OLTL Transcript Monday 8/13/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/13/07


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Clint: One last hand, and then you've to get ready for Monte Carlo night. I'm very glad that you're going with me this evening.

Dorian: I wouldnít miss it. Itís going to be our first official appearance together as a couple, and at a grand gala. I bet we'll be the center of attention.

Clint: I know how much you hate that.

Dorian: But I will only have eyes for you.

Starr: Um --

Sarah: What are you looking at, porn?

Cristian: No, I was just looking at some shots I took the other night in Angel Square.

Sarah: Can I see?

Cristian: No. No, you canít. See, I -- I canít do this with people around. Itís just one of my things. I donít like anyone seeing my work till itís done.

Sarah: I get that. I mean, I could never work on a song unless I was alone, too. I felt like it ruined the magic, or the moment or -- I know it sounds cheesy, but I was really superstitious about it.

Cristian: Oh, believe me, I understand. So, how are you doing? You ok?

Sarah: Yeah. I keep thinking about Hunter. He turned out to be such a jerk, but he didnít deserve what he got.

Cristian: Yeah, I know. I'm really sorry.

[Knock on door]

Sarah: Saved by the bell.

Cristian: Yep.

Antonio: Hey.

Cristian: Come in, man.

Antonio: Got a minute?

Cristian: Yeah, sure. I'm just hanging out with Sarah.

Antonio: Flash?

Sarah: Uh-huh. The Sarah formerly known as Flash. How are you doing?

Antonio: I'm great. Great. I barely recognized you.

Nash: Hmm. Did you know we had a message?

Jessica: I didnít even hear the phone ring.

Nash: Huh.

[Answering machine beeps]

Natalieís voice: Hey, guys, Jess. Itís Natalie, your evil twin. Look, I know you just got home from the hospital, and I -- I just wanted to remind you -- tonightís the Monte Carlo benefit at The Palace. And I -- I'd really love it if you could be there because I'm a little nervous. You know, planning this thing is my first official duty as a B.E. employee. Whatever. Anyway, send good thoughts. Love you.

[Answering machine beeps]

Nash: She sounds nervous.

Jessica: Well, she planned that entire event herself, and I cannot believe that I forgot. Oh.

Nash: Well, you've had more important stuff on your mind.

Jessica: Want to go?

Nash: No. We just got back.

Jessica: Ok.

Nash: Oh -- but -- I mean, hey, if you're up to it, then -- I mean, it would be an amazing chance for me to scrounge up some investors for this place. But only if you're up to it.

Natalie: Hey, Mom.

Viki: Hey. So, is everything all right down at the carriage house, hmm?

Natalie: Look, I heard about what happened this morning. And I'm sorry that Miles staying here is causing problems between you and Todd.

Viki: Oh, Natalie -- darling, we talked about this. Please, donít pretend you didnít know exactly what was going to happen when Todd found out that Miles was living here.

Blair: You are so handsome.

[Marcie chuckles]

Blair: Yes, you are. Isnít he, Todd?

Todd: They all look alike to me.

Blair: They do not.

Todd: Yeah, a babyís a baby.

Blair: Well, heís not a baby anymore. My goodness, look how big he is. Gosh, it -- he reminds me a lot -- I mean, he looks a lot like Jack did when he was that age. Yeah.

John: Forgive me, father. Itís been a while since my last confession.

Priest: And by "a while" --

John: A while. I probably donít have the time to give you a rundown of all the sins I've probably committed in that time.

Priest: Well, then why are you here?

John: To confess to one I may be about to commit.

Clint: Uh -- Dorian and I were -- we were playing cards.

Starr: Is that what you call it?

Clint: Say something.

Dorian: Clint and I are going to casino night at The Palace. And -- he was giving me a few pointers.

Langston: Oh.

Starr: Right, because Aunt Dorian has always been a card shark. Didnít she tell you that?

Clint: No, but I figured that out when she hustled me for all my grapes.

