OLTL Transcript Friday 8/31/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 8/31/07


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[Phone rings]

Jessica: Oh, no, stop ringing. You're going to wake Bree. Hello? Hi, Kelly. Yeah -- no, my flight was great. I'm sorry I didnít call you when I got in. I just figured you guys would all be asleep. Oh. Yeah, so much for my big surprise -- Nash isnít even here.

Jared: God, I'd love to be the bloke that invented "Sign here." Can you imagine two, three cents a pop?

Nash: You canít just waltz into town and take my vineyard.

Jared: 51% of your vineyard.

Nash: With my money.

Jared: Oh, be fair. You werenít the only one that lost money that night. Melba and Boo left a lot of cash on that table.

Nash: Now, look -- you can take my money. But nobody takes my land without a fight.

Jared: How about I buy you a beer and we celebrate our partnership?

Nash: How about you tell me why you're doing this?

Jared: Because I can.

Adriana: Marcie, itís Adriana and Rex.

Rex: They're not home.

Adriana: Well, thatís weird. Tommy should be napping.

Rex: He may be napping -- just on a plane to parts unknown.

Adriana: Oh.

Rex: If you were Marcie and if your brother-in-law just told you that your son wasnít your son and that Todd Manning may swoop down and carry him off --

Adriana: Do you really think John decided to turn them in?

Rex: I hope not, but if he did and I was Michael, I would be on the next plane to --

Michael: Hey, guys.

Adriana: Or you'd just be doing your laundry.

Michael: Timing -- got to love it. You can help me fold.

Michael: You want a beer?

Rex: That depends. Are we drowning our sorrows? Does John have your back or is he going to Manning?

Adriana: This is so cute.

Michael: Yeah. Lindsay gave this to him.

[Adriana chuckles]

Rex: And he may never wear it again if Todd Manning gets his claws in him. What is with you?

Michael: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Rex: So, your brother?

Michael: Is going to keep his mouth shut.

John: What does Laurence know?

Natalie: Well, he knows who has Toddís kid and that they're right here in Llanview.

John: Who are "they"?

Natalie: I donít know. He didnít tell me, but he told Blair.

John: Whatís Blair doing about this?

Natalie: My guess is sheís on her way to tell Todd about it right now.

John: You sure about this?

Natalie: Well, John, the point is, is this is police business. I just thought you should know.

John: Whatís Laurence basing this on?

Natalie: I canít really get into that.

John: Well, someone needs to get into it, all right? This guyís a first-class liar, unless -- so unless heís got some proof --

Natalie: Why are you getting so upset about this?

John: Why am I getting so upset? Why am I getting -- thereís a child involved, all right? And if what Laurence is saying is true, this kidís about to have his life turned upside down.

Natalie: Miles is telling the truth, all right? Toddís son is alive, and Blair is bringing them back together right now.

Todd: You've got a serious look on your face. What is it?

Blair: I think you need to sit down.

Todd: Oh, not this.

Blair: What?

Todd: Oh, we're not going to have conversation about you and me, are we?

Blair: No, this is all about you, Todd.

Todd: Itís all about me?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: All right, you got a serious look, but you're not angry -- I can tell that -- so I havenít offended you in any way. Of course, the day is not over.

Blair: Ok, ok, will you just please sit down.

Todd: Why?

Blair: Because I have something very important to tell you, and I think you need to sit down.

Marcie: Look, I -- I'm really sorry. I donít mean to interrupt, but, uh -- well, this just really couldnít wait.

Todd: What the hell is this?

Marcie: I'm sorry, Todd, I really am, but I actually need your help -- please.

Todd: You want my help, take a number.

Marcie: This is important.

Todd: Oh. Well, itís important -- I didnít realize that. Well, if itís important, let me get my secretary, who is freaking fired by the way! Uh -- she will make an appointment with you next year at which point I will tell you I cannot help you.

Marcie: Todd --

Todd: Or, if you'd like, I can tell you no right now and save us both some time.

