OLTL Transcript Thursday 8/30/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 8/30/07


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Antonio: Come in. As you can see, I'm in the middle of something, so make it fast.

Nash: Sir, I got the money to buy you out of the vineyard.

Antonio: You're too late.

Nash: Huh. What are you talking about?

Antonio: I already sold my share to somebody else.

Nash: What?

Antonio: Yep. Itís not mine to sell, so I guess we're done here.

Nash: No, no, we're not done here. You said that I had a week -- itís only been a couple of days.

Antonio: No, Nash -- you asked for a week, I never agreed to anything I took the first cash-in-hand offer that was made.

Nash: I got cash in hand.

Antonio: Sorry. Itís business.

Nash: No, no, no. It is personal, and you know it.

Sarah: There you go.

Natalie: Hey. Sarah, I didnít know you worked here.

Sarah: Uh -- apparently, now I do.

Natalie: Well, I guess you didnít want a part in the family biz, huh?

Sarah: No, no. I'm not begging my grandfather for anything.

Natalie: I know what you mean. I used to live off the Buchanan bucks and I thought it was owed to me. But the money was great, it just -- the respect thing wasnít happening.

Sarah: I hear you. Everyone thinks that a Buchanan kid is a spoiled brat.

Natalie: Mm-hmm, I know, and I didnít like that very much, so I actually did exactly what you're doing now.

Sarah: You waited tables?

Natalie: Mm-hmm, along with many other things.

Sarah: Wow. You made quite a leap there -- from dodging drunks to Buchanan enterprise executive.

Natalie: Oh, well, I hardly run the company.

Sarah: What are you doing here? You want a drink?

Natalie: Actually, no. I'm here to meet a client, or a potential client.

Sarah: Oh. You must mean that guy.

Natalie: You ass! You tricked me into meeting you here.

Jared: I donít think so.

Natalie: Oh, yes, you did. You left a message for me about an interesting commodity for B.E.

Jared: I do have an interesting commodity -- you're looking at him.

John: Hey.

Michael: Hey. Whatís up, huh? Do -- do you really think -- I mean, do you really think that Lindsay killed Spencer Truman?

[John sighs]

John: The D.A.ís office thinks so. Noraís prosecuting.

Michael: Why, she confessed?

John: I canít discuss that, Mike.

Michael: Come on, not even with your little bro?

John: Not even with my little bro.

Michael: Well, did she kill Spencer Truman because she knew what he had done with Toddís baby? Come on, John! You got to at least give me at, man -- I got to know. I got to know if I'm about to lose my son or not.

Lindsay: Well, look what the cat choked up. What brings Todd Manning to Cellblock C?

Todd: I'm doing a piece for "The Sun" and I'd like an exclusive.

Lindsay: Like thatís going to happen.

Todd: Hmm. I'm running with the story anyway, so -- I need a little help with the headline, then. "Lindsay Rappaport strikes again." And of course, I'll have to add -- maybe in the smaller print below -- "why?"

Blair: Ok, Miles. You said Toddís son was here in Llanview? So can you be more specific than that?

Miles: Yes. Heís with Michael and Marcie McBain.

Blair: What?

Miles: The boy they call Tommy? Heís really Toddís son.

Blair: You sick bastard. How dare you mess with other peopleís lives! I want you out of here.

Miles: Please, just listen --

Blair: Now!

Miles: I can prove it.

Lindsay: I havenít confessed to a murder, so how could you possibly know anything about my motive?

Todd: I never claimed to know anything. Doesnít mean I canít print a story, though. How about this? What do you think of "Lindsay Rappaport killed Spencer Truman because he was blackmailing her with -- with pictures of her naked escapades with the Llanview University menís basketball team?"

[Todd chuckles]

Lindsay: Well, that would sell a lot of papers, wouldnít it?

Todd: Yeah, it would. Actually, it would sell more if I said it was the womenís team.

Lindsay: Donít tell me -- you would have an unnamed police source, right?

Todd: Mm-hmm. If you donít like my version, you're welcome to give me yours.

Lindsay: I'm not going to say one word to you.

Todd: Oh. Well, I would hate to be in your shoes when the rest of the press descends on you.

Marcie: Oh, great. Todd, would you leave her alone?

Todd: Uh, I've come to help her.

Marcie: Yeah -- huh. I saw "The Sun" headlines today. She doesnít need help from a snake like you.

Todd: Donít say I didnít give her a chance.

