OLTL Transcript Monday 10/1/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 10/1/07


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Antonio: Hey, Bo.

Bo: Hey, hi.

Nora: Welcome back.

Bo: Thank you.

Nora: How was Texas?

Bo: It was great. Uh -- whatís going on with Lindsay?

Nora: DidnĎt get my message?

Bo: No, no, my phone went dead, so I just went to the airport, landed, took -- dropped Matthew off at school and --

Nora: Ok.

Bo: She was supposed to be arraigned.

Nora: Can we talk in your office?

Bo: Sure.

Nora: Ok.

Bo: So, what happened with Lindsay?

Nora: Uh --

Bo: You said that you were not going to oppose bail.

Nora: Didnít even get that far.

Bo: Well, what happened?

Nora: She pled guilty.

Bo: Are you kidding me? Well, when -- whenís the sentencing?

Nora: I donít know.

Bo: What, the judge didnít set a date?

Nora: Bo, uh -- you know -- I donít -- I donít even know how to say this, but, um -- Lindsay doesnít seem to be Lindsay anymore.

Man: Are you Ms. Rappaportís son?

Will: Yeah. Hi. Hey, nobody would give me any information. When I said I wanted to see her, they said I had to talk to you.

Man: Well, you can see your mother.

Will: Oh, thank you.

Man: But be prepared for the change in her.

Marcie: I love this necklace, Mike.

Michael: I'm glad.

Marcie: You know, you didnít have to get me a present. The party was enough.

Michael: Of course I did, sweetie. There you go, you're all set.

Marcie: Well, maybe it'll bring us good luck because we're sure going to need it.

Michael: Honey?

Marcie: Yeah?

Michael: We're going to be ok. The judge is going to let us keep Tommy. After what he found out, there is no way in hell that Todd can win this case.

Teacher: We'll be starting a unit on botany tomorrow. I can see you rolling your eyes, but botany can be fascinating.

Starr: Oh, right.

Cole: You ok?

Teacher: For tomorrow, I want you to read chapter five.

Starr: My parents are going in the court today.

Cole: As a married couple?

Starr: Yeah, it should help them get Tommy back.

Teacher: Be prepared to discuss the difference between monocotyledons and dicotyledons.

Cole: I donít want to bum you out or anything, but I know what your parents are doing is an act. And what if the judge does, too?

Blair: Good morning.

Todd: Morning. Ahem.

Blair: Did you sleep all right last night?

Todd: I think it was my least favorite of all our wedding nights.

Blair: You should be used to it.

Todd: Dorianís guest room?

Blair: No, I'm talking sleeping alone.

Todd: You know, I just hate it here, you know? Itís just so girly.

Blair: And what does that mean?

Todd: It means that there are, you know, paper doilies on the extra roll of toilet paper and a featherbed on the bed and -- besides that, the crickets keep you up all night and the birds wake you up at the crack of dawn. I just canít wait to get custody of this kid so I can go back home to the penthouse.

Blair: Excuse me? No one said anything about moving back to the penthouse.

Teacher: There will be a quiz on Friday, so do the reading carefully.

Langston: Oh.

Starr: Cole, what do you mean itís an act?

Teacher: Botany may seem dry at first, but I'm sure you'll find the discussion of pistils and stamens more relevant.

Cole: Come on, Starr.

Teacher: Mr. Thornhart, ms. Manning? Please wait until the period is over, unless you'd like to share this discussion with the rest of the class.

Cole: Yeah, we were just debating Mendelís theory, actually, Mr. Vasquez, yeah.

Mr. Vasquez: Nice try.


Mr. Vasquez: Saved by the bell.

Markko: Hey, were you two having a fight or something?

Langston: Right in front of Vasquez? Because her parents have to go back to court today.

Langston: Oh, man -- not much of a honeymoon, huh?

Markko: What? What honeymoon?

Starr: My parents got remarried.

Markko: Well, you never said anything about that.

Cole: Thatís because she didnít know about it until right before it happened.

Markko: You're kidding me.

Starr: Look, my parents love each other. Why should they wait?

Langston: I know this is what you wanted, Starr. I think itís great.

Starr: Thank you.

Markko: Oh, so now if they get custody of Mrs. McBainís kid, he'll have a mom and a dad.

