OLTL Transcript Friday 9/21/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/21/07


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Todd: I can give you enough money to buy 10 babies -- 10! I have lots of money. By the way you're dressed and the looks of this place, you guys donít have any money. I'm going to give you a lot of money. You're going to give me my son. Itís a fair trade, isnít it?

 [Phone chirps]

Jessica: Whew.

Natalie: Hey, Jess.

Jessica: Hey.

Natalie: I was just emailing Mom.

Jessica: Oh, you heard from her?

Natalie: Yes. Actually, she wrote all of us a few minutes ago from Paris.

Jessica: Really? What is she doing there?

Natalie: Uh -- sightseeing, enjoying the cuisine, having a good old time.

Jessica: Really? Was this planned?

Natalie: No -- spur of the moment. Itís not like her, right?

Jessica: No, but itís good that sheís doing things like that.

Natalie: Jess, whatís up? Is something wrong?

Jessica: Um -- no, no. I -- I was just giving more thought to the Jared Banks situation -- you know, how he wanted a job here.

Natalie: Yeah?

Jessica: Well, I think you should give it to him.

Nora: "And I can now tell the court with assurance, your honor, that Lindsay Rappaport did indeed have a motive for committing this heinous crime. She made the grim determination" -- thatís just -- you know what? Thatís wrong, thatís wrong. Itís too flowery -- keep it simple, simple, simple, simple, simple. "She -- she decided in order for el custody of their son, Tommy" --

Will: Nora?

Nora: "That she would have" -- hi, Will. I thought you were going to get something to eat.

Will: Oh, yeah. I -- I never made it to the diner. I ran into R.J.

R.J.: And neither one of us had much of an appetite once we started talking about Lindsay.

[Nora sighs]

Nora: I'm sorry. I -- I wish things were different.

Will: Then make them different, Nora, ok? Itís your job to prosecute Mom -- I get that, I do -- but do you have to throw the book at her? I mean, especially now since sheís -- sheís not doing so well. You could make this easier on her.

Nora: How? I mean, what do you suggest that I do, Will?

R.J.: Just let her go.

Blair: Lindsay, you donít have to go to prison for killing Spencer. Thereís a way for you to beat this and I'm going to help you do it.

Lindsay: Whatís the catch?

Blair: All you have to do is help Todd.

Todd: Come on, now -- donít think too hard about it.

Michael: My gut is telling me to kick your ass. So get out of my house before I do.

Marcie: No, wait. I want to know how much we're talking about here.

Todd: Well, I'm here to negotiate.

Marcie: Well, we are talking about Tommyís life, so itís going to cost you big bucks.

Todd: Well, thatís why I brought the big checkbook. Let us start the bidding.

Sarah: And you would not even believe how quiet I am. I donít even own an electric toothbrush.

Layla: Sarah --

Sarah: No, no, seriously. And -- and I'm not a partier. I mean, who would I invite, right? I donít really know anyone. And no boyfriend, so already thatís an improvement.

Layla: Ok, um, this is all moving a little fast for me.

Adriana: Because we sprung it on you. I'm really sorry, Layla.

Rex: Hey, blame me -- I'm the one who stole her away.

Layla: Yes, you are, Balsom -- thank you so much!

Vincent: Look, you and Adriana were the best of roommates, and I'm sure the two of you are going to miss each other, ok? But I believe Sarah here -- sheís trying to do the right thing for you.

Layla: I know, I know. Itís just I'm not good at making decisions on the fly.

Sarah: Hey, no pressure, no pressure. It was just a thought, a very intelligent, great, wonderful thought.

Layla: Uh --

[Vincent chuckles]

Layla: Ok. I'm taking a poll here. What do you all think?

Adriana: Go for it.

Vincent: Hey, why not?

Sarah: Exactly. Why not? Trial basis. If it doesnít work out, kick me out.

Layla: Well, Cristian? You lived with her.

Lindsay: So you have the power to clear me of Spencerís murder.

Blair: Yes, I do.

Lindsay: And in return?

Blair: All you have to do is persuade Michael and Marcie to let Todd have his son back.

Lindsay: Go away, Blair.

Blair: Oh, come on, Lindsay. Just hear me out, would you, please?