Marcie: Mm-hmm.

Lindsay: Timing is everything. Thank you, Marcie.

Marcie: How you doing, huh?

Lindsay: I'm ok.

Marcie: Thatís good, you know, because I've been really worried about you. Heck, what kind of crazy mistake is this, huh? Itís John -- thatís who it is, you know? Itís John. Heís on a mission to clear Marty Saybrooke and heís just grabbing at straws, you know? But itís not going to work. Itís not going to work because I am going to have you out of here in no time, I swear.

Lindsay: That may not be true. I may never get out of here.

John: You know I canít talk about an ongoing case.

Michael: John, this isnít some case we're talking about -- this is my life!

John: Calm down, Mike.

Michael: Look, if Lindsay is guilty -- and that is a huge "if" -- thereís only one reason she would've killed Spencer Truman.

John: And that would be?

Michael: She knew. She knew that Spencer had given Toddís baby away and that somehow, we ended up with him. She loves Marcie, John. She -- she would've done anything to protect that secret.

John: That makes sense to me.

Michael: No, you -- you donít -- you donít understand, John. Now that Lindsayís been arrested for murder, she could spill everything on the witness stand. Rex and I -- oh -- we'll go to jail for kidnapping or -- or fraud at the very least, and thatís not the worst part. John, the worst part is that Marcie and I will lose the only child that we are ever going to have. You have to know that.

John: You think I donít know whatís at stake?

Michael: Lindsay may have done what she did to -- to protect the people that she loves, John, but I'm telling you -- she could bring us all down, all of us.

John: She wonít.

Michael: I -- I guess I'm just going to have to trust that if she was willing to kill to keep the secret, that she'll keep her mouth shut now. And if she doesnít tell a living soul, then that brings me back to the only person who could possibly destroy my family -- you, my brother. Donít do this to me, John. Please. Please. Tell me now. Tell me what you know.

Blair: You have proof that Tommy McBain is Toddís son?

Miles: Yes.

Blair: In that folder?

Miles: Yes. It explains everything.

Blair: Where'd it come from?

Miles: Spencer kept it in a bus station locker. He sent me the keys, but I didnít open the locker until yesterday. Read it. Itís the truth about the baby.

Miles: Well, go ahead and read it. If itís not true, you can throw it in the trash. But if it is the truth, Todd gets his son. Blairís voice: "Dear Miles, obviously you've opened the locker and understand that Todd Manning is my enemy." Blairís voice: "He is a monster." Spencerís voice: "He is pure evil. He tried to take away everything I cherished. He tried to steal the love of my life. He tried to steal Blair from me. Death didnít even stop Todd. He came back to destroy me." Spencer: "And now, with your help, my friend, I have the perfect way to destroy Todd."

Nash: This is way more than business. That vineyard is my future. You sold that vineyard because you wanted to hurt me, right, because you hate me.

Antonio: Yeah, you bet I do.

Nash: Ah.

Antonio: I hate your guts.

Nash: Oh.

Antonio: You ran off with my wife. Now, I unloaded my part because I want nothing to do with you or Jessica, so I sold it to the first person because the sooner I get rid of that part of my life, the better!

Nash: You sold it out of spite.

Antonio: I donít do things out of spite.

Talia: Hey, Antonio? Jamie?

Antonio: Can she hear us?

Talia: Uh -- not yet. Sheís listening to the Cheetah Girls, but if you get any louder, she will. And I would hate for her to listen to you two arguing --

Nash: I am --

Talia: Especially about Jessica.

Nash: Asking you to cancel the deal with whoever bought it and sell my vineyard to me.

Antonio: I canít do that.

Natalie: You know, you have guts. But I donít like being manipulated -- end of meeting.

Jared: You see this? You should take a look at this.

Natalie: Whatís that, another phony resume?

Jared: No, itís a SWOT analysis -- strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.

Natalie: Please -- I know what a SWOT analysis is, thank you.

Jared: I'm sure you do, but do you have one for B.E.ís South American import division?

Natalie: What, are you offering this in exchange for a job?

Jared: Of course not. You can have it -- if you have a drink with me. Thank you. When I was preparing for our meeting yesterday --

Natalie: I hardly call a "meeting" you barging into my office.