Cole: Well, thatís kind of the idea -- right, Starr?

Marcie: Great -- Judyís late.

Michael: By two minutes, sweetie.

Marcie: Oh. Did she say why she wanted to see us?

Michael: Yeah. She said she wanted to prepare us for what was going to happen today.

Marcie: We already know whatís going to happen today, Michael. Blairís going to testify!

[Michael sighs]

Michael: Itís not going to make a difference.

Marcie: Oh, come on! Sheís going to swear up and down that he is a great father.

Michael: Really? If heís such a great father, how come sheís divorced him twice and taken her kids someplace else?

Marcie: I guess.

Michael: Honey, we're going to get a chance to testify after she does, ok? Think about it -- happy, well-adjusted adoptive parents versus divorced, rapist biological father who tried to kill his sonís mother three times while Tommy was in utero. If you were the judge, what would you do?

Marcie: Right. Right, you're right. You're right. Was Tommy ok when you brought him over to Johnís? Was everything ok?

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: Yeah?

Michael: Yeah, he was fine. Johnís going to take him to the park. They're going to go feed the ducks.

Marcie: No! No, I donít want him to go outside! I donít know that I got that --

Michael: Honey!

Marcie: What?

Michael: Right now --

Marcie: Yeah?

Michael: Everything is fine.

[Knock on door]

Marcie: Ok.

Michael: I'm going to get the door.

Marcie: Ok.

Judy: Sorry I'm late -- I got tied up on the phone. Hello, Marcie.

Marcie: Hi, Judy. Can I get you something? Coffee, orange juice, anything?

Judy: I'll take some orange juice, thanks.

Marcie: Ok.

Judy: Whereís Tommy?

Michael: Heís with my brother.

Judy: This brother -- is he reliable?

Michael: Yeah, heís a cop.

Judy: Great. We donít want to take any chances today.

Michael: Yeah, about that -- um, whatís so important about today?

Judy: I was told to be ready to deliver my summation. Thereís a possibility that the judge may rule from the bench after you two and Blair finish testifying.

Marcie: Are you worried about that?

Judy: I think Blair will me a good witness.

Michael: Oh. Look, sheís not as bad as Todd, but letís face it -- the womanís no Mother Teresa.

Judy: As I've told you before, we are fighting an uphill battle.

[Michael sighs]

Judy: Courts tend to want to reunite families.

Michael: Huh. What Todd Manning can offer isnít family.

Judy: I agree -- thatís why I hit his background so hard.

Marcie: Are you saying that Todd could have custody of Tommy by tonight?

Judy: I think we've done a lot of damage to Toddís fitness as a parent, but Blair could repair some of that on the stand. I wouldnít feel right if I allowed you to go to court today thinking this was a done deal.

Marcie: Oh, God.

Judy: Now, donít panic. I really believe we've made a compelling case for custody.

Marcie: Yeah -- what if you're wrong? What if you're wrong, Judy? If I lose -- if we lose Tommy, I -- I'm just not sure I'm going to be able to handle it.

Todd: Well, I'm not going to spend another night here, thatís for sure.

Blair: Fine. Go.

Todd: Well, when I go, you and the kids are coming with me.

Blair: Hmm. The last time I looked, we were not your property.

Todd: I paid you $5 million. Right? Essentially makes you my employee.

Blair: No. You paid me to marry you, which I did, and you need me to testify for you today, which I'm going to do. But thereís nowhere that says where we have to live.

Todd: No. It stipulates in our contract this marriage has to look real, which means we live under the same roof.

Blair: Well, I'm not uprooting my kids. They've been through too much.

Todd: I'm sorry -- "your" kids?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: They're "our" kids. We are their parents, and you and I are married now.

Blair: Ok. What happens when you win your case and you no longer need us?

Todd: When would I ever not want to be with my kids?

Blair: Oh, you can be with them, Todd. You just have to move in here. We have to play the very first day.

 [Addie sighs]

Addie: The thing about a change of scenery is itís so refreshing. You look at the same four walls and you start thinking the same thoughts over and over and over again. "Circular thinking," the sisters call it. Itís good to get out of your four walls once in a while.

Will: Right.

Addie: Is this seat taken?

Will: Oh, no.

Addie: Excuse me, but do I know you?

