OLTL Transcript Monday 9/10/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 9/10/07


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Nash: Oh, yeah.

Jared: I know, I know -- I was here earlier, I crashed your reunion with your wife, and --

Nash: Whatís the problem?

Jared: No problem. I just had some ideas I wanted to run by you, which is why I called -- I did call.

Nash: Yeah.

Jared: Points? No? Penalty? Ok, well -- can I come in? Or maybe we can go somewhere? You know, I donít want to bother your wife.

Nash: Sheís out.

Jared: "Sheís out"? At this hour? Whatís she doing?

Nash: At this hour, why do you care?

Marty: Jessica -- oh, my God, it is so good to see you. I have been so worried about you, but look at you -- you look great, you look healthy.

Jessica: Thank you, thank you. I am a little jet-lagged, but thatís completely normal. Anyways, this is for you, for me being such a horrible friend.

Marty: What are you talking about?

Jessica: You were in jail, and I didnít even come to see you.

Marty: Yes, I know, that is very selfish of you not to be thinking of me when you were fighting for your own life.

Jessica: Take a look.

Marty: Irish soda bread and tea?

Jessica: They very, very best that Harrods had to offer.

Marty: Well, if you had to be forgiven -- which you donít -- this would do it.

Jessica: Well, I figure, you know, since I canít drink anymore, we'd share some tea.

Marty: Oh, absolutely, because of your liver --

Jessica: Yes.

Marty: Because I just want to see you and catch up, so tea is perfect.

Jessica: Perfect. So you brew, and I'll pour.

Marty: Ok.

Jessica: Ok.

Blair: Oh, my God.

Officer: You ok?

Blair: Did Todd do this to you?

Derek: Yeah. He took a cheap shot and took my gun.

Officer: Heís armed?

Derek: No, he tossed it.

Officer: Any idea where heís headed?

Derek: He said something about his son.

Blair: Oh, God, no, you idiot, Todd.

Michael: We have to go right now.

Marcie: No, no!

Michael: Please, letís get out of here.

Marcie: I'm not leaving!

Lindsay: Your honor, I would like to enter a plea of --

Todd: Guilty! Yeah, sheís guilty! You're all guilty, everybody!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order!

Todd: Yeah, you have no right to keep me from my son!

Judge: I will have order in this court!

Todd: That is my son!

Bo: What are you ranting about?

Todd: That right there. Thatís my son.

Lewis: You have any idea what this is about?

Lindsay: No.

Nora: Donít look at me.

Todd: Thatís my son.

John: How the hell did you get out?

Marcie: Is he pointing at Tommy?

Michael: I donít know what heís talking about.

John: Paul, take him and cuff him, will you?

Todd: Hey --

Michael: One more step, and not even I will be able to patch you up.

Todd: You're mine. You're my little boy.

Jared: Why would I care where your wife is? I was just surprised. You'd mentioned a reunion, so I figured she'd be curled up under a quilt.

Nash: Yeah, she was -- we were -- but then you called.

Jared: Ah. Sorry.

Nash: Yeah. So whatís this idea that canít wait?

Jared: Itís going to take a little time to lay out. Is she going to be gone for a while?

Nash: Yeah.

Jared: Ok, then. Uh -- my idea. So -- ahem -- I've done a lot of traveling -- you know, visiting vineyards wherever I could -- because why?

Nash: Why?

Jared: Itís a good time. You know, so I figured, why not take our vineyard and open it up to the public? I mean, top-drawer all the way -- we do a wine bar, a little restaurant, a gift shop. Long story short -- we do Sonoma, we do Napa, but right here at home. We make this place a destination for wine lovers, for foodies, for upscale tourists. What do you think? Hey -- listen, before you say no, your competition is already getting in the game.

Nash: Yeah, of course they have. You know why? Because -- because itís obvious, and to be honest, I've kind of thought of it myself. The trouble is you kind of need beaucoup bucks to get that going.

Jared: You let me take care of the bottom line, you just pick the grapes.

Nash: "Pick the grapes" -- right.

Jared: You hate it.

