OLTL Transcript Wednesday 8/29/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 8/29/07


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Natalie: Hey, Miles.

Miles: Hi.

Natalie: Itís pretty early, isnít it?

Miles: Yeah, for you, too.

Natalie: Yeah, well, I'm a nine-to-fiver now. I donít have much of a choice. Whew. Listen, did you see mom this morning?

Miles: No, I havenít been up to the main house. Why?

Natalie: She didnít come down for breakfast. I went and checked her room and either she made her bed already or she didnít sleep in it.

Miles: Well, maybe she had an early meeting.

Natalie: Yeah. Oh, she was probably with Todd. Hey, you -- you went and spoke with Todd last night, didnít you?

Miles: Yeah, I tried to.

Natalie: What do you mean?

Miles: This is what I got for trying to do the right thing.

Blair: Well, I think the headline is great. I just think the editorialís a little heavy-handed. Well, you said that Lindsay deserved the award because she killed Spencer. Todd, I am so not disagreeing with you. I just donít know if it should, you know, actually go into print, thatís all. No, listen, you went back to the office and you wrote that article right after you had the little incident with mil. And to me -- I don know -- it just sounded a little bloodthirsty. Oh. Well, I'm worried about you, thatís all. Well, I'm sorry. Just, what I think is the --

[Dorian hums]

Blair: You know what? I'm going to have to let you go. Will you call me if you hear anything on Lindsay? Ok. What are you doing with that?

Dorian: Well, uh, it occurred to me that it might have gotten left behind during all of the commotion, so I sent Clayton over there this morning to The Palace to look for it and -- voila.

Blair: You went to all that trouble to get an award thatís not even yours?

Dorian: Well, I thought a responsible person should take charge of it until the committee chooses a more suitable recipient.

Blair: You stole it, didnít you?

Officer: I was told to bring this prisoner up from holding.

Lindsay: Tell John McBain that this isnít going to work. I'm not saying a word until my lawyer is present.

Woman: Lieutenant McBain didnít ask to see you.

Lindsay: Then who did?

Bo: I did.

Nora: You arrested Lindsay without notifying my office.

John: Well, itís nice to see you, too. I had to move fast.

Nora: I hope you had enough probable cause.

John: How does this work for you?

Antonio: Ok, that should do it. Now, who wants to be my personal assistant? Yeah? Ok, because, you know, itís -- itís a really important job and it comes with really good benefits, the main one being that you get to paint your toy box without getting fired.

Jamie: Can I paint it whatever color I want?

Antonio: Absolutely.

Jamie: Jessica bought that for me.

Nash: Clint.

Clint: Hi. You got a minute?

Nash: Yeah, sure, but Jessicaís not here.

Clint: Yeah, I know that. Jessica called me and said that you were on your own, so I thought I'd take you out to breakfast.

Nash: Oh. Uh, thatís -- thatís very kind. Um -- look, I -- I donít want to be rude, but I really have an extraordinarily busy day.

Clint: Ah -- hmm.

Nash: What? No, I -- I do. I -- I have a really -- I donít want to be rude.

Clint: Nash, are you having money trouble?

Nora: Did you have a proper warrant to search Lindsayís apartment?

John: I did.

Nora: Based on what evidence?

John: Well, for starters, Marty Saybrooke saw Lindsay coming out of Blairís hospital room wearing a bloody dress.

Nora: Do you have a report from the crime lab yet?

John: Not yet, but the blood on the dress will be Trumanís.

Nora: Could've been planted.

John: It wasnít.

Nora: All right, so let me get this straight. Lindsay murders a man she doesnít even know and then keeps evidence that implicates her -- why?

Lindsay: Thereís nothing for us to talk about, Bo.

Bo: You donít think so?

Lindsay: I mean, that I wonít talk about my case with you until I have a lawyer here.

Bo: All right. You've requested to have a lawyer present in front of witnesses. So anything you say to me now would be inadmissible. I really would like to talk to you. Oh -- would you like to sit down? Do you want -- want anything? Coffee or --

Lindsay: Oh -- hmm. Thank you, no, I'm jumpy enough as it is. Why are you being so nice to me? Are you and John playing good cop/bad cop?

