OLTL Transcript Monday 9/24/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 9/24/07


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Natalie: Well -- wait a minute. Let -- let me get this straight. You knew Jared Banks before he came to town?

Jessica: Oh, well, "knew" is pushing it. We met.

Natalie: But I thought you said you sent him to prison.

Jessica: I did Ė or Tess did.

Natalie: Did he know about you and Tess?

Jessica: I donít see how he could.

Natalie: But you remember?

Jessica: Now I do, when I got integrated.

Natalie: Ok. So, Tess put Jared in prison, and now heís blackmailing you?

Jessica: That about covers it. But how do I break it to Nash that I knew his partner before he bought half of our vineyard?

Nash: You want to tell me why my wifeís picture is your phone screensaver? And when did you take this shot, anyway?

Jared: I didnít. She did.

Judge: How do you plead, Ms. Rappaport?

Will: Mom?

Judge: Mr. Cody, if your client is unprepared to speak for herself, the court will enter a plea of not guilty on her behalf.

Lindsay: No! Thatís not my plea!

Marcie: Lindsay, donít.

Lindsay: I'm guilty.

[Gallery murmurs]

Lewis: Your honor, my client has clearly misspoken.

Lindsay: No, I havenít.

Will: Mom, what are you doing?

Lindsay: I am guilty. I killed Spencer Truman.

Blair: You -- want me to marry you?

Todd: You said it yourself. I need to do whatever it takes to get my son back, even if that means marrying you.

Nash: This picture -- this was taken a long time ago. This was taken when Jessica --

Jared: She called herself "Tess.Ē

Nash: You knew Tess?

Jared: Who didnít? Your wife got around.

Nash: Wait a minute -- and you followed her here? You sick son of a bitch. Thatís what this has all been about? The poker game, the buying the vineyard, the -- the -- the job at B.E. -- so you can get next to my wife?

Jared: You're half right.

Nash: Jessica is not Tess.

Jared: No?

Nash: No.

Jared: Let me tell you something, Nash. That night at Roxyís, I knew I could beat you -- why? Because when you told me you were married to Tess -- oh, excuse me, Jessica -- I knew you were a chump.

Nash: The woman you knew --

Jared: Made a fool out of me like sheís making a fool out of you. She sent me to prison, Nash! You know what itís like to sit in a cell because some self-centered woman had nothing better to do? She set me up for kicks. Yeah, and ok, I fell for it. But she moved in like a bitch in heat. Oh, yeah, you want to hit me? Yeah, go ahead, huh? I've been through worse, thanks to her.

Nash: Please -- you're talking about my wife.

Jared: Your wife set me up, called the cops, and then she took a picture on my phone so I could see her laughing at me! Thatís why I'm here -- to wipe that smile off her face.

Nash: If you go near my Jessica --

Jared: You're going to what, kill me? Get sent to prison yourself? Trust me, Nash, sheís not worth it.

Jessica: Nash, donít!

Nash: Ah!

Lewis: Lindsay, letís take a moment and think about this, ok? Sit down.

Will: Mom -- Mom, I donít understand. Doing this? What are you doing?

Roxy: What the hell is going on here? Lindsayís supposed to be innocent, and I got a stack of t-shirts that says that she is.

Rex: You're worried about your bottom line?

Roxy: Well, listen, I'm always concerned about my weight, but I'm really worried about Lindsay. Why'd she have to kill Dr. Devil? What'd he ever do to her?

Marcie: Somethingís wrong, Mike.

Michael: Marcie, donít.

Marcie: No, Mike, look -- she was supposed to plead not guilty. Why would she change her plea?

Will: This your idea, Nora? Huh? You convince her to take a plea?

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order!

Cristian: Will --

Judge: Sit down, sir!

Will: Did you?

Judge: Sit down!

Lewis: Lindsay, listen to me. The only -- listen. The only chance you have is to enter a plea of not guilty. I know this is frightening, but we have a case, and itís no time to give up now.

