OLTL Transcript Monday 9/17/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 9/17/07


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[While playing basketball, Cole thinks of Starr]

Starrís voice: Think you can kid with me?

Cole: Oh -- oh, oh!

Starr: No!

[Starr squeals]

Cole: What are you going -- what are you going to do now, huh?

[Cole and Starr laugh]

Marcie: Was -- was that Tommy?

Michael: Oh, heís sleeping, sweetie.

Marcie: No, I know, but heís usually up by now.

Michael: Yeah, but he had a big day yesterday.

Marcie: I know, but still I'd better go check on him.

Michael: Honey, the baby monitor is right next to the crib. If he was waking up, we would hear it.

Marcie: Ok. We canít let Todd take him away. Michael, we just -- we canít, ok? I --

Michael: I know. I know. But what we got to do right now is we got to try and have some faith in Rex, you know? Because if we can prove that Todd is an unfit parent --

[Knock on door]

[Michael sighs]

Marcie: Oh, good, Rex. You better have something, and it better be good.

Bo: You're back early. I thought you were going to stay in New York for a couple weeks.

Talia: I was, but I -- I -- I needed to come home. I went by the station to check in, and to say thank you for giving me the time off, but you were out.

Bo: Rough being back there, huh?

Talia: A lot rougher than I expected.

Cristian: This feels great.

Antonio: Yeah, they say itís the best thing after a workout.

Cristian: A good sweat after a good sweat.

Antonio: Exactly.

Cristian: You know, they say steam helps heal scars.

Antonio: Yeah, well, they also say some scars never disappear.

Nash: Oh, no, I was going to bring you breakfast in bed.

Jessica: Mushrooms and cheddar?

Nash: Just the way you like it.

Jessica: Awesome.

Nash: Oh -- well, I figured it was the least I could do. You pulled quite a stint --

Jessica: Hmm.

Nash: With Bree last night. What time did you finally get to sleep?

Jessica: Ah, she conked out at about 3:00.

Nash: Ooh. Well, with any luck, she'll sleep in this morning.

Jessica: Oh, I hope so. So what have you got planned for tonight?

Nash: Well, I thought I'd go to the gym, pretend to work out, go for a very long steam in a room full of half-naked boys. Then I'd go to the greenhouse, check on the plants, make some calls.

Jessica: Are you going to see Jared Banks at all today?

Nash: I donít know. I hadnít planned on it. Why?

Jessica: Because we need to talk about him.

Jared: Good morning, Sparky. Did you sleep well? Oh.

Langston: You always do that.

Markko: No, I did it once.

Langston: Once? You interrupt me, like, 10 times a minute.

Markko: Because you keep saying the same thing over and over.

Langston: I happen to care about this a lot.

Markko: And I donít?

Langston: Starrís my best friend. This is going to Ė

Both: Change her life.

Langston: You need to stop doing that.

Markko: All right, look, I'm sorry. I feel for Starr. But what about Mrs. McBain? I mean, that kid might be Starrís brother, but --

Langston: Mrs. McBain is Tommyís mom, I know.

Markko: Itís really sad, whatever happens.

Langston: Yeah. So, why'd you drag me in here, anyway?

Markko: Why do you ask so many questions?

Natalie: Oh, God, no, donít tell me I -- I didnít. I didnít.

Jared: Well, I got the whole thing on video if you want to see it. Or we could just rerun the action live.

Natalie: Ok -- get away from me.

Jared: Oh, God, you're a little cranky this morning. You were a hell of a lot friendlier last night.

[Jared chuckles]

Natalie: Donít you dare say that to me.

Jared: Yeah, well, not saying it doesnít make it not true.

[Jared sighs]

Natalie: Are -- are you trying to tell me that we --

Jared: Go on.

Natalie: We --

Jared: "We" what?

Natalie: No, no. This is not possible.

Jared: Yeah, well, you're waking up in my bed, arenít you?

