OLTL Transcript Thursday 8/2/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 8/2/07


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Judge: Mr. Laurence, I've asked you to enter a plea.

Miles: I am absolutely not guilty, your honor.

[Gallery murmurs]

Judge: Any recommendations on bail, Ms. Hanen?

Nora: Yes, your honor. The people request remand.

Howard: Thatís ridiculous.

Nora: Your client is a flight risk. Heís a very wealthy man whoís in a lot of trouble, and he has no real ties to this community.

Howard: My client intends to stay in Llanview and prove his innocence.

Todd: Hey, Laurence?

Judge: Please be silent or I'll clear this room.

Todd: What happened to my kid, you son of a bitch?

[Judge pounds gavel]

[Gallery murmurs]

Marty: Hannah? Itís good to see you.

Hannah: Could we have some time?

Guard: Sure.

Hannah: I've been worried about you.

Marty: Oh. Are you here as a therapist or a friend?

Hannah: Both.

Marty: And I have made such a mess.

Hannah: We're human, we make mistakes.

Marty: Huh -- this is a little bit more than a mistake. No, I killed a man, and then I married someone I didnít love to keep it quiet. What am I going to do?

Sarah: Look, I know they're a reach for bookings, but Capricorn would be perfect for arcade fire. Just mention my name to Artie, and then -- "Whoís Artie?" Are you kidding? Heís only the son of the bandís promoterís wifeís first husband. He and I used to be tight, ok? He'll totally remember me. I'll --

Cristian: All right.

Sarah: Hey --

Cristian: Get out of my club.

Adriana: Michael.

Michael: Good, you're here, too.

Adriana: Come in.

Rex: Whatís up, Michael?

Michael: You know as well as I do -- Toddís back. I just need to know if the three of us are still on the same page, you know, as far as my sonís concerned.

Sarah: "Get out of your club"?

Cristian: Thatís what I said.

Sarah: You told me your brother owns this place and you were just the hired help. Can I have my phone back, please -- the one you just hung up, therefore losing the best booking you've had in months?

Cristian: Oh, yeah, you're a real player in the music industry. Thatís why we found you in Chicago helping that scum boyfriend of yours kidnap Todd Manning, right? Come on, Sarah, get going.

Sarah: Canít we just talk about this?

Cristian: I already told you no a thousand times. Look, I -- I got work to do here. Ever heard of work? It comes in handy for paying your share of the rent.

Sarah: Yeah, talk to my grandpa, ok? Heís the one who insisted I didnít leave town.

Cristian: All right. And if we didnít need you to be a witness against Miles Laurence, you'd be out on the street.

Sarah: Is it painful?

Cristian: Whatís that?

Sarah: That giant pole up your butt?

[Cristian chuckles]

Cristian: I thought I told you to get lost.

Sarah: Ok, I'll -- I'll give you the first booking free of charge.

Cristian: Look, Sarah, you have no experience booking bands. You canít have a job because you like the way the title sounds.

Sarah: I have been in the music industry since I was a teenager. Ok, I had a record deal -- you know that. I have tons of contacts.

Cristian: I'm sure you do, but you know what? I'm the boss here, which means I make the rules. Now, look, you want to work here? You got to start at the bottom.

Sarah: Doing what?

Cristian: I donít know. Waitressing, hosting -- things like that.

Sarah: You didnít start at the bottom.

Cristian: Well, my brother owns this place, and I have worked at a club before. Show me you can work hard enough, I'll let you move up, I promise you.

Sarah: To what, bartender?

Cristian: Yeah, right -- if you're lucky. What do you think you're doing?

Sarah: Oh, since you're too stubborn to give me a job worthy of my talent, I'm going to have to settle for being your first customer of the evening. Make me a Cosmopolitan.

Cristian: I'm not the bartender.

Sarah: Your brother lets you manage this place but you donít know how to make a drink?

Cristian: All right. I'll make you a Cosmopolitan. First, show me the money.

Adriana: Does Marcie suspect anything?

Michael: She keeps asking me if somethingís wrong. I mean, she knows I'm a wreck.

Rex: Ok, does she have any idea itís about Tommy and Todd?

Michael: I -- I donít think so. I mean, if she'd put it together, she'd say something to me.

Adriana: Look, Todd went through hell trying to find his son and he still didnít come up with anything.

