OLTL Transcript Thursday 9/13/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/13/07


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[When her computer chimes, Natalie finds $inTheBank$ ready to chat]]

Natalie: "Who are you?"

[When $inTheBank$ asks her what she's wearing, Natalie responds "Psycho."]

Jared: You have no idea.

Miles: Marty? What are you doing here?

Marty: I came to file these papers. And since you're here, here is your copy.

Miles: What papers?

Marty: Annulment papers, ending our sham of a marriage.

Miles: Itís -- itís done, already?

Marty: Well, I got the paperwork started while I was in jail.

Miles: You donít waste any time.

Marty: Well, you know, I think I've wasted enough time married to a man I didnít love.

Miles: I'm not being judgmental. I just donít know how long these things take.

Marty: And you actually helped move things along when you got up in court and said that the only reason I married you was because you blackmailed me.

Miles: I would have never married you if I didnít love you. I still do.

Dorian: What are you doing?

Blair: Peeling potatoes.

Dorian: But you messed up the newspaper.

Blair: I'm tired of looking at it.

Dorian: Hmm. "McBaby thieves." Huh. Well, there'll be plenty more of that, I'm sure.

Blair: Mm-hmm?

Dorian: I can just see it now.

Blair: Todd will give them hell.

Dorian: Yeah, and it wonít stop there. Once he gets that child back, he'll target everybody he holds responsible.

Blair: First stop, the McBain family.

Dorian: Next stop, you.

Michael: What are you doing here?

Todd: This will explain.

Michael: Whatís this?

Todd: A court order.

Marcie: Oh, no. No, no, thereís no way that I'm going to let you come in here and take my son.

Michael: Donít worry, sweetie. He canít take our son from us.

Marcie: Why donít you just take your flunkies and get the hell out of here, Todd? Because I donít care how many lawyers or cops you've brought with you, there is no way in hell that you are getting anywhere near my son.

Marty: Look, whatever your feelings are or arenít, just leave me out of them.

Miles: So this -- this paper, what -- we're just supposed to forget what happened? Like our marriage never existed, or --

Marty: Yeah, I donít think I could forget what occurred between us, but legally, this marriage never happened. The only husband I have ever known is Patrick.

Miles: I understand. It kills me to know that I caused you nothing but pain. Itís the last thing I wanted. I just -- I hope that you find happiness, wherever and with whomever you -- you want.

[Computer chimes]

[Jared chuckles]

Jared: "Live a little. I know you want to see a pic."

Natalie: Huh. "I donít own a microscope."

Jared: Oh, "laugh my ass off." "How about my references then?"

[Computer chimes]

Natalie: "Jared?"

Jared: "I knew there was a reason your grandpa hired you."

[Computer chimes]

[Jared snickers]

Jared: "Hire me, and I'll let you -- all my secrets."

Natalie: Jackass.

Jessica: Hey. Who you calling a jackass?

[Knock on door]

Jared: Yo, coming. Coming. Yeah -- oh. You're not the pizza guy.

Nash: Nope. But I might be. And real soon if I let you run my vineyard into the ground the way you're threatening to.

Blair: I'm not afraid of Todd, Dorian.

Dorian: Right.

Blair: Right.

Dorian: Famous last words.

Blair: Oh, come on. Here we go again.

Dorian: Ugh. I just had my nails done. Do I need to remind you how much pain Todd has caused people who he thinks crossed him, hmm?

Blair: No.

Dorian: Good. Because I donít want you in denial about, you know, this thing is going to play out

Blair: What are you, a psychic now?

Dorian: Well, I'm merely pointing out that Todd holds on to every slight -- you cut ahead of him at the grocery store, you are going to find your tires slashed.

Blair: Oh, please.

Dorian: Mm-hmm. How about we talk about his psychology for just a moment here?

Blair: Oh --

Dorian: Yeah, yeah. Any normal person getting back their child would be so grateful, so joyful, that -- that they wouldnít be able to think about anything else. But Todd is not a normal person. Oh, no, no, no. He doesnít feel joyful because he is incapable of experiencing joy. No, he would much rather obsess about everything that is wrong in his life and all of the people who have done him wrong.

Blair: Is that what you think? That I've done Todd wrong?

