OLTL Transcript Wednesday 7/25/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 7/25/07


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Rex: Something wrong?

Michael: You know Toddís still missing, right?

Rex: Yeah, I heard.

Michael: I hope that doesnít mean that heís found out what we've been hiding from him. Todd? Can you hear me?

Todd: Hmm.

Michael: Do you-- do you remember anything?

Todd: Oh. I want my son.

Langston: We came as fast as we could.

Markko: What happened? Langston said you didnít sound so good.

Starr: Um --

Langston: Oh, right. Um -- hey, how about that pool in the back that I was telling you about, yeah?

Markko: Are you ditching me?

Langston: Do you need a lifeguard?

Markko: Fine -- go comb each otherís hair. But just so you know, I was down to listen or cheer you up or give advice. Whatever.

Langston: Aw, how cute.

Starr: Ok, wait, maybe you can help me with something.

Markko: Let her rip.

Starr: My dad was stabbed and kidnapped and held hostage, and Cole knew exactly who had him and where he was.

Langston: What?

Starr: So now, what do I do?

Guard: Dr. Saybrooke? You have a visitor.

David: I'd like the filet mignon, charred rare. No, the one with the shiitake reduction. And a side of haricot vert, no mash, and bread pudding for dessert. My name -- David Vickers, and I'm at -- a takeout blacklist? What is the -- well, Renee is just kidding. Are you aware that I just donated my liver, which reminds me -- I'd like the foie gras appetizer. Hello? Hello? Ah -- oh, good. I'm glad you're here. You're the law -- they'll listen to you. I'm going to call the palace back. I want you to tell them that I'm with you.

John: You're right -- you are with me. Get dressed.

David: What? My liver is regenerating. I'm not going anywhere.

John: You're going on camera to tell the whole world you know who killed Spencer Truman.

Adriana: Where the hell could it be?

Rex: Calm down, Adriana.

Adriana: That racist piece of crap went in the garbage can -- I saw it!

Talia: Is it possible your roomed it?

Adriana: Layla -- why would she do that?

Talia: Maybe sheís being considerate taking out the trash. Maybe she didnít see it.

Adriana: There wasnít that much stuff in there. She would've seen the medal and she would've flipped out like I did and called me.

Rex: What if Tate came back and took it?

Layla: Wow. This is beyond beyond. Vincent Vincent -- Vincent? Vincent! Wake up! Vincent? Hey.

Rex: Yeah.

Adriana: Still not answering?

Talia: No, itís going straight to voicemail.

Rex: Listen, if any of your staff or you sees Tate Harmon, you need to call the L.P.D. and let the commissioner know, and donít let him see you doing it. Yep. Still a no-show at the TV station.

Adriana: They havenít heard from him?

[Rex sighs]

Rex: Look, the more I think about it, the more I'm positive Tate came back for that medal. Thereís no way he could let it go.

Talia: Thereís no proof of that. Thereís no sign of forced entry.

Adriana: I let him crash here on and off for weeks. Oh, God.

Talia: What?

Adriana: What if Layla let him in?

Rex: Call her, now.

Talia: I'm going to check in with the station.

Layla: Vincent, wake up! Wake up, Vincent! Wake up! Wake up.

Tate: So glad you could join us.

Layla: Tate.

Tate: But I donít want you messing up my handiwork, ok? So -- uh-uh-uh-uh. No, you donít! Oh, no, you donít! All right. I'll tell you something -- if u scream, I'll kill him, ok? If you try anything, I will kill you -- you got it? Nod your head like a good little girl.

Layla: Mm-hmm.

Tate: Yeah. We'll have you trained in no time.

[Phone rings]

Tate: Get your phone but donít answer it. Get your phone out. Do not answer it. Oh, right on time. Hello, boss lady. Nice to hear from you.

Blair: Michael? How does he look?

Michael: Well, as you know, Todd sustained a stab wound to the abdomen. Now, judging from the amount of scar tissue and his state of healing, I'd say that it occurred about 12 weeks ago.

Viki: Oh, God.

Blair: That was when he was in Chicago.

Viki: What -- whatís his prognosis?

Michael: I think heís going to be fine.

Blair: Thank God.

