OLTL Transcript Wednesday 9/12/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 9/12/07


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Marty: good morning baby.

Cole: Oh, good morning.

[Cole mutes TV]

Marty: Hey, I was going to fix you some blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

Cole: No, cerealís cool.

Marty: No, but itís your first day of school, and I just -- you know, I wanted you to have something special.

Cole: This is special. Just having you here for breakfast at all.

Marty: Yeah, it is. You know, I was beginning to wonder if we were going to be able to sit down and enjoy breakfast ever again.

Cole: Yeah, we can thank John McBain for that.

Marty: Well, we already have.

Cole: Yeah, in a letter. Hey, is it me, or do you think itís kind of weird that we havenít heard back from him?

John: Hey. Howís Marcie doing?

Michael: Whew. Sheís a mess. I donít think she slept a wink last night.

John: Listen, I'll be at Manningís hearing this morning. I'll call you after.

Michael: Thanks, bro.

Bo: Come in.

John: You wanted to see me, Bo?

Bo: Yeah. Did you see the front page of "The Sun" this morning? How long have you known that your brother had custody of Manningís son?

 [Starr sighs]

Dorian: Good morning, Starr.

Starr: Hey, have you heard anything about my dad yet? Is he out of jail?

Dorian: No, I -- I havenít, actually, and -- your mother should be down soon. Is Langston still in bed?

Starr: No.

Dorian: She did spend the night, though, right? I mean, she is always welcome to stay here when her parents are out of town -- which seems to be quite frequently.

Starr: Well, she just went home to get some stuff for school.

Dorian: Oh, thatís right. Uh-huh. This is your first day back.

Starr: And I'm going to go find my mom. Hey, have you talked to Dad?

Blair: Well, his hearing is this morning.

Starr: Well, why arenít you there?

Blair: Thereís something I have to tell you.

Starr: Like what?

Todd: You better be good. Damn good. You better be better than Cody. You're going to get me out of these bogus charges. And I'm going to get to my son before the McBains pull something else.

Lawyer: Donít worry. Lewis filled me in. I've got the situation under control.

Todd: Yeah? Yeah, it better be. One screw-up, I'm going to fire your ass. Lawyer: I understand that. But these things happen one step at a time.

Todd: What are you doing here, Miles?

Lawyer: Take it easy, Todd. I asked him here.

Todd: Why is that? Lawyer: To tell the judge he refuses to press assault charges against you.

Todd: Is that true?

Miles: Yeah. I donít like you. Mm-hmm. I never will because of what you did to Marty.

Todd: What I did to Marty?

Miles: Yeah.

Todd: What about you blackmailing her into marrying youó

Lawyer: Heís here to help, Todd. Donít shoot yourself in the foot.

Miles: Yeah, thatís what he does. Heís good at it. Canít help himself.

Lawyer: Hey! You want to walk away from these charges or not?

Todd: Well, itís not like I didnít have cause. This guy has jerked me around so much, I'm lucky to be alive.

Miles: I'm sorry -- for not being honest with you before.

Todd: "Not being honest" -- yeah, you're a lying sack --

Miles: You know, itís ok. Heís right. I -- I sent him on a wild-goose chase to Chicago.

Todd: Yeah, and almost got me killed.

Miles: Hmm. It was wrong. As soon as I figured it out, I tried to make it right. I told you that Tommy McBain is your son. I showed Blair proof. And I'm not pressing charges now.

Todd: But no Laurence ever does anything for free.

Miles: Huh.

Todd: So why donít you spit it out? What do you want?

Miles: I want to call it even between the two of us. Can we do that?

Starr: Mom, whatís going on? Is dad in more trouble than you thought?

Blair: No, no. Itís not that.

Starr: Well, then what is it? Is it -- is it the baby? He is alive, right?

Dorian: Oh, heís very much alive. And you'll never guess -- you wonít believe where he has been all this time. I couldnít believe it.

Blair: How did you find out?

Starr: Find out what?

Dorian: I wish I had found out from you, but instead, I had to read about it in the paper.

Starr: The paper? What --

Blair: Wait, Starr! Wait a minute! Dorian, why did you -- Starr, just --

Starr: Tommy McBain is my "brother"?

