OLTL Transcript Tuesday 7/17/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 7/17/07


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Rex: Adriana, itís me. Can I talk to you for a minute, please?

Layla: Sorry, Rex. Adriana isnít here, and before you ask, sheís with Tate.

Adriana: You all right?

Tate: Itís just after all those awful things that my father did, to be killed in prison, I -- I still canít believe it.

Adriana: I know. Itís all too much to take in.

Tate: I donít know where I would be without your support, or your sofa.

Adriana: Huh. You can stay at my place as long as you need to.

Man: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Tate: No problem. I'm Tate Harmon.

Man: Emilio Kraft. Nice to meet you.

Tate: Emilio?

Emilio: My mother is Dominican. Is that a problem?

David: John, I just got out of major surgery. If I can help you at all, itís not going to be for a good long time.

John: According to your doctors, not only will you be out of here real soon, but your liver is regenerating as we speak.

David: Like a dismembered Egyptian cobra, huh?

John: Hmm. So guess what, Vickers -- game on.

Blair: So why donít you prove to me that you got a backbone here and go up against Miles, and help me find Todd. So are we in this together or not?

Natalie: Hi, Blair, Marty. Am I interrupting something?

Todd: Help. Help.

Ranger: Could've sworn I heard something.

Second Ranger: Letís check it out.

Ranger: Nothing here.

Second Ranger: Chain sawís ruining your hearing.

First Ranger: Huh.

Natalie: Thereís no blood -- thatís promising, and you guys havenít scratched each otherís eyes out yet.

Blair: Howís Jessica?

Natalie: Sheís doing great, and so is David Vickers.

Blair: Huh. Who would've thought that David would actually give a piece of his liver? I mean, I guess we can call him "chopped liver" now.

Natalie: Yeah.

Blair: I mean, David is, I guess, like family, but selfless he is not, but I guess it proves that if you're willing to help somebody, anything can happen.

Natalie: Yeah, I agree.

Blair: Yeah.

Natalie: Well, listen, I got to get back to work, so it was good to see you.

Blair: Ok.

Natalie: Bye.

Blair: She obviously doesnít like you. What'd you do to her?

Marty: I'm glad you've finally accepted that I had nothing to do with Toddís disappearance.

Blair: Well, what I canít figure out is why that hunter guy would give me your address.

Marty: I donít know -- for the money, obviously.

Blair: No. Why would he tell me that Todd was at your apartment?

Marty: Everybody knows we hate each other, ok? Look, as far as my son is concerned, he is not scheming with Miles. He can barely stand him. He doesnít even understand why I married him.

Blair: Well, neither can anyone else, because itís obvious you donít love the man.

Starr: Well, no slapping or hair-pulling yet.

Cole: Yeah. So far, so good.

Amber: I am so bored. How long do we have to stay here?

Britney: Long enough to see Cole sweat or, if things go really well, like explode.

Cole: Why is Britney staring at us?

Starr: Who cares?

Cole: Sheís smiling. I donít like when she does that. What did she say to you before?

Miles: Uh -- excuse me. I'm going to go check on our drinks. You donít think your mother would change her mind and join us, do you?

Starr: No, and I wouldnít ask her.

Miles: Ok.

Cole: Well? Whatís up with Britney?

Starr: I think she was just doing the same thing that she always does -- talking trash and trying to start trouble.

Cole: Well, what exactly did she say?

Starr: It was stupid. It was mean and it doesnít matter.

Cole: Starr, just tell me.

Starr: She said that you were keeping this huge secret from me.

David: You know, John, traditionally when a man donates the right lobe of his liver to the twin sister of another manís near-miss fiancťe, he is often complimented for his extraordinary bravery and magnanimous donation.

John: Vickers, your act was extraordinarily brave and magnanimous and, quite frankly, the whole world should be down on its knees in gratitude. How'd I do?

David: It was a little too short to reflect the complexity of my gesture.

John: Exactly. See, hereís the thing -- when we get you out of here, we're going to get back to what we started, and thatís finding the person who really killed Spencer Truman.

David: By using me as bait?

John: Like chumming for shark.

Rex: Will Adriana be back soon?

Layla: Donít know and donít ask me where she is because that would come under the heading of "pumping."

Rex: Right. If you canít help but feel like blurting it out, feel free. I'm a blurter myself, so I know what itís like to not be able to shut up.

