OLTL Transcript Tuesday 8/7/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 8/7/07


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Sarah: Hey, Vega! What do I have to do to pay for that drink? Just hire me, you pain in the ass. Cris? You around?

Hunter: Alone at last.

Sarah: Let go of me.

Hunter: Ah! Not until we have a little talk, Cujo.

Cristian: Hey.

[Sarah gasps]

Cristian: Leave her alone.

Hunter: I donít think so.

Natalie: I've invited Miles to move in with us. Look, Mom, he has no place to go and we've got plenty of room here.

Miles: I'm sorry. I -- I didnít realize Natalie had this in mind when she brought me over here.

Natalie: Miles, you have nothing to apologize for.

Viki: I'm not so sure about that.

Miles: Listen, thank you, Natalie, for trying to help, but I think I better just go.

Natalie: Ok.

Miles: I'll call you later?

Natalie: Yeah. Ok. I admit that I should've warned you first.

Viki: Warned me? No, no -- you should never have asked me.

Natalie: He has no place to live, Mom.

Viki: Thatís too bad.

Natalie: How can you be like this?

Viki: How can "you" ask me to take in Miles Laurence after what he did to my brother?

Blair: What time is it?

Todd: I -- I donít know. You fell asleep after Jack. I guess the kids went up to their own beds. Oh, thatís all right -- I didnít have the energy to wake you up and send you home.

Blair: Huh. Well, itís strange -- when I woke up, I thought I was.

Todd: What, home?

Marcie: Hold it up for daddy.

Michael: Here you go.

Marcie: Hold it up --

Michael: Oh, nice catch, buddy!

[Marcie laughs]

Marcie: You got to hold it up. Tommy! Tommy?

Michael: Here.

Marcie: Look.

Michael: Catch it again. Come here, buddy. Oh -- heís throwing everything.

Marcie: He does, thatís what he does.

Michael: I think I'm going to be doing all the catching.

Marcie: Come on!

Michael: One more time.

Marcie: One more.

Michael: Catch.

Marcie: Oh! Yes!

Michael: Nice.

[Marcie chuckles]

Marcie: He takes after Daddy, huh? I see he throws things around the house.

Michael: Yeah, although Daddy is ready for a break. Oh. Boy.

Tommy: Oh!

Michael: You were really wearing me out.

[Marcie gasps]

Michael: Oh, oh, oh.

Marcie: Oh, look it -- these are so cute! Look it, look it, look it, look! Look at that one. Oh. Oh, I'm glad we got some good ones because pretty soon, thatís all we'll have left of little Tommy.

Michael: What did John say to you?

[Knock on door]

John: Come on in. Hey.

Rex: Got your message that I could pick up my computer and stuff?

John: Yeah, yeah. Tell you what, you -- you take this voucher down to the evidence room, they'll give you back your belongings.

Rex: Told you it was a waste of time trying to find something on me.

John: Hmm. I found something. You can have your computer back, but we cloned your hard drive. I did find your little art project. You want to tell me why you dummied a death certificate for Todd Manningís son? 

John: I'm still waiting for an answer.

Rex: My investigation led to a hospital in Cleveland where the baby died.

John: And you knew this was Toddís kid how?

Rex: D.N.A. test.

John: Well, the only problem I have with that is I -- I got the kidís records from Cleveland. Now, I'm no geneticist, Balsom, so forgive me, but I'm thinking that Todd Manning and Margaret Cochran probably did not have an Asian child. Now, the only reason I can think that Manning stopped looking for his son was because he didnít think you would lie about something like this. Balsom, thatís your cue to start talking. You want to tell me why you wanted Manning to stop looking for his son?

Nora: Um -- ok. Which one of these do you want?

Cole: Just the first basemanís mitt and the pitcherís glove.

Nora: Right. You pick them out. I'll get another box.

Cole: Uh -- no.

Nora: No?

Cole: I'm sorry, this is wrong, moving all my stuff out of here.

Nora: Why?

Cole: I donít know -- I feel like I'm giving up on my Mom coming home.

Nora: Oh, Cole, I donít believe for one minute thatís what you're doing. I -- I'm sorry. This is -- this is my fault. I -- I was just trying to be practical, you know, making sure that you had everything you needed over at Asaís where you were living. But you know what -- to heck with practicality. If you just want to come over and get what you need when you need it, thatís fine, too.