Viki: Heís going to make a full recovery?

Michael: Well, itís going to take time -- I mean, not just the initial injury thatís -- thatís bad, but the patch job that was done afterwards.

Blair: Right. Well, can we -- we see him now?

Michael: You know, I -- I think itís best if we let him wake up. You know, I'd -- I'd like to examine him, you know, interview him, see if thereís anything we missed. You know, maybe he could shed some light on the toxicology screen.

Blair: Oh. Why he showed up drunk and we found him with a prostitute in his bed?

Viki: What?

Blair: Yeah. John found him in a seedy motel.

Viki: With a prostitute? Oh, come on -- thatís not him.

Blair: Well, I know. It doesnít, you know, make any sense, but I think it has something to do with the scam that somebodyís trying to keep him away from his son.

Viki: Well, I guess we wonít know till we get all the facts.

Blair: And we should have that very soon because Toddís going to wake up and he'll tell us exactly what happened.

David: John, my flat-footed friend, surely you can see I'm in no condition to move. I'm barely on solid food.

John: You'll be a cheap date.

David: Hmm -- flattering.

John: Get dressed.

David: No, I'm serious -- they cut me. I'm still healing. Jo: So we'll prop you up. You'll be like a network anchor.

David: I'm not supposed to move.

John: Oh, yeah? Well, it must've taken some movement to toss this. "Viki Davidson" -- very nice.

David: Yeah, it was, till Clint wrecked it.

John: Well, it must be some kind of record.

David: For what?

John: Alienating the parents of the girl whose life you just saved.

David: You know what? You can leave and you can take your leash with you.

John: Let me tell you something. Marty Saybrookeís in jail for a crime she didnít commit, so you have a choice. You come with me now, or I'll bring the cameras to you.

David: Oh, no. I ainít getting my close-up under track lighting, sitting next to a bedpan.

John: I guess you should put some blush on. I'll be right back.

David: Donít you do that, John.

Man: Relax, David. This is one threat Lieutenant McBainís not going to make good on.

Markko: Cole saw your dad with his own eyes?

Langston: He knew his whacked-out stepfreak was holding your dad hostage?

Starr: And he didnít do anything. He didnít tell me and he didnít tell the cops.

Markko: Nobody?

Langston: He is so going to juvie for this.

Markko: That doesnít sound like Cole. Heís too straight-up, you know?

Langston: "Straight-up"? Ok, I donít think you get how twisted this is. Starrís dad --

Markko: Yeah, I know -- you already told me, remember?

Langston: So Cole comes to town, gets with Starr, goes totally steroidal on her, then does this whole big thing about how sorry he is and how heís going to go straight.

Markko: And he did.

Langston: And then he tricked Starr into believing he loves her.

Markko: Yeah, the dude does.

Langston: Oh, and thatís when Starrís dad gets stabbed and held hostage, and it turns out that Cole knew whatís up? Itís a total setup.

Markko: He'd have to be a complete psychopath.

Langston: Itís happened to better guys. Remember Henry?

Markko: Nah, I'm telling you Thornhartís not like that. Thereís got to be something more.

Starr: There is. Coleís mom killed a guy, and he lied about that, too.

Marty: Did you find the money ok?

Cole: Yeah.

Marty: Uh, you know that there should be enough for a couple of days, if you spend it carefully. Did you get something to eat?

Cole: Yeah, I grabbed something.

Marty: Well, you know, I donít want you eating out all the time, so, you know, you can get some groceries and thereís -- thereís really easy recipes --

Cole: Mom?

Marty: They're in the kitchen by the --

Cole: I can cook, remember? Dad taught me.

Marty: I know you're disappointed in me.

Cole: What?

Marty: And you have every right to be.

Cole: Mom, stop. That isnít it. Huh -- this is so wrong. God -- I could kill Miles for doing this to you.

Marty: Donít say that. Sweetie, I know you are hurting. But I did something wrong and I have to pay for it.

Cole: You killed a man who was going to rape Starrís mom. How is that a crime, huh? Can -- can anyone answer me that?

Marty: Look, Cole, please. I havenít been charged with anything, ok? They're just holding me for 48 hours.