Layla: Hmm, I've noticed.

Rex: Come on, Layla, ok, I'm worried about her. I just want to know what sheís up to.

Layla: Sheís at a funeral home with Tate. They're -- they're making arrangements for his fatherís burial.

Rex: Right. Well, thatís really nice of her -- you know, to be with Tate during his time of need. Sheís got a good heart.

Layla: I'm sorry, Rex. I know it hurts.

Rex: Yeah. Itís not over. I mean, I havenít heard a fat lady sing -- have you?

Layla: Hmm -- I think maybe I have. You dug yourself into a pretty deep hole with Adriana, and I donít see how you're going to climb out of it.

Tate: Uh -- why would it be a problem that you're Dominican? I --

Emilio: You seemed unsettled, thatís all.

Tate: Oh, not in the least. I think you might be being a little paranoid, huh?

Adriana: You did seem a little surprised, Tate.

Tate: Well, not because heís Hispanic or Latino or whatever you want to call it. Itís just, you know, given the fact of what my father did, that you agreed to bury him. Thatís --

Emilio: I'm not in business to make judgments, only to do what I can to help the bereaved through their time of loss.

Tate: Ok. Well, I apologize if you misinterpreted my reaction earlier. As a matter of fact, Adriana is half Puerto Rican and I didnít know that at first.

Emilio: If you'd like to have a seat, we can get started picking out a casket. Vincent: So howís the new job?

Natalie: Itís interesting, very stimulating.

Vincent: Huh. Itís more than that receptionist gig at the police station.

Natalie: Ok. Yep, yes, yes, you were right. I could've done better, and me -- it took me a while to figure out.

Vincent: And I know why.

Natalie: Ok, Dr. Jones, letís hear the analysis.

Vincent: Well, it was about John. And you wanted to get close to him, but thatís over, and now you are free of the guy and you're also free to realize your true potential.

Marty: You're right -- I donít love Miles the way I loved Patrick. But I married him to provide security and safety for my son.

Blair: Yada, yada --

Marty: What, you donít believe me?

Blair: Yada -- I donít -- doesnít matter whether I believe you or not. All I care about is, will you help me find Todd?

Marty: I would if I could, and listen, I want him found, too, ok? But neither I nor my son know anything about who has him or where he is. Excuse me.

Blair: Oh.

Spencer: You're not really drinking tonight, are you, Miles? I wouldnít do that if I were you -- uh-uh, especially with your limited tolerance. I mean, think about it, man. Get a little too tipsy, say the wrong thing to Blair, and sheís going to become even more suspicious of you than she already is. We donít want that to happen, now, do we?

Miles: Blair has no proof of anything.

Spencer: The proof is still out there. You know, you should've killed Todd Manning when you had a chance, although itís really still not too late. All you have to do is pump him full of that drug, bury him in the woods -- nobody is ever going to find that body, and then you're free and clear to live the rest of your life happily ever after with your beautiful, homicidal wife.

Cole: No, I'm not going to let her get away with this stuff.

Starr: No, Cole, stop it! You're giving her exactly what she wants. She wants to --

Cole: You two take a walk. I need to talk to Britney alone.

Amber: No prob. Come on, Abigail.

Britney: So you're back. Finally realized what you're missing?

Cole: What'd you say to Starr?

Britney: I said a lot of things. I gave her a couple of makeup tips, some much-needed fashion advice.

Cole: You know what? Just stop trying to be funny and tell me what you said to her about me.

Britney: Oh. Oh, right, about you -- ok, letís see. Oh, now I remember. I told her that you're hiding a really big, juicy secret from her. And itís true, isnít it?

Vincent: You do look happier.

Natalie: Ok, whatever that means. I think itís more like I'm content. Whatís wrong with that? Vincent: It has no passion to it, no romance.

Natalie: Ok, but itís solid, you know -- stable.

Vincent: You're still missing John, arenít you?

Natalie: I'm contented, ok?

Vincent: Natalie --

Natalie: Vincent, please. Donít go there, all right? The topic of John is off-limits. So howís your love life?

Vincent: We were talking about you.

Natalie: And now we're not -- so howís your love life? Howís it going with you and Layla?

Vincent: I think we might have a chance.

Natalie: Thatís good -- good for you, and good for Layla.

