OLTL Transcript Friday 8/3/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 8/3/07


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Marcie: Hey, my little man. What are you doing up so late, huh?

Lindsay: I brought him out for ice cream because every time I put him in the crib he started crying.

Marcie: Oh. Did you do that on purpose?

Lindsay: I donít think he wants to go down until Mommy puts him down.

Marcie: Come here, my little sweetheart. Oh, is it true, hmm? Is that true? You know, I donít know what I'd do without you. I donít. You're the only baby Mommyís ever going to have.

Lindsay: Marcie, have you given up on more kids because you canít have one of your own?

John: Come on in. Hey.

Michael: Hey. Listen, Johnny, Marcieís in a meeting, Lindsayís watching Tommy and I'm pretty sure she wants to go home.

John: Letís get it done. Sit down.

Michael: Whatís so important, John?

John: Well, I have some questions for you -- about Trumanís murder.

Michael: Didnít we already do that?

John: We're doing it again.

Michael: Why?

John: Look, I threw you and Balsom in a cell because I knew there was something you werenít telling me. Itís connected to the murder, isnít it?

Michael: I already told you everything I remember about that night.

John: Mike, no oneís going home until you tell me what you're holding back.

Bo: Hey.

Antonio: Hey.

Bartender: What can I get you?

Bo: Ah -- I think I'll have what heís having.

Bartender: No problem.

[Bo sighs]

Bo: You know what? I -- I just hate when they say that. Of course, itís no problem -- you know, itís the guyís job.

Antonio: It seems like you're in the same kind of mood I am.

Bo: Paige left town.

Antonio: I'm sorry. Nash and Jessica -- they got married.

Bo: Yeah, I know. I was at the wedding.

[Nora gasps]

Nora: There she is.

Talia: Hey. Whatís up? I got a call from your office to meet you down here when I got off duty.

Nora: Yeah, that was kind of a ruse.

Talia: A what?

Layla: When a woman saves our lives, we think we ought to buy that woman a drink. Right?

Adriana: Right.

Talia: Oh --

Jack: Why canít -- while your dad was missing, I had you guys all to myself, and now that heís back, itís time for me to share, so --

Jack: Itís not as much fun without you.

Blair: Well, I appreciate that, Jack, but --

Todd: All right, how about this -- how about Mom sticks around while we watch a movie or whatever we're going to do tonight, and then when itís bedtime, she goes home to Dorianís place and makes sure Dorian doesnít freak out? Is that going to be ok with you, sir?

Jack: Yeah.

Todd: And you, Mom?

Blair: Yes, Dad, thatís fine with me.

Todd: Ok. Uh -- letís see. What should we have for dinner? Itís a special night. Well, I know what you're having. I think you want two helpings of spinach --

Blair: Mmm.

Todd: And for dessert, maybe some green collard beans.

Starr: Yum.

Todd: Uh-huh.

Jack: Letís have pizza and popcorn.

Todd: Oh -- ugh.

Starr: "Pizza and popcorn"?

Blair: Spinach and green beans.

Starr: What is wrong with this kid?

Blair: Pizza and popcorn?

Jack: And -- and I want to build a fort --

Todd: Oh --

Jack: In the living room, and stay up after midnight.

Todd: [As drill sergeant] All right. Private Manning, you will do reconnaissance! You get the blankets and sheets in this house! Do you understand me?

Jack: Yes, sir!

Todd: Good! Go! Move! Move, hog, move!

Starr: Dad! Calm down.

Blair: You're going to hurt yourself.

Todd: [Normal voice] I donít think I'm going to be able to move this furniture back and forth.

Blair: Well, you're not going to move this furniture, Starr and I will do it for you.

Starr: Yeah, you know what? But, first, I'm going to help Jack, and then I'll come down and help, but thank you.

Todd: For what?

Starr: For letting Mom stay.

Blair: Yeah. Thanks.

Todd: Itís what the kid wanted.

Blair: I know.