Cole: And if you are charged?

Marty: Then I will hire a lawyer and I will post bail.

Cole: Oh, this is nuts.

Marty: Please, sweetie, I -- I'm doing everything I can to fix this, and if -- and if it comes to it, I will hire the best defense possible, but -- but in the meantime, I need you to take care of yourself.

Cole: I am.

Marty: And I -- I know you're worried and I canít ask you not to be, but I need you to, you know, go about your life like you normally would. Can you do that for me?

Cole: Yeah.

Marty: Ok. Well, have you talked to Starr?

Cole: You're the only thing that matters to me right now -- you and Miles Laurence.

Marty: Please, I told you --

Cole: Mom!

Marty: Donít --

Cole: He did this to us! All right? And if they set him free, I donít know what I'm going to do.

David: John, let me introduce you to my very expensive lawyer, Howard --

John: Yeah, I know who he is.

Howard: Oh. Are you a fan of trial TV?

John: No. What? Did you -- you win the lottery or something?

David: Oh, I know better than to skimp on legal representation.

John: I didnít know the Statesville laundry paid enough to hire a bigtime defense attorney. Howard: Uh, uh, uh -- the clever Detectiveís on a fishing expedition, but itís not going to work. You're in a leaking raft in open water.

John: And you're the Moby Dick of this analogy?

Howard: My clientís finances are none of your business.

John: No, they're not, but, you know, the I.R.S. is always curious about new money.

Howard: Well, I was hoping to avoid any unpleasantness, but I see you're determined to make this a dialogue of threats.

John: Lay it on me, slick.

Howard: Cease and desist the harassment of my client or you'll be working the nightshift with mall security.

Michael: You know, I -- I really wouldnít expect too much from Todd when he wakes up. We're not going to know the full extent of his injuries until heís fully conscious.

Blair: Oh. And he didnít get help for a long time.

Viki: Oh, well, I mean, what if we just went and sat with him? Maybe hearing our voices would make him wake up, huh?

Michael: I -- honestly, I would prefer to let the I.V. do its job, rehydrate him, get him stable --

Paige: But Blair and Viki arenít going to interfere with that. They can go in -- go ahead.

Blair: Thank you.

Viki: Oh. Thank you.

Paige: Let me see this. You're doing a good job handling Toddís treatment.

Michael: But?

Paige: Well, I understand you want to manage the familyís expectations regarding his recovery, but donít overdo it. You know, thereís room for optimism here. Todd is recovering. Blair and Viki being in the room is only going to speed up that process.

Michael: And if I find something more serious --

Paige: Well, then we will deal with it then. But you do want him to recover, donít you?

Michael: Of course I do. Heís my patient.

Paige: Well, good. Because if I didnít know you better, I'd think you had a different agenda.

Viki: You know what? I -- I -- I canít believe this. Heís done it again. Heís cheated death. Gone all these months and in terrible trouble and then, all of a sudden, heís here.

Blair: Yeah. Heís really here.

Viki: Does Starr know?

Blair: No, I havenít contacted her yet.

Viki: We, maybe -- maybe itís better that you wait for news on his prognosis before you bring the children here, huh?

Blair: Viki, do you think somethingís really wrong with him?

Viki: Oh -- you know, Blair, heís a survivor. We all know that. I donít think he would make it all the way back here just to leave again.

Blair: I just wish he would wake up and tell me what was really wrong with him.

Viki: Yeah.

Todd: Yak, yak, yak. Thatís all you guys are good at

Michael: You know, I -- I really should go and check on Todd.

Paige: No. You know, let Viki and Blair have their time with him. The monitors will go off if heís in danger. Is something wrong?

Michael: I'm fine. Why do you ask?

Paige: I'm just checking. You know, your shift is almost over anyway. Why donít you just punch out and I'll take over?

Michael: I'm fine. You know, I'd really prefer to see this one out.

Paige: Huh -- ok. Now I know thereís something wrong.

Michael: Why, because I love to do my job?

Paige: No -- because the Michael I know would jump at the chance to go home to his wife and kid.

Michael: With all due respect, my family -- my business.

Paige: I canít have you treating patients when your head is not in it.

