OLTL Transcript Monday 8/6/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/6/07


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Cristian: What are you doing?

Antonio: Curtain rod was loose. How come no oneís fixed it yet? And that ladderís a piece of crap.

Cristian: This ladder seems fine to me.

Antonio: Well, I almost broke my neck. Get a new one.

Cristian: I'm not about to chuck a perfectly good piece of equipment because you canít follow doctorís orders. You should be home resting, man.

Antonio: No, I'm fine. I worked out yesterday. I even got a beer with Bo last night.

Cristian: Oh. No wonder you can barely stand up straight.

Antonio: You know, if I need a nurse, I'll hire one.

Cristian: Oh, no, you wonít. You'll just run yourself into the ground until you can prove that you're superman or something.

Antonio: I can fix a curtain rod, Cris.

Cristian: Oh. All right, and your manager gets no say?

Antonio: No. He doesnít.

Cristian: What about your brother?

Antonio: Heís too busy playing bodyguard to Sarah Roberts to handle the day-to-day here.

Cristian: All right, I am not Sarahís bodyguard. Sheís crashing with me. And I'm only keeping an eye on her as a favor to Viki and Clint.

Antonio: You're keeping an eye on her? Where is she?

Cristian: Sarahís a big girl. I donít have to be chasing after her every minute of the day.

[Doorbell rings]

[Knock on door]

Nigel: May I help you?

Sarah: I'm hurt, Nigel. You donít even remember me?

Nigel: Ms. Roberts?

[Sarah chuckles]

Sarah: No cough, right? And I kind of had an extreme makeover, but we'll talk about that later. Listen, is my grandpa around? I just spent my last 20 on a cab and I'm totally tapped out.

Dorian: Thank you, Lois. I know where the kitchen is. I did, after all, used to live here. Viki?

Viki: Oh, my God. Oh. Good morning, Dorian.

Dorian: I hope you're happy.

Viki: Well, itís a beautiful day, my daughterís on the mend, and -- ooh -- my friend Dorian has come to call. Whatís not to be happy about?

Dorian: David Vickers, and the miserable state his life is in thanks to his dear, dear friend Viki.

Renee: Hey! Arenít we looking wall street today?

Natalie: Thank you. One breakfast meeting down, two more to go.

Renee: You donít actually eat all those breakfasts, do you?

Natalie: No, I usually just get the fruit plate, but I make sure the client is fat and happy so I can go in for the kill.

[Renee chuckles]

Renee: Asa and Clint are mighty proud of you. Oh, excuse me a minute. I see a big problem on the horizon.

Miles: Yeah, whatever -- if the old suite, if itís available --

Renee: How may I help you?

Miles: Oh, Renee. Today?

Natalie: Thank you. One breakfast meeting down, two more to go.

Renee: Asa and Clint are mighty proud of you. Oh, excuse me a minute. I see a big problem on the horizon.

Miles: Yeah, whatever -- if the old suite, if itís available --

Renee: How may I help you?

Miles: Oh, Renee. Um -- is the old suite still available for an open-ended stay?

Renee: I'm sorry, thatís not possible.

Miles: Oh, well, whatever you have free is fine.

Renee: No, no, Miles, you donít understand. With all the flak surrounding your legal problems, I'm afraid you canít stay here.

Miles: But Ėwhatever you have free is fine.

Renee: No, no, Miles, you donít understand. With all the flak surrounding your legal problems, I'm afraid you canít stay here.

Miles: But --

Renee: No. I'm sorry. Thatís the way it has to be.

Natalie: So itís guilty until proven innocent?

John: Come on in.

Talia: Hey, the judge just issued the search warrant.

John: All right. Is everybody ready?

Talia: Assembled and waiting in the garage.

John: Ok, letís roll.

Talia: What -- what exactly are we looking for? I know whatís on the warrant, but where is it supposed to lead us?

John: To Trumanís killer.

Renee: Natalie, have you seen the news?

Natalie: Yes, I think I'm pretty well-informed about this case, but I still donít see what it has to do with Miles getting a room here.

Renee: Itís a policy I've had in place for a while now.

Natalie: Really -- whatís that?

Renee: No guests accused of criminal activity.

Natalie: Oh. I see. Then I guess Grandpa and I better do our B.E. meetings elsewhere because our records arenít exactly spotless.

Renee: Oh, darling, itís not as simple as that.