Marcie: Will you just hear me out?

Blair: Please, Todd, just let her talk.

Todd: Why? Donít you have something you'd like to tell me?

Blair: It -- it'll keep.

Marcie: Look, I really -- this wonít take very long, I promise, ok? I would just like to pitch you a cover story.

Todd: Oh, you want -- you want to be one of my stringers?

Marcie: Not looking for a job, Todd. This is personal.

Todd: Oh, I can just see the papers flying off the stands.

Marcie: Oh, they will -- believe me, they will. How about this for a headline -- "Shady Cop Railroads Woman Of The Year"?

Todd: Whoís the shady cop?

Marcie: John McBain. Heís railroading Lindsay Rappaport.

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: No kidding. Betraying family, huh? I like it. Keep talking.

[Cell door opens]

Marty: Please tell me the good news.

Cole: Oh, itís great. It couldnít be better.

Nora: They've dropped the charges.

Cole: As soon as the guard gets the orders, you're coming home.

Nora: Within the hour.

Marty: Thank you, Nora.

Nora: Oh -- hey, donít thank me. You and John did all the work.

Marty: So they've pressed charges against Lindsay?

Nora: Oh -- well, they've gathered a lot of evidence from her apartment and we're still working on a motive.

Marty: All I can think is that she was trying to protect Blair, which is what I thought I was doing.

Nora: Well, thatís because you're a good person and Lindsay -- well, the field is wide open.

Adriana: Oh. I am so happy for you. I mean, this is hugging time, right? We can finally celebrate.

Michael: Yeah, well, if this isnít hug-worthy then I donít know what is.

Rex: So what did John say exactly?

Michael: Well, you know John, you know? He didnít say much, but he made it very clear that he wasnít going to say anything to Todd -- or anyone else.

Rex: So all the files heís got, his notes -- heís burning them?

Michael: Case closed.

Rex: And heís not going to have a sloppy summer night? Drink one too many margaritas, tell whoever sits down next to him, "my luck, my mother -- the sad tale of Todd Manning and his long-lost son"?

Michael: John, "sloppy"?

Rex: So no notes, no true confessions. He keep a diary?

Michael: Are you trying to ruin my mood here? No, this is a good thing, man -- roll with it.

Adriana: Itís not like John hasnít kept a secret before.

Rex: Not telling the woman heís dating her boyfriend was faking amnesia -- thatís no secret, thatís self-interest.

Michael: And this isnít? Tommyís his nephew.

Rex: Right, and I'm just saying look how that turned out. He got burned, ok? And this time around, he m not be quite as willing to bend the rules.

Michael: Why are you doing this? You know, for the first time in a very long time, I am starting to feel good, you know, like my family might just have a future.

Rex: Hmm -- and I'm trying to ensure that future by checking every angle. Look at everybody who knows the truth now. Itís not just two guys, a girl, and a corpse anymore. Itís a cop who thinks heís cornered the market when it comes to doing the right thing.

Michael: John wonít say anything. He wonít.

John: Yeah, put out an APB on Blair Cramer. Be discreet, let me know when you've located her. You have any idea where Manning is?

Natalie: Well, I donít usually keep tabs on my uncle.

John: But Blair would know, and when she finds him, sheís going to tell him what Laurence told her.

Natalie: Well, I assumed thatís the plan. I mean, Toddís been searching for this child ever since he was born, and to find out now that heís right here in Llanview?

John: Yeah, look, I -- I appreciate you coming by and I appreciate the heads-up.

Natalie: Thatís it?

John: Yeah, look, I'm sorry, Natalie, but that -- this is something I need to al with.

Natalie: Why? Whatís the problem?

John: The problem is when Blair tells Todd, heís going to go looking for his kid.

Natalie: Of course he is. Todd thought his son was dead -- I mean, this is a miracle. Why are you acting like this is such bad news?