Miles: Please, just hear me out, all right? I'm not here to upset you.

Marty: I confessed to what I did so I would never have to see you again.

Miles: You donít want to be in here. What would you say if I could get you out of this? Donít you want to be with Cole?

Marty: I plan to plead guilty, and to my knowledge, they donít let confessed murderers out on bail. Marty do you really remember killing Spencer?

Marty: I donít remember actually stabbing him, but I know I must have.

Miles: There are no witnesses. Thereís no way they can prove you did it.

Marty: There doesnít -- there doesnít need to be, ok? I confessed.

Miles: Yeah, but a lawyer could get that confession thrown out, and I will pay for the best one there is.

Marty: You know, just forget it, ok?

Miles: You would rather sit in prison than accept help from me?

Marty: Yeah. I would rather do that than owe you anything.

Miles: You wouldnít -- there are no strings attached. What do you say?

Antonio: You went to Jessica and Nashís wedding and you didnít tell me?

Bo: Come on, Antonio, you know it wasnít my place to tell you. I mean, I may not like everything Jess does, but sheís still my niece.

Antonio: Yeah, I guess.

Bo: And you know the circumstances -- she thought she was dying. Thanks.

Antonio: Let me get another shot.

Bartender: No problem.

Antonio: You're right, it is irritating. You know, this wedding -- look, I donít even want to talk about it. It is what it is.

Bo: Ah. I'm not really sure that getting smashed is the right thing to do, though, because you're only operating on about 3/4 of a liver.

Antonio: Yeah, well, you got a point.

Bo: Mm-hmm. And, Antonio, everybody knows that you did everything you could for Jess.

Antonio: Mm-hmm, but it still wasnít enough. Hey, look, Bo, you donít have to worry about me, man, I didnít come here to drown my sorrows. Jamieís staying at my motherís tonight, I -- I just didnít know what to do with myself.

Bo: All right. I know all about that. Matthewís at Noraís -- I get him on the weekend.

Antonio: I didnít even know that you and Paige were having problems.

Bo: Do you want to hear something funny? Neither did I.

Antonio: Uh -- so, what -- what happened? Oh, you donít have to tell me.

Bo: No, itís ok, itís all right. Itís -- after she lost her son, you know, she just felt lost, and she'd put him up for adoption right after he was born so that Truman wouldnít know that he had a son. Then when she finally found Hugh again and she got to know him, all of a sudden -- bang there was that accident. And she sat with him for weeks at a time and it was the wrong man. You know, here she thought that she had a second chance, but it was the wrong man, and when she found that out, everything just came crashing in on her. So I think she wanted to get just as far away as she possibly could from here, and then throw herself right into her career, her profession, so she -- she took a position with Doctors Without Borders.

Antonio: Well, do you think she'll come back?

Bo: I donít know.

Antonio: Well, if itís any consolation, at least you know that it was her problems that came between the two of you.

Bo: Well, you had the same thing with you and Jess, right?

Antonio: No. Well, I mean, I thought it was. But I think she just fell in love with another guy.

Rex: Hey, guys.

Bo: Balsom.

Rex: These two donít pay for anything when I'm here.

Bo: Did you hit the lottery or something?

Rex: Better -- Adriana and I are back together. You're looking at a happy guy.

Talia: This really isnít necessary, I was just doing my job.

Nora: I believe the police have a thing called "conduct above and beyond"? Yeah.

Talia: Yeah, but that doesnít --

Adriana: No "buts." Tate was out of his mind. Rex and I would be dead if it wasnít for you.

Layla: So would Vincent and I.

Vincent: They ought to give you a medal.

Talia: I'll settle for Tate being off the streets.

Layla: Hmm, I wish Vange could be here. She should be celebrating with us, you know?

Nora: Honey, miracles happen, ok? Remember, sheís a fighter.

Layla: Thatís right.

Adriana: Rex kept trying to tell me that there was something off about Tate, and I just wouldnít listen.