Michael: Honey, are you sure you donít want me to make you some breakfast?

Marcie: No, no, no, I'm not hungry. Howís Tommy doing?

Michael: Back to sleep. You know, you should really eat something, Marcie.

Marcie: No, I -- I donít have time.

Michael: Oh -- what are you doing, anyway?

Marcie: I'm finishing the questions for the lawyer. What does it look like?

Michael: Well, I thought we did that already.

Marcie: I keep coming up with more, Mike.

[Michael sighs]

Michael: Honey --

Marcie: Yeah?

Michael: I know that you're having a hard time, you know, digesting all this stuff, and I got to tell you, so am I.

Marcie: No, not really. You know, I'm very clear, actually. I -- I know exactly what we need to do.

Michael: What? Tommy is Toddís son.

Marcie: No, Todd is claiming that Tommy is his son. Thereís a difference.

Michael: Well, a simple D.N.A. test is going to prove it.

Marcie: Well, even if there is, Michael, then we are going to fight this.

Michael: Of course we are. We're going to fight it with everything we've got.

Marcie: Look, can we please just focus on the good news, ok? The good news is that Todd is in jail, and with any luck, John and the courts will make sure that that is exactly where he stays, and then that man will never get near our son ever again.

Bo: The Truman case has had this department tied up for just too long now, John. So I need the truth. How long have you known about Tommy?

John: Too long not to have said anything about it.

Bo: Who else knew?

John: I can only speak for myself, Bo.

Bo: All right. You know that Truman keeping the truth from Manning -- thatís a crime. And if you found out, but you kept that knowledge to yourself, that makes you an accessory after the fact.

John: I'm aware of that. I knew it all along. And if I had to do it all over, I would.

Cole: Why do you think we havenít heard from John?

Marty: Well, you know, maybe heís uncomfortable. You know, he seems kind of like the guy whoís not really, you know, cool with thank-you notes.

Cole: But, I mean, he deserves it. Itís because of him we got our life back.

Marty: Well, you know what he would say. "All in a dayís work, ma'am."

[Marty laughs]

Cole: "Wow," Mom, you do a really bad imitation of John. Oh, ho-ho.

Marty: Yes, there is nobody else like him. I -- I mean --

Cole: Well, no, yeah. I know what you mean.

TV newscaster: Publisher Todd Manning has sued dr. And Mrs. McBain for immediate custody of his child. Manning alleges that L.P.D. Lieutenant John McBain and his brother and sister-in-law conspired to keep his infant son from him, even after learning their adoption was illegal.

Todd: Ok. We're even.

Miles: Well, thatís all I'm looking for.

Todd: Yeah, thatís all you're going to get. Bailiff: All rise. The court of Honorable Judge Terrance McClellan is now in session.

Judge: You may be seated. Mr. Manning, you are charged with two counts of assault, jailbreak, resisting arrest, and contempt of court. How do you plead?

Todd: Not guilty, your honor.

Griffin: Your honor, the first charge of assault is against one Mr. Miles Laurence who is present in the courtroom, and --

Miles: Your honor, I am Miles Laurence. May I say something?

Judge: If you're going to testify against the defendant, you'll have to wait till you take the stand.

Miles: Well, thatís just the thing. I donít want to testify against Mr. Manning. There was no assault.

Griffin: What are you talking about?

Miles: Exactly what I said. It never happened.

Judge: Mr. Pollock, do you have any other witnesses?

Griffin: Uh -- the defendantís ex-wife was also present during the attack.

Lawyer: And Ms. Cramer will not be testifying, either, your honor.

Judge: Does the D.A.ís office have anything else?

Griffin: No, your honor.

Judge: Then the charges regarding the assault are dismissed.

Lawyer: Thank you, your honor.

Judge: And as to the second charge of assault, the jailbreak, resisting, and contempt?

Griffin: Yes, your honor, the commonwealth has ample witnesses and evidence to support these charges, and the D.A.ís office is requesting the maximum penalty for each offense.

Michael: Marcie, they're not going to keep Todd in jail forever.

