OLTL Transcript Friday 8/24/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 8/24/07


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Roxy: Just do it already! Put out your hands!

Nash: Straight, Jacks high.

Jared: Ah.

Nash: Beat that, Mr. Banks.

Roxy: Oh.

Jared: Thatís a good hand.

Nash: Oh, damn good.

Jared: And lucky.

Nash: And lucky.

[Roxy chuckles]

Jared: But not lucky enough. Four ladies.

Natalie: Banks -- Jared Banks. Heís an arrogant jackass, and I want to know why he thinks he can use me to get into Buchanan Enterprises. No, I want to know more than that, ok? You find out what you can on this guy, and you call me as soon as you have something. Hey, Miles.

Miles: Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt.

Natalie: I waved you over.

Miles: Oh -- I --

Natalie: Are you ok?

Miles: No, I'm not.

Natalie: Whatís wrong?

Miles: If I tell you something, will you promise to keep it between us?

Natalie: Miles, havenít I already been there for you?

Miles: Yeah.

Natalie: You can tell me anything.

Miles: I know more about Toddís missing son than I've said.

Todd: Blair!

Starr: Go, go.

Todd: What -- what was that?

Starr: Dad, you caught us. Um -- we were doing Diddy.

Todd: Doing what?

Starr: Itís a video game.

Todd: Whereís your mom?

Starr: Well, sheís not ready yet. You just told her about this event, like, five minutes ago. You canít expect her to snap her fingers and look hot for you.

Todd: You're making it sound like itís a date. Itís not a date, itís business.

Starr: Whatever you say, Dad.

Todd: Itís not a date. Your mom knows that, too.

Blair: Todd, is that you? I didnít know you were here already.

Starr: Oh -- my -- God.

Marty: It was Lindsay. Lindsay Rappaport murdered Spencer.

Marty: But I donít understand why. What -- what reason would she have to murder him?

Nora: So it is my pleasure to present the 2007 Llanview Woman of the Year to Lindsay Rappaport.

Lindsay: Thank you, Nora.

Adriana: Hey. Looks like I made it just in time for the speech.

Rex: This is going to be interesting.

Lindsay: Thank you, everyone. I'm truly overwhelmed, and surprised, because I never, in a million years, ever imagined that I would be standing up here. And I just donít know what to say. And I donít know how I could possibly accept this award.

Todd: You look --

Starr: Beautiful?

Blair: Thank you.

Todd: You ready?

Blair: Whenever you are.

Todd: Are they going to be ok here?

Blair: Yeah, they'll be fine. If not, Jack will pour cold water on them.

Starr: You guys do know that we're both here, right?

Todd: Hey, punk, donít pull anything tonight, ok?

Cole: I -- I wonít.

Todd: And that means anything.

Blair: Ok, you know what? Say good night, Todd. Come on.

Todd: I'm going to get a full report from your brother.

Starr: If you're so worried about leaving us alone in the house together, why are you even going? Is Miles Laurence supposed to be there or something?

Todd: Yeah, that would ice the cake, actually.

Starr: If thatís not the reason, then --

Todd: Like I said --

Starr: Work, right.

Blair: Yeah -- what, you think this is a date? It is so not a date, ok?

Todd: See?

Blair: There you go. Come on. We better get going if we're going to even miss this thing. Ta-ta.

Cole: Uh -- are they always like that?

Starr: Only when they're getting back together.

Natalie: You know something about what happened to Toddís son?

Miles: No -- no, what I meant is, I -- I know how he feels. I love Marty, and I'm -- I've lost her, and itís a terrible feeling. You feel -- you feel helpless, like thereís nothing you can do to get him back.

Natalie: Well, maybe Toddís finally accepted that about his son.

Miles: You know, heís completely despondent about it.

Natalie: You tried to help.

Miles: Yeah. He doesnít think that. He blames me for everything.

Natalie: Well, thatís because you're the one who sent him to Chicago.

Miles: In many ways, heís right. Todd wouldnít have been stabbed and locked up for all that time.

Natalie: Miles, you were just trying to do something good.

Miles: Oh, I wish there was something I could do for him now.

Natalie: But you canít. Look, you said you have no idea where Toddís son is. I was there when you said it.

Miles: I know it. Yes, itís true.

Natalie: Has something happened for that to change?

John: You donít have to worry about why she killed him. Let me do that.

Marty: But I mean, how can you prove it?