Natalie: Why not? I mean, you allowed Spencer Truman to stay here when he was accused of all sorts of crimes.

Renee: Hence, the policy.

Miles: You know what? You -- you donít have to do this.

Natalie: Itís ok, Miles. I just need to speak with Renee alone for a minute.

Miles: Sure.

Natalie: Look, bad girl to bad girl here, you know what itís like to live down or live with a reputation, and Miles is just trying to salvage his. All I'm asking is that you give my friend a break here. He really, really needs it. Please.

Sarah: Did Grandpa Clint say how long he was going to be?

Nigel: I canít say -- he was on a business call. It could be a while. Now, if that will be all --

Sarah: Oh, come on. Take a load off. Have some of this -- this -- hmm -- delicious tea.

Nigel: I appreciate the offer, but I have a crew of plumbing specialists to oversee a problem with the cooling system in the wine cellar.

Sarah: You're not going to leave me here by myself, are you?

Nigel: I'm afraid, yeah.

Sarah: Asa wonít mind. Besides, we have a lot of catching up to do. So, how are things?

Nigel: Galloping apace.

Sarah: Asaís been working you hard, hasnít he? I can tell -- I mean, the sunís barely up and you already look beat. Let me talk to him for you.

Nigel: Thatís kind of you, but I'd rather not rock the boat.

Sarah: Come on. We both know how tough Asa can be. He wants everybody working for him to be mucking the stalls or whatever he did growing up. I canít imagine how hard it must be to ask for a raise or even a personal day -- oh. Must be a nail biter. How much vacation time do you get, anyway?

Nigel: Two weeks.

Sarah: Thatís it? You have been with the guy since the dawn of time, and all you get is two weeks?

Nigel: Thatís Mr. Buchananís policy.

Sarah: Look, Asa has a real soft spot for his great-granddaughter. I would be happy to go to bat for you.

Nigel: That wonít be necessary.

Sarah: Nigel, you have to fight for whatís yours in this family, just like I have to fight for whatís mine.

Nigel: And that is?

Sarah: See, somehow they have gotten the wrong idea that I'm bleeding out my trust fund and they cut me off.

Nigel: I -- I see.

Sarah: Crazy, right? I mean, I am very responsible, just like you are. The way I see it, us regular folks -- we have to stick together. So, I would totally be willing to talk to Asa for you -- if you could help me out a little with Grandpa Clint.

Nigel: Sarah --

Sarah: Look, I know Grandpaís going to come around. He has to, sooner or later.

Nigel: Then speak with him.

Sarah: I will. But, come on -- a little backup intel wouldnít hurt, you know? Like -- like how does my grandfather think, whatís going on in his head, anything you can give me so I can help loosen up the purse strings a little?

Clint: You could ask me that yourself.

Adriana: Oh.

[Knock on door]

Adriana: Ugh.

Rex: It is too early for this.

Adriana: Itís her again, isnít it?


Rex: I pawned her off on your cousin. Sheís Cristianís problem now.

Adriana: Oh -- what if something happened?


Rex: If itís an emergency, they'll bust the door down.

Adriana: Hmm.

Rex: See --

[Key turns in lock]

Adriana: You gave her a key?

John: Balsom, itís the Llanview Police Department. We have a key from the super and we're coming in.


Adriana: What?

John: How you doing? All right, you know what you're looking for. Bag it, tag it -- letís move out.

Rex: What the hell?

John: Begging your pardon, ma'am. A search warrant for the premises.

Rex: What for?

John: Evidence relating to the murder of Spencer Truman.

Rex: You canít do this!

John: You had your chance to cooperate, Balsom. Now I'm going to find what you're hiding on my own.

Viki: I have absolutely no idea what you're going on about.

Dorian: I got this from David. It reads, "Dear Dorian, Martinique equals beautiful. Hard to make a living -- got a job at a resort. Am making a go of it. It doesnít help that they donít seem to understand my French. C'est la vie. Love and kisses, David."

Viki: Well, thatís pretty much what he wrote to me. Actually, he seems to be doing quite well there. Coffee?

Dorian: Read between the lines, Viki. This is -- this is a call for help. I mean, "hard to make a living." That means "inadequate legitimate employment." How long is it going to be before David is making ends meet by being a -- a common gigolo?

Viki: Oh, Dorian, come on. You know as well as I do David always lands on his feet.