Layla: Well, I mean, everybody looked up to him, he was a baseball star.

Vincent: Big deal.

Layla: Yeah, I know.

Nora: We have to stop confusing success with character.

Adriana: Amen, I'll drink to that.

Nora: Yeah.

Talia: I think Vincent is the real hero.

Vincent: I'm nobodyís hero.

Talia: Well, somebody in the same position might've let him die just to get even, so --

Nora: Hmm.

Vincent: I should've let him die.

Layla: You did what was right, Vincent.

Nora: You both did.

Vincent: Look, ladies, you know, I'm starting to feel like a rooster at a hen party, you know what I mean?


Layla: Excuse me?

Vincent: My tab. Order anything that you want, ok? Enjoy yourselves. I'll see you later.

Layla: Ok. Excuse me, ladies.

Nora: Think that man is hot.

[Adriana laughs]

Layla: Vincent? Are you ok?

Vincent: I'm good. I'm fine. I'll talk to you later.

Nora: How are you and Layla handling the fallout from the other night?

Adriana: Oh, we've both had our crying jags and been having some trouble.

Nora: Oh, I can imagine.

Adriana: But Rex has been there to help me feel better.

Talia: Are you two back together?

Adriana: I couldnít be happier.

Michael: Look, John, I donít know what you're getting at here, ok? Rex and I arenít keeping any secrets. And as far as Spencer Trumanís murder is concerned, I was pretty sure that was over. Didnít Marty Saybrooke already confess?

John: Sheís in custody, but thereís a lot of questions.

Michael: Oh. And you donít believe she did it? What do you want me to tell you, John?

John: How about the truth?

Michael: About what?

John: Mike, you and Balsom both know something, and itís big.

Michael: Rex and I suspected each other of being Spencer Trumanís killer, John. Thatís all there is between us.

John: Cut the crap, Mike.

Michael: Listen, there is no big secret. You can ask Rex, he'll tell you the same thing. Johnny, I understand you want to clear Marty, but I canít help you.

Lindsay: Marcie?

Marcie: I just donít want to talk about it, ok?

Lindsay: Have you told Michael?

Marcie: Yes, I have, and it was absolutely awful.

Lindsay: So why are you saying that there arenít going to be any more children?

Marcie: I donít know. I'm just -- it feels that way to me. You know, Michael wants to talk to the doctors and look at all the records, but itís pointless.

Lindsay: So he hasnít fully accepted it?

Marcie: No. Heís having a hard time, and to be honest, I really donít know how to handle it.

Lindsay: Well, when you think about it, you've known about this and you've had time to process it, and for him, itís new news. You know, he -- he hasnít had the time. So, is there -- is there something else thatís wrong?

Marcie: Remember I was telling you that every time I talk about Tommy or I bring up how lucky we are to have him, you know, Mike gets really weird. Well, itís happening now itís just getting worse.

Lindsay: I think I know the reason why.

John: Mike, this is the -- the log kept by Trumanís guards at the hospital.

Michael: Yeah? Whatís your point?

John: Well, according to this, you saw Truman on the day he was supposed to be transferred.

Michael: I was the resident on duty.

John: It says here you were in the room for 45 minutes.

Michael: Yeah.

John: Why?

Michael: I was doing my job?

John: Ok. Well, immediately after, you signed out of work.

Michael: You've been a very busy boy, havenít you, John?

John: Where'd you go, Mike?

Michael: I donít remember.

John: Did you see Balsom?

Michael: Why are you doing this?

John: You know why, Mike. Tell me whatís going on before you're in too deep.

Starr: All right, ready for our first mission? Itís time to go in there and have some fun. Letís go, move, move, move!

Blair: Ok, wait, wait, wait! Take this rations with you. Itís got to hold you till backup arrives.

[Starr laughs]

Jack: Did you get the pepperoni?

Blair: What do you think? Ok, go, move!

Todd: Starr, hold up, hold up. Your mom says I have to watch this.

