OLTL Transcript Monday 8/27/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/27/07


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Nash: Ah.

Roxy: Oh.

Nash: What am I going to do?

Roxy: Get me a date, would you? Don't worry about nothing. Everything for you is going to be coming up daffodils.

Nash: What?

Roxy: Yeah. Believe me, in the morning, with cheap hooch, you don't remember a damn thing.

Nash: You think I'm going to forget about this rotten, awful night? I'm going to forget that I had almost all of the money to buy back Antonio's share and lost it?

Roxy: Oh, poor baby. You jumped straight on the L express to Povertyville.

Nash: I got a few days to come up with the money, or Antonio's going to sell it out. And that could be the end of Jessica's and my dream.

Singer: We're alone

Antonio: Talia?

Talia: Hi -- yeah.

Antonio: Well, it's --

[Talia chuckles]

Antonio: Too early for Valentine's Day.

Talia: Vice. Thank you very much. I busted three johns, and -- and I got the goods on a pimp, so it was good.

Antonio: Slamming.

Talia: I just -- ha, ha, ha --

[Antonio laughs]

Talia: I just came in here to use the restroom.

Antonio: Uh-huh.

Talia: But I could definitely use a beer.

Antonio: Well, I will buy you one -- so long as you don't bust me for procurement.

Talia: I'll go easy on you this time.

Antonio: Bartender, a beer?

Talia: Thanks.

Antonio: Ah.

Talia: So, what, are you waiting for someone?

Antonio: Well, actually, I am. Hopefully, this guy will change my whole life.

Jared: Well, well, it's a small world.

Natalie: I'm busy, as you can see.

Jared: This is where you come to unwind, huh?

Natalie: Bye-bye.

Jared: Will you make sure she has a few more of those? It was a tough day at the office.

Miles: Who was he?

Natalie: Nobody. Just the jerk that barreled in to B.E. today demanding a job.

Miles: Hmm.

Natalie: Please, let's forget about him. I want to know what you were talking about before, about Todd. Well, what is this hope you have for him? What's that?

Miles: The truth.

Bo: John, you want to tell me what's going on?

Lindsay: I will. John didn't come here to arrest Marcie for the murder of Spencer Truman. He came here to arrest me.

Marcie: This -no, no. This is ridiculous. It doesn't make any sense.

Michael: John, please don't do this.

John: Lindsay, we don't have to do this here in front of everyone.

Lindsay: There's no good place to do it. So you might as well just go ahead.

John: Lindsay Rappaport, you're under arrest for the murder of Spencer Truman.

Roxy: What difference does it make if Antonio sells his share of this place as long as you own half of it?

Nash: Hmm -- 49%, to be exact, which means that Antonio can sell 51% to anyone he likes.

Roxy: Ooh, controlling interest.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Roxy: That's not good.

Nash: No. And if the buyer wants to buy this vineyard just for the land, it means that the vineyard and the cottage and everything could be knocked down.

Roxy: All right, I see it now. They put up a cheesy strip mall and that would really suck. We can't let them do that.

Nash: And why do you care so much, huh?

Roxy: Well, I care because if they put up a strip mall, that means there's lots of hair salons up the ying-yang. And then Foxy Roxy's hair haven will be blown right off the map.

Nash: I hadn't thought of that.

Roxy: No, I'm telling you, we got to fight this.

Nash: Well, the only way to fight this is for me to come up with a great big wad of cash, fast.

Roxy: Well, how the hell could you lose to that Jared creep? You were chips up the whole night!

Nash: Change of luck. Bad luck. Just -- bottom line, I got to come up with the a new scheme. Fast.

Roxy: "Scheme"? Scheme? Well, you're lucky, baby. Because "scheme" is my middle name.

Talia: So -- um -- this person's going change your life? That's a pretty dramatic statement.

Antonio: Well -- um -- I got to do whatever I need to rid myself of Jessica.

Jared: Antonio Vega?

Antonio: Yeah, that's me.

Jared: Ah. Jared Banks. I called about the vineyard.

Antonio: Right.

Jared: But we could reschedule our meeting if --

Talia: No, no --

Antonio: Oh, no, no, no, I'm sorry --

Talia: No, it's ok.