Jessica: Well, yeah, it was really great seeing you, too. And I actually think that Bree misses Zane already. She kept on making this buzzing noise the whole way home, this ZZZ and I think that she was trying to say "Zane" from this big smile on her face -- God, she is so cute. Well, yeah, I -- I guess I should call Nash and tell him that I'm home, but -- why ruin the surprise? I think I have an idea.

Jared: Some men have an eye for women. You, for instance.

Nash: What does that mean?

Jared: Oh, isnít that why you're here? To protect the hearth and home? Look, relax, Nash. I'm just a guy who sees an opportunity and I'm taking it.

Nash: Oh, you're a taker.

Jared: Oh, and you're not?

Sarah: Are you guys -- um, sorry. Are you gentlemen ok?

Jared: I'll have another.

Sarah: Another --

Jared: Uh Ė a G & T, cold glass, and my friend here will have --

Nash: Nothing.

Sarah: G & T and a nothing. Got it.

Jared: Hereís an idea -- letís start over.

Nash: Hereís an idea. Why donít you tell me who you really are and why you're after my vineyard?

Jared: Not much to tell. I'm an investor and your vineyardís a good bet.

Nash: Do you know anything about grapes?

Jared: Yeah -- red with beef, white with fish, pink stuff when you're young and desperate. There are over 90 wineries in the state of Pennsylvania. Itís a growth industry, which means if you know what you're doing, we're going to be banking some serious cash.

Nash: Yeah -- no. You see, we're not going to be banking anything. I picked the grapes, I planted the vines, I developed the brand. The winery is mine.

Jared: Not anymore. We are partners -- well, technically, I own a majority stake, but I'd rather not think of you as an employee.

Nash: This isnít business, is it? Itís not an investment, either. This is personal.

Jared: Hmm.

Nash: I'd like to know why.

Jared: I have a better idea.

Nash: Oh.

Jared: Tell me how you came up with that name for that naughty little California vintage you developed -- "Esprit Libre"? God, I'd love to hear that story.

Nash: "Libre"?

Jared: Huh.

Nash: Yeah. Ignoramus. I'll tell you the story -- I'll even throw in a case of the wine. Sell me Antonioís shares.

Marty: I donít really know Lindsay all that well.

Nora: Well, itís not your job to come up with a motive for her, ok? You just enjoy being free.

Marty: Oh, I'm not going to believe it until I get home.

Cole: Well, believe it, mom. Itís over.

Nora: Yeah.

[Keys jingle]

Nora: Ooh. Ok.

Cole: Itís time.

Nora: Is it all right if he does the honors? Cole?

Marty: Huh.

Nora: Come on. Letís go get some sunshine and fresh air.

Marty: Oh, that sounds like the most perfect plan.

Natalie: Look, I know Todd is not your favorite person. Huh -- heís not mine, either, and heís my uncle -- but you have to admit this is wonderful news.

John: And what if it isnít?

Natalie: What do you mean?

John: I donít know. You know, this -- this kid, this child, heís probably with people, people that probably care about him a lot.

Natalie: You donít know that. My God, they could be ax murderers or just plain incompetent. Look what happened to me.

John: Yeah.

Natalie: Toddís his father.

John: But, you know, these people, whoever they are -- they think the childís theirs, you know? So what happens, Manning -- Manning shows up and he confronts them? It could get ugly.

Natalie: Because you think that they wonít give him his son back?

John: Would you? Look, I'm just thinking about the kid, all right? These people are all he knows, so Manning shows up, he -- he rips him from their arms. Whatís it going to do to him?

Todd: So John McBain is shady?

Marcie: Maybe "shady" isnít exactly the right word. Oh. Would you mind -- holding him?

Todd: Itís called a babysitter, Walsh. Why donít you try hiring one?

Blair: Hey.

Marcie: You know what? I couldnít reach my sitter, ok? And Lindsayís in jail, so I --

Blair: This is fine. Itís fine. I'll take this big boy so ms. Marcie can do her work, yeah.

Marcie: Thank you, I appreciate it.

Todd: I'm just not in the market for a libel suit right now.