Antonio: Well, when you're done with all that paperwork, why donít you stop into Capricorn for a drink?

Talia: Oh, I mean, yeah. I guess I could do that.

Antonio: And bring George.

Talia: Um -- all right. Well, I'll give him a call and see if he has the time.

Antonio: Well, tell him I said to make time.

Talia: Mm-hmm. Whew.

Bo: Lindsay described everything that happened and then she just broke down?

Nora: It -- she said something about feeling free and, I mean, it was like keeping the secret was killing her. I -- I made a copy of the transcript of her arraignment for you.

Bo: Thank you. You know, I talked to her before I left, and she seemed ok to me. She didnít want to talk about her case at all without her lawyer present, but thatís taking care of business.

Nora: She knew that Marcie and Michael McBainís child was actually Toddís biological son.

Bo: She did.

Nora: Yeah.

Bo: How?

Nora: Apparently, she overheard someone talking, but she also knew that Spencer Truman knew this, too.

Bo: So she must've killed Truman to keep him quiet to protect Marcie.

Nora: Seems so.

Bo: Oh. I shouldnít have left town.

Nora: Bo, thereís nothing you could've done.

Bo: Well, I could've been here.

Michael: Listen, honey, what we need to do right now is stay calm.

Marcie: Judy just said that Blair could undo our entire case!

Judy: I didnít say that.

Marcie: After you took Tommy over to Johnís, honey, I was looking at his crib -- in his empty crib and I started thinking about what it would be like if we lost him for good, you know, and I donít know that I could handle it.

Judy: First of all, even if the judge rules against us, we can appeal.

Marcie: I donít want to appeal, Judy! I have to appeal, then that means that Tommy will be with Todd all that time!

Michael: Marcie. Judy, Marcieís been suspended from her job at school per the fact Starr Manning is one of her students.

Judy: What?

Michael: Yeah. This case is really starting to affect our lives.

Judy: I'm going to make a phone call to the school district.

Marcie: No, no, no -- I donít want to work! I just want to be with my son, Judy -- thatís all I want.

Judy: And you will be.

Marcie: But you just said that Blair could --

Judy: I said Blair will make a good witness for Todd, but we have weapons we havenít used yet.

Marcie: Todd tried to buy Tommy back from us.

Judy: What?

Michael: Todd came here and he offered us money to give him his son.

Marcie: We still have the check.

Judy: Why wasnít I told about this?

Michael: Marcie played along, you know, so that she would seem interested. I -- I just want to make sure that this isnít something thatís going to come back and hurt us.

Marcie: Yeah, but shouldnít the judge know that this is what Tommy is to Todd -- something that he can buy?

Judy: Letís keep the check in our hip pocket for now. What it tells me is that Todd is probably more scared than you are right now.

Michael: See?

Todd: I'm not going to live in a house with a French name. What is a "Boulaie" anyway?

Blair: I donít know, Todd. I like it here, and so do the kids.

Todd: Did you tell Aunt Dorian that you asked me to move in? Oh. Sheís going to -- sheís going to blow a phony French gasket.

Blair: Ok, you know what? Why donít you just cut it out? I'm starting to regret ever remarrying you.

Todd: Well, you did, sweetheart, in front of the law and everyone. And by the way, when we get to court today, you know what to say, right?

Blair: Yes -- "I married Todd Manning because" --

Todd: Because you love him and you love his new baby boy as if he were your own. Can you handle that?

Blair: What do you want me to do, Todd? Do you want me to, like, imprint it on my palm so I --

Todd: You do whatever you have to do. You get it right.

Blair: Oh, I'll get it right and I think it'll work because didnít it work for Tea when you hired her to take Starr away from me?

Todd: That would be good.

Blair: What?

Todd: That would be good -- why donít you say that in court? Is that what you think I'm doing? Do you think I'm stealing this kid from the McBains?

Blair: No, Todd, I donít think thatís what you're doing. Donít you think I know what you've been through to try to get Tommy? If I believed that, I wouldnít be going through this.

Todd: All right. I'm sorry. Thank you for doing this. I mean it -- even if itís just for the five million.

Blair: Well, you're welcome. Money was -- itís good, but -- look, Tommy belongs with you, and we're going to get him back today, ok, so come on. Letís go. This place is a mess.