Rex: Look, Spencer Truman must've really covered his tracks when he got Tommy adopted.

Adriana: And no oneís going to hear a word from us.

Rex: We're not making you feel any better, are we?

Michael: Things have changed.

Rex: What things?

Michael: Marcie. She told me that she -- um -- she canít have kids.

Adriana: Oh, Michael, I'm so sorry. Poor Marcie -- I know she wanted to have a big family.

Michael: Mm-hmm. If Todd finds out who Tommy really is, they'll take him away from us. We'll never have another child.

[Gallery murmurs]

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Mr. Manning, I must ask you not to interrupt these proceedings.

Todd: Well, these proceedings are about me, your honor. I'm the one he kidnapped and drugged, while he did God knows what to my son.

Howard: You honor, this completely prejudicial. How can my client --

Todd: Whereís my son, Miles?

Howard: Receive a fair trial?

Todd: Did you kill him? Did you murder a defenseless little boy?

Blair: Todd --

Todd: Your honor, heís got to go to jail, or heís going to flee.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Quiet down, sir, or I will find you in contempt.

Blair: She means it. You just got out of the hospital. Do you want to end up in jail? Come on.

Dorian: What did I miss?

Blair: Nothing that you havenít seen before.

Judge: Now that we can hear ourselves, I believe Ms. Hanen was about to respond on bail.

Nora: Yes, your honor. The def-- the defendant, Miles Laurence, swore to Mr. Manning that he had information regarding his lost son. Mr. Manning chose to trust him, and for his troubles, he was stabbed, beaten, and imprisoned for weeks by the defendant and some goon he hired.

Howard: Uh, your honor, it has not been proven that my client had anything to do with what happened to Mr. Manning.

Nora: Oh --

Judge: Go on, Ms. Hanen.

Nora: Thank you, your honor. The defendant also blackmailed Marty Saybrooke into marriage, threatening to reveal a crime that she may or may not have committed. And now Mr. Laurence says he wants to stay here and prove his innocence? Well, I'm sorry. In light of recent evidence, I find it very difficult to believe anything the defendant says.

Judge: Mr. Gunn?

Howard: Ms. Hanen uttered a lot of unproven assertions. Here are the facts. My client is not a danger to the community. He spent the entirety of his life until very recently in a long-term care facility. Llanview is the first real home heís ever known. Everything heís ever wanted -- a family, a normal life, a whole new existence -- is here in Llanview. He intends to fight for that new life by staying here and proving heís innocent of these charges. Now, unlike some people in this courtroom, heís been calm and respectful. We ask for a reasonable bail, but will abide by whatever decision your honor

Judge: Thatís right, you will. In the matter of bail --

Cole: Excuse me, your -- can I say something, please?

Judge: Who are you?

Cole: Cole Thornhart. Miles Laurence married my mom.

Judge: What is it that you want to say?

Cole: Only that Miles should've never came to Llanview, and he should be behind bars the rest of his life.

Adriana: Howís Marcie taking it?

Michael: She feels pretty badly for herself -- and for me. I mean, I keep telling her that it doesnít matter, you know, and she keeps on telling me "thank God, at least we have Tommy." If Todd finds out who Tommy is, I donít know what itís going to do to her.

Rex: All right, do you think Toddís any closer to finding out the truth?

Michael: Well, when he was brought into the hospital, he said he tracked his kid to what turned out to be an abandoned apartment.

Rex: Right.

Michael: But there was no kid there, just a tape of a crying baby -- it was a trap.

Rex: The kid on the tape could be any baby.

Michael: Yeah, "or" somebody else could know our little secret.

Rex: Who? Trumanís dead, the lawyer who handled the arrangements are dead, and so are Tommyís first adoptive parents.

Michael: You're forgetting about the man that sent Todd to Chicago -- Miles Laurence.

Hannah: What I want you to do is I want you to tell me what you were feeling when you walked into Blair Cramerís hospital room and you saw dr. Truman.

Marty: I was surprised, naturally. Spencer was supposed to be in his hospital room, locked in his hospital room with a guard on the door, and I had just visited him. And there he was in Blairís room, attacking her, and I felt responsible.

Hannah: Why?