Lindsay: I've heard enough. I am not going to betray that family.

Blair: Come on, Lindsay. Now, we both know what itís like to lose a child. And they are going to lose Tommy. No judge is going to rule against Todd -- heís the biological father and they took his son away from him against his will.

Lindsay: And thank God they did. Tommy might not be alive if Todd had gotten his hands on him.

Blair: Oh.

Lindsay: And what judge do you think is going to grant him custody of a child whose life he almost snuffed out before it began? And if Todd had a lock on this child, if this was a done deal, you wouldnít be here begging me for my help.

Blair: No, I'm trying to make you see the big picture here. You have an opportunity ea the inevitable. And you can get free, or you can stay here while the authorities tear that child kicking and screaming from their arms. Because either way, Todd will get his son back. Come on. You can help yourself and help Michael and Marcie at the same time -- before itís too late.

Michael: Tell me that you're not really considering this. Tell me, please, that you are not really considering selling our n!

Marcie: Michael, I think Todd makes a very good point. Look, we are barely making ends meet on our salaries. You donít get a bump in your salary until you're out of residency. I think it would be a good --

Michael: This is our kid!

Marcie: Idea to listen to what Todd is offering to us. After rent and bills and student loans, we are broke. Michael, we're broke. You now, think about all that money, all that money -- we could adopt other children just like Todd said.

Michael: You would take this bastardís money?

Marcie: We're just talking. We are just talking -- thatís all we're doing.

Todd: Well, we're just talking. How much do you want?

Marcie: How much are you offering?

Todd: 100,000.

Michael: Thatís it? I've heard enough -- get ---

Todd: No, no, no. Wait, thatís just a --

Michael: Get out of my house, now! Go.

Todd: Thatís just a starting point -- 500,000.

Michael: Please -- please leave.

Todd: 750,000 --

Michael: Please -- I -- please, leave my house now.

Todd: A million dollars, Marcie.

Marcie: You're off by a decimal point.

Todd: $10 million.

Marcie: Make the check out to Marcie and Michael McBain.

Todd: Done.

Nora: I care about both of you very much, and I know that this is difficult, but you donít seriously expect me to drop the charges on a whim?

Will: A "whim"?

Nora: Well, then, what -- are you, what -- you want me to give Lindsay special consideration --

R.J.: No, no. We just donít want you to go too far in the other direction.

Nora: Oh, I see -- ok. So, you think I'm out for revenge here -- I'll try not to be offended by that.

Will: No, we never accused you of anything, Nora, ok?

Nora: Hard to tell on that one, Will.

Will: Ok, we're not, all right? We're just asking for your consideration when it comes to bail so that we can take care of Mom at home before the trial.

Nora: Will, you know your motherís history. Lindsayís a flight risk.

R.J.: I told you sheís changed. And will and I can be responsible for her.

Roxy: Oh, "be responsible" -- hey, count me in. So what do you think? Hey, you got two pillars of the community and one incredible hunk with implacable taste. How much more responsible can you get?

Layla: Well, Cris, are you going to answer my question? Does Sarah make a good roommate?

Cristian: Um --

Rex: Whoa, look at the time. We better get a move on -- Lindsayís arraignment.

Adriana: Right.

Cristian: Oh, thatís right -- I got to go, too.

Sarah: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. No, you donít, not until you tell Layla what a good roommate I am.

Rex: How about we meet you there?

Adriana: Mm-hmm. Yeah, we'll see you -- bye.

Cristian: Yeah, sure.

Layla: Lay it on me, Cristian. Does Sarah make a good roommate? Is she the roommate from hell?

Cristian: She keeps a pretty clean bathroom. She never leaves towels on the floor. She takes out the garbage without being asked. And if she finishes the O.J., she usually buys a fresh carton. Sheís ok -- good, actually. Sheís good, as far as roommates go. See you guys later.

Sarah: Wait. Cristian?

Layla: This may work out.

Vincent: Well, that is until she figures you out.

Layla: What?

Vincent: When was the last time you hung a towel on a rack, Layla Williamson?

Sarah: Oh, what was all that about -- the towel and the -- the juice and the garbage?

Cristian: I was just trying to help you build up your rep. If she buys it, you're going to have to live up to the hype -- maybe a little food shopping once in a while. You're welcome.

