OLTL Transcript Tuesday 10/9/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/9/07


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[Music plays] [Nash hums and dances]

Nash: Hi. You've been here longer than a second or two?

Jessica: Yep.

Nash: I'm going now.

Jessica: Oh, come on, Nash. I love to see you dance.

Nash: Because you love to laugh at me.

Jessica: Laugh? What, at your bobblehead? At your raising the roof? At that invention that you made up? Never. Never!

Nash: You know, you better start or I'm not going to take you on our date tonight.

Jessica: What date?

Nash: Our date to go see Timbaland. And maybe, you know, dinner. I thought it could be very romantic.

Jessica: Um -- um -- excuse me. I'm -- I'm sorry, did you just say "Timbaland"?

Nash: Yeah, yeah, Timbaland.

Jessica: Well, heís playing in Llanview where?

Nash: Capricorn.

Jessica: Antonioís Capricorn.

Nash: Yeah. But we're not going to let that stop us, are we?

Jessica: We're going to the movies.

Talia: Hello? Ok, what does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?

Shaun: Baby, you'd have an easier time going against the Bears' defensive line.

Talia: Thank you. Crowd control in Times Square was nothing compared to this.

Shaun: I hope you like it dirty.

Talia: Excuse me?

Shaun: I meant the martini. I meant the martini.

Talia: Oh, thatís funny.

Antonio: How are you two doing?

Talia: Oh. Um -- a cold martini and Timba --what could be better?

Antonio: Oh, you like him, huh? Well, you know, guys, you're -- you're welcome to join me at my table. Itís right up front.

Talia: That would be great.

Antonio: I mean, if you donít mind me being the third wheel.

Shaun: I'm not the one you should be asking.

Sarah: Hey, ok. So I'm going to stop by Timbalandís dressing room to see if he or Harry, or one republic need anything.

Natalie: Ok, so for old times' sake, could you hook me up with a good table? Because I really love him.

Cristian: Ok. A table for --

Jared: Two. Two.

Natalie: One.

Jared: Well, that doesnít make any sense. Why would you want to sit alone when you're on a date with me?

Dorian: I said I know the truth.

Langston: You know, up until just now, I actually kind of liked you.

Dorian: Your feelings about me are irrelevant, and they're not going to change the situation. We have got to talk about your parents.

Langston: Well, I'm not saying word, so you can just go.

Dorian: Turn around. Turn around, please. Thank you. I need you to be looking at me when I say this. I'm not leaving.

Judge: I donít think a judge makes a more important decision than awarding custody. Itís always a sobering responsibility, and itís especially agonizing when there are no villains and no obvious answers. Marcie and Michael McBain have been exemplary parents. That said, Todd Manning was robbed of the opportunity to know his son, much less raise him. Mr. Manning has not only demonstrated his dedication to his older children, he has made every effort possible to find and know Tommy. He never waived his rights as a father. Legal precedents are clear, and I have no choice but to award custody of the boy to him.

Todd: Yes!

Blair: Todd -- Todd, stop it. Do not do that here, ok? Do not gloat.

Todd: Heís coming home with me.

Blair: Itís ok, itís ok.

Todd: Ahem.

[Todd chuckles]

Langston: Fine. You wonít go, I'll call the cops.

Dorian: Oh, I donít think you'll do that. You canít risk their finding out whatís been going on.

Langston: Why canít you just leave me alone?

Dorian: Yes, thatís what you're used to. Thatís what you know how to handle.

Langston: How I live and how my pares raise me is none of your business.

Dorian: You canít keep this up. Itís just not going to work anymore.

Langston: You donít care about me! What is this, some sort of charity project to help you forget what a bitch you really are?

Dorian: Damn right I'm a bitch. I am a bitch because I have had to be. Huh. My sisters have spent most of their adult lives in mental hospitals, because they couldnít face the truth. Well, I can, and you can.

Langston: No! No.

Dorian: Your parents are not just gone, like all the other times.

Langston: Donít say it!

Dorian: It is time for you to face that they are never coming home. Because they're dead.

Starr: Look, I know you donít like my dad, but in a weird way, he is a really great father.

Cole: So is Dr. McBain.

