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One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/13/07


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Langston: Did I say I donít like Reggaeton?

Markko: I thought all you were into was that emo crap.

Langston: I'm eclectic, ok?

Markko: Yeah, you're something anyway.

Langston: Whatever. Did you hear anything about your dad?

Starr: No, but my momís been covering Llanview with flyers about him.

Markko: Does that ever work?

Starr: Of course it does. It worked for my dad before. And if that lowlife was right about my dad being in town, somebody must've seen him by now.

Cole: That guy just wants some easy cash. The last place anybody saw your dad was Chicago. I mean, he could be anywhere.

Starr: Cole --

Markko: Dude, whatís that about? It sounds like you donít want Starrís old man to turn up.

Marcie: Oh, I know you like these -- he loves these. But Michael was telling me the other day they were in the park and they were playing catch, and it was just so funny because Michael swore, up and down, that Tommy actually threw a spitball.

Lindsay: How much longer are you going to keep putting this off?

Marcie: I donít know. But I do have to tell him, right, sooner or later?

Lindsay: Yeah, I hope itís sooner, because every time he talks about having more children, you practically have a meltdown.

Marcie: I just donít know how to tell him.

Lindsay: Well, it isnít easy, but I donít think that heís going to be as upset as you think he -- I think the thing thatís going to be upsetting to him is that you feel like you canít connect to him. Thatís why you have to tell him, Marce. You have to tell him today.

Miles: I still canít believe that Jessica and Nash put this wedding together so fast -- right here in the hospital. But then, we got married pretty fast ourselves.

Marty: Yeah, thereís just one big difference -- Jessica and Nash actually love each other.

Dorian: Davidís been brought down to surgery, so it shouldnít be long now.

Clint: So heís going through with it, then?

Dorian: Oh. At this point, he would never back out.

Viki: I am so grateful to him. Honestly, I didnít think he had it in him, you know? But he is most definitely a hero in our family.

Michael: I just ran into Roxy on her way out, and she said there was a wedding going on in here?

Nash: Yeah, Jessica and I just tied the knot. Isnít that right? I guess it was a bit much for the bride.

[Viki chuckles]

Michael: I'm sorry I missed it, but let me be among the first to offer my congratulations.

Nash: Thank you. How long until they prep her for the surgery?

Michael: It should be right away, they donít want to wait.


Nash: Jessica?

[Alarm stops]

Michael: Hey, sheís coding -- I need everybody out of here, now!

Layla: Whatís this for?

Vincent: For you. You deserve it.

Layla: Thank you. You've been awfully quiet since we left Tate and those reporters.

Vincent: Yeah, well, it just brought back a lot, you know -- the fires, Ted, Shaun and his grandparents losing their home, your sister.

Layla: Yeah. I canít believe Tateís dad was behind it.

Vincent: Yeah, well, he got what he deserved. Good riddance.

Layla: Itís not going to bring back Ted, and my sisterís still the same.

Vincent: Yeah, I know itís not over -- yeah, for Tate, too. You know, man, imagine finding out that your father was responsible for all that.

Layla: I think Tateís just trying to move on.

Vincent: Not easy.

Layla: That was fraught with meaning.

Vincent: Yeah, well, I'm trying. I want people to believe that I'm not like my father. Nor am I the man I used to be.

Marcie: I canít tell him today, Lindsay. I just -- I just canít do it.

Lindsay: Why not?

Marcie: Because -- look, heís worked all night long, right? Heís going to be tired, heís going to need his rest. And, um, you know, maybe I -- I could tell him tomorrow -- heís off. But you know what? No, I canít tell him tomorrow, because it "is" his day off, and he rarely gets them, so I donít --

Lindsay: Marcie, thereís never going to be a good time.

Marcie: I know that.

Lindsay: I think you're going to feel better once you just do it.

Marcie: I highly doubt that.

Lindsay: Well, you donít feel very good right now.

Marcie: No, I donít. Just -- look, I feel like once I tell him, everythingís going to fall apart.

Michael: I said I need everybody out of here now!

Dorian: Everyone, we have to go.

Nash: No, I'm not leaving --

Clint: Come on, Nash, come on.