Cole: All right, thanks. I'll just get what I really need.

Nora: Ok.

Cole: Be right back.

Cole: You're kidding me.

Nora: Whatís the matter?

Cole: Miles' stuff is still here.

Nora: Oh, well, thatís easy to fix. Ah. Here we go. We'll just make a nice -- ah -- healthy donation to a homeless shelter.

Cole: Thatís a great idea.

Nora: All right. What is this stuff? Whatís all this -- this stuff here?

Cole: Oh, Miles brought it.

Nora: Sleeping bag and --

Cole: Yeah, he -- he wanted to take us all camping.

Nora: Ew.

Cole: Yeah.

Nora: Ok. Well, thatís going. Certainly not camping in this lifetime. There we go.

Natalie: You are so wrong about this.

Viki: Donít argue with me, Natalie.

Natalie: You know, Miles told me that he never asked anyone to hurt Todd.

Viki: Oh, and a Laurence would never lie? Letís not forget that his brother kept you away from me for the first 20-odd years of your life!

Natalie: But Miles hasnít been found guilty of anything!

Viki: Honey, you're living in dreamland, ok?

Natalie: You know, a lot of people hate Todd, and how would you feel if they held that against you?

Viki: Miles Laurence is a very wealthy man. I'm sure there are 10,000 places he could stay where he would feel a lot more comfortable than here under my roof, where he is decidedly unwelcome.

Natalie: Mom, he has no place to go.

Viki: In this whole town? Thatís ridiculous.

Natalie: Uh -- ok, look. Renee -- Renee is not, like, welcoming him back to The Palace with open arms, and any other place heís going to go, heís going to feel more lonely than he already feels.

Viki: Poor fellow.

Natalie: Why are you being so mean about this?

Viki: Why is he suddenly your best friend?

Natalie: I donít know, I donít know. Maybe I feel for the guy, maybe I know what itís like to be an outcast and have the entire town against you.

Viki: The whole town canít be wrong.

Natalie: Everyone deserves a break, Mom.

Viki: Natalie, why is Miles Laurence your new cause?

Natalie: I would do this for anyone in his situation.

Viki: No, no. I donít think so, no. You're really digging your heels in on this one, arenít you?

Natalie: I dig my heels into everything -- thatís my nature.

Viki: No, I know all about your nature. No, this is something different.

Natalie: What are you talking about?

Viki: I think you're protecting Miles right now to provoke John.

Natalie: No, I'm not! Why is everyone accusing me of that?

Viki: Because you've done it before, sweetheart. You -- you go into disastrous relationships with men in the wake of a broken heart.

Natalie: Yeah, well, this is really unfair.

Viki: No, itís completely fair. Look at your marriage to Mitch Laurence and your awful relationship with Paul Cramer.

Natalie: Why are you doing this?

Viki: Honey, I'm trying to stop you from repeating your mistakes.

Natalie: No, no -- see, stop. That -- thatís -- thatís my whole point here. Donít you think I know how stupid I've been? But, my god -- how is anyone supposed to move forward with their lives if everyoneís judging them for their past?

Cristian: Look, thereís -- thereís money in the register. I can get it for you. Just let the lady go.

Hunter: This is no lady. This girl ratted me out to the cops.

Sarah: Hunter, I can explain.

Cristian: Wait a minute -- this is the guy that kept Todd in Chicago?

Sarah: Look, look, we can just go somewhere and I will tell you everything.

Hunter: Oh, yeah, we'll do that and we'll leave your friend here to call the cops. You better stay where you are or someoneís going to get hurt.

Cristian: All right, what do you want, man?

Hunter: I sure as hell donít want the chump change in that register.

Cristian: Look, thereís a safe in the back. I can open it for you.

Hunter: Look, I donít want a damn thing from you. Sarah here, on the other hand, does have something I want, and she is going to give it to me.

Blair: My home now is in La Boulaie. It has been since before you went missing.

Todd: Thatís because we werenít getting along so well before I left for Chicago.

Blair: You noticed that, too?

Todd: And even though things were a little less tense between us in Chicago, I think that if -- if we were going to try to make another go at it --

Blair: What? Well, finish your sentence.

Todd: We'd just end up hating each other again.

Blair: I never hated you.

Todd: Oh, really?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: How about the ski lodge?

Blair: Well -- ok. At the ski lodge, yeah, I hated you.

