OLTL Transcript Wednesday 9/19/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 9/19/07


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Marty: Why -- why did you do that?

John: Just had to get you to stop talking.

[Knock on door]

Nora: Come in.

Matthew: Hey, Mom. Whatís up?

Nora: What the hell are you wearing?

Bo: Lindsay? Lindsay?

Lindsay: Bo. I'm so glad you're here. You donít know what it means just to see a friendly face.

Bo: Well, I brought someone that you're going to be even happier to see. Officer Haskins?

Lindsay: Oh. Oh.

Will: Hey.

Lindsay: Oh.

Will: Hey, Mom.

Lindsay: Oh.

Rex: Well, I've heard about these Cramer family meetings, but I've never actually seen one.

Roxy: They're kind of like apes in their natural habitate -- you know, in the magazine "National Geometric"? Where the two alpha females -- they're working over the younger one, trying to get her to blow off the stud gorilla whoís trying to mate her? Go ahead, look. They're like harpies. They're, like, trying to turn Adriana against you.

Adriana: You cannot be serious, Blair.

Blair: Oh, I am dead serious. You choose Rex over your own family? Well, then you donít have one.

Starr: Ok, Mom, donít you think you're being a little harsh?

Blair: No, I am not. We're "Cramer" women. We stick together. At least thatís what my aunt Dorian always told me -- isnít that right, Dorian?

Dorian: I --

Blair: So whatís it going to be, Adriana? Your boyfriend digs up dirt on Todd -- are you with him or are you with us?

Adriana: If this is how you're going to act, I donít want to be a Cramer woman.

Todd: Your honor, if I may, I'd like to be sworn in.

Judge: This isnít a trial, Mr. Manning.

Todd: I understand that, but I'm taking some pretty serious hits against my character here, and I would like to set the record straight. I'd like to make sure the court understands what really happened, what really took place between me and the childís mother.

Judy: Thatís all a matter of public record, your honor. Mr. Manning is trying to manipulate this court.

Judge: Letís see what heís got. Mr. Manning wants to be sworn in, swear him in.

Todd: I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

John: I thought mike would've called by now. I donít know whatís taking so long.

Marty: Well, it could be a good thing, you know? At least you know itís not a slam dunk for Todd, or else they would've been home by now.

John: Yeah, thatís why Michael left him here -- he was afraid Manning would show up and try to take him whether the judge gave him custody or not.

Marty: Well, that wouldnít be very good for his case.

John: No, he did something like that, it would probably nail it for Michael and Marcie.

Marty: I should probably go.

John: Donít.

Roxy: Things are looking a little hairy over there. You want me to go break it up?

Rex: No, no -- no, no, no, no. Sit. If I thought that Adriana couldnít handle it, I would take care of Blair myself.

Roxy: No offense, baby, but she almost beat the crap out of you.

[Rex gasps]

Rex: I could've taken her.

Roxy: Hmm -- oh, yeah, sure. Did you see the look on her face when she found out that you gave the McBains the ammo to bring Todd down?

Rex: Yeah, thatís because you blabbed it. Donít do me any more favors, ok, Roxy?

Roxy: Well, excuse me, but if you didnít screw up so badly, your mama wouldnít have to come and bail you out.

Dorian: Adriana, you cannot mean that -- that you donít want to be part of the Cramer family.

Adriana: Why not? What exactly has this family ever done for me?

Dorian: We've loved and supported you.

Adriana: When was that? Before or after you stole my trust fund money? Or maybe it was when you hired that stalker who almost killed me.

Dorian: This is not about you and me. This is about family -- our family.

Blair: Yeah, and how you and your boyfriend tried to dig up dirt on Todd.

Adriana: I am sorry if I think that Tommy should be with Michael and Marcie.

Blair: Heís Toddís son, ok? Heís Jack and Starrís half brother -- you got it?

Adriana: I know that, ok? And, Starr, I realize how hard this is for you and Jack.

Starr: No, it is hard for everyone, especially my dad -- and the McBains. Look, I do feel sorry for them, too.

Blair: Well, they shouldnít try to, you know, play dirty with your dad.

Adriana: What were they supposed to do, Blair? Just hand over their son?

