OLTL Transcript Thursday 10/4/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 10/4/07


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[Car approaches]

[Car door closes]

Langston: You're here early.

Markko: Yeah, I thought I'd hook up with Starr and Cole, get some coffee before school?

Langston: Next time, let a girl know?

Markko: What, are you booked?

Langston: Come in, I'll get my stuff.

Markko: Your parents let you pay the bills? No wonder you're so good at forging their signatures.

Rex: I'm at Langstonís house in the bushes.

Dorian: The bushes?

Rex: I had a near-miss with her boyfriend.

Dorian: Markko? Did he recognize you?

Rex: Dorian, even you wouldnít recognize me.

Dorian: So what have you found out?

Rex: Well, not much. I contacted the aid organization her rents work for, but they wouldnít give me any information without authorization. So I went online, looked up where they were posted 18 months ago.

Dorian: Thatís no help.

Rex: Yeah, which is why I'm here. I thought maybe I could get in the house, look around. Thereís got to be letters, phone numbers.

Dorian: Call me when you know anything. Whew. Good morning, sister hello, Lindsay. Lindsay?

Nun: I'm afraid sheís not responsive.

Dorian: Well, we'll see about that. Thank you. Lindsay, I have brought you something -- again.

Marcie: I just -- I just canít stand waiting like this, Mike, itís driving me crazy.

Michael: I know. The judge said it could take a while, though.

Marcie: You really think we have a chance?

Michael: Honey, you know what I think? I think we have a very good chance. Come on, you think the judge really bought that phony marriage thing?

Marcie: Oh, please -- can you even believe Blair did that? I mean, seriously, what is in it for her?

Michael: You're asking me what she sees in Todd? Come on, the guyís a fatality waiting to happen.

Marcie: I know. We have to keep him. Mike, I donít know what I'd do without him.

Michael: Tommy, tell your mom she needs to relax a little.

Marcie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, you're right. I know I shouldnít let him see me like this, but I canít help it, I'm just --

Michael: I got an idea -- why donít you take a drive? You know, you go out to St. Annís, check on Lindsay?

Marcie: No. No, I canít do that.

Blair: You sure thereís room in there for toast, because thatís a mighty big bowl of oatmeal.

Jack: I'm hungry.

Blair: Ok.

Jack: Is dad still here?

Todd: Right here behind you, buddy. I survived another night, no thanks to your mom.

Blair: What did I do?

Todd: You know what? Thereís a ghost in my room.

Jack: Really?

Todd: Yes. He seems to be friendly, but he just wonít let me sleep. But, you know, thereís no ghost in your momís room.

Blair: Jack, there are no ghosts in this house. Ok, your --

Todd: Ooh!

Blair: Thereís not! Your dadís pulling your leg -- stop it, Todd.

Jack: So when are you going to go get my baby brother?

Todd: Soon, very soon. Ah. You know, you see, this is why I remarried your mom -- she knows how I like my coffee.

Blair: Jack, I donít know. We have to wait and see, and see what the judge decides, ok?

Jack: But he has to give him back to us, heís ours.

Todd: Thatís right. Boy, you know, if we need another lawyer, we should hire this kiddo.

Jack: So when they give him back to us, can I go with you to get him?

Blair: Well, we donít know when heís going to do that, and that would be a big "no" because you're going to be in "school."

Jack: I donít want to go to school.

Blair: Oh, really? Well, thatís too bad. Sorry, you got to do that. And I'm going to make your dad some toast the way he likes it.

Todd: Oh, you're so good to me.

Blair: Well, thatís why God put me on this earth, Todd.

[Jack "vomits"]

Blair: Oh, my God.

Todd: Yeah, I'll pass on the toast.

Miles: Hi.

Natalie: Good morning.

Miles: Hi -- I was in the shower.

Natalie: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Miles: No, no, no, donít go, donít go. I'm -- I'm actually happy that you're here. I thought you were upset with me.

John: What do you think? This looks like a good spot.

Marty: Mm-hmm. All right, so I'm curious. I get the stop for the coffee and the doughnuts -- breakfast time. Why the stop at the stationery store?