Marcie: Look, Todd, I really -- I donít care what you call him, ok? You can call him whatever you want. The point is, is that this Spencer Truman murder investigation is tainted, and have got it all right here -- chronology, profiles on a dozen or so suspects that John went after, including you.

Todd: So you got a dead psycho, a wronged citizen -- yours truly -- and a rogue cop?

Marcie: Mm-hmm. I think your circulation is about to skyrocket.

Todd: We might get an uptick.

Marcie: Tack on an editorial about how Lindsay is innocent and I think it'll double.

Todd: See, now you've lost me.

Marcie: Forget the editorial, ok? St go after this investigation. John has arrested five people for this crime already, one of whom -- Marty Saybrooke, she sound familiar? Letís just say John gave her some special V.I.P. treatment -- you know what I'm saying?

Todd: Are you implying that your brother-in-law -- and I'm assuming that you have some inside information?

Marcie: Well, we're a very close family.

Todd: Are you getting this, Blair? Sheís saying that John McBain is railroading Lindsay Rappaport because he and Marty are an item. Is that essentially what I'm to understand?

Marcie: Didnít hear it from me.

Todd: All right, Starr gets straight Aís in English this year, we got a deal.

Marcie: Done.

Michael: Yeah, I donít know whatís going on here, man. I'm the worrier, ok? You're the "glass is half full" guy.

Rex: Itís not about being optimistic. Things have changed -- we're not the only ones who know anymore.

Adriana: But thereís nothing we can do about it, right?

Rex: Well, I could come up with a plan.

Adriana: Like what? Unless Michael and Marcie are willing to take Tommy and go on the run.

Michael: Itís not an option. And itís unnecessary, I'm telling you. My brother is not going to say anything.

Rex: And Lindsay -- is she going to keep quiet?

Adriana: We're not even sure that she even knows.

Rex: Why else would she kill Truman?

Michael: You think she did it? I mean, because Spencer threatened to go to Todd?

Rex: She stabbed him -- at least thatís what John seems to think.

Michael: If she stabbed Spencer to keep him quiet, why would she talk?

Rex: Sheís being charged for murder.

Michael: Yeah -- exactly. Why would she provide them with a motive? It doesnít help her, it doesnít help us, it doesnít help anybody. We lose Tommy, she goes to jail.

Adriana: Michaelís right. Lindsayís not going to say anything. Is she?

Rex: I guess if she was willing to do the crime, sheís probably willing to do the time.

Michael: Why donít you go and talk to her, you know? Find out.

Adriana: Hey, I've learned my lesson. Your gut talks, I listen.

Rex: Itís not my gut exactly. But you're right -- I should talk to her.

Michael: Do me a favor -- you know, try and steer clear of my brother, you know, because he told me he wasnít going to say anything and I trust him. I donít want him to think that you're down there looking over his shoulder.

John: The people who have been taking care of him think Manningís son is theirs.

Natalie: And Todd wants what he wants when he wants it. Man, if these people -- whoever they are -- donít hand that kid over, we all know what'll happen. And you know what -- why would they?

John: You know, maybe they didnít even realize -- you ever think about that? Maybe -- maybe they didnít know. They -- they adopted this child and they started taking care of him as their own, and all of a sudden, this lunatic Manningís going to show up, pounding on their door?

Natalie: You're right. This could get really, really ugly. I didnít think these people and the baby -- they've all been hurt, too.

John: Not if I can help it.

Natalie: What are you going to do? I mean, are you going to -- you going to stop Todd from taking his son?

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah, come in.

Marty: Just the person we were looking for. Look, no bars.

[Marty sighs]

Marcie: I mean, how -- how long does it take to stop the presses?

Blair: Well, itís a little difficult to kill the whole front page.

Marcie: But they'll do it, right?

Blair: Well, itís Toddís paper, so if you want to take Tommy and go home --

Marcie: No, no, no, no. I -- I promised Lindsay that I would do whatever it takes to, you know, get these ridiculous charges dropped and -- anyway, look at him, you know? Look at this one -- heís as happy as a clam right where he is, right?