Blair: Itís not their son!

Adriana: Tell that to Tommy!

Blair: No, I'm telling you that! You need to back off, Adriana, or I tell you what I'm going to do!

Adriana: Oh, what are you going to do, Blair?

Blair: I'll tell you what I'm going to do!

Dorian: We are in a public place here.

Blair: Stop it!

Dorian: You stop it. Blair?

Blair: What?

Dorian: If that child were yours, believe me, there would be no question where the Cramer family loyalties would land. But the fact is that is not your child and you have no say in the matter whatsoever.

Judge: Is it true, Mr. Manning, on the night of August 29, 2005, you tried to strangle Margaret Cochran in the motel room?

Todd: Yes, but that was self-defense. Morgan: There are court transcripts to substantiate that fact, your honor.

Judy: What about the other two attempts on his childís life?

Todd: Now, look, this is my son. I would never hurt him.

Judy: The truth is you tried to end that little boyís life even before it began, Mr. Manning.

Michael: We are doing what we have to do here, ok -- for Tommy.

Judy: And there is no denying you wanted Margaret dead.

Todd: After everything that crazy bitch did to me, she deserved it.

Nora: Where did you even -- where did you -- where did you get this shirt?

Matthew: Roxy Balsom gave it to me.

Nora: Ok, well, you canít wear the shirt.

Matthew: Why not?

Nora: Because I'm the prosecutor. I -- I'm the district attorney whoís prosecuting Lindsay, and if someone should take a picture of you in this shirt and put it on the newspaper --

Matthew: Oh, who cares?

Nora: The mayor does and heís my boss.

Matthew: Isnít it a free country?

Nora: Well --

R.J.: Well, yeah, it was --

Nora: R.J.!

R.J.: Last time I checked -- that, too.

Nora: Hi!

R.J.: Hey.

Nora: How are -- uh --

R.J.: I'm all right. How are you?

Nora: Well, I'd be better if my son would change his shirt.

R.J.: Oh, come on, Mom. Get with it -- this shirtís a hot ticket. I got Jamie one. I might have to get myself one, too.

Nora: Oh.

[R.J. chuckles]

Matthew: I bet you two want to talk. I'll see you later, R.J.

R.J.: All right, man. You take it easy.

Matthew: I'm going to go show Dad.

R.J.: Uh-huh. Fight the power, baby.

[R.J. chuckles]

R.J.: Thatís a great kid.

Nora: A little opinionated and headstrong sometimes.

R.J.: Oh. Wonder where he gets it.

Nora: Oh, yes. So, you here to talk about Lindsay, I presume.

R.J.: Well, normally, I would never use our personal relationship to pressure you professionally.

Nora: Good.

R.J.: But I'm going to have to make an exception in this case.

Lindsay: You shouldnít be here. I told you not to come.

Will: Mom, how could I not?

Lindsay: I'm fine -- see? You didnít have to make this long trip, Will. Thereís nothing you can do. Boís taking care of everything.

Will: Mom, Mom? Itís fine, itís all right. I want to be here.

Lindsay: I am happy to see you, son. I missed you. Itís been a long time.

Will: I know.

Bo: Will, we're going to let you in the cell so you can have a nice, private meeting with your mom. I'll take responsibility.

Will: Yeah -- thank you, Bo.

Bo: Sure.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order. I want order. That sounds like a confession, Mr. Manning.

Todd: Well, I swore to tell the truth and thatís exactly what I'm doing. Now, Margaret Cochran was deranged, and yes, I did try to kill her. But I want you to understand exactly what she did to me, though. On the day I was to be married, she shows up in a wedding dress to my hotel room and pulls a gun on me.

Margaret: We're just going to go to our special place. We'll be happy. You'll see.

Todd: You're not going to shoot me, Margaret. Next thing I know, she has knocked me out, she drags me out of there, and sheís kidnapped me.

Margaret: This isnít going to hurt a bit.

Todd: Oh -- oh! And she held me for months in this, uh, remote, abandoned cabin, and she tortured me, physically and mentally. And she threatened me and my family -- everyone that I loved, and I did everything I could to get away, and I almost did. I was very close. But she caught me. She drugged me. And she raped me. And thatís -- thatís how my so was conceived.