Bo: Come on, let him do his job.

Nash: But I --

Nash: They canít lose her now, Clint, we just got married. Wait, we got the donor, sheís about to go into surgery! Come on!

Viki: Hey -- hey, they're taking care of her.

Nash: They -- they better. We canít lose her now, not now.

Paige: Dr. Harrisonís almost finished with David. He wants us ready to go, we donít have the luxury of time.

Dr. Kent: Sheís ready when you are.

Paige: Letís do it, then. Scalpel.

Michael: I'm going to go up to the gallery and watch. I'll keep you all apprised.

Dorian: And I already got the nurses to agree to keep us informed.

Viki: You know, Michael, thank you, but you've been here all night, and I know you're off duty now. Why donít you go home and be with your family?

Michael: Ok.

Viki: Thank you.

Michael: I'll keep Jessie in my prayers.

Viki: Thanks.

Michael: I know Marcie will do the same.

Viki: Thanks.

Natalie: Thanks, Mike.

Miles: This waiting is awful. What do you think Jessicaís chances really are?

Marty: After rejecting the first transplant, and now a second surgery already in her weakened state -- I canít say. I just canít say.

Miles: God, sheís my niece, my only living relative.

Marty: This isnít about you, Miles.

Natalie: I donít think thatís what he meant. And why are you being so hard on your own husband?

Dorian: Clint, I know you're furious at David.

Clint: I just thought for once in his life he'd do the right thing, but, no. With that man, thereís always a price tag.

Dorian: I donít disagree with you -- I think what he did is despicable -- but Jessicaís life -- isnít that worth the $10 million that you paid David?

Bo: What did you just say?

Cole: I just know how bad Starr wants her dad back and -- I donít want her to get her hopes up if he doesnít.

Langston: Yeah, but you donít have to be so negative.

Cole: I'm not.

Markko: You just donít want him around.

Starr: No, thereís no way.

Markko: Well, why not? I mean, your old man almost took him out just for seeing you.

Starr: It doesnít mean that he doesnít want my dad to be found. Right, Cole?

Cole: Right. Yeah. But, you know, if he does show up, I -- I donít want him to mess things up between us. I mean, is -- is that wrong of me?

Starr: No, but he wonít. My mom is cool with us, and she'll make sure that heís ok with it.

Markko: Are you for real?

Langston: Will you get off her case?

Markko: Look, all I'm saying is Thornhartís way more chill than I'd be.

Starr: Markko, you donít even know, ok? Cole has done a lot to make sure that me and my mom find out who has my dad.

Miles: I will do whatever I have to, whatever it takes to keep this between us. Do you understand?

Cole: Thereís not really that much I can do.

Starr: Yeah, there is -- you can stay on Miles. I mean, that guy who had my dad told my mom that he was at your place. Miles must have something to do with it.

Cole: Thatís not proof of anything.

Langston: But then why would he say it?

Cole: To get money out of Starrís mom?

Starr: No, there is definitely much more to it. You just keep watching him, ok, Cole?

Cole: All right, I'll do what I can. I thought we said we're not going to talk about this for a while.

Starr: Yeah, you know what? Itís ok. You're right.

Langston: Yeah, letís just order some breakfast and figure out what we're going to do today.

Starr: Ok.

Markko: All right.

Britney: Ok, is it just me, or does Cole totally not want to talk about Starrís dad?

Amber: Do you blame him?

Heather: Yeah, Mr. Manning tried to kill him.

Britney: Yeah, but considering how in love he and Starr are supposed to be, donít you think itís a little bit off?

Layla: So, what are you admitting to? What -- what kind of guy did you used to be?

Vincent: What kind of guy did you think I was, Layla?

Layla: The kind of guy who would answer a question with another question, and never, ever let anybody know who he really was.

Vincent: Are you always this direct?

Layla: Are you always not?

Vincent: Sweetheart, I -- I thought we were moving in the right direction. I mean, if we're not, just let me know.

Layla: So you can cut your losses?

Vincent: That would be a big one, Layla.

Layla: You really let me down, Vincent. Thatís why we split up. And I have to admit I never, ever thought you would change. But I see that you're trying, and I give you credit for that.