Dorian: And on his back, more than a few times.

Viki: Yeah, well, you'd know a lot more about that than I would. Have a little faith in him.

Dorian: Tai chi lessons aside, I know David 10,000 times better than you do. Heís not going to make it as a cabana boy -- hosing down beach chairs, sticking little umbrellas in other peopleís drinks. He -- he has a far more existential disposition.

Viki: Do you know thatís the first thing you've said that I actually agree with?

Dorian: Then you know that this meaningless monotony will drive him mad or to an early grave. Either way, itís all your doing -- you and your sanctimonious guilt-tripping. You made him give back $10 million that was rightfully his.

Viki: Nobody put a gun to his head.

Dorian: This is your doing, and it is your responsibility to save him.

Viki: Heís not asking to be saved.

Dorian: He is begging for it. Viki, itís in your hands. Give him his money and bring him home.

Clint: Thank you, Nigel. Now, then, did you think that getting Nigel on your side was going to win me over to your cause?

Sarah: Nigel has been with this family since before I was born, and Asa walks all over him. Whatís wrong with me trying to back him up a little?

Clint: Whatís wrong is that you're trying to get him to help you shake down the family tree.

Sarah: I resent that. I am not some kind of --

Clint: Sarah, no, no, no, no. Donít dig yourself in any deeper, ok? Now, if you want to talk, letís just talk. But you should know that you'll be better off being straight with me, not coming at me at some angle.

Sarah: Cool. I'm the same way.

Clint: Well, good. Whatís on your mind?

Sarah: Well, I -- I donít know if you've heard or not, but I need money, so -- can I have some?

Clint: No.

Natalie: Look, you and I are much different than the rest of the family. I mean, Grandpa, Uncle Bo, Dad -- they all see things in absolutes, you know, black and white, although grandpaís version can be a little different sometimes, and we do know gray.

Renee: I'll give you that.

Natalie: Miles' case, his situation is one of those. Look, I -- whatever happened to get him in trouble, itís -- itís not clear-cut. He may have done something wrong, he may not have.

Renee: Darling, all I have to do is look at him to know that he did something wrong. Besides, heís a Laurence. I -- I donít understand. After what his brother did to you, I canít -- you just let that go by?

Natalie: Miles is not his brother any more than you still run a whorehouse -- excuse me, brothel.

Renee: One thing I learned from my business was how to read people, and that man has a lot of guilt about something.

Natalie: Donít we all? Look, do you really think that the judge would have let him off on bail if he was such a dangerous man?

[Renee sighs]

Renee: All right, then. Mr. Laurence, Claude will show you your room.

Miles: Fine.

Renee: No more visits from working women -- got it?

Natalie: Letís book that room, then.

Miles: No, you know what? I donít want to stay where I'm not wanted.

Natalie: Miles, you got to stay somewhere and you canít go back to Martyís, right?

Miles: No. Sheís having our marriage annulled.

Natalie: Well, I guess that gets rid of the house hunting. I should throw you a party.

Miles: Huh.

Rex: Hey, hey, hey, hey. If you even think about taking a picture of my girlfriend, I will sue you so fast.

Adriana: What are they hoping to find?

Rex: I donít even think they know. It doesnít mean they wonít find something.

Adriana: Not anything about Tommy.

Rex: Thereís no way this is legal!

John: Feel free to check out the warrant.

Rex: I'm going to call my lawyer -- thatís what I'm going to do.

Adriana: Rex, clothes for me! Oh.

Adriana: Hmm.

[Adriana sighs]

Adriana: So much for bonding after the palace roof.

Talia: I was doing my job and I'm doing it now.

Adriana: Oh. Well, you could've at least waited till we got dressed. Oh.

Talia: I'm sorry. I have to make sure you donít destroy evidence.

Adriana: Part of the job -- I got it.

John: What?

Rex: Whatís your problem with me? You have Trumanís killer in custody right now, she confessed. Why are you still hounding me?

John: Because you and mike are still hiding something.

Rex: So you get your goons to tear apart this place? This is a total abuse of power.

John: No, itís a murder investigation.

Rex: So you think, what -- I helped Marty Saybrooke kill Truman?

John: Donít get sanctimonious. You were found holding the murder weapon.

Rex: And you cleared me.

John: So you were the getaway guy.

Rex: Right. You believe that as much as you believe Saybrooke killed Truman.