Bo: Hmm. I'm sorry that you would even think that I would do something like that.

Lindsay: I have to be on the defense -- even with you.

Bo: I'll tell you my problem. I donít believe that you really did this. See, I canít figure out what reason that you could possibly have to want to see Spencer Truman dead.

Antonio: You know what? Sometimes, itís -- itís ok to make a change, and -- and I think that Jessica would understand. So, why donít you and I get started here, ok? You can paint your toy box any color you want. You can paint it a bunch of different colors if you want. Does that sound good?

[Knock on door]

Antonio: Why donít you get started, and make sure that you get paint all over the floor? I'm kidding.

Talia: Hi. I. Hi, Jamie.

Antonio: Um -- come in, come in. Come in. And thanks for bringing the stuff over.

Talia: Are you working on your day off?

Antonio: Uh, no, no, no, no. I'm -- maybe tonight, but right now, Jamie and I, we are -- we're going to do a little painting. I'm going to do the trim and Jamieís going to be my trusty assistant.

Talia: Are you -- are you going to paint a dinosaur? Ah!

[Talia laughs]

Talia: Well, thatís really cool. All right, well, ok. I will leave you two to your painting.

Jamie: Want to help me paint my dinosaur?

[Clint sighs]

Nash: Got to be kidding me. A person canít even get a loan in this town without everyone knowing about it?

Clint: Answer my question.

Nash: No. No, I'm -- I'm not having money problems. I just -- I got to get some equipment and I donít have any cash, all right?

Clint: Now, wait a minute. Hey, I thought when Antonio bought in, that you used the cash to fix up this place and then buy whatever you needed.

Nash: I did.

Clint: So what do you need the loan for?

Nash: Clint, please. Look, I -- I know your father just passed away. You got to have a lot of stuff to worry about besides worrying about me, ok?

Clint: Are you going to tell me why you need money, or do I have to call Jessica on you?

Nash: You -- you're not going to give up, are you?

Clint: Not a chance.

Nash: I need the money to buy out Antonio.

Clint: I see, and thatís kind of an awkward situation.

Nash: Yeah. Yeah, but itís more than that. Antonio, he -- he wants out. He wants his cash now, and I get that, you know? I do. But if I donít get him the cash in the next couple of days, he is going to sell to the highest bidder. It could be a stranger, and I just -- I -- I canít handle that, you know?

Clint: And yet, you're having trouble getting a loan.

Nash: Well I have to.

Lindsay: I'm sorry I was acting suspicious before, but I know John has a lot of questions that he wants the answers to.

Bo: We both do.

Lindsay: I canít talk about this with you unless I have a lawyer present.

Bo: You remember when we were sitting in your gallery and you were talking about Jen and you told me that you had something that you wanted to tell me? Is this it

Lindsay: You know I canít answer that question. I wish that I had had the guts to talk to you that night. Huh -- would've made things a whole lot easier. But all that doesnít matter now anymore, does it? Johnís building a case against me, Nora had to suck it up to introduce me as Woman of the Year. I'll bet sheís just chomping at t to prosecute this case.

Bo: Then, Lindsay, help yourself, all right? If you did this, there had to be extenuating circumstances. Tell your attorney what those circumstances were, or tell me.

Lindsay: You?

Bo: Yeah, me. Maybe thereís something that I could do to help. I'd really like to do that, if you'd let me try.

John: Lindsayís not cooperating.

Nora: Surprise, surprise.

John: You're still going to get a good case.

Nora: John, I'm on your side here, ok? Martyís a good friend of mine, and nobody knows better than I do what Lindsayís capable of. If she did this, I want to nail her.

John: She did it.

Nora: Ok. But let me just be her defense attorney for a second here.

[John groans]

Nora: Oh, no, no, no. Ladies and gentlemen, the state has accused my client based on a statement by Marty Saybrooke, whoís already previously confessed to the murder that my client now stands accused of. And then, suddenly, Marty Saybrooke remembers seeing Lindsay Rappaport walking out of the murder room wearing blood on her dress and, lo and behold, the bloody dress is found by the police in Lindsayís closet. Now, miss Rappaport may not be a saint, but she is sane, and what sane person would hang on to evidence that connects them to a murder?