Starr: I know that, and I know itís hard because everybody loves Tommy, and itís not fair that he has his whole world torn apart.

Cole: Well, it wonít happen if the judge gives custody to the

Starr: Cole, that wonít make a difference. Even if my dad doesnít get custody of Tommy, he -- heís just never going to give up. When itís his kid, he just doesnít.

Roxy: Ok, calm down, calm down. I'm looking for it. Ok, you're Aquarius, right? Right, Aquarius. Ok, "this is not a day," Tommy, "for a sweeping decision or for bold moves. Remember, discretion is the better part of valor." Nah, I donít think I like this so much. Itís not like they're going to let you make any decisions, anyway. Listen to me. You got great parents, and you got a great life. Although tomorrow, you know, you might be living with somebody that you donít even know. Todd, that whack job. Anyway, itís going to shake down, but donít -- it doesnít matter, because, little man, no matter what happens in court today, just know -- somebodyís going to do right for you. Ok. Come on, letís spell your name.

Judge: Mr. Manning, I'm --

Marcie: You canít do this, your honor! You cannot do this. Everybody in the room knows what kind of a man he is! Ok?

Judge: Mrs. McBain --

Marcie: No, you donít understand, ok? He thinks that he can buy and sell children! You donít love my son!

Judge: Mrs. McBain -- Mrs. --

Marcie: He just thinks he owns him!

Judge: If you canít control yourself, I will have you removed from the courtroom.

Michael: Marcie --

Marcie: No!

Michael: Honey --

Marcie: No!

Michael: You got to calm down. Itís going to be ok. Itís going to be ok.

Marcie: Itís never going to be ok, Mike. Not ever.

Judge: As I was saying, Mr. Manning, while I'm awarding you full custody of your son, I think it would be in his best interest for you to do anything you can to maintain his relationship with the McBains. We all want whatís best for the boy.

Todd: Yeah, whatever. When do I get him?

Judy: Your honor, as we intend to file an appeal immediately, wouldnít it be best to grant the McBains temporary custody --

Todd: No way! Itís over! He said it was over. Itís final. When do I get him?

Judge: Tonight.

Nash: Ok, look, Mrs. Lewis is going to be here in a minute. We are not going to a movie. Timbaland is playing at Capricorn, and that is probably never going to happen again, and you said that you love him.

Jessica: Are you sure you have your information right? Because "The Sun" didnít put out any publicity.

Nash: It came up too fast for them to come up with any publicity.

Jessica: Well, then how did you know?

Nash: Because I'm still on Capricornís e-mail list. You know, you should check your email more often. Your mother sent you an e-mail.

Jessica: She did?

Nash: Yeah. I wasnít snooping. She CC'd.

Jessica: Well, how is she enjoying Paris?

Nash: How are you enjoying procrastinating so that you donít have to go to your ex-husbandís club? Jessica --

Jessica: Nash, I donít know how I'm supposed to go there with you and have a good time in front of Antonio.

Nash: Whatís he going to do?

Jessica: Well -- itís more like what we do to him.

Nash: So thatís it? Capricornís off-limits?

Jessica: Maybe.

Antonio: So, how d you two meet?

Shaun: You want to tell the man, honey?

Talia: Sure. No, I told you. We -- we met during the arson case.

Antonio: And?

Talia: And we hit it off.

Shaun: Yeah, thatís right. Fireworks right away.

Talia: And here we are.

Vincent: I need a word with you.

Shaun: Sure. I'll be right back, honey.

Talia: Ok.

Antonio: So, you happy?

Talia: Me? How could I not be?

Jared: You didnít mention you drive like a maniac.

Natalie: I do not.

Jared: Well, I almost lost you on the way here. A less secure guy might have thought she was trying to lose me.

Natalie: You should be so lucky.

Cristian: Nat, are you two together?

Jared: Do you know every bartender in town?

Natalie: This is my ex-husband, Cristian, the one I told you about before. Cristian Vega, Jared Banks.

Cristian: Hey.

Jared: It is a pleasure to meet you. I've heard a lot about you.

Natalie: We work together, unfortunately.

Jared: Yeah.

Cristian: Ok. So, how about that table?

Langston: Donít you dare tell me my parents are dead. They are not dead!