Markko: Rich people like them bet for fruit?

Langston: Well, I guess thatís why they're rich.

Starr: Um -- we were going to hang out at the pool, but --

Cole: But -- but -- but we can -- we can go to the park or something.

Dorian: Donít be silly. You -- we're through here, anyway. Enjoy yourselves. Hang out. Order a pizza. I have cash hidden in the usual place.

Starr: I have my own cash.

Dorian: Yes, but this way, I'll feel like, you know, itís my treat, and -- uh -- I am really very sorry that the judge denied your mother bail. I donít know what he was thinking.

Cole: Thanks.

Clint: Yeah, I heard that she changed her plea to not guilty, which I assume means sheís going to fight the charges.

Cole: Yeah. You know, she should never have confessed in the first place.

Dorian: Never confess to anything. Certainly not in circumstances like this. Oh, but you -- you must remember that, kids.

Clint: Yeah. On that wise note, I'm going to go. And I'll come back and pick you up in about half an hour.

Dorian: Good. Because if you stay, I'll never get ready.

Clint: Yeah.

[Dorian chuckles]

Clint: Uh -- good night, all.

Langston: Good night.

Dorian: So, are you going to be all right?

Starr: Yes, I'll be fine.

Dorian: Oh -- half an hour? How do you men do that?

Markko: Sorry we interrupted you and your boyfriend making out.

Jessica: So you want to go schmooze?

Nash: Donít think I can?

Jessica: I know that you can.

Nash: Uh-huh.

Jessica: You're very smooth when you want to be.

Nash: Oh, hardly.

Jessica: Of course you are. When we first met with Tess, you know, you borrowed that rich guyís car so you could look fancy for your business lunch, remember?

Nash: I remember you stole it.

Jessica: Good thing I did.

Nash: Not complaining.

Jessica: See? Our life is perfect.

Nash: Hmm. Except for one thing. I need to scare myself up an investor for this place, donít I?

Jessica: Why the rush?

Nash: I need to be able to support my girls.

Jessica: Bree and I have everything that we need.

Nash: Yeah, but itís -- itís -- ok, itís not really about my girls. Itís kind of about me. Look, I need to be able to get this place up and running. This place is our future. So that I can give you a wonderful life.

Jessica: You already have.

Natalie: Look, I knew that Todd was going to be upset, but I had no idea that he was going to go off on you the way he did.

Viki: Are you kidding? What did you expect?

Natalie: I donít know.

Viki: Well, darling, you knew it wasnít going to be good. Look, I said Miles could stay here. I will accept responsibility. But you have to try and understand Todd.

Natalie: I donít know if thatís possible.

Viki: Well, honey, you say that you know what itís like to feel like an outcast -- that the whole world is against you.

Natalie: Yeah.

Viki: Well, thatís how Todd has felt his entire life. He doesnít even know how to behave if he isnít fighting with somebody. And he finds it really, really hard to trust people. But when he does, heís the most loyal human being on earth -- until he feels heís been betrayed.

Natalie: And he feels betrayed by seeing Miles here?

Viki: I would in his shoes, wouldnít you?

Natalie: So did it get ugly?

Viki: It was what I expected, ok? I mean, I tried to tell him what you said about Miles being an outcast the way you and Todd are, but he doesnít want to hear that. He sees it that I chose Miles over him.

Natalie: So does that mean that you've changed your mind about Miles staying here?

Blair: You want to hold him?

Todd: Will that shut you up?

Michael: Well, you know what? I'll -- I'll take him.

Blair: No, I'm fine.

Michael: No, no, no, he looks like heís going to start crying. I -- you know, we wouldnít that, would we?

Blair: No --

Michael: Ok, come here. Come here, buddy.

Marcie: Michael, I think you need to relax. I mean, Tommy actually likes Todd.

Michael: Look, heís my son. I think that -- I think he wants to be with his daddy.

Todd: Hey, I donít care. I was just trying to shut her up.