[Blair chuckles]

Marcie: You know, he misses Lindsay -- a lot. We all do.

Blair: You guys got close after Jen died, didnít you?

Marcie: Yeah. Sheís like my mom, especially since we got Tommy, you know? I call her, like, twice a day with questions and for reassurances -- you know, "please tell me I didnít ruin him for life by giving him ice cream."

Blair: Oh, you canít make a mistake with ice cream, but I know what you mean, you know? They hand you these little babies and they expect you to know what to do, right?

Marcie: Yeah. You know, he was really traumatized when we first got him from losing his mom and dad, but we just loved him up one side and down the other. I mean, donít get me wrong -- I know that we made some big mistakes with him.

Blair: All parents make mistakes.

Marcie: Thatís what Lindsay says. But you know what? The good thing is, is that you are happy and healthy, right? So I guess your mom and dad -- we didnít do too bad of a job, did we? Almost starting to believe heís ours.

Blair: What do you mean?

Marcie: I guess when you adopt, you know, you kind of -- you have this fear -- I canít explain it, at least I did -- that you're going to lose him, you know, that someoneís going to -- I donít know, like heís going to get taken away or something, but heís mine. No oneís going to take him away from me, right? Right? I know. Before you know it, heís going to be riding a bike and going to school and rolling his eyes at me like every other kid I know.

Blair: Well, thatís just being a teenager. You know, Starr -- sheís grown up so much in the last two years, but she is still the sweetest little girl to us, you know?

Marcie: Sheís wonderful.

Blair: Thank you.

Marcie: I adore her, I really do. I can only pray that Tommy grows up to be half the person that she is.

Blair: Well, Tommy was lucky to have you, Marcie, and you're obviously a very good mother, and you and Michael deserve a slew of children. So, um, have you thought about having more?

Marcie: Oh, yeah, we have. I, um -- I canít.

Blair: Well, I'm really sorry.

Marcie: Thatís ok. You know, we have Tommy, so --

Blair: You know, I'm sure you trust your doctor and all, but have you thought about a second opinion on that one?

Marcie: Oh, a third and a fourth and they all agree. Itís just really not possible for me, but itís really -- Blair, itís ok, you know? We have him, heís all we need, and as long as we have him, we're going to be ok.

(Music plays throughout )

Jessica: Ok. Everything is ready. Now all I need is you, Nash.

 [Jared sighs]

Jared: You want to buy me out?

Nash: Yeah. I was going to buy Antonio out, but somehow you got to him first. I have the cash. We could do this right now.

Jared: Whatís in it for me? Thank you.

Nash: Oh, I'd be doing you a favor. See, of those 90-odd other wineries in the state, did you bother to check out how many of them are breaking even or turning a profit? Not too many of them. You see, a winery is a money pit. Sell me the shares. I'd be doing you a favor.

Jared: No, you're not. You want me to sell you my share, I understand that. You think you're losing a dream, but you're not. You're just sharing the wealth.

Nash: I donít know you.

Jared: I'm just a guy like you, Nash -- big dreams. The only difference is I have the bank account to make them happen. Take it as a compliment -- you have something I want. Give it a day or two. You'll see. This is a good thing.

Nash: Not for me, itís not. You see, I promised my wife I'd get our vineyard back.

Jared: Well, you havenít lost anything, Nash.

Nash: No. I've just gained a new owner, right?

Jared: Hmm.

Sarah: What can I get you?

Nora: Um -- I would actually like a white wine --

Sarah: Oh.

Nora: Sarah!

Sarah: Aunt Nora. God, I'm sorry. My head is back in the kitchen with all the orders I keep messing up. How are you?

Nora: I -- I didnít know you were working here.

Sarah: Huh -- trying to work here. Donít tell Cristian, but I donít know a salsa dip from the dance.