Todd: Boy, I hated you, I'll tell you that, with a passion.

Blair: I know, I know. We always end up hurting each other, donít we?

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: And the kids.

Todd: Yeah, and they deserve better than that.

Blair: Even though they donít know it.

Todd: Well, what do they know -- they're kids.

Blair: It always seems to be just one big storm after another with us.

Todd: Yeah, thatís putting it mildly. I'd call it a hurricane or a tornado.

Blair: Or a tsunami -- one big natural --

Todd: Disaster.

Todd: Yeah.

Cristian: Just tell Sarah what you need from her. I'm sure she'll do exactly what you want.

Hunter: Well, I'm glad that you're sure. See, because me -- not so much. Sarah here has been holding out on me.

Sarah: What are you talking about?

Hunter: You told me you were a Roberts.

Sarah: I -- I am.

Hunter: Yeah? Then why were you visiting Asa Buchanan the other day and calling him "Grandpa" or whatever, huh? Why'd you fail to mention that you were an oil princess, princess?

Sarah: Accident of birth -- I'm the black sheep of the family, I donít have anything.

Hunter: No, I donít think so. Once a princess, always a princess. Come on, you owe me, babe, and you're going to pay me with a piece of the family fortune, which, from the looks of grandpaís mansion, is mega.

[Phone rings]

Hunter: Answer that, she dies! All right, put -- put the phone on the ground and slide it to me.

[Ringing stops]

Hunter: Now, how are you going to give me my money?

Marcie: All I meant was I -- you know, I want to hold on to these little moments, because this little guy here is growing up so quickly.

Michael: Oh. Right.

Marcie: Yeah. You know, before we know it, we'll blink our eyes and he'll be in kindergarten, wonít you? Wonít you?

[Marcie giggles]

Michael: Oh, it is getting really hot out here. I donít want him to burn, Marce.

Marcie: Will you stop worrying? I put sunscreen on him every half-hour. So, um, why were you asking me if I'd been talking to John?

Michael: You mean before?

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: Um -- well, I had a conversation with John about Marty Saybrooke, you know, being in jail, and how thatís affecting Cole.

Marcie: Well, what would that have to do with me and Tommy?

Michael: I -- I went on a tangent about being a parent -- you know, doing everything you can for your kids and never knowing if you're always going to be there for them, you know? I thought that if he had told you about our conversation, that you might start to worry, you know, about not always being there for Tommy.

Marcie: Look, I know it is taking me a while, but I do realize that if I'm constantly worrying about our future, then I canít appreciate our present. And I want to do that, you know? And I realize you probably havenít noticed, but I have actually been working on relaxing.

[Marcie inhales and exhales]

Marcie: See?

Michael: Well, I probably havenít noticed because I havenít really been that relaxed myself.

Marcie: Well, we'll just have to work on that, wonít we?

[Marcie giggles]

John: Well, I never thought I'd see this.

Rex: What?

John: You, speechless.

Rex: I'm not.

John: You're stalling.

Rex: Maybe I'm not used to being on the business end of an interrogation.

[John chuckles]

John: We both know thatís not true.

Rex: Would you let me talk?

John: Please, by all means.

Rex: I did not forge that death certificate. It came from someone that was working for me in Cleveland.

John: That "someone" have a name?

Rex: Not a real one -- my sources usually donít.

John: This is low even for you. It was created on software found in your computer.

Rex: Ok, look, I was doing a little practice forgery for another job. But when Toddís kidís death certificate turned up, I used it as a template. You have my files. You -- you must've found a hard copy of the original.

John: So you dug up paperwork but just never bothered to check it out?

Rex: Itís an official document, that stuff canít be copied.

John: Try again.

Rex: Truth is, I was going through a lot of stuff with Adriana at the time.

[John sighs]

Rex: Maybe I didnít look closely enough at the facts to realize that I had the wrong kid. But to be honest, when that death certificate turned up, I -- I was glad to finally be able to put this case to bed.

John: A kidís dead and you were glad?

Rex: No! Of course -- donít twist my words, ok? I -- I wished that things would've turned out another way. But it was almost a given that Truman offed the kid as the ultimate "screw you" to Todd. He was the only one still holding out hope that his kid was alive. He was driving himself and me crazy -- showing up at all hours, burning up the phone lines. He was obsessed, and I wanted my life back. You must know how he operates by now. When you work for Todd Manning, itís like he owns you.

