wait, isnít that the one that you sleep with every night?

Cole: Uh-oh.

Jack: I do not!

Starr: You do, too! What about last night and the night before?

Jack: Stop!

Blair: Stop it -- stop it -- hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, you guys, this is supposed to be a really happy occasion. You know, we need to be civilized and sweet -- to each other!

Starr: Did you hear that? "Civilized and sweet" -- do you even know what those words mean, Jack?

Jack: Yeah -- they mean the opposite of what you are.

Blair: Hey, hey, hey --

Starr: Hey -- wow!

Blair: Ok, the two of you, stop it right now. Hereís what we need to do. You guys, start working on the cake. Come on, Jack, grab this. Letís go upstairs, go rough your toys --

Starr: Help Mommy.

[Starr laughs]

Blair: He is going to help me -- and we're going to look for your old crib -- and you bake the cake, girlfriend.

Jack: Fine.

Starr: All righty. Ok, uh, chocolate cake recipe.

Cole: Chocolate cake. You think chocolateís the way to go, huh?

Starr: Uh -- yes. Tommy loved chocolate putting.

Cole: Thatís right, the -- you're the only one in this family who knows anything about him.

Starr: Oh, yeah, he is a great kid. I just -- I canít believe it. Not only do I have a baby brother, but heís actually going to spend the night here. And wait till he finds out that his babysitter is actually his sister -- not that he'll really get it, but -- oh, itís just so great. Why arenít you saying anything?

Cole: You know I'm happy for you.

Starr: Well, do you feel bad for Mrs. McBain?

Cole: Donít you?

Starr: Look, I -- I do, but feeling sorry for her isnít going to make it any easier.

Cole: But still -- I mean, I just -- I canít get it out of my head. I canít imagine what sheís going through tonight, knowing that sheís losing her son, having to say goodbye. I canít help but feeling sorry for her.

Starr: Cole, if you want to feel sorry for her, thatís fine, but keep it to yourself. I donít want to hear about that.

Marcie: You ok back there, angel, huh? I know we took off pretty fast, but I got some bottles and some grapes and crackers, ok? So as soon as you're hungry, we'll just -- we'll just stop and eat, all right? And if you want anything else, we'll just buy it whenever we -- whenever we get wherever we're going -- wherever that is.

Todd: You knew, McBain. You knew what she was doing in here, didnít you? You guys have been planning it for weeks.

Yolanda: Gentlemen, this isnít the time to --

Todd: Shut up! Thatís why you refused my offer to share custody -- you werenít going to share anything. Thatís why you came up with all that "she needs time to say goodbye" crap. I'll say she did. What are you staring at? You're probably in on it.

Yolanda: No, Mr. Manning, I most certainly was not.

Todd: Everyone wanted the McBains to keep the kid because I'm -- well, I'm Todd Manning, the most hated man in Llanview.

Yolanda: We need to assess the situation --

Todd: Assess my ass. How much are they paying you --

Michael: You know what? Enough already, ok? Will you just shut up till we find out whatís really going on?

Todd: I donít think thereís anything to find out. I think what happened is that little, insane, stupid wife of yours --

Michael: Thatís enough!

Todd: Kidnapped my kid!

Officer: Knock it off!

Second Officer: This isnít helping!

Todd: Well, did you guys find her or not?

Officer: Her carís not in the parking lot.

Todd: You better get her back here, Michael. You better get her back here now.

Bo: I'm sorry, John.

John: Yeah.

Bo: Obviously, this judge put a lot of weight on biology.

John: I guess the marriage didnít hurt, either.

Bo: Yeah, I heard about that marriage. I mean, I -- why didnít this judge see through that?

John: He said it made him think that Manning was willing to do anything to provide a stable family unit or something like that.

[Bo chuckles]

Bo: You donít use "Manning" and "stable" in the same sentence.

John: Well, we can second-guess it all we want. But itís over, itís done.

Bo: Well, Mike and Marcieís attorney -- she'll put in for an appeal, right?

John: These cases almost never get overturned. You and I both know that.

Bo: Well, at least it buys them some time with Tommy. Wonít it?

John: The judge told Manning he could have his son tonight.

Bo: You got to be kidding me.

[John groans]

John: How are they supposed to get through something like this? Hmm? Thatís their son, itís their life. What are they supposed to do, just hand him over? How does that make sense, Bo?

Bo: It doesnít. But it doesnít the other way, either -- having Manning be deprived of his own son. I mean, the only good thing that you could say about him, he does love his kids.

John: What about Tommy? Hmm? What about what heís being deprived of? Manningís a stranger to him.