Nash: Yeah -- no, itís -- itís not that I hate it. Your style -- it takes a little getting used to.

Jared: I wouldnít exactly call it a style -- like I said, I'm new to all of this.

Nash: How about we just cut to the chase here? How -- how involved do you plan on being here?

Jared: Well, I guess thatís up to you -- and your wife.

Marty: How is everybody handling it?

Jessica: Well, I just got back, so, um, everybody seems to kind of be laying low -- I havenít even spoken to my mom yet. Um -- oh, can we talk about Miles, or is that a sore subject?

Marty: Well, it is very sore, but a few more papers to be signed, and this marriage will be annulled.

Jessica: Whoo-hoo!

Marty: By the end of the week, I will be a free woman.

Jessica: Excellent. Cheers to that.

[Marty chuckles]

Jessica: But, um, how are you? I mean, I -- I know how frightening it is to -- to have these memories of things that you donít really remember doing.

Marty: Yeah. No, it was -- itís terrifying. If it hadnít been for John McBain, I donít know how I would've gotten through it.

Todd: Itís going to be ok. Daddyís going to take you home.

Marcie: Is he on meds, because this is all different shades of crazy right here.

John: Paul, hold him until I find out whatís going on at the jail.

Todd: I want my son, your honor!

Judge: One more outburst and you're all going to jail. Lieutenant McBain, would you care to tell me whatís going on here?

John: Yes, ma'am, this man was remanded to custody.

Judge: On what charge?

Todd: The charge was a crock, your honor.

John: Felony assault. Heís apparently escaped. I will have him removed so the proceedings may continue.

Todd: No, I'm not going anywhere without my son!

Marcie: Heís not your son. Todd, heís my son and Michaelís. You know, your honor, this man is clearly deranged.

Blair: Todd, what did you do?

Todd: What I had to do. Your honor -- ahem -- these people here in front of me, the McBains -- they think that this kid is theirs, but they're mistaken. The kid is mine, and I want him.

Jared: Itís a fair-weather business, which means you're not going to attract tourists in January. We can cut costs by moving everything outdoors. All we're going to need is a series of decks, a pergola or two for shade, a fire pit so they have somewhere to sit at night. We can do lamb, we can do fish, we can do pizzas -- all on the grill. Itís going to smell great, and itís going to attract the crowds. What do you think?

Nash: Ah. Itís not bad.

Jared: What would you change? And if you say me, I'm going to be really hurt.

Nash: Huh. Yeah --

Jared: I'm not the enemy here, Nash. I'm excited about this.

Nash: Huh. Yeah, we're going to need a house to house the main kitchen and the phone services and the bathrooms and enough tables to last through to October.

Jared: Sold. You think we have time to drink to it?

Nash: "Time"?

Jared: Till your wife gets home. You know, I donít want to intrude.

Nash: Yeah. Hey, you know, I've -- God, I've got a white burgundy I've been dying to try.

[Nash sighs]

Nash: Thatís Jessica. Thatís my wife.

Jared: Yeah, I remember. Your wife -- beautiful woman.

Nash: Yeah.

Jared: You know the good thing about me, Nash? I'm not Antonio.

Nash: Antonio -- heís not a bad guy.

Jared: Yeah, but heís your wifeís ex and that couldnít have been easy.

Nash: Well, you know what they say -- twoís company, three --

[Cork pops]

Nash: Is a crowd.

Jessica: So you and John --

Marty: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. There is no "me and John." I mean, we're just friends.

Jessica: Ok, well, thatís a start. It is.

Marty: No, the truth is he is not over your sister, and I am definitely not over Patrick. I donít think I ever will be. I just -- I'm -- I am just saying I'm not ready.

Jessica: Whatever you say, Marty.

Marty: No, and itís not like we're not close. You know, I have talked to him every day for the past couple of months, and, you know, he made sure I had everything I needed while I was in jail and, well, you know, he kept the investigation open the whole time, until he could prove that I was innocent. I -- heís just special, thatís all.

Jessica: Mm-hmm. Um, how does Cole feel about him?