Starr: No, not that. No, not that! Give it to me.

Todd: What is it?

Blair: Itís Starrís musical.

Todd: Oh, really?

Starr: Mom, I really donít want him to see it.

Blair: No, come on, itís great!

Todd: Hey, Jack?

[Todd grunts]

Todd: I know what we're watching on TV tonight.

Jack: No way.

Todd: Oh, yeah. I tell you what, I'll make you a deal. You watch this with us tonight, you get to choose the next movie, even if itís PG-13.

Jack: Really?

Todd: Yeah.

Starr: Jack, you really donít have to watch it, itís ok.

Todd: Oh, yes, we do. Yes, we do. Throw this in the machine.

Starr: Do I have to?

Blair: Yep.

Starr: You guys stink.

[Blair chuckles]

Starr: There. Are you happy now?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Marcieís voice: I want to thank you all for coming tonight for the first, all-original, Llanview High Musical!

Rex: So, I heard Jessica married Nash.

Antonio: Yeah.

Rex: You're not going to take off again, are you?

Antonio: No, it is what it is. My lifeís about Jamie now and my job.

Bo: Good luck with that.

Antonio: I mean it.

Bo: No, I know you do, and I'm saying good luck with it. And I'll tell you, if you ever find yourself -- you're all alone at night, you donít know what to do with yourself because you're boring the heck out of yourself, you know where I live.

Rex: You're Adrianaís big brother, you can always hang with us.

Antonio: Well, I appreciate that, so long as I donít have to talk about my feelings.

Bo: No kidding.

Rex: Yeah, whatís up with that?

Bo: "Whatís up with that," Balsom? Thatís like when you used to come and talk to me about Adriana.

Rex: Not anymore. Everything is "so" good.

Antonio: Hey, could we just change the subject?

Bo: Oh, how about those daggum Red Sox, huh?


Vincent: At least they have pitching.


Nora: So you and Vincent back together again?

Layla: Uh-huh. He came to the hospital that awful night Vange got hurt. He never left my side, and I forgot about being mad and remembered all the things that I loved about him.

Adriana: Why do you think he really left tonight?

Layla: Because we were talking about Tate.

Talia: Yeah, I could tell he got uncomfortable when I called him a hero.

Layla: He doesnít feel good about saving Tateís life.

Talia: Well, he did the right thing, but I get it. If Tate had flown off the roof when I shot him, I wouldnít have shed a tear.

Nora: Yeah, but thatís -- thatís different than looking someone right in the eye and giving them a death sentence.

Layla: Yeah, I know -- thatís what I told him, but I donít think it worked. I just wish I could make it stop bothering him.

Nora: Well, why donít you distract him a little bit?

Adriana: You are bad tonight.

Nora: What? What'd I say? Get him a book, go to a movie.

Bartender: This is compliments of Mr. Jones.

Nora: Oh, the timing is perfect.

Layla: Oh, wow! Wow, ok. To Mr. Jones.

Nora: Oh, yeah. Ok.

Talia: No, to Tate being behind bars, where he belongs.

Adriana: To bad times being over.

Nora: To brave and beautiful women like Talia.

Layla: Mmm.

Bartender: I'd drink to that.

Layla: Um, I think you have an admirer.

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

Talia: What are you talking about?

Adriana: Oh, are you serious?

Nora: My God, you've been in the squad room too long.

Adriana: He was totally flirting with you.

Talia: Oh, ok. Um, I didnít -- I didnít even notice.

Layla: Hmm, why? Are you with someone?

Talia: No.

Nora: Well, do you want to be?

Marty: Of course I donít want to go to prison, Miles. But, you know, when you say "no strings," you never mean it.

Miles: You need help.

Marty: I have help.

Miles: What, from who, John McBain? He stood back and let you get arrested.

Marty: There was nothing he could've done.

Miles: Sure he has this notion of justice. All I want is to see you free.

Marty: I killed a man.