Bo: That'll change.

John: Yeah. In the meantime, he cries himself to sleep every night because he doesnít know why his parents have disappeared. Then he wakes up in the morning and he cries even harder because they still arenít there. Itís just not right, Bo. Itís not right.

Bo: Well, I know this really hurts, but you've got to stay out of it.

John: I'm still here, arenít I?

Marcie: Well, look at you. Look at you -- you're wide awake, huh? You're usually out like a light after about five minutes in this car. You probably sense that itís a really big night. And you want to know something, kid? It is. We're going on a really big adventure, you know that? Just the two of us, all right? And no matter what happens, or where we go, Mommy is going to take really good care of you. I promise you that, ok? I'm not going to let you be unhappy or lonely. And itís ok. Itís ok that you donít understand, because the truth is I donít really understand, either. I just -- I couldnít hand you over to Todd, I just couldnít do that. I couldnít let you go. I couldnít let you go.

Michael: Look, I donít know where Marcie is, ok? If I did, I would tell you. I -- hell, I'd go and get her myself.

Todd: I want this man arrested for conspiracy.

[Michael sighs]

Todd: He and his wife have been planning this kidnapping since they found out they adopted my kid.

Michael: Oh, come on.

Officer: Sir, we have no evidence your son was --

Todd: "No evidence"? Do you see the mother here? Do you see the baby here? Where the hell do you think they are at this time of night -- licking ice cream? Playing in the park? Pull your head out! I'm telling you, you better be calling her. Better get her back here.

[Phone rings]

John: Mike, how you doing?

Michael: Johnny. Man, we got a problem over here.

John: Itís Michael, he says thereís a -- thereís a problem yeah, go ahead.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Yeah?

Officer: We got a situation here, commissioner.

John: She what?

Officer: The mother went out the window.

Bo: No, tell me she didnít really do that.

Michael: Marcieís gone. She took Tommy and sheís gone.

John: Ok, listen to me. Hold tight. Bo and I are on our way.

Bo: Donít let Manning go ballistic, I'll be right there.

John: We have to go.

Bo: Hey -- whoa, whoa, "we"? You're suspended.

John: Marcieís just taken off with Tommy, thereís nothing thatís going to stop me from going after them, Bo.

Bo: I know, I know.

Michael: Boís on his way.

Todd: Oh. Well, hallelujah about that, thatís going to help. Listen, Michael, if you get your wife back here now, maybe -- maybe I wonít press charges. Otherwise Ė

Yolanda: Have you tried to call Mrs. McBain?

Todd: You better tell her if she doesnít bring my kid home right now, sheís going to spend the rest of her life in prison.

Cole: Look, I was just being honest. I didnít mean to upset you, all right?

Starr: Well, did you really think that it was going to cheer me up -- you constantly talking about how sorry you were for the McBains?

Cole: You know, I saw that you guys were happy, and I just thought of them, that's all.

Starr: So now all of a sudden we're ogres stealing their child from them?

Cole: Ok, now you're just putting words in my mouth. Look, I understand itís just random bad luck that Mrs. McBain just so happened to adopt the kid -- the same kid your dadís been looking for. I understand that.

Starr: Right, really, and -- and donít feel sorry for my dad at all, even though he went searching for that child for months. It was the only thing on his mind, he searched high and low, but, really, God forbid you feel sorry for him for a change.

Cole: I know -- I know your dad went through hell, too. But the McBains are the ones losing their son. You and your family -- you won.

Starr: So you think I should've just given up?

Cole: No. No, not at all. Starr, I saw what you went through when your dad went missing. I want you to be happy, I really do, and I know that having your parents together is really important to you. And having a new baby brother around is just even better. I mean, I -- I get it, I get it. Itís -- itís great, it really is.

Starr: And do you know hat of a father my dad is, and how funny and smart, and how he would do anything in the world for us?

Cole: Yes, I do know that -- because you've told me over and over again.

Starr: Oh, donít --

Cole: Starr, listen, I'm on your side, ok?

Blair: Ok, the crib is all set up.

[Blair giggles]

Jack: And I put a whole bunch of action figures in the babyís room.

Blair: Thatís right, and baseball cards.

Jack: And stuffed animals like I said -- yours, too.

Starr: Mine?

Jack: Donít worry, not your stuffed tarantula.

Cole: They make stuffed tarantulas?

Jack: No, itís real -- itís on a piece of wood.

Cole: Oh, thatís -- thatís sweet. Does it have a name?

[Blair laughs]

Starr: Um -- it was just a phase that I went through. Hey, Jack, come here.

Jack: Yeah?