Judy: Thank you for your honesty, Mr. Manning, but doesnít all of this prove that you hated your son for what happened to you?

Todd: No, no, no. I hated Margaret for what happened to me, and I wanted revenge for all the time she had taken from me from -- from the woman that I loved and from my children. And when she came back to Llanview, yes, yes, I wanted her dead and I tried to kill her

Judy: And your unborn child?

Todd: Now -- oh -- you've got to understand something. I was -- oh -- I mean, I was out of my mind. Do you understand? I'd been tortured, I -- I was -- I was held for weeks, you know, without -- without food or medicine. I was terrified Margaret was going to kill me and go after my children. I was trapped, I was scared out of my mind, and yes, when she arrived, I snapped.

Judy: You didnít snap when you took a boat and rode Margaret Cochran out on to Llantano Lake to murder her. You gave that a good deal of thought Ė

Morgan: Objection.

Judy: Didnít you, Mr. Manning?

Todd: No, no, no, lis-- wait, wait a minute. No, on this point, sheís very right. I did take Margaret out onto the lake with the intention of killing her, but I didnít. I didnít -- I couldnít because she was carrying my child. I stopped myself for him, for my son. That has to count for something.

Bo: Matthew, bud -- hey. Arenít you supposed to be at soccer practice?

Matthew: It got called off, thought I'd stop by and say hello.

Bo: Well, hello. Nice shirt.

Matthew: Thanks. Mom wanted me to take it off.

Bo: Yeah? Well, you know your -- your mom, sheís got a job to do.

Matthew: Well, so do you and you're not telling me to lose the shirt.

Bo: Well, yeah, but I -- you know, your mom and Lindsay, they have a history together. Enjoy.

Matthew: Is that why sheís chasing her?

Bo: No, I donít think sheís chasing her. I -- I think that -- well, I had to arrest Lindsay and hold her in jail overnight -- I mean, you know, and sheís a friend of mine.

Matthew: Thatís got to suck.

Bo: Yeah, it really does, but in this line of work, you have to put your personal feelings aside, just like your motherís doing.

Matthew: What if you canít?

Bo: Well, in my case then, it would be time to hang up the old badge.

Matthew: I'm sorry, Dad -- about Lindsay being in jail and all?

Bo: Hmm.

Matthew: Itís got to be hard after going -- everything with grandpa?

Bo: Yeah, you're right, it is. Itís hard on a lot of people.

Nora: Donít do this to me, R.J.

R.J.: I'm sorry, Nora, but I donít have a choice.

Nora: Oh, but you do -- you could turn around and walk right through that door like you never came in at all.

R.J.: You know I love making you happy, but I canít --

Nora: Oh.

R.J.: Not this time, not till you hear me out.

Nora: Ok. Make it brief.

R.J.: I had hoped that you and Lindsay had put your pasts far enough behind you that maybe you could take it easy on her this time. I mean, you know how rough everythingís been on her since Jennifer was killed.

Nora: Yes, I realize that.

R.J.: Sheís different now. Sheís -- sheís a good woman. Sheís not the same old self-centered Lindsay.

Nora: Ok. How has she changed, R.J.? She was a murderer then and sheís a murderer now, and I'll prove that.

R.J.: Maybe not.

Nora: So what am I supposed to do -- throw out the case because Lindsayís had an epiphany and become a better person who has killed someone?

R.J.: You know how devastated you'd be if -- if you lost Rachel or Matthew.

Nora: My heart goes out to Lindsay at the tragic loss of her daughter -- truly. But the loss of a child does not make an excuse for the cold-blooded murder of Spencer Truman!

[Lindsay sighs]

Lindsay: I really wish you hadnít come here.

Will: You actually thought I'd stay away? I still canít believe they think you killed a man.

Lindsay: Will, they wouldnít have arrested me if they didnít think I was guilty.

Will: Well -- well, from what I've read, you barely even knew Spencer Truman and he was -- he was attacking Blair Cramer when he was killed.