Antonio: This is my -- my --

Talia: Officer Sahid.

Jared: Ah. Happy to meet you, Officer.

Talia: Yeah, same here. Uh -- I'm going to go get out of these "work clothes." I'll see you.

Antonio: So how did you hear about the vineyard? I haven't advertised my part of the investment yet.

Jared: Oh, well, I spoke to your associate, Nash Brennan.

Antonio: Really? I thought he wanted to buy it himself.

Jared: Well, you do want to sell, right? Can I get a -- a water, no ice, please? Bartender: Right.

Antonio: Yeah. But --

Jared: Good, because I took a ride down to look at it before I came here. It is a lovely piece of land.

Antonio: Yeah, it is.

Jared: Why are you selling?

Antonio: I have my reasons.

Jared: Hmm. That's fair enough. At any rate, I'm -- I'm willing to match your asking price.

Antonio: Why are you so anxious to buy me out?

Miles: Spencer wrote me a letter. It was delivered to me after he had died and I was living here in Llanview.

Natalie: Was that the letter that sent Todd to Chicago?

Miles: Yeah. Spencer told me what to tell Todd, and I did. I -- I gave him the lead about his son.

Natalie: Well, that proves my point all along -- everything that I believe, because everything that you did -- you were being manipulated by Spencer, even from the grave. But, Miles, you decided to do the right thing. You handed that letter over to the police as soon as you found out that Todd was missing.

Miles: The letter I turned over to the police -- it was incomplete.

Natalie: What do you mean?

Miles: I intentionally withheld information. This key -- this key was in the letter. Spencer wrote that he died with the truth about what really happened to Todd's son. But that he wanted the truth to come out one day, in the worst possible way. And since Spencer -- he knew that I would also see Todd as an enemy, he entrusted his secret to me.

Natalie: What was his secret, Miles? What did Spencer do to Todd's baby?

Miles: The answer's in a bus station locker.

Officer: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you.

Nora: Why wasn't I informed about this?

Bo: I wasn't informed, either. But have a little faith. John must know what he's doing.

Marcie: Oh -- well, this is in-- insane, ok? Lindsay -- she did not kill anybody. She was just named woman of the year!

Michael: Stop, all right? This is really not your place.

Marcie: Not my place? Are you telling me that I am not allowed to defend Lindsay? She is family!

Michael: This has nothing to do with us.

Rex: Well, I sure as hell didn't see that coming. Lindsay?

Adriana: I don't get it, either. But if John's arresting her, he must have some kind of evidence, right?

Todd: Did I tell you? Yeah? Something juicy always happens at these things.

Blair: Yeah, but Lindsay Rappaport -- this just doesn't compute.

Todd: Why not? She killed her ex-husband, didn't she? He was a nice guy.

Blair: Oh.

Todd: Spencer -- well, you know, he's easy to kill. Hey, get on it. We got an exclusive.

Blair: Right. I don't know, it just doesn't make any sense to me.

Dorian: What doesn't? I mean -- oh -- after all, Spencer drove a lot of people to do a lot of crazy things.

Marcie: Did either of you know about this?

Nora: Marcie, you know all about police procedure. You want to tell me what's going on here?

John: I believe this solves the Truman case.

Bo: John, look, I'll support you publicly here and now, you know that, but I expect a full report ASAP.

John: Understood.

Marcie: Lindsay hardly knew Spencer Truman, John. She had no reason to kill him!

John: Actually, she did.

Roxy: Yes. A little crumpled up. I've been carrying it around in my purse. Ok. It's the racing form for tomorrow. Look. Wine and roses. Wine for you, roses for Jessica.

Nash: You want me to bet on a pony?

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: Duh! It's a long shot. The odds are way against this little pony. And if you win, and when you do win, you could make a bundle.

Nash: Thank you. That's great. But even if I had the cash to lay down on the bet -- which I don't because I lost it -- losing it in that poker game has kind of soured me on gambling.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, baby, I can dig it. What's this?

Nash: Oh -- I was going through the vineyard's inventory -- see if there was something I could sell.

Roxy: Well, you know, I don't know nothing about freakonomics. But does it make sense that you sell off part of the place to buy back part of the place? That sounds kind of wooshie to me.