Starr: Guess what -- I'm going to kill you.

Blair: No, no, no --

Jack: "Ooh."

Blair: You're going to get that all in your hair. Now, stop it, stop it. This looks really, really good. Let me see -- want to taste it?

Starr: Yeah, well, itís already in the oven, thanks to Chef Thornhart.

Jack: Great. You know how to bake?

Starr: Yeah, actually, he knows more than how to bake. Heís actually a really good cook.

Blair: Well, well, well, you are just full of surprises.

[Blair chuckles]

Dorian: I can assure you Langston's just fine.

Markko: I want to see that for myself. Oh, I knew it -- somethingís wrong. What happened?

Langston: I canít talk about it right now.

Dorian: Itís something personal and private, and I think she needs to deal with it alone.

Markko: Forget it. I'm not leaving until I know whatís going on. Langston, tell me, please.

Dorian: You know, Langston, maybe you should.

Langston: Itís my parents.

Markko: Oh -- are they staying away even longer?

Langston: No.

Markko: Well, what is it, then did something happen to them? Were they hurt or something?

Langston: There was an accident. They're dead.

Markko: I'm so sorry. What happened? When did you find out?

Dorian: Markko, I donít think sheís ready to talk about the details right now.

Markko: Right. Yeah, I get that. Is there anything I can do?

Langston: No. Thereís -- thereís nothing anyone can do.

Markko: Hey, come home with me, ok? You can stay at my house I'm sure my parents would let you -- no, not even "let you" -- they would want you to. I mean, unless -- I donít even know. Do you have relatives you can call, aunts, uncles?

Langston: No. Thereís no one.

Dorian: Thatís where you're wrong. Thereís me.

Jack: So what name should we put on the cake?

Blair: The cake looks fine with just "welcome home."

Cole: All right, well, I think I'm going to take off.

Starr: Why?

Cole: Well, I donít think I should be here when your dad gets home with your baby brother. I think it should just be a family thing.

Starr: Um, ok. I'll walk you out.

Cole: All right, well, good luck. I hope it goes well.

Blair: Thank you so much for helping with the cake, itís fantastic.

Jack: See you, Cole.

Cole: Let me know if you reconsider the whole yellow bird thing.

Blair: Get out of here.

Jack: Yeah, I donít think I'm going to. Bye.

Starr: So why are you really leaving?

Cole: I told you -- I think it should just be a family thing.

Starr: And you feel uncomfortable?

Cole: Yeah. I mean, itís kind of a big event, and I donít think there should be any outsiders.

Starr: Since when are you an outsider? You afraid that you're going to show my Dad how you feel about the McBains?

Cole: Ok, letís not start this again.

Starr: Cole, you're my boyfriend and I want you to be on my side.

Cole: I know, I'm -- I'm trying. Really, I am. I -- I know once I get to know your brother, that things will get easier.

Starr: Look, I feel bad for the McBains, too, and I wish that there was a way that it could all work out so that nobody got hurt, but there just -- there wasnít.

Cole: I -- I understand. I do. So letís not fight about this anymore, ok?

Starr: Ok.

Cole: Hey -- I love you.

Starr: I love you, too.

Cole: And, you know, I'm -- I'm happy that you're happy. And I'll call you in the morning, ok?

Starr: Promise?

Cole: First thing.

Starr: Ok. Good night.

Cole: Good night.

Michael: Sheís not answering.

Todd: Well, of course not. Thatís because I'm sure you guys worked out some kind of signal to let her know --

Michael: You want to try her? Go ahead and try her. I'm telling you, sheís n answering.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Whatís going on?

Todd: The bitch took my kid.

John: Try saying that again. Hey -- hey, whatís going on? What happened, Mike?

Michael: Well, Marcie wanted to say goodbye to Tommy, you know, she didnít want me to be there, so I waited in the hall. You know, Todd showed up, I tried to open the door, it w locked, so Todd over there kicks my door in.

John: He kicked the door in?

Michael: Yeah. We came inside, the window was open, Marcie was gone, Tommy was gone. Cops checked in the parking lot, no car.

John: All right, listen to me. All right, she'll be back, all right? She just had a hard time saying goodbye. I mean, this has just been hard for her.

Todd: How -- how the hell do you know what sheís going through, John? Seems to me you're just stalling like he is, giving her more time.

John: Mike, where could she have went? All right, what -- what did she take with her?

Bo: John? Not your case.

Todd: Oh, finally somebody admits this has been a crime.

Bo: We donít know that yet.

Todd: Oh, the hell we donít. Let me tell you, man, if -- if I had taken this kid, you'd be out there with some bloodhounds after me.