Vincent: I'm trying, all right? I really am.

Layla: I know, and I appreciate it.

Vincent: Well, I'm not doing it for you, so donít flatter yourself, ok?

Layla: Then who?

Vincent: Me.

Michael: Hey. How you doing, sweetie?

Marcie: Hi.

Michael: Lindsay, what are you doing here?

Lindsay: Oh, I just came by to see my little man.

Michael: Yeah? How is my beautiful boy, huh? How is my beautiful boy? Ooh, I love these. You want some? You want some? Oh --

Marcie: So, um, howís Jessica?

Michael: Sheís in surgery. We almost lost her today. It was a good thing that David Vickers' liver was a match, you know, and that we got her into surgery on time.

Marcie: I have been praying for her all morning that it takes.

Michael: Yeah, I think we all have.

Lindsay: Oh, that family must be a mess.

Michael: Well, at least they had a little wedding to make them happy today.

Marcie: They had a wedding?

Michael: Yeah. Jessica and Nash got married before I took her in.

Lindsay: Wow! Thatís great. Well, that pretty much proves it -- if you love somebody like that, you can get through anything. All right, guys, I'm going to go and leave you alone, have your lives. I'm going. See you soon.

Michael: Goodbye. Goodbye, goodbye. Goodbye.

Marcie: Wish me luck.

Lindsay: You donít need it. The man is crazy in love with you -- and so am I. I'll see you later.

Marcie: I love you.

Lindsay: Good luck.

Marcie: Thank you. So, um, you, you know, you must be really tired. Do you want to go and take a nap?

Michael: You know, I canít sleep until Jessicaís out of surgery.

Marcie: Sure, I get that. You know, I can -- um -- I could always wake you up.

Michael: You know, I'm pretty wired.

Marcie: Ok. You know, are you hungry, honey? I could -- I could make you some breakfast.

Michael: No, no, thanks. I -- I grabbed a doughnut on my way out of the hospital.

Marcie: You know, you really should eat better, you know? I mean, I -- I could make you a full breakfast with pancakes and eggs and sausage.

Michael: Marcie?

Marcie: Yeah?

[Tommy babbles]

Michael: You're pretty worried about Jessica, huh?

Marcie: Of course. Of course I am. I mean, why -- why wouldnít I be?

Michael: Is that it?

Marcie: Um -- actually, there is something else, and I should've told you this a really long time ago.

Michael: Is it something bad?

Marcie: It is.

Dr. Harrison: Well, the section from Mr. Vickers looks good, healthy. Is Jessica ready to receive?

Paige: We're all set here.

Dr. Harrison: Howís she holding up?

Dr. Kent: Her heartbeat is thready, spontaneous respiration is weak.

Paige: We donít have much time. I donít know how much longer she can hold on.

Miles: Martyís just -- sheís on edge about Jessica, thatís --

Marty: Yes, I am. I just need a little time by myself.

Miles: Is there anything I can do to help, Natalie? Can I get anything for everybody while we wait?

Natalie: No. I thank you for asking, but is there anything I can do for you?

Miles: What do you mean?

Natalie: Miles, it doesnít seem like your wife is being too sympathetic for the fact that you are worried just as much as everyone else is about Jessica.

Miles: Like I said, itís just --

Natalie: I know, sheís upset about Jessica -- we all are, but we're not biting each otherís heads off. Jessicaís your niece. You are going to be affected.

Miles: Thank you for your understanding.

Natalie: Why wouldnít I be?

Miles: I'm just not used to it, I guess.

Natalie: Well, donít count on getting any from Marty Saybrooke.

Miles: Laurence.

Natalie: Sorry. Yes, Laurence. Speaking of that, why did you marry the ice queen anyway?

Bo: If Vickers blackmailed you into giving him $10 million for his liver, the second he steps out of this hospital, heís going straight back to Statesville.

Clint: Bo, you donít want to do that.

Bo: Look, extortion and blackmail -- those are serious crimes! Then you throw in trafficking in human organs? Come on! Does Viki know about this?

Clint: No, she doesnít, and you're not going to tell her.