Miles: Thereís a big difference between innocence and being found not guilty.

Marty: Yeah, I -- I heard thatís how you plead today.

Miles: Yeah, because I have a good lawyer -- he got me out on bail, which no one thought would happen.

Marty: Well, you might as well enjoy your freedom now because itís only temporary.

Miles: There is no connection between me and what happened to Todd Manning.

Marty: What about what you did to me?

Miles: You're my wife. You wonít be compelled to testify. And if you did, my lawyer would say itís hearsay -- your word against mine. You're a confessed murderer. That tilts the scales decidedly in my direction. Marty, let me help you. My lawyer can take this case over, and you wonít spend another night in jail. Just say the word.

Marty: You know, there is something I want from you.

Miles: Name it.

Marty: An annulment.

Miles: Never.

Marty: Hmm. Well, since you, you know, seem to know so much about the legal system, you know I donít need your permission. And even your sleazy, overpaid lawyer -- he canít do anything to stop me.

Michael: What are you going to do, John, hmm? You going to shine a light in my eyes, huh? You going to -- you going to sweat me until I break, huh? No, I got a better idea -- maybe you can arrest me and throw me in a cell like you did last time.

[John sighs]

John: You can make this easier, Mike.

Michael: How do you figure?

John: Hey, look, you went and saw Truman. Right afterwards, you go see Rex, and right after that, Balsomís found over Trumanís dead body holding the bloody scissors in his hand.

Michael: Yeah. And you know that Rex didnít kill Truman.

John: Why are you so anxious to protect him?

Michael: Oh -- "protect him"? Look, I -- I barely even know the guy.

John: Heís Tommyís godfather.

Michael: Well, we all thought you were dead. And he does happen to be one of Marcieís best friends.

John: None of this explains why you were in same area the night Truman killed.

Michael: Well, there you go again -- trying to make something out of nothing.

John: Itís not "nothing." Tell me whatís going on, Mike, or you'll end up in the slammer.

Marcie: Is there something you're not telling me?

Lindsay: No. Itís just that I know other adoptive parents, and it seems like the thing that they're afraid of the most is that the adoption is going to be contested, and then the child they love so much is going to be taken away from them.

Marcie: No, no. Not us. Not anymore, anyway. I know that we went through that in the beginning. But we've had Tommy for over a year now, and nothing has happened.

Lindsay: Well, maybe Michael just doesnít trust that yet, and thatís why heís pushing you to have your own children.

Marcie: No. No, you know what I think it is? I think itís that whole male thing. You know what I'm talking about? How they get that urge to, like, carry on the whole family gene pool? I think thatís what it is. No, I -- I donít know, to be honest. I -- itís not that Michael doesnít love Tommy any less than -- or any more than he would our own kid. Itís just different, you know? It just is.

Lindsay: You know, in time, he'll get past this.

Marcie: I hope you're right.

Lindsay: I know so. Because I know he loves you and Tommy more than anything in the world. And look, he just found out that heís not going to be able to have a biological child, ok? Thatís probably something that he takes for granted, like most people do. So just give him time to mourn that loss, and before you know it, you'll be adopting enough kids to start a baseball team. Trust me, I know these things.

Marcie: I trust you. I do.

Todd: Oh --

Blair: Whoo-hoo!

Starr: Donít ever make me watch that with you guys ever again.

Todd: Oh!

Starr: Ooh, sorry.

Jack: Me, either.

Todd: Hey --

Jack: Can I watch something on Pay-Per-View?

Todd: You were dynamite.

Starr: You have to say that. I'm your daughter.

Blair: No, we donít.

Todd: Where'd you learn to sing like that?

Starr: I probably got it from

Blair: It wasnít just the singing, beautiful.

Todd: Oh, yeah. I believed every word you said. You're a good little actress. I should have been there.

Blair: We both should have.

Todd: I'll tell you what -- I'm never going to miss another night like that again. Love you.

Starr: Love you, too.