Dorian: No, I donít think that at all.

Blair: Do you know that Marcie McBain took Tommy in and raised him as if -- as if she had given birth to him. Sheís about to lose him. Sheís going to be destroyed.

Dorian: I know. Itís very, very sad.

Blair: Well, then why canít you understand that the only reason I did that was to get John time to break the information to her in the most humane way possible.

Dorian: Honey, you donít need to convince me, you need to convince yourself.

Michael: You didnít hear my wife? Back up.

Todd: Yeah, or what?

Michael: You son of a --

Marcie: Michael, donít!

Officer: Calm down, everyone! Itís not going to help anybody if I have to start issuing warrants. Lawyer: Are these your clients, Counselor?

Judy: They are. Lawyer: Then I suggest you control them before someone has to start breaking out a Taser.

Judy: Letís all calm down and try to remember thereís a child on the premises.

Todd: Thatís right, my child.

Michael: You're not getting within one foot of my son.

Lawyer: This court order says differently.

Judy: Let me see that.

Michael: Whatís wrong with you? You donít have any shame? You come to my house in the middle of the night? You bring cops, you bring lawyers?

Todd: Well, whatís good enough for the goose is damn well good enough for me.

Judy: Itís legit.

Michael: No. I want you to read it again.

Marcie: So what are you telling me, that this man can just waltz into my house and take our son away from us?

Natalie: Oh, when did you get back?

Jessica: Yesterday. Bree and I went straight home to Nash, and then we had a nap.

Natalie: Well, good.

[British accent] So tell me, howís London?

[Jessica chuckles]

Jessica: Amazing, hanging out with our brothers.

Natalie: [Normal voice] Oh, I'm so jealous.

Jessica: Well, they both miss you very, very much, and Kelly.

Natalie: Oh, how is she?

Jessica: Oh -- radiant, radiant. Sheís completely in her element. She just seems more confident in her skin.

Natalie: I could see that.

Jessica: And little Zane isnít ittle Zane anymore. He was playing with Bree, and it was so cute. And Kelly and I -- we went shopping, and we caught up on each otherís lives. It was all very fabulous.

Natalie: Well, why did you have such a short trip?

Jessica: I donít know -- I -- I missed Nash, and I missed the vineyard, so I -- well, cut my trip short and came home.

Natalie: Oh. Well, I'm sure hubby dearest isnít complaining.

Jessica: No, heís not, but -- do you know where mom is? Because I was thinking, Breeís at the sitter, and you and I could get a free lunch out of her.

Natalie: Oh! I wish I could. I am just -- I'm so swamped. And actually, momís not been home for a couple of days. Isnít this the time of year that she goes to that publishers conference?

Jessica: Yeah, I guess so.

Natalie: Yeah, so -- anyway, I guess you're going to have to find somebody else to get into trouble with today.

Jessica: Because clearly, you have. Who is "Mr. Jackass"?

Natalie: Ugh. Oh, god. Itís this guy who -- heís been all over me to hire him.

Jessica: I didnít realize there was a hiring freeze here at B.E.

Natalie: Well, there is for bozos who waltz into my office with a messiah complex claiming to know everything --

Jessica: Ah.

Natalie: About everything.

Jessica: Ok. Got I know the type.

Natalie: Yeah. And then I find out that he brings me a fake resume. And then he lies to me about being chummy with grandpa.

Jessica: Ooh.

Natalie: Yeah, I know, right? And it gets worse. I mean, he tracks me down online and starts to -- you know what? Never mind. Itís just so wrong. Ugh.

Jessica: Well, it looks like you handled it.

Natalie: I donít know. I mean, if this guy was normal, I would think this would be it, but -- him, I'm not sure. I was kind of thinking about calling security, having them keep tabs on him.

[Jessica scoffs]

Jessica: Thatís going a little bit overboard, donít you think, Natalie? I mean, just get an I.T. guy up here, block his email address, and the I.M.s wonít be coming through. Mr. Jackass has a name, doesnít he?

Natalie: Yeah, Jared Banks. And as far as I'm concerned, you canít go too far with --

Jessica: I'm sorry -- did you say "Jared Banks"?

Marty: So, are we done here?

Miles: I'm just -- I'm so sorry that I -- I did what I did to you and Cole.

