OLTL Transcript Thursday 8/16/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 8/16/07


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Todd: Extra, extra, read all about it! Here you go, ma'am -- happy birthday.

Lindsay: It's not my birthday.

Todd: Well it is now -- that's free. Here you, go, Rex -- learn how to read.

Rex: Whoa. How come Todd's out for his sister's blood?

Natalie: Morning, Mom.

Viki: Morning, sweetheart. You want some breakfast?

Natalie: Um -- yeah, sure. Are you ok?

Viki: Yes. Why wouldn't I be?

Natalie: Well, you lost $10 million last night, Mom.

Viki: No, I -- I did not lose $10 million. I donated it, to a very worthy cause, at your event.

Natalie: Because Dorian goaded you into it.

[Viki sighs]

Jessica: Mom, I am sorry. I had absolutely nothing to do with this morning's headline.

Viki: What headline?

Jessica: You mean you didn't see "The Sun"?

Viki: No.

Jessica: Oh, then never mind. It's not a big deal. I --

Dorian: Ha-ha! , Well, the front page of this paper is going up on the refrigerator.

[Dorian chuckles]

Blair: Let me see it.

Dorian: Oh.

Blair: Oh, I can't believe Todd would do that.

Dorian: After all the things that Todd has done, you -- you don't believe that he has done this?

Blair: But that's his sister, he loves her.

Dorian: Oh, oh, I could kiss him for this. Ah.

Clint: Hey, morning, Bo.

Bo: Good ride?

Clint: Oh, it was a great ride. I'm back in the habit of riding in the morning before work. Pa said it always cleared his head, which it does. You should try it. Can you believe he still has that old hat after all these years?

Bo: Pa's the reason I'm here, Clint. Look, I can't avoid this any longer. I'm going to have to arrest him.

Renee: Good morning, everyone.

Nora: Hey -- look at you, all ready to go.

Renee: Oh, good luck getting Asa up this morning. I didn't want to disturb him. He didn't even move when I got up.

Nigel: I'm equal to the challenge.

Nora: Nigel is equipped with a cattle prod for the really big bulls.

[Renee chuckles]

Matthew: Do you want me to go in for some backup?

Nigel: Too risky. If I'm not back in 10 minutes, call 911.

[Nora laughs]

Renee: Oh, it's so wonderful to have the two of you here. If Asa had his way, you would never leave.

Nora: Thank you, Renee. We both feel very at home here.

Renee: Ah.

[Knock on door]

Nigel: Sir? Time to rise and shine. The Nikkei is up, so that should put you in a good mood. Sir? Sir?

Nigel: Oh, sir.

Natalie: I can't believe Todd did this.

Viki: Sweetheart, I told you what he's like when he feels betrayed. He's just trying to get back at me.

Jessica: Huh.

Todd: There she is.

Viki: Oh.

Todd: Free paper, Viki? I know you're a little short on cash at the moment.

Starr: Oh, my God!

Langston: Well, that's harsh.

Starr: Yeah, no kidding. Did dad do this?

Dorian: Yes. Isn't it wonderful?

Starr: No, it is not wonderful. If it wasn't for Aunt Viki, Cole and I would've never gotten back together.

Matthew: Hey, you want to go fishing with me later? My Grandpa said we can use some gear. My Dad has never even touched his gear.

Cole: Yeah, sure. Sounds like fun. Let's go for it.

Nora: Oh.

Renee: Did you get the old bear out of bed?

Nora: It's not like Asa to sleep this long, is it?

Nigel: No, it's not like him at all.

Renee: Nigel, what is it?

Nigel: Mr. Buchanan is --

Renee: Nigel?

Nora: Mr. Buchanan is what, Nigel?

Clint: I thought we agreed to look the other way about what Pa did.

Bo: What he did was order a hit on Spencer Truman.

Clint: Which never came to fruition.

Bo: That doesn't matter, Clint. Come on! How am I supposed to call myself the commissioner of police when I give him a pass?

Clint: I'm as upset with pa as you are.