Nora: Donít worry -- heís a very patient man.

Sarah: Hmm. We'll see. But I've got to try this.

Nora: Well, good for you. Can you sit for a minute?

Sarah: Uh -- thanks. Oh! My feet are killing me. I forgot how hard waitressing was.

Nora: Oh, I know. Thatís why I went to law school.

Sarah: You waited tables?

Nora: Oh, yeah -- summers until I couldnít stand it anymore. Oh, the people, the nagging customers -- everything. The money even smelled -- ugh.

Sarah: You know, I -- I donít care if it smells as long as it spends.

Nora: Yeah, you say that, but you wait till you're in line for a movie and you go reaching into your pocket and pull out a wad of ones and itís like --

[Nora sniffs]

Nora: Beer, grease -- ugh.

Sarah: Man, well, if it keeps me from going back to my family --

Nora: Oh, I donít know. I donít think the Buchanan clanís such a bad group.

Sarah: Oh, thatís right -- you're staying at Asaís.

Nora: Yeah.

Sarah: I keep calling it that. Itís hard to imagine him not being there.

Nora: Oh, heís there -- heís everywhere. It'll always be Asaís. And we're very blessed to be staying there, we really are. Everyoneís made us feel so welcome, and itís been good for Matthew, you know? He really took Asaís passing very hard -- they were buddies.

Sarah: Did Asa ever talk about me?

John: You're out.

Marty: Yep -- free as a bird.

Cole: Thatís right, and itís all because of you, John. You never gave up.

Marty: We just wanted to come by and thank you. I fired the least I could do is buy you a burger.

John: Thatís great news, but I'm -- I'm kind of jammed up right now.

Marty: Ok, great. Um -- another time.

John: Sure. Listen, thanks for stopping by.

Natalie: Good luck.

John: Excuse me.

Marty: Is everything ok?

[Phone rings]

John: Come on, Blair. Pick up.

Blairís voice: Hi, itís Blair. I'm sorry -- you've reached my voicemail, but if you'll leave the message, I'll get back with you.

Blair: Wait -- oh, are you going to call the president, huh? Give him a piece of your mind?

[Marcie chuckles]

Blair: I wish you would.

Marcie: I'm so sorry -- he just loves those things.

Blair: Marcie, itís fine. I turned it off.

Todd: Paper, get your paper here, hot off the presses.

Marcie: Itís done?

Todd: Yeah, I had layout do a mockup. I thought you could give your brother-in-law a little preview.

Marcie: "Rogue Cop Railroads Woman" -- yeah, I like it. Hey, you know what? You could've picked a better picture of Lindsay, though.

Todd: Itíll sell.

Marcie: And that is the point, isnít it? Thank you.

Todd: No -- oh.

Marcie: Oh -- oh, come on, Todd! Oh, whatever.

Todd: Go home.

Marcie: You know what?

Todd: Take that baby with you. Get it out of here. This isnít a nursery.

Marcie: Goodbye to you, too, Todd.

Blair: Here we go.

Marcie: Come here, honey.

Blair: Let me grab my phone.

Marcie: Yes, I'll give it to you. Here you go.

Blair: Here you go, buddy.

Marcie: Have a nice life -- thank you very much.

Blair: I need that, I need that!

Marcie: Bye-bye.

Todd: You think our headlineís going to warrant a visit from our favorite detective?

Blair: Uh, Todd?

Todd: Wait till Nora sees it. Sheís going to spit nails.

Blair: Todd? Please.

Todd: Oh, thatís right -- your big news, your big deal. I'm all ears.

Natalie: He got a call -- police business, so he had to go right away.

Marty: Yeah -- we just wanted to come by, really, and thank him. He was extremely supportive through all of this.

Natalie: Lucky you. Congrats, by the way.

Marty: Thank you. It was a complicated situation, but thankfully I had a -- a lot of people who were there for me. Anyway, I'm just glad it is finally over.

Cole: Oh, no. It will be all over when your marriage to that freak is finally annulled.