Blair: They grow so fast, donít they?

Marcie: I know. Makes you want another one.

Todd: Oh, God -- enough about babies. I just -- I want to find your brother. Do you know where he is?

Michael: John? Why?

Todd: Well, this Hunter guyís dead, so if we have a prayer of nailing Miles Laurence, we're going to have John coerce a confession out of him. You think your brotherís up to that?

Michael: I donít know. I mean, why you asking me?

Marcie: If Miles did everything that you said he did, then John is not going to let him get away with it.

Blair: He did it, Marcie. He tortured Todd to the point of death, practically. And he gave him false hope that his son was still alive. Heís sadistic.

Todd: So am I. And that son of a bitch is going to pay.

John: I know something about a kid, who in a way is being kept from his real father.

Priest: A kidnapping?

John: No. No, nothing like that. The people who are raising him now -- they -- they didnít know. They thought he was an orphan when they adopted him. These people are good people. Good parents -- the best. And they love their son. And this -- this other family -- they're -- they're something of a mess, but they're also torn up about it, too. And I can change that. But doing that -- it'll destroy these other people if they have their son ken away from them. Priest: What do you need from me, son?

John: I guess, father, I'm -- I'm asking you if I have the right to make that decision. If I have the right to make that call.

Priest: You sound personally involved in all this.

John: The boyís my nephew. My brother and his wife will do anything for him. I donít know what to do, Father.

Antonio: How are you two holding up after what happened at the club?

Cristian: You mean after I killed a guy? Ok, I guess. As ok as I can be.

Sarah: Cris, you didnít have any other choice. And besides, the whole thing was my fault, anyway. Hunter would have been long gone if he didnít think he could get some Buchanan money from me.

Antonio: You know, the guy had a jacket a mile long, Sarah.

Sarah: Whatís that? Cop speak for "you were sleeping with a lowlife"? I already figured that one out, but thanks.

Antonio: I was trying to be a nice guy. You almost got my brother killed.

Sarah: He saved my neck. I wonít forget it.

Cristian: Whatever. We're all ok.

Sarah: My Uncle Todd is not going to be ok.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, he actually thought that this guy could --

Sarah: Hunter. His name was Hunter.

Antonio: Right, he thought that Hunter could help nail Miles to the wall.

Cristian: Toddís got a wild imagination.

Sarah: Heís not your favorite person, is he?

Antonio: Well, nobody can stand Todd except for Blair and his own kids.

Sarah: Heís not that bad.

Cristian: Oh, yeah, he is. If I never see him again, it'll be too soon.

Sarah: Whatever thatís supposed to mean.

Antonio: Well, you may not look the same, but you still have the same Flash attitude.

Sarah: Dude, I changed my hair color, I didnít get a personality transplant.

Antonio: Dude, thatís good.

[Sarah chuckles]

Sarah: Good?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, good. You can take care of yourself.

Sarah: Huh. Usually. Like I said before, Cristian saved my life. Look, I'll -- I'll talk to my Uncle Todd about all of this. I'm sure he'll be pissed for a while, but he'll get over it.

Cristian: Losing his kid? I doubt it.

Antonio: Yeah, no, not Todd. Hey, you really think that your boyfriend would have given up Laurence?

Sarah: For the right price, definitely, without a doubt.

Jessica: Letís go to the party.

Nash: You sure you're up to it?

Jessica: I'm not an invalid, Nash. Listen, you go get the first shower, and I will call the babysitter and see if she can keep Bree for a little while longer.

Nash: Nah, you take longer. You go first, I'll make the call.

Jessica: Yeah, right, mirror boy.

Nash: "Mirror boy"? No, no, I wake up like this. I have done a full dayís work around here by the time you're done drying your hair. You go.

Jessica: Well, letís see. Letís see about that. Letís take off these clothes.

Nash: Oh, really?

Jessica: Yeah.

Nash: Oh, yeah. Well, two can play that game, honey bunny.