Sarah: Ok, all right. I owe you with my life.

Cristian: I just want you to keep your promise, all right? You got a week to book a big-name talent in this place.

Sarah: Donít you worry about that.

Cristian: Clockís ticking. Huh.

Nash: Guy from the bank just dropped those off.

Jared: Time to make it official.

Nash: You know, itís not too late to walk away. I wouldnít hold it against you.

Jared: You're just looking out for me, huh?

Nash: Well, hey, I'm just telling you, you know, running a winery --

Jared: Oh.

Nash: Could save yourself a lot of headaches by backing out now.

Jared: Tell me about it --

Nash: Thank you.

Jared: Yeah. Vendors.

Nash: Hmm -- distributors.

Jared: And the tourists.

Nash: Laborers.

Jared: And the bellyaching co-owners.

Nash: Oh, worst of the worst.

Jared: Could be worse, right? Mean, we are starting to get along ok, arenít we?

Nash: Hmm -- so far.

Jared: You know, Nash, you and I arenít so different. We had to make it on our own with nobody elseís help.

Nash: Yep -- both eyes-on-the-prize kind of guys.

Jared: Neither of us are going to stop until we get it.

Nash: Hurrah.

Natalie: Whoa. Should I feel your head?

Jessica: No, I told you I'm fine.

Natalie: So this 180 about Jared Banks is just you being weird and unpredictable?

Jessica: No. I thought about it some more and I changed my mind. I think you should hire him.

Natalie: Why?

Jessica: Well, did -- did you even give him a chance when he came in for an interview?

Natalie: Uh -- I thought we discussed this. It was more like an all-out assault rather than an interview.

Jessica: Thatís because you gave him attitude.

Natalie: Hold it right there. I gave "him" attitude? The man barged into my office without an appointment.

Jessica: That shows initiative.

Natalie: And he -- he lied about knowing Grandpa. He acted like he was Grandpaís protťgť or something.

Jessica: No, he respects Grandpa, which is a prerequisite for working here.

Natalie: Jess, the manís resume was a total piece of fiction.

Jessica: Which shows that he is creative and can think outside the box.

Natalie: And heís cocky and heís a loudmouth and heís smug and I just plain donít want him in my face, and now all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you do, so whatís going on? Why do you even care?

(Upbeat jazz music playing)

Nash: I almost forgot -- now that you're a part-owner, you are a part-owner of these.

Jared: Bills?

Nash: Hmm, I warned you. Careful what you wish for.

Jared: These are just first notices.

Nash: Yeah -- so?

Jared: So we donít have to pay these for six months, maybe more if we give them a good sob story.

Nash: I like your thinking.

Jared: Never pay now what you can afford to pay later. Page 102, "The Art of the Steal: "Big Business by Asa Buchanan."

Nash: Oh, what, do you got that book memorized?

Jared: Uh -- most of it. He was a genius.

Nash: So I keep hearing.

Jared: Heís my hero, you know? He started with nothing, totally broke, worked as a ranch hand, then he got into the oil business and ended up outsmarting all his competition, built an empire.

Nash: Well, it sounds like he was an inspiration to some. At least we got his book.

Jared: Yeah.

Nash: Pick one up.

Jared: Well, and if that fails, we always have Jessica.

Jessica: Can we not make a federal case out of this, Natalie?

Natalie: Ok. You ask me to hire an obnoxious creep and I'm just supposed to act like itís normal, no big deal?

Jessica: Uh -- hmm. I was just offering you some advice, thatís all.

Natalie: About personnel decisions at B.E.?

Jessica: I -- I'm not allowed to show an interest?

Natalie: Ok, this might sound a tad hypocritical coming from the newest addition here, but since when do you give a ratís bind about what goes on at B.E.?

Jessica: Actually, that sounds extremely hypocritical.

Natalie: Really?

Jessica: Yeah.

Natalie: So you think that I'm a fraud working here, too?

Jessica: I didnít say that.

Natalie: You didnít have to, because thatís what everyone in this damn building that doesnít have the last name "Buchanan" thinks, and you know what? I'm sick of it. I mean, you have no idea -- thereís not a day that goes by that I donít think about quitting.

