OLTL Transcript Friday 7/27/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/27/07


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Jessica: Nash? I want to go home now, ok, so bend the bars, carve me a gun out of soap to break me out of here, but please, please tell me I'm going home.

Nash: You're going home.

[Jessica gasps]

Jessica: You're a liar.

Nash: Yeah. Well, itís what you said you wanted to hear. I --

Jessica: Well, come here and give me a kiss.

[Nash growls]

Nash: Ow, ow!

Jessica: Liar. Liar. Liar! Ok. Come here for real now.

Nash: No -- you got an anvil or something in there?

Jessica: No, I donít.

Nash: Crazy -- nah.

Blair: All right -- would you just work with me?

Todd: Ow! I'm trying to work with you. Tell that to the 80 stitches --

Blair: Donít hurt yourself. Oh, 80? I think you're exaggerating -- itís only 79.

Starr: Yeah, and if you werenít running around trying to strangle people, then maybe you wouldnít feel so bad.

Todd: Miles Laurence deserves more than a little strangle around the neck.

Blair: Well, I heard you would've killed him if somebody hadnít stopped you.

Todd: Yeah, and he'd deserve it, too.

Starr: Yeah, no doubt, but then you'd be back in jail.

Todd: Whew. I'll guarantee you heís not going to bother me anymore.

Blair: Well, just be still, ok?

Todd: Well, you know, these stitches? They hurt and they itch.

Blair: Well, you know what? I'll go get Nurse Ratched and she could come here and scratch them for you -- is that what you want?

Todd: Now, Starr, I know you donít think I have any idea what I'm talking about, but just think what would've happened if you were still dating Cole -- you were dating some guy who had Miles Laurence for an evil stepfather.

Blair: Do, um, you want to tell him, or should I?

Nora: I had Nigel make up your room.

Matthew: Itís right down the hall from mine.

Nora: Oh, and tons of DVDs.

Matthew: And itís got one of those dance mat thingies.

Nora: Yeah. And you -- and you've got your very own bathroom.

Matthew: But donít drink out of the French water fountain.

Nora: Itís a bidet.

Matthew: And itís not for washing your feet, either.

Nora: Ok, ok. Enough. Gosh -- uh, food. We should get you something to eat. Are you hungry?

Matthew: Pizza.

Nora: Pizza? Pizza -- is pizza good?

Cole: Yeah, sure.

Nora: Ok. Well, Matthew, why donít you order it up for us and I'll go check and make sure Coleís room is ready?

Cole: Sounds like a hotel.

Matthew: Donít worry -- you'll like it here. Hi, Henri. Yeah. Yeah, pizza -- yeah, pepperoni. Yeah, thanks. Ok, bye.

Marty: I remember. Oh, my God, I -- I remember.

John: What do you remember?

Marty: The night Spencer died. Itís all coming back to me.

Tate: "I am not worthy to live" -- say it!


Talia: Freeze, Tate! On the ground, now!

Tate: Oh.

Rex: Adriana, are you ok?

Adriana: Yeah.

Bo: Just give it to forensics, see what they have to say. Right. I want you to hold all my calls, all right? I donít want to be disturbed.

Paige: What if something important happens?

Bo: This -- this is important. I mean, you come in here and you tell me like that -- that you're going to leave town and I'm supposed to say, "ok, honey, just hold that thought." Ok? No. What happened, Paige?

Paige: I got a call from doctors without borders.

Bo: I thought that you already decided that you werenít going to do that.

Paige: After I sent in the application.

Bo: How long ago was that?

Paige: Couple of months.

Bo: Well -- but you did tell them that you werenít interested anymore, right?

Paige: Yes, I did, but they must've processed the application anyway. They told me that they got a grant to open a clinic in Hindu Kush, and they want me to head the whole start-up operation. I donít want to leave, but I -- I feel like I need to do this.

Bo: Ok. How long will it take?

Paige: I've given this a lot of thought.

Bo: No -- how long?