Marty: Yes, you've deserved that.

Miles: I know, I know. I just want you to know that I'm going to have to live with this -- what I did to you -- for the rest of my life. That I hurt the first person in the outside world that showed me any kind of kindness. The most beautiful woman I've ever met. I'll never live it down. Ever.

John: Well, looks like he got the message.

Marty: Yeah. Better late than never, right?

John: Mm-hmm.

Marty: You know, I never thought I would feel like celebrating the end of a marriage, but I feel like I just escaped a life sentence -- again. Hmm.

John: Just try to put it behind you.

Marty: Yeah. I am just so excited to get back to my life and my family and my practice, and -- you know, if I never get interrogated again --

John: You'd rather be asking the questions, right, doc?

Marty: Yes. But donít worry, I will save it for my patients, so you're safe.

John: Thanks for that.

Marty: Sure. I -- I read about what happened about Marcie and Michael. I am so sorry. I just -- I canít even imagine what kind of nightmare this is.

John: It seems like itís never going to end.

Judy: Mr. Manning is not here to take Tommy from you.

Marcie: Well, then why the hell is he here? What does he want?

Judy: According to these documents, the court has mandated that a DNA sample be retrieved in order to establish paternity.

Marcie: A DNA sample?

Todd: Yeah, itís a stupid formality. Letís go, letís get this over with.

Marcie: Look, there has to be something that you can do about this.

Michael: Yeah, you canít do anything? I mean, you canít file something?

Judy: I'm sorry, but Tommyís in perfect health. There is no basis for me to bar them from getting a sample.

Marcie: I donít want this man poking at my child!

Judy: The procedure is minimally invasive.

Man: Itís just a quick swab inside the childís cheek to collect skin cells. Lawyer: And then the same for Todd.

Marcie: Look, I donít even understand why he even needs a sample, Judy. He says that he knows the answer.

Todd: God, you really are dumb. Lawyer: How long are you guys going to put this off? Now, I know my client can afford the billable hours. But can yours?

Marcie: I think we'll just refuse. How about that?

Todd: You should try that. I dare you.

Judy: We have to do this, Marcie. The only choice is whether or not you're going to hold Tommyís hand while itís happening. So either you and Michael hold Tommyís hand, or the officer does.

Blair: You know, you werenít there in the courtroom. You didnít see Marcie when she was listening to Toddís words. You didnít see the look on her face.

Dorian: I know that look. I've seen it on your face many times. Blair, Todd took your own children away from you. And if heís capable of doing that to a woman he said he loved -- well, whatís he capable of doing to a woman he barely knows?

Blair: Come on, itís different with Todd and me.

Dorian: Oh, howís it different?

Blair: Itís different because we have a history, and it complicates things.

Dorian: Yes, indeed, it does, but it certainly does not justify his behavior. Blair, you were just trying to spare two people the kind of pain that you yourself have gone through. As far as I'm concerned, you should be canonized.

Blair: I donít want that, not if itís because I hurt Todd.

Dorian: Oh, thatís right. Thatís what this is all about. You're afraid that what you did for Marcie is going to cost you Todd.

Natalie: You know Jared Banks?

Jared: Whatís the matter? I thought you'd be happy to see me.

Jessica: Keep your voice down. How did you find me?

Jared: It wasnít easy, since apparently, you were using an alias when we first met.

Jessica: Yeah, um -- I met him last night.

Natalie: I thought you said you went straight home from the airport.

Jessica: I did, I did. He -- he came over.

Natalie: What the hell -- is he trying to get to me through you now?

Jessica: No, no, no, Natalie, itís -- itís not like that at all. Itís actually kind of involved.

Natalie: Well, honey, anything that involves you and that creep, I'm all ears.

Jared: Thereís -- thereís beer in the mini-fridge, if you want.

Nash: Thanks, but I prefer not to mix my booze with business.

Jared: Unless itís your booze, right?

Nash: My booze is wine. Donít tell me you think they're the same thing, please.

Jared: I'm not that bad yet.

Nash: Yeah -- speaking of bad, this -- this proposal --

Jared: All right, hold up. I try not to mix business with cheap hotel rooms, so we might want to take this ---

Nash: No, itís all right. I've stayed in this motel in at least four states.