Jessica: What do you want me to say?

Natalie: I donít know. I donít know -- say something like you feel the same way sometimes at "The Sun" or "Banner"?

Jessica: Well, yeah, I guess so. I just donít care.

Natalie: Yeah, well, neither do I -- most of the time. I mean, I come in at 7:00 a.m., I leave at midnight, I'm working on the weekends. I mean, I do everything I can to prove that this is just as much my company as anyone elseís, but I'm not going to let a bunch of gossip stop me.

Jessica: Good for you.

Natalie: But it would be nice not to have to hear it from my sister.

Jessica: Natalie -- stop it -- I'm your biggest supporter, ok? Always.

Natalie: Really? Then why do you want me to hire this jerk Jared? And, please, donít tell me that itís because you changed your mind. Something else is going on here, so whatís up? Whatís in this for you?

Blair: You know, Lindsay, this could be your last day behind bars. It could. I could go to Nora right now, get you out of this mess.

Lindsay: How?

Blair: Well, Marty Saybrooke said that she saw Spencer try to hurt me. I'll say that you saw it you tried to stop it. When you got in the way, he tried to kill you, so you'll get off on self-defense. It'll all be over with.

Lindsay: Just like that?

Blair: Yeah. I'll testify that I just now realized that I woke up and saw it all, that all the trauma -- you know, I just blacked it out and now I remember it, you know, after you were arrested.

Lindsay: Recovered memories?

Blair: Reasonable doubt. Nora wonít have a case. We'll put it all over "The Sun." Heck, half the town is, like, calling for your release now anyway. She'll have to do whatís right.

Lindsay: I donít care what happens to me. The only thing I care about is that the baby gets to stay with the parents who love him.

Blair: Oh, really? Well, thatís a new one for you, isnít it, Lindsay? Because you didnít give a damn about Matthew when Nora was pregnant with him, did you?

Lindsay: How dare you bring that up!

Blair: I bring it up because Bo didnít even know he had a son for years and they were trying to do the same thing to Todd!

Lindsay: Itís different! I'm different!

Blair: Oh, you are? Really? You know, I thought the death of your beautiful daughter made -- made you see t light. The horrible murder of Jen may have changed you, but, no, you're still the same selfish, wicked woman you always were.

Lindsay: Donít say that -- itís not true.

Blair: Well, then prove it. Lindsay, prove it. Put that baby back where he belongs, please.

Michael: Please, honey, this is insane, ok?

Marcie: Michael, Michael, Michael, this -- this is the best thing for Tommy.

Michael: I -- I donít agree. I'm sorry, I -- I donít agree with you. I donít think we should go this way. You heard the judge -- we could actually win this thing.

Marcie: We might not win this thing, Michael. Our chances arenít very good here. This is the best thing for it'll save him a lot of hurt down the line -- just think about it.

Todd: Yes. Listen to your wife, Michael. Sheís a very wise woman.

Michael: We're not taking your money.

Marcie: Michael, please.

Todd: Do you want me to cross your name off?

Marcie: Michael? Just listen to me. Ok? Just listen to reason.

Michael: Reason? Reason? Marcie, you are talking about putting a price -- excuse me -- on our sonís head.

Marcie: Look, I donít want to -- I donít want to do that, either, ok? But I think itís time that we face reality of the situation here. He is willing to give us all this money. We could do so many wonderful things with that money. Michael, we could adopt. We could adopt 10 kids if we wanted to, just like Todd said.

Todd: $10 million buys a lot of babies -- and places to put them.

Michael: Thatís sick.

Todd: No, come on. You guys could be the Brangelina of Llanview.

Michael: You know, why donít you shut the --

Todd: Oh! Watch your language, sir. My baby is in the house. Here you go. Happy?

Marcie: No.

Todd: Well --

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: All right. Then just -- just give it some time, let the interest grow, take a cruise. You'll think less about my son that way. Is he in here, by the way? No, you got to give me my son or the dealís off.

Marcie: There is no deal. It was dead from the get-go.

Jessica: I'm doing this for Nash.