Paige: Itís open-ended.

Bo: Well, then, the -- the question still remains. When are you going to come back?

Paige: Maybe the question should be, "will I ever come back?"

Nash: All right, I talked to Dr. Harrison --

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Nash: And he said that you're doing really well, you're doing great, and that --

Jessica: But I need more tests and they need to make sure that the immuno-suppressants are working and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I've heard it all before.

Nash: Sorry I couldnít tell you what you want to hear.

Jessica: Not as sorry as I am.

Nash: You're going to get out of here soon.

Jessica: Not soon enough.

Nash: Hey, I got some good news. Your uncle Todd -- heís back, and heís alive and heís going to be all right.

Todd: Well, I'm on pins and needles here. Somebody better cough up something pretty fast.

Starr: Ok, fine, I'll tell you, but you better not freak. Cole and I --

Todd: The next words out of your mouth better be "canít stand each other."

Starr: We were in a musical together at school. We barely had any scenes, we didnít even talk.

Todd: Little ingrate can sing, eh?

Blair: Starr?

Starr: Mom, itís only going to make matters worse.

Todd: Now I'm really interested.

Blair: Ok, well, how long do you think you're going to keep your brother from blabbing it?

Todd: Starr, if you donít want to make matters worse, you better fess up.

Starr: While you were gone --

Todd: You mean, while I was on vacation? With a festering knife wound and --

Starr: Cole --

Todd: Garbage heaps --

Starr: Dad!

Todd: Yes?

Starr: Cole and I got back together.

Matthew: Pepperoniís cool, right?

Cole: Yeah, sure.

Matthew: He said about 40 minutes. You want to -- you want to play a video game until it gets here?

Cole: Uh -- no, actually, I was warned about that, so no, thanks.

Matthew: How about -- ooh, how about some basketball? You play basketball?

Cole: You know, maybe later. Hey, listen, I know you're trying to entertain me and all, but you donít have to. You know, itís ok -- I can just hang out for a while.

Matthew: Oh, I'm sorry. Am I annoying you?

Cole: No. No, no, that -- thatís not it. I -- I'm just -- just trying to figure everything out, you know?

Matthew: Can Ė can I say something?

Cole: Yeah, of course.

Matthew: Donít try so hard. My mom was in the hospital most of last year. I never got used to not having her around. I -- I pretended like nothing was wrong. Kind of like I was tricking into believing that. But one day, I just said, "you know what? Things are going to be like this for a while." And before I knew it, she got better and came home.

Cole: Hmm. Thatís -- thatís probably good advice.

Matthew: I donít think you're going to have to wait nearly as long for your mom as I did.

Cole: Well, I hope you're right, Matthew.

John: Ok. Sit down, all right? You want me to get you some water? You want me to call Dr. Young or something?

Marty: No, I -- I just need to say this before I lose my nerve or forget it completely.

John: You sure?

Talia: Grab hold. Here, reach.

Tate: Yeah, I canít. My shoulder --

Talia: Come on, try!

[Tate groans]

Tate: God! Help -- help me. You know, if I fall, I'm going to die.

Talia: You're not going anywhere. No way am I going to let you be an O.P.P. martyr! Jones, get over here. I canít reach him.

Vincent: You mean that bastardís still alive? Well, well, well. Would you look at that?

Talia: My arms arenít long enough.

Vincent: You know, I just hope he doesnít land on innocent people.

Talia: I called for backup on my way over here, but they're still five minutes out.

Tate: I canít hold on that long!

Vincent: Uh-oh.

Tate: Ah!

Talia: He'll fall and he'll die unless you can pull him up.

Bo: Will you "ever"? You -- you make it sound like you'll never come back.

Paige: I canít say for sure.

Bo: Honey, I thought we were -- I thought we -- we had something. You know, it seems we -- that we were really going to make a go at it. I -- thatís what I thought. Was I that wrong?

Paige: Oh. You werenít wrong.