Marcie: Well, I donít really know about that, Mike. I mean, look at all those charges that they have against him. You know, itís quite possible that they could keep Todd locked up for a very long time. You know, Tommy could even be a grownup by the time he gets out.

Michael: Honey, even if that did happen, which I donít think itís going to, Todd isnít going to just stop going for custody.

Marcie: Please give Tommy to a criminal, Michael. And Blair cannot make a claim. She is not his biological mother. And besides that, they're not even married anymore. And Starr and jack -- they're minors, right? And ok -- Viki Davidson is his sister, but I -- I donít believe that sheís going to take Tommy away from us.

Michael: Do you know what I think? I think that maybe we should try not to get too far ahead of ourselves.

[Knock on door]

Woman: Dr. McBain?

Michael: You must be Judy. Come in. Marcie, this is Judy Schulman Brown. Sheís the attorney that the Paxtonís told us about.

Marcie: Yeah. Hi. I'm Marcie McBain. Rita told me all about you. I teach with her, and, gosh, she told me that you've worked miracles with her custody issues, Ms. Schulman brown.

Judy: I'm Judy, ok?

Marcie: Judy -- Judy.

Judy: Might as well jump right to first names.

Marcie: Ok.

Judy: Because before this is over, we're going to be family.

Marcie: Thank you. Thank you for coming here to our home and meeting with us.

Judy: Itís not a problem. I completely understand why you donít want to leave your child. But trust me, no one is going to suddenly show up and snatch him out of your arms.

Marcie: Oh, really? Because thatís kind of what it feels like.

Judy: I know. I would feel the same if I were you. But you need to do your best to relax. It doesnít work that way.

Michael: You know, maybe somebody should tell Todd that.

Judy: Let him try something. That'll just make our case stronger.

Marcie: Then you think that we have a case?

Judy: I wouldnít be here if I didnít.

Marcie: You know, I have this whole list of questions and -- uh -- could you just tell me -- is there a way that we can keep our son?

Bo: Every cop has to make decisions, personal choices. And this one had to be really tough for you.

John: Bo, I took an oath to uphold the law, but if I did, my brother loses his son.

Bo: You put your family first.

John: I did what I had to do. I know I let you down.

Bo: No, I understand, more than you think.

John: I donít know. I donít know what I'm doing anymore. Justice and the law have never been so apart for me.

Bo: Itís just like with my father.

John: You bent the rules?

Bo: Almost. I was going to arrest him, as sick as he was. I was going to throw him in jail. But he died before I had the chance.

John: Any regrets?

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, plenty. He would have seen that as a betrayal of the family, and he if hadnít died first, that would have killed him. And I would have had to live with that. I still do in a way.

John: What I did, Bo, I thought was right, too. Or I wouldnít have done it.

Bo: I think thatís how Lindsay felt. That maybe she was doing the wrong thing but for all the right reasons.

John: I canít speak for Lindsay.

Bo: Well, you shouldnít.

[John sighs]

John: Michael and Marcie -- they didnít know Tommy was Toddís son when they adopted him. Why should they be punished for that?

Bo: Well, should Manning?

John: No one should. They're all Trumanís victims.

Bo: Except for those that knew the secret and said nothing. See, those people are culpable.

John: Do what you have to do, Bo. I know you don' choice.

Cole: Ok, wait a second. Did I hear that right? That the McBains' baby could be Todd Manningís son?

Marty: How can that be?

Cole: It canít. Thereís no way Mrs. McBain would take someone elseís kid. Itís impossible.

Marty: Well, you know what? If Spencer was involved, anything is possible. Thereís nothing he wouldnít do to get revenge on the people he hates.

Cole: Does that mean that Miles knew the whole time?

Marty: Well, I just heard what you did, but all they said was that Miles just told Todd. But you know what? It wouldnít surprise me if he knew the whole time and just kept it to himself.

Cole: Oh, what a creep.

Marty: You know, no one, not even Todd, deserves this.

Cole: Well, yeah, but neither do the McBains. I mean, come on. Come on, thatís their son. I mean, they love him.