Natalie: Wait a minute -- you want me to hire Jared Banks because --

Jessica: To keep him out of his hair. You know? Heís already causing problems. You know, heís hovering, heís micromanaging. Nash finally almost got to own his dream that he had before we ever even met, and now he has to deal with some idiot partner? I'm just trying to give my husband a break.

Natalie: Ok. Why donít you just hire him at "the sun"? You have a hell of a lot more clout there than I have here.

Jessica: Oh, he doesnít know anything about journalism.

Natalie: And he knows more about business?

Jessica: Well, Todd would rip him to shreds.

Natalie: And I'm such a pussycat? I mean, come on, Jess, we're talking about me here. This is my job at stake. I would do anything to protect that, and I can be a real bitch. You know that.

Jessica: I know, but you can also be really kind and generous and -- will you please just do me this favor?

Natalie: No.

Jessica: No?

Natalie: Jess, I would do anything for you, and you know that, but this just doesnít make any sense, and I donít see how it benefits anyone.

Jessica: Natalie, canít you just trust me? I wouldnít ask you if it wasnít really, really important to me.

Natalie: Well, if itís really, really important to you, why donít you give me the real reason? Because I still donít believe you.

Jessica: Ok, all right. All right, I'll tell you. Jared is blackmailing me. And if I donít give him what he wants, then heís going to send me to prison.

Sarah: Hey, this ok? And if you two want to be alone, I can --

Vincent: Ahem.

Layla: Oh, no, no, no, itís fine. But arenít you on shift?

Sarah: Well, you know, taking a little break. But between the three of us, I will have a much more important job here soon, so you're going to have to be nice to me.

Vincent: Ah. What kind of job?

Sarah: Booking. I'm taking over for Cris, bringing in new talent. How awesome is that?

Layla: Wow, I had no idea Cris was looking to farm that out.

Sarah: Yeah, well, you know -- so, when can I move in? I'm free tonight.

Layla: Donít push it, Sarah.

Sarah: What? I thought this was all good.

Layla: Itís my apartment and my decision. Adriana hasnít even moved out yet, and I donít know if I even want you to live with me.

Roxy: Hey.

Will: Hey. I like your shirt.

Roxy: I made it myself. You know, to the average Joe, I sell it for about 20 bucks, but for Lindsayís hottie-hot lawyer -- I'll give it to you for 15.

Will: I'm not her lawyer, I'm her son. We've met.

Roxy: Oh. Oh, man, I must have been asleep at the bar. Kind of embarrassing. Um -- well, you can have it for 10. Hey.

Adriana: Hey.

Cristian: Hey, excuse me. Will --

Will: Hey.

Cristian: Good to see you.

Will: You, too.

Cristian: Listen, I'm sorry about your mom there.

Will: Yeah. Well, thank you. I appreciate it.

Rex: We're all here to show our support.

Adriana: Thatís right, and who knows? I mean, maybe when the judge sees how many people are on Lindsayís side, he'll be more lenient.

Will: You know, maybe thereís something we can do to even the odds a little.

Nora: That young man has enough of a struggle ahead of him without being lied to. His last living member of his immediate familyís about to be sentenced to life in prison, and you're telling him she can beat the rap.

R.J.: So I take it you're going for remand.

Nora: Yes, of course I am. I donít have a choice, and you know that. Oh, and no oneís buying that promise of yours that "I'll keep an eye on her." R.J., We all know she had help when she broke out of Statesville a few years ago. Oh, donít be giving me that innocent look. You're just lucky that nobody checked into that whole farce. And donít be making matters worse by trying it again this time.

R.J.: You donít even have a trial date set and you've got her convicted.

Nora: I've seen all the evidence.

R.J.: You know, Lindsay is lucky that the justice system leaves it up to a jury.

Nora: The juryís going to see the evidence.

R.J.: Another overconfident district attorney. You know, and you always underestimate the good will of the people.

Nora: You know, itís like you said, R.J. -- This is about justice, not public relations.

R.J.: Oh, public relations is a part of everything -- life, politics, the law, and in about 15 minutes, you're going to feel its power, when this courtroom is filled to the brim with Lindsay supporters.

Nora: Itís not really going to make that much of a difference to me.

R.J.: Oh, I I mean, unless you have your own slogan-sporting cheering section, hmm? I donít see anybody out there demanding justice for Spencer.