John: Hey, you know, maybe she didnít know what to do with it, or maybe she was afraid someone would find it when she dumped it. Did you ever think of that?

Nora: John, Lindsayís lawyer called me. If we press charges against her, heís going to file a motion to suppress Marty Saybrookeís statement.

John: On what grounds?

Nora: The guard said he heard you telling Marty that Lindsay was the murderer, not the other way around.

John: We really got to get some new guards around here. Look, she already remembered seeing Lindsay.

Nora: John, we lose that statement, we lose the dress and we got bubkes.

[John sighs]

Nora: Besides, Martyís not the most reliable witness here.

John: You really think bubkes? Look, you know, Martyís testified in a lot of cases as an expert. Nora by her own admission, her memories of that night are confused. And besides, the jury might think that she just got tired of sitting in jail and pulled Lindsayís name right out of a hat.

John: Do you know that Lindsay went and saw Truman a few days before he was murdered? Hey, maybe he had something on her, you know? That was kind of his M.O.

Nora: Ok, thatís speculation, John.

John: Yeah.

Nora: I mean, Marty didnít claim that she actually saw Lindsay stabbing Truman, right?

John: Right.

Nora: Hmm. And Rex was found next to the body when Bo and Antonio were at the murder scene. Any chance Rex saw Lindsay?

John: He says not.

Nora: Did Marty see Rex?

John: No.

Nora: Huh. Rex had blood all over his hands and he was holding the murder weapon. Thatís more circumstantial evidence we have on him than we have on Lindsay Rappaport.

John: Balsom didnít do it! Lindsay did.

Nora: How do you know?

John: I got an eyewitness and a bloody dress that says so.

Nora: And we got a boatload of reasonable doubt. John, we need more. We go to trial right now, we donít have a prayer of getting a conviction.

Dorian: I did not steal it! Well, I -- I was doing my civic duty.

Blair: Oh, yeah, by making sure some busboy didnít pocket it? Mm-hmm.

Dorian: Well, thatís exactly right, and -- and I'll give it back to the -- I will give it back to the committee this afternoon. But they -- they are surely going to disqualify Lindsay and, well, honey, I've done an awful lot of things that I'm proud of in the past year.

Blair: I knew it! I knew you stole that!

Dorian: I did-- it is not impossible that they would choose me.

Blair: Oh, come on. You'd be the committeeís third choice, and that would be behind an accused murderer.

Dorian: Sometimes it takes people time to get it right.

Blair: Oh, come on. Do yourself a favor -- just get that back and forget about it.

Dorian: And why should I?

Blair: Well, letís see -- Nora ended up in a coma, Evangeline is in a coma, and Lindsayís in a jail cell. I wouldnít touch that with 10-foot pole.

Dorian: Ooh. Maybe you're right. Maybe I should convince them to give it to Viki for a second time.

Blair: Oh, you're awful.

[Dorian chuckles]

Blair: You're giving me a headache. I've got too much to think about anyway right now.

Dorian: Well, itís something about Todd. I heard you talking to him when I came in. You sounded worried.

Blair: I am.

Dorian: Whatís he done now?

Blair: Miles Laurence told Todd last night that his baby was alive and well, right here in Llanview.

Dorian: Good heavens.

Blair: Yeah. Miles just canít help himself -- he has to torture Todd.

Dorian: And I'm sure Todd had a very reasonable response.

Blair: Oh, you bet he did -- he beat the crap out of him, and he told him if he mentioned Toddís son one more time to him, that he would kill him with his bare hands. And you know what? He meant it.

Miles: Todd went insane. I thought he was going to kill me.

Natalie: So I guess you didnít get a chance to tell him about the key?

Miles: Nope.

Natalie: Man, the one time Todd needs to listen and he doesnít?

Miles: Yeah, well, Spencer put him through hell and then I sent him off on a wild-goose chase that could've gotten him killed? He used to ask me over and over and over, "you got any more information about my son?" And I'd always say no. I'm an idiot to think that he'd want to listen to me now.