Blair: Whatís that?

Todd: Hmm. "We love you, dad. Good luck in court. Donít come home without our brother."

Blair: Well, come letís go do it.

Todd: Mm-hmm -- ahem.

Officer: All right. You sit down right here, all right?

Man: Oh, certainly!

Talia: Mick, what am I supposed to do with him?

Mick: Watch him while I talk to the desk sergeant, please.

Talia: Ok, yeah. Make it fast.

Man: Excuse me.

Talia: Hey, what?

Man: I just made partner.

Talia: Out celebrating, huh?

Man: Four martinis, no breakfast.  Five -- five martinis.

Talia: How about -- how about you just sit here and keep quiet?

Man: Oh, excuse me. You know, after about the third martini, it seemed like a fine idea to write the head of the firm a letter and tell him what a jerk he is.

Talia: Good move.

Man: Yeah. Lucky for me I had a stamp.

Talia: You mailed this letter?

Man: Ah. I felt so good I had a couple more martinis. And it occurred to me that what I'd done was a -- was a truly stupid thing. Thatís when I got the crowbar out of the trunk of my car and I went back to the mailbox --

Talia: Ok, look -- sir?

Man: And I --

Talia: Sir, sir, sir? You might -- you might want to save this explanation for your lawyer.

Man: You -- you donít have to call me "sir." You can call me George, reason for that being itís my name. Yeah.

Talia: No kidding.

George: Nope.

Starr: Why are you being like this?

Cole: Come on, Starr, you think I'm stupid? I know why your parents got remarried. Your dadís trying to cheat the system into giving him Mrs. McBainís kid.

Starr: Heís not Mrs. McBainís kid, Cole.

Cole: Ok, no offense, but you canít expect me to believe anything your dad does is legit. I mean, come on -- marriage? Who does he think heís fooling?

Starr: My parents are still in love with each other!

Cole: That marriage was a load of crock, and we both know it. And what sucks the most is that you're trying to con me just like they're conning you.

Starr: They didnít lie to me, Cole.

Cole: What do you mean by that?

Starr: You were right, ok? My dad married my mom to get Tommy back -- are you happy now?

Cole: No, I'm not. What about you, Starr? Do they care about what this is doing to you?

Langston: Hey!

Markko: Oh, come on, no oneís looking. What is this?

Langston: Oh --

Markko: "Emergency contact form"? You forged your parents' signatures?

[Bo pounds desk]

Bo: Damn it.

Nora: Bo, this case turned on a dime. You couldnít possibly have known what was going to happen.

Bo: Well, Lindsay kept trying to give me little hints, and I -- she wouldnít come right out and tell me anything. She stood right here in this office and said that she had a different point of view about life since she buried Jen. Now, I should've had sense enough to figure out what she was trying to tell me. I should've seen this breakdown coming on!

Nora: Yeah, well, if she really did have a breakdown.

Bo: What, you think sheís faking it?

Nora: Sheís done it before.

Will: No, we -- we have met before. My nameís will?

Addie: My nameís Addie, but I guess you already know that.

Will: Right.

Addie: I wish I was as good at knowing why I met you as I am at knowing that I met you.

Will: Ah -- donít worry about it.

Addie: You donít mind that I donít remember why I met you?

Will: No.

Addie: Well, itís nice to meet you again.

Will: Thanks.

Addie: Are you a patient here?

Will: No, I came to see my mom.

Addie: My daughter comes to see me, too. Blairís a very good daughter -- she comes all the time.

Will: Guess I'm going to be coming a lot, too.

Addie: Your mother -- is she very sick?

Will: Seems to be right now, yeah, so I'm just praying she gets better.

Addie: I'll pray for her, too.

Man: They're bringing your mother out now.

Addie: I'll go so you can be alone with your mama.

Will: Any way I should treat her?

Man: Just as normally as you possibly can, but donít expect too much reaction. As I said, sheís -- well, sheís non you

Will: Hey, Mom. Mom?

Marcie: Todd looks so smug.

Michael: Honey, itís all an act.

Morgan: Todd, the judge might want to question you again after Blair finishes. Try not to lose your cool this time.

Todd: I'll be fine.