Blair: Look, no matter what you think of Todd, you have to know that he -- he would do anything for his children. They mean everything to him, so please -- please help him get his son back. And, Lindsay, you'll be helping the McBains, too. Because if this keeps dragging out, itís just going to be more painful for them. And -- and it -- most importantly, you're going to be free. And you'll have a chance to redeem yourself for all the pain that you caused Matthew and Bo.

Lindsay: It doesnít matter what happens to me.

Blair: Please, will you just think of Jack and Starr? Thereís a chance that the judge may rule for the McBains and then say that Toddís unfit -- heís an unfit father and he could lose Jack and Starr, please.

Lindsay: I did not create this situation! And neither did Michael and Marcie. Todd has to bear the responsibility of that. Michael and Marcie are Tommyís real parents in every way that counts, and I will "not" lift a finger to take him away from them!

[Door closes]

Officer: You'll have to leave now. Ms. Rappaport has to be removed for arraignment.

Blair: You know why I know that it hasnít hit you yet? Because you're really still trying to be strong and brave. But pretty soon, Noraís going to tell that whole court that you're a homicidal maniac, and you deserve to be locked away forever. Then I think you'll change your mind.

Officer: Time to go.

Todd: All right, you want more money, fine.

Marcie: Take your checkbook and get the hell out of my house! That is what I want you to do.

Todd: Oh, ok. I'll give you a car. 10 cars.

Marcie: Huh.

Todd: My house, anything.

Michael: You sick son of a bitch, did you really believe for one second that we were going to give up our kid for money? For a house?

Todd: A penthouse.

Marcie: We would sooner live out of a cardboard box than hand our son over to someone like you. As long as we have Tommy, we donít care where we live -- or how much money we have, Todd.

Michael: Thatís right. Heís all we need.

Todd: You know, this is $10 million we're talking about here.

Marcie: Yeah. And now we know just how much Tommy is worth to you, donít we?

Todd: Oh, so you're playing me?

Marcie: We wouldnít sell our son for all the money on earth.

Michael: But you know what we can do? We can go to the judge and not only tell him, but show him that you feel differently. You see, if you were willing to give $10 million to us to buy your son, then our lawyer can argue the reverse. Give you $10 million to give up your own son.

Todd: Give me that.

Michael: No. Get out of my use. Now. And if you come back again, I'm going to have the police arrest you.

Marcie: Sorry. I'm sorry -- I am so sorry.

Michael: No --

Marcie: I didnít want you to think for even a second that I would give Tommy up.

Michael: Itís ok, itís ok. Hell, I figured it out after a little while. I'm -- I'm sorry I didnít figure it out sooner.

Todd: What have I done?

Blair: You going to tell me what happened? All right, fine.

Todd: What happened with you?

Blair: You did. I went to Lindsay, told her that I'd testify that I saw her kill Spencer in self-defense -- if she would convince the McBains to give you your son back.

Todd: That was a long shot, wasnít it?

Blair: Yep.

Todd: Worth a try, though.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Sure as hell better than my idea.

Blair: What?

Todd: I tried to buy him back.

Blair: What?

Todd: I just came from Marcie and Michaelís where I offered them lots and lots of money to buy him back. And now, sheís going to go to the judge and sheís going to tell them how much I think my sonís worth.

Blair: No, Todd.

Todd: I'm going to lose him. Of course, I guess you canít lose something you never had to begin with.

Blair: Oh, come on. We'll think of something. We'll figure something out. We always do.

Lawyer: Now, listen -- all you have to do is give your plea when asked. Donít say anything else, ok, Lindsay? Lindsay, you understand?

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Be seated. I will allow those t-shirts for now, but if anyone wears one during the trial, they will be thrown out of this courtroom. You may begin, Ms. Hanen.

Nora: Thank you, your honor. The defendant, Lindsay Rappaport, is charged with murder in the first degree.

Judge: How does the defendant plead?

Nash: Yeah, I donít know if I'd really count on Jessica for help -- not that she wouldnít if we asked her to. Itís just the winery -- itís not really her thing.

Jared: Thatís too bad.

Nash: Why?

Jared: You know, I was just thinking strength in numbers.

Nash: Oh.