[Blair chuckles]

Starr: I'm glad you're ok.

Todd: Yeah, me, too.

Jack: Can we watch something on the slasher channel?

Blair: You bet!

Blair: Yeah.

Miles: You know, I had this stupid idea that I could come to your rescue and everything would change between the two of us. But Cole -- he turned you against me.

Marty: You stay away from him!

Miles: No, he just told the judge that I should be put away forever!

Marty: He shouldnít even be involved in any of this!

Miles: Yeah, because he cares about you, just like I do!

Marty: Will you stop saying that? God -- get out of here.

Miles: Just a minute. Just hear what I have to say. The way I got you to marry me was wrong. I did it because I loved you, and I still do. But I know that thereís no future for us. And I know that you -- you're not going to learn to love me now. I donít deserve your forgiveness. But I thought I could make it up to you by getting you out of this.

Marty: Donít you think you have enough problems of your own?

Miles: Look, prison is just another institution. I can handle it. But you have too much to live for. You would die if you couldnít be with Cole. Just let me help you get your freedom, and you wonít have to have anything to do with me again, I promise. Just let me help you with this, and I will be out of your life forever.

Michael: Rex and I donít know anything more about Spencer Trumanís murder. Thatís the truth. You want me to take a lie detector test? Would you like me to swear on a stack of bibles? Bring it on. But I have better things to do with my time.

Michael: Yeah. You?

John: No. I'm giving you one last chance, Mike. Is there anything you want to tell me?

Michael: No!

John: I donít believe you.

[Michael sighs]

Michael: John, why? Why canít you just let this go?

John: Well, for one thing, Mike, Marty Saybrooke got pressured into confessing to a crime she didnít do.

Michael: She thinks she did it.

John: Sheís wrong.

Michael: Or maybe you just canít accept it.

John: She didnít do it, Mike. Sheís not a killer. And sheís a got kid, all right? Think about that. She could spend the rest of her life in prison. So if thereís something you know, please help me, man.

[Phone rings]

Michael: Oh. Itís Marcie. I have to take this, or sheís going to worry.

John: Go right ahead.

Michael: Hey, sweetie. 

Marcie: Fine. So where are you?

Michael: I -- I stopped by Johnís office. We're -- shooting the breeze.

Marcie: Well, Tommy and I are at the diner. Have you eaten?

Michael: No.

Marcie: Well, the specialís chicken pot pie.

Michael: Be right there, ok? As soon as I can. She wants me to meet her.

John: Yeah, I donít think we're done here yet, Mike.

Michael: Listen to me, John, because this is the Godís honest truth. Now, you can ask me the same thing 10,000 times and I will say the exact same thing I'm saying to you right now -- I donít know any more about Spencer Trumanís murder than I have already told you. I donít know anything about what Marty Saybrooke did that night. Sheís a nice woman, John. And if I could help her, I swear to you, I would. But I canít. I got nothing for you. I'm leaving. You want to stop me, you're going to have to arrest me again.

John: Get out of here.

[Phone rings]

Rex: Michael? What happened with John?

Michael: Hauled me into the station, because he thinks that you and I are keeping some secret.

Rex: Did you tell him anything?

Michael: No. No, I didnít tell him anything, but he knows that something is going on. He knows. Now, listen, you better be prepared, because heís going to come and get you, too.

Rex: Why? I thought mar-- Marty Saybrooke confessed.

Michael: No. No, no. I mean, he doesnít think that she did it.

Rex: Look, heís your brother. May-- maybe you should -- you should come clean. I know this sounds radical, but what if you told him that Tommy is Toddís son?

Michael: No. No, no, no, no, I -- I canít risk that, and you -- you canít say anything. I could lose my son.

Rex: I told you, I'm in this for the duration. Ok? You want to change strategy, thatís your decision, not mine. You got to take it easy, man, ok? Everythingís going to be all right.

Talia: I donít know why people think thereís something wrong with a woman if sheís not, you know, with someone.