Natalie: Ok, so what. That doesnít -- that doesnít mean anything. Because I was in bed with you, it doesnít mean anything.

Jared: Really? Then everything I've learned in my life is a lie.

Natalie: But I wouldnít, I couldnít -- and I didnít do anything with you. Did I?

Jared: Would you like me to describe your hidden birthmark?

Natalie: I donít have a hidden birthmark.

Jared: No, you do. But considering where it is, you've probably never seen it.

Nash: You're right. We do need to talk about Mr. Jared Banks.

Jessica: Do you really trust him?

[Nash groans]

Nash: Well, I donít think he cheated in the poker game, if thatís what you mean. But I do think that he is an opportunist and a very smooth talker. Definitely.

Jessica: Well, is that the kind of person you want to be in business with?

Nash: Actually, it is.

Michael: Courtís going to be in session in an hour, man. We donít have a lot of time.

Rex: Cut me some slack, will you? I've been up all night pulling this stuff together.

Michael: Yeah, well, I just talked to our lawyer. Sheís on her way. So what do you got here?

Marcie: Wow, what is all this?

Rex: Well, you wanted me to find everything I could to make Todd look like an unfit father, right?

Marcie: Yeah.

Rex: Well, by the time your lawyer gets done presenting this to the judge, he'll rule that Tommy would be better off with Jack the ripper than with Todd.

Marcie: No, no, please, Rex -- please, do not joke. Right now, I canít handle that.

Rex: No, I'm not trying to be funny. I'm just saying that thereís enough right here to make Todd look like a monster.

Todd: Well, itís good to see you, but shouldnít you be in school?

Blair: She has a little bit more time before homeroom.

Starr: Yeah, I -- I just wanted to see you.

Todd: But I have to be at court soon, though.

Blair: She knows, Todd. She knows everything.

Starr: Well, about the baby. Your baby. I -- I canít believe it. I canít believe that heís alive. I -- I canít believe who he turned out to be.

Todd: And do you think he should be with the McBains?

Langston: So you're just not going to answer my question?

Markko: I forgot the question.

Langston: Why are we here, Markko?

Markko: Why do you think?

Langston: Oh, this is seriously annoying.

Markko: And so is the question.

Langston: It was a perfectly normal question.

Markko: Not when you know the answer.

Langston: Why would I know the answer?

Markko: Ugh. Ok, I guess if we keep fighting, we're not going to have any time left before class.

Langston: Time for what?

Markko: For this.

Bo: Back in New York -- I canít imagine what that was like for you.

Talia: New Yorkís such a great city. Itís just so full of life and energy.

Bo: I know you had to give testimony, but what else did you do? Did you -- did you see friends?

Talia: Yeah, I did. I went by my old precinct. Saw some coworkers who were still there. And the wall of pictures of the friends we lost.

Bo: Well, when that happened, I read the papers every day, and every day, there were stories in there about the people that -- that were victims of the attack. And how they lived their lives, and -- I tried to read all of them that I could. Out of respect.

Talia: I did that, too. You know, the day after I visited my old precinct, I went down to ground zero for the annual reading of names. Hard to imagine anything ever being there. You know? Let alone what happened. Sir, I kept -- I kept having these flashes of memories. They kept coming into my head. Like the fire. The -- the second plane hitting. People jumping. And then the buildings coming down -- I -- huh -- it was so surreal. It was almost as if I --

Talia: Those towers, sir -- itís like they were touching heaven.

Cristian: You're right. Some things do stay with you forever. Even so, as soon as you stop looking back, it does get easier.

Antonio: You're doing a good job.

Cristian: Let me guess. You're talking about Capricorn, right?

Antonio: I couldnít have hired a better manager.

Cristian: Huh. Donít you mean you couldnít have hired a better manager whoís also your brother?

Antonio: Hmm -- yeah, I guess that narrows the field a bit, doesnít it?

Cristian: Well, hey, I hope that means I'm getting a raise.