Marty: I said he was unfit to stand trial. I was the reason he wasnít in prison. So I -- I had to keep him from hurting Blair. So I -- I called out, and I told him to stop, and he looked at me and I thought he was going to kill me. So I looked down and I saw the scissors, and I picked them up.

Hannah: And you didnít tell me this before.

Marty: I -- I actually just remembered -- and I told Bo Buchanan, and thatís why he arrested me.

Hannah: What happened after you picked up the scissors?

Marty: I remember raising my arm with the scissors in my hand and pointing them at Spencer Truman. And -- and then I -- I donít remember anything else. Itís -- ah. I -- I must be repressing it because what actually happened was so horrible. I mean, to think that I -- I actually took somebodyís life.

Hannah: Yeah -- somebody who was in the act of going after a defenseless woman. He was attacking her, and he probably would've done the same to you.

Marty: But I should've called for help, I shouldnít have taken matters into my own hands.

Hannah: What does Lieutenant McBain say?

Marty: Well, heís a friend and heís really fond of Cole, so he doesnít want to believe that I did it.

Hannah: Marty, you were the victim of a violent act. You're not a violent person.

Marty: I must've snapped.

Hannah: Maybe. Maybe Lieutenant McBain sees something else, something you donít.

Judge: I'm going to allow you to speak, son, but keep it short.

Cole: Yes, ma'am. That lawyer thinks that Miles isnít capable of hurting somebody? He -- he wanted my mom, all right, but my mom didnít love him, so he blackmail her to marry him. I found Mr. Manning in our storage room in our basement, and when I found him, I thought he was dead. Miles came in, saw me with Mr. Manning, and thatís when he told me that my mom might've killed Spencer Truman. He told me that if I told anybody that Mr. Manning was down there, or if I tried to help him, that he would turn my mom in to the cops. Miles doesnít care about Mr. Manning, he doesnít care about my mom, he doesnít care about anybody but himself! Why should a guy like that be let go? Heís going to hurt somebody else, itís ridiculous!

Judge: All right, all right! I've heard enough. I'm setting bail at $500,000 cash or bond, and Mr. Laurence is to surrender his passport for the duration of these proceedings.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Bailiff: All rise. 

Howard: How can you raise that kind of money?

Miles: Piece of cake.

Natalie: Miles?

Miles: Natalie, thanks for staying.

Natalie: I think it went pretty well.

Miles: Yeah, it was pretty hard to hear all of that. All I ever wanted was to make Marty happy.

John: Hey.

Cole: 500,000.

John: Yeah.

Cole: Thatís nothing for him, right?

John: Right.

Cole: Did -- did I screw things up? I shouldnít have opened my mouth.

John: You did fine. Laurence was going to make bail no matter what anybody said.

Cole: Well, you know what? I'm actually kind of happy for the first time that my momís in jail, because he canít hurt her there, right?

John: Howís she doing?

Cole: How do you think? If my mom did kill this Truman guy, itís because she was trying to stop him from hurting Starrís mom, and doesnít that say something? Here any chance of her not going to jail?

John: I'm working on it, Cole. I'm working on it.

Blair: Come on, Todd, let me get you home.

Todd: Thereís something I'd like to do first.

Starr: What?

Todd: Wring that bastardís neck.

Blair: Well, so would I. But neither one of us are up to it right now, so, come on.

Starr: I want to say goodbye to Cole before we leave.

Todd: Pardon me?

Blair: I saw you sitting beside him -- whatís up with that?

Starr: I decided to forgive him.

Todd: After he left me in a body bag?

Starr: Dad, look, I told you why he did that.

Blair: Ok, you know what? Letís not get into it. Just make your goodbyes quick and meet us in the car, all right?

Starr: Yeah.

Dorian: Are you coming home, or are you going to be taking care of Todd?

Blair: Well, I'm going to pick jack up, and then he and Starr are going to have a sleepover at their dadís.

Dorian: I see.

Todd: I'm sorry that the rumors of my death were exaggerated, Dorian. I'm sure it ruined your week.

Dorian: On the contrary. I'm really very happy that you're back, Todd -- or didnít Blair tell you that I went all the way to Chicago to help look for you? Iím the -- new-and-improved Dorian Lord.

Todd: We'll see.

Blair: I'll be home soon, ok?

Dorian: What time?

Blair: Why are you grilling me? Starrís in high school, not me.

Dorian: All right, I've gotten used to having you around the house. I'm going to miss you.