Bo: Ah -- you know what? You don't seem to be having too tough a time with all of this.

Clint: Well, I thought it was settled. I mean, what are you doing? What good is it going to do to dwell on this?

Bo: How can you not dwell on it? It's not right, ok? He arranged to have Truman murdered. He intended for that to happen. Marty Saybrooke is sitting in jail right now for that crime.

Clint: One big difference.

Bo: What?

Clint: She actually killed the guy.

Bo: Oh -- so what do I say to her kid, huh? "The law applies to your mom, but not to my dad" -- no, come on. It's not right!

Clint: All right, let's talk about what's right.

Bo: Ah.

Clint: What do you think you're doing, huh? At Pa's age, with his health as bad as it is, he wouldn't last a day in prison -- you know it.

Bo: Hey, Nora. What? What is it -- something wrong?

Nora: Something's happened.

Bo: What?

Nora: It's your Pa.

Nora: He -- his heart stopped. He died in his sleep, so he didn't suffer.

Matthew: I can't believe that was my Grandpa's body. He looked so -- little.

Nigel: His spirit was what made him big.

Dorian: I also helped Starr. Viki isn't the only one that uses her power for good. Someday I'll tell you the whole story, over pedicures.

Langston: Am I missing something?

Starr: I told you that my Aunt Dorian and Aunt Viki are mortal enemies, right?

Langston: Right. Um -- ok. Well, I'm going to go. Thank you.

Starr: Why?

Blair: You can't leave -- wait -- no, there's breakfast here, come on. You need to have something to eat.

Langston: No, I -- I really should go, but thank you.

Dorian: At least take a croissant for the road.

Langston: Thanks, Dr. Lord. I'll give this back to you tomorrow, ok, Starr?

Starr: Oh, yeah, don't worry about it. I'll talk to you later.

Langston: Bye, sweetie.

Dorian: I'm worried about that girl. Do you get the feeling she's neglected?

Cole: Hey.

Starr: Hey.

Cole: Good morning.

Blair: Good morning.

Starr: Ooh.

Cole: Hey, listen, sorry for barging in so early in the morning. I just felt really out of place at the Buchanan's.

Starr: It's ok.

Cole: Asa just died. He had a heart attack in his sleep.

Starr: Oh, my God.

Dorian: Poor Clint. I better get dressed and go to him. I'll have the car and driver take me. Blair? Why are you so upset? I thought you loathed Asa.

 [Phone rings]

Natalie: What do you think you're doing?

Todd: Having something to eat.

Viki: Hello?

Natalie: Get out of here. You're a traitor -- no food.

Viki: Oh, Clint, good morning. What can I do for you? Oh, no, the -- the girls are actually both here with me. Yes, I'll call Kevin and Joey right away. Oh, Clint, I'm so, so sorry. If there's anything I can do, please call.

Jessica: What happened?

Viki: It's Asa. Your grandfather passed away last night, in his sleep.

Todd: Huh. This day just keeps getting better and better.

Natalie: Get out. Get out!

Todd: All right. You and I are not done.

Viki: I'm quite sure we're not. Oh. I have to call your brothers.

Natalie: I can't believe grandpa's gone.

Viki: Kevin, darling, hi. It's -- it's Mom. Is -- is Joey with you by any chance?

Clint: Cord, it's your father. I have some bad news.

Nora: I'm going to go check on Renee.

Bo: This is commissioner Buchanan.

Asa: What I meant to say, Matthew -- I love you.

Matthew: I love you, too, Grandpa.

Clint: Well, when you know your plans, you give Nigel a call because he's running point at this end. I love you, too, son.

[Knock on door]

Clint: Sarah. I was just talking with your father.

Sarah: Oh -- what? Plotting new ways to keep my money away from me?

Clint: No.

Sarah: Yeah, well, I didn't come here to see you anyway. I want to talk to Asa.

Clint: You can't.

Sarah: You can't keep me away from him.

Clint: Sarah, you don't understand.