Jared: Huh. Ok, well, then the truth is I had some of my contacts run this analysis so I could impress you with my superior business acumen. To you. But, look, before you take my head off, hear me out. You're a rookie -- itís no secret. I thought I could throw around a lot of fancy numbers and impress you enough to hire me -- I was wrong. You're not just some princess who got her job thanks to nepotism. You're smart, you're real, and you're tough. Green, but -- come on, Natalie. You know itís true -- you're green, but not gullible. And if we put our skill sets together, we can --

Natalie: Just because you can say "skill sets" does not mean I'm interested in yours.

Jared: Impressive once again.

Natalie: So what is that, plan C? Nothing else works, try flattery?

Jared: Is it working?

Todd: Can you get me a photo of Llanview Universityís womenís basketball team? Great. Yeah, that'd be fine. Thanks.

Starr: Knock, knock.

Todd: Hey!

Starr: Hey.

Todd: What brings my two favorite people in the world here?

Starr: Well, Jack was playing with a friend who lives around corner I was picking him up, I figured we'd stop by, surprise you.

Todd: Oh, thatís a great surprise.

Jack: Hey, can I use your computer?

Todd: Sure. Whatís that you've got on, young lady?

Starr: Oh. Um -- I think mom found in it a catalogue.

Todd: No, no, no your clothes -- your mouth. Itís upturned.

Starr: Oh. Well, I'm happy -- Coleís momís going to be getting out of jail soon. And thank you for not saying anything. I know the whole "if you donít have something nice to say about someone" is a little hard for you.

Jack: Hey, can I print something out, Dad?

Todd: You bet. Yeah, "nice" doesnít -- doesnít exactly play on front pages.

Starr: Yeah, not in "The Sun," but you've been doing a really good job.

Todd: That doesnít mean I have to stop worrying about you two.

Jack: Three. Look -- this is you, this is Starr, this is me, and this is my baby brother.

[Miles sighs]

Miles: I'm not proud of it.

Blair: Spencerís thanking you for lying to Todd.

Miles: I -- I was following instructions that Spencer left for me in a letter. He said that I owed him my life and that he was my only friend, which -- which was true. He got me to lead Todd on a wild-goose chase to Chicago.

Blairís voice: "I'd like to do this myself. But since you're reading this --"

Spencerís voice: "I assume I'm dead. I found a way to hurt all the people who have tried to hurt me -- Blair for breaking my heart, John McBain for relentlessly hounding me, Michael McBain for turning against me, and Todd --"

Spencer: "Especially Todd, for wanting me dead. He will suffer most of all."

Michael: I canít live like this, John, you know? I -- I canít wake up every morning wondering if this is going to be the day that I lose my family.

John: How does it feel -- waking up every morning knowing you're raising someone elseís son?

Michael: Heís always been someone elseís son, John. That, I can live with. Huh? Heís got a home where heís safe. He has way more love than he ever would've had if he was being raised by Todd Manning. I am the father that he deserves, and I think the brother that you love. But thatís it, John. Thereís really nothing more that I can say or do.

John: I know. Itís in my hands, and I've made a decision.

Marcie: The Lindsay that I know -- she doesnít give up. And to me, it sounds like you're giving up.

Lindsay: Marty Saybrookeís release is being processed as we speak. I donít see anybody else being charged. Itís just me, Marcie.

Marcie: Stop. Just stop it.

Lindsay: I'm just being realistic. You and I both know that this is going to go to court. Noraís going to go after me. Sheís going to -- sheís going to prosecute me, I'm her worst enemy. Sheís going to go after me with everything sheís got.

Marcie: Well, then you have got to fight this. You have got to fight this with everything that you have.

Lindsay: I just donít know if I have the fight left in me.

Marcie: Why -- why are you being defeatist? Do you want to spend the rest of your life behind these bars?

Lindsay: Of course not.

Marcie: Good. Good, because there are people out here that need you. I need you, Tommy needs you -- what about him? Huh? Isnít he alone worth this fight?

Lindsay: Of course heís worth fighting for. Everything I've done, I've done to protect him.

John: You know, Mike, this life as a cop -- it makes sense to me. Itís really pretty simple. People break the law and you put them in jail.

Michael: Yeah.

John: Yeah, so I hate this. I know of a boy thatís been stolen from his father and I havenít done anything about it. You knew the truth and you buried it.

Michael: Thereís no question that what I did was illegal.