Blair: Well, I'm not going to empty your nest anytime soon, ok? Come on, hp me get him around.

Dorian: All right, yeah, be careful.

Blair: Sp ordering me around.

Dorian: I'm not ordering you --

Blair: No, I'm talking about him.

Dorian: Oh.

Starr: I'm going over my dadís house, I just figured I would say bye.

John: Knock yourself out. I -- I got someone I need to talk to.

Starr: Hey -- I'm glad you said what you did. Hopefully, my dad can understand now.

Cole: Hmm. Think so?

Starr: No. But hopefully the only thing he can think about right now is how much he hates Miles Laurence.

Cole: Ha. Well, at least we agree on something.

John: Hey.

Miles: I donít have anything to say to you.

John: I wasnít talking to you. I wanted to have a word with your little friend here.

[Music plays]

Sarah: What? Oh, ok. You make a decent Cosmopolitan. Are you happy?

Cristian: Not so much.

Sarah: You've had a chance to think and now you feel bad, right? I mean, who else in this room can book an act with a record deal?

Cristian: Look, Sarah, I've already told you, we booked Nelly, we've booked Mary J. -- all without your help.

Sarah: Past tense, past tense, dude. I mean, look, give me an office and a computer, and I can this place back on the map. And I'll need a phone, too -- I want to use my cell phone for my personal calls -- and an expense account wouldnít hurt.

Cristian: Well, I can see why you'd need that.

Sarah: Really? You've changed your mind?

Cristian: About you working here? Definitely.

Sarah: Ah -- is this some kind of joke?

Cristian: Oh, no, I'm dead serious. Your card was declined.

Sarah: No way. Try it again.

Cristian: Well, if I do that, they might ask me to confiscate it. But come to think of it, I can use the reward.

Sarah: Give me that. There was plenty of room on this last time I checked.

Cristian: Well, you take that up with the bank after you're done.

Sarah: Very funny.

Cristian: Oh, I'm not laughing. Letís see -- a couple of hours of washing dishes, minus the taxes and FICA -- yeah, yeah, that ought to cover that Cosmo.

Dorian: Oh --

Blair: Be it ever so humble -- here we are.

Todd: Jack, have you had enough of this chair?

Jack: I like it.

Todd: All right, I donít like it -- get off me.

Starr: Dad, donít be mean.

Todd: Oh! Oh!

Blair: Come on.

Starr: Be careful, be careful.

Blair: Todd, just help me a little bit.

Todd: Do me a favor, get that thing out of my sight.

Blair: Come on, sit down right there.

Todd: Ok.

Blair: Got it?

Todd: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Dorian: For heaven sakes --

Blair: Whatís wrong?

Dorian: You know, Blair -- Todd, they have a really long list at the hospital of at-home-care nurses.

Todd: I donít want some old bag walking around here with orthopedic shoes asking me if we're feeling better. One child, two child -- itís good to be home. Itís good to be with my kids.

Jack: Hey, I have something to show you.

Todd: Where is it?

Jack: Itís upstairs in my room -- well, my old room.

Todd: Well, go get it.

Dorian: Go get it.

Starr: Do you want something to drink, Dad? Do you want anything?

Todd: No, I just want to look at you. Oh, Lordy. When are you going to move your stuff back?

Dorian: Have a good I mean, given the condition that you're in, why donít the children stay with me until you're stronger?

Todd: No, no, no, I want my kids home with me, starting tonight.

Dorian: I see.

Blair: Dorian --

Dorian: What does their mother think?

Blair: Look, Todd has been home for two minutes. Can we just let this go for a minute, please?

Dorian: Ok, I guess thatís my cue to get some liquid refreshments.

Blair: Thank you.

Starr: Hmm.

Todd: You're awfully quiet.

Starr: Well, I just canít get a word in edgewise.

Todd: You always could before.

Starr: You were gone for so long. I thought that you might've died.

Todd: Yeah, I know.

Starr: But now itís just really nice to see you and Aunt Dorian arguing.

Todd: Hmm.

Starr: Looks like things are getting back to normal. I guess I was just standing back being hay.

Todd: Yeah, thatís good, but I wouldnít call things "normal." When I left, you werenít dating Cole Thornhart.

Starr: Dad, thatís because I thought you were going to kill him.