Nash: That is wooshie. I need a new plan, and I got to come with it fast, before Jessica comes back from London.

Jared: I'll give you the same answer you gave me. Thank you. I have my reasons for wanting to purchase your property. And if you're looking to unload, what difference does it make to you why someone wants it?

Antonio: It doesn't. I'm curious, that's all.

Jared: Well, I'm a businessman looking for opportunities, and the vineyard seems like a good investment. They're not building any more land, in case you didn't get the memo. It's -- and if you need the cash --

Antonio: I'm not doing this for money.

Jared: All right, I get you. In that case, give me the papers, I'll sign. And then the -- the vineyard and all the bad memories will be part of your past.

[Phone rings]

Nash: Hey, babe.

Jessica: It's good to hear your voice.

Nash: Yeah. Hey, it's -- it's late in London, isn't it?

Jessica: Yeah, more like really, really early. Bree is adjusting better than I am. I'm still on Llanview time.

Nash: Right. You're having fun, right?

Jessica: Well, apart from being a little sleep-deprived, yeah, I am. And it's nice to hang out with Kevin and Kelly and little baby Zane. But even so, I'm looking forward to coming home.

Nash: Yeah. I -- I miss you. I cat wait to --

[Mouths words]

Nash: Hold you in my arms.

Jessica: Well, it'll be soon. So, what's been going on since I've been away? What have I missed?

Natalie: So this locker -- what exactly is in it?

Miles: I wouldn't know. I never opened it.

Natalie: Why?

Miles: I don't know -- maybe because I -- I was afraid of what I might find out. Maybe -- maybe I was buying into what everybody believed about Spencer, that he was cruel and evil, and I didn't want to be an accomplice to something this evil.

Natalie: So what changed?

Miles: No matter what I believe about Todd, he should know the truth, whatever it is. If his son is dead, then he should know so he can accept it and move on. And if he's alive -- well, I might be able to give him the information that would help find him.

Natalie: So you know what you need to do now, don't you?

Marcie: So now, you're just going to stand there and tell me that Lindsay actually had a motive to kill Spencer?

Michael: Come -- come on. Come on, Marcie.

Marcie: I want an answer, Michael. Is that what you are saying to me, John?

John: I'm not saying anything.

Michael: We're going home, Marcie. Now, ok? This is a matter for the police.

Marcie: If you want to go home, Michael, you can go home. I am staying here. I am not leaving Lindsay. I'm not.

Lindsay: For God's sake, John, please have him cuff me and take me in.

Bo: Not so fast.

Rex: Oh, I wish I could help her.

Adriana: Me, too. But I don't even know what's going on. I mean, Marcie's right. Lindsay didn't even know Spencer. And what reason would she have for killing him, especially so violently? Stabbing him over and over again.

Rex: The only way I could see her doing this would -- would be if one of her kids was being threatened.

Adriana: Yeah, but will's not here, and Jen is --

Rex: All right, so this couldn't have been a case of Lindsay acting like mama bear.

Adriana: Oh, my God, Rex. What if it was?

Blair: "Art dealer deals fatal blow."

Todd: No, that's too "Banner." How about "The Art of Murder"?

Blair: Doesn't say enough.

Both: "Killer of the Year."

Blair: Perfect.

Bo: Lindsay, is there anything that you need to say to me?

Lindsay: Yes. I want to tell you that it's all right. I'll go with John.

Marcie: Lindsay, why are you letting them do this to you? Just -- you know, just -- just tell them that it's a mistake. Just -- just tell them the truth, ok?

Michael: Marcie, please.

Marcie: Will you please just tell them the truth? Tell them that you had absolutely nothing to do with this, ok? Ok, please? Will you please just tell them that there is absolutely no truth to this? Right?

Jessica: You sound far away.

Nash: I am far away. I'm on the other side of the Atlantic, you remember?

Jessica: No, that's not what I mean. I -- it just sounds like your mind's somewhere else.

Nash: Yeah -- no, it's just, you know, talking to you on the phone isn't quite the same thing as having you here -- in my arms, kissing you.

Roxy: Come on, tell Jessica what's really going on here!

Jessica: Was that Roxy?