Bo: Why not? Donít you think she deserves to know that Vickers isnít the kind of saint that she thinks he is?

Dorian: Bo, please, if you would just listen to your brother Ė

Bo: Oh, you know what? Are you in cahoots with Vickers?

Clint: All right, no, sheís not! Dorian -- will you excuse us so I can sort this out with my brother?

Dorian: Of course, Clint. I'll go get you a cup of coffee.

Clint: All right. Bo, I am asking you for the sake of the family, let this go.

Bo: I canít. I'm not going to let this guy rob you blind. If Pa found out about this, he'd have a stroke.

Clint: Bo! Pa is the reason for all of this.

Bo: What are you talking about? Hey -- Clint, look, you know I'm not going to let up until you tell me.

Clint: Bo, if you arrest David Vickers, you're also going to have to arrest Pa.

Cole: Oh, hey, thereís that new movie coming out today -- "Kill Fast, Die Slowly III."

Starr: Oh, please -- I couldnít die fast enough getting through the first one.

Langston: I want to see "une affaire pornographique."

Markko: I'm down with that.

Cole: All right.

Langston: Itís not like that.

Starr: Oh --

Langston: Itís pg-13. Itís about this guy and a girl who fall in love in art class.

Cole: Hmm.

Markko: Chick flick.

Langston: Itís a French film.

Markko: Subtitles?

Cole: Yeah, I donít feel like reading a movie.

Langston: Well, I'm not exactly in the mood for a testo-fest.

Starr: Ok, guys, chill. We have time to decide. Right now, I'm going to check on my mom, see if she got any calls about the fliers.

Cole: Hey -- hey, donít you think she would've called if she heard anything?

Starr: Maybe.

Cole: Ok, so donít stress.

Starr: You know what? You guys are totally right.

Britney: Ok, is Cole being totally sketchy with Starr, or what?

Amber: You're just seeing what you want to see.

Heather: Why would you even want him back after he ditched you at the prom?

Britney: I donít want him back, I want to get him back. Nobody does that to me and gets away with it.

 [Man calls dog]

Man: Thatís it, good boy.

Layla: So what I think of you really doesnít matter?

Vincent: Did I say that?

Layla: Sounded like it to me. You wanting to change is all about you.

Vincent: Well, isnít it? Huh? Come on. Someone cannot change unless they want to change, ok, and you had a part in making that happen. Now, when you broke up with me, I deserved it. I did a slimy, grimy thing to Cristian by setting him up to lose that fight. And the thing is before that, I would've never had a problem with it. But afterwards -- I felt something that I never felt before.

Layla: Itís called guilt.

Vincent: It was a foreign concept to me until then. You know, Layla, you have given me a conscience, and -- damn you.

Layla: Sorry.

Vincent: "Sorry"? Yeah, "sorry." I'm sure you are. Yeah. I know -- you're sorry.

Layla: So, how are you liking the new you?

Vincent: I'm growing on me. You know, I do miss the edge, though -- sometimes. But my new business -- I love it, itís working.

Layla: Yeah. Repping those artists -- whew. They're -- they're amazing. You're doing great things for them.

Vincent: I'm a regular old saint.

Layla: Hmm -- you're not that good. I wouldnít like you as much.

Vincent: "Oh." So there it is -- you do like me.

Layla: Yes, I do. I'm liking the new you -- a lot.

Michael: Is it about Tommy?

Marcie: No.

Michael: Did you hear something?

Marcie: No, no, itís not about Tommy. Well, what -- wait -- wait, what would I have heard about Tommy?

Michael: Nothing.

Marcie: Oh.

Michael: Itís just, you know, the way you're acting. I mean, you're acting like itís something really serious.

Marcie: It is serious.

Michael: Well, are you ok?

Marcie: Yeah. I mean, mostly I'm ok.

Michael: Marcie, will you tell me whatís going on? You're starting to scare me.

Marcie: Itís -- itís something that I've known -- something that I've known for a while now, and -- and I -- I know I should've told you, and itís -- itís not that I didnít want to tell you, Michael, itís just that I -- I didnít know how to tell you. You know, I just didnít want it to be true, and the longer I waited, the harder it got to tell you. And then I knew that you would be angry at me, so I --

Michael: Will you just say it?