Dorian: I have it right here in black and white.

Langston: God! Get out of my house!

Dorian: Itís a letter addressed to you. It says that your parents are about to receive a very important award -- posthumously.

Langston: You've been stealing my mail?

Dorian: Well, I wanted to find your parents. I thought they were abusing you.

Langston: Does this look like abuse to you?

Dorian: I was wrong. I just spoke to the president of this organization -- oh -- on the phone. He says that he knew your parents very well. They were kind, courageous, generous people, and they would be here with you if they could be. But he told me about the car crash in Vietnam. It must have been very hard for you -- being so far away and finding out that they werenít coming back. It must have been easier for you to tell everyone, and yourself, that they were out there somewhere, still doing good works, and that they were going to be coming home. But -- that accident was 18 months ago. And you've known that they were dead for a long, long time.

Judge: Mr. Manning and a representative from social services will be at your home at 9:00 tonight, Dr. and Mrs. McBain. And given the contentious nature of this case, I'm going to ask for a police escort to guarantee that this transition goes smoothly. Court is adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise.

Todd: We made it.

Blair: Mm-hmm. Itís over. It is finally over. Congratulations. Itís great.

Todd: Yes, it is.

Michael: Marcie --

Marcie: You knew. You've known for months, Michael, and you did absolutely nothing about it.

Todd: What did she just --

Blair: Well, come on, come on.

Todd: What did you --

Blair: Come on, come on.

Todd: Did you know, McBain?

Michael: Marcie --

Marcie: Mike, you could have told me. You know, we could have made sure that none of this happened, Mike. We could have taken Tommy somewhere. Somewhere where no one would have been able to find us, and now -- now they're going to take him from us in an hour. An hour, Michael. God. Whoís going to know all the songs that we sing to him, Mike, every night? D whoís going to tell him that everythingís going to be all right? And whoís going to make sure thatís true, him?

Michael: Can we just -- can we talk about this at home?

Marcie: No! Because I donít have a home anymore, Michael. My home is where my son is.

John: Take one step after him and I'll drop you.

Dorian: You're not alone. Not anymore. You can talk about it. You donít have to keep your friends at armís length, you donít have to struggle to keep your stories straight, but you canít do this on your own, not anymore.

Langston: Oh, what do you know what I can do?

Dorian: I've been where you are. How did you find out? By phone?

Langston: They were supposed to be coming home on a Friday. I was making this big sign for them. And it said "welcome home" in the languages of all the countries they'd been in. Took me forever to find it in Vietnamese, but I did it. They were on their way to the airport when it happened, so when the phone rang and I -- I saw the caller I.D. said "long distance," I just assumed it was them. But -- but it was this guy. And he asked me my- and he told me that he had some very bad news for me. And -- and that I should sit down. Like it would help. Like any-- anything would help.

Dorian: Oh, sweetheart -- let it out. Thereís nobody here but me.

Blair: Come on, Todd, we have a lot of things to do, you know.

Todd: What can you do to me now, John? From what I hear, you're fresh out of badges. Yeah, it seems to your brotherís going be occupying the Todd Manning memorial cell pretty soon. Damn, thatís funny. You know, I figured that, just like the town figured that the McBains could do absolutely no wrong. It doesnít seem like thatís the case anymore, does it? It seems like your brother just perjured himself on the stand. It seems like he knew all along whose kid that was. Kept his mouth shut.

Marty: You know what? Marcie is a dis-- sheís a distraught mother, and she doesnít know what she is saying right now, ok? So why donít you stop trying to punish the two of them, and -- and focus on building a life with your son?

Blair: Excuse me, Marty, but I donít think itís any of your business what Todd does!

Todd: No, forget her, forget her, forget her.

[Todd sighs]

Todd: Hereís the thing about me. I'm an excellent multitasker, which means that I'm going to take care of this kid, and at the same time, I'm going to make sure your brother gets his. Man, when I am done with him, he wonít have a job. He wonít be married anymore. The only thing heís going to have is a cot Statesville for as long as possible.

Marcie: Whereís Tommy?

Roxy: Oh, donít go in there. Heís sleeping. What happened? Oh man, this really sucks.