Dorian: Why does it surprise me that you wonít get off your high horse long enough to help anyone?

Viki: He has a job! For once in his life, heís not leeching off society. Heís actually contributing to it.

Dorian: Heís serving drinks, mortgaging his very joie de vivre that makes David David. If he had that money that is rightfully his, then he could be of service to society. He could make meaningful contributions to worthwhile charities. It could happen.

Viki: Yeah, when pigs fly. Dorian, David is growing from this experience.

Dorian: He seems perfectly fine just the way he is.

Viki: Really? Have you forgotten about your aborted wedding? I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Dorian: No. You're not sorry at all. But now I understand what you're really up to. Yes, by keeping David unhappy -- well, you're managing to keep me unhappy, as well.

Viki: Now, that is a totally convoluted piece of nonsense.

Dorian: Really? You tried to use David to break me and Clint up. That did not work, so you're trying another tactic -- you're rubbing Davidís present miserable condition in my face hoping that I will go running back to him. Well, it is not going to work, Viki. Clint and I are here to stay.

Sarah: Look, itís not like I'm asking for a blank check or anything -- just a little bit of cash until I get stuff sorted out with Cord and Tina.

Clint: Well, thatís easy -- get a job.

Sarah: Ah. My parents have been bitching and moaning to you, too?

Clint: Well, I have been in touch with your dad because I had to let him know whatís going on.

Sarah: Oh. So "you're" the reason I got cut off? God, and here I was like an idiot thinking we were cool.

Clint: Sarah, I am not going to hide the fact from your father that you're back in Llanview. Anyway, Cord called me back a little while later, he told me what he thought.

Sarah: No, let me guess -- I wasnít "acting in alignment with the spirit of the trust."

Clint: Actually, yes. Now, I assume he was thinking that you'd stay put if you couldnít afford a bus ticket.

Sarah: I hate that.

Clint: Donít. Heís just being your dad.

Sarah: Well, itís a little late for that, wouldnít you say?

Clint: Uh, tell me something -- if Cord hadnít given me a heads-up, how much were you planning to take me for?

Sarah: You make it sound so underhanded.

Clint: Well, how would you describe it?

Sarah: Uh -- broke and desperate. Did Cord tell you about all the crazy rules he made up for me?

Clint: I donít think using the money wisely is crazy.

Sarah: Yeah, and checking in and settling down and -- and only dating guys that he and mom approve of, if we could find her. But who said I was wasting the money anyway, you know? My -- my boyfriend didnít even know that I had it. Itís not like I was out buying cars or mansions or --

Clint: Sarah? The point is you were lying to your parents.

Sarah: What, and you never lied to yours? I sent a few misleading post cards telling them what they wanted to hear. Otherwise, they'd get an ulcer knowing the way that I was living.

Clint: Whatís happened to you?

Sarah: Hmm -- Todd Manning, thatís what happened. I was going along just fine --

Clint: No, no, no, no, no. What I mean is what happened to "you"? When did you become so untrustworthy?

Antonio: Everythingís moved around back here.

Cristian: The bartenders did it. Itís more efficient for them that way.

Antonio: Yeah? Well, I canít find where anything goes.

Cristian: Well, good thing you're not serving night in, night out. I'll do it -- itís my job.

Antonio: The system was fine the way it was. I'm changing it back.

Cristian: Itís not going to work, Antonio.

Antonio: Yeah, well, itís my club, my rules.

Cristian: Ok, I'm out of here.

Antonio: Where are you going?

Cristian: I'm off to find a new job because this oneís obviously not working out.

Antonio: Yeah, well, grow up.

Cristian: Me "grow up"?

Antonio: Yeah. You know, I come back to work and everythingís changed. The menuís different -- I'm surprised you guys didnít get rid of the bongos.

Cristian: Come on, Antonio, thereís nothing wrong with the changes and you know it. You're just pissed about your life and you got to feel like you're in control of something. And you know what? I donít blame you, because I'd feel the same way.

Antonio: Well, thank you for your permission.

Cristian: All right, go ahead. Screw around with the club all you want, but just donít expect me to be here while you do it.

Antonio: All right. I'm sorry. You're right. I just need to do something.

Cristian: Believe me, I know.

Antonio: Bo wonít let me back on the force yet. Jamieís at day camp. If I donít -- keep myself busy, all I do is -- think.