John: You want to put that down and give me a hand here?

Marty: Ok.

John: I just want to clarify, this is -- this is not a date.

Marty: No, uh-uh.

John: What do you think -- powdered or glazed?

Langston: My parents are away.

Markko: Yeah, permanently.

Langston: What do you mean?

Markko: Well, they're never here.

Langston: Because they're working, and while they're away I pay the bills -- itís no big thing.

Markko: Yeah, but couldnít they just have the bank do that?

Langston: Well -- no, I do it, this is easier. I mean, I -- I program the VCR and the TV and the computer.

Markko: Right, my parents are clueless when it comes to that stuff. So, when are you going to introduce me to your housekeeper?

Langston: She has the day off.

Markko: Well, whoís going to cook dinner?

Langston: Me -- I'll order in. You like sushi?

Markko: Itís all right, but I love ceviche. Have you had it?

Langston: Yeah -- my momís from Colombia.

Markko: Get out!

Langston: Yeah, born and raised. You ready? Letís go.

Markko: You know, my mom makes a killer ceviche. You should come over sometime, you'd love it.

Langston: Sure.

Markko: Well, how about tonight?

Dorian: So, apparently, the committee is meeting to decide whether or not to revoke your title. Enjoy that while you can. And it may win you some friends here at St. Annís, now that you're bunking with Cleopatra and Joan of Arc. You've got a very competent lawyer. I -- I donít know why you just didnít plead justifiable homicide or temporary insanity. You didnít need to confess to Spencer Trumanís murder. Oh, I hate talking to myself. Oh, you will never guess what that witch Viki did. Ha! She has taken off for my city -- "Paris." The Queen of Gauche is now on the rive gauche.

[Dorian laughs]

Dorian: Help me out here. This is my a-material. Lindsay, I know you're in there somewhere. Wake up! Listen up, wherever you are. I hope that you're going to forgive me for this.

Lindsay: If you ever do that again, I will stick this award where it will never need polishing.

Dorian: Ah.

Natalie: How in the world could I be mad at you? I havenít even seen you.

Miles: But thatís -- thatís it exactly. We were supposed to have dinner and you canceled and --

Natalie: But I explained that I had to work, you know?

Miles: I know, I know. Itís just that you sounded really frustrated and angry, and I didnít know if it was me that upset you by saying something or --

Natalie: No, thatís me on stress -- I'm an equal opportunity offender.

Miles: Oh.

Natalie: That -- thatís sort of an apology.

Miles: Oh.

Natalie: But so is this -- breakfast? Unless you have to get back to that shower.

Miles: No, no, breakfast sounds wonderful. Thank you. Thank you.

Natalie: Oh, itís just breakfast.

Miles: No, itís not. Itís more than that. Itís a friend coming by to say hello that cares for me. I appreciate that, itís a good way to start the day.

[Natalie laughs]

Miles: I started some coffee, so --

Natalie: Ok, well, you find your shorts, and I'll find a cup.

Miles: Ha -- thatís a good one.

Marty: Patrick and I used to come here.

John: Oh. You should've said something.

Marty: Well, I just did. It was a good memory. I mean, you obviously like it up here, too.

John: Itís quiet. Quiet is good in my line of work.

Marty: You know, the suspension wonít be permanent.

John: You know, sometimes you see things you just want to forget. I come up here, and I'm reminded that life can be good.

Marty: Yeah. Yeah, I thought we'd have Tommy with us today.

John: Marcieís got him.

Marty: So they havenít heard from the judge yet?

John: It could be a while. Heís got to cover his ass.

Marty: Hmm, thatís true.

John: No matter what he decides, someoneís going to appeal. He needs to make a very careful decision.

Marty: So do you have any idea about which way this is going?

John: I know how I want it to go, but no. I mean, Mike thinks that Todd screwed up with the last-minute marriage, but at the end of the day, heís the biological father.

Marty: So you're worried.

John: I'm worried.

Blair: Oh -- you're normal. Looks like you can go back to school, young man

Jack: But I threw up.

Blair: Hmm?