Sarah: Oh, I totally understand. You're afraid that Asa's going to give me my money back and you won't be able to hold me hostage in dullsville, P-A, anymore.

Clint: Asa's died.

Sarah: What?

Clint: Last night, your great-grandfather passed away in his sleep. Nigel found him just a little while ago.

Sarah: Oh, my God. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

[Music plays]

Waitress: May I help you?

Bo: Yes, please. Just coffee, thanks.

Rex: Bo?

Bo: Hey. Morning, Balsom.

Rex: I just heard. I wanted to come over yesterday, but I thought I'd give you some space. You ok?

Bo: Yeah, I'm fine.

Rex: Really?

Bo: Really. My father lived a long and very prosperous life, I -- he died in his sleep, very peacefully so -- I'm fine.

Rex: Ok. How's Matthew?

Bo: This is really tough on Matthew because he worshipped his grandfather.

Rex: Sure. The guy was a legend.

Bo: Yeah. He was bigger than life. Thank you.

Waitress: Mm-hmm.

Rex: I never knew my father. He was nothing like Asa, obviously. Actually, Roxy said he was pretty despicable. But, still, I wish I'd known him.

Bo: Yeah. Asa Buchanan was no saint. You know something, Balsom? I was right on the verge of having to arrest him on a felony charge, right before he died.

Rex: That must've been hard.

Bo: No, that was life with Asa.

Rex: Still, it was a bad position for you to be in.

Bo: He did it to himself.

Rex: I know how much he meant to you. I mean, he's your father.

Bo: I got to go. His funeral's in a couple of hours.

Rex: I'll be there.

Dorian: Blair? Be honest with me -- what do you think? Ah. Double strand pearls -- perfect, right? But -- but the hat? Darling, is the brim too big -- I'm asking for help here.

Blair: You look fabulous, Dorian.

Dorian: Thank you -- I tried.

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: Honey, what's wrong? You have been moping since yesterday.

Blair: I'm not moping -- I'm reading. Did you know that Asa bought his first oil well at 22?

Dorian: I'm only reading my favorite paper these days -- "The Sun." I can't say this to Clint, but I'll tell you, I cannot wait to see what fitting tribute Todd has thought up for Asa. Oh.

Asa's voice: You have no idea how great it feels to be home, to see your beautiful face and your sister's.

Natalie: Hmm. Just when I thought I understood Todd, he goes and does something like this. I thought he was going to go for the jugular.

Jessica: I think he did it for me.

Natalie: Well, he didn't do it for me -- that's for sure. He hates my guts.

Jessica: Well, I love you.

Natalie: I love you, too.

[Doorbell rings]

Nora: Oh, I'll get it, I'll get it, I'll get it.

Nora: I can't believe it's actually you.

Minister's voice: To love and to cherish, until death do us part.

Asa: To love and cherish, till death do us part.

[Knock on door]

Nigel: It's Nigel, madam.

Renee: Oh. Come in, Nigel.

Nigel: I just wanted to see if you needed anything.

Renee: Oh. Asa's the only person who ever saw me without my makeup. Hmm. He loved me in spite of my flaws.

Nigel: If you have any flaws, I've yet to encounter them, ma'am.

Renee: You are such a sweet man, Nigel Smythe. Asa was so lucky to have you.

Nigel: And I him.

Renee: How are we going to do without him?

Nigel: I honestly don't know.

[Knock on door]

Nora: Renee? I know you didn't want to be disturbed or interrupted, but there's someone here who really wants to see you.

Renee: I'm -- I'm not ready. Oh, Max. You came.

Max: Of course I did.

Renee: Oh. Oh, thank you.

[Renee cries]

Viki: How are you doing?

Clint: I'm fine.

Viki: Good.

Clint: Uh -- look, about this fiasco with the $10 million -- why don't you let me kick in half?

Viki: That's not necessary.

Clint: I know, but it was Dorian's fault.

Viki: Fine -- let her kick in half.

Clint: Can you really spare 10 million?

Viki: My financial situation really none of your concern.