Michael: Yeah. You mind leaving us alone?

Roxy: Yeah, sure.

Michael: Can we talk about this, please?

Marcie: Now you want to talk about this, Michael? Now? How many months have I been asking you whatís bothering you? I thought it was me. I thought that you didnít love me anymore, and then I thought you were sick and you just didnít know how to tell me but it was this!

Michael: I keep telling you, I thought I was protecting you.

Marcie: Right. Silly old Marcie. Sheís too "flighty" to know that her sonís birthfather -- heís the maniac. Heís the maniac who lives across town.

Michael: Marcie, we have to do this together.

Marcie: Do what?

Michael: What the judge said. I mean, they're on their way over here right now, Marcie. We have to get him ready. We -- we have to say goodbye.

Marcie: You do whatever you want. You're on your own. I am saying nothing of that kind to my son.

Michael: You can be angry with me, you can hate me, but if you donít go in that room with me, you're going to regret it for the rest of your life.

Marcie: You want to talk about regrets, Mike? I regret that I married a man who didnít think enough of me to tell me the truth about the most important thing in my life. Thatís what I regret.

Sarah: Ok. Timbaland is pumped. Itís time to introduce him.

Cristian: Ok, so go up there and do it.

Sarah: Are you kidding me? Thatís your job.

Cristian: Whoa, wait a minute. I'm not going to take the credit for something I didnít do.

Sarah: Whoa.

Cristian: So, do it.

[Sarah giggles]

Jared: If you donít like working with me, maybe you're the one that should go.

Natalie: Go where?

Jared: I donít know -- go get a degree? Learn something about how to run a business?

Natalie: Huh.

Jared: Ok, look -- look, I'm sorry --

Sarah: All right, all right, everybody, welcome to Capricorn. Timbaland is in the house --

[Cheers and applause]

Sarah: And he brought some amazing talent along with him. They are guaranteed to shock your system. So give it up for Timbaland, Keri Hanson, Sebastian, and Doe.


[Sound effects play]

[Music plays]

Timbaland: Hey! Yeah, yeah remember the time, baby yeah, yeah y'all remember? Oh! I ainít got no money hey! I ainít got no car to take you on a date I canít even buy you flowers there you go but together, we can be the perfect soul mates talk to me, girl

Keri: Baby, itís all right now you ainít gotta flaunt for me

Timbaland: Uh-huh

Keri: And if we go Dutch you can still touch my love, itís free

Timbaland: Sing it to me girl

Keri: We can work without the perks just you and me

Both: Thug it out till we get it right

Timbaland: Hey!

Keri: Baby, if you strip you can get a tip 'cause I like you just the way you are

Timbaland: I'm about to strip and I wanna grip can you handle me the way I'm a

Keri: I donít need the Gs or the car keys, boy I like you just the way you are

Timbaland: Let me see you strip, can you get a tip? 'Cause I like you like I ainít got no Visa I ainít got no red American Express we canít go nowhere exotic only right here it donít matter 'cause I'm the one that loves you best oh! Talk to me, girl

Keri: Baby, itís all right now you ainít got to flaunt for me if we go Dutch you can still touch my love, itís free

Timbaland: Come on

Keri: We can work without the perks just you and me

Both: Thug it out till we get it right

Keri: Baby, if you strip you can get a tip 'cause I like you just the way you are

Timbaland: I'm about to strip and I wanna grip can you handle me the way I'm a

Keri: I donít need the gís or the car keys, boy I like you just the way you are

Both: Let me see you strip you n get a tip 'cause I like you just the way you are

Doe: Baby girl I donít got a huge old house I rent a room in a house baby girl I donít got a motor boat but I can float your boat so listen, baby girl once you get a dose of doe you gonna want some more so listen, baby girl when I make it I want you there ok, I want you there, yeah

Sebastian: Yeah, with my money and Maloof, like Phil and them and itís really not quite Morris Allison your body ainít Pamela Anderson itís a struggle just to get you in the caravan but listen, baby girl before I let you lose a pound I'll buy a bigger car so listen, baby girl I love you just the way you are the way you are

Keri: Baby, itís all right now you ainít got to flaunt for me if we go Dutch you can still touch my love, itís free we can work without the perks just you and me