Michael: Why are you so sure thereís something wrong? You know, right? You know about Marcie?

Paige: Yes, I do.

Viki: Hey, can we get you anything?

Todd: More of these drugs.

[Viki chuckles]

Viki: Hey, I think we'll leave that up to the doctors.

Blair: You know, they're right outside. They said you're going to be ok, Todd.

Todd: Ow, my head. Why do I feel so --

Blair: You feel drunk?

Todd: Well, no, I feel, uh -- hung-over.

Blair: Well, uh, John found you in a motel heavily intoxicated with a prostitute in your bed.

Todd: Really?

Blair: Uh-huh. You remember anything?

Todd: A hooker -- no, no. Everything else, yeah.

Langston: Coleís mom killed Spencer Truman?

Starr: Sheís in jail right now.

Markko: Oh, Cole must be freaking.

Langston: You donít think Starrís freaking? Her dadís still missing.

Markko: All I'm saying is it blows for both of them.

Starr: Donít compare me to Cole, ok? He could've helped save my dad, but he didnít do anything.

Markko: Ok, but his dad is already dead. You know, Cole is an only child. His mom is the only person he has.

Langston: Why are you defending him?

Markko: I'm not defending him. I'm just seeing it from his side. I mean, what would you have done?

Langston: The right thing.

Markko: Oh, and screw the only parent you had left? I'm just saying if someone threatened to take away your mom right now, you and your little brother would be all alone. Are you telling me you'd let that happen? I mean, yeah, Cole was wrong, but his back was up against the wall, man. Does that help?

Langston: Like a kick in the head helps?

Markko: I just think you should give him the benefit of the doubt. But, whatever. So, are you going to stay with him or not?

Marty: Look, I mean it, Cole. Do not do anything about Miles. I donít want to have to get out of this jail cell and then bail you out of juvenile detention. So, please, just let Bo and John do their job. Promise me.

Cole: Yeah, I promise.

Nora: Marty? Hi, Cole. I just heard the news. I'm -- I'm speechless.

Marty: I donít know what to say, either.

Nora: Are you holding up ok?

Marty: Itís not so bad. Everyoneís respectful and I get my meals on time.

Nora: Well, this is a fine mess.

Cole: My mom didnít do anything wrong.

Nora: You know what? Donít worry. I'm here, I'm going to help her get to the bottom of this.

Marty: Are you -- here in an official capacity?

Nora: Um -- no. Actually, so far, thereís been no official decision whether or not to press charges, so --

Marty: But you have my confession.

Nora: You know, honestly, I'm letting Bo and John sort through all of this stuff, and until they come into my office with an official decision to press charges, I'm keeping my nose out of it.

Marty: Isnít that unethical?

Nora: Hmm, no, not technically. I'm not going to prosecute you, my friend. I wonít.

Marty: I know this is awkward for you and I would understand if you need to keep your distance from me.

Nora: Ok, thatís my decision. And frankly, the whole idea of you killing Spencer Truman -- or anyone else, for that matter -- just doesnít make a lick of sense to me.

Marty: Thatís what I remember.

Nora: Well, memory is a tricky thing. I can attest to that.

Cole: Yeah, sheís right. Why wonít you let us believe you're innocent?

Marty: Cole --

Cole: What?

Nora: There is something suspicious about all of this. And we'll just let Bo and John -- if there is, they'll -- Bo and John will definitely get to the bottom of it, ok -- guaranteed? Guaranteed. In the meantime, is there anything I can do for either one of you?

Marty: There -- there is one thing.

Nora: Name it.

Marty: You can take care of my son.

John: If I were you, I'd be more concerned about a client who hindered the investigation of a capital crime. You see, whether we like it or not, heís ours.

Howard: Then charge him.

John: Donít have to.

Howard: As long as heís working for you.

John: Now you're catching on.

Howard: You violated my clientís civil rights when you enjoined him to take part in your dangerous sting operation against his will.

John: Sting? What sting?

Howard: Precisely. There will be no operation as long as I'm here to stop it.

John: Vickers was temporarily released under my supervision. There is no way heís free and clear.

Howard: Just try to get him back into prison. You're the one who proclaimed his innocence on national TV. My clientís a free man. You canít force him to risk his life to bait a killer.