Marty: How terrible for them to -- I mean, to actually their son. And John -- I mean, Tommy is his -- his nephew. Oh, my god. No wonder -- no wonder we havenít heard from him. Heís probably so worried about his brother and Marcie, heís probably doing everything he can to protect them.

Cole: This just happened. I mean, that means that John knew yesterday. I mean, he knew before anyone else. I mean, thereís no way John would keep that a secret.

Marty: He might, if it meant keeping his family from getting hurt.

Judge: Sentencing requests are a bit premature, donít you think, Mr. Pollock?

Griffin: Your honor, Mr. Manning has a long history of flagrantly taking the law into his own hands, as evidenced, once again, by these most recent charges against him.

Judge: I'm well aware of Mr. Manningís history. Does the D.A.ís office have some personal vendetta against Mr. Ė

Griffin: No, no, your honor. We just want to make sure that justice is being served.

Judge: As do I. That is my job, counselor. Lawyer: In the interest of justice, your honor, I would ask that the remaining charges against my client be dropped. Though technically, crimes were committed, Mr. Manning was justified in doing everything he did. He was pushed to the breaking point. I think we can all agree that the loss of a child is enough to drive a person temporarily insane.

Starr: I canít believe this. We are front-page news again, which means that Britney is probably at the printers as we speak blowing it up poster size.

Blair: But itís all good news, sweetie.

Starr: Yeah, you know that and I know that, but Britneyís going to hear that you threw dad in jail, and boom -- first day of school and I'm off and running.

Blair: Oh, forget about Britney. This is about your little brother. Britneyís an only child, so blah -- forget it.

Starr: Sheís an only child because her parents didnít want to repeat their mistake.

Blair: Now, Starr --

Dorian: Donít stop her. Actually, thatís kind of funny.

Blair: I'm trying to be a parent here, Dorian -- you stop it!

Starr: Could you guys not argue? You're giving me a really big headache.

Dorian: Oh, I -- I donít believe it, though. Really, how did this get into the papers so quickly?

Blair: Well, Dorian, I bet Todd dictated it from the jail cell. What do you think?

Dorian: Well, it is truly unbelievable -- that Toddís son has been here in Llanview this whole time, and with the McBains, of all people.

Starr: Mom, how did you find all this out?

Blair: Oh, Miles Laurence told me. But I promise you that I told your father the minute I heard, ok?

Starr: And he totally lost it?

Blair: Yeah. He wanted to go over to the McBains' right then and there and grab Tommy right out of Marcieís hands, I'm sure, but -- thatís why I sided with John, so I'd buy some time so John could actually tell them, you know, and give them some time with the least amount of pain. But of course, that didnít happen.

Judy: Tommyís a beautiful little boy.

Marcie: Thank you. Heís really sweet.

Michael: And this is all the documentation that my brother gave to me about Tommy being Toddís son. It -- itís everything that the police have.

Judy: Is this the death certificate?

Michael: It is. I mean, itís obviously a fake.

Judy: Who set it up?

Michael: "Who set it up?" What do you mean?

Judy: It had to be either Spencer Truman or Miles Laurence, right? No one else knew about Tommy until your brother uncovered it.

Marcie: Well, Michael and I certainly didnít. Todd seems to think that everybody in town knows, but we just found out last night. You know? We didnít know before that. Right, Mike?

Michael: Huh.

Bo: You were trapped in an impossible situation. Whatever choice you made, you were going to be wrong in some way. Itís -- itís like me with Asa, covering for him.

John: But you decided to tell the truth.

Bo: Or resign.

John: Not an easy decision either way.

Bo: But the law is clear. And as law enforcement officials, we canít separate ourselves from it. Things canít work like that, John. And I canít run a department like that.

John: I wouldnít ask you to, or want you to.

Bo: I'm sorry. But I have to suspend you, effective immediately. I'll speak to Nora and explain the situation to her. And then I'll let you know whatever decision she makes as far as pressing charges.

John: I'll turn over all my open case files to Antonio.

Griffin: Your honor, this is outrageous. Now, itís bad enough that Mr. Manning has somehow managed to convince, even coerce Mr. Laurence into rescinding his testimony.

Lawyer: Objection -- thereís absolutely no basis for that accusation.