Blair: Ok, time-out.

Starr: He brought it up.

Blair: I know, I know, but heís been home two minutes, just like I told Dorian. Could you stop? Just be nice, letís be happy, ok?

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Look happy. Cole Thornhart. Well, you certainly are pushing it.

Cole: Well, I'm not here to see Starr. I'm here to see her dad.

Marty: Well, Miles should be arraigned by now.

Hannah: Well, I hope one of the charges against him is stealing your session tape from my office.

Marty: Yeah, thereís nothing he wouldnít have done to get to me. Heís obsessed.

Hannah: It seems so.

Marty: How do I deal with this? I -- I moved to Llanview because I want a quiet life among my friends -- is that too much to ask? You know, I have barely unpacked my boxes before they asked me to evaluate Spencer Truman! You know, it just -- it makes me so angry!

Hannah: You have cause to be.

Marty: No -- no, Cole -- Cole does. You know, I thought this move would be good for him because he was -- oh, God, he was missing Patrick, you know, and everything about our old place reminded him of everything that he lost and -- but heís been through hell, and now he might have to go it alone without a father or a mother.

Hannah: Nora Hanen will make sure that heís --

Marty: No, he should be with me. And I wish to God I had never moved back here. I'm just not used to making decisions on my own. It -- I mean, itís not that I canít, itís -- God, just for so many years, I had Patrick there to make them with me.

Hannah: Marty, isnít there anyone that you can turn to?

Marty: Thereís you.

Hannah: And I was thinking of someone like John McBain.

Marty: John is a good man, and he believes in me even when I donít. But itís -- uh -- you know, itís too late. Itís -- just too late.

Miles: I donít think you should upset Natalie.

John: Worry about yourself. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Natalie: I'll be fine.

John: Why are you doing this?

Natalie: Doing what?

John: Well, we're all here because of you. He was going to plead guilty until you tore up his confession.

Natalie: There are extenuating circumstances.

John: For kidnapping your uncle? Drugging him for weeks? Why are you making excuses for this guy?

Natalie: You know, his entire family dumped him in a hospital because he was deformed.

John: Oh --

Natalie: He doesnít know the way of the world.

John: Give me a break.

Natalie: John, I mean it. Itís not like heís a career criminal. This thing with Marty -- is a sickness.

John: Heís playing you.

Natalie: Look, I know what itís like to screw up and have nobody by your side, and I also know what itís like to have nobody believe you when you say you're sorry.

John: When did he say that?

Natalie: Well, nobody in this town has given him a break since heís been here.

John: Oh. So, what, you're going to -- you're going to be his protector, you're going to come to his aid?

Natalie: I'm going to be his friend.

John: Uh-huh. You sure thatís all it is?

Natalie: What are you talking about?

John: Miles took over where Truman left off. He stood up for the scum that murdered my father.

Natalie: He didnít know the Spencer that we knew.

John: I canít help but thinking that this is because of us.

Natalie: What?

John: Is this your way of getting back at me?

Sarah: How can my card be canceled if I didnít do it? Look, my father pays this bill every month, he has plenty of money. Maybe you guys just lost a check or something? Yes, but -- but I have had this card for three years, and I've never had any kind of -- and what am I supposed to do? Fine, fine. I'll have my people call your people.

Cristian: Everything worked out?

Sarah: It will be. You have an ATM in the back, right?

Cristian: Well, I also have a sink full of glasses that need to be washed.

Sarah: This canít be happening.

Natalie: You know, this may come as a shock to you, but I do make decisions in my life for my own reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

John: Oh, I know. I just never knew you to be so concerned about the rights of psychopaths like Laurence.

Natalie: Isnít it "innocent until proven guilty"?

John: What do you think is going to happen when Manning testifies?

Natalie: You know, from the story that I heard, Toddís body was dumped in Martyís living room. And this connection for Miles with the thing in Chicago --

John: It just goes to show you know nothing about this case.

Natalie: I know a lot about Mitch Laurence -- I was married to him.

John: Oh. So you were to Mitch as Marty is to Miles -- how cozy.

Natalie: Look, Mitch victimized both me and Miles. And we both know what itís like to have the entire world against you because you made a mistake. The difference is, is I'm a lot tougher than Miles is.

John: Well, good luck on your new crusade.

Natalie: I'm not going to talk to you about this anymore.

