OLTL Transcript Thursday 7/26/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 7/26/07


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Marty: Thereís just -- thereís nothing, ok? Nothing is coming back to me.

John: Hey --

Marty: No, I know, I was in Blairís room -- and Spencer was there and the murder weapon was in my hand.

John: You know you woke up in thon-call room down the hall?

Marty: Yes.

John: And we've already established you suffered some sort of head trauma in the last six months.

Marty: But we donít necessarily know it happened that night.

John: No, but itís a possibility.

Marty: Yes, yes, and itís also possible that it happened the night the arsonist bombed the hospital and the ceiling fell on my head.

John: Whatís wrong with you, huh? Donít you want to be found innocent?

Marty: Of course, I do. Of course, I do! I want that more than anything for myself, for my son. But what if I'm not? Because the more we go over this, the more guilty I look even to myself.

Blair: I almost found you in Chicago the last time I was there.

Starr: Yeah, Mom got a tip from this girl who said that her boyfriend had you, and then she got right on a plane to --

Todd: Let her tell the story.

Blair: Ok, fine. That girlfriend of that punk that had you in Chicago turns out to be Sarah Roberts -- you know, flash?

Todd: No kidding, that was Sarah?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: I thought that was a dream.

Blair: No, it was real. She called me using your cell phone.

Todd: Yeah, she said she reached you. She said that you said to hold on.

Blair: I did.

Jack: Daddy!

Todd: Whoa, whoa, hey, hi --

Dorian: The reunion wouldnít be complete without the entire family.

Todd: Easy with the -- the gut here, buddy.

Jack: I grew another inch.

Todd: Oh, I can tell. I bet a lot has happened since I've been gone. But I'm back now, and things are going to be different from here on out.

David: I am truly sorry.

Viki: Oh, I know you are. But for what, David? For extorting money from Clint, or -- much more likely -- the fact that I found out about it, right?

David: Both.

Viki: Yeah, yeah, but I expect the 10 mil will ease the pain, right?

David: Actually, it wonít. Not anymore.

Viki: Oh, and what does that mean?

David: Here. Read it while I weep.

Bo: I'm going down to lockup to interview Laurence. While I'm down there, I'd like you to upgrade Tate Harmonís status from person of interest to suspect, and put out an APB.

Talia: Yep.

Bo: The longer heís AWOL, the better the chances of Balsomís theory being right.

Talia: That thing with the medallion doesnít sit right. But is -- is it enough for a warrant?

Bo: I donít know, thatís up to a judge. But we canít take any chances. If Harmon is affiliated with the O.P.P., That means that Balsom and Adriana could be in real trouble.

Talia: Oh, I told Adriana that if Tate contacts either one of them to call us immediately.

Bo: Good, good. What about Balsom?

Talia: Heís with her. And Layla was on her way home with Vincent Jones, so they should all be safe at the girls' apartment by now.

Layla: Get out of here, get help!

Tate: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa! Step away from the door or she dies. Now!

Adriana: I told you not to follow me.

Rex: Yeah, good thing I did.

Tate: Good. Now things can get festive.

Rex: Whatís that supposed to mean?

Tate: Oh, you'll see soon enough.

Adriana: Why are you doing this, Tate?

Tate: Itís my mission. Havenít you figured that out yet?

Rex: I want to hear what this missionís about.

Tate: You? You're even worse than them -- you're a traitor to your own race.

Rex: Donít you want to convert me?

Tate: Please, donít insult me.

Rex: What? Are you telling me you were always this -- enlightened? Didnít someone have to show you the path? A lot of us are lost. We donít have a purpose. But -- but you -- you gassed Cristianís studio, blew up half a hospital, tried to bomb Lindsayís gallery --

Tate: Get to the point, Balsom, now.

Rex: You're obviously highly motivated, and the fact that you did all this with your dad -- I -- I wish my dad was still around to show me the ropes.

Tate: No, he was unenlightened till the end.

Adriana: But they caught him at the gallery.

Rex: Yeah, with the bomb.