Morgan: All right. I'm going to check with the bailiff, see if the judge is delayed.

Blair: Donít you think you should've told him about this?

Todd: I know what I'm doing. Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Please be seated. We are here to continue Todd Manning Michael and Marcie McBain regarding custody of the minor child known as Thomas McBain. Yes, Mr. Manning?

Todd: Your honor, I'd like to add a co-plaintiff to my suit.

Morgan: What are you talking about?

Judge: Who is this potential co-plaintiff?

Todd: My wife, Blair Cramer Manning.

Talia: Hereís some coffee.

George: Oh. Thank you.

Talia: You said you made partner.

George: Mm-hmm.

Talia: Of what?

George: Investment bank. Itís major bucks.

Talia: When you were out celebrating last night, were you --

George: Ah.

Talia: Were you with your girlfriend?

George: No girlfriend. Too busy trying to make partner. Sad, isnít it?

Talia: Oh, donít -- donít -- donít. Donít become a crying drunk.

George: Well, do you -- do you have a boyfriend?

Talia: Um -- we're talking about you.

George: Maybe fate has brought us together. Did you ever think of that -- what is -- Sahid? Pretty name.

Talia: Itís my last name.

George: I'm George. Thatís my first name.

[George chuckles]

[Talia groans]

Talia: How would you --

George: Oh.

Talia: Like to do me a favor, George?

Antonio: Sahid, I'm looking for a case file. I thought maybe that it was in that stack --

George: Hi.

Antonio: Everything all right here?

George: Are you kidding? Everythingís great. I mean, itís not even noon, and I -- I already made partner. I got totally hammered, got arrested, and then the prettiest cop I've ever seen asked me to be her boyfriend.

Bo: Yeah, Lindsayís faked a breakdown before, but she had a real one when Sam died.

Nora: Well, I understand that. She was responsible for his death.

Bo: Well, if sheís responsible for Trumanís death, maybe sheís having the same reactions now.

Nora: Or maybe sheís just trying to avoid prosecution. Listen, the judge has ordered a psych evaluation at St. Annís.

Bo: All right, I've got to get over there.

Nora: All right, I'll go with you.

Bo: Are you sure thatís a good idea?

Nora: I canít make a recommendation for sentencing if I donít know what the shrinks say.

Bo: All right. Letís go.

Will: Hey, Mom. Itís me, itís Will. How are you? Can you talk to me? How long has she been like this?

Man: Well, when she was first admitted, she was making eye contact, responding to voices, loud noises, physical stimuli. But then she became completely unresponsive.

Will: I just -- I donít get this. Sheís -- sheís sitting up and her eyes are open, but itís like sheís in a coma.

Judy: This is outrageous, your honor. Itís an obvious stunt to make Mr. Manning appear to be a more suitable parent.

Judge: Let me handle this, counselor. So, this potential co-plaintiff, sheís your ex-wife?

Todd: Well, no, no, not anymore. We were married just recently. But sheís also the mother of my two children. Thatís one of Blairís best qualities, actually. Sheís a great mother, and I think she'd be a -- a terrific mother for -- for my son --

Marcie: His name is Tommy, and he is not your son!

Judge: Quiet. Mr. Manning, how long had you and your wife been engaged?

Todd: Actually, we were going to get married a couple years ago, and then this psychopath named Margaret Cochran shot me and kidnapped me before the ceremony could take place. And itís just taken us this long to get our lives back in order.

Marcie: Yeah, right! With little side trips along the way, like Blair shacking up with Spencer Truman!

Blair: Hey, now --

Judge: Mrs. McBain --

Marcie: Please, your honor, donít fall for this.

Judge: The man has a right to get married.

Marcie: Does he have a right to try and buy my son?

Morgan: Your honor, this woman is out of control.

Judge: Your client started this avalanche, Mr. Guthrie. Now, both of you, sit down. Please explain yourself, Mrs. McBain.

Marcie: Two days ago, Todd Manning offered us $10 million for Tommy.

Morgan: Tell me you didnít really do that.

Judge: Do you have proof of this offer?

Marcie: I have the check in my purse, your honor. We told him what he could do with his money. And then the next day, he married Blair.

Judy: We request that this check be entered into evidence and subjected to handwriting and fingerprint analysis. It will prove that Todd Manning is trying every trick in the book because even he knows heís not the best parent for Tommy.