[John groans]

Nora: I'm sorry. I -- I did my best, and that judge is a softy.

John: Yeah, I know. Well, I'm going to put someone on Laurence, make sure he doesnít skip town.

Nora: Good, I was hoping you would. I spoke to Marty.

John: Yeah, I -- uh -- I heard Coleís going to be staying with you.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

John: Thatís good.

Nora: It is good.

John: Heís a good kid.

Nora: John?

John: Hmm?

Nora: Do you think thereís a chance that she didnít kill Spencer?

John: Yeah. Yeah, I do. You know, when I got these two cases --

Nora: I know -- Miles and Marty.

John: Right -- and somehow they're connected. I just canít --

Nora: What? John? What?

John: I'm -- I'm going to call you. I'll -- I'll call you.

Nora: Well, if you find something, you better call me. John?

Howard: I'll have your bail arranged shortly. You can sleep in your own bed tonight.

Miles: My own bed -- I donít even know where that is.

Adriana: Look, Michael, when Rex and I decided to keep this secret, we knew it wasnít going to be easy.

Rex: And we're not going to change our minds now.

Michael: Todd might come to you. He might ask you to investigate.

Rex: I -- I doubt it. He thought I came up empty before.

Michael: If he does?

Rex: I'll think of something.

Michael: Thanks. I canít believe that I'm actually praying for a man to spend the rest of his life thinking his little boy is gone forever. Even worse than that, I canít believe I'm going to have to run into him over and over again and not tell him the truth.

Rex: This situation sucks.

Michael: Whew -- in spades.

Adriana: And what Marcie just found out makes it worse.

Rex: But you didnít -- you didnít ask for any of this. Michael, you took Tommy in because you believed his parents were dead.

Michael: And then I learned differently. I made a choice, Rex. I chose between Marcie and my happiness -- and Toddís, and I'm going to have to live with that for the rest of my life.

Todd: Whatís so important you couldnít say it at the courthouse?

Cole: Well, I didnít want to say it in front of everyone -- I still donít.

Todd: Would you like everyone else to leave the room?

Cole: No, no, itís ok. I mean, this is your first night back with your family --

Todd: Why donít you just say what you got to say and get the hell out?

Cole: Well, what I wanted to tell you was that -- well, I'm sorry.

Cole: I -- I knew what it was doing to Starr not having you around, and I knew how messed up you were, and I was trying to figure out a way to help you when Miles show up. But then he played me that tape of my mom confessing, and I donít -- I just got so confused.

Todd: And having me out of the picture would give you a free hand with Starr.

Starr: Dad, look, I understand that you're mad --

Todd: Yeah, I was half dead.

Starr: I was mad, too -- I dumped him for it.

Todd: Didnít stick.

Starr: Because I would've done the same thing if I were in his shoes. Dad, I care about you and mom more than anybody elseís parents, even Coleís.

Cole: It was -- I let Miles scare me, all right? I'm sorry. I should've been a man about it, but I love your daughter --

Todd: Yeah?

Cole: And I want to work this out.

Todd: I'll tell you what -- why donít you and your mom go upstairs to check on Jack. I'll have a second with Cole here.

Blair: Are you sure?

Todd: Yes. I'm on painkillers, I canít do anything. He could take me easy.

Blair: Ok. Come on, Starr.

Dorian: Oh. Well, bye. I guess this is my cue to get home. Hello, Cole. Todd, I just have to say this. You are so lucky. You are at home, safe with your family that loves you, but you have used up one of your nine lives. So, for heavenís sake, will you please be careful, please?

Todd: Letís get one thing straight -- I donít like you. You know, all the apologies and explanations in the world are never going to change that.

Miles: I was just thinking about what Cole said -- how much he hates me.

Natalie: Heís just worried about his mother.

Miles: Right after I married Marty, there was this one morning when she made breakfast for all three of us. Pancakes smelled so good -- delicious. Perfect. I remember thinking this is what a normal life is like, this is what itís like to be part of a family. And then, just like that, itís all over.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, I -- I know all about the relationship screw-ups.

Miles: I donít believe that.

Natalie: No, it is so true. First, you cry. Then one day you just come to realize why it didnít work, and you see that you're -- you're better off that itís over. It just wasnít right.

Miles: Well, I'm not there yet.