Cristian: And you donít want to think?

Antonio: No.

Cristian: Look, I'm -- I'm right there with you, man. But, you know, sometimes even staying busy just doesnít cut it.

Antonio: Any news on Evangeline?

Cristian: No, nothing -- no change.

Antonio: Thatís tough.

Cristian: Yeah. You know, when she lost her sight, she was -- she was going nuts. I mean, to be that helpless -- and now, if sheís awake somehow on the inside --

Antonio: Sheís fighting to get out.

Cristian: Yeah, right. And here I am, doing my job, taking my pictures, trying to stay busy.

Antonio: Because you got to keep living your life. I mean, Evangeline would want you to do that.

Cristian: But how am I supposed to do that while sheís there, frozen -- maybe for good? How do you move on when the woman you love is still in there, but may never be able to love you back?

Rex: My filing cabinet -- are you serious? Dude, thatís my laptop. Ok -- thatís a shredder. You really expect to get anything from that?

Talia: Boss' order.

Rex: Hmm.

Talia: Thank you. Quite the load here.

John: Well, it looks like you got your work cut out for you.

Talia: Itís not a problem -- I could use the overtime.

John: Oh, good. Get it back to the barn and start cataloguing. Process the computer first, put it on my desk, and I want to take a crack at it when I get back.

Talia: Got it.

John: Well, looks like my guys made a bit of a mess.

Rex: Save it -- you're not sorry.

John: Yeah, I wasnít really apologizing. Did you really think you could lie to my face and get away with it?

Rex: John, donít do this.

John: Itís done. It was done when you obstructed this case. And whatever happens now, itís on you.

Rex: No, itís on you. I warned you about this months ago. You're going to hate where it leads.

Adriana: How much trouble are we in?

Viki: Dorian, I am not going to fight with you today.

Dorian: We're not fighting. Itís over. I won a long time ago.

Viki: Yeah, whatever.

Dorian: I know what you're doing. You're lying in wait to tear me and Clint apart.

Viki: Actually, you're wrong. You can have Clint, with my blessings. But for heavenís sakes, try and be happy!

Dorian: What? I am happy.

Viki: Oh, great. Then go and share it with Clint. But let David live his life, and for heavenís sakes, stop wasting your time, and mine, with all this nonsense.

Dorian: I'm a very fortunate woman. I have two wonderful men in my life. Protecting David and loving Clint will never be a waste of time.

Sarah: You sound just like dad. "Why canít you be like this? Why canít you be like that?"

Clint: No, neither of us wants you to be any particular way.

Sarah: Sure you do. You both want me to be some perfect Buchanan maiden that has just enough attitude to be entertaining. But when it comes down to it, sheís just a doormat who will tell you you're the king of the world.

Clint: Sarah, you know, the last time that you were home, you were sick and living on the streets.

Sarah: I was living the way that I wanted to.

Clint: Well, your dad is worried about your welfare. Heís only trying to help.

Sarah: Cordís help always comes with strings.

Clint: Like the strings you attached to the deal you were doing with Nigel?

Sarah: Ok. That was wrong.

Clint: Talk to your parents.

Sarah: I donít even know where mom is.

Clint: All right, then just talk to Cord.

Sarah: He just wants to control me. I mean, thatís what this whole trust fund thing is about. I never even asked for money. He just set it up and then didnít tell me about any rules until I was hooked.

Clint: You make it sound like an addiction.

Sarah: I'm sure thatís the way he wanted it.

Clint: Well, getting a job would break the habit.

Sarah: Why do you believe him over me? You never even asked me for my side of the story.

Clint: Sarah, you're my granddaughter, and I love you, and I'm always going to do whatís genuinely good for you, whether you like it or not.

Sarah: But you wonít give me any money?

Clint: What I will give you is something at B.E. -- an entry-level job.

Sarah: Huh. Huh. No, thanks.

Clint: How are you going to support yourself?

Sarah: Itís not your business.

Clint: Sarah -- ahem -- I'm not your enemy.

Sarah: I know. I just -- I -- I -- I already got a job, booking acts at Capricorn. So -- so itís all good. Um -- letís just forget this conversation ever happened. Moment of weakness. It wonít happen again.

Miles: I donít see how the end of my marriage is a cause for a celebration.

Natalie: It was sort of a figure of speech.

Miles: Yeah, well, it was insensitive.