Nora: I donít think that -- obviously.


Nora: I just think that if you want to be with someone, then there is something seriously wrong with the male population.

Layla: Mm-hmm.

Nora: Right?

Layla: Mm-hmm.

Talia: Yeah -- you know what? I'm sorry, I just donít feel comfortable talking about my personal life, and if I had known it was going to be on the agenda, I probably wouldnít have come today.

Layla: And miss this fine free champagne? Girl --

Adriana: Mmm.

Nora: I'm sorry, Talia, I didnít mean to put you on the spot. Really, I -- I'm sorry.

Talia: Itís ok.

Adriana: No, you know what? Noraís right -- it doesnít make sense. You are gorgeous, and you have a great career.

Talia: Ah -- you know, maybe because I'm a cop, I think that tends to scare men off.

Nora: Whatís that about? Pistol envy? Ok, someone at work, then. Thereís got to be someone at work. I mean, not the perps, but the cops. You know, thereís got to be someone there. Isnít there? Anyone? At all? Hmm?

Vincent: Ok, whatís so funny? We -- we're trying to talk about baseball so we donít have to talk about women.

Vincent: Oh. Ok. I'm down with that.

Bo: Hmm.

Vincent: You canít figure them out, anyway.

Antonio: Oh, exactly. Exactly. And even if you did, they'd probably change the rules again.

Vincent: Yeah.

Bo: You know, Vincent, I heard what you did -- when you took charge up there on the roof the other night, and I tell you, after everything that guy put you through, you really handled yourself very well.

Vincent: You guys donít want to talk about women? I donít want to talk about that.

Antonio: All right, then let us buy you a drink.

Vincent: Right on.

Rex: Hey, Vincent -- I just wanted to let you know, I'm really glad you and Layla are back together.

Vincent: Oh. Thank you.

Bo: Another happy guy.

Vincent: They donít want to talk about women.

Rex: Oh. But not you, Bo.

Bo: Balsom, Paige left town.

Rex: You're kidding.

Bo: No, I wish I was kidding. And hereís whatís -- worse is, she went halfway around the world, you know? A place that thereís no email, no cell phones. Altitudeís so high, you canít even get a carrier pigeon up there, you know? Itís -- I donít even want to talk about it.

Rex: Wow. I'm really sorry. If thereís anything I -- I can ever do --

Bo: What part of "I donít want to talk about it" donít you understand, Balsom?

Rex: No, I'm cool, but if you change your mind and want to --

Bo: I wonít.

Rex: Yeah, but if you ever do --

Bo: You know what? If you say something like "I'm going to be there for you," you're going to take your beer out of here.

[Antonio and Vincent laugh]

Rex: Got it.

Bo: Ok.

[Antonio chuckles]

[Vincent sighs]

Blair: Starr must really be exhausted. Sheís asleep.

Todd: What about you, buddy?

Jack: I donít want to go to bed. I want us -- I want to keep having family night.

Blair: It was fun, wasnít it?

Jack: It was like a real family.

Todd: We are a real family.

Jack: A real weird one.

Todd: Well, tonight wasnít weird.

Blair: It was great.

Jack: I'm not going to go to bed. I'm going to stay up all -- all night.

Michael: I'm sorry, sweetie.

Marcie: Thatís ok.

Michael: How is my little guy?

[Marcie laughs]

Michael: How is

Marcie: Oh, be careful with the grapes.

Michael: Oh, I know, I know.

[Phone falls]

Marcie: Oh.

Michael: I'll get the phone later. Thank you. Thank you so much, my little guy, for waiting up for your daddy.

Marcie: So, howís John doing?

Michael: What?

Marcie: Howís John?

Michael: Yeah. Heís fine.

Marcie: You know, you should've asked him to come join us. That would have been nice.

Michael: You know what? I kind of just wanted it to be the three of us, you know? You have no idea -- hmm! -- How much I missed you.

Marcie: You act like you've never seen him.