Lindsay: Will, go home. Go back to your life. You have a wonderful job, a home. I want you to go home and I want you to meet a nice girl and marry her and have lots of children and donít let me ruin that.

Will: What are you talking about? You're not ruining anything, ok? I love you, I'm worried about you.

Lindsay: You donít understand. My life is over.

Will: No, itís not, ok? How could you even say that?

Lindsay: When Jen died, part of me died, too. Itís like that when you lose a child.

Will: Believe me, I know, ok? But you still have one. You still have me.

Lindsay: And I love you so much. I am not going to sacrifice you, too -- I'm not worth it. I am not worth that.

John: You sure you donít mind staying?

Marty: No. No. I'm glad you want me to. So, what do you want to do? Uh -- watch TV?

John: Donít have a TV.

Marty: Oh.

[Tommy cries]

John: I think Tommyís awake.

Marty: Yeah, sounds like it.

John: I'll be right back.

[Tommy screams]

John: What do I do?

Marty: Uh -- he probably needs changing.

John: Changing, right.

Marty: Do you want some help?

John: He has pretty stinky pants -- I could use some backup.

[Marty chuckles]

Marty: Glad I'm here.

Roxy: Looks like things are settling down with the Cramer broads.

Rex: Hmm, not so sure.

Roxy: Oh, yeah. They're not yelling at each other or throwing anything. Thatís a good sign, right?

Blair: Todd may be a lousy husband, but heís a wonderful father. Tell them, Starr.

Starr: Ok. Can we just not fight about this? I mean, isnít there a way? This situation is bad enough -- do we have to all go off on each other?

Dorian: Starr is right

Adriana: Blair, you are my cousin and I love you, and I do not want to fight with you. But Todd is a disaster.

Blair: Donít say -- Starr is right here. Donít talk about her father like that -- are you that insensitive?

Adriana: You're right.

Blair: Adriana -- gosh!

Adriana: Ok, all right -- I'm sorry. Starr, I am sorry. I know heís your dad and I know that you love him, but I just canít take his side in this.

Starr: Ok, and I understand that you're friends with the McBains. All right, Mrs. McBain is my favorite teacher.

Blair: Was.

Starr: She is great to me, Mom. Look, if Tommy was any other baby, it'd be different, but he isnít. He is my fatherís son. My dad is not the one who started this whole mess.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Adriana: I know, and neither did Michael or Marcie.

Todd: When I took Margaret out there on that lake, I wanted revenge for all the hell she put me through. I wasnít even thinking about my kid.

Judge: Ms. Cochran was in her third trimester. What do you think was in there -- a basketball?

Morgan: Objection.

Judy: You knew it was a child, Mr. Manning -- your child, and you wanted to get d of that reminder of how he was conceived.

Morgan: Objection!

Judge: Sustained.

Judy: You hated your son for screwing up your life.

Morgan: Your honor, sheís badgering my client.

Judy: You wanted him dead as much as you wanted his mother dead, didnít you? Admit it, Mr. Manning -- just admit it!

Todd: Ok, fine, maybe I did.

Rex: Thanks for not bailing on me.

Roxy: Yeah, like always.

Rex: Hey, whoís keeping track?

Roxy: Look, I'm sorry. I didnít mean to ship you out when you were a kid.

Rex: Donít worry about it. Aunt Corinne was awesome.

Roxy: Yeah, I'm sure she was better than your mommy dearest.

Rex: How many of those have you had already?

Roxy: Itís not the booze talking. I was a sucky mom and nobody can tell me any different.

Rex: Yeah -- ok, you were, but you got better.

Roxy: You donít have to say these things so I'll stop blubbering.

Rex: Look, look, letís just -- letís put it this way. If some crazy blonde is about to pound on me, I'm glad the crazier blondeís my mom.

Roxy: Thatís the nicest thing anyoneís ever said to me.

Rex: Hey, come here.

Roxy: Oh.

Dorian: I'm sorry, Blair, but you're going to have to accept that Adriana is entitled to her opinion.

Blair: I'm sorry, too, Dorian. I'm sorry you had forgotten all your speeches about being a Cramer woman, because according to your definition, Adriana certainly isnít one of them. I'm going to go check on Todd. Come on, Starr. Adriana -- if I find out that Rex has done anything else, heís going to have to answer to me. Come on.