Natalie: Yeah, somebody has got to get through to him.

Miles: When he went off on me, my first thought was, "heís a crazy person. He doesnít need to be around a little kid." I always had that feeling about him -- thatís why I held out.

Natalie: Yeah, Todd does have anger management issues, but I swear, heís never like that with his kids.

Miles: You know, after we talked, I went to the bus station and I opened that locker. I have information about Toddís son -- real, concrete information. I just donít know how to get it to Todd without him killing me.

Antonio: Honey, you know, painting might -- might be fun for you and me, but -- but, you know, for other people, it -- it might not be so much fun.

Talia: Oh, well, you already did the part I hate, which is the taping. I actually like to paint.

Antonio: Well, then why were you hesitating?

Talia: I -- I didnít -- I didnít want to horn in on your time with Jamie.

Antonio: Oh, well -- well, if -- if Jamie thought that, then she wouldnít have asked you to stay.

Talia: Well, what about you? What do you think?

Antonio: Well, I think you're dressed way too nicely to do something messy like painting, but you know what? I -- I'm sorry. I didnít mean to push. Jamie and I can -- we can, you know, do this ourselves.

Talia: Ok. You're not pushing, and I'd love to help. So, do you have another t-shirt laying around for me?

Antonio: As a matter of fact, I do.

Talia: So go get it and letís paint.

Antonio: Ok.

Talia: Ok. Ok, I'm not "so" good with dinosaurs. Is this going to be a stegosaurus or, like, a tyrannosaurus with the little Ė

Jamie: Are you going to be my daddyís new girlfriend?

Clint: How much cash have you got?

Nash: None.

Clint: None?

Nash: None. I -- I had some, then I came up with this crazy scheme of how to double it overnight and lost it all.

Clint: In Atlantic City?

Nash: Foxy Roxyís. I managed to lose my entire savings right here in Llanview.

Clint: I'm sorry, son.

Nash: Hey, thanks for not telling me how stupid it was.

Clint: No need.

Nash: I take that back. You know, itís -- itís actually even worse. Antonio doesnít just have a share in this vineyard. He -- he has the controlling share. So if he sells it out to a stranger, a stranger will not only have a controlling share of my vineyard, he'll also control my life, my future, Jessicaís future, and your beautiful baby granddaughterís future. Look, Clint, I got myself into this, I'll get myself out.

Clint: How?

Nash: I donít know. I could -- I was thinking I could -- I could -- I could sell futures in next yearís crop. Uh -- I could sell some of the -- some of the land that I havenít planted yet, I donít know.

Clint: There is a much easier solution, you know.

Nash: No -- huh. I am -- I am not taking Jessicaís money.

Clint: Fine, fine. Take it from me.

Dorian: Do you suppose that Miles is actually telling the truth? That he does know something about Toddís baby?

Blair: Todd has asked Miles a million times. He always says no.

Dorian: Yes, but -- oh -- why would Miles intentionally create more trouble for himself?

Blair: I donít know -- maybe heís like Spencer. Maybe he canít help but try to make Todd crazy.

Dorian: Or maybe he realizes how much Todd really does want that baby to be alive.

Blair: Uh-uh.

Dorian: Blair, you know that thatís true.

Blair: Todd wants this over and so do I, and I want my children to have a father thatís not tormented all the time.

[Dorian sighs]

Dorian: Yes, but Todd keeps trying to convince everybody that that baby is dead. But thatís not what he wants at all.

Blair: You know what? I donít even know if I could even suggest to Todd that Miles might be telling the truth.

Dorian: Why not?

Blair: Because, Dorian, if I did that, and Todd actually listens to him, and Miles is lying, which he could possibly be doing -- then Todd would do exactly what he said he was going to do last night. He would kill Miles.

Natalie: Toddís not going to change his mind about you.

Miles: Hmm. I figured that out last night.

Natalie: What if somebody else told Todd what you want him to know?

Miles: I canít put you in the middle of this.

Natalie: What if you told Blair?

Miles: Blair hates me as much as Todd does. She was there last night when I was trying to talk to him, and the only reason she stopped him from killing me is because she doesnít want to see Todd go back to prison again.