Marty: Cole likes him. I mean, he definitely trusts him and respects him. You know, John really -- he really helped out when Cole was going through that steroid thing. You know, he wrote him these letters of recommendation so he could play sports again, and -- and he was there for him when, oh, gosh, that horrible accident happened and, you know, Henry -- Henry was killed. And, you know, heís checked up on him every day since I've been in jail, so --

Jessica: Wow. Must be really great to have such a -- a good friend.

Marty: He gave me my life back, and we are just going to leave it at that.

Judge: These proceedings are adjourned until further notice.

Lewis: Your honor, Mr. Manning not withstanding, my client still has a right to enter a plea.

Judge: And, counselor, I'd love to hear it, but not under these circumstances. This court is adjourned.

Todd: You're not going to get away with this, McBains. I want my son.

John: The way you're acting right now, you're never going to get anywhere near him.

Blair: Todd -- you assaulted a guard, you hold him at gunpoint, you come in here ranting like this? You know, you'll be lucky if you ever see any of your kids.

Todd: Itís my kid. Probably doesnít mean anything to you because heís not from you.

Marcie: You know, where does he get off? Tommyís not his son.

John: We need to go somewhere where we can talk.

Marcie: About what? John, I'm not going to skulk off. We didnít do anything wrong!

Michael: Marcie, listen, we will straighten this whole thing, ok? We just --

Marcie: What?

Adriana: Hey, Marcie, uh, I just got a text from Roxy. Sheís going to be here in a few minutes to get Tommy, if thatís what you still want.

Michael: Yeah, thatís -- that -- itís a great idea.

Marcie: Ok, look -- just donít let Todd anywhere near him, ok?

Adriana: Of course not.

Marcie: Ok, and look, tell Roxy the same thing, no matter Todd pulls.

Adriana: He wonít get near him.

Marcie: Great. All right, listen to me. Everythingís going to be ok, all right? Adrianaís going to take you out and then aunt Roxy's going to come pick you up. All right, I love you. I'll see you later. Watch him.

Adriana: Yeah.

Todd: Yeah, this ainít over.

Nora: You wouldnít know anything about this, now, would you, Lindsay?

Lewis: Uh, excuse me, Counselor. You know better than to talk to the defendant.

Bo: You know, Manning? For someone whoís developed such an up-close and personal relationship with the judicial system, I think what you just did was pretty stupid.

Todd: Well, what if it was Matthew? What would you do?

Bo: Well, I sure wouldnít have gotten myself thrown in jail, thatís for sure. Sit down. He tries to escape, try not to shoot him too many times. Mr. Cody?

Lewis: Yes.

Bo: I have an officer waiting to escort your client back to her holding cell, but I'd like to take her there myself, if thatís all right.

Lewis: Go ahead.

Bo: Thank you. How are you holding up?

Lindsay: I'm trying.

Bo: Letís find someplace more private.

Todd: "Oh." So thatís all it takes, huh? You got to sleep with the commissioner.

Blair: What it takes is a little common sense, and you seem to be fresh out of it today.

Todd: Well, what am I supposed to do, just sit in my cell -- my son is out there --

Blair: Being taken care of by two respectful people that love him.

Todd: Heís mine.

Blair: "Heís mine." Todd, you sound like a 2-year-old. Now, what judge is going to hand over your son the way you act today?

Todd: Yeah, well -- I could see that he could tell that I'd be waiting for him. Anything.

Marcie: Todd is clearly delusional. You know, you should be taking him to a psych ward for evaluation. You do know that, right?

John: Well, heís frustrated and heís Manning -- thatís not a good combination.

Marcie: Frustrated about what? John, he was arrested for assaulting Miles. What does that have to do with Tommy? Heís lost it. He really -- I'm not kidding, ok -- I heard him screaming about his son in jail when I was trying to get in to see Lindsay.

John: You know Toddís son has been missing for a while now.

Marcie: Yes, and I sympathize. Itís a terrible thing to lose a child.

John: Believe me, Marcie, this is not the way I wanted this to play out. I wanted to be able to talk to you and Michael about the situation.

Marcie: What situation, John? What?

John: Marcie, Todd Manningís son was placed with that couple that was killed in the storm.