Jessica: Well, thatís what I had in mind.

Nash: Oh, yeah?

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Nash: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Where are you?

Jessica: Huh.

Michael: Yeah, Marcie, you know, we should probably get him home.

Marcie: No. We havenít even eaten yet. Donít be silly.

Michael: We'll get them to pack it up.

Marcie: Itís not late, Michael, please. The waitress is bringing over our food right now.

Waitress: Here you go.

Marcie: Thanks.

Todd: God, I had the death certificate right in front of me. Why didnít I believe it? Why did I believe some stupid note from Spencer Truman? I mean, the guyís dead! Heís still jerking my chain!

Blair: Todd, you did everything you could to find your son.

Todd: Everythingís not good enough.

Marcie: Is he ok?

Blair: He will be. Heís, I think, accepting the fact that his sonís really dead.

Marcie: Well, I canít imagine that.

Blair: Yeah. I just hope that nothing else happens to give him false hope, you know?

Michael: Yeah. I hope not, too. Priest: This is a very difficult situation because your brother and his wife would be devastated to lose their child.

John: Yeah. Thing is, I also know the kidís real father. He thinks his boy is dead. Itís tearing the guy up.

Priest: What does your conscience tell you?

John: Hmm. I donít think anybody should be playing God. Well, it never turns out too good. I just donít know what to do, father. I canít handle this on my own.

Thomas' voice: Maybe I can help you, Son.

John: Dad?

Thomas: Talk to me, Johnny. Maybe we can solve your problem.

Dorian: We were not "making out." No -- Clint was about to leave, and he was kissing me goodbye.

Starr: You can save it, Aunt Dorian.

Langston: You know what? Itís ok. Itís actually kind of cool.

Dorian: Kind of cool? That people of a certain age still do things like that?

Markko: Yeah. I didnít know it was possible.

Langston: Oh --

Dorian: You got a lot to learn. And in case you're wondering -- it does get better with time.

Markko: Huh.

Dorian: Enjoy.

Cole: Just --

[Langston chuckles]

Langston: She is so cool.

[Starr sighs]

Cole: Whew.

Starr: Are you worried about your mom?

Cole: Yeah. You know, itís not fair that we're here hanging by this fancy pool and sheís in that dungeon.

Starr: I know how you feel. You know, you donít have to stay here if you're too upset.

[Cole sighs]

Cole: No, they wonít let me see her anymore tonight, so I'll just hang. I have to get used to the whole idea, all right? Being here is definitely helping.

Starr: Good. Do you want to go swimming?

Langston: Ew.

Markko: What?

Langston: Those were on the ground.

Markko: They're fresh. Here.

Langston: No! Ew. I donít want one.

Antonio: So, how did you get mixed up with a jerk like Hunter, anyway?

Sarah: Default.

Antonio: No. No, no, no, I donít buy that. You've never had trouble getting guys.

Sarah: So you've never gotten with anyone without knowing her whole story? Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot about you and Jessica.

Antonio: Itís ok. Itís over.

Sarah: Yeah, me and Hunter, too. You canít get any more over than dead.

Antonio: Yeah. So, how long are you going to be in Llanview? You going to be here for a while?

Sarah: Looks like it. I have a minor cash flow problem. But I do have an idea.

Cristian: Sheís going to work as a waitress at Capricorn, if thatís ok with you, of course.

Antonio: Yeah, you 21 yet?

Sarah: Yes.

Cristian: I checked.

Sarah: Huh. Unbelievable.

Antonio: And what about your -- your singing career? I thought you had a record deal.

Sarah: Flash did. But when I got strangled, that option ran out. I donít sing much anymore. It just doesnít feel the same. But I am not going to leave the business completely, no thanks to friends of mine.

Antonio: I see. Well, is there anything I can do to help?

Sarah: Actually, there is.

Viki: No, I gave you my word. I wonít go back on that. Miles can stay, temporarily.

Natalie: Thanks. I just -- look, Mom, I donít want to cause problems for you.