Natalie: I know. Blairís definitely between a rock and a hard place. I mean, Toddís the father of her kids. Sheís got to back him up. But Blairís not as hotheaded as Todd is, so if you could just get her to believe you, she could convince Todd.

John: Now that I know what I'm looking for, we can make a solid case together.

Nora: What we need is a motive, John.

Johnís voice: Help yourself out. Make this right.

Lindsay: I am making this right. I'm protecting your brother, his wife, and their beautiful child.

John: I think she wanted to keep him quiet about something.

Nora: Well, it would be really helpful to know what that something was. Do we think it was premeditated?

John: She didnít bring anything. I think itís reasonable to assume she grabbed the scissors because they were handy, they were convenient.

Nora: The murder was in Blairís hospital room -- what was Lindsay dog there? Blair and Lindsay arenít friends.

John: Maybe she was already at the hospital, she saw Truman.

Nora: And so she went in and saw what he was up to and then what -- she killed him to protect Blair? She killed him to protect herself?

John: She kills him because she sees a solution to her problem.

Nora: Well, we got to find out what that problem is or we donít have a case.

Lindsay: You canít help me, Bo.

Bo: Why not?

Lindsay: Because John said that this is absolutely going to trial and the jury is going to see me as a woman who killed the father of her children.

Bo: All right, look, a lot of times, prior acts arenít admissible. And even if a judge does allow it, it -- it was an accident.

Lindsay: Yeah. I accidentally killed the person other than the person I was trying to kill.

Bo: No, no, no -- Lindsay.

Lindsay: Itís not a stretch to believe that I could've done this.

Bo: Are you saying that you did?

Antonio: Jamie -- um -- she -- Talia canít be my girlfriend. She -- she works with Papa, and we're friends, but -- but she already has a boyfriend. And, you know, I -- I mean, I donít know the guy. I'm sure heís a really nice guy. And so maybe one day, you can invite him over. Cook him a meal. Or something. Uh -- sorry about that.

Talia: Donít be sorry. I think itís sweet.

Antonio: Good with a brush?

Talia: I'm awesome. Wait till you see my backhand.

Antonio: Great. Well, letís get started.

Nash: Clint, taking money from you is just like taking it from Jessica. Please. Come on.

Clint: Nash, I'm not giving it to you. Itís a loan. I'm going to charge you interest.

Nash: Yeah?

Clint: Yeah. Now, how much do you need?

Nash: That much.

Clint: Uh-huh. Well, at least itís cheaper than buying a new liver.

Nash: Whatís that?

Clint: Nothing.

Nash: Shouldnít we be drawing up a contract and getting it notarized, and all that?

Clint: Are you going to pay me back?

Nash: Yeah, you have my word.

Clint: Thatís good enough for me. And if you donít pay me back, I'm sending Natalie to find you.

Nash: Ooh, no, not that. Anything but the crazy redhead. Kidding. Look, I -- I do have a condition. Donít tell Jessica.

Clint: About what?

John: Well, we donít know motive because Lindsay wonít give me a statement, and sheís also lawyered up.

Nora: Well, sheís been through this before.

John: Yeah, at no time did she state she was innocent, either. She did this, Nora.

Nora: If sheís not talking, you're going to have to do all the heavy lifting to put this case together.

John: Yeah, I know.

Nora: Find me a motive.

[Phone rings]

John: Yeah? Good. Bring it to me right away, ok? Results are in on the dress.

Lindsay: I'm not confessing to anything. I was talking about my chances of beating this.

Bo: Ok, ok. Now, I'm speaking hypothetically. Your best chance to beat something like this, other than to prove that you are innocent, is to claim self-defense. The second-best way is to do what Vickers and Marty Saybrooke did. They both claimed that they killed Truman to stop him from possibly killing Blair. Lindsay but that would be admitting my guilt.

Bo: Well, John is convinced that you did it, and he doesnít make accusations like that without a good reason.

Lindsay: Has he shared any of that reasoning with you?

Bo: No, not yet. But I'm sure that heís spoken to the district attorneyís office.