Judge: If I might interject --

Lewis: I'm sorry, your honor, I just need a moment with my client.

Judge: The horse has already left the barn, Counselor. Letís clear this up right here and now. Ms. Rappaport, are you aware of the consequences of entering a guilty plea at this time?

Lindsay: Yes, your honor.

Lewis: Your honor, I must insist to have a moment with my client.

Will: Mom -- Mom, donít do this.

Lindsay: I'm sorry, honey. I couldnít let Marcie lose Tommy. Heís everything to her, like you are to me.

Judge: Ms. Rappaport --

Lindsay: I killed Spencer Truman, your honor, and I would do it again.

Lewis: Your honor --

Judge: Ms. Rappaport, I must caution you, anything you say here can be used against you.

Lindsay: It doesnít matter about me. Itís about Tommy and Michael and Marcie. Thatís why I picked up the scissors. Thatís why I stabbed Spencer.

Lewis: Your honor, my client is obviously confused. If she did, in fact, stab Spencer Truman, it was in defense of Blair Cramer, who was about to be raped, possibly murdered. In which case, Dr. Trumanís death, while unfortunate, was justified.

Nora: Your honor, this is an arraignment --

Lewis: And my client is not guilty --

Nora: Not a summation.

Judge: And I'll entertain a plea, Mr. Cody, not an argument.

Lindsay: But I wasnít defending Blair. I killed s to keep him from talking.

Woman: What?

[Gallery murmurs]

Blair: I know what this is. This is a Tea Delgado.

Todd: I beg your pardon?

Blair: When you were trying to get custody of Starr, and you paid that -- Tea Delgado $5 million to make you look less like a self-centered punk, and more like a parent.

Todd: Well, it worked like a charm, though, didnít it? I won.

Blair: And that is why I will never marry you. That gloating face of yours.

Todd: Not now. Hey --

Blair: What?

Todd: That was the old Todd. He had a different face. The new Todd -- the new-and-improved Todd doesnít gloat, wouldnít think of gloating.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: The new Todd is all about humility and gratitude.

Blair: Oh, humility? From you?

Todd: All right, gratitude. But listen, this is a -- no, hey, look. No, really, this is a slam dunk. Because, A, we've been married before, we know how to do it. B, we got a built-in family. So the judge sees us, heís going to love us.

Blair: "Love us, love us"? I mean, thatís a brilliant, interesting choice of words there, Todd -- he'll "love us."

Todd: Well, I donít care how he really feels, as long as he gives me my son back. And with you on my side, itís a -- itís a --

Blair: I have not agreed to do this, thank you.

Todd: But you said you'd help me, didnít you? And this is what I need.

Blair: Yeah? Well, whatís in it for me?

Todd: Well, the satisfaction of knowing that you did a good deed, and -- and the satisfaction of knowing that you made me happy.

Blair: Hmm -- see, now, I was thinking more along the lines of dollars and cents.

Todd: You want me to pay you?

Blair: Mm-hmm. You paid Tea 5 million for Starr -- I think little Tommyís probably worth at least that much, donít you think?

Todd: I'm not going to pay you to marry me! What do you think I am?

Blair: I think you're desperate.

Jessica: Stop it, stop it!

Mac: Break it up! Break it up!

Natalie: Hit him, Nash!

Mac: Get out of here, both of you!

Natalie: Donít think that I wonít. Itís all right, Mac. I can handle these two.

Mac: Not tonight, Natty. You guys get out of here before I call the cops.

Natalie: You heard Mac.

Mac: Come on.

Nash: Oh --

[Nash chuckles]

Jessica: Nash -- no, no, no, no, no! Wait! Leave him alone.

Nash: Butt out, Jessica. This is between him and I.

Jared: Yeah, you want some more? Come on!

Natalie: Ok, do you think that Jessicaís kidding? This is a cop bar! Ok? Heís got L.P.D. on speed dial.