Jared: All right. Well, then shoot. What do you hate about it?

Nash: Page two. Your idea of upgrading the wine barrels. Look, I really respect your ideas --

Jared: Well, just get to it. I donít need you to hold my hand here.

Nash: All right. Older the barrels, the more seasoned they are. The more seasoned they are, the better the wine. The better the wine, the happier the customers, and so --

Jared: Anything else?

Nash: Thatís it.

Jared: Like I said, I'm numbers and management guy, you are the expert. You make a great bottle of wine, I'm never going to mess with that.

Nash: So if you come up with some half-corked idea like screw-on caps or something, I can just tell you to get lost?

Nash: Get lost.

Jared: Wine in a box.

Nash: Die.

Jared: See, man? Thereís nothing to be tense about. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Marty: You know, I feel for Michael and Marcie. You. I mean, Todd is not going to make this easy on any of you.

John: Thatís no lie.

Marty: If you want to, you know --

John: What, talk? Huh.

Marty: No. No, I was going to say play darts. We could take Toddís picture and use it for practice.

John: You and darts? I think we might need to take insurance out first.

Marty: Thatís so funny.

John: Hmm.

Marty: Hmm. So did you get the note that Cole and I left you in your office the other day?

John: Yeah, I did. I just -- been so distracted with everything going on.

Marty: Oh, no, I'm not fishing for an apology, really. I just -- I'd still be climbing those walls in jail if it wasnít for you. So, does Bo have some amazing promotion lined up for you? Like chief of detectives? Or should I just call you "chief"?

John: How about "unemployed"? I got suspended. Believe me, it was warranted.

Marty: Well, I guess we both have the day off, then. You know, you could come help me celebrate my new lease on life.

John: Well, you know, I donít know if I want to get in the habit of knocking them back before happy hour.

Marty: Come on, have a little imagination. Walk with me, and I'll tell you what I have in mind.

John: Well, I guess I could use some air.

Marty: Good. You sure?

John: Uh-huh.

Marty: Hmm.

Dorian: So of course you're not worried about whether you did the right thing for Marcie. All that matters to you is Toddís reaction.

Blair: You know, the McBains are not the only ones that could be hurt here.

Dorian: Oh, thatís right. Todd first. Everybody else be damned.

Blair: Have you listened to one word that I've said?

Dorian: Have you been listening to yourself? All that matters to you is "Todd." What about the two people who have been raising Tommy all this time?

Blair: Listen, I'm not saying itís a perfect situation. Itís not. But the bottom line is that Tommy is Toddís son, and they belong together, ok?

Dorian: Is that really the best thing for this child?

Blair: Itís not my decision to make.

Dorian: Oh, really? Well, for someone who wants to be hands-off, you certainly are making a lot of important decisions. First of all, you were the one who told Todd that Tommy was his child. And then, you tried to stop him from taking the child who you were in such a rush to point out was actually his.

Blair: Why are you making this so black and white?

Dorian: Hey, I know itís complicated.

Blair: Itís complicated, all right, and it doesnít matter what I did -- somebody was bound to get hurt!

Dorian: Yes, and trying to help everybody, you hurt everybody.

Blair: I ended up hurting everybody? So you're saying it is my fault?

Dorian: No, no, no. No, I -- I didnít mean that.

Blair: Yes, you did.

Dorian: No, I did not mean that, but I -- I think thatís what Todd thinks happened. And thatís what you are really worried about. You're still in love with Todd, and you're afraid that this has cost you every chance you ever had of reconciling with him.

[Dorian sighs]

Marcie: See that man over there? You see him? Heís just going to take this tiny little thing, and heís going to stick it in your cheek, ok? It'll be like your pacifier.

Michael: Yeah, donít worry, buddy. Daddy does this to patients all the time.

[Tommy fusses]

Marcie: I know, I know.

Michael: Itís not going to hurt a bit.

Marcie: It wonít.

Todd: Oh, thatís well done, Michael. Say the "h" word to him. Way to make him feel safe.

[Marcie sighs]

Michael: Stow it, Todd.

Todd: You know I have two other biological children. And I know for a fact, if you say something might not feel as good, thatís all he hears. So, you know what? Hey, kid. Hey, kid. I'll go first, show you how easy it is.