Judge: Please give the check to the bailiff.

Judge: I am truly shocked, Mr. Manning. I thought you were a lot of things, but stupid wasnít one of them. All day long,

Langston: Would you just give me the paper already?

Markko: Hiding it from your parents, huh? What did you do?

Langston: Nothing. Itís stupid. Itís due today, and I forgot to get them to sign it.

Markko: Well, great, so they're back?

Langston: Well, no, their plans changed.

Markko: So you're still alone at your house?

Langston: Yeah, but itís fine. Do you want to come over tonight?

Markko: Well, whoís going to cook dinner?

Langston: Are you kidding me? Any guy would leap at the chance and you're worried about dinner?

Markko: What can I say? I get hungry.

Langston: Huh. Do you know where we could get some beer?

Markko: What? You donít want that stuff.

Langston: Why not?

Markko: Look, why donít you come to my house tonight? My parents will cook --

Langston: Oh, and what? See what a good family looks like?

Starr: What business is it of yours why my parents got married?

Cole: Well, ever since you found out about Tommy, itís kind of all we talk about.

Starr: Well, I'm sorry.

Cole: Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait. I'm sorry. All right? But what happens next? You guys all going to move in together and live happily ever after? Or are you parents going to split up after the whole custody thing?

Starr: Well, I donít know that yet, Cole.

Cole: Well, what if your dad doesnít get custody?

Starr: Itís not going to happen.

Cole: Well, you canít say that. All right? You said it yourself that your dad doesnít look too good on paper. I mean, come on, he made a complete ass of himself in the courtroom.

Starr: Why are you being so mean?

Cole: Because your parents are screwing you over. And all I'm doing lately is holding your hand.

Starr: Well, I didnít know I was so hard to deal with. God.

Cole: Thatís not what I mean.

Starr: What, are you jealous because my parents worked it out?

Cole: Worked it out? Your parents havenít worked anything out. All they're doing is screwing up your life.

Starr: My parents still love each other. And, yeah, they might not be too good at the whole marriage thing, but maybe this time it'll be different.

Cole: And what if itís not?

Talia: This guy is loaded, and he doesnít really know what heís talking about.

George: Excuse me --

Talia: Hey, shut up.

George: I have an MBA. MBAs always know what they're talking about.

Antonio: Well, I'm sorry, pal, but Officer Sahid doesnít need a boyfriend. She already has one.

Talia: You know what? I can --

Antonio: The guyís name is George.

Talia: Handle this.

George: Well, how do you know about me? I just got here. I just found out about me.

Talia: You know, this is really embarrassing.

Antonio: Why should you be embarrassed? Heís the one whoís drunk.

George: That doesnít mean I donít know who I am. By George, well -- ha, ha. You get it? I think thatís -- thatís great.

Mick: Thanks, Talia. On your feet, buddy, letís go.

George: Oh.

Talia: Mick, you can lose the handcuffs, I'm sure.

George: Mm-hmm. Um -- hey.

Antonio: So did -- did you get ahold of George?

Talia: Um --

Antonio: I'm serious. I want to buy you both a drink.

George: Oh, we'd love to.

Talia: Uh --

Will: Mom, just let me know that you know I'm here.

Will: Itís good to see you.

Bo: Yeah. I just heard. Howís she doing?

Will: She doesnít even know me.

Nora: Is that her doctor?

Will: Yeah.

Doctor: May I help you?

Bo: Yes, this is District Attorney Nora Hanen. And I'm Police Commissioner Buchanan. Whatís Miss Rappaportís condition?

Doctor: Well, I was just explaining to Mr. Rappaport that sheís become increasingly unresponsive.

Bo: Well, she and I knew each other very well. Would it be ok if I talked to her?

Doctor: Absolutely, yes. You can try. Maybe your voice is the one that'll break through. I'm going to make rounds, but I'll be in my office later on if you want to talk further.

Will: Ok, thank you. You know what? Let me try with her one more time.

Bo: Sure.

Will: All right, mom. You donít have to say anything, ok? Just -- here, just -- just squeeze my hand or something.

Nora: You know, if she is faking this, I hope she knows sheís breaking this kidís heart.