Dorian: Meeting adjourned.

Bo: You're right, son -- I do miss Pa. I know you miss him, too.

Matthew: I think about him all the time. I keep hearing his voice in my head.

Bo: I know -- so do I. Huh. He was crazy about you -- you know that, donít you?

Matthew: Yeah, I was crazy about him, too.

Bo: You know something? I have to go down to the ranch. I got to check on some things down there and also pick up some papers pa left. Why donít you go with me? We can go on a trail ride.

Matthew: Really?

Bo: Why not?

Matthew: And I would miss school, too?

Bo: Oh, yeah. But, you know what? We'd leave today, tonight. We'd -- we'd be there one day, come back the next morning. You're talking about missing school one day.

Matthew: Do you think Mom would let me?

Bo: I donít know why she wouldnít, but I think you ought to run it by her, you know, just in case -- you know, school, all of that.

Matthew: Yeah.

Bo: Ok?

Matthew: I'll be right back.

Bo: All right.

R.J.: When Rachel killed Georgie --

Nora: Oh --

R.J.: You didnít turn her in. You protected her. You ran with her!

Nora: Rachel is my daughter. She doesnít have Lindsayís rap sheet, and I wasnít a prosecutor then.

R.J.: Maybe not. But you know that sometimes people arenít completely responsible for the bad things that they do, and sometimes they deserve a little help.

Nora: Oh, R.J., thatís not even a good comparison.

[R.J. scoffs]

R.J.: You know, I -- I went to visit Rachel recently.

Nora: Yes, I know.

R.J.: Hmm.

Nora: We talk, email.

R.J.: You know sheís there.

Nora: Oh, my --

R.J.: You still have your daughter.

Nora: R.J. --

R.J.: Thatís -- thatís all I have to say, thatís it. Just think about it.

Will: Mom, I know things arenít looking too great right now, but you're going to beat these charges. You will, you're a survivor. Ok? You get through this, and I'm going to be right here to help you.

Bo: So will I.

Lindsay: Is our time up?

Bo: I'm afraid so.

Will: Hang in there, ok? Ok, I'll be back.

Lindsay: Will, forget about me. Live your life.

Will: I canít do that. I love you.

Lindsay: I love you. I love you so, my son. Donít ever forget that. Oh. Ok.

Lindsay: Oh.

Bo: I'm going to be out of town for a day. I'm going to take Matthew down to país ranch tonight. But, hey, Lindsay, I wonít go if you want me to be at your arraignment.

Lindsay: No. I donít want you to stay here on my account. You and Matthew need to go. You need to do this. And thereís no point in you being at my arraignment -- we both know whatís going to happen. Itís no surprise there.

Bo: Yeah, sure. As soon as you plead not guilty, I'm sure that you'll be out on bail, and then you can spend some real time with Will.

Lindsay: I'll be fine, Bo. Donít worry about me.

Bo: Do you need anything, Lindsay?

Lindsay: Not a single thing.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Morgan: Ms. Schulman Brown is putting words in my clientís mouth.

Judy: Those are Mr. Manningís words, your honor -- "maybe I did."

Todd: I love my son, your honor, and I want -- I want him in my life. I want him in my kids' lives. I want to raise him.

Judy: Thatís all very touching, your honor, almost as tong as hearing Mr. Manning describe the horrors of being raped -- ironic, as it is, coming from the ringleader who initiated a gang rape when he was in college!

Morgan: How long are you going to let this continue, your honor?

Judge: Ms. Schulman Brown --

Todd: Yes, I served my time and I was released.

Judy: Which is inconceivable considering the crimes this man has committed since. It is astounding to me that he is even allowed to walk around free, let alone be considered capable of raising a child.

Judge: Ms. Schulman Brown, I'm giving you one last warning. If this continues, I'll have to cite you for contempt.

Judy: I'm sorry, your honor, but I canít help being passionate when it comes to the welfare of a child. My clients -- Marcie and Michael McBain -- have been the epitome of good, upstanding citizens while Mr. Manning has exhibited tendencies of violence whenever heís crossed. Can you really in good conscience give another child to a man who, in addition to a rape conviction, has been arrested numerous times for kidnapping, attempted murder, and most recently, assaulting an officer and breaking out of jail?