Clint: I'm not asking for your tax return, you know.

Viki: Oh -- oh, here they come.

[Somber music plays]

Blair: What are you doing here?

Todd: Oh, hey, you put it up.

Blair: Dorian did.

Todd: I love Dorian.

Blair: What do you want?

Todd: I wanted to show you that I haven't gone soft in my old age.

Blair: Are you referring to this?

Todd: Uh-huh. I did that for Jessica. Ahem. You should have seen her face when she heard the news.

Blair: Todd, it's her Granddaddy.

Todd: Yeah, I know. That's why I switched the headline in the last minute. "Finally" -- isn't that perfect?

Blair: Yeah, it's just hilarious.

Todd: What's the matter with you?

Blair: You know, Todd, a man is dead. Excuse me if I'm not dancing out in the streets.

Todd: Come on, you hated Asa even more than I did. He tried to kill you, for God's sake. You hit him over the head with a candlestick.

Blair: I'm fully aware of everything that he did to us, and vice versa.

Todd: Well, so what's with this sympathy?

Blair: I don't know. It's just -- how I feel.

Todd: Where are you going?

Blair: To pay my respects.

Priest: "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God. In our father's house, there are many rooms. I'm going there to prepare a place for you. Then I will return to take you with me so that you also may be where I am."

Viki: Joe would have been very, very proud of how his two sons turned out.

Kevin: Well, at least he didn't have to bury two sons. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I'm going to go see their graves while I'm here. I'll see you back at the house.

Joey: Hey. He'll be ok.

Viki: Oh. How are you? I haven't heard much from you the past couple of months. Is everything all right?

Joey: Yeah, everything's -- everything's good. London's great.

Viki: Joey, I think about you about a million times every day. I wonder what you're doing.

Joey: I think about you, too, Mom.

Viki: Sweetheart, do me a favor, please. I don't want Kevin to be alone right now. Would you go be with him?

Joey: Yeah, of course.

Viki: Thanks.

Joey: Um, it's good to see you again, Mom.

Viki: Oh, honey -- it's good to see you, too.

Viki: Oh.

Viki: Whew.

Bo: Ay --

Clint: You ok? You've barely said a word since yesterday.

Bo: Ahem, I guess I don't have all that much to say.

Cord: Max.

Max: Hey, Cordero. Hey. Oh, you look so good.

Cord: So do you, man.

Max: How's London treating you?

Cord: It's great. I'm having a great time. A cowboy in London, huh? Go figure.

Max: Yeah.

Cord: How's Argentina?

Max: Hmm.

Blair: Well, well, well. Flip a coin, boys, and see who gets to hug me first.

Asa's voice: You harlot! How hard up can you be, crawling on your belly back to that lunatic manning?

Blair's voice: Get out of my way, Asa. I mean it, Asa! Get out of my way!

Asa's voice: Hey, hey! Won't do you any good. You're finally going to get what's coming to you.

Max: You'd better be careful. Security's checking bags at the door.

Blair: Huh. What do you think, I'm going to steal Asa's pen?

Max: I wouldn't put it past you.

Blair: Come on. Asa's probably got his name on everything in here. You know how he likes to mark things. And people.

Max: You know what he said about you?

Blair: Oh, besides calling me a she-devil all the time?

Max: Yeah, that, too. No, he always said, "Blair Cramer -- women, watch your backs, men, watch your wallets."

Blair: Yeah.

Nora: What's going on with him?

Clint: I'm not exactly sure.

Cord: Sarah? Excuse me.

Clint: I'll go.

Dorian: They'll be fine.

Nora: Yeah.

Dorian: Maybe I'm hallucinating, but I thought I saw Blair come in a little while ago, so excuse me. I'm going to go look for her.

Nora: Yeah.

Asa: I need somebody, and you're looking. You can come back to work. With a raise, of course. A small raise.

Nigel: Very kind. I shall take it under advisement, Mr. Buchanan. It's the last thing I ever expected.