Viki: Mm-hmm. You should have thought of that before. Ok? Look, I'll handle Todd. But you have to make sure that Miles does not provoke him. Ok?

Natalie: It wonít happen, Mom. Miles is a good guy. I know that.

Viki: Yeah. Well, I hope he deserves your trust in him.

Natalie: So anyway, are you going to come to the benefit tonight?

Viki: Yes, of course I am. Itís your official coming out as an officer of B.E. Enterprises. I wouldnít miss that.

Natalie: Cool. Well, I got to get there early, so I guess I -- I better get dressed.

Viki: Ok.

Natalie: Mom? Are we good?

Viki: Of course we are. Always.

Natalie: Just so you know -- I donít take that for granted.

Viki: But you should. Go get dressed.

[Knock on door]

Miles: Hi.

Viki: Natalieís getting dressed.

Miles: Oh. Should I wait back at the carriage house?

Viki: No, thatís not necessary. Come in.

Miles: Thank you. Yeah, I wanted to tell you -- I'm really sorry for causing trouble between you and your brother.

Viki: Are you? You know, I'm not really worried about my relationship with my brother. But I am worried about Natalie. And thatís quite another matter.

Roxy: All right! This must be my lucky night. All my favorite high rollers in the same place at the same time. Just show up at the door. Thereís plenty of room for everybody. And bring your bucks and your tux.

Todd: Buchanan enterprises, huh?

Marcie: Yeah, what is this?

Roxy: This is the shindig at The Palace.

Blair: Hmm.

Roxy: Monte Carlo night. In other words, that translates to g-a-m-bling. And Natty arranged everything. And she and big daddy Clint -- they're the hosts with the most.

Blair: Yeah? Are -- are you going?

Roxy: Hell, yeah! I am the main wheeler dealer. Like, you know, Blackjack or sump'n sump'n like that.

Todd: We should go. Itís for a good cause.

Blair: Why?

Todd: Well, you know, Natalieís been hanging out with Miles a lot lately, so he'll be there. You know what I mean?

Blair: Ok.

Todd: So, we could stick to plan a and go light a fire under McBainís butt. Or we have Plan B.

Blair: Yeah, and what is Plan B, Todd?

Todd: Torture Miles. Does that not sound fun?

Blair: Yeah. I'm in.

Todd: Giddyup.

Blair: Letís go.

Todd: You guys pay for our stuff, will you?

Marcie: Sure.

Michael: Iíve got to make a phone call.

Marcie: Ok.

John: This is your family, too.

Thomas: My hands are tied, Son.

[Thomas sighs]

Thomas: You're the head of the family now. The future of the McBain is in your hands.

John: I donít want that.

Thomas: I understand. But you have it.

John: Michael says losing Tommy will break Marcieís heart. Because they canít have kids of their own. If they take -- they take Tommy away, they probably wonít be able to adopt again. As far as they're concerned, Tommy is their son. Heís a McBain all the way.

Thomas: It sounds like you know what to do.

John: I love my brother. And this little guy -- Tommy, heís a hell of a kid. You know, you should see him. And if it was just the matter of the adoption being illegal, then -- then I would know what to do, but thatís not it. If thereís right and a wrong in this situation, I wish I knew which is which.

Miles: Natalie is the only real friend I have right now. I would never do anything to hurt her.

Viki: Oh, well, thatís an admirable sentiment, but life is unpredictable.

Miles: I understand I'm not the most worldly person. But I've had enough life experience to know that I have a friend in Natalie.

Viki: Mm-hmm.

Miles: She -- she stood up for me in front of everyone that she knows and loves.

Viki: Sheís a very generous person.

Miles: Well, she gets that from you. I mean it. I'm not trying to suck up.

Viki: I'm going to take you at your word because Natalie vouched for you. If you hurt her, intentionally or not, I will see that you regret it.

Miles: Thatís fair.

Viki: Mm-hmm.