Tate: He took the fall for me, you idiots, so I can continue my work. Although, if he were here, he would argue that.

Layla: You mean your sick, vicious acts --

Vincent: Ah-ah-ah-- Layla, donít start --

Tate: Oh, good. Kuntaís awake, he can watch. Stay where you are! You -- tie him up. Do it!

Dorian: Todd, itís good to see you alive and well.

Todd: Since when?

Dorian: Take it at face value, I'm not sure I can manage to say it a second time.


Todd: I got to make up for some lost time with you guys.

Starr: Yeah, thanks to Miles Laurence.

Todd: Whatís he got to do with it?

Starr: He was the one that kept you drugged and locked up.

Todd: I thought it was that hunter dude.

Blair: Hunter was being paid by Miles. And when the weasel got tired of taking care of you back in Chicago, he brought you here to Llanview and dumped you on Miles' lap.

Todd: So that lead that Miles gave me about my kid was --

Blair: Yeah, itís probably bogus. And it wasnít just Spencer manipulating Miles from the grave. Miles knew exactly what he was doing.

Todd: How do you know that?

Dorian: You mean, aside from the fact that he is Mitch Laurenceís baby brother?

Starr: Oh -- and he was blackmailing Marty Saybrooke.

Todd: Marty?

Blair: Todd, Marty murdered Spencer.

Dorian: She should be canonized.

Blair: Oh, hardly.

Todd: Wait a minute here, am I hallucinating?

Starr: No, Dad, I know. And Miles forced Marty to marry him in exchange for keeping her secret.

Todd: Oh, this -- ahem -- this is too much.

Blair: I suspected him. I knew Miles was involved in your disappearance.

Dorian: Heís behind bars now, so he canít harm any of you.

Todd: I hope somebody slaps him with attempted murder.

Blair: Just an obstruction of justice -- for not turning Marty in.

Todd: And what about me? What about what he did to me? Whoís going to make him pay for that?

Bo: Wake up, Laurence. Nap timeís over.

Miles: Hey, Commissioner.

Bo: Hey.

Miles: You here about my release?

Bo: Whoís Kandi Lane?

Miles: I donít know. Why?

Bo: Because she was with Manning when we picked him up.

Miles: Well, if Todd spends his time with hookers, itís not my problem.

Bo: I never said the woman was a prostitute.

Miles: Well, I mean, with a name like Kandi Lane, what am I supposed to think?

Bo: Yeah. So how are things going in here? They treating you all right?

Miles: So far.

Bo: You know, I have to apologize for the food, I know itís really not that great. Is there anything, maybe, that -- that you'd prefer from the outside?

Miles: Really? You'd be willing to do that for me?

Bo: Sure. It wouldnít be a problem at all. I'd just send an officer out and pick up whatever you want, bring it back here.

Miles: You know, I'm dying for one of those kobe beef burgers from the palace.

Bo: Ah.

Miles: You know, the one they serve with a fried egg on top? They charge you 25 bucks, but itís comfort food, you know?

Bo: Hmm. Whoís Jordan Ames?

Miles: What? Excuse me, I --

Bo: I think you know the one -- you know, hangs out in The Palace a lot, very classy.

Miles: I donít know him.

Bo: Itís not a guy, itís a woman.

Miles: Hmm.

Bo: See, Kandi lane says that her friend Jordan Ames got Kandi the job with Todd Manning.

Miles: Hmm. I donít know.

Bo: Thatís all right. I guess I'll just have to ask Jordan Ames.

Miles: Wait, is there anything else you want to ask me?

Bo: Why, did I miss something?

Miles: No.

Bo: Ah. Take care.

Miles: Hey, Commissioner?

Bo: Yeah?

Miles: Could you tell Marty, my wife, that I hope sheís ok?

Bo: Laurence, I'll be honest with you. I donít think that Marty really wants to hear anything from you.

John: Listen to me. All we have to do is fill in the lost time from when you picked up the scissors until you woke up.

Officer: I got your food here, Lieutenant.