Jessica: Whatís going on?

Nash: Whatís going on? This guy has a picture of you on his phone. He says that you -- well, that Tess put him in prison.

Jared: You want to tell him, baby, or should I?

Jessica: Ok, itís -- itís ok, itís ok!

Natalie: Nash!

Jessica: Itís ok!

Nash: Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Itís not ok. Everything. The poker game, the vineyard, the job at B.E. -- itís all about you. This guyís obsessed with you.

Natalie: Ok, why don we just call it a night?

Jared: Oh, and miss the heartbreaking confession scene?

Jessica: Shut up. Listen, we'll just talk about this at home, ok?

Jared: Word of warning -- your wifeís got a major tell -- if she gets naked, sheís lying.

Natalie: How dare you!

Jessica: Itís ok, Natalie.

Nash: Is it true?

Jessica: I tried to tell you.

Nash: Tried to tell me when? He "knew" Tess?

Jessica: Yeah.

Blair: So you want me to marry you? Turn my life upside down? Turn the lives of our children upside down? All for nothing, when the going rate for something like this is $5 million?

Todd: Thereís no going rate for something like this.

Blair: Going, going, gone.

Todd: Oh, come on. Why donít you look at it like itís a favor?

Blair: A favor? A favor is an mp3 player in a goody bag, Todd. This is a marriage. This is a hardship, and we're terrible at it. You know that. I know it, and the kids know it, and thereís no reason to go down that road again. Itís not fair to anybody.

Todd: But this isnít a real marriage.

Blair: It doesnít matter. We're terrible at it. We're not even fake-married now and we're fighting. Why donít you think about our kids? I mean, Starr might be able to wrap her head around it, but Jack -- he wouldnít. Heís going to think we're getting back together for real.

Todd: Well, I'll talk to Jack.

Blair: No, you wonít talk to Jack.

Todd: Well, you know what?

Blair: Hmm?

Todd: If you donít marry me, I may never get to talk to him again.

Blair: Oh, come on.

Todd: No, listen. If that judge rules I'm an unfit father, I might lose him, I might lose Starr. Is that what you want?

Blair: Thatís not going to happen, Todd, because I'm never going to keep you from your kids, ok?

Todd: Oh, but thatís not up to you. Listen, just marry me. Please, please, please.

Blair: Oh, donít do this.

Todd: Yes, please. Blair, look, just marry me. It'll solve all our problems.

Lindsay: I stabbed Spencer Truman because --

Will: Mom, stop. Donít say --

Marcie: Lindsay, shut up!

Lewis: Let me do my job.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order, order! Another outburst, and I'll clear this courtroom. Now everybody, just sit down. Ms. Rappaport, I'll ask you again. How do you plead?

Lindsay: Guilty, your honor.


Nora: Your honor, the people request a recess so that we can determine how to proceed.

Lindsay: I donít want a recess, I want to tell the truth. I need to tell the truth, now, all of it! Please, your honor.

Judge: You do realize that everything you say here would become part of the legal record?

Lindsay: Yes. Yes, I understand.

Judge: All right. But in the interest of justice and brevity, I'll ask the questions. You said that you killed dr. Truman to keep him from talking. About what?

Lindsay: He knew something. Something that could hurt a lot of people.

Judge: Could you be more specific?

Michael: If Todd finds out that Tommy is his son, we will lose him.

Rex: Howís he going to find out? As long as we keep quiet?

Michael: Spencer knows. You think heís going to keep quiet?

Lindsay: Spencer knew that Tommy -- the little boy that Michael and Marcie McBain adopted -- he knew that Todd Manning was his biological father.

[Gallery murmurs]

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order, order. Thatís a matter for family court. This court is only concerned about matters that pertain to Dr. Trumanís death.

Lindsay: But thatís why I killed him. Because he -- he had information that was going to destroy Michael and Marcie.