Antonio: Well, stranger things have happened.

Cristian: Well, to tell you the truth, I'm going to need a raise if you start taking the cost of broken glasses and returned drinks out of my paycheck.

Antonio: You're talking about Sarah Roberts.

Cristian: Anyone complain?

Antonio: Well, letís just say I'm going to have to put in a dry-cleaning allowance into the budget.

Cristian: Sheís trying, Antonio, and she really needs this job.

Antonio: Hmm.

Cristian: And sheís not a bad kid. Sheís just a little headstrong.

Antonio: Hmm.

Cristian: And stubborn.

Antonio: And you're forgetting clumsy.

Cristian: Right. You're not thinking of firing her, are you?

Antonio: No, no, not me. Thatís what I hired you for, man. You're the manager. Itís your call.

Cristian: Good. Thanks.

Antonio: Sure. Howís Evangeline?

Cristian: The same.

Antonio: Nothing -- nothing new?

Cristian: No. I mean, Layla sees her just about every day. She keeps me filled in.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Cristian: You know, I really donít feel like talking about it.

Antonio: No, I -- I understand. I -- I have some good news, though.

Cristian: Oh, yeah? I could use some.

Antonio: I sold my -- my share of Nashís vineyard.

Jessica: I just donít understand why you'd want to go into business with somebody that you canít trust.

Nash: Did I say I couldnít trust him? I donít think I said I couldnít trust him.

Jessica: Well, you havenít said anything positive about him.

Nash: Ok. Heís smart, and resourceful.

Jessica: Resourceful?

Nash: Resourceful.

Jessica: Resourceful, as in he lied to my sister and faked a resume to get a job?

Nash: Smart, resourceful, and ambitious.

Jessica: Why are you defending him?

Nash: I want to know why you're attacking him.

Jessica: I just donít want you to go into business with somebody who you canít trust to watch your back. And maybe there are things that you donít know about him.

Nash: Like what?

Jessica: Like why is he in Llanview?

Nash: Well, as far as I know, he came here because he wanted a job at Buchanan Enterprises.

Jessica: And he didnít get that, thanks to my sister.

Nash: Right. And then he fell into a poker game and won some money.

Jessica: Your money.

Nash: Thank you. Yeah, his money now.

Jessica: Ok, well, he used that money to become your partner.

Nash: He did. Jessica, I appreciate you looking out for me and worrying. I do. But itís not like I picked this guy out. Antonio sold him 51% of my business, and the last time I did the math, that means that heís got the controlling share. And since he is my partner, I'm making the best of it. All right? The last thing I want to do is piss him off.

Jessica: Why do you care?

Nash: Because if I piss him off, he can sell the controlling share to anybody. And you know what that say. The devil you know --

Natalie: So, are you -- are you telling me --

Jared: No, I'm not telling you anything. Because I donít know anything. Maybe you got a birthmark. Maybe you donít.

Natalie: Are you -- are you saying --

Jared: Nothing happened.

Natalie: How do I know that you're telling me the truth?

Jared: Did you wake up with a smile on your face?

Natalie: No. With a headache.

Jared: Well, there you have it.

Natalie: Did we, or did we not have sex last night?

Jared: Not.

Natalie: Ok.

Jared: Oh, but we did get pretty hammered, though, because as you can see, we tore up the room.

Natalie: Oh, my God -- what was I thinking? Why would I do something so stupid? With you!

Jared: Oh. No offense taken. But as I recall, through the inebriated haze, you were upset about some ex-boyfriend kissing with some --

Natalie: Oh, God.

Jared: Woman you canít stand.

Natalie: Oh, now itís starting to come back to me. Oh -- oh, my poor head. Ugh.

Jared: I'll get you an aspirin. You want two or three?

Natalie: Two or three what?

Jared: Aspirin.

Natalie: Oh -- uh -- I donít care. Just hurry.

Natalie: Whew.

Jared: Hereís your aspirin. I only had two left, sorry. What you need is a hair of the dog. But we killed that bottle last night.