Morgan: There were extenuating circumstances, your honor. Mr. Manning should've never been in jail in the first place. The charges were all dismissed.

Judge: But, in light of all this new evidence, there may have been a mistake.

Todd: What? Are you kidding me? Now, thatís total crap.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: I am ordering you to keep your comments to yourself.

Todd: No, like hell I will.

Marty: Heís a -- heís a sweet little boy, happy.

John: Yeah, heís a happy little guy. Hearing should be over soon.

Marty: Do you think the judge will make a decision today?

John: Oh, I doubt it. Child Services will want a full report, but the judge will probably be leaning one way or another.

Marty: You know thereís nothing you can do about it, right?

John: Yeah, thatís the hard part.

Marty: Well, you just need to take your mind off of it.

John: Any ideas?

Marty: You could make me an F-16.

John: Well, whatís the point? I keep making these things, you canít even throw them.

Marty: I can so.

John: Every time, they go straight down.

Marty: They do not -- itís the way you make the airplane.

John: Itís the laws of gravity.

John: All right, come here for a second. Do you have a wrist?

Marty: I do.

John: You got to use it -- itís in the wrist, all right?

Marty: Ooh, a professional plane thrower? All right. See? Itís the plane. Itís not me, itís the plane you made me.

John: Got a lot of work to do with you.

Roxy: You're a good kid, Rex, no matter what anyone says about you.

Rex: What do they say?

Roxy: You donít want to know. But second to starting the hair haven, I think having you was the best I've ever done in my life.

Rex: Gee, thanks, Rox.

Roxy: Well, you know what I mean.

Rex: Yeah, I actually do.

Roxy: Ok. Oh, man, I got a weave in 10. You going to be all right?

Rex: Donít worry about me.

Roxy: Ok. Well, just in case Blair wants to tag off, you call me. Bye.

Adriana: Thanks for standing up for me, Mom.

Dorian: Blair will calm down.

Adriana: Maybe.

Dorian: Hmm. Sheís just very protective of Todd, but she loves you -- you know that.

Adriana: Yeah, but when she --

Dorian: Finish your sentence.

Adriana: I -- I was going to say that when she finds out that -- you know, that Rex and I have not really been fans of Todd for a while -- you know what? Never mind, itís not important. Do minute. I'm -- I'm not exactly a fan of Toddís, either, but -- well, what is it you're not saying?

Adriana: I have to go.

Dorian: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. What is it?

Adriana: It doesnít matter, anyway -- not anymore.

Dorian: Adriana, you knew about Toddís baby, didnít you?

Adriana: Yeah.

Dorian: And Rex? He knew, too? I'm going to take that as a yes.

Rex: Everything ok now?

Judge: One more word from you, Mr. Manning, and I will hold you in contempt. Before I can make a decision, I need time to go over all this material presented by Ms. Schulman Brown. Donít do anything you'll regret, Mr. Manning. Court is adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise!

[Todd sighs] Morgan: If the judge rules against us, I'll file --

Todd: If the judge rules against us, I'm getting myself another lawyer.

[Morgan sighs]

Judy: Letís just leave. Donít say anything to him.

Todd: You know, this isnít over yet, ms. Schulman Brown. One way or another, I'm going to get that kid. Heís going to be mine.

Judy: Is that a threat, Mr. Manning?

Todd: You bet your ass itís a threat. You stole my kid, you son of a bitch, and thereís no way you're going to get away with it.

Bo: Hey. I called the airport, got país jet all fueled up.

Matthew: Mom said yes.

Bo: All right!

Matthew: Dad?

Bo: Hmm?

Matthew: When we get there, can we go camping?

Bo: Yeah -- why not, you know? We'll camp out under the stars, just like I used to do with grandpa and your Uncle Clint. Boy --

Matthew: Who got in more trouble?

Bo: I can tell you some stories -- what?

Matthew: You or uncle Clint?

Bo: I dot know. You know, I think it depends on whoís telling the story. País versions always were a lot different than ours.