John: Oh, no, Mike -- not just illegal. You know what you've been doing? You' been living a lie -- we both have. Let me tell you something -- from experience, it never works out. Hmm. If anybody else would've done this, they would've been in jail already. I wouldnít have questioned for a minute what I needed to do. Everybody involved would've been arrested and that little boy would've been returned to his biological father. But I didnít do anything -- you know why? Because my brotherís involved. Anybody else would've been serving their time already, but you're not just anybody. Damn it, you're the only family I got and I -- I care about that kid, too. So I'm going to keep your secret. I wonít tell anybody that Tommy is Todd Manningís son.

Todd: Isnít that a nice picture.

Jack: Hey, they're called "Avatars." Thereís a whole website about them. Can we hang it up in your office?

Starr: Uh, that might make him sad, because the baby isnít with us right now.

Jack: That wonít make Dad sad.

Todd: No, no, no. Oh, no, it wonít make me sad. I've got you guys. But, you know, Jack, um, Starrís got a point. This guy here, the little brother -- heís not with us now -- you know that -- even though I've tried to find him and I've done everything I can, but I havenít been able to find him.

Jack: We'll find him.

Todd: Well I donít think so, honey. I think itís -- maybe itís time to say goodbye to him.

Starr: Are you giving up?

Jack: Does this mean he'll never be with us?

Todd: Yes. Yes, thatís exactly what it means.

Spencerís voice: "I gave T.J. to a lawyer who sold children to unremarkable parents with unremarkable homes. However, fate stepped in. The people who adopted the child died in the tornado and the baby fell into the care of Michael and Marcie McBain, a turn of events that even I couldnít have devised. So, I suppressed the childís records and developed a new attack for the babyís upbringing. Unfortunately, if you are reading this letter, it means I didnít live to enact the plan myself. But I know you will put the plan in place for me, Miles."

Spencer: "When the time is right, when the truth will rip the McBains and the Mannings apart in the worst possible way, you will make the truth known."

Miles: The folder has everything -- times, dates, documentation -- all about Toddís son.

Blair: My God.

Miles: As you can see, Spencer wanted me to hold on to the secret until it could cause the most pain and trouble.

Blair: Why should I believe anything in that folder?

Miles: Look, I understand that you're doubtful, but why -- why would Spencer lie to me? He had no reason to. Look, I'm -- I'm just sorry that I didnít go to the locker and open it up the second I got the letter from the grave. And I'm truly sorry that I lied to Todd about Chicago. Look -- I know none of this makes up for what I did. But there it is -- the truth, I swear it. I can see in your eyes you believe it.

Blair: Yeah, I do.

Miles: Well, itís up to you to convince Todd.

Blair: I know.

[Miles sighs]

Blair: Oh. Oh -- God help you when Todd finds out.

Nash: Well, if you didnít sell it out of spite, then you explain to me, why -- why canít you cancel your contract with that other buyer and sell my vineyard to me?

Antonio: Because I made a deal out of good faith, and when I give my word, I keep it.

Nash: Glad itís not spite. Well, I'm not going to let my dream just go up in smoke. So, why donít you tell me who that other buyer is? Maybe he'll sell it out to me -- whatís his name?

Antonio: Jared Banks.

Nash: Jared Banks. What a koinky-dink.

Antonio: You know him?

Nash: Yeah. Yeah, I played poker with him last night -- I lost, he won. So he took his winnings and came right here bought my vineyard. He knew that I needed those winnings to buy it from you. Donít you think thatís strange? Unless, of course -- unless you were behind it.

Antonio: I donít know anything about that --

Nash: Hmm.

Antonio: Nash. But I am getting sick and tired of your accusations.

Nash: Oh, sorry.

Antonio: You see, as far as I'm concerned, I'm done with your vineyard and I'm done with you. Now, if you want to take all this up with the new owner, you can probably find him at Capricorn. I left the papers there for him to sign.

Nash: Hmm.

Talia: That was fun.

Antonio: Yeah.

Jared: To a long and profitable business relationship.

Natalie: This isnít working for me.

Jared: I'm sorry?

Natalie: Your -- your flattery. You're not as charming as you think.

Jared: Do -- do you hate all men, or is it just me? Some guy broke your heart -- I get that. But this who babe-made-of-ice thing you've got going isnít doing you any favors. I'm trying to help you.

Natalie: Well, if I needed help -- which I donít -- I sure as hell wouldnít ask you for it.

Miles: Excuse me, I hope I'm not interrupting.

Natalie: Not at all. I was just leaving. So, how did it go with Blair? Did she listen to you?