Miles: Natalieís friendship is too important for me to mess up. Sheís the only person in town thatís willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. Sheís very special.

Viki: Yes, she is.


Natalie: Is everything all right?

Viki: Darling, you look beautiful.

Natalie: Thank you.

Miles: You do. You look lovely.

Natalie: Thank you.

Viki: Well, I'm glad we got things straightened out.

Natalie: Uh-oh. That doesnít sound so good.

Miles: No, actually, itís very good. I understand where your motherís coming from now.

Natalie: Ok, good, I guess. All right. Well, we better get to the palace, because I got to get there early. I've got to memorize the guest list, and I've got to then try to remember all their faces. Donít let me drink tonight, ok?

Miles: Yeah, I'll do my best. Good night, Mrs. Davidson.

Viki: No, I'll see you both later at the fundraiser.

Miles: Oh. Shall we?

Viki: Bye, hon.

Markko: Well, you want to play cards?

Langston: I guess.

Cole: Yeah. Ok.

Markko: Well, donít sound so enthusiastic.

Starr: I like Blackjack. Could we play that?

Markko: Thatís no fun unless you're betting.

Langston: Oh, let me guess -- you didnít bring your wallet?

Markko: Is that a challenge?

Blair: Well, I didnít know you had your buddies here, Starr.

Starr: Oh. Yeah, no, we're just hanging out. Aunt Dorian said it would be ok.

Blair: No, itís fine. I just wanted to tell you that I'm going out tonight. Itís Monte Carlo night at The Palace.

Langston: We heard.

Blair: Oh, yeah?

Langston: Dr. Lordís all excited about it.

Markko: Yeah, she was excited about her man candy. Ew.

Starr: Oh.

Blair: Her what?

Langston: Markko --

Starr: Thatís Neanderthal for Clint Buchanan.

Blair: Oh.

Starr: We walked in on them kissing, actually. Yeah. Did Aunt Dorian tell you that?

Blair: No, she didnít. And thatís way too much information for me. I'm going to go get dressed because I donít want to keep your dad waiting.

Starr: Dad?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Starr: You're going with him?

Blair: Yes, I am. You sound surprised.

Starr: Well, I kind of am, but good luck and have fun.

Blair: Ok, I will. See ya.

Starr: Bye.

Langston: Your parents are back together?

Starr: Not yet, but if they donít kill each other tonight, that'll be two good nights in a row.

Cole: Well, thatís good.

Markko: What, three good nights and they're headed to Vegas to get remarried?

Langston: They've been married, like, a million times.

Starr: Three and a half.

Markko: "Half"?

Starr: Itís a long story.

Langston: Basically, they could go out for pizza and come back hitched.

Starr: You never know.

Antonio: I'm listening.

Sarah: I want a job at Capricorn, but not waiting tables -- booking bands. I would be great.

Cristian: Now, look, Antonio, I already told her, we donít need a full-time booker.

Antonio: Well, we -- we might be able to work something out.

Sarah: Really? Wow. That would be great. I mean, I've already got a whole list of people worked out --

Antonio: Not -- not now.

Sarah: Huh.

Antonio: I have to get ready for Monte Carlo night.

Cristian: Whatís that?

Antonio: Itís a -- a fundraiser B.E. is throwing at the palace. I'm going with Talia.

Sarah: Ooh. The hot cop?

Antonio: My colleague.

Sarah: You on duty?

Cristian: Good question.

Antonio: Look, itís not a date. I mean, she had a couple of tickets that Bo gave her. It was really last-minute, and I happened to be standing there. And --

Cristian: And she asked you out.

Antonio: No.

Cristian: Right.

Antonio: No, look, I'm not ready to date. And -- and, besides, I outrank her.

Cristian: Well, it doesnít mean you canít go out.

Antonio: I'm not Jessica.

Sarah: Whatís that supposed to mean?

Antonio: It means she waited all of 24 hours after we got divorced to be remarried.