John: I have some evidence. With your testimony, it should be enough to get you out of here.

Marty: But itís my word against hers.

John: Stop second-guessing everything, all right? Itís over.

Marty: I'm sorry. Huh. I just canít believe it.

John: Believe it. I'll have you back with Cole in no time.

Marty: I donít know what to say.

[John sighs]

John: Hey, look, you donít have to say anything.

Marty: But if it hadnít been for you --

John: I couldnít see you go to prison for something you didnít do, right?

Marty: You believed in me even when I didnít. I owe you my life.

John: I'm just glad I could help.

Marty: So, what happens now?

John: Now I have to go arrest Lindsay for murder.

Lindsay: I've had quite the life here in Llanview. I know you've heard the stories. If you havenít, then that means you've probably been living in a cave somewhere. Because I've -- I havenít really lived a life -- the kind of life that would have me up here winning this award, but I'm honored, and I'm really very grateful. But I donít feel comfortable standing up here calling myself anyoneís Woman of the Year. As Nora mentioned earlier, I had a daughter named Jen who passed away a few years ago. I've had a difficult time talking about that. I still do. Any parent thatís ever lost a child knows that thatís the kind of grief and pain that time just doesnít heal. You know, you -- you get on with your life, but itís a pain that lingers always. And thatís what got me thinking about other mothers, many from disadvantaged backgrounds who might be in great danger of losing their children just because of that. And the group I formed is to help mothers so that they can spend more time with their children, because there isnít enough time. Thereís just not enough time. I saw an opportunity to help good people who had done nothing wrong, and I did that to honor my daughter, Jen. And in memory of her very sweet life that was taken away from her far too soon. So you see, I'm not woman of the year. I'm just a mother who mourns the loss of her daughter every single day, and who would lie, cheat, steal -- even kill if I had to -- to make sure that no other mother ever has to know this feeling. I am a woman who would do everything and anything to protect a mother from ever, ever losing her child. And the thing is, I already have. I've done that. And because of that -- because of that --

[Lindsay cries]

Rex: What should we do?

Michael: What is going on here?

John: Yeah, thanks for the information.

Marty: Whatís wrong?

John: The timing stinks. Lindsayís at The Palace ballroom getting the Woman-of-the-Year award.

Marty: Now?

John: As we speak.

Jared: You know, you're a good player.

Nash: Not good enough.

Jared: I had one lucky hand.

Roxy: Hand? You call it a hand? It was a paw. A big paw. A Suscatchaswatch. You know, big foot?

[Roxy chuckles]

Nash: Ha-ha -- howís your head?

Roxy: Oh, itís groovy, man. You know, I'm used to this. Nothing that hasnít happened to me in a good week at least two or three times. Howís yours?

Nash: Itís great, thanks. Yeah, I just lost every penny to my name.

Roxy: Ok, listen, Stevie. Give me a minute, ok?

Jared: Take all the time you need.

Nash: No, thank you.

Roxy: You want a drink?

Nash: Yeah, what do you got?

Roxy: No more wine. I know thatís your favorite poison.

Nash: Thatís my poison. I was supposed to pay off Antonio, buy out his share with my winnings. Hey, I guess, uh -- what -- best-case scenario, I'll just end up losing my controlling share of the winery to a complete stranger.

Roxy: Maybe you ought to look into a refi, and get an equity line of credit. Hey, how do you think I keep this place going? Listen, I got this friend Cheech from the old 'hood, and he could get you a loan in two minutes, no questions asked.

Nash: Cheech, thatís great. Yeah, I value my kneecaps, thanks. Itís cool.

Roxy: Yeah. Hey, listen, why donít you go to Antonio? Heís a fair guy. You know, ask him for more time. I -- I forgot -- you stole his wife away from -- all right, not such a good idea. Bad idea. Forget about it.

Nash: I'm screwed. What do I do now?

Marty: You're going to arrest her right there at the ceremony?

John: I know itís a big thing here in town, but --

Marty: Itís one of the most important events of the year.

John: I'll try to do it quiet. Bring her in after itís all over.

Marty: Oh, I just -- I still canít wrap my head around all of this. I mean, Lindsay -- did -- did she even know Spencer?

John: I'm not sure how well she knew him. But she had her reasons for killing him.

Marty: And you know what those reasons are? Oh, sorry. Itís none of my business.

John: I -- I canít say right now what her motive might have been, if ever, but trust me --

Marty: I've trusted you with my life. Can I call Cole?