John: Hey, thanks, Sam.

Sam: No problem.

John: Look, I -- um -- I thought maybe you'd like something better than the grub they serve down in lockup.

Marty: Are you always this nice to all the prisoners?

John: Uh --

Marty: It looks great, thanks. John, thereís something else I need to ask of you.  Look, I donít know how much time I might be serving.

John: Look, I --

Marty: No, I -- I have to be realistic, and I might not ever fill in the missing pieces of my memory. And even if I do, I'm probably going to be going to prison for an extended period of time.

John: And?

Marty: And I need to make arrangements for my son. So I'm -- I'm considering my options.

John: Consider proving your innocence.

Marty: No, John, please listen to me. Cole is very fond of you, and he looks up to you. You know, he really enjoys talking with you.

John: Well, I like talking to him, too. You know, he -- heís a good kid.

Marty: So, you know, I was just -- I was hoping that wherever he ends up, you know, that you might be able to look in on him from -- from time to time and make sure that heís ok.

John: What do you want me to say?

Marty: I want you to say yes.

John: To what?

Marty: To helping my son.

John: Really? It sounds like what you're asking me to do is to help you give up. I wonít do that.

Blair: Todd Manning, you listen to me. There is plenty enough time for you to get back at Miles. Right now, itís important that you get to feeling better. You hear me? Oh, just in time -- I was telling Todd that he needs to get his strength back, right?

Starr: How is he doing?

Paige: Well, heís improving, but I need to see some test results to be more specific.

Blair: How long do you need to keep him?

Paige: At least overnight -- we're working on getting him a room -- so I'll check back with you later.

Blair: Thanks.

Todd: What is that?

Dorian: Blair asked me to bring over some fresh clothes for you.

Blair: I'm sure you'll want to burn the ones that you were in earlier.

Starr: No, shouldnít he give them to the police -- you know, for evidence that they can catch the guy who did it.

Blair: Starr, whatís important is that your dad is home safe. Why donít you fill him in on everything that he missed, huh?

Jack: Oh, and where you're better, I want a rematch on night hunter three.

Todd: Oh. Think you're going to kick my butt, yeah?

Jack: I knew you were coming back.

Todd: Yeah, yeah.

Starr: Do you need anything, dad?

Todd: Oh, how about one of those monster shakes from Carlottaís with the --

Starr: Vanilla, right?

Todd: Vanilla, with the whipped cream.

Starr: Ok.

Jack: Me, too.

Dorian: All right, I love the flan. Come on, kids. We'll give your parents some alone time.

Starr: Ok. Bye.

Todd: Bye. Why donít you go with them, Blair?

Blair: I'll wait until Dr. Miller gets back with your results.

Todd: No, I need a nap.

Blair: Ok. All right, well, I guess itís to Carlottaís diner.

Viki: I donít understand, David. What is this?

David: I'm having the money that I received transferred back into Clintís name. I had my lawyer draw that up. I'd take it to Clint myself, but -- as you can see.

Viki: This is real?

David: Itís legal and binding. I donít want the money. Not if it changes the way you feel about me.

Viki: To what do I owe this change of heart, huh?

David: Your eyes -- the way you looked at me when I agreed to have the surgery. You admired me.

Viki: Yeah, I really did. I thought I had finally seen past all that narcissistic facade. I mean, I always knew you were decent. But giving and self-sacrificing? David, you blew me away.

David: Me?

Viki: You. Yeah, you.

David: And I blew it.

Viki: Yeah, you blew it. Itís not a very nice feeling to know that you've just been played all along, the way you play everybody.

David: I never intended to play you, Viki.

Viki: David, you -- you donít have to intend something to do it, you know. You know what hurts the most, I think? I -- I thought that we had -- I donít know -- some kind of mutual respect at least.

David: Oh, we did, we do. I still do. I canít believe I messed this up -- I mean, I can, but I canít, you know what I mean?

Viki: Yes, I do.