David: What he just said.

Howard: Besides, you already have the real perpetrator in custody, a dr. Margaret Saybrooke.

John: She hasnít been charged with anything.

Howard: Why? Is she also in your employ, earning hard pay? I'm well aware of your illegal conspiracy with the Warden at Statesville to show David in this reckless manner. If you donít cease and desist, I'll expose your entire department in front of those cameras you keep clamoring for. Now, please leave and take that ankle monitor with you.

Adriana: What did you do?

Tate: Oh, nothing yet, but I got to tell you, itís getting a little boring here without you, so listen up. If anybodyís hanging around, you are talking to Layla, not me, ok, and sheís yukking it up about the filthy good time sheís having with Vincent tonight. Comprende, chica?

Adriana: Sounds like a great time.

Tate: Ok. So now, I am rassling up the posse, ok? Just me and the creators of exposed on the roof of the palace hotel. Come quick and come alone -- no Rex, no cops, no one.

Adriana: Got it.

Tate: You might want to hurry, though, because the winds are just blowing around up here and, you know, I'm trying to hold on to your roommate. But with this bum shoulder of mine, a good, stiff breeze could just blow her away.

Paige: Marcie came to me to ask me about fertility doctors, and I gave her a list of names.

Michael: She ever come back?

Paige: No, I think she didnít want the situation to be any more complicated than it already was. Listen, Michael, if you or Marcie need any help or advice --

Michael: We donít. Thank you for asking. What I do need is for my boss to allow me to do my job.

Paige: Understood.

Michael: Then I have your permission to check on my patient, after which, I will be going home?

Paige: Go ahead.

Todd: That woman from the adoption agency, Mrs. Bromley, gave me an address of this -

[Baby cries]

Todd: Smelly, abandoned crack house. So I get there, and I hear this cry of a baby.

Viki: Did you find your son?

Todd: No, there was no baby there.

Blair: Was it a tape?

Todd: Mm-hmm. How'd you know that?

Blair: Because John and I found it right outside in the garbage of that building. And the police spliced it together so we could listen to it. So you know, whoever lured you to that building, Todd, must have had it all planned out.

Todd: Yeah -- yeah, it was playing on a tape recorder.

[Baby cries]

Todd: So I -- I come into the room, and then the next thing I know, some-- somebody jumps me. I never saw the person. They were wearing a mask. The last thing I remember from there was this person standing over me with a knife. I passed out.

Viki: Who would do that?

Todd: The only other thing I know for sure is that I was walking through the woods outside of town, and I must have passed out again, because -- now I'm here. I donít remember --

Blair: You're alive, though. You're alive.

Todd: Yeah. Still down one son.

Michael: Welcome back, Todd. How you feeling?

Todd: I donít know. Huh, I like these drugs, though.

[Blair chuckles]

Viki: Hey, I promise you something. Once you're feeling better, we'll get together, and we'll find your son.

Todd: Well, there is one thing I want now, and I need you to take care of it for me.

Starr: You know what? I dumped Cole, and I never want to see him again.

Langston: Amen.

Starr: How could you even think that I would want to be with him after he did something like that?

Markko: Well, because when we first got here, you asked us what you should do next. I mean, call me crazy, but why would you ask that if you were sure you did the right thing?

Langston: She wanted to know how she could stick it to Cole. Ok, dumping him was good, but now you need to go in for the kill.

Starr: No, Langston, thatís not even what I meant. God, how did this all happen? Cole and I were so happy at prom, and now -- my dad could be dead because of him.

Langston: I'm so sorry.

[Phone rings]

Starr: Mom?

Blair: Where are you, Starr?

Starr: I'm at Aunt Dorianís.

Blair: Ok, grab her driver and have them drive you straight to the hospital, ok?

Starr: What happened?

Blair: Itís your dad. I got some really great news. We found him, and heís going to be ok.

Cole: Mom, like I said before, I can take care of myself for a few days. I donít have school. I have nowhere to be.