Rex: Layla, I know the chances of Adriana forgiving me are, you know, slim to none, but --

Layla: Go on.

Rex: I think sometime soon, Adrianaís going to see that I was right -- not about the whole "Tate is gay" thing. You know, that was a mistake and I admitted that. But I'm telling you, something is wrong with the guy.

Layla: You donít really know him, Rex.

Rex: I know enough! And I'm not the only one who thinks so -- Boís got suspicions, too.

Layla: Boís a cop.

Rex: So?

Layla: Wouldnít he tend to be suspicious of anybody whose father was a white supremacist murderer?

Rex: You're saying he shouldnít be?

Layla: I'm just wondering if you or Bo have any evidence that Tate Harmon isnít exactly what he seems.

Rex: No, not evidence, but --

Layla: But nothing. And now, I know how Adriana feels. It really is infuriating when somebody decides that they donít like you based on -- huh -- nothing but jealousy?

Rex: Is this yours?

Layla: No, itís Tateís stuff. Heís been sleeping on the sofa since his father died.

Rex: Like he canít stay at his own place. My God, how long is he going to milk that for, anyway?

Layla: The press has been after him and this place has security, so --

Rex: Oh, stop, stop, stop it! Stop making excuses for everything that guy says and does -- my God! You defend him all over the place, and -- and, you know, I open my mouth and I'm some kind of jealous fool that canít keep his mouth shut. Well, I'm sick of it, Layla, just sick of it!

Layla: I'm sorry, Rex.

Rex: Look, I still love her, ok? I canít just give up and walk away.

Layla: I know, and I wish I thought that she'd forgive you. But I donít see that happening. You just went too far.

Rex: You forgave Vincent, didnít you?

Layla: Yeah, because he -- he genuinely is sorry for what he did, and heís trying to change, but I donít see that happening with you.

Rex: Oh! How can you say that? I'm always trying to change. I wake up every morning trying to think of ways to do better.

Layla: Ok, thatís all well and good, Rex, but --

Rex: But what?

Layla: Are you truly sorry for going after Tate? And can you honestly say that you would stop if Adriana took you back?

Emilio: So, we'll go with the hardwood mahogany. Excellent choice. I think your father would approve.

Tate: I doubt that. My father didnít approve of any of my choices.

Emilio: Nonetheless, I think your father must be very proud of you.

Tate: He made a lot of sacrifices for me and I'll always be grateful to him for that.

Adriana: Tate, he did love you. I mean, he was twisted and I'm sorry to say that now that heís passed, but he did love you. I'm sure of it.

Emilio: Now, then are you certain you wouldnít like to have a viewing?

Tate: No, no viewing. I want him buried as quickly and as quietly as possible.

Adriana: Tate, I just had an idea. I hope you donít think I'm being too callous.

Tate: Go ahead.

Adriana: Well, what if you did have a public funeral for your father and maybe some O.P.P. members showed up? Bo and John could check out --

Tate: What, you think that they donít know the police might be waiting for them at my fatherís funeral? You -- you think these people are stupid?

Adriana: I -- I guess you're right. I -- I --

Tate: And why would I want to use my own fatherís funeral as -- for some kind of trap?

Adriana: To help, to put an end to the violence. I only meant that --

Tate: I donít care what you meant. I donít want to talk about it anymore.

Emilio: Very well. Then I think we're all set here. Mr. Harmon, if you would bring down a suit and any personal effects you would like to have your father buried with.

Tate: I will.

Emilio: Excellent. And I'll check right now to make sure that the casket you selected is available. Be back in a minute.

Tate: God, all these stupid decisions. "You want maple or mahogany?" I mean, who -- my God, who cares? The guyís dead. The box is just going to rot in the ground. What does it matter?

Adriana: Well, to some people, it means a lot.

[Tate sighs]

Tate: You're right, I'm -- I'm just being cynical. Thanks again for being here with me.

Adriana: Will you please stop thanking me? Happy to help.

Tate: When we're through here, do you want to go get something to eat?

Adriana: I actually have to get back to work, like now actually. Is that ok?

Tate: Yeah. Go ahead, I'll -- I'll see you later.

Adriana: Right.

David: Canít we talk about this later? I was just under the knife a few hours ago.

John: Ah, I was down and out. Look how quickly I recovered.