Natalie: Thanks. I'm never drinking again. Could you please put some clothes on? You're not impressing anyone.

Jared: No? It means you still wonít hire me? I mean, considering that we broke the ice and slept together last night.

Natalie: Uh -- I donít think so. And all that happened is that you got naked and got into bed with me.

Jared: Ah.

Natalie: Thatís all we did -- sleep.

Jared: Hey, Sparky -- you party like a rock star.

Natalie: You ainít seen nothing yet. Oh.

Michael: Is this stuff all true?

Rex: Every bit of it.

[Knock on door]

Marcie: Ms. Brown, come on in.

Judy: We've got to be in court in an hour.

Marcie: I -- I know, but Rex just came over with a stack of evidence against Todd.

Michael: Judy, Rex Balsom. Rex, this is Judy Schulman Brown. Sheís our attorney.

Rex: Nice to meet you.

Judy: I've been going over court transcripts from Todd Manningís trials, researching some of the custody disputes for precedents. I've already come up with a lot of material, but I'd like to see what you've got.

Marcie: Ok. Can I get you a cup of coffee, or --

Judy: Please -- cream, no sugar.

Michael: You know what? I'll -- I'll get the coffee, ok?

Marcie: Ok.

Michael: Yeah. Rex?

Rex: No, thanks, I've already six espressos.

Marcie: Um -- look, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything you've done for us. I really do appreciate it.

Rex: Yeah. I donít want you to lose Tommy, but --

Marcie: What?

Rex: Some of this stuff is pretty damning. And like I said last night, if the judge rules Todd to be an unfit father --

Marcie: Yeah, then we get to keep Tommy.

Rex: And Todd might lose custody of Starr and jack.

Marcie: I know. Rex, I do know that. And I know how hard itís going to be on those kids, I do, and I wish that it were different. But you know what? They're going to have their mother and they're going to have each other, so my only concern right now is our little boy, ok? That is all that matters to me right now. That Michael and I -- we keep Tommy.

Todd: Honey, I know that Mrs. McBain is your favorite teacher.

Starr: Yeah, she is. I love Mrs. McBain. I love Tommy. I -- I was his babysitter.

Todd: Yeah, but you're not just his babysitter anymore, are you? You're his sister.

Starr: I know that I'm his sister, dad. Thatís what I was trying to say. I feel bad that Mrs. McBain has to lose Tommy, has to lose her son, but -- but thatís just it. As bad as I feel for Mrs. McBain, heís not her son, heís yours, and you're my dad, and I am going to stand by you, always.

Cole: Whoa, hey! Why donít you guys get a room, huh?

[Cole chuckles]

Langston: What are you doing in here?

Cole: I was just shooting some hoops before class.

Langston: Did you talk to Starr this morning?

Cole: Yeah, she -- sheís heading down to the custody hearing today.

Langston: This whole thing is so sad -- I mean, not even for Starrís dad, but Mrs. McBain and little Tommy?

Cole: I know, and to make it worse for Starr, sheís actually kind of cool with Mrs. McBain.

Langston: I know. I mean, how could she be happy having a little brother knowing Mrs. McBain is that kidís mom?

Cole: Yeah, I just hope she doesnít get caught in the middle of the fight between Mrs. McBain and her dad.

Blair: Well, we should get going. We can drop you off at school on our way to the courthouse. What do you say?

Todd: You're still coming?

Blair: Of course I am.

Starr: And I'm going to go, too.

Blair: No, sweetie. Itís your second day of school. I donít want you behind.

Starr: Mom, this is my family -- I need to be there!

Blair: Starr --

Starr: Langston said that she will take notes for me and I can copy them later. I need to be there with Dad. Please.

Blair: Come on.

Todd: I'd like her to be there, actually.

Starr: Thank you.

Blair: All right. Ok.

Todd: Ahem.

Starr: Good. Thank you.