Lindsay: Right.

Bo: And I want you to think about something else. Non-cooperation -- that can be interpreted as a sign of guilt.

Lindsay: My breathing is a sign of guilt to Nora.

Bo: No, no, I'm not going to let this get personal. I wonít let it.

Lindsay: Well, I really appreciate that more than you'll ever know. Thank you. But I canít confide in you, Bo. On second thought, wait. There is something I want to tell you.

Dorian: Well, I donít believe this.

Blair: You must have a death wish.

(Music plays throughout)

Natalie: We need to talk to you, Blair.

[Dorian slams door]

Blair: Well, too bad. Get out.

Dorian: Oh.

Miles: Whatís this?

Natalie: Oh, Lindsay Rappaport was arrested for killing Spencer Truman. You didnít know about that?

Blair: Or you know what? Why donít you discuss this someplace else? You can take the paper with you. I wonít charge you. Go.

Miles: So Martyís being released?

Dorian: Yes. Apparently, they donít charge two people for the same crime.

Miles: Why would this woman kill Spencer?

Blair: Oh, gee, Miles, I donít know. Maybe you can ask her when you're right next to her in the next jail cell.

Natalie: Ok, ok, stop. We donít need to get sidetracked here. We came here to do something. Blair -- we need to talk to Blair privately.

Dorian: I'm not going anywhere.

Blair: You know, Dorian, itís fine. Maybe if I listen to their garbage, they'll leave, and then leave Todd alone.

Dorian: Ok, then. I wonít be far away, and if I hear any trouble, I'll be calling security.

Blair: Did you not learn anything from, like, last night?

Miles: Yes, I did. Thatís why I'm here, instead of at Toddís.

Natalie: I wanted to bring Miles here. He has information for Todd.

Blair: Huh. Is this more bull about his son being here in Llanview?

Miles: Itís not bull.

Blair: If you're trying to get to Todd through me, you two are dreaming.

Nora: You know, there was a long list of people who wanted Truman dead, and Lindsay was not anywhere on it.

John: Yeah. But she did visit Truman at the hospital before he was killed. Just no one bothered to question her.

Nora: Why, because nobody knew that she was there that night?

John: The guard, Prescott -- he confirmed that she was there.

Nora: Ok.

John: Marty remembers seeing her come out of Blairís room wearing the bloody dress. Then we went to her house and we got that same bloody dress. Where is that lab report?

Woman: Lieutenant, this is from the lab.

John: Thanks. Hmm. Hmm, the pieces just keep falling into place.

Bo: Well, what is it? What did you want to say?

Lindsay: You've been so fair and understanding with me since Jen died. And no matter what happens now, I want you to know that I'm never going to forget that.

Bo: I saw you trying to be a different kind of woman, and I admire that. And I meant it when I said that you deserved to be Woman of the Year.

Lindsay: Woman of the year? What a difference a day makes.

Bo: You know, I heard that you stopped by the house after Pa passed away, and Nora threw you out.

Lindsay: Yeah, donít worry about it. I'm used to that.

Bo: What was it that you wanted to say?

Lindsay: I know Asa wasnít a perfect person.

Bo: No. Far from it.

Lindsay: And I know that you loved him very much and that you must miss him a lot. And I wanted to know if there was anything that I could do for you. But thatís going to be kind of hard to make good on from jail.

Bo: Oh, Lindsay --

Lindsay: No, let me finish.

Bo: Ok.

Lindsay: We've both been through so much. And we've finally gotten to a good place. And that just makes me feel so good. And this mess -- this mess that I'm in now -- I can take care of myself. You donít owe me anything.

Bo: I know that. But canít I just be your friend? Isnít there anything I can do?

Lindsay: I could use another pillow on the bed in my holding cell.

Bo: Done.

Antonio: Ah -- howís it going over there?

Talia: Fine. I'm just trying to get it as even as possible. .

Antonio: Ok. Oh!

Talia: Sorry.

Antonio: Sorry?

Talia: Sorry.

Antonio: You all right?

Talia: Yeah -- no, I'm clumsy, but I'm fine.

[Knock on door]

Antonio: What do you want?