David: Oh, John. I do not have your dedication, determination, or drive to get well so that someone can try to kill me.

John: Come on, Vickers, donít be so hard on yourself. A couple of trips to the tanning booth, you'll be killer bait in no time. You in pain?

David: Yeah, actually, I am. Thank you for asking, but just the emotional and physical varieties.

John: And that reminds me. I -- I brought you a present.

David: Really? You shouldnít have.

John: Look at that beauty.

David: Yeah. Like I said, you shouldnít have.

Cole: I have no secrets from Starr. We're always honest with each other.

Britney: Right. Right, of course you are -- what was I thinking? I mean, you'd only lie to me, let me think that you liked me when the whole time, you were still mooning over little miss perfect.

Cole: Leave her alone -- you hear me? Do you hear me? Leave Starr the hell alone.

Miles: Oh. Killing Todd is not an option, all right? I donít know why you keep bringing it up.

Spencer: Come on, Miles. You're the one thinking about it, not me. I'm not even here, I'm not even real. I'm just the little devil on your shoulder, or the angel, depending on your personal perspective. You know, if you did get rid of Todd Manning, you would be doing the world a huge, huge favor. You know that, right?

Miles: I'm not a murderer.

Spencer: Oh, yes, I forgot -- Miles, the gentle soul, kind and compassionate. You're no fun, Miles, no fun. All right, if you're not going to kill him, at least you better get back and sedate him before he wakes up and starts wandering around, right? Come on, come on. Tick tock, tick tock, Miles. Tick tock.

Cole: I mean it, Britney. Stay away from Starr.

Miles: Cole? Give me a hand with these, will you? Listen, I want you to call me on my cell phone as soon as I get to the table.

Cole: Why?

Miles: Just do it, all right? I need an excuse to get out of here.

Cole: Does it have something to do with Mr. Manning?

Miles: Will you just make the call? Right?

Cole: Ok.

Miles: Make sure that no one follows me when I leave.

Blair: You know, I -- I changed my mind. I will stay for dinner.

Miles: Oh.

[Phone rings]

Miles: Oh. Uh -- excuse me. Hello? This is Miles. Yes -- well, itís a little late, but if I need to be there, I'll be there. Ok. Wow, I'm sorry. I have to go.

Blair: Well, I just got here. You're going to hurt my feelings.

Miles: Well, itís -- itís important, Blair. I'm sorry.

Blair: Oh, but I thought you said family was important, too. Call back whoever it was and tell them that you just canít make it. I mean, itís not like you had a job or anything, right? I'm sure that it can wait.

 [Todd moans]

Rex: I want Adriana back, more than anything. But right now, my main concern is protecting her. Tate is dangerous. I just need to figure out how to prove it.

Layla: I thought you were a better person than this, Rex. Nobody judges you by what Roxy does.

Rex: Itís not about that, Layla, for the last time! I donít care if his father was Obi-Wan Kenobi -- thereís something off with the guy.

Layla: Like I said before, I think you're jealous.

Rex: Of course I am. I'm also worried. More like scared to death for her.

Emilio: I'm so sorry for your loss, Mr. Harmon.

Tate: I just donít understand how this happens. First my father, now my fiancťe.

Emilio: Such a tragedy.

Tate: All she ever did was love me, and now, sheís been murdered by those despicable O.P.P. people. What kind of monster would do something like that?

Emilio: The people who commit crimes like that truly are monsters. Who else would take a life so pure and innocent? Itís obvious how much you loved her.

Tate: I did. With all my heart. I feel like a part of me has died. The best part. And itís all because of my father.

Emilio: You are nothing like him. You donít share his beliefs. You've condemned what heís done.

Tate: And the whole world understands that?

Emilio: Without question. The whole world is with you.


Emilio: Mr. Harmon? Mr. Harmon? Are you all right?

Tate: Yes, yes, I'm fine. I was just trying to figure out what I'm going to do next.

Emilio: Of course. I'll leave you with your thoughts. If you'll just sign here.

Amber: So, Cole really put you on blast, huh?

Abigail: The guy looked pretty pissed.

Britney: Not to worry. Itís all part of my plan.

Amber: Oh, to get him back for breaking up with you?

Britney: Ok, can you not put it that way, Amber? Cole and I are over because I can do much better.

Abigail: So why do you care so much?