Nash: Yeah. Yeah, it was.

Jessica: Well, what is she doing there? And what did she mean by "tell Jessica what's really going on here"? Nash?

[Music plays]

Antonio: I just decided to sell my investment in the vineyard. Yours is the first offer.

Jared: Does that mean you want to wait for other offers? Because I'll pay 10% more than the asking price.

Antonio: No. I'm not waiting for other offers. I do need to make sure you're a qualified buyer, though.

Jared: Well, I am prepared to give you the entire amount in a cashier's check. Is that qualification enough?

Antonio: I'll -- I'll consider your offer.

Jared: Oh. Isn't this --

Antonio: My ex.

Jared: Ah. And Nash Brennan carries a photograph of her, too. Same woman.

Talia: So, business done?

Antonio: Yeah, as a matter of fact, it is. Why don't we get a table?

Jared: Officer Sahid, I didn't know you were there.

Talia: Yeah, I've been back for a while.

Jared: Right. I'm going to sample some local wine. Talk to you tomorrow?

Antonio: You got my card.

Talia: So now I get what you meant earlier. About your life changing tonight? Once you sell your share of the vineyard, you will have cut loose the last thread between you and Jessica.

Antonio: I do want to make sure he's a qualified buyer, though.

Talia: What's to qualify? Didn't he offer cash? That's not why you're stalling.

Antonio: No.

Talia: No. You're not sure you want to cut Jessica loose completely.

Singer: Like a child sun shines all the while

Spencer: Go ahead, Miles, open the locker. You need to know what's inside.

Miles: I'm not sure I want to know.

Spencer: What you'll find in there, Miles, will bind the two of us together for all of eternity.

Miles: Or I'll be rid of you forever.

[Spencer laughs]

Rex: What are you thinking, Adriana?

Dorian: Rex -- um -- you and Lindsay were once close.

Rex: So?

Dorian: Did you have any idea that she killed Spencer Truman?

Rex: What? No, I'm just as shocked as everyone else!

Adriana: Well, what about you, mom? You're a friend of Lindsay's.

Dorian: Well, yes. Though I must say, I was rather surprised when she was selected as woman of the year.

Adriana: Let me guess -- because you thought it should have been you?

Dorian: I may not have spent every waking hour of the past year helping those less fortunate, but at least I didn't kill any of them.

Adriana: Oh, God.

Lindsay: Don't worry, Marcie. It's going to be all right. Ok? It's going to be all right.

Marcie: Ok.

Nora: I hope you know what you're doing.

John: I have an eyewitness.

John: Excuse me. Bo, could I speak to you for a second? I was thinking maybe I should interview Lindsay on her own, see if I can get her to fill in the details and -- and if possible, sign a confession.

Bo: Do what you have to do.

Miles: Oh, my God.

Spencer: Yes! That's right, Miles. Brilliant. Isn't it?

Miles: This can't be true.

Spencer: It is, Miles. It's all right there, in black and white. So, the question is now -- what are you going to do about it?

Todd: No kidding. That was fast. The online edition's got the story going.

Blair: Oh, good job.

Todd: Couldn't have done it without you. What's that? Yes -- yeah, great. I'll check in later. Thanks.

Dorian: Excuse me. I hate to rain on your parade, but you two are missing a very important component for your story. Well, you've got the who, where, what, whatever, but you do not have the why.

Marcie: I really don't understand any of this. Mike, I mean, what possible reason would Lindsay have had for killing Spencer Truman? Mike? I need to be with her, ok? I mean, could you go and make sure that Tommy's ok, that everything's ok with him?

Michael: Um -- no. Marce, I'm -- I'm going to stay with you.

Adriana: You're right. Lindsay cares about children more than anything. She's crazy about Tommy, she takes care of him all the time. And Marcie is practically a second daughter to her.

Rex: Yeah, she is.

Michael: Look, we're -- we're going to go to the police station.

Marcie: Yeah. You know, I just -- I need to be with Lindsay right now. You know? I mean, I don't know what else to do, you know? She said -- she said that she'd do anything for me. Honey, excuse me. I'm sorry.

Nora: Ok, well, as unorthodox as it may be, it's a legal warrant, so Lindsay can't sue us.