Judge: And how did you happen to find out that Dr. Truman knew this secret, Ms. Rappaport?

Michael: Spencer knows about Tommy.

Rex: But as long as he doesnít say anything, no one will ever know.

Michael: It'll break her heart, Rex. If Marcie loses Tommy, it will break her heart.

Lindsay: I heard some people. They were talking about how Spencer knew about Tommy, so I decided that I would go to Spencer and beg him not to say anything. But he laughed in my face. And he said that he was going to tell and that he was going to wait for the worst possible moment so that he could cause the most pain. Donít you see? I had no choice. I had to kill him.


Blair: Todd, before you panic yourself into marrying me, why donít you just wait and see what the judge has to say, ok?

Todd: Oh, no, no, no, it has to be before the next court appearance because it has to look -- as you say, it has to look real. And the judge has to think that you coming to my corner has -- has -- has rekindled the -- you know, the kindling.

Blair: And you just burst into flames?

Todd: It could happen. I mean, not to us, but -- but to people.

Blair: Oh. , Todd, say, um, I agree to this completely ridiculous idea. We get married, but you lose custody. Then what happens?

Todd: Get an annulment.

Blair: Ok. And what if it works?

Todd: Then I was right, as usual.

Blair: And then what?

Todd: I -- I guess we have to continue to pretend.

Blair: For how long?

Todd: Hmm. Well, letís see -- my boyís 2 now, so -- 16 years? And if the McBains want custody when heís 18, they can pay for college.

Blair: You want me to pretend to be married to you for 16 years? Are you out of your mind?

Jared: So the little lady comes clean.

Natalie: Hey!

Nash: You disrespect my wife one more time --

Jessica: Itís ok, itís ok, itís ok.

Nash: No, itís not ok! All right? Whatever happened doesnít give him a right to talk to you like that. You understand that?

Jared: Whatever you say,

Nash: Oh, God -- why didnít you tell me about this before?

Jessica: I didnít expect to come home from London and find out that Jared Banks was your business partner. I mean, I turn around and heís standing in our living room. I didnít know what was going on. I -- I didnít know why he was here, I didnít know what he wanted.

Jared: You knew exactly what I wanted!

Nash: Shut up. When did you meet him?

Jessica: I -- Tess met him, before she met you. She was in Atlantic City, and Jared was tending bar at a casino.

Jared: Whew. Whoa.

Tess: Hey, tight pants.

Jared: [As Travis Bickle] What, you talking to me?

Tess: Why, you worth talking to?

Jared: [Normal voice] What can I get you?

Tess: Something dirty.

Jared: Uh-huh.

Jessica: I was drinking a lot those days. I wasnít myself.

Nash: Really? So what happened then?

[Jared sighs]

Jared: So are they dirty enough for you?

Tess: Never. Hmm.

Jared: You want another, or are you ready to cash this in?

Tess: Do I look like the type of girl who cashes it in?

Jared: I donít know. We just met.

Tess: Well, I'm just a girl next door. You know, sweet, honest, and true.

Jared: Uh-huh. Yeah, right.

Tess: Mm-hmm.

Jared: So whatís it going to be?

Tess: Hit me again, bad boy.

Nash: Did he use the key?

Jessica: Yeah.

Marcie: Mike? She shouldnít have said anything.

Michael: Maybe she just couldnít live with herself anymore.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Ms. Rappaport, would you like to continue? We can adjourn and take this up at another time.

Lewis: Your honor, I'd like to call Ms. Rappaportís physician.

Lindsay: No! Thatís not necessary. I'm fine. I would like to continue, please, Judge Shriver.

Judge: All right. Now, you told us why you thought it was necessary to take Dr. Trumanís life, that you were trying to prevent the loss of custody that you assumed would result from the disclosure of the childís parentage.

Lindsay: No, thatís not it. And, I -- I donít want Marcie and Michael to lose Tommy, but this is not about custody. Itís -- do you have children?