Britney: Because Cole is a lying little poser, and Starrís completely crazy. So for the betterment of the world, I'm going to destroy their lives.

Miles: That was my attorney. I need to sign some papers for a property I'm selling. Itís closing tomorrow, so --

Blair: Oh, well, goody for you. It can wait till tomorrow morning, canít it?

Miles: No, it canít, I'm sorry. Uh, but please, enjoy your evening. Dinnerís on me.

Blair: Well, I am going to call John and have him followed.

Cole: No, you canít do that.

John: Now, as soon as you're out of here, we're going to put the word on the street that you know who killed Truman.

David: Ow -- itís too tight.

John: Yeah? Sufferingís good for the soul.

David: Ow. Oh, great. Letís take bets on what happens first -- my foot falls off from lack of circulation, or I get rubbed out by the mystery killer.

John: Well, hopefully, I'll catch him or her before that happens.

David: "Hopefully"?

John: Now, listen, if I donít make it on time, see if you canít write the name in blood somewhere here on the floor, all right, before you pass on.

David: You know what, John? Usually with most people, a sense of humorís a good thing. With you, not so much. Except you werenít trying to be funny, were you?

Nurse: Your room is ready, Mr. Vickers.

John: I'll -- I'll be on my way, then. Vickers, feel better.

David: Hmm.

John: Soon.

Natalie: I am going to pour all of my heart and soul into this job.

Vincent: Mm-hmm, because thatís all you got right now.

Natalie: Thanks. First, I'm misguided and nosy, and now I'm pathetic.

Vincent: That is not what I meant at all. What I'm saying is that you have heart and soul into everything. You have grit and determination, and because you are not involved with a guy right now, you have even more time to put energy into your work.

Natalie: You are a smooth talker, Vincent Jones.

Vincent: I'm just glad that you have found something that challenges you.

Natalie: Yeah, me, too, me, too. You know, and it was kind of a bumpy ride at first, but I think I'm getting the hang of it, and I think my grandpa thinks so, too, because heís sending me on my first business trip!

Vincent: Oh! Yeah, thatís -- wow, thatís great. Great news. Listen, you must be nervous.

Natalie: Uh -- more like excited. You know, I havenít traveled this much before, but maybe -- assuming I do well Ė

Vincent: Come on. You'll do great. Oh. Hey, thereís my guy. I'm going to set up this meeting, and I'll see you when I see you.

Natalie: All right. Well, I'm glad we're friends.

Vincent: Yeah, me, too.

Amber: I'm just wondering why you're so obsessed with destroying Starr and Cole. I mean, itís not like there arenít other disgusting kids around here.

Britney: Well, yeah, there are, but nobody deserves ruination like those two. That had it coming.

Starr: Why donít you want my mom to call Lieutenant McBain?

Blair: Yeah, Cole?

Cole: Because he already followed him once, and Miles was really upset about it. And if he does know something about your dad, the last thing you want to do is make him angry.

Blair: But if it leads us to Todd, wouldnít it be worth it?

Cole: Not if he figures out that we're on to him.

Blair: Well, it doesnít matter anyway, because heís gone. I'm going to go get another drink. Do you guys want anything?

Starr: No, thanks.

Blair: Ok.

Starr: Cole, you're acting really weird.

Cole: Weird, how?

Starr: Like worried.

Cole: Itís Britney. She keeps looking over here.

Starr: Who cares? Britneyís being Britney. Sheís still the bitch that she always is. But itís more than that.

Cole: Itís just I donít want anything to come between us, you know, now that we are finally back together.

Starr: There is nothing that can come between us. Is there?

Marty: Whereís Miles, guys?

Cole: He -- he got a business call or something and had to leave. You know, maybe we should go home, too.

Starr: But we havenít eaten yet.

Cole: Yeah -- I'm -- I'm not really hungry. Are you?

Starr: Um -- no, not if you guys arenít.

Marty: Your momís still here, right? So she can give you a ride home?

Starr: Yeah, no problem.

Cole: Starr, I'll talk to you tomorrow, ok?

Starr: Yeah.

Blair: Well, it looks like Martyís little family get-together was a bust. Hey, you ok?

Starr: Yeah, I'm fine, just as long as we get out of here, ok?

Blair: Sure.

Layla: Hey.

Adriana: Hey.