Blair: Well, listen, um, I want to talk to your dad a minute, all right? Do you mind?

Starr: Yeah, I'll -- I'll just wait downstairs.

Blair: Thanks.

Todd: Thanks, kiddo.

Blair: Um --

[Door closes]

Blair: I just wanted to say something. I really hope that you will try to control yourself, please, Todd, in front of the judge today, please.

Todd: Thatís asking a lot.

Blair: Just do it for your children. Do it for all of them.

Judy: I donít see a date on this one.

Rex: Oh, I had to make a copy of it. The date was on the back. Turn it over, I wrote it down.

Judy: "July 16, 1998."

Michael: Yeah, well, our -- our lawyer is here right now and we're working on a few strategies. No. No, definitely. I mean, the DNA is going to prove that Tommy is Toddís son -- biological son. You know, but -- but we're -- we're working on a few things and we might be able to delay or even possibly prevent Todd from getting custody. No. No, thanks, I -- no, I appreciate it, but thereís actually something more important that I need you to do. Could you watch Tommy while we're in court? Well, because if heís with you, nobody can get to him. We know heís safe that way. Yeah. Yeah. I'll -- I'll drop him off in 10 minutes, ok? Donít worry -- we'll include the instruction manual. John? Thanks. Listen, we should probably get a move on.

Judy: You're right.

Michael: Do you think that any of this stuff here -- do you think itís going to help?

Judy: Huh. I think itís going to cut Todd Manning off at the knees.

Marcie: Miss Brown, may I ask you a question? Um -- if Todd Manning is declared an unfit parent, could the court order him to stay away from his other kids?

Judy: Itís definitely a possibility.

Marcie: Oh, God.

Judy: We're fighting for your little boy, Marcie, and sometimes when you go to war, thereís collateral damage. Itís unavoidable.

Talia: The people who werenít there that day canít possibly understand. They canít -- huh. I mean, I know everyone was affected by the images they saw on TV -- I know. But to have actually been there, trying to save people, trying to reach them, get them out.

Bo: You know, when I -- when I got back from Vietnam, I had some good friends that didnít make it back. I used to wonder, why them, not me. I think we all tend to do that -- itís survivor guilt.

Talia: Yeah, but I keep asking myself if I -- if I had just gone a little bit further, you know, taken a few more risks, I mean, could I have saved more people? Maybe even one more? And, you -- and the more I ask myself that question, the more I think the answer is -- itís yes.

Cristian: Nash was upset that you sold your part of the vineyard -- why? Why the hell would he want to stay partners with you?

Antonio: No, he doesnít. He -- he wanted to buy me out.

Cristian: Did he have the cash?

Antonio: Yeah -- no, he did, but -- but he was late. Now he thinks that I -- I sold the vineyard out from under him.

Cristian: Well, hey, you had every right.

Antonio: No, I know. I -- I donít owe him a thing.

Cristian: Who'd you sell it to?

Antonio: Some guy named Banks.

Cristian: Banks -- donít know him.

Antonio: No, neither do I. All I know is that he had --had the money and wanted to buy my property, so I sold it to him.

Cristian: Do you think this Banks guy is going to mess with Nash?

Antonio: You know, I really donít care if he does or not.

[Door opens]

Antonio: If he does, he -- so be it, he deserves it.

[Door closes]

Nash: Wow. Tell me what you really think, Antonio. Donít hold back.

Cristian: Nash, I donít think you want to be here right now.

Nash: Yeah. Well, I came in here for a steam, but I guess it can wait, huh? Second thought, you know what, Antonio? Thereís something I really need to say to you.

Jessica: Hey.

Natalie: Hey, is it ok if I just drop in?

Jessica: Yeah, I was just straightening up, Breeís at the sitterís. You look awful. Huh.

Natalie: Yeah, I probably look a hell of a lot better than what I'm feeling right now.

Jessica: Ok, come in, come in. Please.

Natalie: Are you alone?