Natalie: I'm sorry, Miles. I donít mean to hurt you, but donít you see how much better off you are without her?

Miles: No. No, I donít see that at all.

Natalie: Look, the longer you stay in a relationship where both parties arenít in it 100%, the more you get hurt. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

Miles: Oh, no, John wasnít even close to being good enough for you.

Natalie: Neither was Marty for you.

Miles: No, you didnít like her because John was interested -- I'm sorry. Now I'm being insensitive.

Natalie: Itís ok. But yes, Marty may have rubbed me the wrong way. But look whatís happened to you since the two of you got together. I mean, you're facing prison time.

Miles: But that is not her fault.

Natalie: But itís connected, Miles. Can you honestly tell me that -- that -- that your time with Marty was really happy?

Miles: Yes. And it would have gotten better if we had more time.

Natalie: But you donít.

Miles: What, so I'm just supposed to let it all go? My first family, my first home?

Natalie: Thereís only so much you can do.

Miles: But I would do anything --

Natalie: Look, I know this is hard. You love someone so much, and you think that you can just -- you can ride out all the problems.

Miles: We were doing that.

Natalie: Apparently, not. This wasnít real, Miles. You're playing house. You're playing husband. I mean, you were acting the way you thought a happy couple should act. But itís not real. And you'll have the real. You'll see what a huge difference it makes.

Miles: She made me breakfast. I bought Cole his first tuxedo. I saw him off to his prom.

Natalie: You canít force these things. If it wasnít real in the beginning, it wonít ever be.

Rex: Well, try, anyway! Get this guy off my back! Stupid lawyers!

Adriana: What did he say?

Rex: He doesnít think he can get the judge to throw out the search, but heís going to file for the motion, anyway.

Adriana: What if we could get Bo to intervene?

Rex: No way. Bo already suspects that I withheld something from him when he put the screws in me before. Asking him to bail me out now --

Adriana: It would just make him suspicious all over again.

Rex: Ugh!

Adriana: All right, look, maybe we're overreacting. And you're right. You've been through this before, so just do what you did last time. If you and Michael stick to your story, John wonít find out about Tommy.

Rex: The manís a bloodhound. He just needs a scrap and heís off to the races.

Adriana: So then donít give him a scrap.

Rex: He just ransacked my place!

Adriana: Yeah, but thereís nothing to find here, right? Right?

John: So what do we got?

Talia: Rexís hard drive, processed and ready to go.

John: All right. You find anything in the files?

Talia: Oh, just your garden-variety P.I. cases so far. Rex did find Paige Millerís son, though.

John: Yeah, Hugh. Truman turned out to be his father.

Talia: Exactly. And Truman is mentioned several times in Rexís files, so we're just going to keep digging.

John: Ok.

Talia: Computer forensics made a clone of the hard drive, and they're trying to retrieve all the deleted files.

John: All right. Well, while we're waiting, I'm going to take another crack at it -- just in case they missed something.

Talia: Telling me you donít believe it unless you see it for yourself?

John: One of my many character flaws -- what can I say? Is there anything I need to know?

Talia: Itís just basic security. Nothing too hard to crack. Just firewalls and passwords -- itís all written down for you.

John: Yeah, very good. Letís see. What is this?

Talia: A trash-retrieval program. Forensics is running it, but I know how you like to D.I.Y.

John: "D.I.Y."?

Talia: "Do it yourself." I speak text.

John: O.M.G., Thanks.

John: Ok, what do you got?

Antonio: Well, I hate to say it, but you got everything covered.

Cristian: Well, you know, if you're really itching for something to do, thereís always the grease traps. They could use a little scrubbing.

Antonio: I get the hint. I'll get out of your way.

Cristian: Oh, come on, I'm only kidding. Stick around. I could use the company.

Antonio: Why donít we take the day off?

Cristian: "We"? You're already off.

Antonio: No, but why donít you join me? We'll go pick up Jamie, we'll go have some fun, and we'll have a "thinking-free" afternoon.

Cristian: Hmm. Well, what about the club?

Antonio: Hang a sign saying you've gone fishing or something. Folks will survive.

Cristian: What about the employees without their tips?

Antonio: You're right.

Cristian: You know what? I'll get someone to cover. Why donít you pick up Jamie and give me a call telling me where you are.

Antonio: Well, the aquarium. She loves it there.