Judge: Ms. Rappaport, if you could stay on point --

Lindsay: But that is the point. Our children are so precious to us. I had a daughter who was taken from me. She was murdered by a bitter man who was trying to hide his secrets.

Judge: Ms. Rappaport, the point?

Lindsay: Yes, the point -- heís such a wonderful little boy. They're such wonderful parents. Heís so good and confident, happy. And he had such a rough start. And I'm afraid -- I'm afraid if heís taken away from them, that heís never going to recover. So you see, like I said before, I went to Spencer and I asked him to keep the secret. Spencer was still in the hospital.

Ofc. Prescott: Ms. Rappaport is here to see you.

Spencer: By all means, show her in.

Ofc. Prescott: Ma'am.

Spencer: You know, I donít think Ms. Rappaport means me any harm. Do you, Lindsay?

[Spencer sighs]

Spencer: So, now that we're alone, to what do I owe the pleasure? A little art therapy, perhaps? Finger painting? What -- what do you got in mind, Lindsay?

Lindsay: He was crazy like a fox. I have a question for you.

Spencer: Fire away.

Lindsay: What are you going to do about Tommy McBain?

Spencer: So you know about little Tommy, do you? Well, you better not let it get out. I donít think Marcie would ever get over it. Losing a son. You know, Tommy, all of that boundless enthusiasm. You know Todd would make short work of him, donít you?

Lindsay: I told him everything, how Marcie couldnít have any more children of her own, and how much they loved him. I begged him not to tell. Please, Spencer, nobody has to know. Todd already has two kids. Let Michael and Marcie keep Tommy.

Spencer: It hurts -- losing a child, doesnít it?

Lindsay: More than anything. But you can keep that from happening. All you have to do is forget what you know. Do something good for someone else.

Spencer: I -- I want to help you, Lindsay, I -- I really do. But the thing is, Todd Manning and John McBain have everybody talking about putting me in the nut house! So if I donít get to have a happy ending, they donít, either.

Lindsay: We are talking about an innocent little boy here!

Spencer: Toddís son, innocent? Listen, I'm no geneticist, but I do know this much -- mix one part Todd Manning, one part Margaret Cochran, and what do you have? A nasty little creature.

Lindsay: Not if Tommy and Marcie raise him.

Spencer: You know, the old nature-versus-nurture argument, Lindsay. Toddís genes trumped by Marcieís home cooking? Canít wait to see what happens to the little brat when we throw him into Toddís orbit.

Lindsay: Spencer had a plan. He was going to wait a few years until Tommy was able to speak.

Spencer: Full sentences like, "Mommy, donít let them take me, Mommy." "Daddy -- Daddy, I want to stay with you, Daddy. Please, Daddy, donít let him take me. Donít let him take me, Daddy. Mommy, Mommy, no! No, Mommy."

Lindsay: He wanted to hurt everyone -- Michael, Marcie, Tommy, and Todd. I couldnít let that happen. It was up to me. I had to shut that bastard up before he destroyed everyone that I loved.

Natalie: Well, no matter what Tess did when she was in control, itís water under the bridge. Jessicaís not that person anymore.

Jared: I donít care what she calls herself. The truth is out -- I was there.

Nash: And you were there with someone who doesnít exist anymore. So what happened next? Just tell me.

Jessica: I got the maid to let me into a room and I waited and sure enough, an hour later --

Jared: Is this yours?

Tess: Arenít you the boy scout.

Jared: You owe me for three drinks.

Tess: Is that why you're here?

Jared: I donít know -- you tell me.

Tess: Well, that depends. Do you want money? Or company?

Jared: Hmm.

Nash: So you had sex with him to cover a bar tab?

Jessica: No. Tess had sex with him because thatís what she did.

Todd: I'm not going to touch you, if thatís what you're worried about.

Blair: So nobody touches me -- for 16 years? Oh, do you have any idea of what you're even asking?

Todd: It wasnít that bad.