Bo: Michael, you tried to call Marcie?

Michael: Yeah, I tried. Sheís -- sheís not answering the phone.

Bo: Would you try again, please?

Michael: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Michael: Voicemail.

Todd: Oh, God, this is such bull. Man, they are in on it together. He knows exactly where she is, he knows exactly where sheís going. Arrest him, and make him give her up!


Marcie: Oh, great. No. Damn it!

Dorian: Langston, why donít you get your things together.

Markko: Is that what you want? Do you want to go with her? Hey, Langston, you got to answer me. Is this ok with you?

Langston: Yeah. Sure. Markko do you want me to come wit

Dorian: That shouldnít be necessary. Starr was home when I left, and -- and Langstonís going to have her best girlfriend with her.

Markko: Ok. If thatís what you want. But if you need anything, anything at all, you call me.

Langston: I know, I will.

Markko: Ok.

Langston: Thanks.

Markko: I love you. Ok, I'll call you, ok?

Langston: Ok.

Langston: I didnít know what to tell him, what to say.

Starr: Hey, Mom, shouldnít they be home by now?

Jack: Itís getting late and I wonít have any time to show the baby the toys I gave him.

Blair: Hey, bud, you are going to have all the time in the world, all right? But what I need for you to do t now is to go upstairs, double-check the crib, and maybe put all the stuffed animals really neat and cozy in the crib. What do you say?

Jack: Ok.

Blair: Ok?

Jack: But call me when they get here.

Blair: You know I will, ok? Thank you.

Jack: You're welcome.

Starr: Hey, Mom? Why arenít they home yet?

Blair: I donít know, sweetie. I know the judge had a social worker to come over to make sure the transfer went smoothly.

Starr: Are you afraid that it didnít?

[Blair sighs]

Starr: You're worried thereís something wrong, arenít you?

Bo: Nobodyís arresting anybody yet.

Todd: Well, can you do something? My son is out there with some crazy, hysterical woman.

Michael: Will you shut up, ok? My wife is far saner than you will ever be.

Bo: Now, look, thatís enough, all right? How long ago did Marcie leave?

Michael: Like, an hour ago.

Todd: As far as I'm concerned, thatís plenty of time to get to the airport, get out of the country.

Michael: "Out of the country"? What are you talking about? You think Tommy has a passport? Itís impossible.

Todd: Oh, come on, you guys had this all planned out!

John: Hey, look, things are bad enough without you running your mouth.

Bo: How much money did she have with her?

Michael: Well, I -- we donít really keep a lot of cash around the house, but I know that she had credit cards and she had our -- she had our debit card.

Bo: All right, I want you to get the names and the numbers on all the accounts from Dr. McBain, and also find out when and where the last time that those cards were used, all right?

Michael: Listen, all of our cards are -- are the same, you know, the accounts are shared, so --

Bo: You know, John, less than an hour -- she couldnít have gotten far.

Todd: Are you guys not going to go look for her?

Bo: She may come in of her own volition, Manning.

Todd: Well, even if she does, I want her charged.

Bo: Well, of course you do, because all you want is your son back in your life, and to hell with everybody else. For the first time in your life, you're going to have to think of someone other than you. I mean, have some compassion about what this poor womanís going through.

Todd: What the hell does that mean? What about what I've been going through? You know, I thought this kid was dead, and I just get him back, man. I just get to the point where I know heís mine, and this crazy woman takes him.

Michael: Thatís it, those are the cards that we have.

John: Try calling her again, Mike.

Michael: Yeah, ok.


Marcie: Oh, no, oh, no, no --

[Police car passes]

Marcie: Thank God.

[Phone rings]

Marcie: Everythingís going to be all right, ok? As long as we're together, nothingís going to hurt us. Ready?

Blair: Voicemail.

Starr: You know, you would think Dad would at least call us to let us know what the delay was about.

Blair: Maybe you should call over to the McBains' -- you know, they like you. Maybe you could ask them whatís going on.

Starr: Mom, that is the last thing they need, is to hear from one of us right now.

Blair: You're right.

[Starr sighs]

Starr: Maybe they're just taking their time saying goodbye to him -- though, I donít know whether Dad would let them.

Blair: No. All he wanted to do was go over there, pick up the baby, and come home. He wouldnít give them the time to do anything extra.

Starr: Yeah, that is something Dad would do.

Blair: Yeah. That bothers you?