John: So you did shoddy work to get Manning off your back?

Rex: You know my story -- does it really surprise you?

John: Bo sure will be disappointed. So will Manning. Since your investigation was bogus, it means his child might still be alive.

Cole: What are you doing here?

Miles: I came to get my things.

Nora: How convenient -- here they are.

Cole: Why do you look surprised?

Miles: I thought the two of us could learn a lot from each other -- you know, do some of the things that you missed out doing with your father, things I never did growing up?

Cole: Oh, yeah, right. Yeah, so you can instill me with your family values -- like blackmailing, kidnapping, attempted murder?

Miles: Innocent until proven guilty, Cole. Thatís the way it works, doesnít it?

Nora: Well, actually, thatís kind of a rhetorical question, and since I'm prosecuting you, we really shouldnít be having this little chitchat. So why donít you take your stuff and go, please?

Cole: Hey, wait. Thereís something else I want to say to you.

Viki: Natalie, I'm not judging you, I'm merely pointing out that you are repeating old patterns.

Natalie: Right -- that I'm just a reckless, impulsive girl who lives to stir up trouble.

Viki: No, darling, no -- not anymore, at any rate. You are a beautiful and a confident and levelheaded young woman.

Natalie: Except where it concerns men, right? I'm just crazy and stupid?

Viki: You donít even know this man.

Natalie: Yes, I do. We've talked a lot. He is just like I was before.

Viki: Oh, no.

Natalie: He is, and he wants to be a better person, mom, but no one will let him.

Viki: No, your situation and his -- totally not the same.

Natalie: You know what? You said it yourself -- you didnít know me for the first 20 years of my life. Mom, I was scared and lonely, too, even when I did all those horrible, horrible things to you and Jessica? But you gave me a chance when no one else wanted to have anything to do with me, and if you hadnít, I probably would still be that same person I was back then.

Viki: No, darling. You never did the extreme things that Miles Laurence has done.

Natalie: I would have, and you know that I was capable of it. But you had faith in me, and now itís my turn to do the same for Miles -- itís like a pay-it-forward thing. Mom, please? If you really love me, you'll trust my judgment on this.

Viki: Natalie, I'm sorry, but you're going to have to trust my judgment on this. Miles is dangerous, and you would be a lot better off without him in your life.

Natalie: Todd has done some really horrible things. Heís lied to people, heís hurt people -- including me -- heís committed crimes. Would it be better for you if you got him out of your life?

Starr: Hey, Mom, did you all stay here last night?

Blair: Oh, I -- I fell asleep on -- on the sofa.

Todd: Yeah -- "fell asleep." Sheís like a hibernating bear.

Blair: Come on, you guys, letís -- letís get going, ok?

Jack: Not yet.

Blair: Why?

Jack: I want to show you how I made this cool picture on the computer.

Blair: Ok. Well, letís go. Show me quickly. We got to get going.

Jack: Come on.

Blair: All right.

Starr: So --

Todd: "So" what?

Starr: Whatís going on between you and mom? And donít tell me "nothing," because I can see -- I can see the signs.

Todd: Is that so? And what signs are those?

Starr: The looks --

Todd: Uh-huh.

Starr: The way you guys are talking to each other. You're totally getting back together, arenít you?

Todd: Uh-uh. No.

Starr: But you're thinking about it, right? Even Jack can tell.

Todd: Jack said something to you about it

Starr: The way you guys are talking to each other. You're totally getting back together, arenít you?

Todd: Uh-uh. No.

Starr: But you're thinking about it, right? Even Jack can tell.

Todd: Jack said something to you about it?

Starr: He wants us all to be a family again.

Todd: You still want that, too.

Starr: That was before I knew what it would be like.

Todd: Oh, really, Yoda? What would it be like?

Starr: A total disaster.

Rex: Even if that death certificate was a fake -- by no fault of my own -- what would be the point of getting Todd all worked up? His son canít still be alive.

John: Manning believed it when he took off for Chicago.

Rex: Well, yeah, but Todd --

John: Come to think of it, you took off right after him. Now, why would you do that if you thought he was on some sort of wild-goose chase?

Rex: I guess I got personally involved -- you know how it is. I thought that I could get Todd the information he needed faster to stop torturing himself.

John: I thought you wanted Manning off your back.