David: You know, I donít usually care what other people think about me, but somehow with you, itís different. You make me want to be a better man. I'm pretty sure I stole that line from a movie, but itís true. Anyway, that document is genuine. The moneyís out of my hands.

Viki: Thank you.

David: Thereís one more thing. Will you please forgive me?

Tate: This is a cozy little party, donít you think? You done? Good.

[Vincent groans]

Tate: Now, move over to the ledge, right over there. You, too, sister, scoot.

Adriana: I'm so sorry, Layla.

Layla: Itís not your fault. Just be strong. We'll get through this, ok?

Tate: Hmm. Not bad. You guys do this often? Excuse me, did I tell you to stand over here? No, I told you to stand over there. You got to learn how to listen to the man.

Vincent: You're the man, huh? What kind of man lets his father take the rap for his crimes, huh? What kind of man letís his father die for you?

Tate: The kind of man who understands what it takes to sacrifice in the name of freedom.

Layla: "Freedom"? From what?

[Vincent groans]

Rex: From anyone who isnít like you, right, Harmon?

Adriana: Tate, donít do this. We were friends.

Tate: You were my cover, Adriana. Donít you get that? You bought me a free pass so I could do my work all over this town. All I had to do was make nice, and you just lapped it up, huh? You opened up your home -- you would've opened up your bed if I wanted that, huh?

Rex: Shut your mouth.

Tate: Or what, huh? Do you really think someone like me would want to be involved with something like you -- a mutt, a mongrel?

Rex: You're never going to get away with this --

Tate: I told you to shut up now!

Adriana: No, stop it, please! Donít hurt --

Tate: Get back! Get back where I told you! You want to save your friends' lives, huh? Ok, letís make a deal.

Tate: I'd be willing to trade their lives -- for yours.

Rex: Shove it, we're not making any deals with you.

Tate: Three lives for the price of one -- what do you say?

Layla: She says no.

Tate: Well, I think it would only be fitting, donít you? I mean, you saving their lives after it was your vanity that exposed them to me in the first place?

Rex: Adriana, donít listen to him, heís working you.

Tate: Well?

Adriana: What would you do to me?

Tate: Nothing. You do all the work yourself.

Rex: Stop this.

Tate: Three for one -- final offer. Whatís it going to be?

Adriana: What do you want me to do?

Rex: Adriana --

Tate: Step out onto the ledge.

Rex: No!

Layla: Donít do this. No, "no."

Adriana: I'm sorry.

Layla: No.

Tate: Good. Now, jump.

Bo: Whatís the status?

Talia: I cannot reach Adriana Cramer. Both of her numbers go straight to voicemail.

Bo: And Balsom?

Talia: Same deal -- for him, for Layla, Vincent Jones.

Bo: All right, send a unit over to her place. Also, send somebody to Balsomís and Vincentís places, too.

Talia: I'm on it.

Bo: All right, thanks.

Renee: Hello, Bo.

Bo: Hi, Renee.

Renee: I'm here on a personal mission from your father.

Bo: Is he all right?

Renee: Heís -- fine.

Bo: Hmm.

Renee: He wanted me to put this in your hands -- Kentucky single-barrel bourbon, the best there is.

Bo: Well, whatís this for?

Renee: Actually, your father didnít tell me.

Nigel: I believe Mr. Buchanan has 10 million reasons.

Viki: Oh, Lord, do I wish that you had not demanded $10 million from Clint. But the fact that you're willing to give it back -- I donít know -- that -- that goes a long way.

David: So --

Viki: You're a child, David, you behave like a child. When children do something wrong and get caught, they're very, very sorry. But thatís who you are, so I expect -- we canít expect you to be any different. Yeah, I forgive you.

David: Maybe I could work on entering adolescence. So what do you think? You forgive me? I've learned my lesson.

Viki: Oh? Which is what?

David: Donít do anything to change the way that you're looking at me right now?

[Viki giggles]

Viki: Yeah, thatís a start. I'll see that Clint gets this, ok? Oh, David --

David: What?

Viki: You didnít even sign it.

David: What? I didnít know there was a space to -- well, look at that.