Starr: Well, yeah. I mean, I -- I guess Dad is angry because he felt deprived of his son for so long. But the McBains -- they were great parents, and I saw that when I baby-sat for them. I mean, Mrs. McBain didnít even want to leave Tommy for an hour, and she would always call and check up on him. Itís just a sad thing, thatís all.

Blair: Yeah. Itís sad.

Starr: I just wish that Dad would see their side of the story for once.

Blair: I do, too, baby, but you know what? Your dad is not a patient man, especially when he feels like heís been wronged.

[Blair sighs]

Blair: I just hope that everything is all right.

Todd: Yeah, you guys are going to love these alliterations I'm going to use in the headline tomorrow -- "Todd Manningís Toddler Taken." And then I've got "'Killing Club Author Kidnaps Kid."

John: Oh, just shut up.

Todd: Or what, John? What are you going to do? Arenít you gunless and badgeless now?

Bo: Manning, what do you really want here, huh?

Todd: What do you think I want? I'd like my son.

Bo: Exactly. So why donít you let us figure out the best way for us to get you your son back with the least amount of trouble?

Officer: Sir, itís now been two hours.

Todd: Two hours? We're losing time!

Bo: Put an APB out on Marcie McBain.

John: Hey, donít you think maybe we're jumping the gun on that?

Bo: John, look, you know the drill -- itís two hours, ok? We've got a fugitive on our hands now.

Marcie: Daddy keeps calling. You know, itís not that I donít love him, because you know I do. You know I love him, right? Itís just he kept a really big secret from me. He lied to me for a really long time, and I am -- I'm just not sure I can trust him anymore. So right now itís just you and me, all right? Itís just the two of us. And I know that you donít understand, but, look, you will, all right? You'll understand one day, and you will know that this was for the best. I promise.

Bo: We'll be in touch if we have more questions.

Yolanda: Good night, Commissioner.

Bo: Good night.

Todd: I tell you, you guys are such useless idiots. You're just standing here, doing nothing, while his lunatic wife is out there somewhere with my son. I mean, sheís gotten so much headway, we may never find her -- or my son, for that matter.

Michael: My wife is not only sane, she is a caring, loving person. Ok, sheís going to come back. And though itís a travesty o justice, you will get your son.

Todd: You know whatís a travesty -- actually, whatís tragedy, Michael, is that my son was living next to me, essentially. In the same neighborhood for months -- I didnít know. But you did, didnít you? You did, and you said nothing. Let me tell you something else -- any woman who would take someone elseís kid and climb out a window and take him is anything but responsible.

Michael: Marcie is a wonderful mother.

Todd: Yeah?

Michael: Everybody knows that.

Todd: And now sheís a criminal -- just like you. And if she crosses that state line, do you know what happens? This kidnapping becomes a federal offense, and sheís going to go away a long time. But, you know, the positive thing about that is then I can deal with the FBI instead of you jerks.

Marcie: I wish I knew where I was going. You know your mom, right -- I've got no sense of direction. Think I see a sign up there. "New Jersey Turnpike" -- just what I was looking for.

Blair: You should see Jack. He fell asleep up in the guest bedroom. The book in one hand, fuzzy bunny in the other -- so cute.

Starr: Well, I guess we'll just wake him when Dad and the baby gets home.

Blair: Ok.

Starr: I think that we should try calling Dad again.

Blair: All right.

[Starr sighs]

Blair: Voicemail. Todd, Starr and I are sitting here waiting for you, and, actually, we're really beginning to get a little nervous and worried. So, please call us when you know whatís going on.

[Door closes]

Blair: Maybe thatís Todd. Todd?

Starr: Langston, I -- Langston, what happened? Are you ok?

Bo: I'll tell you what, Manning. Until I tell you otherwise, this is my case, itís not the FBIís. You interfere with it, I'll have you arrested.

Michael: Bo? You didnít have to call in an APB. You know, my -- my wife was upset, she went out. I'm -- I'm sure sheís much more calm now. Sheís probably on her way home.

Todd: Like hell she is. Sheís probably halfway to the border by now. This woman is a basket case in the best of circumstances, I donít know why she'd be calmed down now -- ahem -- especially when she knows sheís committed a crime.

John: Call her again, Mike.

Michael: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Marcie: Itís Daddy again, huh? Heís probably worried out of his mind. Maybe -- what do you think, should I answer, honey?


Marcie: Oh, God, heís probably never going to stop calling if I donít.


Marcie: All right.

Marcie: Hello, Michael.

Michael: Marcie. Oh -- thank God.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Langston: I've been lying to you guys.

Jared: You canít fire me.

Natalie: Really? Because I think I just did.

Michael: You have to come home. You have to come home now, and you have to bring Tommy with you.

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