Jack: And I'm going to --

Blair: Oh, ok -- ok, wait, Jack -- hey -- ok, right there. Are you all right, buddy? What do you think here? To: It seems like a case of fake-us extremitus.

[Blair gasps]

Blair: Not fake-us extremitus?

Jack: Whatís that?

Todd: It means you're going to the hospital.

Blair: Oh, yeah, and you're going to have to take that thick, white medicine that makes you all --

Jack: Can I -- can I just stay here with you guys?

Blair: No, we've already called the pediatrician. You're going straight to the hospital -- I mean, this is serious.

Jack: Is Dad coming?

Blair: No! Heís got to sanitize this whole building.

Jack: What if I get sick in the car?

Todd: Oh? Well, heís got a point. So I'll just get a barf bag -- but we're going to the hospital.

Michael: So why donít you want to go see Lindsay?

Marcie: Itís -- itís not that I donít want to go see Lindsay. I -- I donít want to leave Tommy alone. You know, what if the judge makes his decision or Todd does something crazy? Then --

Michael: Take him with you.

Marcie: And if Lindsay doesnít recognize him, wonít talk to him? No, Mike, he -- he wonít understand, I canít do that to him.

Michael: We could her doctor, you know, see how sheís doing.

Marcie: I called last night, sheís still catatonic.

Michael: Honey, you've been all about this case for too long. Leave Tommy with me, go and see your friend. You know, he'll sleep through rounds, and when he wakes up, I'll take him on a tour of the morgue.

Marcie: The morgue? Ok. All right, fine, fine. I will run, and I will see Lindsay, but if anything happens, Michael, then you need to call me.

Michael: Thatís why they invented speed dial.

Marcie: Come here. I love you.

Michael: I love you, too, sweetie.

Marcie: Ok. Bye, honey. All right, call me.

Michael: I will call you. Whew.

Dr. Bonner: Do you know your name

Lindsay: Lindsay Rappaport.

Dr. Bonner: And how about this lady -- who is she?

Lindsay: Dorian Lord, my friend.

Dr. Bonner: Do you know where you are, Lindsay?

Lindsay: I'm in a hospital.

Dr. Bonner: Thatís correct. And you remember why you're here?

Lindsay: Am I sick?

Dr. Bonner: No, thereís nothing physically wrong with you.

Lindsay: I donít remember anything.

Dr. Bonner: Thatís ok. Those memories will come when you're ready for them. You just relax right now. I'm going to have a word with Dr. Lord.

Dr. Bonner: Well, when you had me paged, you told me Lindsay had spoken to you. What happened?

Dorian: I talked to her the way you suggested and she responded.

Dr. Bonner: Well, I have to hand it to you, I wasnít at all sure that we would ever get her back.

Dorian: Do you think sheís going to make a full recovery?

Dr. Bonner: Itís too soon to know, but right now I can tell you that the more contact she has with people who she trusts, the better.

Dorian: So thereís hope?

Dr. Bonner: I donít know if "hope" is quite the right word, because I understand that as soon as she does recover, she'll be taken back to court and sentenced for murder.

Langston: You want me to come over to your house for dinner tonight?

Markko: Yeah, itís better than takeout.

Langston: But your mom would kill you. I mean, bringing someone home with no warning?

Markko: So I'll warn her. Itís not a big deal -- she makes tons of food.

Langston: Buy why?

Markko: Because we eat a lot.

Langston: No, no, I mean, why do you want me to come over to your house for dinner?

Markko: Because we're dating a they want to meet you. And if my father finds out that your mom is Colombian, you are made.

Langston: Oh -- thatís sweet, but that still doesnít answer my question.

Markko: Do I have to spell it out? Look, my parents care about me and they want to make sure that you're not a serial killer and that your parents arenít terrorists. Are they passing through any time this semester?

Langston: I told you -- they're working.

Markko: Yeah, you told me and told me.

Langston: Ok, look, my parents want to send me to boarding school, where I would see them even less, so I just told them that I'd rather stay here, ok? Can we just drop it?

Markko: I just worry about you here all alone.

Langston: Well, I'm not alone, and I'm fine, so -- Starr and Cole are probably just waiting. Letís just go.