Rex: We're talking Truman -- he wanted Todd on the rack. Maybe I was merciful.

John: Hmm -- sudden onset mercy?

Rex: I am a human being.

John: Debatable. You know, you're -- you're all over the place, Balsom, but I do know one thing. Truman wanted to screw with Manning, and somehow, someway, you had to be in on it, even if it was from a distance.

Rex: What do you mean?

John: I'm thinking Truman has one more card to play, and I believe you know what it is.

Todd: I thought you liked the idea of your mom and me getting married.

Starr: I do, and I would, if you guys could live happily ever after. But something always gets in the way. Itís like you guys are afraid of hurting yourselves, so you hurt each other first.

Todd: Hmm.

Blair: I donít know, Todd -- I think we have a computer genius on our hands over here.

Todd: Well --

Blair: What? What'd I miss?

Todd: Our little girl here is becoming a very wise young lady right before our very eyes.

John: Whatever you and mike got up your sleeve, I'm going to find out.

Rex: If you want to waste your time going after innocent people, thatís your problem.

John: Which makes it yours.

Rex: Am I under arrest for accepting some lowlifeís word about a babyís identity?

John: Uh-uh. No. But you might want to be more careful where you get your information next time.

Rex: Duly noted. Can I go now?

John: The voucher? For your belongings -- thatís what you came here for, right?

John: Yeah, itís McBain. Balsomís on his way down to the evidence room. Put a tail on him. Donít lose him.

Marcie: Mike, um, I know that you've been upset since I told you about -- you know, that I canít have children.

Michael: No. I mean, not anymore. I was a little shocked at first.

Marcie: Michael, come on, I know you better than that. I know you're not over it, and you know what? Itís ok. I understand. I mean, itís a lot to take in, you know, on so many different levels. I mean, for one, if John doesnít have kids, then there'll be no one to carry on the McBain bloodline, the name.

Michael: You know, that thought never crossed my mind. Tommy is a McBain as much as if he was my biological child. You know, nobody can tell me different.

Marcie: I believe that, too. You know, I just -- I look at him, and it feels like heís ours. It just feels right. Heís brought us so much joy, and it -- it makes me want to have more kids. Is that greedy, selfish -- to want more kids?

Michael: No. You always wanted a big family.

Marcie: I did. I mean, I do, I still do. Look, I know you didnít want to talk about it earlier, but if -- if we are going to expand our family, then we do need to discuss our options. You know, if -- if we're going to adopt again, then I was thinking maybe we could adopt, you know, a kid from another culture. And then -- well, I'm not really sure how I feel about this, but we maybe could get a surrogate mom. You know, I mean, there are just so many options that we can do.

Michael: Marcie, stop. I would really like to just enjoy this moment that we are having right now with our little boy. You know, we donít get too many of them, and I would just like to enjoy this -- this incredible gift we've been given.

Marcie: Ok, honey. Sure.

[Tommy babbles]

Michael: Oh.

Marcie: Smile. You know something? You're right. Thatís exactly what Tommy is -- heís an incredible gift.

Marcie: Mike?

Michael: Huh?

Marcie: You looked like you were praying.

Hunter: All I care about is getting more money. See, thatís my plan -- I want to get enough dough so I never have to work another crap job in my life.

Sarah: Like you've ever worked at all.

Hunter: Oh, and you -- you lived on a trust fund.

Sarah: Who told you that?

Hunter: I'm psychic.

Sarah: Well, not really, because my family cut me off, so I'm dead broke.

Hunter: Bull. Get your phone out right now. Get your phone out now!

Hunter: Right here, itís "Dad." Call him now and tell him to put the money in your account.

Sarah: Itís too early in London, heís not going to be awake.

Hunter: Itís six hours later there, he'll be awake -- call him.

Sarah: Daddy? Yeah, itís me. Um, I'm sorry I havenít called in a while, but I know you spoke to Grandpa Clint. Look, I'm -- I'm in a little bit of a bind and I need money. I know. You're right, I have been very irresponsible, but this time it'll be different. I -- I know I've said that before, but itís really important that I get this money. I know you love me. Please donít hang up! Daddy! Daddy! Tough love.

Hunter: No, itís "tough luck." Now we'll do this the hard way.

Nora: Ok, I'm going to be just inside if you need me -- just inside.