Miles: Better than that -- I got her to believe me.

Natalie: Oh, Miles, I'm so proud of you. You did the right thing.

Miles: Thanks. Thank you. I couldnít have done it without you. I felt you in my corner the whole time, and you know what else?

Natalie: What?

Miles: Doing the right thing it -- it feels right.

Natalie: Yes. You know, maybe I should put my money where my mouth is. I'll see you later.

Michael: What are you saying here, John? Are -- are you telling me that you're actually willing to let this thing go? That you're not going to tell anyone -- not Bo, not anyone?

John: Thatís what I said, isnít it?

Michael: Oh, John. You have no idea. Thank -- thank -- thank you so much. Thank god! You know, I might actually get some sleep tonight. When I put my head on my pillow and I close my eyes, I might actually go to sep.

John: Maybe that'll make one of us.

Michael: No, Johnny. You -- you have to understand, this -- this is the best thing. Itís the best thing for -- for everybody.

John: Everybody except Manning. But I've made up my mind -- I canít stand the thought of you or Marcie losing Tommy. But let me tell you something, Mike -- know this. Even if I donít say anything, the truth is going to come out eventually, and when it does, thereís going to be hell to pay.

Michael: No, Johnny. You -- you're wrong here, ok? Nobody will ever know, nobody will ever find out.

John: Well, Mike, I wish I could be that sure.

Michael: John? What you've done here, man, you -- you have -- you have no idea. You've given me my future back.

John: I went back and forth on this so many times. I -- I even prayed. Can you imagine that?

Michael: Oh.

John: Am I doing the right thing -- no, I'm not. But itís what I can live with.

Michael: Oh. Johnny, I love you, man.

Miles: Oh.

Sarah: Anything else?

Miles: Did I do something?

Sarah: Huh -- other than almost getting me killed?

Miles: I'm sorry, I donít even know who you are.

Sarah: Sarah Roberts -- ex-girlfriend of a guy named Hunter who you hired to stab my Uncle Todd and hold him captive while threatening to kill me.

Miles: Oh.

Sarah: Yea-- "oh."

Miles: Look, I -- I'm sorry for what happened to your -- your friend. I had nothing to do with it.

Sarah: Right, and now you're going to tell me that you're not the monster that everyone thinks you are?

Miles: Are you going to tell me you're not, either?

Nash: Hey -- you remember me?

Jared: Oh, yes -- the drunk one.

Nash: You hustled me in that card game last night.

Jared: You think so?

Nash: Now I want to know why.

Marcie: Lindsay, you canít talk like that in here. People are listening, they could misinterpret what you say, ok? We cannot give the D.A. any ammunition to use against you in court. We need you home. You canít spend another night in here.

Lindsay: I appreciate that more than you'll ever know.

Marcie: Is there anything you need? Is there anything that I can get you?

Lindsay: No.

Marcie: You know what? I know -- I know what'll lift your spirits. I'm going to ask Bo if I can bring Tommy here to see you, ok?

Lindsay: No! No, donít do that. This is no place for that little boy. In fact, itís no place for you, either.

Marcie: Well, I'm not abandoning you. Lindsay, you're stuck in here. You're stuck in jail and you are innocent. You know, you did not kill Spencer Truman. Right? You're totally innocent. Yes?

John: Look, I -- I really got to get back to work, ok?

Michael: Yeah, I -- I know. Johnny, I -- I donít know ho I' going

John: Forget about it.

Michael: "Forget about it" -- oh, yeah. Are you kidding, John? This isnít anything I'm ever going to forget. And this isnít anything you're ever going to regret, either, ok? Listen to me -- down the road, when you see Tommy hit his first home run or -- or walk across the stage at graduation --

John: Donít, Mike. Just appreciate what you have now. Donít look to the future. Just let it go and move on. Ok?

Michael: Ok. Listen, donít think that I donít understand what you have done here. I've known you my whole life, John, and I know that you are a man who hangs on to the rules. And this thing here, this is -- itís all about letting go.

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah, come on in. Natty.

Michael: Hi.

Natalie: Hi.

Michael: I'm -- I'm going to go --

John: Go ahead.

Michael: Spend some time with my family.

John: Yeah.

Michael: Thank you

John: Hey, whatís up?

Natalie: Itís about Miles.

John: I donít want to hear it.

Natalie: Look, I know that you're still upset with me for backing him up, but heís really trying to do the right thing.