Marcie: Ok, look, itís -- I just need you to know that itís not that I didnít want to tell you, ok? I just -- I just didnít want it to be true, thatís all.

Michael: You didnít want what to be true?

Marcie: I canít -- I canít have children.

Dr. Harrison: Nice work, Paige, removing that section. Irrigate the area.

Paige: Got it.

Dr. Harrison: Letís get this new section attached.

Paige: And pray this one takes.

Dr. Harrison: Prayerís got nothing to do with it.

Nash: Hey, Jessicaís a fighter, right?

Viki: She is a fighter --

Nash: Yeah.

Viki: She always has been.

Nash: Yeah.

Viki: Right now, though, she needs you to fight for her, and you can do that. I do believe that together, you and Jessie can beat the odds.

Nash: Yeah --

Viki: I really believe that.

Nash: I believe that, too.

Miles: The reason I --

Miles: Look, itís simple. The reason I married her is the best reason in the world -- I love her.

Natalie: Well, no accounting for taste.

Clint: Now you know. Thatís what Pa did.

Bo: I wish I could say I donít believe it, but itís Pa. You know, he'll do anything -- hire a guy to commit fratricide?

Clint: The question is, can you let it go?

Bo: I've arrested him before.

Clint: Going to do it again?

Bo: With his age and with his health problems, it'd kill him. I wonít be responsible for my fatherís death.

Markko: Well, thatís why we should go to the guy movie -- so you can show us how much you want to make us happy.

Langston: Like we even do?

Markko: Well, whatís in it for me and Cole to lay down and go to the chick flick?

Langston: French film. And you'll have our eternal gratitude, which can be expressed in several different ways.

Starr: Oh!

Cole: Ooh.

Markko: You saying what I think you are?

Langston: Take it any way you want.

Starr: Ok, ok, ok, you guys can figure this out, and I'll be right back.

Langston: Oh, I'll go with you.

Markko: Oh, wait -- wait -- "Carnivore Cruise XIII: A Night to Dismember" -- it just came out.

Starr: No way -- I loved the first 12!

Langston: Well, I wasnít crazy about "VII" or "IX," but I'm cool with it.

Cole: All right, deal, then.

Langston: Cool.

Markko: Narrow escape, dude.

Cole: Tell me about it.

Britney: So, anybody feel like going to the movies?

Amber: Why? Oh -- so you can have a bump-into with Cole?

Britney: Itís only a bump-into if you plan it.

Heather: Do you honestly think you could break up Starr and Cole?

Britney: Of course. All I need is the ammo.

Amber: Which would be --

Britney: I'm thinking.

Michael: Marcie, what -- what are you telling me?

Marcie: I'm trying to tell you that I canít get pregnant.

Michael: Oh, honey, listen. You know, just because we havenít gotten lucky, that doesnít mean that we wonít. You know, it doesnít always happen right away for everybody. We just have to keep trying.

Marcie: No, Michael, you're not listening to me. That is not it!

Michael: Yeah, well, maybe itís because I put too much pressure on you. You know, I really have. I'm always talking about how I want Tommy to have a brother or a sister --

Marcie: No, no, itís not you, itís me. I canít conceive a child, Michael, it is physically impossible for me to do that.

Michael: Well, go and get some tests done, you know? I mean, look, thereís a lot of things they can do these days. You know, we'll go to the hospital, we'll talk to some --

Marcie: I have already done that! Michael, I have been poked, I have been prodded, I have gotten more tests and examinations and gotten more opinions from doctors than I care to count! Michael, I've done that.

Michael: Ok, sweetie. Ok.

Marcie: I'm sorry.

Michael: Itís ok, Hon. What exactly did they say to you?

Marcie: They said that I canít conceive a child because -- because I have a narrow cervix.

Michael: Stenosis?

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: Honey, that is easily corrected with surgery.

Marcie: No. My uterus is abnormally shaped. I mean -- you know, they said that even if I were able to have -- carry a baby, I -- or have a baby, I wouldnít be able to -- to carry it to term.