Markko: Fine.

[Doorbell rings]

Markko: Are you expecting someone?

Langston: No, I'm not.

Rex: Hello, ma'am. I'm he to check your cable.

Langston: My cableís fine -- I was watching TV this morning.

Rex: That would be the beta signal kicking in. Unfortunately, the storm the other night knocked out the alpha signal.

Langston: Ok, if thereís a problem, I'll call you.

[Tools clang]

Rex: I just need to check your terminals, make sure they're online -- wonít take a second.

Langston: I have to get to school.

Rex: So letís get started. How many terminals do you have?

Langston: Three -- one upstairs and two downstairs.

Rex: Well, I'll start upstairs.

Markko: Hey, she said no.

Rex: I -- I need to clear this sector. You want me to lose my job?

Markko: Well, if the company wants the sector cleared, then they can call and make an appointment.

Rex: You want to call them, be my guest.

Langston: And get put on hold for an hour? No, thanks.

Markko: Sorry, you're going to have to come back.

Rex: But if I donít check terminals, then you might lose a --

Dorian: And what if she never remembers why sheís here?

Dr. Bonner: Well, I'm not an attorney, I couldnít answer that. But the most important thing right now is that we support Lindsayís efforts to try to rebuild that memory.

Dorian: So I should keep talking to her?

Dr. Bonner: Yeah -- but donít force anything.

Marcie: Donít force what?

Dorian: Lindsay spoke to me, she recognized me.

Marcie: She did?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Marcie: Well, does that mean that sheís ok?

Dr. Bonner: Well, itís too early to tell, but it is a very good sign.

Marcie: Would it be all right if I went in and talked to her for a couple of minutes?

Dr. Bonner: Of course. Just -- just donít expect too much.

Marcie: Ok.

Dorian: And donít talk to her about the trial or Todd or anything that would upset her.

Marcie: I'm not stupid.

Marcie: Lindsay? Hi.

Marcie: Hi. I missed you the other night. Michael and Roxy threw me a surprise party. You would've loved it. I totally forgot that it was your birthday.

Lindsay: Your birthday?

Marcie: Yeah, my birthday. Hey.

Lindsay: I'm sorry I missed your birthday.

Marcie: Itís ok.

Lindsay: I promise I'll be there next year, I promise.

Marcie: You know what I'd like this year for my birthday present? I'd like to give you a hug. Would that be ok?

Miles: I am so glad that you stopped by. I really missed you.

Natalie: Oh, I know. I've just been so busy with work.

Miles: Yeah? So, howís it going?

Natalie: Workís interesting.

Miles: Yeah? Thank you.

Natalie: Yeah -- just the politics that are killing me.

Miles: Well, I thought this was a family company.

Natalie: Yes, yes, and everyone wants to remind me of that. They think that my job is some kind of favor.

Miles: Well, you'll prove them wrong.

Natalie: Well, and then thereís another problem -- this employee of mine.

Miles: Well, so why donít you fire him?

Natalie: Heís my hire.

Miles: Oh, so you hired someone that you donít like?

Natalie: You know, itís -- itís a long story -- too, too long. In fact, how are you doing?

Miles: Oh, me? Well, therapy -- it seems to be going pretty well. I ran into Marty the other day, and we actually had a civilized conversation.

Natalie: About that kiss that we walked in on? Yeah, I talked to John about that, too.

Miles: Hmm. And how'd that go?

Natalie: Not my favorite 10 minutes, but progress.

Miles: Yeah. The day that we saw them kiss -- I put my fist through a wall.

Natalie: Really?

Miles: Yeah.

Natalie: I can top that one. "I" got drunk out of my mind and spent the night at some guyís motel room.

Marty: But, you know, in cases like these, the determining factor is the welfare of the child.

John: It should be.

Marty: Yeah, so the judge could definitely come back with a shared custody -- thereís definitely a precedent for that.

John: Oh, I donít think Manning will go for that.

Marty: True. I guess if he doesnít get full custody --

John: He'll do something stupid.

Marty: Yeah. Michael and Marcie are lucky to have you -- I know.

John: Ok. Letís get down to business.