Miles: I'm sorry for the way things worked out -- for all of us. And whatever you believe of me, I really do love your mother, and I care about you.

Cole: Donít! I donít want to hear it anymore, Miles. I donít want to hear your lies.

Miles: You never gave me a chance.

Cole: How can you talk to me like we both donít know what really happened? Miles, everybody knows you forced my mom to marry you. And they're going to know everything else -- after I testify against you in court.

[Miles sighs]

Nora: Oh, I'm sorry, I think these are yours. There you go. Bye-bye.

Natalie: Maybe Miles is my Todd.

Viki: Oh, honey, what does that mean?

Natalie: It means -- it means that you love your brother, because you see something in him that nobody else does. I believe that you think that deep down inside of Todd, heís a good person despite all the horrible things heís done. And I also know that you believe in second chances, and, trust me, if that werenít true, I wouldnít be sitting her right now. So, donít you think that Miles deserves a second chance, too? I mean, isnít he entitled to have someone believe in him the way you believe in Todd?

Viki: You should be a lawyer -- you argue a good case.

Natalie: Does that mean I've won you over? Are you going to let Miles stay?

Viki: No, I would not be comfortable with him down the hall -- but thereís the carriage house.

Natalie: Are you serious? Miles can stay?

Viki: I'll -- I'll give it a try, ok, on a temporary basis. And if Kevin and Kelly come to stay, he finds another place to live -- thatís nonnegotiable.

Natalie: You're not going to regret this, mom. Thank you. Ooh.

[Knock on door]

John: Hey, come on in.

Marcie: John?

John: Hey.

Marcie: Hey, itís Marcie and Tommy.

John: Hey.

Marcie: Hi.

John: Come on in.

Marcie: This a bad time?

John: No, itís a perfect time.

Marcie: Oh, great.

John: How you doing, Tommy? How are you?

Marcie: Oh, heís a little cranky right now -- can you tell? He really didnít get a very long nap. No, no, come here, baby, there you go.

John: Yeah, I know how he feels.

[Marcie laughs]

John: Hey, thank you. So, did you, uh, want to see me about something?

Marcie: Uh -- well, actually, I wanted to talk to you about Michael. I'm -- I'm really worried about him.

John: Oh, yeah? Whatís worrying you?

Marcie: I wish I knew. Heís been nervous and upset, and I just -- I -- just not himself. I figured that you would've noticed it, you know, since you talked to him about Cole the other day.

John: "About Cole"?

Marcie: Yeah. Yeah, you know, he told me about how parents canít always protect their children -- that whole thing. He told me all about the conversation, so -- you want to feed him?

John: Right -- I'm going to feed him?

Marcie: Yeah, you just pick it out and give it to him.

John: Really?

Marcie: Heís hungry, yeah.

John: Ok.

Marcie: You want some?

John: You know, he really is a great kid.

Marcie: He is, heís an angel. You know, I keep waiting for the terrible 2s to hit, but so far, heís been pretty easy to please.

John: Hmm.

Marcie: They're good.

John: They are good.

[Marcie laughs]

John: Hey. You know, I really am the -- the worst uncle in the world for having to ask, but -- O wanted to get him something -- whenís his birthday, again?

Marcie: You're not a bad uncle, actually. We donít know his real birthday. You know, the doctors think he was born, like, the first week of February, so we just picked February 5.

John: Thatís around when I thought.

Marcie: Yeah. Well, donít you worry. We'll be sending you invitations to his birthday party, I'll call you weekly -- itís going to be impossible for you to ignore.

John: I'll be there.

Marcie: I'm glad.

John: Yeah.

Marcie: So, um, you think you could talk to Mike? I would really appreciate it. Maybe you could help me figure out whatís going on with him.

John: Absolutely. No problem.

Marcie: Ok. Well, I got to get this little squiggly on home.

John: One more for the road --

[Marcie laughs]

John: Itís a long drive.

Marcie: It is a long drive.

John: Yeah, I'm going to take one for the road, too. Here you go.

Marcie: Thanks, John.

John: All right. Well, hey, look, you know, maybe this weekend I -- I could stop by and spend some time with you all.

Marcie: Oh, that would be great.

John: Yeah?

Marcie: Yeah, come over for dinner. I'll make your favorite -- spaghetti and meatballs.

John: Definitely. I like that. All right, big guy --

Marcie: All right, say goodbye.

John: It was too short. I love you.