Marcie: Judy --

Judy: Direct your client not to address the child. If it happens again, the closest heís ever going to get to Tommy is 100 yards.

Todd: I was trying to make it easier on him. Lawyer: Todd, please, we're almost through here.

Todd: All right, so do me.

[Tommy fusses]

Marcie: I know, I know.

Todd: See that? Easy peasy.

Marcie: All right, Tommy. Ok. Now, look. Just watch mommy, ok? Itís all right. Hey, this man right here -- I know. I know you donít want to do it. But it wonít --

Michael: Oh, itís going to -- itís going to be ok, buddy.

Marcie: Itís going to be ok.

[Tommy cries]

Marcie: Come on. Just open up. Just open up. Just go ahead.

Michael: Thatís a good boy. Thatís daddyís little boy.

Marcie: Michael -- go ahead.

Michael: Go ahead.

Marcie: Go ahead, honey.

Michael: Oh. Yeah, thatís my boy.

Marcie: Ok, ok!

Michael: Heís so brave. Heís a good boy. Heís a good, good boy. You're ok.

Todd: How soon for the results?

Man: They should be ready for the hearing tomorrow.

Judy: What is this hearing, and why am I just now finding out about it? Lawyer: Oh, donít act so surprised, counselor. Itís in everyoneís best interest that we get this matter resolved as quickly as possible.

Marcie: Resolve what matter?

Todd: The matter of my son. As soon as we get the results back, we're going to court, I'm going to come back here, and I'm going to take that kid. So this is your last day playing house with him -- enjoy it.

Nash: Uh-oh -- what do I owe you for the pizza?

Jared: Ah, donít worry about it. I expensed it.

Nash: On what account?

Jared: That one.

Nash: Huh. What am I looking at?

Jared: Well, the cost of a bag of tobacco and a pack of rolling papers multiplied by the number of nic fits I've had since quitting. Smoking.

Nash: Yeah.

Jared: Yeah.

Nash: So, basically our petty cash is riding the back of your addiction, kind of like Hawaii on the back of a volcano.

Jared: Thatís a beautiful place.

Nash: I know.

Jared: Might get a spot there when I retire.

Nash: Really?

Jared: Yeah, as much as I enjoyed rolling the perfect cigarette and living out of motel rooms, once you're past that Kerouac phase, it ainít so cute. Owning real estate, though, you know, you got to be all in. You ought to know everything I got thatís liquid, I put into our vineyard. You know, besides what I need to keep this roof over my head and fast food on the -- bed, I got nothing.

Nash: All in, huh?

Jared: Thatís the only way I know to do things.

Nash: Yeah, me, too. I -- I sacrificed a lot to get to where I am now.

Jared: Huh.

Nash: I was staying in a place pretty much like this when I was in New York before I met Tess -- uh, Jessica came into my life.

Jared: Hmm.

Nash: Well, it seems you and I have more in common than I thought.

Jared: Looks like it.

Natalie: Wow. I -- I canít believe what kind of games this guy is playing. I mean, first he uses grandpaís memory to try to get a job out of me, and then he takes the money that he won from Nash to try to horn in on your dream -- whatís next? Going to prose to mom?

Jessica: I donít know, but it looks like we're stuck with him.

Natalie: Ok, you got to -- you got to buy him out, you know? Offer him double what he paid for it.

Jessica: I already tried, he said no.

Natalie: I donít believe this guy. I knew it -- I knew it all along. Heís got some sort of angle. I got -- you know what? I got -- I got to call security.

Jessica: Oh, no, no, no. No, no, wait, wait -- Natalie? Letís not go overboard here. You know, he could sue us for invasion of privacy.

Natalie: Jess, no. Our security here, they're a team of professionals.

Jessica: You're probably right, but Nash a me are the ones that have to work with him, ok? So why donít you just let us dig up some information on our end.

Natalie: If it makes you feel more comfort --

Jessica: It would, thank you, and I'll keep you posted.

Natalie: Are you leaving?

Jessica: Yeah. Um -- I have some errands to run, but when mom comes back, I promise the three of us will do lunch just like we said, ok?

Natalie: Ok, well, give Bree a kiss for me.