Marty: Exactly. I donít want you to be alone, ok? Just not now. I know this is kind of unexpected, and it might be a conflict of interest for you, but --

Nora: Ok, first of all, I live in a mansion. He could have a whole wing. I wouldnít even know he was there. And second of all, this is not a conflict of interest. I told you, if anything official comes down, I'm going to recuse myself from the case.

Marty: Thank you, Nora.

Nora: Of course.

Cole: What, you donít trust me, mom?

Marty: Sweetie, no, that is not it. Look, I -- I just donít want you in an apartment by yourself just sitting there spinning worst-case scenarios, ok?

Cole: I can take care of myself.

Marty: Please, do this for me. I am running out of options here.

Cole: What about John?

John: You got a problem, file a complaint.

Howard: Done. This order vacates my clientís conviction and demands his immediate release from the service of the commonwealth.

John: Why didnít you just hand this over in the first place?

Howard: Well, whereís the fun in that?

John: Hilarious. I'll see what I can do about his release.

David: Thatís too bad. He knows where to get great cannoli. Now he hates me.

Howard: Well, I get paid the big bucks so the other side hates me, not you. Good thing you got them.

David: Yeah -- about that -- thereís something else I need you to do for me.

Rex: What did Layla say?

Adriana: She said --

Talia: I'm going to go back to work and coordinate from there, ok?

Rex: Do you think maybe an A.P.B. on Tate?

Talia: Hmm -- did you reach Layla?

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

Talia: She threw out the trash, right?

Adriana: Huh -- yeah.

Talia: I thought so. An A.P.B. is premature, but you two should lie low and stick together if you can.

Rex: Yeah, no problem.

Adriana: You know, Layla and Vince are on their way back here now, so you donít have to stick around, Rex.

Rex: I'll wait till they get here.

Talia: All right, well, call me if Tate contacts either one of you, and if he shows up, under no circumstances are you to let him in.

Rex: Talk to me.

Adriana: About what?

Rex: You looked like you were going to stroke out on the phone with Layla.

Adriana: I've been hanging with a racist murderer for months without knowing it. I'm a little tense.

Rex: Fine.

Adriana: Who are you calling?

Rex: Well, you're not going to tell me the truth, I'll get it from Layla.

Tate: Sit. Good girl.

Layla: This canít end well for you, Tate.

Tate: I know exactly how itís going to end, Layla.

Layla: Yeah?

Tate: Mm-hmm.

Layla: Fill me in.

Tate: Letís see. Thereís this. Or thereís this. Huh? Or my personal favorite -- ah! Get it yet? Figures. Your kind ainít too bright.

Layla: Whatever you think you're going to do to us, you wonít get away with it.

Tate: You know, you and homeboy were pretty bold back at the apartment with all that smack talk, huh? What was it that you called me? A -- a coward who was afraid to show his face? Well, here I am. Huh? Take a good, long look, because this is the last face you're ever going to see.

Adriana: This is exactly why I broke up with you.

Rex: Whoa!

Adriana: You're so jealous and paranoid and insecure! You're always trying to mess with my life and control me, just like my mother.

Rex: Wow! See, I thought we broke up because I s suspicious of your racist, murdering underwear model.

Adriana: That phone call had nothing to do with Tate.

Rex: Oh. Then what were you and Layla talking about?

Adriana: Personal business.

Rex: Still waiting.

[Adriana sighs]

Adriana: She -- she and Vincent got into it, ok? He said things and she said things, and now sheís on her way back over here and sheís upset. She feels like a fool for ever having trusted him again. And sheís going to feel like an even bigger fool if you're here when she gets here. Is that what you want?

Rex: I just wanted to make sure you were safe.

Adriana: Well, stop hovering. I'm fine.

[Adriana cries]

Adriana: Ok. Ok. All right. Just -- , come on. Layla needs you.

Marty: John McBain?

Cole: Whatís wrong with him?

Marty: No. No.

Nora: Hey, silent type like John? Might make a good guardian.

Marty: Look, I want you with Nora. There is plenty of room at the Buchanans'.

Cole: He has a couch that I can sleep on, Mom. Besides, heís chief of detectives, so you donít have to worry about me being safe.

Marty: Why are you fighting me on this?

Cole: Because he knows the whole deal of your case.

Marty: Ok?