John: The charges against you can't be dropped until we get an indictment against Lindsay, but if -- if you want to give him a call and tell him things are looking up, go for it.

Marty: Thank you, for everything.

John: Donít thank me. Just try and get some sleep. You deserve it.

Starr: I know, my parents are nuts. They canít decide whether they love each other or hate each other.

Cole: Uh -- do you remember when things were ok with them?

Starr: Well, I remember a couple of years ago they were going to get married again. And everything was perfect. Except for the fact that I had to get braces right before the wedding.

Cole: Yikes.

Starr: And then it all went wrong. The wedding was canceled, and -- well, things have been kind of back and forth ever since.

Cole: That sucks.

Starr: So how about you? Do you remember when your parents were together before your dad died?

Cole: Oh, yeah. I remember it all. They were awesome.

Starr: Like how?

Cole: Hmm. Like -- well, I guess I was around 8 or 9, and I woke up in the middle of the night and I walked downstairs, and they were dancing in the living room -- no music whatsoever. They were just -- just dancing in the dark. And I didnít say anything. I just -- I just watched them for about 10 minutes.

Starr: And then what happened?

Cole: Well, at first, I thought it was kind of weird, but the more I watched, it was actually kind of cool. I mean, there they were, just the two of them, just holding each other and dancing. I mean, no music, but -- but they were dancing like there was, like they could both hear it, but nobody else could.

Starr: I guess my parents were just too busy arguing to ever dance like that. But who knows? Maybe tonight'll be different.

Cole: Even though they said it was work?

[Bottle fizzes]

Starr: Well, it is. You see, this woman-of-the-year thing practically blows up every year.

Cole: What do you mean? Itís got some kind of curse on it or something?

Starr: I guess you could say that, but my parents want to be there just in case it does.

Cole: Well, what do you think could happen?

Starr: You know what? I hope nothing. I hope that my parents are stuck with each other for the whole night and have to tell each other exactly how they feel.

Todd: Oh, damn it.

Blair: Whatís wrong?

Todd: We missed the fireworks.

Blair: Oh, who says there were any?

Todd: Look at Lindsay. Sheís having a breakdown at the podium.

Blair: Why is everybody applauding, Todd? Come on, letís go see whatís going on. Hey. Whatís happening?

Dorian: Oh -- Lindsay just made a lovely speech.

Blair: Well, good.

Todd: Whatís she blubbering about?

Dorian: She talked about Jen, and it was quite moving.

Todd: Ah. What really happened? Did she and Nora have some kind of smackdown?

Dorian: No. Actual, Nora was quite gracious.

Todd: You mean to tell me, this is the first woman-of-the-year where some stuff didnít go down?

[Blair chuckles]

Dorian: It certainly does look that way.

Marcie: All right.

Lindsay: I donít feel --

Marcie: Come on down.

Lindsay: Oh --

Marcie: Come on. Down here.

Lindsay: Oh. Oh, god.

Marcie: Look, itís going to be ok.

Lindsay: I donít know.

Marcie: This is going to be ok. You said some really wonderful things. And look, everybody was applauding you. They love you. Ok, Lindsay, letís just regroup, ok? What do you say?

Lindsay: You -- you made a big mistake. A big mistake --

Marcie: No.

Lindsay: Nominating me, Marcie.

Marcie: No, no.

Lindsay: Yes, you did.

Marcie: No, of course I did not make a mistake. You deserve this award.

Lindsay: I'm not the person you think I am.

Marcie: What are you talking about?

Lindsay: I did something.

Marcie: What did you do?

Lindsay: I would do it again for you.

Marcie: What? What do you mean? Lindsay, what did you do for me? Lindsay?

Todd: You have any idea what your wife and Lindsay are up there squawking about?

Michael: I have no idea.

Marcie: Itís going to be ok.

Nash: What have I done? Jessica and I are just starting out. I get that Antonio doesnít want any of it, but --

Roxy: Yeah, talk about sucky timing --

Nash: I should have just walked. I should have put down my cards, cashed up my chips. I -- it wasnít everything I needed, but it was damn close. It was close, it was close.

Roxy: You know, itís like that old Mr. Rogers song. "Know when to hold, know when to fold, know when to fluff -- puff --" oh, whatever. Hey, listen, if I had the scratch, I'd give it to you myself

Nash: Thatís all right, Roxy. I'm done taking money from beautiful blonds.