Bo: Ok, then, you know what? I'm lost. I'm lost, I don't know what happened. All of a sudden, one day, without any warning at all, you come in here and you tell me that you are going to be leaving town and you're going to be going to a place that I've barely -- I've barely even heard of this place.

Paige: Hindu Kush?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Paige: Itís on the northern border of Pakistan near Afghanistan.

Bo: Oh, God. Oh, you know what? That happens to be one of the most dangerous places in this world right now, not to mention the fact that itís halfway around the world. That makes for a -- a very, very distant relationship. Paige, I donít -- I donít know that that can actually work.

Paige: I know.

Bo: Then what? Was it something I did?

Jessica: What is he doing here? What happened to him?

Nash: He got stabbed.

Jessica: Where?

Nash: In Chicago.

Jessica: No! Where on his body did he get stabbed?

Nash: I -- come -- ow! I -- I donít know, all right? But it -- it doesnít matter. Come on, Todd -- heís going to be ok. Heís got a thick hide. It'd take a lot to puncture that hide of his.

Jessica: Well, whoís with him?

Nash: Uh -- when I went by the emergency room, it looked like pretty much your whole family was there, so donít worry. Blair is going to make sure heís ok.

Jessica: Does my mom know?

Nash: She was there, so, yeah.

Jessica: Good. Good. She needs some good news.

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: Yeah. So do you think they're going to let me see him?

Nash: You a flight risk?

Jessica: Huh. No, I'm not -- I think thatís more Toddís style, not mine. Besides, recuperating in bed is exhausting.

Nash: Well, it will make it all the sweeter when you get out of here and go home.

Jessica: When I get home to my family -- normal family, just like everybody else dreams of.

Nash: "Normal family" -- wait a minute. First of all, we are not like everybody else, and nothing about us is normal.

Jessica: I guess itís not.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: And I wouldnít have it any other way. But I think that you could stand some conventional for a little while, couldnít you?

Nash: "Conventional"?

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Nash: Hmm. Like what?

Jessica: Like honeymoons, paying bills --

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: Preschool applications.

Nash: Yay.

[Jessica laughs]

Jessica: Oh, more tests.

Nash: More tests -- come on.

Nurse: More tests.

Jessica: Boo.

Nash: Let you go.

Jessica: Ooh.

Nash: You want conventional, I'll show you conventional.

Todd: You know, you promised me. You promised me.

Starr: Yes, Dad --

Todd: You promised me over --

Starr: Yes, I know!

Todd: And over again that you would never see this jerk again.

Starr: Do you hear me arguing with you?

Blair: Ok. You know what?

Todd: I see, so -- I see.

Blair: Donít be a smart aleck.

Todd: So if I'm laid up with a knife wound in some maggot-infested flophouse, itís ok for you to disobey me?

Starr: Donít start popping stitches, Dad!

Todd: I want an answer from you!

Starr: You're making it sound so -- itís not even the way that it happened!

Todd: Well, you've been behind our backs with this guy before, havenít you? But I guess if -- if I'm out of commission, it makes it easier. Is that right?

Starr: You never listen to me.

Todd: Should I listen to you? Should I trust what you say? Maybe I should listen to your mother -- did you catch her sneaking around with this guy?

Blair: Um --

Starr: She gave us her blessing.

Blair: Not exactly.

Todd: Is that right? Thatís fantastic. So here we are, trying to make decisions about raising our children together. Thatís just fantastic.

Blair: Ok, but donít --

Todd: Whatís this crap -- what is this crap about united parenting?

Blair: Would you listen to me a minute? You know, you werenít here as I recall, and donít think that I didnít think about going looking for you because thatís all I did -- I was obsessed with it. But, Todd, you didnít have to listen to our daughter every single night cry herself to sleep because -- because she missed her father again. And then, she couldnít talk to the boy she loved about it.

Todd: Oh -- "love."

Blair: No, Todd, you would've changed your mind, too.