Bo: I still can't figure out a motive, though. Maybe Spencer had something on her.

Nora: Yeah, because saints don't commit murder. Well, isn't that what everyone's making her out to be now? Some sensitive, philanthropic person of enormous integrity?

Bo: Lindsay has changed, Nora.

Nora: I don't think you're very objective here, Bo.

Bo: And you are?

Nora: We're talking about murder!

Bo: We don't know the circumstances! Lindsay would not commit a senseless act. Now, if she killed Truman, then something else was going on.

John: Come on in.

Lindsay: Don't I get booked or fingerprinted?

John: What do you say we just talk, you and me? Unless you'd like a lawyer, and then we can move this over to the interview room.

Lindsay: I don't need a lawyer.

John: Ok. Well, you know, it's kind of a stock line, but you can make things easier for everyone if you just tell me what happened the night Truman was killed. Or not. You know, there was always one element that was missing for me -- you hardly even knew Truman, seemingly one of the few people in town that didn't want to see him dead, or so it seemed. Not only did you have motive, I realize you had means and opportunity, as well. I know you killed Truman, and I know why.

Nash: Yeah, that's Roxy. And what's going on is -- uh, we went out tonight and had a couple of drinks, so I'm feeling a little out of it.

Jessica: No wonder you sound so strange, but I totally understand. I know you haven't wanted to drink since I can't.

Nash: Yeah. No, that's -- that's part of it.

Jessica: And you did such an amazing job taking care of Bree and I that, you know, you deserve to cut loose a little bit while we're away.

Nash: Yeah, there's something else.

Roxy: Good boy!

Nash: Uh -- it's -- it's about, you know, the -- the money I need for Antonio to buy out his share of the vineyard before he sells it to somebody else.

Jessica: Well, what about it?

Nash: Uh, uh, there's something I'm working on and I feel really good about it.

Jessica: Well, that's good. You know, I know how much the vineyard means to you.

Nash: To all of us, right?

Antonio: I do want to sever my ties with Jessica and -- and once my partnership with Nash is dissolved, it'll be done and I can move on with my life and I won't ever have to see either one of them ever again.

Talia: Are you ready for that?

Antonio: I -- I know I have to do it, you know? It's just that the reality of it --

Talia: Yeah -- no, I understand. And, you know, you say you won't have any reason to see Jessica again, but you won't be able to avoid it. And it's going to hurt, and there's nothing you can do about it. But selling your half of the vineyard -- that's something you can control.

Antonio: Right, it's -- it's a move in the right direction. And it'll help me just take charge of my own life.

Talia: Yeah. I know what it's like to have to start over. I mean, I love New York, but I left because it was too painful for me. And as hard as the move was, God, it was -- it was the right thing to do for me. It was a step toward -- I don't know -- healing, toward finding what was good in life again.

Antonio: Thanks, Talia. If your offer's still good, you've got yourself a deal.

Natalie: Wow, that was fast.

Miles: I was worried you'd leave.

Natalie: Without knowing what's in the locker -- are you kidding me?

Miles: Huh.

Natalie: Oh, don't tell me it was a dead end.

Miles: No, it wasn't. It was proof that Spencer didn't kill Todd's son.

Natalie: Oh, my God. Whoa, whoa, wait. Are you saying that Todd's baby is alive?

Miles: Yeah. Todd's son was adopted, but he wasn't living in Chicago.

Natalie: Where is he?

Miles: Todd's son is alive and well and living in Llanview.

Natalie: You're kidding. I don't believe this. No -- maybe we shouldn't believe this. I mean, this could be another one of Spencer's sick manipulations.

Miles: No. No, I'm certain it's the truth. The way -- the way Spencer outlined it all, with specifics and documentation. It's real, there's no question.

Natalie: Ok, so where's the baby now?

Miles: I can't tell you. I don't want to involve you in this any further than I already have.

Natalie: I know. I know that you can't, because you are a decent and caring human being, which -- I always believed that. And now, you have to go out there and do the right thing -- for Todd's son. And you got to prove to the world -- but most importantly, yourself -- who you really are. So, you know what, Miles -- go do it. Take back that respect, and give Todd back his son. Oh, Miles?