Blair: The only part that wasnít "that bad" is something that now you say is off-limits. This is a charade, Todd. We have to move in together, go out on dates, smile.

Todd: All right, so you wonít do it?

Blair: I didnít say that.

Todd: So you will do it?

Blair: Well, I didnít say that, either.

Todd: Well, what are you saying?

Blair: I'm saying I have my terms.

Lindsay: If he had just kept quiet. Oh, Marcie, donít cry. You have to be strong -- for Tommy. You have to fight for him. Promise me you wonít lose Tommy. I lost Jen, you canít lose Tommy -- it wouldnít be fair. And, will? Just stay strong. I didnít mean to hurt you, son. I love you.

Adriana: Someone should stop this. Sheís losing it.

Lindsay: Rex, I never would've let you take the fall -- or you, Michael. Or Marty. Or anyone. Thatís why I kept the dress -- so that if you arrested anyone else, I would've been able to prove that it was me. I am guilty. I did it. I killed Spencer Truman. I went into the hospital room. The curtains around her bed were drawn. I saw the scissors on the floor. And I picked them up, but I donít know why. And then I heard something coming from behind the curtain. So I opened them.

Blair: Help! No!

Lindsay: And Blair was wearing -- wearing a wedding dress.

Blair: No!

Spencer: No, itís true --

Blair: No, no --

Lindsay: He was going to rape her, and I knew what I had to do. I lifted up the scissors and I stabbed him. No! No!

Spencer: You!

Lindsay: And then I did it again. No! Oh! And again -- and again -- and again.

Lindsayís voice: No!

Lindsay: I killed Spencer Truman! His blood is on my hands.

Todd: You got terms?

Blair: Several.

Todd: Hmm. Can I hear them?

Blair: Well, if this is going to work, Todd, itís got to look real.

Todd: Well, thank you very much -- itís duly noted.

Blair: First, you have to treat me with respect.

Todd: I always treat you with respect.

Blair: Stop talking. I'm talking. You have to act like a real husband.

Todd: You -- you want me to shovel the driveway?

Blair: We have people for that. You have to be kind and affectionate.

Todd: Ok. Kiss on the cheek once in a while -- got it.

Blair: Carry my luggage, my bags, open doors for me.

Todd: I thought we had people for that.

Blair: Look into my eyes when people are looking. Hold my hand, laugh at all my jokes.

Todd: But you're not funny.

Blair: Fake it. Come on, Todd. Do you want this to work? Itís got to look real. You donít think Marcie and Michael are going to be following us around, taking notes, looking at us? We have to look like the happiest couple on the earth. We got to look like newlyweds.

Todd: All right, it'll look like love. Is that a yes?

Blair: Yes. I'll marry you.

Todd: Fantastic. I'll call my lawyer.

Blair: Wait, wait. I'll marry you on one condition.

Jared: Before you go and forgive her, maybe you should hear the rest of the story.

Natalie: Hey.

Jared: Oh, thatís right -- everyone protect the princess. What about me, huh? Oh, donít get me wrong -- we had a fun time that night. We had a really fun time, but I paid for it. Tess? Hang on.

Officer: You Jared Banks?

Jared: Yeah. Whoa, whoa -- whatís the prob-- what --

Officer: You're under arrest.

Jared: For what?

Officer: For burglary.

Jared: What -- what? I didnít steal anything!

Officer: These yours?

Jared: No! This isnít my room! This -- itís -- Tess, her nameís Tess!

Officer: This is a hotel comp room which you know because you work here.

Jared: No -- I met this girl at the bar, her nameís Tess. I'm telling you, sheís the one. Tess! And how about the cherry on my sundae? Tell them about your little calling card.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Nash: So you took the photo?

Jared: Then what'd you do, Jessica? The fun part, that put me in lockup for two years?

Jessica: Two years? I had no idea.

Jared: Yeah, well, what did you think was going to happen?