Todd: Give me a break. "Love" -- sheís a kid. She doesnít know anything about love yet.

Starr: Donít even act like I donít know what love is!

Blair: She was miserable, Todd. I thought it would help her through the whole ordeal if she had a shoulder to lean on.

Todd: Whatís wrong with your shoulder?

Blair: It was off looking for your shoulder!

Todd: Did you stop to think about how I might feel about it?

Blair: What do you think, Todd? Come on! You know what I did? I finally put our daughterís happiness above your pride, and you think itís funny.

Starr: I donít even know why you guys are arguing so much. Itís not even that big of a deal.

Todd: Actually, I think it is a big deal.

Starr: No, itís not because Cole and I broke up.

John: Letís start from the beginning.

Marty: You already know most of it.

John: Letís hear it again -- for the record this time.

Marty: Ok. Um -- I was looking for Cole because he had missed his community service. I -- I went to the park to look for him, but he wasnít there, so I thought that maybe he would be at the hospital with Starr.

John: And you said you didnít think anyone saw you at the park or the hospital. Is that still how you remember it?

Marty: Yes. Yeah, I -- I remember seeing Rex and Dr. Miller. They -- they were arguing, I think, but they -- they didnít see me.

John: Ok. Afterwards, you told me you took the stairs to Blairís room.

Marty: Yeah. Yeah, I didnít want to wait for the elevator.

John: Then what happened?

Marty: Then I went down the hall to Blairís room and I could hear something going on inside, but I couldnít tell what it was. So I pushed the door open, then went in, but the curtain -- it was drawn, so I -- I had to go all the way inside and -- and Blair was there on the bed, and she was in her wedding dress. And Spencer was on top of her. She was struggling, but I could tell -- it was obvious that she had been drugged.

John: Then what happened?

Marty: Then I knew I had to stop it.

Talia: Vincent, please. I canít reach him. I need your help.

Tate: Well?

Tate: Please. I canít hold on. Help me! I'm slipping. Please.

Tate: Ah!

[Vincent groans]

Tate: Ah -- ah! Ah, ah, ah! Ah! Ow, my shoulder!

Talia: After all the pain you caused --

[Tate groans]

Talia: Do you really think I give a damn?

Tate: Ah!

Talia: This is Officer Sahid. The perp is under control. We need medical assistance ASAP. Repeat, medical assistance ASAP. We are on The Palace hotel rooftop.

Todd: So your romance with the steroid king only lasted a couple of weeks, huh?

Starr: Yes.

Todd: Good. Did you break it off with him?

Starr: Yes, Dad, I broke it off with him.

Todd: Good. Now, thatís my girl.

Starr: Oh. Todd just another in a long line of Starr Manning roadkills. Oh, wait a minute. Did he -- did he do something to you? Did he hurt you? Is that why you broke it off?

Starr: Dad, are you kidding me? Why would that even matter? We broke up!

Todd: Because I'm your father -- thatís why it matters. If he hurt you, if he even laid a finger on you, I'm going to be pissed off!

Blair: Hey, hey. Donít look at me, Starr.

Todd: I want answers right now.

Starr: Cole found out that Miles was holding you captive and he kept it a secret.

Todd: Huh -- what?

Starr: Only for a couple of days, and then he told everyone.

Todd: Is that right? Wow. So I'm just lying there bleeding to death and --

Starr: Dad?

Todd: Crawling through the woods and he said nothing?

Starr: Dad, he didnít lie --

Todd: Lying little son of a bitch.

Starr: Dad, he did not lie. He just didnít say anything.

Blair: Yep. She is the spin doctor, just like her daddy.

Todd: Oh, ok. Well -- huh-huh -- itís a good thing you're not going out with him again.

Starr: I'm sorry -- do you guys want me to tell you about lies and liars, because you guys do it all the time. How do you even know what the truth is anymore? Do you want me start listing things?

Todd: Hey, hey -- cool it now!

Blair: Ok, thatís enough.