Sarah: Oh, give her a break, Vega. She thought she was dying. Look, I -- I donít mean to hurt your feelings, but Jessica is my cousin, and she has been through a lot. So I'm sorry if you're bummed, but I think she deserves to be happy.

Nash: Ha-ha-ha-h suddenly I donít want to go out.

Jessica: Hmm. Actually, I feel energized.

Nash: Me, too. Thatís why I want to stay home.

Jessica: Well, save it till after the party.

Nash: Oh!

Jessica: I am going to get in the shower.

[Nash sighs]

Thomas: Not every situation is black and white.

John: I'd give a hell of a lot for black and white right now. I wish I had never found out, but itís too late for that.

Thomas: If this wasnít your brother, what would you do then?

John: I think I'd have to give the kid back to his real father. But Mike is my brother. If you were in my shoes, would you be able to forget that?

Thomas: No. Too close to home. Too personal.

John: But you'd know what to do, right? You always knew how to do the right thing, Dad.

Thomas: Not always. I tried. Just like you're trying now. But you know what to do, John. You just donít want to face it.

John: Both things are right. And they're both just as wrong. Duty or family. You've been there. You chose your duty as a cop and it got you killed. And I get why you did it. But if you could go back knowing what you know, knowing what you lost, would you?

Antonio: Jessicaís happiness is no longer my business.

Sarah: I didnít mean to upset you.

Cristian: How come you're not going to this Monte Carlo thing?

Antonio: Yeah, I thought they wanted all the Buchanans there.

Sarah: Nah, not my thing. I'll stick around here and distract Cristian from his work.

Cristian: Oh, fun.

[Sarah chuckles]

Cristian: Say hi to Talia for us.

Antonio: Yeah, I will. And we will talk about your -- your booking.

Sarah: Ok.

Antonio: All right.

Sarah: Great, thanks.

Antonio: All right, we'll see you, Sarah.

Cristian: See you, man.

Sarah: I lied.

Cristian: About at?

Sarah: I have two tickets to this thing tonight. I was just planning on faking sick. You donít want to go, do you?

Cristian: Why the change of heart?

Sarah: I havenít seen Asa since I've been back. And he kind of always had a soft spot for me.

Cristian: Soft enough to reinstate your trust fund?

Sarah: Great idea. Mind if I borrow it?

[Music plays]

Dorian: Oh. Congratulations.

Clint: Oh -- Natalie gets all the credit. She did a great job.

Dorian: Oh, dear.

Clint: Yeah. I donít like the looks of that.

Dorian: You know, I've been accused of being a career meddler. Love can be so misunderstood. But my advice to you about your daughter is leave her alone.

Clint: Well, Natalie doesnít always have the best judgment when it comes to men.

Dorian: Hmm. But still, if -- ahem -- they are dating each other, if you object, it may just push them closer together. And on the other hand, itís much more likely that she invited him here so that she could separate him from some of -- well, Spencer Trumanís money. Yes, and all in a very good cause.

Clint: You are either a very wise woman or a good spin doctor.

Dorian: A little of both.

[Clint chuckles]

Clint: Well, thereís Viki over there. Shall we go say hello? Or are you thinking of violating the truce that you made with her?

Dorian: Lead the way.

Clint: Hello, Viki.

Viki: Clint. Dorian.

Dorian: Why, Viki, you here all alone?

Michael: Whew. I canít get a hold of John.

Marcie: I donít know why you're telling me. Itís not like you're going to tell me whatís going on.

Michael: Itís nothing, Marcie.

Marcie: Yeah, nothing. Every time you and John are together, you could cut the tension with a knife, so why donít you cut the crap?

Roxy: Thatís just Johnny. Heís a real crabby apple.

Michael: Johnís got a real tough decision to make. We donít agree on what he should do.

Marcie: Yeah, and you canít tell me, your wife, what it is.

Michael: Itís not my place, Marce, I'm sorry.

Marcie: Yeah, well, is it personal or professional?