[Marcie and John laugh]

Marcie: Bye, John.

John: Bye-bye.

Marcie: Good seeing you.

John: You, too.

Marcie: All right, I'll see you soon.

John: See you soon.

John: A murder happened, and we're going find out who did it.

Rex: Well, you might not like what you find.

Michael: Drop the investigation, John, before you find out something you donít want to know. This is not just about Truman.

John: What is it about?

Michael: Itís about protecting my family -- at all costs. If you care about my wife, your nephew, you will let this thing go.

John: No, damn it, no.

[Phone rings]

John: Yeah, itís McBain. Heís with Michael? All right, keep an eye on him. Let me know if they move.

Rex: He -- he really grilled me. I was sweating bullets. And then he showed me a picture of an Asian kid and I thought it was over. I mean, an Asian kid named "Peter" -- just my luck. So I made up something about the -- the death certificate being used for another forgery job or something. I think he bought it. He was skeptical at first, but it made sense -- as much sense as any of the rest of this does.

Michael: Who cares if he believed you? He knows itís a fake, which means that Todd Manning knows thereís a possibility his son is still alive.

Rex: True, but we're still ok.

Michael: "Ok"? How do you figure?

Rex: He let me go, didnít he? And he didnít make any connection between Tommy and T.J. Manning.

Hunter: We better get on the road, Sarah.

Sarah: What?

Hunter: We're going to pay Grandpa Buchananís mansion a little visit, see if seeing his granddaughter at knifepoint might help loosen the old purse strings.

Cristian: You're not going to get away with this.

Hunter: Whereís the storeroom?

Cristian: Itís over there. Go, Sarah.


[Hunter groans]

Cristian: Sarah, get out!

Sarah: No!

Blair: So what were you and Starr talking about?

Todd: Oh -- life, fairy tales, disasters.

Blair: Todd, look, what --

[Phone rings]

Blair: What I was talking --

Todd: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh -- oh, itís Tony. Hey, Tony. Cool. Yeah, give me a few minutes, ok? Thanks. I had Tony hold my car so I can get ready.

Blair: Where are you going?

Todd: I'm going to see Evangeline.

Blair: Ok. Ok.

Starr: All right, we're ready.

Blair: Letís go, kids.

Jack: Why do we have to go?

Starr: I donít know. Bye, Dad.

Jack: Bye.

Natalie: Mom, thank you, thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me.

Viki: And that is the only reason I am doing this. Itís for you, ok? I have a meeting, I'll see you later.

Natalie: Ok. Bye.

[Knock on door]

Natalie: There you are.

Miles: Yeah, I got your message to come back here.

Natalie: So where you been?

Miles: Well, I was looking for a place to stay. You know anything about the motel on route 403, The Pine Cone?

Natalie: Yeah, yeah -- it sucks, so you're not going to be staying there. Welcome home.

Rex: I'm sorry to schlep you all the way over here, but I think itís better if we donít talk in public.

Michael: Yeah.

Rex: What can I get you?

Michael: Scotch and soda.

Rex: Itís 10:00 A.M., Michael.

Michael: Yeah, it is, isnít it? Then nothing. I'm -- I'm fine.

Rex: You need to stay calm, dude.

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, calm. I mean, why wouldnít I be calm, you know? I mean, I just stand to lose my son, my marriage, my life, my future -- why wouldnít I be calm?

Rex: Johnís hit a dead end. So as long as you and Adriana and I stick to our stories, we're going to be all right.

Michael: Yeah, Rex, we're going to be peachy, until John -- because we know that heís not going to stop looking -- finds out that Tommy is really Toddís son. Then things might get a little sticky.

Rex: He wonít find out anything -- unless you keep acting all nervous and jumpy around him, then heís going to know somethingís pretty damn well up. Hey, I got it.

Michael: What?

Rex: You go away -- until this blows over. You take Marcie and Tommy, and you go on a trip.

Michael: I do have some vacation time coming up, you know? I mean, we -- we could -- we could take a cruise or something, we could do --

[Knock on door]

Rex: That may be Adriana.

John: Donít stop talking on my account -- now that I know the truth.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Miles: When Todd finds out you're putting me up here, heís going to lose it.

Todd: I want to see Evangeline.

Vincent: You canít.

Todd: Says who?

John: Mike, I know who Tommy really is. I know heís Todd Manningís son.

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