Starr: Cole did that to help his mom because he loves her -- unlike hurting her like you guys do. Cole wanted to protect his mom from Miles the psycho. And I would've done the same thing for you two even though you donít deserve it half of the time.

Todd: Sheís a teenager.

Cole: You know, you got some wisdom little dude. Hey, if thereís anything I can do for you, you just let me know, all right?

Matthew: Well, actually, there is something down at the country club.

Cole: All right -- whatís her name?

Matthew: What makes you think itís a girl?

Cole: Because I'm not the guy that can help you with your golf swing.

Matthew: Ok, you got me -- it is a girl.

Cole: Ok, well, in that case, you should probably ask your dad because apparently I'm not too good with women.

Matthew: I thought you and Starr were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Cole: Right -- "were."

Matthew: What happened?

Cole: Itís complicated.

Matthew: Screwed up, huh?

Cole: Oh. Uh, yeah -- bigtime.

Matthew: Well, did you at least say you were sorry?

Cole: Oh, yeah.

Matthew: Well, I'm really close with Starr. If you want, I can give you some props and give her a little call and tell her what sheís missing and how cool you are.

Cole: Really? Well, thanks.

[Phone rings]

Nora: Hey. Howís he doing? Howís things going?

Matthew: Kind of rough.

Nora: Well, heís very lucky to have a friend like you to help him through it.

Matthew: Thanks, Mom.

Nora: Come here, you. Oh.

Cole: Hey, I -- I was just thinking about you.

Starr: I guess we should talk.

John: So what'd you do when you saw Truman assaulting Blair?

Marty: Rape. He was going to rape her.

John: What'd you do when you saw Truman about to rape Blair?

Marty: I confronted him. Stop it! Spencer, get the hell off of her!

Spencer: You should not be interrupting a bride and groom on their wedding night.

[Marty pants]

Spencer: Come here!

Marty: No! He hit me and he told me that I had to get out, that I was upsetting Blair.

John: So what'd you do then?

Marty: I knew I had to stop him. So I -- I looked around for something and I -- I saw the scissors and I grabbed them. And I ran towards him and I raised them above my head and brought them down as hard as I could!

Marty: And thatís -- thatís when I did it.

Nash: Oh. I'll take it from here, Jeanie. Thank you very much.

Jeanie: Whatever you say.

Nash: Huh?

Jessica: Jeanie?

Nash: Yeah. Sheís your driver.

Jessica: Yeah -- um --

Nash: Here. 

Jessica: Oh, I'm not even going to ask what the raincoatís for.

Nash: Donít bother, you'll find out in a moment.

Jessica: Oh --

Nash: Here you go -- a hat. Got to have your hat.

Jessica: Ok.

Nash: Coat.

Jessica: Oh, thank you.

Nash: Sit back.

Jessica: Thank you.

Nash: Ok, you ready?

Jessica: I think so.

Nash: Close your eyes. And I'll show you a big surprise. I give you, absolute love of my life, the ultimate in conventional honeymoons. I give you --

[Waterfall plays]

Nash: Niagara Falls. Huh? Huh? Whoo!

Jessica: Oh, my goodness! Oh, wow.

Nash: And wait, wait, wait.

Jessica: Oh, oh, oh.

Nash: I give you the maid of the mist.

Jessica: Donít -- donít you dare! Stop it. Stop it! Stop it. Stop it! I never took you for a Niagara Falls type of guy.

Nash: You donít like it? Ok. Close your eyes. Close your eyes.

[Waterfall stops]

Nash: I give you --

[Waterfall plays]

Nash: Victoria Falls. Itís probably a little bit louder, but equally wet!

Jessica: Oh, no! Stop it. Stop it, stop it. Oh!

Nash: All right. Huh? What do you say? Conventional enough?

Jessica: Perfect.

Bo: I never, ever meant any-- to do anything that would ever hurt you. Ok? Look, how can I fix it?