Cole: And heís not going to let you go down for it. Heís going to keep fighting for you, no matter what, and I think -- I donít know -- this might sound stupid, but I think I can help you.

Marty: I love you so much for wanting to take care of me. But I am the parent, and I have to do what I think is best, and staying with Nora and Matthew is the best thing, and thatís final.

Nora: I can -- I can talk to John and see about having him keep Cole in the loop whenever he can, you know? Hey, and you -- donít you dare let my son trick you into playing night hunter three, because heís a shark. Deal?

Cole: Deal.

Nora: Ok, we should probably get going. I'll bring him by first thing in the morning.

Marty: Ok.

Nora: Come on, kiddo.

Marty: Well, have fun at the mansion.

Cole: I love you, Mom.

Marty: I love you, too, Sweetie.

Nora: Thank you.

[Door closes]

Paige: Oh, howís it going in there?

Viki: Oh, heís awake, ornery, and rude.

Paige: Well, thatís probably the meds talking.

Viki: No, no, no, thatís Todd.

[Paige chuckles]

Viki: But itís good, because it means heís recovering.

Paige: Hmm. Speaking of recovery, I was just with David, and he really wants to speak to you.

Viki: Does he?

Paige: He says itís urgent. I'll see you later.

Michael: Well, your vitals look good.

Blair: How long do you plan on keeping him?

Michael: Well, they're preparing a room upstairs. As soon as itís ready, we're going to move him.

Blair: Ok, thanks.

Michael: Ok.

Starr: Dad!

Todd: Hey. The one and only. Oh.

Starr: You're safe.

Tateís voice: Come quick and come alone. No Rex, no cops, no one.

[Knock on door]

Viki: Paige said you wanted to see me.

David: Yeah, I -- I kind of thought you'd skip it.

Viki: Well, I thought about it, because my day was ending on a high note.

David: Well, it still can.

Viki: No, thatís very unlikely.

David: All right, a high note may be pushing it. But how about the satisfaction of -- of hearing me say that I'm sorry?

John: We found Manning.

Marty: Where?

John: In a motel. Heís in the hospital now. Heís a little -- a little roughed up, but heís going to live.

Marty: Well, Blair and Starr must be -- well, Cole -- he -- he feels --

John: I know. Well, I'll make sure he gets the news she can --

Marty: Stop beating himself up.

John: Yeah.

Marty: I -- I asked Nora to take care of him.

John: Good plan.

Marty: Is something wrong?

John: We had to cut Vickers loose. So I -- I canít use him to flush out Trumanís killer. I'm -- I'm sorry.

Marty: You have no reason to be sorry. I mean, not after everything you've done for me.

John: This isnít over. Not till you're free and clear.

Todd: I canít believe I missed your prom and your --

Starr: Hmm.

Todd: Your musical.

Blair: We took tons of pictures, and I have a DVD of the play.

Starr: Yeah, and prom was more like a prom-lite. You have three more years until the one that really counts.

Todd: And what about your date? Would I have approved?

Blair: You probably wouldnít have approved of any of her dates, Todd.

Starr: Hmm.

Todd: I should've been there for you.

Starr: You're -- you're always there for me when I need you.

Todd: And thatís the way itís going to stay, I promise.

Tate: Well, it looks like your roommateís running late. She must be on that island time, huh? Sucks for you, though. I'm on a clock. Get up.

Layla: What for?

Tate: Well, letís put it this way. You've been kind of depressed lately, havenít you? Your sisterís in a coma. Maybe your boyfriend is now, too, huh? Who knows? Donít you feel kind of useless? Huh? I think maybe you should end it all. But donít worry. The how is up to you. Kind of gives it that personal touch, donít you think? Hmm?

Adriana: I'm here, Tate. You can let them go.

Tate: Oh. Buenos noches, Senorita. I wish I could, but I told you to come alone.

Adriana: Rex?

Tate: Looks like the gangís all here, huh? Now we can start the party.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

David: I donít want the money, not if it changes the way you feel about me.

Tate: Step away from the door or she dies.

Todd: I'm back now, and things are going to be different from here on out.

Marty: Oh, my God -- I -- I remember. I -- I remember what happened.

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