Matthew: Yeah, I bet they were the best.

Bo: You know something? You're right, they really were. And I'm going to tell you everything that I remember except, of course, the parts that maybe you really shouldnít hear about.

Matthew: No way -- I want to hear it all.

Bo: Oh, I donít know, I donít know.

Nora: Itís open.

Will: Hey, Nora.

Nora: Will! Oh, my word! No one told me you were coming.

Will: No one knew.

Nora: Ah -- oh! You -- oh, gosh, you look -- you look fantastic.

Will: Yeah, you, too. You, too.

Nora: Oh, well, you know -- long rests agree with me.

Will: I just saw my mom.

Nora: I'm really glad you're here for her. I'm sorry this is happening.

Will: Then drop the charges.

R.J.: Hey.

Lindsay: R.J.

[R.J. chuckles]

Lindsay: What are you doing here? I thought you were out of town.

R.J.: Well, yeah, I was, but I came back as soon as I heard. How are you holding up?

Lindsay: I'm fine. Willís here, you know.

R.J.: Ah.

Lindsay: I told him not to come, but he -- he came anyway. I donít know why he doesnít listen to me.

R.J.: Because he loves you. And heís worried about you because he cares. Hey -- a lot of us do.

Lindsay: I know. I really appreciate that. I just wish people wouldnít go out of their way for me. You know? Thereís really no point in it -- thereís nothing anyone can do.

R.J.: Oh, I think itís a little late for that. I've already spoken to Nora. I tried to get her to take it a little easy on you.

Lindsay: But whatís done is done, and nothing can change it now.

R.J.: Hey, stop it. I donít want to hear you talking like that. I'm not giving up on you, and I'm not going to let you do it to yourself.

Guard: Sir?

R.J.: Yeah, ok. Um Ė well time is up. Look, you take care of yourself, all right? And I'll see you soon.

Dorian: All right, sit down, the two of you. You better listen to me very, very carefully because what I'm about to say could be a matter of life and death. Blair and Todd must never know the two of you knew that the McBains had Toddís baby.

Rex: How do you know that --

Adriana: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Dorian: You cannot tell either one of them, and that means even Blair, because she will never forgive you and she will tell Todd and then heaven knows -- no -- "hell" knows what he is capable of.

Starr: Dad. Hey, what happened?

Blair: Judge didnít make a ruling yet?

Todd: No, but those baby-stealing sons of bitches and their lawyer made me look like a monster. Oh.

Starr: Dad, I'm -- I'm so sorry. But, hey -- the people that love you -- Mom, Jack, and I -- we know better than them. You're a really good person --

Todd: Hmm.

Starr: With a good heart. Donít forget it -- hmm.

Todd: You and your brother Jack give me so much hope, and you guys make me good.

Starr: Hmm.

[Knock on door]

Marcie: Hi.

Michael: Hey.

Marcie: We wanted to come right over and -- um --

Michael: Hi. Marty.

Marty: Hi.

Marcie: Whereís Tommy?

John: Heís -- heís napping. Heís pretty worn out. You should -- hey.

Michael: Hey. Hi.

Marty: Hi.

Marcie: Well, you know, I'm going to go check on Tommy.

Marty: Well, I should let you guys talk. Um --

Michael: Oh.

Marty: Michael, I -- I really hope everything goes well for you.

Michael: Thank you.

John: Here.

Marty: Thanks. Well, I'll -- I'll see you soon, and maybe we can pick up where we left off.

John: Yeah, right. How'd it go in court?

Michael: You know, I donít want to jinx things, but itís looking pretty good that we're going to have a chance to keep Tommy with us.

Todd: After all this time, everything I went through -- to find him, to get him back.

Starr: You're not going to lose him, Dad. You just have to keep fighting.

Blair: Come on, Todd -- Starrís right. You got to forget about what happened here today and you got to figure out what you're going to do next. You got to come up with a plan.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Will: You're taking out the frustration over your own life on my mother!

Lindsay: I donít regret what I did or why I did it.

Michael: Heís rely angry at us and he is going to be looking for something to use against us.

Todd: I think you're right -- I need a plan.

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