Natalie: You know, Cole, why donít you take your mom home? I'm sure she'd kill for a bubble bath right now.

Marty: You know what I really want -- oh -- is something wonderful to eat and then we're going to go home, sit on the couch, put our feet up, and watch a whole bunch of bad TV.

Cole: That sounds great.

Natalie: Well, enjoy. About Miles -- what he did to you was so wrong on so many levels. But he knows that and heís trying to make amends for it.

[Door closes]

Cole: Well, look at that. Miles found a friend.

Marty: Yeah, I wonder what he has on her.

Cole: Nice one. Oh, I like it -- a new, tough Mom.

Marty: Oh. I love you.

Cole: I love you.

Rex: All right, so I'll go see Lindsay, find out what she knows about Tommy and if and why she killed Spencer.

Adriana: All right, well, just so we're on the same page, if Lindsay does know about Tommy, what do we do?

Marcie: Hello? Hello? Anyone home?

[Door opens]

Marcie: Mikey. Oh, wow.

Rex: Well, hey, hey!

Marcie: Hey, the gang is all here! And my laundry is done. Who are you? What have you done with my husband?

Michael: Ah.

[Marcie chuckles]

Michael: Hey, big guy.

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: Boy, I missed you, buddy.

Marcie: Yeah, didnít you?

Michael: Come here. Come to Daddy.

[Marcie laughs]

Michael: Ah!

Marcie: So, what have you three been up to, huh, other than my laundry? Whatís going on?

Rex: We were just talking about Lindsayís situation.

Marcie: Oh, yeah.

Michael: Yeah. Have you heard anything from the lawyer?

Marcie: Well, they met and, you know, they -- itís under control. The situation is under control.

Adriana: So you talked to her?

Marcie: Yeah, I went to see her.

Rex: What'd she say?

Marcie: Sheís scared, Rex, you know? I mean, she thinks sheís going to prison, but I told her that that wasnít going to happen.

Rex: Well, I'm sure she appreciated the support. But, from what I hear, they have a pretty strong case against her.

Marcie: Well, I donít know about that. I think sheís going to get off, especially now that Todd Manning is on her side.

Michael: Todd Manning?

Marcie: Yeah.

Rex: Why would Todd be on her side?

Marcie: Because I talked to him.

Michael: What do you mean, you talked to him?

Marcie: Well, I, um -- you know, I brought him some of my notes that I made about the case and, well, Todd thought I had a very good point. And, look -- um, this is going to hit the stands first thing tomorrow morning. Right? Come here.

Adriana: Oh, my God.

Marcie: What? Itís not like it isnít true.

Todd: Blair, I have work to do. Do you need a drumroll or something?

Blair: It -- itís -- itís not that simple, Todd, not anymore.

Todd: Whatís not that simple?

Blair: Well, I had something that I wanted to tell you and it was really good, and -- but now, well, I just didnít look at all the sides.

Todd: The sides of what? Oh, jeez -- you know what? Tell me when you're ready. I'm going to go down and get this into circulation.

Blair: Well, itís more important than that.

Todd: So tell me about it.

Blair: Just you have to promise that you wonít interrupt and you'll let me finish and you'll listen.

Todd: Fine.

Blair: Miles really did have something to tell you, but --

Todd: Oh, God -- no.

Blair: You wouldnít let him finish.

Todd: Donít tell me we're going to talk about my son.

Blair: Yeah, we are, Todd.

Todd: No, we're not. My son, my son is dead -- mine. You have nothing to do with it. Why would you want to dredge that up for me anyway?

Blair: Because you donít know everything.

Todd: I -- and I donít want to know everything. I just -- I just had this little stupid ceremony with the kids letting him go. God, you saw it -- itís over!

Blair: Itís not over, Todd. Itís just begun.

Todd: All right. If you'd like to play games with your buddy Miles, you know, I think -- I think Starr has a Ouija board in her closet.

Blair: Come on -- look, Todd, I know how you feel.