Natalie: Miles, when you care about somebody more than they care about you, itís -- itís no good for anyone.

Miles: Have you been through that before?

Natalie: Oh, yeah, I've been through that quite a few times. Yeah, and you remember how you felt for the person, how much you cared, and you just hope for something better.

Miles: I donít know if I can do what you did.

Natalie: You have no choice.

Marty: So what happened at the courthouse?

Nora: Miles' arraignmentís over.

Marty: And did he plead guilty?

Nora: No.

Marty: You're kidding.

Nora: I wish I was. He made bail.

Marty: Oh, my God, Cole -- no, you have to make sure that he canít get to him!

Nora: Itís all right. Asaís mansion has about 10,000 guards, and heís more than welcome to stay there as long as he needs to.

Marty: Thank you.

Nora: Sure. Your sonís pretty -- pretty tough.

Marty: Why do you say that?

Nora: Because he stood up in that courtroom and told everyone what Miles did to you.

Marty: Heís so much like Patrick, sometimes it scares me.

[Door closes]

Rex: Ok, you need to try and feel better about this, Michael.

Michael: Yeah. It'd be nice if that was possible.

Rex: Adriana and I are on your side. And things will die down, just like they did before. Todd bought that phony death certificate I gave him, he believed his son was dead. And now after this whole Chicago thing, heís got to be even more convinced.

Michael: If we were talking about a normal person, I'd say yeah, but we're not. We're talking about Todd Manning.

[Phone rings]

Michael: Itís my bro, I got to take this. Yeah, Johnny, whatís up?

John: I need to speak to you right away.

Michael: I'm a little busy right now.

John: This is serious, Mike.

Sarah: God, donít do this to me!

Cristian: Howís it going?

Sarah: Great. Thanks.

Cristian: Good. Just checking.

Sarah: Donít tell me "insufficient funds." I always have sufficient funds! I was born with sufficient funds, and itís the first of the month -- I always get a deposit on the -- oh, my God. I'm cut off?

Cole: I'm not asking you to take me fishing or anything. I know that we'll never really get along.

Todd: Hmm. You know, the only thing we have in common is Starr.

Cole: Thatís right -- we both love her.

Todd: Huh. You love her?

Cole: Yes, sir, I do.

Todd: Sheís no pushover, you know.

Cole: Thatís one of the reasons why I love her.

Todd: Donít say that again -- you're going to put me back in the hospital. Think thatís funny? Hereís the thing -- if I donít figure out some way to tolerate you, sheís going to hate me for the rest of her life.

Cole: And if I donít do the same with you, she'll break up with me.

Todd: So I guess we got to figure out some way to tolerate each other.

Cole: Thatís how it seems to me. Ok, well, glad we had this talk. I'm not going to keep you from your family, oh, and, Mr. Manning, believe it or not, I'm glad you're ok.

Todd: Heís leaving -- with all his body parts intact. You may come down now.

Jack: Mom said me and Starr are having a sleepover here.

Todd: Thatís right.

Jack: I asked mom to stay, but she said no.

Blair: Jack --

Jack: Make her stay, Dad, ok?

Nora: You never, ever should've talked to Bo without a lawyer present.

Marty: I -- I know, ok, I know that. Itís just that Miles had made me keep it a secret for so long. I -- I just need to set the record straight.

Nora: Well, you did that. So, enough with the breast-beating and hire a lawyer, and help him or her build you a good case.

Marty: I'm going to plead guilty.

Nora: What -- please think about that.

Marty: Would you give my son my love and -- and tell him that I'm all right?

Nora: Yeah, I will. And I'm sure heís going to come by and see you first thing in the morning. Get some rest?

Marty: I will.

John: I donít want to do this over the phone. Be at my office in one hour.

Michael: Well, could you at least tell me what itís about?

John: Just be there, Mike.

Michael: Fine, I'm on my way. He wants to talk to me, says itís important.

Rex: Hey, donít worry about it. He doesnít know anything.

Michael: Yeah, I wish I had that f confidence. Thank you, man, for everything you've done.

Rex: I'll keep this secret forever, for Tommy.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Miles: Do you really remember killing Spencer?

Starr: Thank you.

Todd: For what?

Starr: For letting Mom stay.

Rex: What if you told him that Tommy is Todd's son?

John: I'm going to need a search warrant.

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