Cristian: Ok, sweet. So I'll do some prepping and clean up, and I'll meet you guys at the aquarium.

Antonio: Ok.

Cristian: Cool.

Miles: I -- I canít stay here.

Natalie: Miles, come on.

Miles: No, I -- look, your grandmotherís very polite, but I canít walk through there, in this lobby, every day, day after day, knowing she doesnít want me here.

Natalie: Ok. Thereís other hotels.

Miles: Yeah, but then my legal situationís going to catch up to me. I'll get kicked out of there, too. No, you know what? I need an apartment.

Natalie: Yeah, landlords run credit checks, they ask for references. You're not going to get an apartment in one day, no matter how loaded you are.

Miles: Well, then I'll camp out in my car until I land something.

Natalie: Not an option. You know what? Come with me. I think I have a much better idea.

Rex: If the cops get me, you donít know anything.

Adriana: Rex!

Rex: You donít know anything about Tommy. You donít know anything about Todd. You donít know anything about anything. Got it?

Adriana: Is that an order?

Rex: I donít want you getting mixed up in this.

Adriana: Ok, stop protecting me for one second and actually focus on whatís happening here! Was there anything in this apartment that could lead to Tommy? The littlest thing?

Rex: I donít know. Thatís why --

Adriana: Think!

Rex: I am thinking!

Adriana: Think harder!

Rex: Ok, they just took everything I ever had on every case I've ever worked on. I havenít memorized every paragraph.

Adriana: Ok, yeah, but you didnít keep a file on this case, right? It was all in your head?

Rex: I think so. If there was something in those files, it would be small.

Adriana: Too small for John to notice?

Rex: I hope so.

Adriana: Oh. Ok, ok. What else? The garbage.

Rex: Week-old lo mein -- they can have it.

Adriana: The shredder?

Rex: Just bills. Itís cross-cut -- major tape job.

Adriana: Oh, good, all right. That just leaves your laptop.

Rex: Right.

Adriana: What?

Rex: There was this one thing, but I deleted it, so it -- it -- it should be gone, right?

John: What do we got here?

Viki: Oh, David -- enough about my chi already.

[Knock on door]

Natalie: Mom?

Viki: Hi, baby. You forget something?

Natalie: No. I've invited Miles to move in with us.

Nigel: Master Clint?

Clint: Oh, thank you, Nigel. Good morning, Dorian.

Dorian: Good morning.

Clint: Hmm. What brings you by so early?

Dorian: I've had a very difficult morning, and I just needed a lift. But I'm really more interested in what has got you so agitated.

Clint: Ahem -- I had a little blowout with my granddaughter -- Sarah, not Bree.

Dorian: No, Bree would be too --

Clint: No.

Dorian: Yes, Sarah is back in Llanview.

Clint: Yeah, thatís another long story.

Dorian: I heard a little bit about it from Todd and Blair, but just let me guess. The issue was -- money. Well -- well, we are talking about Tina Lordís daughter, arenít we?

Clint: Yeah.

Dorian: How did she make out?

Clint: She didnít get anything. I told her to get a job.

Dorian: Well, good for you. Nothing builds character like good, honest work.

Sarah: Hey, Vega! What do I have to do to pay for that drink? Just hire me, you pain in the ass. Cris? You around?

Hunter: Alone at last.

Adriana: What are we talking about? How bad is it?

Rex: T.J.ís death certificate. The one I forged for Todd.

John: "Peter Adam Lee" -- why do I know that name?

Rex: Even if McBain were to magically find that document, he wouldnít know what it means. Itís not like I called the kid "T.J. Manning" or anything.

Rex: The only way he can link the two would be if he got a hold of the death certificate I gave to Todd.

Adriana: Well, do you think that Blair gave it to him when Todd went missing?

Rex: Maybe.

[Adriana sighs]

Rex: But itís one slip of paper John would have seen months ago. His memoryís not that good. Heís -- heís not, like, elephant cop.

John: Whatís Toddís kidís death certificate doing on your hard drive?

Rex: Nothingís going to happen. We're safe.

John: I got you now, Balsom.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Blair: We always end up hurting each other, donít we?

Viki: I think you're protecting Miles right now to provoke John.

Cole: Something else I want to say to you.

John: You want to tell me why you wanted Manning to stop looking for his son?

Cristian: Let the lady go.

Hunter: I donít think so.

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