Marcie: I'm sorry?

John: The people you got Tommy from? They adopted Manningís son.

Marcie: What are you talking about? John -- John, are you saying -- are you standing here and are you saying to me that he and Tommy -- he is?

John: Thatís how it looks.

Marcie: No. Thatís not possible, ok? He canít be. Mike, come on, will you explain to him? No. No!

John: I'm sorry, Marcie.

Nash: Yeah -- you donít know anything about wine, do you?

[Jared sniffs wineglass]

Jared: Ah, I know how to drink it -- and how to grow it.

[Jared chuckles]

Jared: And this -- this is good. Itís bright, not too tannic. Nice finish. Is this ours?

Nash: No. No, itís our competitorís.

Jared: Good. Because we can do better. Maybe you can take me down to the grapes tomorrow, introduce me, let me get a taste. Unless you feel thatís stepping on your toes. I'm just excited about this whole thing.

Nash: Yeah, so you've said. Look, you know, I -- I donít want to make you run uphill here. But letís face it -- you did kind of get into this through the backdoor, and I'm kind of used to not having any interference. But, hey, I think we can make this work. At least, I hope so.

Jared: Me, too. Shall we finish it off?

Nash: Yeah. Sure. I'm just going to go get some food. I hate to be three sheets to the wind when my wife gets home, you know?

Jessica: Just press down on the image more.

Marty: Oh, my God --

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Marty: Look at her. She is so adorable.

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Marty: Look at all that hair.

Jessica: Yeah. She definitely has Nashís hair. I'm always brushing it out of her face.

Marty: Oh -- you know, I am so -- I am so glad you're happy now.

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Marty: I mean, it couldnít have been easy, what you had to go through with Antonio.

Jessica: It wasnít. No, I loved him. But now, I just -- I donít know -- I -- I feel free.

Marty: Mm-hmm. Ah, well, I know the feeling, having spent the last few weeks in jail, you know? Just to be able to wake up the morning and just -- you know, you canít wait because the whole day is ahead of you.

Jessica: Have you heard anything with -- with Lindsay, whatís going on there?

Marty: You know, I just know that sheís being arraigned today. But I have no idea what happened with her and Spencer. I just -- but I have an idea of what sheís going through right now.

Bo: I'll take it from here. Thank you.

Lindsay: Thank you, Bo. Made it a lot easier coming back here knowing I had you to lean on.

Bo: Well, this isnít exactly standard operating procedure, but I did want to make sure that you're ok. And I also wanted a chance to talk to you.

Lindsay: About what?

Bo: This case. It bothers me. It just doesnít make sense. Or maybe -- huh -- maybe I should say that it did make sense until a few minutes ago.

Lindsay: You want to know whether or not I killed Spencer Truman.

Bo: No. I want to know if Tommy McBain is Manningís son, and if in fact he is, I want to know if you knew about it before today.

John: I'm sorry you two had to hear it this way. I was on my way to your place to tell you, but you'd already left. I even arrested Manning to keep him from getting to you before I did. The reason why Manningís so fired up is he found out his son is still alive.

Marcie: Tommy is not Toddís son. He canít be.

John: Listen, Marcie, I know itís a lot to take in.

Marcie: Look -- look, I feel for Todd, ok? I do. I feel for anyone who loses a child, but that is what -- what has happened here, ok? His son died. There is a death certificate.

John: It was forged.

Marcie: Ok. Fine. Heís alive -- somewhere else. That does not mean that he -- John, it doesnít mean that they are the same person.

Michael: Marcie, honey --

Marcie: No! No, Michael, we got -- no --

Michael: Look, I know it doesnít make any sense, sweetie, ok? But John wouldnít have come to us with this if he hadnít investigated first, you know? Heís my brother, ok? He wouldnít do this if he didnít believe it was true.

Marcie: Look, I donít care what he believes. How can you possibly accept this? Michael, this is our son that we're talking about here.

Michael: You donít think I understand that? You donít think that that has been going through my mind? You donít think I've been thinking about that nonstop?

John: Marcie, I didnít want to believe it, either.