Viki: Here -- hereís a pen.

David: Handy little buggers, arenít they?

Viki: Hmm.

David: Thank you.

Viki: No -- thank you, David. I thank you.

Dorian: Viki.

Viki: Dorian.

Dorian: I missed seeing you. I was downstairs -- with your brother in the ER.

Viki: Bully for you.

Dorian: Well. Would you, uh, mind telling me what that was all about?

David: Yes, I would, actually. You're going to tell me that I've lost my mind.

Dorian: Try me.

David: I just gave back the $10 million.

Dorian: You're out of your mind!

Viki: Paige, everything all right?

Paige: Yes, yes. Toddís condition is improving steadily.

Viki: No, no, I meant you. You seem troubled.

Paige: No, it -- well, uh -- actually, Viki, could I -- could I speak to you for a moment?

Viki: Yes, of course.

Paige: Thank you.

Blair: Ok. We're back!

Starr: Dad, I --

Miles: Todd.

Viki: You know, I understand that you have mixed feelings. But it seems to me that this is what you have to do, and if you donít follow your heart, you're going to begin to resent it.

Paige: You really think so?

Viki: Mm-hmm. Donít you?

Paige: Yeah. Yeah, I do. Sometimes you just need to hear someone else tell you that you're doing the right thing, you know? Thank you.

Viki: Yeah.

Starr: Whereís Dad?

Jack: Did he go away again?

Blair: Itís ok. He said heís fine, donít worry, he has something to take care of.

Starr: Heís been back for two hours. What could he possibly have to take care of?

Todd: Hello, Miles.

Miles: I donít understand --

Todd: No, you donít understand, do you, huh? Right, I'm supposed to be dead and drugged and --

Miles: No, you're supposed to be in the hospital.

Todd: Or in a coffin -- if you had your way.

Miles: Look, I -- I donít know what you're talking about.

Todd: No, you donít -- you know what? Spare me. Donít play stupid with me.

Miles: Look, you're obviously angry about something, but whatever it is --

Todd: Spencer wanted me dead so he could be with Blair -- that I get, but whatís your excuse?

Miles: I never said that I was looking to hurt you or anything else.

Todd: You stabbed me, you son of a bitch. At least, you had me stabbed. You made me think my son was alive so you could ambush me. Then when you got me, you drugged me up for months. Why, Miles? What did I do to you, Miles?

Miles: I -- I never did anything to you, either.

Todd: Do you know how much my family means to me?

Miles: Yeah.

Todd: Mm-hmm.

Miles: Yeah. But you have no witnesses, you have no proof.

Todd: I am proof, you son of a bitch.

Guard: Got an incident on cell three, I need backup.

Todd: Huh? Feels good, huh?

Renee: Excuse me -- telephone.


Bo: You knew that pa hired Vickers to kill Spencer Truman?

Nigel: Mr. Buchanan did have a rather extreme aversion to the late dr. Truman -- particularly after the man claimed to be his son.

Bo: Yeah. Well, pa admitted that he had an affair with Trumanís mother. You know, that DNA test -- it could've gone either way. It went in país favor, but the fact that he would put a -- a hit on Truman? That was based on nothing more than just pure meanness.

Nigel: Your father is very grateful you have decided to look the other way.

Bo: Yeah. Well, he wouldnít last two days in jail. But thatís not why I did what I did. Look, Vickers did not kill Truman, pa never actually paid him off -- that was all dumb luck, but I can live with that. But if things would've gone in a different way, I would have done exactly what I had to do.

Nigel: Understood, sir. And thank heavens it didnít come to that.

Bo: Yeah. Well, in the eyes of the law, pa got a pass. But I cannot tolerate what he did. So as far as his, uh, thank-you gifts are concerned, I donít want them, Nigel.

Officer: Commissioner? Thereís an incident in one of the cells.

Bo: All right. I'll see you.

Renee: No, if they donít have any in the cellar -- hi -- you'll have to send out for it. Vincent Jones was very specific about which wine he wanted for his rooftop dinner, ok? Thank you. Oh.