Asa: Well, yeah, that's me. You can never tell what I'm going to do next.

Viki: Nigel, how are you holding up?

Nigel: We soldier on, Mrs. Davidson.

Viki: I wish we didn't have to be quite so formal. Do you think that you could call me --

Nigel: You know I can't do that, Mrs. Davidson.

Viki: No, I suppose not. Anything I can do to help you?

Nigel: No, I don't want to impose.

Viki: Oh, please, please. Anything rather than just sit there and think about how sad we all are.

Nigel: There is some very special champagne Mr. Buchanan bought for this occasion. He made me swear to serve it on the day we buried him. It's downstairs in the wine cellar.

Viki: Well, if it's that special, I think I can find it. Let me get it. Thank you.

Joey: I can't deal with this now. Look, we'll talk later. Thank you.

Dorian: Joe?

Joey: Hello, Dorian.

Dorian: You're looking well.

Joey: Well, thank you. And you look beautiful, as always.

Dorian: Thank you. I'm sorry about your grandfather.

Joey: That's very kind.

Dorian: It's hard to lose someone you care about.

Joey: It certainly is.

Dorian: I assume you've heard about your father and me.

Joey: I have. What can I say? And I hope he makes you very happy.

Dorian: He does. Very much.

Joey: Well, I'm glad. Do you -- do you ever think about us?

Dorian: From time to time. And you?

Joey: What do you think?

Kevin: Whoa. Sorry to interrupt.

Dorian: No, you're not interrupting anything. Once again, my condolences on your grandfather.

Joey: Don't say it. Don't say it.

Kevin: Oh --

Joey: Don't. Don't even say it.

 [Horses whinny]

Asa's voice: The only way I'm going with you is in chains. Go ahead, Judas, shackle your pa.

Asa's voice: I'll be watching you, Manning. And if I see anything rising like a tiny speck of dirt against any Buchanan, I'm going to have you shipped to Texas, one-way trip. You got me? I should have done it years ago.

Blair: I -- I hated Asa. And he hated me. And I know I should probably be happy. But I just feel so bad for him. God, what's wrong with me, Max?

Max: Nothing. You just have a very big heart.

Blair: Yeah.

Max: It's one of the things I love most about you.

Cord: Sarah, honey, what's going on? Why'd you run away like that?

Sarah: I don't deserve to be down there with everyone else. Not after what I did.

Joey: There they are.

Natalie: Hey.

Joey: Ah, just in time for a toast.

Natalie: Oh, you're a genius.

Jessica: I can't drink, remember?

Kevin: Oh, I got you covered. Here you go.

Jessica: Thank you.

Kevin: To Grandpa.

Joey: To Grandpa.

Jessica: To Grandpa.

Natalie: To Grandpa.

Jessica: Hmm.

Nora: Oh. No, thank you, Nigel. I mean, they look delicious. I'm just -- not particularly hungry, which is saying a lot for me.

Nigel: If you will excuse me --

Nora: I don't know what Matthew and I would do without you. I really don't.

Asa: Oh, you'd do just fine. Let me tell you something. You are the toughest woman I know.

Lindsay: Nora?

Nora: Lindsay. What are you doing here?

Lindsay: I came to check on Bo. Rex was very concerned about him.

Bo: Here's to you, Pa. Congratulations. You screwed over the world, and got away with it again.

[Bo coughs]

Bo: Ahem.

[Doorbell rings]

Alex: Oh, Renee! How could this have happened? How could God have taken our big cowboy away from us? Oh.

Viki: I am very, very grateful to be alive, but I also understand better than I ever did before that someday, it'll be too late for second chances.

Asa: Well, I say live life like you're going to be around forever.

Dorian: Blair? Blair, are you in there? Viki.

[Door slams shut]

Dorian: I think it's locked. We're locked in!

Viki: What else is new?

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Clint: Why are you so angry at Pa?

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Matthew: Grandma, who is this?

Max: I just don't want to lose you, not again.

Dorian: Maybe the universe meant for us to have it out once and for all.

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