Marty: You actually read that book?

John: What else am I going to do with my time? But before I get all melodramatic --

Marty: Hmm.

John: You want to do me a favor and tell a joke or something?

Marty: Hmm. Ok, have you heard the one about the two pigeons, and they meet for a date in Central Park?

John: I take it back.

Michael: Oh, I'm so happy you finally woke up. I thought you were going to sleep till your mommy got back. She went to go see Lindsay. One of these days, I'm going to set you down and I'm going to tell you what she tried to do for us. Itís not anything we could ever repay. I think the closest we could come is making the most of every chance you get -- you know, we are going to do that, buddy. We're going to make sure that you go to the best schools, that you have the best doctors. We're going to have fun, you and me and mommy. The three of us -- we're going to go on vacations and picnics. And -- oh, here you go. Ah. I'm going to try and spend a little less time here. Can swing that. You know, every day when I leave you, this is where I come. Well, being a doctor -- you know, itís everything I ever wanted, itís the -- oh -- itís the only thing I ever wanted -- till I married your mommy. And then we got you. I think thatís a good job for you, you know -- being a doctor like your old man. Donít listen to your uncle. Itís no fun being a cop -- well, except on TV. No matter what, buddy, I will always be your daddy. Yeah. And Marcie -- Marcieís always going to be your mommy. Thereís no judge in the world that can change that.

Todd: Well, we're early, so letís just wait in the sunroom. I'll get us some coffee --

Blair: Ok.

Todd: Then we can sit and talk out that stomach of yours.

Dr. Bonner: I donít know how much more I can tell you right now. We just have to watch her.

Dorian: No, no, no, actually, I want to talk to you about my sister Addie.

Dr. Bonner: Addie? I thought she was just fine. Something happened?

Dorian: She seemed fine when I saw her this morning. I donít know -- maybe itís seeing Lindsay in here Ė

Dr. Bonner: Listen, Addieís case is quite, quite different. Sheís adjusted very nicely to life here at St. Annís.

Dorian: Yes, but what kind of life is it? Surely thereís something more than can be done for her?

Dr. Bonner: Well, actually, now that you've mentioned it, there is a new medication I've been reading a lot about. Itís experimental, still very much in the trial stages. It carries some risk, but it has occurred to me that Addie would be a good candidate for it. And I can send you some more information if you'd like.

Dorian: Oh, absolutely. Thank you, Doctor.

Marcie: Tommyís been asking for you.

Lindsay: He has?

Marcie: Yeah.

Lindsay: Did you bring pictures?

Marcie: Of course I brought pictures. You know those beautiful building blocks you got him? He and Michael built a hospital. Wait till you see it.

Blair: You know, we're early. Maybe we can check in early.

Todd: Yeah, they can remove his stomach and have him stapled up in no time.

Blair: Yeah.

Jack: Remove my stomach?

Blair: Yeah! Then you'll never have to throw up again for the rest of your life -- doesnít that sound great? Come on, Dad.

Todd: Ok.

 [Pager beeps]

Michael: Ah -- somebody needs your daddy. Oh Ė

Nurse: Dr. McBain?

Michael: Uh-huh?

Nurse: Mrs. Boyle, the phlebitis? Sheís complaining of chest pain.

Michael: Oh, that was you that was paging me?

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Ok, um -- uh -- could you do me a favor? Could -- do you think you could watch my son?

Nurse: Oh --

Michael: Just for a second while I check on Mrs. Boyle.

Nurse: Oh, no problem.

Michael: Oh, thank you so much. Listen, thereís a -- a bottle here, and -- and there are wipes and diapers in his diaper bag. And -- and if he starts to cry Ė

Nurse: I have a few of my own -- we'll be fine.

Michael: Thanks.

Nurse: Oh --

[Nurse giggles]

Nurse: All right. Ooh. Thatís my favorite. Letís read this. What do we got here?

Markko: See, thatís the difference between you and me. If I was living alone, I would leave the lights on, the water, the stove --

Langston: Yeah, tell me something I donít know.

Markko: So, what, are you coming to dinner tonight?

[Langston sighs]

Langston: Fine, whatever.