John: Oh, yeah? What does that mean? He didnít kidnap anyone today?

Natalie: When you hear what he did, you're going to change your feelings about him.

John: Huh.

Natalie: Miles made a huge step into making things right with Todd.

John: Oh, I'm sure the minute he apologizes, Manningís going to lay a big, wet one on him.

Natalie: This has nothing to do with an apology. Itís about getting Toddís son back. You're not going to believe this, but his son is right here in Llanview.

Todd: When someone you love goes away from your life or from the world --

Jack: Like dead?

Todd: Yeah, exactly like dead -- we have whatís called a memorial. Thatís where we put up a picture of the person and everyone gathers and we all say nice things about that person.

Jack: Do you have a good picture of the baby?

Todd: Well, I like this one, donít you? So, I was thinking, why donít we have a memorial right now? Jack, you can start.

Jack: Ok. Well, I never saw him, but I would've been a good big brother. I would've taught him stuff like how to draw on the computer.

Todd: I think you're right -- I think you would've been an excellent big brother. Starr?

Starr: Ahem. Um -- I'm sorry that things worked out this way. But knowing that heís gone only makes me appreciate my family even more.

Todd: Well, I never -- I never got to see him, either. But he still felt like my little boy. Um -- and I guess even though I never knew him, he was a -- hmm -- well, he was more of a hope, I guess, than -- than a -- a baby that I could hold, you know -- a hope that he might bridge a gap, a chance to start over. But, letís see.

Starr: Ahem.

Todd: Here you go. To my -- to my other son.

Starr: To our -- to our baby brother.

Jack: Yeah, to our baby brother.

Todd: I thought you were working at home. What are you doing here?

Talia: I think it looks nice. Itís a very bold color choice.

Antonio: I think itís going to take more than one coat.

Talia: How many coats is it going to take?

Antonio: I donít know.

Talia: I'm not talking about your windows. How many times are you going to have to run your brush over that thing before you stop seeing Jessica here?

Antonio: As many times as it takes.

Talia: All right. So then, what we have here is a work in progress.

Antonio: Yes, and a clean start -- with time.

Talia: To a clean start.

Antonio: To a clean start. Hmm.

Nash: What game is this, huh?

Jared: No games day.

Nash: Hmm.

Jared: Just business.

Nash: You took my money just so you could take my vineyard. Why?

Sarah: Wait a minute. Donít you dare compare yourself to me.

Miles: I didnít mean it as an insult.

Sarah: Right.

Miles: You know, I realize that you and Natalie -- you must be cousins, right?

Sarah: Yeah, and sheís my aunt, too. So what?

Miles: So that makes you a Buchanan, and a Buchanan working here -- no offense -- must be trying to themselves.

Sarah: Whatís your point?

Miles: Thatís what I've been trying to do -- find myself. And you can hate me all you want -- doesnít matter, because for the first time in my life, I'm looking in the mirror and I donít hate what I see.

Lindsay: I donít want to talk about Spencer Trumanís murder.

Marcie: You tell me right now if you had anything to do with this.

Lindsay: My lawyer doesnít want me talking about it. If I say anything --

Marcie: If you say anything, what?

Lindsay: Go, Marcie -- please. Just leave! Leave!

[Lindsay sighs]

Lindsay: Forget about me.

Marcie: I canít do that. Guard? I know. I know how to help you, ok? Um -- and I'll talk to you later. I'll be back.

[Cell door closes]

John: What does Laurence know?

Natalie: Well, he knows who has Toddís kid and that they're right here in Llanview.

John: Who are "they"?

Natalie: I donít know. He didnít tell me, but he told Blair.

John: Whatís Blair doing about this?

Natalie: My guess is sheís on her way to tell Todd about it right now.

Blair: I just needed to tell you something and -- would you guys mind if I talk to your dad alone?

Starr: Yeah -- no, thatís fine. We'll just go home.

Jack: I want to stay.

Starr: No, Jack, um -- I'll treat you to some ice cream on the way home.

Jack: All right.

Starr: Yeah, thought so.

Todd: And you got a serious look on your face. What is it?

Blair: Um -- I think you should sit down, Todd.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Nash: How about you tell me why you're doing this.

Jared: Because I can.

Rex: Your brother?

Michael: Heís going to keep his mouth shut.

Natalie: Toddís son is alive, and Blair is bringing them back together right now.

Blair: I have something very important to tell you.

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