Todd: No, you donít know how I feel, Blair!

Blair: Miles really wanted to help you. Thatís why he came to me, and whether you want to hear this or not, I have to tell you, Todd, I do, so just --

Todd: You know what?

John: You got a minute?

Jessica: Hey -- surprise.

Nash: When'd you get in? You should've called.

Jessica: I just got in a little while ago.

Nash: You're not sick, are you? You ok?

Jessica: No, no, no, no, no. I'm just tired.

Nash: Because you werenít supposed to be in till later in the week, right?

Jessica: I know. London was great and everything and seeing Kelly was wonderful, but -- I missed you.

Nash: I missed you. Whereís Bree? Is she asleep?

Jessica: Yeah. You know, she tried really, really hard to stay awake for you, and we had this whole dinner planned.

Nash: I'm go --

Jessica: Oh, no, no -- wait, wait, wait. Tell me -- whatís going on with the vineyard? Is it ours?

Sarah: I know I havenít been around very much and I never got a chance to see Asa before he passed away, so I was just wondering, you know, if he ever mentioned me.

Nora: Are you kidding? You were just about his favorite topic of conversation.

Sarah: Hmm. Well, you donít have to say that.

Nora: I know I donít. Itís true. He went out and bought a karaoke machine just so he could sing along to "Flash of Light."

Sarah: Really?

Nora: Take a look into my eyes see my world so many things I've gone and done

Sarah: You know all the lyrics?

Nora: Are you kidding? I heard it 3,000 times.

Sarah: Wow.

Nora: Really. He was very proud of you, Sarah. And I bet heís still bragging about you to anyone who will listen -- where he is.

Marty: What do you think?

Cole: Ahem. "I canít thank you enough for your support, but I'd like to try. Please join Cole and me for supper at Rodiís. You can pick the night, the dinner is on us." Hey, let me see that pen?

Marty: "And my mom promises no darts"? Really?

Cole: Well, you know, I donít want to scare the guy away.

Marty: Ok, so my aim was a little off that night.

Cole: We'll -- we'll practice.

Marty: Uh-huh. All right, wise guy, letís go home.

Cole: Letís go. Oh, wait -- you might need this.

Marty: Thatís right -- the new key to the house. You had all the locks changed.

Cole: Mm-hmm. And I fumigated the place -- Nora helped me -- and we threw all Miles' stuff out, so is like he was never there. Mom -- mom, please donít cry.

Marty: Your dad would be very proud of you. Letís go home.

Cole: Yeah, letís get out of here before they change their mind.

Michael: Marcie? I mean, donít you think you could've run this by me first? I mean, this is my brother we're talking about.

Marcie: Shh! Your brother is out of control, ok? Lindsay did not kill Spencer Truman. I'm not about to let her take the fall because your brother wants to get his girlfriend off.

Michael: Look, you donít know that thatís what heís doing.

Marcie: All I know is that this investigation is a mess, Michael, and Lindsay is innocent.

Rex: Maybe, but there are ways and there are ways, Marce, and pulling Johnís tail -- never a good idea.

Marcie: Well, I'm not afraid of him. And besides, he just got what he deserved.

Todd: John, just in time -- what do you think of this?

John: Can I talk to you a minute?

Blair: Actually, no. Todd and I were in the middle of something.

Todd: No, thatís ok, Blair. Obviously, itís important or he'd be on his knees begging me to pull this front page, so be my guest.

Blair: Todd, wait.

Todd: No, I'll be down in layout, you know? I'll -- I'll see if I can do something about those dark circles under your eyes, John. You should really try to get some more sleep.

Blair: Todd, your son is alive. Heís living here in Llanview with Michael and Marcie McBain. That boy that was here? Tommy? Thatís your son.

Next week on ďOne Life to LiveĒ --

Nash: I lost -- everything.

Marcie: Is there something that you are not telling me, Mike?

Todd: Thatís my son! I'm going to get him back! You want to stop me, you're going to have to shoot me.

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