Roxy: Well, maybe I got some dough in the cash register.

Nash: No, really, thank you. Thank you, ok? Thatís -- I'm done. I'm done cutting corners, taking the easy way out.

Roxy: And you think trying to save your ass in a back-door card game isnít cutting corners?

Nash: Well, at least I would have done it on my own.

Roxy: Oh, is Jess going to blow her lid off?

Nash: No, I think -- I think mostly sheís going to insist in covering me. Huh. But thereís no way I'm taking money from my wife to pay off her ex-husband.

Miles: Nothingís changed. I still canít help him find his son.

Natalie: Ok, then what exactly did you want to tell me?

Miles: Well, I -- I never confided in you about my relationship with Spencer.

Natalie: Uh -- he helped you, he got you a new face. Is there more?

Miles: No, he saved my life in so many different ways.

Natalie: Miles, I know this already.

Miles: I know, itís just -- I feel guilty about it.

Natalie: Why?

Miles: Because of what heís done to everyone. You know, people I've come to know and really like. Even Todd.

Natalie: Ok, all right. So you feel guilty. That -- that just makes you human, no matter what Todd says about you.

Miles: Well, heís right in a lot of ways.

Natalie: Ok -- Miles, you gave Todd false hope. Itís not wonderful, but itís not horrible, either. Ok, you -- you tried to help him, even though he blames you for everything that happened after that. No matter how many "I'm sorrys" you give, itís not going to change anything. Heís still going to hold a grudge, so get over it. Take it from somebody who knows.

Miles: What if I could do something to help him? What if I could -- what if I could make it up to him, help him find his son?

Natalie: The only person who knows what happened to Toddís son is dead.

[Door opens]

Marty: Did Lieutenant McBain tell you I can make a phone call?

Guard: Heís working on getting permission for you.

Marty: I understand.

Guard: Whatís all this about? I mean, this is never allowed.

Marty: I donít think I'm going to be in here much longer.

Bo: I'm going to see whatís going on.

Rex: Well, Lindsayís a mess.

Adriana: Yeah.

Dorian: Well, I guess talking about Jen just -- just got to her.

Adriana: I wonder if itís just about Jen.

Rex: Yeah, me, too.

Dorian: Well, what else would it be?

Rex: I wish I knew. Mike, do you have any idea whatís going on with Lindsay and Marcie?

Michael: No.

Rex: All right, come here. Has your brother said anything more to you about what heís going to do about Tommy?

Michael: No. And itís making me really nervous, you know? Because he has been really quiet. I mean, quiet for John.

Rex: Ok, maybe heís too wrapped up in getting Marty Saybrooke cleared to do anything about Tommy.

Michael: Yeah. Or maybe to clear her, he needs to out our little secret.

Rex: Why?

Michael: Motive.

Rex: Whose?

Michael: Donít be surprised if John ends up arresting my wife.

Bo: Lindsay, you want to go?

Lindsay: I'm so sorry.

Bo: Hey, I can take you home. What -- you have nothing to be sorry for.

Lindsay: I do.

Bo: What?

Lindsay: I can do this.

Marcie: You donít have to do this, Lindsay. If you're not feeling up to this, you can go home, you can leave.

Nora: Really, Lindsay, this is obviously harder than you thought.

Marcie: Yeah, everybody will understand.

Lindsay: No, you donít understand. This is something -- this is something I need to finish -- see it through to the end. I'm all right.

Bo: Ok.

Lindsay: I can do this.

Bo: Ok. Ok.

Marcie: All right.

Bo: If you're sure you want to. Ok.

Lindsay: I'm sorry about that. You see, this is just something thatís very, very near to my heart. My daughter was such a sweet, sweet person. Such a good person. And this woman here -- this woman, Marcie McBain -- she is -- sheís also such a sweet, good, kind person. You're like a daughter to me. You know that, right?

[Mouths words]

Lindsay: Marcie was Jenís best friend, and she brought out the best in Jen. She brings out the best in everybody, because she is the most incredible woman. Many of you know her as a bestselling author, or a teacher at Llanview High, but she is so much more than that. Sheís the most amazing mother to the most amazing little boy. A little boy that she and her husband adopted. And no mother -- no mother should ever have to give up her child. No. Ever.

Michael: What are you doing here, John, huh? What are you trying to do here?

Todd: Itís showtime.

Cole: So, I donít get it. How come your parents canít just figure it out and stay married?