Paige: Oh, God, thereís nothing to fix. You are great. Matthew is great. I'm not.

Bo: Oh, no, no. No, I'm not going to buy that. Listen, I'm not some great guy. I'm not. I'm to be in love with you.

Paige: And I am broken. When Hugh died, a piece of me died, too, Bo. You know what thatís like.

Bo: I know, I know. Honey, you've got to keep moving, ok?

Paige: Oh, thatís the problem. I -- I canít move.

Bo: All right, then listen. Hey, I'll carry you.

Paige: I'll just break your back. And when you put me down, I'm going to be in the exact same place.

Bo: I donít want you to go through this alone, ok? I donít want you to do that. I donít want you to leave.

Paige: I donít want to leave. But, Bo, I am drowning, and I donít want to pull you and Matthew down with me.

Bo: This isnít any good, Paige.

Paige: I know. It hurts. I'm hurting you, I'm hurting Matthew. But I just -- I donít see any other way to do this. You know that you canít get me through this grief. I wish you could. But I have to do this on my own.

Talia: Ok, if you guys can hang out here, I'm going to get someone to take your statements.

Rex: Whereís Tate?

Talia: At the hospital, under guard. They'll be bringing him here as soon as heís treated.

Vincent: Can you tell us how this statement thing goes? Can we make the process a little faster? You know, I think I speak for all of us here when I say I donít want to be hanging around a police station all night.

Talia: I'll get someone over here as quickly as possible.

Adriana: As soon as we get out of here, I'm going to call Cristian and Antonio and tell them what happened.

Vincent: And Shaun.

Layla: And Evangeline -- have to tell her that itís over.

Vincent: You know, I pulled that son of a bitch up. I had his sweaty hands right inside mine. I should have let him die. I should have.

Layla: No, Vincent. Thatís not who you are.

Rex: All that matters is that itís over.

Cole: Yeah, so talking is good. So is listening. They're -- they're both good.

Starr: I could call you later if you're busy.

Cole: Well, you know me. I -- oh, I always have stuff going on. Except for now. So I guess I donít always have something going on, especially now.

Starr: Does that mean you do want to talk?

Cole: Yeah, yeah, of course I do. Actually, I never thought we'd get a chance to.

Starr: They found my dad.

Cole: Really? Is he --

Starr: Yeah, no, heís -- heís fine. Actually, heís the same as he was before, so I would steer clear of him if I were you, you know, just to be safe.

Cole: All right, thanks for the heads-up. Yeah, I'm glad to hear that heís back.

Starr: Yeah, well, he wouldnít be back if it wasnít for you, so thanks.

Blair: Sheís on the phone.

Todd: It better not be with Cole.

Blair: You should rest.

Todd: We got to set some boundaries for her.

Blair: I think thatís what we've been doing, Todd. You know, it hasnít really worked. I think we need to figure out a new strategy to guide her.

Todd: All right, letís hear your brilliant plan.

Blair: Guide her. Less control and more guidance.

Todd: Does that mean that you are -- you are bugling retreat here?

Blair: If you hadnít noticed, sheís not a little girl anymore. Sheís growing up to be a beautiful young woman. A woman thatís fearless, headstrong -- a lot like her daddy.

Todd: Or like her mother.

Blair: Maybe. But she just told us like it is, and I know why.

Todd: Why, o wise one?

Blair: Because sheís not over the boy.

Todd: How do you know?

Blair: I know the signs.

John: How do you know you did it?

Marty: I just -- I know. I did it, I killed him.

John: Do you actually remember stabbing him? Think about it before you speak. You saw the scissors there. You picked them up, and then what?

Marty: I raised them above my head and I brought them down as hard as possible!

John: You donít remember really doing it, do you? Think. Thereís more to this. You know it, and I know it.

Marty: No, you have refused to admit from the beginning that I did it, ok? Thereís not going to be some fairy-tale ending to this.

Talia: I'm so sorry to interrupt, but we got Tate Harmon.