Judge: Sustained.

Griffin: But to somehow try and attempt to justify assault on a police officer, a jailbreak? This is patently absurd.

Lawyer: Your honor, now that the assault charge has been proven groundless, Mr. Manningís arrest and subsequent incarceration were unjustified in the first place. I'm sure you can well imagine my clientís frustration and anger as a desperate maneuver on the part of the arresting officer, Lieutenant McBain. Lieutenant McBain railroaded my client to prevent Mr. Manning from getting to his child, a child he'd been told was dead. When, in reality, he was being kept illegally at the home of the arresting officerís brother and his wife.

Griffin: None of this has been proven, your honor.

Judge: None of that is at issue here. What is at issue is what Mr. Manning believed at the time of his arrest, whether and how that belief informed his subsequent actions, and if those actions should be punishable by law. Mr. Manning, please stand. Mr. Manning, your actions were without question deliberate and criminal. Thereís no question in my mind that you will be found guilty and punished for those crimes. This case is hereby bound over for trial.

Cole: Come on, you really think John knew about Tommy and was trying to keep it a secret from Mr. Manning?

Marty: You know, I -- I donít know. But it doesnít really matter now because the secret is out.

Cole: Yeah, and with Miles and Mr. Manning involved, itís going to be really ugly.

Marty: Yeah, I am afraid so.

Cole: Well, see, what I donít understand is why Miles told Mr. Manning about his son in the first place.

Marty: Yeah, well, I have given up trying to understand why Miles does anything, but the most important thing now is that little baby. Boy, he got stuck in the middle of all this mess?

Cole: Yeah. I canít even imagine.

Marty: Oh.

Cole: Well, I was going to meet up with Starr on the way to school, but I think I'm going to head over there now, see if sheís all right.

Marty: I think that would be very nice of you. But donít be late for school, ok? What?

Cole: This is great.

Marty: Me nagging you about being late for school?

Cole: Yeah, you nagging me about anything. I love you.

Marty: Oh. I love you, too, sweetie. Uh -- Cole?

Cole: Hmm?

Marty: Want to take this with you? Have a good day.

Cole: You, too.

Starr: How could Dad not lose it? I mean, after everything he went through to find his baby, he almost died. I donít blame him for doing everything that he can to get the baby back.

Dorian: Still, itís a brutal way for Michael and Marcie to find out. They're not malicious people.

Blair: Yeah, itís going to be bad enough that they lose Tommy.

Starr: Oh, I feel so bad for Mrs. McBain. She loves him so much. I mean, Tommy and Dr. McBain are her whole life. I used to baby-sit for them all the time and he was my brother. I played with him and I watched him. How -- how could I not have known?

Blair: Oh, sweetie, how could you?

Starr: I donít know. Well, donít you think that there would be some sort of connection or -- or a sign or something?

Blair: There was! You always told me how much you loved Tommy and how much he was your favorite kid to baby-sit, you know?

Starr: And now, heís going to be my brother. He "is" my brother. I'm going to be around him all the time. What? What? The -- the McBains arenít going to keep him, are they? I mean, they canít! Right? Dad is going to get the baby back. Isnít he?

Marcie: I canít believe that the courts would take our son away from us, and I know in my head that Todd is Tommyís biological father and that none of this was his fault, but it wasnít ours, either.

Judy: Custody battles can be extremely difficult and they can drag out for a long time.

Michael: How long?

Judy: I canít really say for sure -- months, years?

Marcie: Years?

Judy: I'm afraid so. And the longer it goes, the harder it is for everyone.

Marcie: Yeah, but, Tommy has been with us for two years. We're his parents. Judy, we're his world. I mean, how can Todd just waltz in and expect to take Tommy away from us? He canít do that, can he?

Judy: I'm not going to lie to you. In cases like these, the advantage goes to the natural parents.

Marty: Yes? Mail

Man: Dr. Saybrooke?

Marty: Yeah. Mail

Man: I have a registered letter for you. Sign here, please.

Marty: Thanks.

Blair: But, no, I canít tell you whatís going to happen in the custody battle, but I can tell you that Tommy is your daddyís son, and your father did not give him up for adoption.