Judge: I know I donít have to remind you, Mr. Manning, you're still under oath. Did you give Dr. And Mrs. McBain a check for $10 million?

Todd: Yes, I did.

Judge: Why did you do something like that?

Todd: They're misunderstanding my motives. You see, I was having nightmares for a long time. I was having nightmares about my son, my little boy. And wondering what had happened to him after Spencer Truman kidnapped him. And then when I found out he was just fine, I simply wanted to express my gratitude to Marcie and Michael --

Marcie: That is not what he said!

Judge: Mrs. McBain, please, you'll have your turn. Go on, Mr. Manning.

Todd: Well, as I said, I wanted to express my gratitude for them -- to them. And -- I also wanted to compensate them for the -- the pain that they're going to be going through when my son comes back to me.

Judge: And the marriage to your former wife the next day? What motivated that?

Todd: Well, the oldest motivation in the world. Love.

Judge: You do see that it appears to be rather conveniently timed?

Todd: Yeah, I do. I do, and I -- and I canít say that I wasnít thinking about my son when I asked Blair to marry me. But the truth is, I just want to provide my son with a very warm and stable environment. And itís best to do that, I think, with a woman that -- well, the woman that I've never stopped loving. And I just donít see whatís wrong with that.

Judge: You may step down.

Todd: Thank you. Ahem.

Judge: Mrs. Manning, please rise and be sworn in.

Bailiff: Raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Blair: I do.

Bailiff: Please state your name.

Blair: Blair Cramer Manning.

Judge: Please be seated, Mrs. Manning. Tell me, Mrs. Manning, is love the only reason you entered this marriage?

Blair: Yes. Love is the only reason.

Langston: My mom and dad are good people. They're childrenís rights advocates.

Markko: Yeah? Well, what about your rights, huh? I mean, I've known you since before summer break and they've been gone most of that time. You're not pissed off about that?

Langston: Why should I be?

Markko: Well, every kid I know hates their parents sometimes.

Langston: Well, I donít! And my parents love me.

Markko: Ok. Ok. Look, I just -- I think itís weird that they're never around.

Langston: Well, maybe it wonít bother you so much if you mind your own damn business!

[Slams locker door shut]

Starr: If my dad gets his son back, it doesnít matter what happens after that.

Cole: So you do everything your parents tell you?

Starr: What, you think I'm a robot?

Cole: No, I donít think you're a robot, but your dadís put you through hell this last year.

Starr: And heís tried to make up for it.

Cole: Make up for it? By giving you a little brother? What if heís just using you and your mom and jack just to get what he wants?

Starr: He wouldnít do that.

Cole: Oh, come on.

Starr: You donít want us to get my baby brother back, do you?

Cole: I didnít even say that.

Starr: Well, thatís what it sounded like.

[Cole sighs]

Markko: Women --

Cole: Huh.

Talia: Could you -- could you take him out of here?

George: Hey, what -- what time should I pick you up?

Talia: Oh -- um -- you're going to be spending the rest of the day in the drunk tank.

George: Oh. Well, I -- I guess we'll have to take a rain check then. Hey -- call me.

[Talia chuckles]

Talia: Sorry about that.

Antonio: Well, it just seems like an amateur drinker who had way too many.

Talia: Yeah, I donít really -- I donít know where he got the idea that I was, you know, interested in him. Um --

Antonio: Well --

Talia: So -- you got what you were looking for?

Antonio: Yeah, it was right on top of the stack. So you, me, George -- the real George -- we have a date, right?

Talia: Right.

Bo: Lindsay? Lindsay, itís Bo. Can you say something to me?

Judge: So, Mrs. Manning, it is fair to say you believe your husband has been a good father to your two children, and he'd be a good father to Tommy?

Blair: Oh, yes. I believe that with all my heart.

Judge: Your witness, counselor.

Judy: Thank you, your honor. You say that Todd Manning is a good father?

Blair: Thatís right.

Judy: So your definition of a good father is the man who told you that your son, Jack, was dead, and then gave him away to strangers in a Mexican airport? Is that right, Mrs. Manning?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Talia: I wasnít completely honest about George.

Sarah: Tomorrow night, guess whoís going to light it up. Timbaland.

Blair: Hey! You and me -- we're going to go at it.

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