Rex: Cup of Joe?

Adriana: Thanks, but I think I have enough adrenaline running through me to keep me going for a while.

Rex: Yeah, it scared me, too -- what you did, or what you were about to do.

Adriana: I'm so sorry, Rex. You were right about everything. You were right that we should've come to Bo.

Rex: The ending was good. Thatís all I care about.

Adriana: If Talia had come a minute later --

Rex: Hey, she didnít, so let it go.

Adriana: I should've trusted you.

Rex: All that matters to me is how I feel about --

Adriana: You know what, Rex? Can we not talk about us tonight? Can we just put a night between this? Talk when we have clearer heads?

Rex: Sure.

Tate: Hold on a second, Pepe. I want to say something to Vincent.

Officer: Make it quick.

Tate: About what you did -- when I get the first chance, I'm going to take me a hot shower and wash off the filth from where you touched me.

Bo: No, no! Vincent -- Vincent!

Vincent: Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!

Bo: Get that piece of trash out of here now! Lock him up!

Tate: Trash? Thatís the trash!

Vincent: All right, thatís --

Bo: Ok, all of y to see you in my office, now, please.

Talia: Go.

Bo: Vincent? My office.

John: We canít base a case on your sketchy memory and a serious lack of evidence putting you at the scene.

Marty: No, Spencer was going to rape Blair, and I stopped him. I had mean, motive, and opportunity -- end of story!

John: How many times did you stab him? Hmm? For that matter, how much blood was there? What'd you do with the blood that was on your clothes? How come you didnít track any blood into the other room? How come it was so easy for you afterwards to go about your business? How did you see Cole afterwards and not mention it to him? Mention anything? Tell me. Answer any of these questions. Thatís all you got to do. Just answer those questions.

Marty: I canít, I canít!

John: Yes, you can. Think.

Marty: Why donít you just leave me alone, please?

John: I'm not going to leave you alone. Answer the question. Hey, listen to me. Donít you give up, all right? I'm not going to give up. Donít you give up.

Nora: Why donít you and Cole go to the club tomorrow? You know, sit in the sun, go for a swim. You could invite a friend. Cole could invite Starr.

Matthew: Cole and Starr need some space right now.

Nora: "Space"?

Matthew: Itís complicated.

Nora: Oh, ok. Yeah. You know, believe it or not, I was once a young girl myself. Girls like a little conversation. You know, they like a little "how are you?" "Are you doing ok?" That kind of thing, you know? Trust me, one thing they donít like -- silence. Just doesnít work. Deal.

Matthew: I'm trying to shuffle them.

Cole: I didnít do anything. Thatís the problem.

Starr: If you wouldnít have turned Miles in, who knows what he could have done to dad? And I have him back now, thanks to you.

Cole: Yeah, well, I just wish I would have done it sooner.

Starr: You donít have to say that anymore. I understand why you did it.

Cole: Thanks.

Starr: I got to go. Take care.

Cole: Yeah, you, too.

Matthew: How'd it go?

Cole: Ok, I guess.

Todd: I guess you had a hell of a time looking for me, huh?

Blair: You kidding me? Slums, freaks, crazy adoption agencies -- it was just a walk in the park. But I wasnít going to give up on you, Todd.

Todd: And I'm glad you didnít.

[Music plays]

Singer: Itís easier to fall and harder to stand

Singer: Itís easier to cry and harder to laugh

Singer: I donít know how I donít know why but you're the light on my shoulder when I'm tired itís easier to run and harder to be still

Singer: Itís easier to think and harder to feel

Singer: I donít know how I donít know why but you're the light on my shoulder when I'm tired ooh-hoo hoo hoo-ooh-ooh

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Sarah: Oh, my God. Look.

Jessica: Antonio doesnít know that we're married yet, does he?

Starr: Do you think I should forgive Cole?

Adriana: I donít know if Rex and I are strong enough to get past what we did to each other.

Marty: Am I under arrest?

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