Starr: Beats me. I mean, I thought it was going to work the last time. But it really wasnít their fault, though. Nothingís been right ever since.

Cole: You want to tell me about it? Wait -- tell me if I'm being too nosy.

Starr: No, itís just an icky story. Cole oh, oh -- like my mom and Miles isnít?

Starr: Ok, fine. So, my parents were at the palace and they were super excited because they were going to get married and we were all going to be a family again. And they ended up almost dying. Remember, I told you about Margaret Cochran?

Cole: Oh, yeah, the one that had your dadís kid, right?

Starr: Itís not like they had an affair or anything, even though Britneyís stupid slideshow on Halloween wanted to make it seem that way. Margaret was just some crazy stalker of my dadís. She was completely obsessed with him.

Cole: They had a kid together?

Starr: It wasnít exactly voluntary on my dadís part. Trust me, you donít want to know.

Cole: Yeah, it sounds, um --

Starr: Sick and terrible and totally evil -- yeah, but my dad can kind of be his own worst enemy sometimes. He kind of messed with Margaretís mind. He made her think that he really liked her when they first met because he wanted something. He kind of does that sometimes.

Cole: Hey, itís -- itís ok. I -- I'm not in love with your dad.

Starr: Well, thatís a relief.

Cole: Listen, donít make a joke about this. I'm serious. I mean, what your dad does is not your fault. I couldnít be with you at all if I thought differently -- you know, considering --

Starr: Your mom? Yeah.

Cole: Listen, I -- I just donít get the whole on again/off again marriage thing that your parents keep doing.

Starr: No, it -- itís not that they donít love each other or anything. I mean, my dad loves my mom more than anyone in the whole entire world. They're -- they're connected. We all are.

Cole: Thatís how my parents were, too.

Starr: The bottom line is that my mom and dad are soul mates. Nothing can ever, ever change that.

Michael: I asked you a question, Johnny. What are you trying to do here?

Rex: Damn.

[Adriana sighs]

Adriana: Oh, no.

Lindsay: If you could see what an incredible mother Marcie is with her son, you would understand. If I could give you this award, I would, because you deserve it, because you're the true innocent here.

Michael: What the hell are you trying to prove here, Johnny?

John: Keep your voice down.

Michael: No, no, no, no. You donít tell me to shut up, and you are not doing this.

John: Mike, you have no idea what I'm doing.

Michael: Oh, I sure as hell do. You're convinced that because you know the truth about Tommy that my wife killed Spencer Truman and she didnít do it, Johnny! I'm telling you she didnít.

John: Ok, Mike, you're not listening to me.

Michael: No, you listen to me, ok? What do you think is going to happen here, huh? Do you think I'm going to let you walk in here with the keystone cops and take my wife out in handcuffs?

John: Mike, thatís not what this is.

Michael: Well, then what the hell is it, John? Do you really expect me to believe that you came here "not" expecting to make an arrest?

John: No, but --

Michael: You are not taking my wife to jail!

[Phone rings]

Roxy: Oh, thatís my phone. Maybe itís my bookie.

Nash: Hmm.

Nash: Ahem.

Jared: Look, I'm sorry what happened here tonight. I got one of the best hands of my life.

Nash: And I didnít.

Jared: But thatís what you needed to buy out your partner in the vineyard.

Nash: Well, I'll find some other way to get the money to buy out my partner in the vineyard.

Jared: Huh.

Nash: That vineyardís my dream and I'm not losing it in a poker match.

Jared: And you shouldnít. Dreams are good to have.

Nash: What about your dreams, Mr. Banks, huh? What do you got?

Jared: Look, I realize you're upset.

Nash: Oh, I'm more than that -- I'm a poor loser, so why donít you take your money, get the hell out of here because I donít want to see your face again.

Jared: How about I give you a chance to win your money back?

Nash: I donít take charity and I donít take handouts.

Jared: I understand that, better than you know. Good luck to you, then.

Roxy: Where'd Mr. Hot Stuff go?

Nash: Who knows, who cares?

Roxy: You. Let me pour you another one. You need it.

Natalie: So his name is Jared Banks. He comes into my office this morning, saying that heís the answer to the companyís prayers. Huh.

Miles: Do you think maybe he is?

Natalie: No, I think heís just looking for a quick score. He thinks that the company is going to fall apart because Grandpa died and he wanted to bully the new girl -- me.

Miles: Well, he doesnít know you well, then.