Starr: So Tommy is probably going to get taken away from the McBains?

Blair: Yeah, probably.

Starr: I feel so bad for them, but --

Blair: Heís your brother -- I know.

Dorian: Letís just hope it doesnít go into a long, protracted, you know, custody suit, because itís always the child who suffers the most in those circumstances.

Starr: "Child" -- wait. Does -- does jack know about this?

Blair: No. He knows nothing right now, and I want to keep it that way. You know, today is his first day of school. Heís so excited, heís up in his room right now packing his backpack -- which, by the way, you should be doing.

Starr: I'm not going to school.

Dorian: Oh, yes, you --

Blair: And, Starr -- Dorian? Listen, you have to get on with your life.

Starr: I am, and I'm going to the courthouse.

Dorian: There is nothing that you can do there.

Starr: Uh, yes, there is -- I could be there for my dad. Everybody hates dad and you know that everyone loves the McBains. Dad needs somebody that is going to be on his side -- I'm not going to let him go through that alone.

Blair: Itís a preliminary hearing, all right? Simple as that, and itís probably over by now, actually.

Starr: Ok, well, even if it is, I want to go visit him.

Blair: Do you want Bo to see you there? He'll call the truant officer -- is that what you want? I didnít think so. You know what -- wait, wait!

Starr: What am I supposed to say to Mrs. McBain when I see her in school?

Blair: Well, she probably wonít be there today.

[Knock on door]

Dorian: Oh --

Blair: Just go.

Dorian: I'll get it, I'll get it, I'll get it.

Blair: Just go.

Dorian: Oh, Cole, hello. Come in.

Cole: Good morning, Dr. Lord. Hey, Ms. Cramer.

Blair: Morning.

Cole: I know I'm early, but I heard whatís going on with your dad and Tommy McBain. I just wanted to make sure that you're ok.

Starr: I donít know what I am.

Cole: I still canít believe it.

Dorian: None of us can.

Cole: Well, I donít know what to say except that I'm glad your little brotherís alive, even if itís all a big mess.

Starr: Yeah, it really is.

Cole: So, what do you all think is going to happen?

Judy: M not saying you shouldnít fight, but you need to know we're in for a long, hard battle. Itís going to get brutal.

Marcie: Well, we can handle brutal, ok, as long as we get to keep Tommy -- right, Michael?

Michael: We'll do whatever it takes.

Judy: I'm counting on that, and be forewarned -- any dirty laundry you've got hiding in the closet can and probably will come out.

Marcie: Well, we have nothing to hide, so --

Judy: Tommyís biological mother, Margaret Cochran, is deceased?

Michael: Thatís correct.

Judy: And she and Mr. Manning were never married?

Marcie: Never -- they hated each other. Will that make a difference?

Judy: It could. Mr. Manning is also currently divorced from Blair Cramer, with whom he has two other children and they share custody -- correct?

Michael: So far as we know.

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: I mean, why?

Judy: I'm just gathering facts. You never know what might be useful.

Michael: I -- I know that -- that this is going to be difficult and itís going to take a long time to settle, but -- but you've handled stuff like this before, right?

Judy: Like this? No. This case is one of a kind.

Marcie: I -- I think what Michael is asking is if there is any chance at all that Tommy can stay with us. Huh -- I -- I just -- even if the odds are in Toddís favor, Judy, we need to know if there is any hope.

Judy: Itís not going to be a slam dunk. Thereís no evidence of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or endangerment, but I can tell you this -- I will do everything humanly possible to make sure you keep your son.

Marcie: Thank you. Thank you.

Judge: I do find, Mr. Manning, that there were mitigating circumstances. Without that, you in all probability would not have behaved so recklessly.

Todd: Damn straight, your honor.

Lawyer: Todd!

Todd: Sorry, your honor.

Judge: You had just learned that your son was alive, you were obviously desperate to get him back, and while again this is hardly any excuse for your behavior, I do find it compelling enough to show you some leniency. Mr. Manning, you are hereby sentenced to two years in prison.

[Courtroom buzzes]

Todd: Are you kidding me? You got to be kidding me!