Talia: Mrs. Buchanan, hi.

Renee: Yes, hi.

Talia: Officer Sahid.

Renee: Yes.

Talia: Um, excuse me, but did I just hear you say that Vincent Jones was planning a rooftop dinner?

Renee: No, darling, not planning it, heís having it right now.

Vincent: You sick bastard, I swear I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

Layla: This isnít right, this isnít right, this is not right!

Tate: Shut up! Shut up!

Adriana: You -- you want me to jump?

Tate: Thatís what I said, isnít it?

Adriana: No.

Tate: "No"?

Adriana: No one would ever believe that I would do something like that.

Tate: Oh, no, no, no, no. Not of your own free will, of course not. But -- but donít worry, I'll leave a note, ok? The whole world will know that the O.P.P. was responsible.

Adriana: Oh, God --

Tate: And the liberal media will wring their hands and blame the sick hate group -- not just for your death, but for the traitorís death, and for Kunta and his Nubian Princess. Everyone will think that Kirk Harmonís associates targeted his poor sonís impure friends.

[Vincent groans]

Tate: And I'll be a wreck -- "my poor, sweet Adriana, gone, Ďsplattered' all over the sidewalk." Oh, I'll cry at your grave, the whole world will see my pain. You see, in death, you'll help me continue my work free of suspicion.

Vincent: You are out of your mind, Harmon, you hear me? You're crazy out of your mind -- if you ever had one!

Tate: Your time is coming. Have a little patience, ok?

Rex: Do not listen to him. Heís going to kill us anyway, he just said so.

Tate: Well, maybe I wonít. Can you afford to take that chance? So whatís it going to be, huh? A quick, clean suicide, or carnage"?

Rex: Donít listen to him!

Tate: All right, you know what? How about I sweeten the pot? Come here!

Layla: No! No!

Vincent: Damn you, Tate! Get your damn hands off of her! Donít you touch her, Tate! You hear me?

Tate: Jump, or she goes over the ledge.

Rex: Adriana, no!

Layla: No!

Tate: A-one --

Layla: No!

Tate: And two --

Adriana: All right, all right, all right, I'll do it, I'll jump! Stop, please!

Talia: What time did Vincent Jones get to The Palace?

Renee: Hmm -- about 7:30. Oh, and heís been so excited the last few days planning this. He wanted the perfect wine, very specific about the table decorations. He wanted everything to be just right for his guest.

Talia: May I ask, was his guest Layla Williamson?

Renee: Yes, yes, it was. Whatís this about?

Talia: Nothing. I'm just following up on a case -- they're not in any kind of trouble or anything.

Renee: Oh, ok.

Talia: Do you know what time Layla Williamson got to The Palace?

Renee: She was on her way as I left.

Talia: Itís just that Adriana said that Layla and Vincent were on their way over to her apartment around that time. Which means she lied.

Renee: Excuse me?

Talia: Nothing. Thank you so much for your help. Excuse me.

Dorian: You jumped through hoops for that money, you basically accused me of sucking the life blood out of you, and then you turn around and just give it away?

David: It was the right thing to do.

Dorian: Since when has the right thing to do ever been your motivation? Though, truthfully, it made me very unhappy to see Clint suffer that way.

David: "Suffer"? The guy barely felt it leave his bank account.

Dorian: It was the principle of the thing that mattered. His daughterís life was on the line, and you were putting a price on it.

David: Well, you can relax knowing that your cowboyís principle has now been replenished.

Dorian: I -- I donít get this. Really, be-- you -- I thought that you would be on your way to -- to Ibiza, charting a course for the perfect whatever adult beverage is that they drink the, and instead, you have just given away $10 million?

David: Please, stop saying that. You're going to make me pop a stitch. I'd like to revel in this strange feeling I'm having.

Dorian: What feeling?

David: It feels unfamiliar -- no, it feels confusing -- no, it feels unfamiliar and confusing. Wait, itís starting to feel good.