Jessica: I will, sweetie.

Natalie: Ok.

Jessica: Bye.

Natalie: Yeah.

Marty: You know, springing for a couple of dogs does not get you out of the thank-you dinner Cole and I invited you to.

[John chuckles]

John: Well, I wasnít planning on it.

Marty: You know, I make a mean eggplant parmesan.

John: Maybe Saturday.

Marty: Two days from now?

John: What? Not enough time to put in an order at Gino's?

Marty: Mm-hmm. I will make the dinner and you will love it.

John: Hmm.

Marty: Hmm.

John: So what are we doing here? You -- you like the smell of dock water?

Marty: Uh, not quite. I just thought this might be a good place to get rid of the last vestige of my marriage to Miles.

John: Oh. Oh, the old marriage certificate.

Marty: Mm-hmm.

John: Thought you would've trashed that by now.

[Marty chuckles]

Marty: Well, I lost track of it, and then it just showed up under a pile of bills.

John: Well, interesting. What'd your colleagues say about that, that subconsciously you were trying to bury it?

Marty: Probably. So consciously now, I am going to bury it at a, send it to Davey Jones' locker.

John: Whoa, wait, wait, wait -- wait a minute. What, you're telling me you're just going to just wad that up and toss it?

Marty: You got a better idea?

John: Yeah, I got a better idea.

Marcie: I donít care what those test results say. I will never hand my child over to you, Todd.

Todd: You know, Marcie, I wouldnít go to the brink unless you're prepared to go over.

Marcie: That is my son that we're talking about. I would die for him.

Todd: So would I.

Marcie: Have you ever stepped foot in this house before today? No. So why donít you open your eyes for once in your life, Todd, and take a look around? Why donít you really see what is in front of you? This is Tommyís home -- every socket, every hard edge, every inch is childproofed. Inside -- thatís where his crib is. Heís already climbing out of it. He is so smart. We cherish every moment that we have with him. Every day, every single day I spend with him, Todd, I take a picture of him -- look! Really look! This -- this was his first day at the beach. You know, we were -- we were building sandcastles with him and -- and he just kept crawling out towards the water. It was like it was calling to him, and then this picture here, this is his first picnic. Itís before -- oh, Mike, look -- itís before he had teeth. D look at this picture -- this is his favorite ball. Laying with it. He loves the gym, Todd -- he is not a piece of clay! He is not some lost teddy bear! He is a person with wants and needs. He has a life here with us. Todd, we love him so much and he loves us. We are the only family that he knows! Todd, maybe we're not his biological parents, but we are s parents! I want -- we want for you to know him. We want for him to know you -- we're not cruel. We just donít want you -- we just donít want you to take him away from us because that would be the cruel thing. So, Todd, I am -- please, I am just asking you to just -- just let it go. I think sheís got 16 kids.

John: There you go. Now, a good breeze and that actually might carry the river.

Marty: You know, I'm actually hoping it -- it takes a plunge.

John: Well, then, aim downstream and for it.

Marty: So where did you learn to do this?

John: FBI. No, seriously -- we had a lot of downtime.

[Marty chuckles]

John: My father, of course, you know? Thatís how it works -- it gets passed down from father to son. Cole probably learned it from his dad.

Marty: Maybe. But if he didnít, I know he would love for you to show him how.

John: Well, I think Cole might be a little old for paper airplanes, but --

Marty: Huh.

John: Then again, I may not get a chance to do something like that with Tommy.

Marty: I'm sorry. I know you cared a lot about that little boy.

John: In my mind, heís still a McBain no matter what the D.N.A. says. I found out who his biological father was a couple of weeks ago. Thatís why I got suspended. I found out and I didnít say anything.

Marty: Well, that couldnít have been easy.

John: I tried to do the right thing. But in the end, I -- in the end, I couldnít take Mikeís family away from him. I thought I could handle the situation in a way that would turn out somewhat ok -- it was wrong.

Marty: Thatís a lot of responsibility to take on yourself.

John: I shouldnít ha it. Hmm. Surprise, surprise -- it turned out hurting everyone in the end.

[Computer chimes]

Jared: Oh, give me a sec, will you?

Nash: Yeah. Sure.

[Computer chimes]

Natalie: "Where?"