Both: Thug it out till we get it right

Timbaland: Come on

Keri: Baby, if you strip you can get a tip 'cause I like you just the way you are

Timbaland: Y'all clap now. I'm about to strip and I wanna grip can you handle me the way I'm a

Keri: I donít need the Gs or the car keys, boy I like you just the way you are

Both: Let me see you strip you could get a tip 'cause I like you just the way you are

Keri: Baby, you could strip you could get a tip 'cause I like you just the way you are

Timbaland: Let me see you strip then I wanna grip can you handle me the way I'm a

Keri: I donít need the Gs or the car keys, boy I like you just the way you are

Timbaland: Let me see you strip

Both: You can get a tip 'cause I like you just the way

Keri: Way you are

[Cheers and applause]

John: For once in your life, be a man about something.

Todd: Listen to me, John.

Woman: Actually, you're going to have to listen to me.

Todd: Well, who the hell are you?

Woman: My name is Yolanda Rios. I'm from social services.

Todd: Well, donít give me a hard time. I'm the father.

Yolanda: -- my interest is in the child known as Thomas McBain.

Todd: Not anymore, he isnít.

Yolanda: I want to see that he is turned over in a manner that is best for him.

John: I want to be there.

Todd: Like hell you're going to be there.

John: Michael and Marcie need someone whoís on their side.

Todd: You know, you're already suspended, man. If you get in my way, I'm going to see to it you canít get a job as a crossing guard.

John: Go for it -- you canít do anything to me.

Marty: John, just let me talk to you for a moment, ok? Please?

John: What?

Marty: Look, I know how much you want to help Michael, but there is nothing that you can do.

John: Yeah, well, I can keep Manning --

Marty: No, no, you canít. You know what -- how he is when he gets like this and maybe Michael and Marcie would like to do this without an audience.

John: Ok. Man, I hate this.

Marty: I know.

Todd: Well, so much r your chance at being an uncle, John. I hope you took pictures.

Blair: Come on, Todd. John? I'm sorry.

Cole: Hey, let me ask you something. Is it weird watching your parents faking this whole marriage?

Starr: Believe me, my parents have done a lot weirder stuff.

Cole: So you're ok with it?

Starr: Letís just say my family will never be one of those sitcom families where the husband comes in and the wife goes, "how was work, honey?" Itís just -- itís just not going to happen. We're not normal. I mean, maybe if we try to be normal eventually we'll get there, but my parents do love each other. Itís just that they canít stand each other and, you know, sometimes I just wish I could give up hoping.

Cole: Hey. I like that you donít give up. Itís what kept you from giving up on me.

Starr: Hmm.

Michael: So -- huh -- you know how you like to get in your rocket seat and go for a ride in the car? Well, thatís what we're going to do tonight. And some people that -- well, that really love you -- huh -- they're going to come here and they're going to take you to their house and they're going to start doing all the things that me and mommy do now. You know, you're going to live in a house now, not an apartment. You're going to have a back yard and a -- a pool. And you're going to have a big brother and a big sister and they are going to look out for you, buddy, and thatís pretty cool, right?

[Michael sighs]

Michael: We are always going to love you. Huh. And we might be losing you right now, buddy, but you will never, ever lose us. You got backup, kid. And if you ever need anything, anything at all, you call me, buddy, and I will come running. I'm glad you're here.

Marcie: I want to be alone with him.

Michael: Canít we go through this together?

Marcie: You had your time with him, Michael. Now I want mine.

Michael: I'll be right here.

Dorian: You want to tell me how you did it?

Langston: Well, for a couple of days, I just sat here, and then Monday morning came around and I got dressed and went to school just like always.

Dorian: Hmm. What did you do for money?

Langston: Well, I still had some money from what they left me when they went away, but then this big check came from the insurance company and I -- I figured out how to take care of the house and how to forge their signature and pay the bills. It wasnít that hard.

Dorian: Wow. Starr never suspected anything.

Langston: I was afraid to tell her. I was afraid to tell anyone.

Dorian: You were afraid the authorities would take you away.

Langston: I'm underage. I didnít want to get sent to some foster home somewhere.