Dorian: Could "nobility" be the word you're searching for?

David: Does nobility feel better than being rich?

Dorian: Oh, David. You know, as much as I'm absolutely amazed at this change in you, I'm -- I'm also very, very proud. Really, that you're finally interested in someone other than yourself.

David: Maybe I'm all grows up.

Dorian: And what are you going to do, now that you're "all grows up"?

David: Well, lay here and mend for a while.

Dorian: Ah.

David: Then I'm going to go find out what is that perfect adult beverage they drink in Ibiza.

Dorian: Do you really have to go? You're free now.

David: I know, I am -- for the first time since I was 15 years old. I donít know, maybe itís time to find out what freedom really means.

Dorian: I'll miss you, David.

Marty: Ok, just concentrate, just -- concentrate.

Marty: Oh, what am I forgetting?

Guard: Damn it, let him go, Manning! Thatís enough, let him go!

John: Oh, my -- Manning, get --

Bo: Get him away from the bar!

John: Get back!

Miles: I want him arrested!

John: Whatís wrong with you?

Miles: You saw what he did to me!

Todd: Oh, donít worry, Miles, thereís more where that came from.

Bo: Will you settle down!

Miles: I want him charged with assault. I want him charged with assault!

Bo: Nobody is getting charge with anything, you understand?

Miles: Why? Why? Because your lieutenantís hot after my wife?

Bo: Get him back to the hospital!

Todd: This isnít over, Miles.

John: Letís go.

Todd: Bye, Miles. Bye!

Bo: Hey. To what do I owe this pleasant surprise?

Paige: Thereís no easy way to say this.

Bo: What?

Paige: I'm leaving Llanview.

David: Oh, I'll come back to visit you.

Dorian: Ok. You know, of course, by then, I could be Mrs. Clint Buchanan.

David: Doesnít matter. We'll always have Paris.

Dorian: A petit bisou.

David: And now a big bisou.

Dorian: Ah-ah-ah.

David: Come here.

Dorian: A bientot, cheri. A bientot.

[David sighs]

[Knock on door]

David: Yeah?

Nigel: Might I come in?

David: Sure, but why?

Nigel: Mr. Buchanan wanted to convey that heís sincerely heartened that you'll soon be released.

David: Really? Heís not all mad that I tried to take him for 10 million?

Nigel: I think your liver more than made up for that. Heís very grateful for what you did for Miss Jessica.

David: Huh. Well, you tell Asa I said thanks for his thanks. Come for something else?

Nigel: I did -- I believe I got it.

Blair: You want to tell us what happened?

Todd: We had a little chat, but we got interrupted.

Blair: "A chat"?

Todd: And I fully intend to finish it.

Miles: Spencer? Spencer?

Miles: Ok. Guess I'm on my own.

John: Thanks. Hey.

Marty: Hey.

John: Anything?

Marty: No, not yet, but I actually -- I can feel something, you know, like itís just there, out of reach.

John: Ok, good.

Marty: So what happened with Miles?

John: Manning. Yeah, he dragged himself down here and tried to choke the life out of him.

Marty: Is Todd ok?

John: Yeah. Yeah, Manningís ok -- they're both ok. Miles is a feisty little guy, I'll tell you. You know, Bo had to slam him up against a wall. I didnít know Laurence had it in him to go face to face with a grown man.

Marty: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I -- I remember. I -- I remember what happened.

Adriana: What happened to make you so filled with hate? I'm a human being.

Tate: No, you're not.

Layla: Get off -- stop!

Tate: Repeat after me -- "I am not worthy to live."

Rex: You sick bastard.

Tate: "I am not worthy to live" -- say it!

[Gun shot]

Talia: Freeze, Tate! On the ground now!

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Adriana: I should've trusted you.

Nash: Your uncle Todd -- heís back.

Blair: I wasnít going to give up on you, Todd.

Todd: I'm glad you didnít.

Cole: I was just thinking about you.

Starr: I guess we should talk.

John: Donít you give up! I wonít give up, donít you!

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