Natalie: Oh, I think he figured it out pretty quick. Itís so nice to be in charge.

Miles: Huh. You think he realized that you donít mess around?

Natalie: Well, I think he got the message. Am I boring you?

Miles: What? Natalie -- no. If you're anything, you're not boring.

Natalie: So I'm just not as interesting as Marty, right? I mean, thatís who you're thinking about?

Miles: No, actually, I'm not. I'm not thinking about Marty.

Natalie: Todd, still?

Miles: Look, I -- I canít help it. Just --

Natalie: Miles, are you sure thereís not something else going on with you?

Miles: I -- I just donít like it that heís out there hating me.

Natalie: Oh -- honey, Todd hates a lot of people.

Miles: Yeah, but I'm probably at the top of his list.

Natalie: So say you're sorry. It wonít be good enough.

Miles: Maybe I can offer him something that will be.

Cole: John is the only one besides me who thinks my mom is innocent.

Starr: Well, can he do anything about it?

Cole: Uh -- can he what?

Starr: Can he do anything about it?

Cole: Huh. I guess heís trying.

Starr: Is he into her or something?

Cole: I donít know. I mean, I'd be cool with that. But it doesnít do any good if sheís locked behind bars, right?

Starr: I really do hope for you and your momís sake that everything works out.

Cole: Yeah, me, too. But I donít know -- sometimes I get scared. I mean, what if she doesnít get out? What if John doesnít come through?

[Phone rings]

Cole: I donít know who it is.

Starr: Well, maybe you should pick it up anyway.


Cole: Hello?

Marty: Cole?

Cole: Mom. I -- I thought you couldnít make phone calls after 7:00. Are you ok?

Marty: I am better than ok.

Bo: Excuse me. John? Whatís going on?

Michael: Heís --

Bo: Mike, please. Whatís up with the uniforms?

John: I tried to call you, but I couldnít get through, all right? I have new information in Trumanís murder. I came to make an arrest, but I thought this thing would be over by now. I certainly didnít want to do it in front of all these people. Mike thinks he knows whatís going on, but he doesnít.

Michael: Well, you havenít told me any different, have you?

John: You havenít given me a chance.

Marcie: You are seriously going to do this, arenít you? John, you're going to come in here, make a scene, publicly humiliate your brother -- is that it?

Bo: What -- humiliate him how?

Marcie: Yeah, well, John thinks that I'm a murderer. He thinks that I killed a man for -- I donít know. What was the reason? Anyway, heís going to make a public spectacle and ruin this evening for Lindsay, and you know what? I am not going to let you.

Lindsay: Marcie? You're not the one heís here for.

Roxy: I'm sorry you bet the farm. I'd have a lot more booze left if you didnít.

[Roxy sighs]

Roxy: So now what? Whatís your plan b for the wine yard?

Jared: Hello, is this Antonio Vega? Hi, my name is Jared Banks. I hear you have a vineyard to unload.

Cole: Mom, what are you talking about?

Marty: I canít tell you any of the details, sweetie, but our nightmare is almost over.

Cole: Oh -- oh, all right. Well, you have to tell me more.

Marty: I wish I could, but I canít tell you anything right now. I just -- I wanted you to have that to take to sleep with you tonight. I love you more than anything, sweetie, and we're going to be all right. I promise.

Cole: I -- I love you, too. Call me as soon as you know something.

Marty: I will, I promise. Ok.

Cole: My mom said itís almost over.

Starr: But she didnít tell you why?

Cole: She said she couldnít, but, I mean, she sounded happy -- I mean, happier than I've heard her in a long time.

Starr: Oh.

Natalie: What do you mean? I mean, what do you think you could do for Todd?

Miles: You said that I took away Toddís hope about his son. Maybe I can give that hope back to him.

Marcie: Lindsay, you donít -- look, you just -- you just donít understand, ok? This is what I was talking about. John thinks that I killed Spencer Truman, and now you have the nerve to show up here at Lindsayís award ceremony and arrest me? For something that I -- I never even thought of doing, I swear.

Lindsay: I donít think thatís why Johnís here at all. Is it, Lieutenant?

Bo: John, you want to tell me whatís going on?

Lindsay: I will.

Lindsay: John didnít come here to arrest Marcie for the murder of Spencer Truman. He came here to arrest me.

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Marcie: Lindsay hardly knew Spencer Truman, John. She had no reason to kill him!

John: Actually, she did.

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