Natalie: "On my way. Canít wait." Could you be any more of a sleaze?

Jared: Me, neither.

Natalie: Miles. Hey, are you ok?

Miles: Hi. No. Um --

Natalie: Oh. Did you just get these?

Miles: Yeah, but I -- I can see you're on your way out, so I could come --

Natalie: Hey. Come with me. We'll go for a drive, ok?

Miles: I'd like that.

Blair: You are incredible -- you know that? When you are wrong, you are wrong in a huge way.

Dorian: Oh. You're not in love with Todd.

Blair: Yes, we still love each other.

Dorian: Say that again.

Blair: The other night at the palace, we admitted that we still loved each other.

Dorian: Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

Blair: Ok, you know what? We also admitted that we're wrong for each other. We're like a train wreck -- we crash, we burn, we take innocent bystanders with us and we both realized that we donít want that anymore.

Dorian: Well, this is historic.

Blair: And we were in a totally good place about it. Now itís all up in smoke.

Dorian: No worries. The only person that matters to Todd is Todd.

Blair: Thatís not true.

Dorian: Huh. As far as Todd is concerned, if you are not 100% with him, you are a sworn enemy. Like it or not, honey, thatís what you have made yourself.

Blair: Well -- well, I'm going to fix that.

Dorian: Where are you going?

Blair: I'm going to fix it, right now.

Dorian: Oh.

Todd: You got a book full of memories. Well, I donít have anything. No. As far as I'm concerned, you got more than you deserve.

Michael: What about Tommy?

Todd: He deserves to be with his real father -- me. Heís mine.

Michael: Where were you when he was being dragged from bar to bar in the middle of the night by a couple that only took him in for the money?

Todd: I didnít know he was being dragged from bar to bar.

Michael: And where were you we were fighting the system? Hours down at Family Court and at Family Services doing whatever it took to keep our son away from those monsters.

Todd: I didnít know.

Michael: You werenít there. We were -- doing everything we could for him.

Todd: I'll see you in court. You better bring him.

[Door closes]

Michael: Judy? Do we have any recourse -- you know, I mean, when the D.N.A. Proves that this is Toddís son?

Judy: Just one.

Marcie: Well, you better tell us what it is.

Judy: The only way for the court to ever rule in your favor is if we can prove Todd manning is an unfit parent.

Jessica: Jared Banks, open this door! We're going to settle this right here, right now! Open this door or I'm going to break it down!

Nash: Jessica. What are you doing here?

Jared: Yeah, Jessica. What brings you by?

Marcie: Hey.

Michael: Hey. Tommyís out like a light.

Marcie: Oh. Thank god.

Michael: He must've been exhausted.

Marcie: Yeah, well, wouldnít you be -- all those people poking and prodding at you like that?

Michael: Honey, donít worry. We're not going to lose our son. We are going to figure this thing out.

Marcie: No, we wonít.

Michael: Marcie, I promise you.

Marcie: We wonít figure it out, Michael, because we know what we have to do. Judy told us that we have to prove that Todd is an unfit parent, and I know exactly how to do that.

Todd: Whatever you want -- I'm not in the mood.

Blair: Well, I donít care what you want.

Todd: How'd you get in here anyway?

Blair: Jack gave me his keys.

Todd: That kidís grounded.

Blair: That "kid" lives with me.

Todd: Thatís easily fixed.

Blair: No, Todd, I donít think so, and -- you know what? No. I'm not going to buy into it this time.

Todd: Buy into what?

Blair: Your act. I came here to make things right between us and I'm not leaving until itís done.

Marty: So is there any particular technique to get optimal liftoff with this thing?

John: Uh -- well, itís just like darts.

Marty: Hmm.

John: Think you can handle it?

Marty: Yeah, I think so.

John: All right.

Marty: There it goes.

John: Yeah, I donít think you'll be seeing that one again.

Marty: Huh. You know, you try so hard to save everybody. Huh -- thereís not enough hours in the day, but you -- you saved me. You did.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jared: I donít even know you, do I?

Rex: So you're looking for dirt?

Marcie: We're looking for a mud bath, and I donít care if it destroys Todd.

Todd: Tommy is not your son! You've got nothing to do with it! Stay out of it!

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