Michael: Itís both. No matter what decision he makes, somebodyís going to get hurt.

Roxy: You know, you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you donít. And thatís the worst. Are you done with those fries?

Michael: Help yourself.

Thomas: I saw that kid running down the alley, and I reacted. I didnít think. I didnít have time. But we're talking about you.

John: So I either keep a child from the only family heís ever known, or I keep a father from his own son.

[Thomas sighs]

Thomas: Itís a hell of a choice to have to make.

John: What would you do, Dad? Whatís the right thing to do?

Markko: This is boring.

Cole: Huh. You didnít think so when you were winning.

Starr: Yeah, you know what? Markko is right. Letís play something else.

Langston: What about poker?

Markko: For what? Bottle caps? No, thanks.

Langston: Oh, so itís not interesting unless you're playing for money?

Markko: Or something just as good.

Starr: Ok, guys, why donít we just bag it and go swimming or something?

Markko: No suit.

Langston: So you'll just watch while we swim.

[Starr chuckles]

Starr: Oh.

Markko: I've got a better idea.

Langston: Hmm?

Markko: How about strip poker?

Cole: Ooh.

Cristian: Wow.

[Sarah chuckles]

Sarah: Thanks. Are you sure you donít want to come?

Cristian: No offense, but I could use the time alone. Good luck with Asa. Be careful. Donít let Clint catch you trying to go over his head.

Sarah: No worries. Donít wait up.

Nash: Beautiful. You are beautiful.

Jessica: You said that when I was yellow.

Nash: And I meant it. But now -- you take my breath away.

Jessica: Hmm. Well, that was the point. Are you ready to go?

Nash: How do I look? You tell me -- do I look like a successful winemaker?

Jessica: You are a successful winemaker. And I am very proud to be your wife.

Nash: Ah. You're going to take it easy tonight, right?

Jessica: Cross my heart.

Nash: Good. Ready to go?

Jessica: Yes.

 [Music plays]

Viki: Am I here all alone? No, Dorian. I came with my money. So did you, I see.

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: I hope you came prepared to lose -- your money, that is.

Viki: Actually, I'm a pretty good card player.

Dorian: Really?

Viki: Mm-hmm.

Clint: Dorian, I think we should start working the room, donít you?

Dorian: Clint was just teaching me Texas hold 'em this afternoon.

Viki: Well, did he really? Thatís nice. He taught me a long time ago.

Dorian: Oh. And I imagine you've gotten quite rusty since then.

Viki: No, actually, not really.

Dorian: Oh. Want to put your money where your mouth is?

Clint: Dorian, bad idea.

Viki: You know what, Dorian? Sure. Why not?

Dorian: Oh.

Natalie: Itís all right, Miles. Losing is a good thing.

Miles: Yeah.

Natalie: Plus, every penny goes to charity.

Miles: Oh, I'm not worried about the money. Itís -- I have a feeling this isnít going to be my lucky night.

Todd: You got that right.

Marcie: If you change your mind and want to go to the fundraiser -- not that it matters to you, but I actually do -- I could call Starr and she could baby-sit.

Michael: I donít want to go. I already told you that.

[Marcie sighs]

Marcie: Fine.

Michael: Look, I'm --

Marcie: Hey, hey.

Michael: I'm sorry, honey, I just -- I just want to go home. You know? Just the three of us.

Thomas: I'm sorry, John. Itís your choice to make. I canít help you.

John: Huh. What am I supposed to do, flip a coin?

Priest: Think, Son. Somewhere inside, you know the answer.

John: I know I canít ignore the law. But itís more than that. We're talking about flesh and blood. To keep a father from his son -- itís wrong.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Markko: You play much poker?

Starr: Stay in and find out.

Adriana: Would John really ruin his own brotherís life?

Marcie: Whatís wrong with you?

Antonio: I thought your whole M.O. was using rich women, even if you have to marry them.

Blair: What are we doing?

Todd: What we always end up doing.

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