Jessica: Yeah, sure. Whatís up?

Natalie: I just didnít want to go home in case mom was back.

Jessica: Um -- you didnít want to go "home"? So you didnít sleep at Llanfair last night?

Natalie: Um -- no.

Jessica: Ok, whatís up? Spill it.

Natalie: Whew. I went out with Miles.

Jessica: You slept with Miles?

Natalie: No. Ok, just let me finish.

Jessica: Sorry -- go on.

Natalie: We went to the docks and -- I saw John and Marty kissing.

Jessica: Oh, Natalie. I'm sorry.

Natalie: Yeah, I know. I -- I know that John and I are broken up and everything. Itís just -- I donít know. You know, Marty, I canít stand her. Just seeing them together, seeing him with her --

Jessica: Uh, I am so afraid to ask, but -- what did you do?

Natalie: I got pissed and ran off.

Jessica: With Miles?

Natalie: No.

Jessica: Oh, good.

Natalie: No, I -- huh -- wound up at Jared Banks' motel room, got really drunk, and I spent the night with him.

Bo: I know how driven you are, how dedicated you are, and I know that there are people that are alive today because of you. Nobody could've saved everyone.

Talia: Well, maybe one more.

Bo: You did what you could, everything you could.

Talia: Thank you, sir. Huh. I'll try to believe that.

Bo: You think you'll be going back any time soon?

Talia: Mm-hmm, I have to. I have to visit my friends at the precinct. They were so brave that day.

Bo: So were you.

Talia: And the sacrifices they made -- it'll always be with them. Those memories -- they change you forever.

Bo: I know. I'm glad you're back.

Talia: I'm glad I'm back, too, sir.

Antonio: I'm not interested in anything you have to say, Nash.

Nash: Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. See, as much as I really, really did want that vineyard all to myself, I think this Jared Banks guy, I -- I think itís going to work out really well.

Antonio: And I should care because?

Nash: I just thought you might like to know.

Antonio: Yeah, well, I -- anything else?

Nash: Yeah. Wouldnít it be nice if -- if maybe somehow, someday you and I could be polite with each other when we cross each other in the street or in a steam room?

Antonio: Hello, Nash. Goodbye, Nash.

[Door closes]

Cristian: You handled that well.

Antonio: Ah. Man, that guyís a piece of work. You know, lifeís too short, Cris. I got to put what happened with Jessica in the past and move on -- like you said.

Cristian: Yeah, but can you do that?

Antonio: Huh. Do I have a choice?

Jessica: You slept with Jared Banks? Oh.

Natalie: Uh -- technically, not biblically. We just got really drunk and I woke up in bed next to him.

Jessica: Well, how do you know nothing happened?

Natalie: He told me, although he was naked, but he said thatís the way he sleeps.

Jessica: Ok, were all of your clothes on, Natalie?

Natalie: Some.

Jessica: Oh, my God, Natalie!

Natalie: I know. It was really awkward.

Jessica: Oh, you think?

Natalie: You know, and then he actually had the gall to ask me for a job -- again. Oh, my God -- my headís killing me. Anyway, I just didnít want to go home and deal with Lois' third degree. And I sure as hell couldnít go to work looking like this.

Jessica: Yeah, barfing on clients would be a bad thing right now, I guess, huh?

Natalie: Yeah. So, look, my headís -- my head feels like itís going to explode. Do you think maybe I could --

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, you can crash here as long as you want, Natalie. I have to check on some things in ďThe Sun" anyway, ok?

Natalie: Ok.

Jessica: Ok, aspirins are in the cabinet, there is ice in the freezer for your head if you want it, and I'll see you later. Bye.

[Door slams]

Natalie: Ah!

Markko: You know, this may not be what you want to hear, Cole, but I hope Mrs. McBain gets to keep her son.

Langston: Me, too -- in a way. I mean, I feel for Starr and her family, but Mrs. McBain is in love with that little boy.