Marcie: Uh -- a -- a terrible mistake has been made, but fortunately, it's been rectified and now, I would like to introduce the real Woman of the Year -- Dorian Lord.

Woman: Oh! Whoo!

Blair: You did good -- yay!

Dorian: Oh!

Blair: Oh, wonderful! Whoo-hoo!


Blair: Yeah!

Dorian: Thank you, Marcie. Marcie, you're too kind.

Man: Yeah.

Dorian: Oh. Oh. This is so incredible. I am overwhelmed at this honor, which has at long last come to me. I must say I feel very, very proud of all the work that I have done to help beautify Llanview, and of course, the great honor I have being involved in many, many charitable organizations which I support.

Blair: Dorian?

Dorian: Oh, is it time to go home?

Blair: Well, I'm not actually ready to go home yet.

Dorian: Oh, please. Blair, you said you weren't going to go there anymore.

Blair: I'm a big girl, Dorian. I can take care of myself.

Dorian: So I've heard many, many times.

Blair: Later.

Blair: Nothing else to report here, so should we head down to the police station?

Todd: Boy, it'd be a real shame to let that champagne go to waste.

Blair: Oh, yeah.

Rex: It's impossible. There's no way Lindsay could've found out the truth about Todd's baby.

Adriana: There's always a way, Rex. Haven't you learned that by now? Someone forwards an email to the wrong person or talks too loud in public.

Blair: Oh. Oh -- it's perfect!

Adriana: And if Lindsay did somehow find out, if she killed Spencer to make sure that Marcie would never lose Tommy, the truth will come out.

Rex: No, it's not, ok? If Lindsay went so far as to kill a man, she is not going to give it up now.

John: I know you killed Truman to keep the truth from coming out, but the truth will come out. You know, I was always bothered by the way Michael and Balsom acted after Truman's murder. And when I finally put a few things together, I realized they were hiding a secret, a secret that you somehow caught wind of. And now, I need to know what's been done to keep that secret, and who else knows.

Lindsay: Knows what?

John: That Michael and Marcie's son is the child Todd Manning thought was dead.

Roxy: So what's this plan that's got you so hopeful? You don't have a plan, do you? Why are you lying? I mean, you know, I got nothing against lying -- I've done it a lot in my life. But what if she comes back here and you can't pony up the jack to buy this place?

Nash: I'm not lying. I'm coming up with the money one way or another. When Jessica comes back here in to a place that is 100% ours.

Jessica: I'd like to change my reservation, please. Yes, my original flight is Thursday at 9:00 A.M., London to Llanview, but I'd like to leave sooner -- tomorrow morning, if possible.

Antonio: I'll have some papers drawn up and left in my club, Capricorn.

Jared: Ah, I know where that is.

Antonio: Great. You can pick them up in the morning, then.

Jared: I'll call you tomorrow.

Antonio: Hmm.

Talia: So, how do you feel?

Antonio: Hmm. Good. Real good.

Jared: I wonder if you had a chance to reconsider my offer.

Natalie: I'm not hiring you.

Jared: Huh -- yeah. You'll change your mind.

Natalie: Hi. Miles, it's Natalie. Look, I'm -- I'm really concerned. You just bolted on out of here without telling me where you were going or what you're doing, so please, could you just call me?

Marcie: Where's Lindsay? I would like to see her.

Michael: She insisted on coming down here.

Bo: Lindsay's being questioned.

John: The secret you killed for has come out anyway, Lindsay. I know that Tommy is Todd Manning's son. Look, I admire your devotion. But you can't protect them anymore, so you might as well just tell me. How long have you known Tommy is Todd's son?

Todd: A toast.

Blair: To scooping the story of the century. We were good tonight, weren't we?

Todd: We always are -- at least when it comes to "The Sun."

Blair: You know what?

Miles: Todd?

Blair: I have a toast --

Miles: I'm glad I found you. I have something to tell you, something terribly important. It's about your son.

On the next "One Life to Live " --

Cole: Someone else was arrested for murdering Spencer?

Natalie: I'm not leaving without the best woman that I know.

Bo: You have to tell me what you've been hiding.

John: Even with you or me, the truth's going to come out. Tommy is not theirs.

Miles: I know where your son is.

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