Marcie: Have you talked to Rex? Because if you -- if you talked to Rex, then you would know that Tommyís mother didnít want him because she was mentally ill. She couldnít handle it.

John: Margaret Cochran.

Marcie: Come on! Like that proves anything! John, half of Llanview is mentally ill!

Michael: You're talking in circles, honey.

Marcie: Yeah, and what are you doing, Michael? Rolling over?

Michael: I am trying to be realistic here.

Marcie: Let me tell you something. Even if this is true -- and I am not saying that it is -- but even if it is true, Todd crashed a hearing! Come on! It -- I mean, he -- he screamed. He scared our child half to death. This is what a parent does? Look, I donít care -- I donít care how many facts Todd thinks that he has, you do not treat a child like that, John. You do not treat a child like a lost teddy bear who belongs to you. He is a person. He is a person, and he has rights, and he has parents, and he has a home. Who the hell is Todd? You know, I'll tell you who Todd is. He is a self-centered, violent, immature creep.

John: With rights of his own.

Marcie: No! No, he does not have rights, not to my son!

John: Marcie, I canít tell you how this is going to play out. But Todd Manning is Tommyís biological father. I've seen the proof.

Nora: So, Todd -- Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd -- never a dull moment.

Todd: Go away.

Nora: Yeah, I canít do that, because you just blew my case.

Todd: Yeah, I donít give a damn about you or your case, or Lindsay. I came here for my son.

Nora: And that connects to Lindsay how?

Todd: Doesnít connect to anybody.

Nora: Well, actually, I happen to know that Lindsay is Marcieís best friend. And the two of you happened to be locked up together. What, did she say something to you, and did you agree to tank this hearing? Is that what happened here?

Todd: Hey, Balsom --

Adriana: Come on.

Todd: Balsom --

Blair: Todd -- Todd, you're --

Todd: Hey, I'm talking to you!

Blair: Only going to make Ė

Paul: Not another --

Blair: Things worse.

Todd: You knew all along, didnít you?

Paul: Not another step, Manning.

Todd: You faked my sonís death, you forged a death certificate so Marcie McBain could keep him, didnít you?

Rex: Let me handle this.

Adriana: But he knows.

Rex: Heís guessing. And I donít want you implicated.

Nora: Whatís going on, Adriana? What is it that you know?

Adriana: Oh, I'm still playing catch up.

[Phone rings]

Nora: Hmm. I have to take this.

Rex: I just told you what I found out.

Todd: You had half the town lying to me. And I missed months with my son because you wanted to play God. Game over, my friend. Because when I get out of here --

Rex: You're going to do what? You're going to make things even worse for yourself? You did a really bad thing here today, Todd. You terrorized a child, traumatized a family, and -- and for what? Because you didnít get what you wanted?

Todd: I'm going to have your head on a platter.

Rex: Nice. Well, you hold that thought while they take you back to lockup, because after today, revenge is all you've got left.

Blair: Please sit down. You're only making this worse, Todd. You've made an enemy out of the one person who could really hurt you.

Todd: Who, John?

Blair: Yeah. He can make sure that, you know, that Michael takes your son away for good.

Marcie: You have proof that Todd is Tommyís biological father?

John: It just started coming out in the last couple days. Thereís a letter Miles Laurence had from -- from Truman.

Marcie: Oh. Oh, Spencer Truman. Why didnít you say so? Heís mixed up in this, too? It just keeps getting better, doesnít it?

John: Truman delivered Tommy. When Margaret Cochran died, he wound up with a couple who was killed in the storm. When Tommy came to you, Truman tracked him down.

Marcie: Well, then why didnít Truman tell us about it, or Todd?

John: He just wanted to get even.

Marcie: So he -- so he just let Tommy get attached to us?

John: He wasnít thinking about Tommy. He just wanted to stick it to Manning. Itís an evil thing, Marcie. Thereís no other way to look at it. I'm sorry.

Marcie: No.

Michael: Honey, we are going to get through this.

Marcie: No, no. No, I just -- I -- I just -- I just -- I keep -- look, I'm -- I'm only worried about Tommy here, ok? How do we explain this to our son, Michael? Itís -- itís impossible.