Judge: Donít make me regret this, Mr. Manning.

Lawyer: Your honor, if I may be permitted --

Judge: I'm not finished. Mr. Manning, I will, however, suspend your sentence for a plea of nolo contendere, 1,000 hours of community service, a fine of $150,000. Do you agree to these terms, Mr. Manning?

Lawyer: We do, your honor -- gladly.

Judge: So ordered. Courtís adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise.

Lawyer: Your honor, may we have a word with you in your chambers, please, regarding a different matter?

Judge: The bailiff will bring you back.

Todd: I think you could've gotten me a better deal than that, donít you?

Lawyer: You're lucky you got one at all, Todd.

Bailiff: This way, gentlemen.

John: What are you trying to pull this time?

Miles: I donít know what you mean.

John: Not corroborating the charges?

Miles: I'm -- I'm trying to do the right thing.

John: Doesnít give you a pass on everything else you've done.

Miles: I'm just trying to make up for my past mistakes.

John: Yeah, right. You know, this is going to put everyone through hell, including Manning, and you walk. I hope you're happy, because no one involved in this is going to be happy for a long, long time.

John: Hey, Mike. Howís it going there?

Michael: Well, we're, you know, here with our lawyer. We're discussing all the possible scenarios.

John: Howís it looking?

Michael: Not great.

John: Yeah. Look, I wanted to give you the heads up -- Manningís out.

Michael: What? They let him walk?

John: Suspended sentence -- community service and a fine.

Michael: Johnny, thatís not enough.

John: It'll have to be. Look, heís in with the judge right now, but he should be back on the street within an hour. Are you sure you donít want me there?

Michael: Oh. No, I got my lawyer here. I think we should be able to handle it.

John: Ok. Look, I'm going to check in with you later. You need anything, donít hesitate to call.

Michael: Thanks, bro.

John: Yeah. Hey, bro? Hang in there.

Miles: Marty. What are you doing here?

Marty: I came to file these papers, and since you're here, here is your copy.

Miles: What papers?

Marty: Annulment papers, ending our sham of a marriage.

Blair: You know, Cole, um, I donít think anybody knows whatís going to happen, but I tell you what you could do for me -- get this girl to school and please tell her not to worry so much.

Starr: Yeah, well, that is not going to happen, so -- I'm just hoping that dad is going to be out of jail by the time I get home. Now, I want you to call me if you hear anything.

Blair: Of course.

Starr: I donít even care if I get in trouble at school for it.

Blair: You're not going to get in trouble. I'll clear it with the principal. Itís going to be fine.

Starr: And when I get home, wait. We all need to talk -- all of us.

Blair: Ok. Have a great day.

Cole: You, too.

Blair: Ok.

Starr: I'll try.

Cole: All right, see ya.

Dorian: Yeah. Bye, kids.

Starr: Bye.

[Dorian sighs]

Blair: Todd -- he should've been here to see her off on her first day of school.

Dorian: Well, I'm afraid Todd is only focusing on his youngest child now.

Marcie: Who was that on the phone?

Michael: Whew -- John. He just wanted to let us know that Todd had been released from jail.

Marcie: What? What do you mean, heís out of jail, Michael? Howís that possible?

Michael: I donít know, but heís meeting with the judge right now. My -- my brother said that Todd got a big fine and some community service. You know, do you think that maybe thatís what they could be meeting about?

Judy: Itís possible.

Marcie: God, I hope thatís all it is.

Michael: Whew. You know what? Letís stop worrying about Todd Manning, ok, and letís start worrying about what we're going to do to make sure we can keep our son.

[Knock on door]

Judy: Are you expecting anyone?

Michael: No, just you.


Officer: Doctor and Mrs. McBain, itís the police. Open up.

Marcie: Oh, God, Michael. Oh, God.

Michael: What do you want?

Todd: This will explain.

Michael: Hmm -- what is that?

Todd: A court order.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Marty: You could come help me celebrate my new lease on life.

Natalie: You know Jared Banks?

Jared: I think this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Dorian: You're afraid that what you did for Marcie is going to cost you Todd.

Marcie: There is no way that I'm going to let you come in here and take "my" son!

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