Nash: I'm here to talk to you.

Antonio: Well, you know what? I think you've said enough already.

Nash: Well, you know what? I want you out of my life as much as you want me out of yours, so letís end this now.

Nora: Ok, so you were right. The blood on Lindsayís dress definitely belonged to Truman. So, unless someone else was wearing her clothes, she was in the room when Truman was murdered.

John: Well, itís also not a passive transfer, like the blood on Balsomís clothes. Splattered pattern indicates that she was close.

Nora: Wish we had her fingerprints on the scissors.

John: Working on it.

Nora: You know, Lindsayís a smart cookie. Why did she keep this dress?

John: Hey, look, itís not an open-and-shut case, I realize that, but itís a damn good start.

Nora: A lot of people in this town know whatís been going on between Lindsay and me. I donít want to recuse myself, and I donít, for one minute, want anybody thinking that I am framing her. Somethingís going on here. I want to know what it is.

Antonio: Honey, why donít -- why donít you go show Talia your book on dinosaurs?

Talia: Letís go. I would love to see that.

Antonio: Come in. As you can see, I'm in the middle of something, so make it fast.

Nash: Yes, sir. I got the money to b you out of the vineyard.

Antonio: You're too late.

Nash: What are you talking about?

Antonio: I already sold my share to somebody else.

Nash: What?

Lindsay: Well, I'd better be going back to my cell. I' my is morning.

Bo: Yes -- Lindsay -- Lindsay, what I said before, I -- thatís a standing offer.

Lindsay: Thank you for everything.

Bo: Officer stokes, could you escort ms. Rappaport back to her cell?

Ofc. Stokes: Yes, sir.

John: You got a minute, Bo?

Bo: Sure.

John: The lab just confirmed the blood on Lindsayís dress is Trumanís.

Bo: Ok.

Nora: I havenít determined the exact charges yet, but based on the evidence, we are going to proceed with this.

Bo: What about Marty?

Nora: I'm dropping the charges against her. I've already started the ball rolling.

John: Sheís agreed to testify against Lindsay.

Bo: So, here we go again.

Natalie: Miles admits that he was dishonest with Todd before.

Blair: Ok, Natalie, let me ask you something. Why are you doing this? Huh. Why are you taking this little project on? You have thing for lost causes?

Natalie: I like to see life work out for people who make mistakes -- like Miles and Todd.

Blair: So where are you going to send Todd this time, huh?

Natalie: Look, you and Todd can do whatever you want with the information that Miles will give you. All we're asking is that you listen to us. If you decide not to, itís fine. We'll go.

Miles: And I wonít bother you or Todd anymore.

Blair: Do you know what this information is?

Miles: No, she doesnít.

Natalie: All I know is that Miles feels that Toddís son is alive. I donít think it would hurt you a bit to listen to what he has to say.

Blair: You want me to hear Miles out so I can decide whether I'm going to tell Todd or not?

Natalie: Yes.

Blair: Do you have any idea what that puts on me?

Miles: Look, I -- I -- I didnít set him up. I mislead Todd, but I never set him up.

Blair: Oh, right, I know. You didnít even help him when he was unconscious in a body bag, did you?

Miles: Will you -- please, just listen to me? If you donít like what I have to say, you can call your auntís security and have me thrown out.

Blair: All right. Well, why donít you talk? Go ahead.

Natalie: Ok. Thanks, Blair. And good luck, Miles.

Blair: Wait, wait, wait. You're leaving me here with him?

Natalie: Oh, yeah. This is between you and Todd and Miles.

[Door opens and closes]

Blair: Ok. You said that Toddís baby was here in Llanview. Could you be a little bit more specific?

Miles: Yes. Heís with Michael and Marcie McBain.

Blair: What?

Miles: The boy they call Tommy -- heís really Toddís son.

On the next "One Life to Life" --

Nash: Sell my vineyard to me.

Antonio: I canít do that.

Todd: And Lindsay Rappaport strikes again -- why?

Michael: I got to know. I got to know if I'm about to lose my son or not.

Miles: Itís up to you to convince Todd.

Blair: I know.

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