Markko: Well, donít do me any favors.

Langston: Fine, I wonít.

Markko: Oh, great -- I'll pick you up at 6:00.

Langston: Whatever.

Markko: Freak.

[Tools clang]

Rex: I -- hedge.

Rex: Shouldnít be too tough to pick.

Man: You live here?

Rex: Me? No. Uh -- I'm just visiting. I'm a -- I'm a cousin -- well, second cousin once removed, from California -- Northern California.

Man: I donít care where you're from, pal. I just want to know if you can take the Wildes' mail.

Rex: The mail? Absolutely. I'd be happy to take the mail.

John: The one that flies the furthest wins.

Marty: Ok. And the loser?

John: I'm pretty sure the loserís picking them up.

Marty: Hmm. Well, I hope you have your hiking shoes on.

John: Ha. You ready?

Marty: You first. Hmm.

John: This -- this way.

Marty: Who knew?

John: Yeah.

Miles: So you slept with a stranger because you were upset that John and Marty were kissing?

Natalie: Well, I mean, we didnít sleep together.

Miles: But you said that you --

Natalie: Well, I mean, we -- we fell asleep. We didnít "sleep" together.

Miles: Oh.

Natalie: And he wasnít a stranger. Itís worse than that -- itís the guy that I hired.

Miles: The guy that you donít like?

Natalie: You know what? My lifeís a little too weird. Why donít we talk about you. You said therapy was going well?

Miles: Uh -- yeah, I'm beginning to see how it works.

Natalie: How what works?

Miles: Thoughts and feelings and actions. You're feeling something, you want to act on it, but maybe you shouldnít? Maybe you should talk about it first?

Natalie: You saying I need a shrink?

Miles: I'm saying that it worries me that you're getting tanked up and you're sleeping at some guyís house when you donít know if this guyís a gentleman or not.

Natalie: Oh, heís definitely no gentleman, thatís for sure, but, I mean, itís not like he tried anything. I just -- I just mean -- I went over there voluntarily.

Miles: So why -- why did you go?

Natalie: I donít know, I was mad, ok? I'm not saying that it was the best idea in the world. I just -- I guess I havenít done anything careless since John and I split up, so I thought I was due.

Miles: But you said you talked to John and -- and that it was ok.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, we had a friendly game of pool -- I mean, I think -- I think it was friendly.

Miles: Well, when you care about somebody and they donít feel that same way about you. Itís a terrible feeling inside. I'm just -- I'm grateful that Marty and I are civil.

Natalie: Yeah. Well, you know, I'm hoping that John and I can be friends someday -- and if we are, it'll be thanks to you.

Miles: Get -- get out of here.

Natalie: No, I'm -- look, Miles, most people -- they donít talk about how they feel -- they're either embarrassed or scared. But you -- you just say it. And it makes -- makes me feel so much better, you know, to know that I'm -- I'm not the only one? You're feeling sad, and I'm -- I'm feeling sad -- I donít know. I just -- I feel so much better about myself. I'm not as angry and -- and jealous when I'm around John. And that whole pool thing -- that -- that was thanks to you.

Miles: Listen, I say the things that I say to you because we're friends. I learned how to be a friend from you. You taught me that.

Nurse: "The end." I wonder if you're hungry.

Todd: Hmm -- donít feed him. Whatever you feed him, he'll throw up all over you.

Nurse: I'm sorry?

Todd: Oh, my son earlier this morning -- I fed him some oatmeal and he just puked it a over the place. I'm sorry -- you had to be there.

Nurse: You wouldnít do that to me, would you, Tommy?

Todd: Is that Tommy McBain?

Nurse: Yes. Do you know Dr. McBain?

Todd: Yeah, I sure do.

Natalie: All I did was give you the benefit of the doubt.

Miles: No, Natalie, itís way more than that. You stood by me no matter what. All those awful things that I did to Marty and Todd -- and I was arrested, for crying out loud -- you were the only one to give me a second chance. I will never forget that.

Natalie: The thing about you, Miles, is you try. Most people -- they -- they're stuck, you know? Theyíre never going to change no matter how much they say they want to. But you -- you just say youíre going to change and you do it.