Michael: I know.

Marcie: Why are you so quiet? Mike, itís like you're giving up.

Michael: No. No, I'm not -- I'm not giving up, ok? I mean, this is big. Itís -- itís a lot to take in. I'm just -- I'm just trying to take it all in.

Marcie: No. Maybe you're just not as surprised as I am.

Lindsay: You always did get right to the heart of the matter. Oh, Bo, I just couldnít bear to break her heart.

Bo: Marcie?

Lindsay: After I found out that Tommy was Toddís -- right after that, Marcie told me that she would never be able to have kids of her own. It made me feel so bad, because she was so good with him, and she loved him so much. And he loves her. And -- and I know itís not my place, but I -- I didnít know what to say. And I -- I kept waiting for -- I donít know -- a sign, something.

Bo: Did Truman know? And now Nora knows.

Lindsay: Yeah, and itís all falling apart.

Bo: Oh, Lindsay -- you understand that this really strengthens the D.A.ís case? Noraís been working with the idea that you killed Truman to protect Blair. Sheís too smart not to figure out that you were protecting Marcie. This makes for a much more serious charge.

Lindsay: Are you saying that I might go to prison for the rest of my life?

Bo: Noraís going to say that you planned it, that it was premeditated. Thatís murder one. Now, if the jury -- if they agree with her --

Lindsay: She could ask for the death penalty.

Jared: I think we should start with a wine tasting. You know, you invite all your friends, all the Llanview brass. We show them a good time, we let them know what we're thinking, and we get their support.

Nash: That is a good idea.

Jared: When we have the locals onboard and we've secured all the permits, I'll start marketing the concept.

Nash: Yeah. Hey, better you than me, right? I hate that stuff -- advertising. Sucking up --

Jared: Ah, see? You need me, and I definitely need you. I donít know the difference between a grape and an olive.

[Jared chuckles]

Jared: But thatís ok, because you know how to grow things, I know how to wheel and deal.

Nash: Yeah, I -- I've done a bit of wheeling and dealing myself.

Jared: Yeah, and you've gotten yourself a wonderful life. A nice home, successful vineyard, beautiful wife.

Nash: Yeah -- I actually almost lost her last summer. She was sick, very ill.

Jared: Is she ok now?

Nash: Yeah, we seemed to have dodged a bullet.

Jared: To luck.

Nash: I will drink to that.

[Jessica giggles]

Marty: I am so glad you came by. And for bringing the, you know, Irish soda bread and the tea, of course.

Jessica: Well, you and Cole have to come by to the vineyard very, very soon, and I guess if you want, you can bring your Detective McNasty with you.

Marty: Well, only if you promise to call him that.

Jessica: I do promise to call him that. I guess I'm still just a little ticked at him for breaking my sisterís heart, but, you know, if he makes you happy, then --

Marty: We are just friends.

Jessica: Yeah.

Marty: Just friends.

Jessica: You already said that.

Marty: Yeah.

Jessica: I'll see you later.

Marty: Bye.

John: You're just different people, Marcie, you and Mike. You react differently. He sees tragedy in his work every day, but I know inside right now, heís dying.

Marcie: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Honey, you know -- you know that I didnít mean it that way. You know, itís just that you're really calm right now and --

Michael: No, no, no, sweetie, I'm not -- I'm not calm, ok? I -- I want to kill Todd Manning.

John: Listen, just sit with this, all right? Just let it sit in, all right? I beg you, do not take this out on each other. And we all want whatís best for Tommy.

Marcie: I -- I know that. John, I know that. I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry, I --

John: You got nothing to be sorry about. You took that little boy in and you gave him a home. You raised him like he was your own. He is who he is because of you and Mike. None of this is your fault, itís Trumanís.

Marcie: Yeah. Like will that count that he manipulated the system, John? I mean, shouldnít it count?

John: Listen to me -- I swear, I'm going to do everything in my power to protect Tommy and you and Mike. This isnít over.

Marcie: I know. And I -- I know that you tried your best to handle this situation, John. And I'm sorry, ok? I donít mean to take this out on you. You know, this is just -- itís really a lot to take in, ok?