Jessica: Well, it was -- it was a Tess prank. I -- I thought you'd be in jail for a couple of days and you'd go on with your life.

Jared: Oh, yeah, yeah, it was a hell of a lot more than a couple of days.

Jessica: I didnít know! Thatís a terrible thing. I -- you have every right to be angry with me.

Jared: Why? What did I do to you?

Jessica: Nothing.

Jared: Tell them what you did.

Jessica: Oh. I took watches and jewelry and money from guests in the hotel and I put it in the room.

Jared: Uh-huh. And then what'd you do? Tell them!

Jessica: I went down to the bar to get a drink and there was a phone, a house phone.

Tess: Security? I just thought I'd give you a heads-up. If you get any calls from guests missing wallets or watches in the last hour or so, I just thought that you should call the guy in room 1345.

Jared: That phone call ruined my life. I lost my job, my car -- everything. I spent two years in prison, two years because of you!

Nash: Ok. Tess did what she did and there is no excuse for that. But what you're doing -- coming in the back door like this -- vineyard -- why couldnít you just have come to us and talked to us and tried to work this thing out?

Jared: Negotiate, with the woman that hijacked my life and hung me out to dry?

Nash: Point taken.

Natalie: Why did you go after me?

Jared: Because I needed a job, ok? Before all this, I was working, getting my M.B.A. I'm legit, or I "was." Now I've got a record. Whoís going to hire me, huh?

Jessica: Ok -- what do you want, Jared? Revenge?

Jared: No, I'd say "payback" is a better word.

Nash: What does that mean?

Jared: It means you're going to make it up to me.

Lindsay: "Free." I'm finally free.

Will: Mom, Mom? Mom?

Marcie: Are you all right?

Will: Somebody get some water!

Marcie: Lindsay, itís Marcie -- can you hear me?

Will: Somethingís wrong.

Marcie: Lindsay?

[Music plays]

Todd: I already met your terms.

Blair: Uh -- you met my terms, but you didnít meet my condition. I want the Tea Delgado.

Todd: No, no, no, no, no.

Blair: No, I'm not giving you 16 years of my life for a little less on the cheek, Todd. I want $5 million or you can roll the dice.

Todd: You're out of your mind.

[Blair chuckles]

Blair: Is that a yes?

Nash: What kind of payback are we talking about?

Jared: I'll explain. And if Jessica or Tess -- or whatever she wants to call herself -- doesnít like it, I'll be happy to have the Atlantic City P.D. explain it to her.

Lewis: Your honor, given my clientís condition, I'm asking that she be remanded to St. Anneís for a full psychiatric workup before sentencing.

Judge: Ms. Hanen, any objections?

Todd: Now whoís smug?

Blair: Is that respectful?

Todd: Fine -- 5 million.

Blair: In my bank account before we say "I do."

Todd: God, you're a -- real treasure.

Blair: You're absolutely right, schnookums.

Judge: Ms. Hanen, does the commonwealth have any objection to Ms. Rappaport receiving a psych evaluation at St. Anneís?

Nora: No, your honor, I do not object.

Judge: I'm ordering that the defendant, Lindsay Rappaport, be remanded to St. Anneís for observation. Any action by this court will be postponed until receipt of the psychiatric report, at which time a new date will be set for sentencing. We're adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise.

Marcie: Lindsay? Lindsay, itís Marcie. Can you hear me?

Bailiff: Court is adjourned.

Marcie: Lindsay, everythingís going to be ok, ok? I promise.

Will: Can I go with her, please?

Officer: Go on.

Will: Ok. Come on. Ok? All right? Ok, I got you. Come on. Itís ok.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Cristian: You sure you want to go?

Sarah: Are you saying you donít want me to?

Dorian: Lindsayís breakdown is all Noraís fault.

Rex: I just realized whoís responsible.

Adriana: Who?

Rex: Me.

Jared: You set me up, I went to prison, and now you owe me.

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