Cole: No, I'm saying, I mean, heís probably better off with the McBains, but heís still Starrís little brother.

Langston: I know itís tough. We should get going, though. We have to get to class.

Markko: Oh, yeah. See you, Cole.

Cole: All right. Hey, work out after school?

Markko: Yeah.

Cole: All right.

Langston: Oh, are the boys getting all cut and buffed?

Markko: Well, better than fat and flabby.

Langston: "Fat" and "flabby" are the same thing.

Markko: Uh, no, they're not.

Langston: Yes, they are.

Markko: No, they're not, you freak.

Marcie: Oh -- Judy, Judy? Are you sure that you have everything that you need?

Michael: Honey? Relax, everythingís going to be ok.

Todd: Hey.

Blair: Ok, Todd?

Todd: Whereís my kid? Huh? Got him hidden somewhere? Smuggle him off to a different country?

Blair: Todd, what did I just say to you?

Todd: Should've hired someone.

Blair: Todd --

Todd: Should've hired someone to keep an eye on them.

Blair: Please. Come on.

Todd: Ha, ha, ha!

Marcie: Hi.

Starr: I just want to say that I am really sorry about all this.

Marcie: No. No, Starr, itís -- none of this is your fault, ok? You have nothing to be sorry about. But, thank you.

Starr: Yeah.

Marcie: So, why arenít you in school, huh?

Starr: Um -- well, I -- I wanted to be with my dad.

Judy: We better get inside.

Marcie: Thank you.

Judy: Mm-hmm.

Bailiff: All rise. The court now hears the matter of Manning vs. McBain.

Judge: Be seated. Mr. Manning, Mr. and Mrs. McBain, we are here to determine the rightful custody of the male child, Thomas John McBain.

Judy: Thatís right, your honor.

Lawyer: Yes, your honor.

Judge: First order of business is to unseal the DNA test results determining who is the biological father of the boy.

Judy: As soon as we get this out of the way, we'll go in for the kill.

Cole: Whew.

Antonio: Didnít know you were back.

Talia: I got in last night.

Antonio: Was it worse than you thought?

Talia: Much. It was like going back in time and getting stuck there. Whew.

Antonio: You want to talk about it?

Talia: No. Thank you, Antonio.

Antonio: Listen, I -- I know you will never forget about it, but you will learn to live with it.

[Door opens]

Nash: Jessica!

Natalie: Oh! Please donít yell!

Nash: Whereís Jessica?

Natalie: Out.

Rex: Adriana, itís me. Yeah, I'm heading over right now. I just gave Michael and Marcieís lawyer everything. Whether or not itís enough for the judge to rule for them to keep Tommy, I have no idea. But no matter what, itís going to make Todd look unfit to raise any child. I know. As much as I want to see Michael and Marcie keep their son, I -- I canít help thinking about Todd. Havenít I already done enough to this guy?

Judge: The DNA test results prove the child in question, Thomas John McBain, is the biological son of Todd Manning.

Blair: Oh.

Lawyer: Your honor, I move that the child be immediately turned over to the custody of Mr. Manning.

Judy: Your honor, we have ample grounds for the court to deny Mr. Manning custody and allow the boy to stay with the McBains.

Todd: What? What the hell is she talking about? You just said that was my son, my kids' little brother. Heís their --

Judge: Be quiet, Mr. Manning.

Todd: Not these idiots.

Judge: Mr. Manning, sit down and shut up. What are the grounds, Ms. Schulman Brown?

Judy: Todd Manning is an unfit parent and should not be allowed anywhere near Thomas McBain, especially since Mr. Manning has already tried to kill the child.

On the next "One Life to Life" --

Jessica: Stay away from my sister.

Jared: You jealous?

Natalie: My ex-boyfriend was kissing another woman.

Marty: Our friendship -- it means a lot to me and I really donít --

Blair: Rex, you did this to Todd?

Lawyer: Can you brief me on what else to expect?

Todd: Why? Think we could lose?

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