Michael: Heís changing, Marcie, you know? And he is changing so fast that -- you know, I donít want to miss a second of it. You know? I mean, we could turn around one day, and our little boy could be gone.

[Nora laughs]

Nora: I have always been partial to men in uniform.

Talia: Hmm.

Nora: Especially firemen.

Adriana: Oh.

Nora: Oh, my gosh. You just want to take them home and bathe them.

Adriana: I think itís the hats and the suspenders.

Nora: Oh, the suspenders.

Layla: Yeah, and you know what? Cops look pretty good in uniform, too, and I'm sure out of them, as well.

Nora: Ooh.

Talia: Yeah, donít really notice stuff like that. I'm just, you know -- I'm one of the guys. Mm-hmm.

Layla: I bet they donít think that.

[Adriana and Nora laugh]

Talia: Well, I'm taking a break from dating indefinitely.

Nora: Hmm. Until you meet someone you want, and then you'll make the time.

Layla: Right, to making time.

Adriana: To the men we love.

Nora: And who donít have the good sense to love us back.

Layla: I hear that.

Adriana: Talking about anybody we know?

Nora: I'm not even talking about anyone I know.


Layla: But you're working on it, right?

Nora: We're all working on it. Arenít we all working on it? Even when we think or say we're not?

Layla: Mm-hmm.

[Nora chuckles]

Talia: Huh.

Rex: And the other guy says, "help me find my car keys and we can drive out of here."

[Rex laughs]

Bo: Disgusting.

Vincent: Oh, man.

Bo: Thatís really disgusting. No, itís -- itís -- itís because of the whole P.I. thing that Balsomís involved with -- you know, if you belly up in that department, maybe you can try standup comedy.

Rex: All I wanted to do was make you and Antonio laugh, man.

Bo: Hmm.

Vincent: Ok, so I guess we're back to baseball

Rex: No -- no way. Baseball was Harmonís game.

Vincent: So, Commish --

Bo: Hmm?

Vincent: Whatís going to happen to Tate?

Bo: I donít know. Thatís up to a judge and jury, but heís going to go away for a long, long time.

Vincent: You know, Officer Sahid -- she should get a commendation.

Antonio: Yeah, she should. She should. She saved a lot of peopleís lives. And she only winged Tate, and I would have been tempted to take him out.

Bo: No, killing him would have been way too easy.

Vincent: How you figure?

Bo: I think itís better to let him sit in courtroom, hear all the charges against him, let him sweat bullets. Let him sit there and wonder if the jury is going to find him guilty, give him life or death. And you know something? Even if he does escape a death sentence, heís still going to have to spend the rest of his life in prison, and I as I understand it, white supremacists -- they donít do all that well in the general prison population.

Antonio: Well, Mr. Harmon is going to have to sleep with one eye open.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Vincent: Hey, I guess you're right. Killing him would have been too easy.

Rex: I heard Marty Saybrooke confessed to killing Truman.

Bo: Now, now -- Balsom, you know that I canít talk about ongoing investigations.

Vincent: So how about we drink to something?

Antonio: What?

Vincent: Future.

Bo: Better times.

Antonio: Yeah, I'll drink to that.

Marty: The only thing I want from you is to never see you again. And you know, donít even think of playing that wife card, because we are officially separated. Now, I'm going to have Cole put your stuff in storage and change the lock in the apartment. I'm going to hire my own lawyer. And when I do, I'm going to have him start the annulment proceedings.

Miles: I guess I deserve all that.

Marty: Yeah, you do.

Miles: But you donít deserve to be in prison.

Marty: Actually, I do. I killed a man. But I deserve way better than you.

John: Yeah, itís McBain. I'm going to need a search warrant.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Natalie: I've invited Miles to move in with us.

Cristian: Sarahís a big girl. I donít have to be chasing after her every minute of the day.

Hunter: Alone at last.

John: Begging your pardon, ma'am. Search warrant for the premises.

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