John: I know it is.

Michael: And we appreciate everything you have done for us more than you can ever know.

Lindsay: Listen, you go home. You got a lot on your plate with your dad dying. Your family needs you. You go.

Bo: All right, but you be careful what you say, Lindsay. You understand what I'm getting at?

Lindsay: I know. I have been. I just hope I havenít caused you any problems.

Bo: Well, I wouldnít have asked the questions if I didnít think I could handle the answers.

Lindsay: You can handle anything. You're Bo Buchanan and you're my hero. Well, you do mean a lot to me, and -- who would have thunk we'd ever be such good friends?

Bo: Do you need anything?

Lindsay: No. I'm fine.

Bo: Ok. Protect yourself. Ok, you get with that lawyer of yours. Noraís going to come after you.

Lindsay: I'll be ok.

Bo: All right. Then I'll check in with you again tomorrow.

Lindsay: Ok.

Bo: Ok.

Lindsay: Bo, is there any chance, you know, that -- that Todd will get custody of Tommy?

Bo: Not tonight he wonít.

Lindsay: Well, I mean, when this whole thing blows over and he files for custody, do you -- whatís your gut tell you?

Bo: Knowing Manning, heís not going to really care what the court says. The decision goes against him, he'll probably break the law.

Rex: Toddís all mouth --

Todd: Hey, Rex, where are you going?

Rex: He canít prove anything.

Blair: Todd, stop it.

Adriana: Yeah, since when has that stopped him? They threw him in jail, and now here he is.

Rex: Yeah, in handcuffs with a bailiff ready to shoot him if he moves a muscle. Boís got his number. Heís not going to let him get away with anything.

Adriana: Bo is not going to let you get away with anything. If Todd can prove that you faked that phony death certificate, you can get arrested.

Blair: Todd, you really do need to calm down, you know.

Todd: Why donít you go home? The kids needs you.

Blair: I think you're the one that needs looking after right now.

Todd: Oh, yeah, you've done a bang-up job on my behalf.

Blair: I'm trying to keep you from destroying yourself.

Todd: Why?

Blair: Well, just like you, I've had a hard time learning from my mistakes.

Todd: Did you get it done? Did you put your brother and that mouthy wife of his and my kid in some unmarked car, off to who knows where? Where'd you take them, some -- some island, out of reach?

John: And if I did?

Nash: Hey, baby!

Jessica: Hey. Looks like you had company.

Nash: Yes, I did -- my business partner.

Jessica: Oh. How is that going?

Nash: Not bad, not bad at all. He drank wine, we talked a little business. He had some pretty good ideas.

Jessica: Well, I am sorry I missed him.

Jared: You didnít.

Nash: Jared, this is my wife, Jessica. Jessica, Jared Banks.

Jared: Hello, Jessica.

Marcie: Michael, what are we going to do?

Michael: I donít know.

Marcie: Honey? I really need you to promise me that we're not going to lose our son, ok?

Todd: I donít care how many favors you pull in. I find my son, I got your badge.

John: As long as you're entertained. Paul, take Manning to his cell. Put a guard on him around the clock.

Todd: No, I'm not going anywhere without my son.

Blair: Come on, Todd. Please, cooperate.

Todd: Why?

Judge: We need to clear this courtroom.

Todd: No, sorry. Sorry. You've been overruled.

Judge: You want to add to your sentence, Mr. Manning?

Todd: I donít know. Let me consult with my lawyer. Hey, lawyer?

Lewis: I'm sorry, you talking to me?

Todd: Yeah. I've got $500. Yeah? Take it, you're hired. I'll take that as a "yes." I'm sorry, my lawyerís not going to let you take me anywhere without my son. Isnít that right, lawyer?

Lewis: Yeah, absolutely. You heard my client. Produce the child.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: What are you doing here, Jared?

Nora: I have very strong feelings about children being kept away from their natural parents.

Marcie: Michael, did other people know about this?

Adriana: Did the judge really just hand Tommy over to Todd?

Todd: Donít let these baby thieves take him home.

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