Jared: I mean, itís no big deal, and I'll defer to you, of course, but it just seems to me that she has that same grit that her granddad was legend for.

Nash: Yeah, she does. But sheís also got a little girl to take care of, not to mention a career, and the last thing she needs is more responsibility.

Jared: Anything you say. I'll be back in a minute.

Nash: Yeah. Bartender: This yours?

Nash: No. Let me see -- maybe itís my friendís.

Nash: Yeah, thatís his.

Natalie: Jared is blackmailing you?

Jessica: Threatening to send me to prison.

Natalie: How -- why?

Jessica: I did the same to him.

Sarah: Ok, I get it. You're not sure if you really want to live with me. So basically, I just have to talk you into it.

Layla: I donít want to be talked into it. I want to decide on my own.

Sarah: Ok. Well, you canít really decide on your own without knowing me, right? I mean, like first off, I only listen to sic on my earbuds. I never use the kitchen -- except for, you know, to get a drink every now and then. But definitely no cooking, so it'll basically be like I'm not even there, invisible. Perfect roommate, right?

Layla: If you lived in the apartment, I wouldnít want you to be invisible. It would be your place, too.

Sarah: Ok, so I'll make my presence known every now and then -- vacuuming, dusting --

Vincent: Look -- ahem -- sweetheart, shouldnít you tell Sarah here that you and Adriana run your business out of the apartment?

Sarah: Oh. Well, great. I donít have any problem with that. Look, an-- and when Adriana moves out, if things donít work out between us, you can kick me out on my butt, no hard feelings. Ok, ok. Truth? I just really need to get out of Cristian's place. He and I are driving each other up the wall, and any minute now, blood will be shed.

Layla: Ok. Ok. Sold.

Sarah: Really?

Layla: Mm-hmm.

Sarah: Oh! It'll be so sweet!

Layla: Hmm.

[Sarah chuckles]

Layla: Yeah, letís hope.

Sarah: And I promise, rent will not be a problem. I'll always pay on time, cross my heart.

Layla: Hmm, and if it isnít, I know where to find you, cross your heart.

Sarah: So, when can I see the place? Now, please?

Vincent: Uh -- excuse me, sugar? I think your break is just about over.

Sarah: Things are a little slow here, and my boss left early for the day. I donít think anyoneís going to miss me. Plus, I do have a secret project I'll be working on soon.

Jared: I got another quote for you from "The Art of Steal." "Our main business is not to dimly see what is at the distance, but to --" I was wondering where I put this.

Nash: Yeah, and I was kind of wondering why my wifeís picture is on your phone.

Natalie: So you threatened to send Jared Banks to prison?

Jessica: Not threatened, I -- I sent him to prison.

Natalie: So you knew him before?

Jessica: Yeah, I did.

Natalie: Is it too early for a drink?

Jessica: Well, not for you, but it -- ahem -- always is for me.

Natalie: Right, sorry.

Jessica: Ok, I can watch you

Natalie: Good, and you will, while you explain to me what the hell happened between you and Jared.

[Jessica sighs]

Judge: How do you plead, Ms. Rappaport?

Will: Mom?

Judge: Mr. Cody, if your client is unprepared to speak for herself, the court will enter a plea of not guilty on her behalf.

Lindsay: No. Thatís not my plea.

Marcie: Lindsay, donít.

Lindsay: I'm guilty.

[Gallery murmurs]

Blair: You know, you beat me in a custody battle for Starr. If you can beat me, then you can probably beat --

Todd: Wait a minute! Sorry. Uh -- I canít believe it. It was right in front of me the whole time.

Blair: What are you talking

Todd: I know who can help me get my son back.

Blair: Well, who?

Todd: You.

Blair: Me?

Todd: Yes.

Blair: Well, what can I do that I havenít done already?

Todd: Well, actually, you've done this already, several --

Blair: Well, spit it out, Todd. How can I help you? What can I do?

Todd: You can marry me.

On the next ďOne Life to Live" --

Lindsay: I had no choice. I had to kill him.

Nash: This guy has a picture of you on his phone.

Jared: You want to tell him, baby, or should I?

Todd: Marry me. It'll solve all our problems.

Blair: Well, whatís in it for me?

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