Dorian: I admire you more than you will ever know. But -- I donít think your parents would want you living all alone.

Langston: Maybe, but I donít have anyone.

Dorian: That is where you're wrong.


Timbaland: Thank you, Llanview, thank you. Did you enjoy the show?


Timbaland: Well, me and my girl and my crew -- we going to take a break, and I'm going to bring you one republic.


Timbaland: Yeah! Llanviewís in the "house" -- ow!

Man: Whoo!

Timbaland: Peace! I'll be back. Thanks for coming out. God bless you again. Good night.

[Cristian whistles]

Sarah: Itís going great, isnít it?

Antonio: Congratulations. You did it.

Sarah: Well, I had to pull it off. I bet Cristian I could.

Cristian: Well, this is one bet I didnít mind losing.

Jared: I'm not saying you're ignorant. A lot of successful people didnít finish college.

Natalie: You want to close your mouth before you get both feet in there?

Jared: Hey, Asa never even started college.

Natalie: Oh, so now you're going to insult him, too.

Jared: No, I wasnít doing that. It was -- no, where you -- wait, wait, wait -- where you going?

Natalie: I need a drink.

Jared: But you havenít even touched the one you already have. Whoa!

Natalie: Now, I need a drink.

Roxy: Damn, I never thought I'd get here.

Adriana: Yeah, we were wondering where you were.

Roxy: Well, I was playing nanny for Tommy McBain. Marcie and Michael were in court. Oh, man, I need some of this.

Rex: What happened?

Roxy: They lost.

Blair: Hey. Wow, it smells good in here. It smells like garlic.

Starr: Yeah, we -- we made pasta. What'd you get?

Blair: Just a few things I picked up on the way home -- diapers, bottles, stuff like that.

Starr: We won?

Blair: Dadís on his way to pick him up right now, and heís bringing him home.

Todd: Open the door.

Michael: Marcieís saying goodbye.

Todd: No, no, no -- I said open the door.

Michael: For godís sakes, Todd, as far as that child knows, that is his mother in there. Please. Give her a few minutes to say goodbye.

Yolanda: Of course we will.

Michael: Listen, thereís a couple of things you should probably know about the boy. You know, he -- uh -- he likes when we sing the same song to him. We do it every night. "Ragtime Cowboy Joe," you know, and when we're done, we tell him to blow out the light and he blows and --

Todd: Yeah, I got it. I know how to put a kid to sleep, ok? Your two minutes are up. Go. Give me your keys.

Michael: They're inside. Marcie, honey! Marcie!

Todd: Open the door. Open the door, Michael. Open the door! You're going to give me my kid!

[Knock on door]

Timbaland: Hello, everybody.


Timbaland: Of course --

Woman: Whoo!

Timbaland: Thank you, thank you.

Woman: Whoo-whoo!

Timbaland: I have a treat for you all -- my band, one republic.

Woman: Whoo!


Timbaland: You about to witness something you never heard before -- my favorite group. I love them to death. One republic.

[Cheers and applause]

[Music plays]

Singer: I'm holding on your rope got me 10 feet off the ground I'm hearing what you say but I just canít make a sound no you tell me that you need me then you go and cut me down but wait you tell me that you're sorry didnít think I'd turn around and say that itís too late to apologize itís too late I said itís too late to apologize itís too late oh, oh oh I'd take another chance take a fall take a shot for you oh I need you like a heart needs a beat but itís nothing new yeah, yeah I loved you with a fire red now itís turning blue and you say sorry like the angel heaven let me think was you but I'm afraid itís too late to apologize itís too late I said itís too late to apologize itís too late whoa, whoa oh

Singer: Whoo, whoo whoo itís too late to apologize itís too late I said itís too late to apologize itís too late I said itís too late to apologize yeah, yeah I said itís too late to apologize too late I'm holding on your rope get me 10 feet off the ground

Todd: Hey, Marcie! Whereís that kid? Huh? Huh?

Todd: Oh.

 On the next "One Life to Live" --

Cole: I'm not going anywhere until I know Langston is ok.

Starr: You're worried thereís something wrong, arenít you?

Michael: Marcieís gone. She took Tommy, and sheís gone.

Marcie: We're just going for a little ride.

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