Miles: Huh. Yeah, well, what do I know? Nothing. If I'm not willing to change, I have no chance at all, and I -- I might even screw that up.

Natalie: Well, whatís going on?

Miles: I just have made so many mistakes, some real beauties.

Natalie: Oh, honey, you're looking at the queen of screw-ups right here. But the trick to making mistakes is to learn from your mistakes -- or, at least, thatís what they keep telling me. Although, honestly, thatís not what the hard part is. The hard part is having to say "I'm sorry."

Miles: Yeah, I said "sorry" to Marty. It made me feel good. But, uh, I donít know. I just -- I've done so many things I wish I didnít have to say sorry for.

Natalie: Yeah, I know all about that. I tell you what --

Miles: Hmm?

Natalie: Letís make a deal, all right?

Miles: All right.

Natalie: You and I, we will try to keep each other from messing up. All right, deal?

Miles: I like it -- deal.

[Natalie laughs]

Marty: What exactly are we doing?

Dorian: Well, itís about time. Did you get into the house? Did you see any signs of abuse or neglect? Most importantly, did you get me a legal phone number or an address for these so-called parents of hers?

Rex: None of the above.

Dorian: Well, then what are you doing here? I expect results.

Rex: Ahem.

Dorian: What is that?

Rex: A letter I "borrowed" from the Wildes' mailbox.

Dorian: Oh. And what made you pilfer that letter?

Rex: Check out the return address.

Dorian: Interesting.

Rex: I thought so.

Dorian: Did you open this?

Rex: Well, that would be a federal offense.

Dorian: So is stealing the letter.

Rex: Not if I put it back unopened.

Dorian: Just whose side are you on?

Marcie: Thatís him playing. "How much does Mommy love you?" I ask him that question, and he throws his arms out really wide and he gives me that -- that big smile. You canít really see it there, but he has new teeth coming in.

Lindsay: I saved him -- from Todd.

Marcie: You know, I think that you're getting tired, Lindsay. Maybe I should bring you back to your room, ok?

Lindsay: I made sure that Todd would never know that Tommy --

Marcie: Look --

Lindsay: Shh! We're not supposed to talk about it -- I -- I did something terrible to make sure it would stay that way.

Marcie: You did what you thought you had to to protect us, Lindsay.

Lindsay: So Tommyís ok?

Marcie: He loves you. He loves you very much, we all do.

Lindsay: We're not supposed to talk about it.

Marcie: Ok. Ok. Lindsay people listen. They hear you. They donít mean to, but they do. We're not supposed to talk about it.

Marcie: Ok.

Lindsay: I was just trying to make a phone call -- with my cell phone!

Marcie: Ok, I can call someone for you if you want me to call them for --

Lindsay: Capricornís terrible that way.

Marcie: What?

Lindsay: So noisy. I was just heading outside to find quiet, so that I could make a phone call -- and thatís when I heard Rex talking to Michael.

Todd: Yeah, who -- who doesnít know Dr. McBain? You know him well?

Nurse: Not well. We worked together, I've met his wife a few times.

Todd: Oh, yes. Yeah, Marcie -- sheís really great, sheís a terrific little mother. My brotherís a lucky man.

Nurse: Your brother? Are you the cop?

Todd: Mm-hmm yeah, I know thereís not much resemblance, is there?

Nurse: I've seen your face, I know I have.

Todd: Hmm. Are you taking care of him for Mike?

Nurse: He had to check on a patient.

Todd: Oh. You want me to take him off your hands for a little bit? I'm sure you got things to do.

Nurse: I promised Dr. McBain --

Todd: Oh, there you go, little man. You want to hang out with me for a while? Huh? Hey -- I love you. And I swear on my life we're going to be together soon.

Michael: Get your hands off my son.

On the next "One Life to Live" Ė

Rex: Timbaland is performing here tonight?

Cristian: Thanks to Sarah.

Marty: I think I do know what I want.

Marcie: Are you saying that Michaelís known about Tommy since January?

Todd: I'm actually his father -- and I'll never let him go again.

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