Layla: Rex stopped by. And as usual, he went on and on and on about --

Adriana: I really donít want to talk about Rex, Layla, please.

Layla: Fine. I'm going to see Evangeline. Vincent gave me something I want to give to her.

Adriana: What is it?

Layla: Itís an African good-luck charm. Itís carved from a bark of a tree that regrows its bark, and itís supposed to help the wearer to heal and become whole again.

Adriana: Thatís so great.

Layla: Yeah. I left the preliminary sketches on your desk for the bras, and I priced out all the materials, and left a note on each one, so --

Adriana: I will get on it.

Layla: Rex still loves you. You know that, right?

Adriana: I still love him, too.

Emilioís voice: Emilio Kraft, nice to meet you.

Tate: Emilio?

Emilio: My mother is Dominican. Is that a problem?

Tate: Because sheís starting to get suspicious, thatís why. Adriana Cramer. How many times do I have to repeat the name to you? Impure little bitch. Eliminated, yes. Then I can re-establish myself as the all-American role model grieving over his slaughtered girlfriend, and I can get back to our work without being under a microscope all the time. Trust me, itís the perfect plan. Eliminated, yes. Then I can re-establish myself as the all-American role model grieving over his slaughtered girlfriend, and I can get back to our work without being under a microscope all the time. Trust me, itís the perfect plan.

Tate: How long have you been standing there?

Rex: Why? You got something to hide?

Tate: You know, I am really, really getting sick of this. What did you hope to find here, Rex, huh? What kind of coffin my fatherís buried in? What, how much it costs? What -- what color suit heís wearing? What?

Rex: Itís you I'm interested in.

Tate: Huh. You poor little lovesick bastard. You still think that if you try hard enough to make me look bad, you'll get your little Adriana back? Well, you're wrong. You lost her, ok? I got her, and thereís not a damn thing you can do about it. Oh, but you know what the best part is? The best part is that you did it to yourself. So keep on digging. And when you're through and you come up with nothing, try to get a life.

Blair: I think Cole was acting a little nervous tonight, sweetie, donít you?

Starr: Miles makes everybody nervous. Heís weird.

Blair: Why wouldnít he want me to have Miles followed, though?

Starr: Because if Miles finds out, then it'll ruin everything. Mom, please. Cole does not trust Miles. He trusts him just as much as you do, and --

Blair: What?

Starr: If Cole found out anything about Dad, I know that he would tell me.

Blair: I hope you're right.

Starr: We love each other. And we donít lie to each other about anything.

Blair: Ok. Come on.

Amber: Good news?

Britney: Ladies, I have a bomb that is going to blow Starr and Cole apart forever. I just need to figure out when to drop it exactly so I can cause the most possible damage. Hmm.

Marty: You hardly said a word on the way home, sweetie.

Cole: Sorry. I'm just not in a great mood.

Marty: Is it about Starr? Look, you can talk to me. I can help.

Cole: No, you canít. You're the last person I can talk to about this.

Marty: Sweetie, we canít keep secrets from each other.

Cole: Oh, yeah? What about the one you're keeping from me? Huh? The one about the murder?

Marty: What?

Cole: You can stop lying to me now, Mom, because I know the truth. I know you're the one who killed Spencer Truman.

John: Hey.

Natalie: John.

John: You working late?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Yeah, me, too. How do you like the new job?

Natalie: You know what? I like it a lot. I mean, itís a lot to learn, though, but, you know -- so, any news on the Truman case?

John: No.

Natalie: You know, it was weird -- Miles and Marty and Blair and the kids were all sitting there laughing and smiling and having such a good time. Strange, right?

John: Definitely.

Natalie: Yeah, I guess they -- they're trying to put their differences aside for the kids. And you know I'm not a huge fan of Martyís. But -- I mean, I still canít understand the marriage between her and Miles. But it seems like sheís -- I donít know -- trying to make it work in her own way.

John: Yeah, well, things arenít always what they seem.

Natalie: Hmm.

John: They all leave together?

Natalie: No, no. Miles left -- he left earlier, why?

John: Just be careful. I donít trust that guy as far as I can throw him.

Miles: Damn it! Todd?

Miles: Where is he?

Spencer: It seems that you may have lost Todd, doesnít it? Oh, well, doesnít matter. He couldnít have gone very far in his condition. However, you'd better find him, Miles. You better find him fast.

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