Michael: Ok, I want to see these tests, I want to talk to the doctors that you spoke to.

Marcie: I know you do. And if you want to do that, honey, I want you to do that, but they're just going to tell you exactly what they told me.

Michael: You're sure about this?

Marcie: Yeah. I'm sure. I canít have our baby, honey, and I'm -- I'm so, so sorry, I'm sorry.

Michael: No, honey, no. You donít need to be sorry, sweetie. Itís ok.

Dr. Harrison: Sponge.

Paige: Her B.P. is dropping.

Dr. Harrison: Even if this works, you know as well as I do, her prognosis is iffy at best.

Paige: Well, thereís a chance -- if we finish before she goes on us.

Natalie: We canít choose who we fall in love with, but we also canít make those that we love love us back.

Miles: You know, I think I can. I think in time, if you really love someone, you can get them to love you.

Natalie: I wouldnít bet the ranch on it.

Miles: I'm betting a whole lot more than that.

Clint: I'm sorry to put you in this position. I never meant to, never wanted to.

Bo: You didnít, Pa did. Itís just one more thing I'll never be able to forgive him for.

Dorian: Clint, I am truly sorry. Really, I -- I had no idea that David would pull a stunt like this.

Clint: Oh, really? What, did you think you could try and stop him?

Dorian: No, of course not, but I'd feel a lot better knowing that I tried.

Lindsay: Bo, howís Jessica?

Bo: Sheís still in surgery. We're just -- uh -- we're waiting for word.

Lindsay: Well, I've been saying a lot of prayers for her, for your whole family.

Bo: Thank you, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Bo? Are you all right?

Bo: Yeah, I'm fine.

Lindsay: I know when thereís something "stuck in your craw." You can talk to me, you know?

Bo: I've done something. Well, no, actually, I havenít done -- I havenít done it, but I should.

Lindsay: So why donít you?

Bo: Because it would tear my family apart. Oh, Lindsay, I'm on slippery moral ground right now.

Nurse: Excuse me, Mr. Brennan?

Nash: Yeah? Jessica -- is she all right?

Vincent: I forgot, I have something for you. Well, itís not for you, itís for your sister.

Layla: What is it?

Vincent: This was carved from a bark of a tree that grows in the African savannah. Now, this tree -- itís the only tree in the world that can regrow its own bark. Now, the legend has it that if you have a talisman made from this bark, that it will help heal and make you whole again. I donít know if I believe in that stuff or not, but it canít hurt, right?

Layla: Nope. It canít. I'm going to give it to my sister the next time I see her. Thank you so much.

Vincent: You're welcome.

Marcie: Say something, Michael, anything. You can scream at me, you can blame me, just -- just do something, ok?

[Tommy babbles]

Michael: I canít believe it. I donít want to believe it, I donít want to believe that we're never going to be able to have children of our own.

Marcie: I know, honey. And I know how much you love Tommy, and -- and I know how much you wanted a child of your own, and now I -- because of me, I'm not going to be able to give you that.

Michael: No, sweetie -- sweetie, come on, listen to me. You -- you canít blame yourself here, ok? Listen, itís not as if you went out and you did something to make this happen.

Marcie: Well, then why do I feel like we're being punished? I donít understand why, Michael. All we did was adopt Tommy, and we love him as our own.

Michael: We do. And you're right, thereís nothing wrong with that.

Marcie: Well, then maybe -- maybe we could adopt more kids, you know? I mean, look how great itís been with Tommy. Right? Or -- well, maybe not? Maybe itís Godís way of telling us that, you know, maybe we shouldnít have any more kids.

Michael: Hey -- you canít think that way, ok? You have to believe that God is on our side, all right? You have to believe that God is going to help us. Heís going to -- heís going to do everything he can to help our family get through this.

Marcie: Yeah. He will. I mean, after all, he gave us Tommy, right?

Michael: Right.

Marcie: And whatever happens, we already have a son. I love you. I love you.

Michael: I love you, too, sweetie. Everythingís going to be ok, honey. I promise you that.

Dr. Kent: B.P.ís 70/40, pulse 130.

Paige: I donít know how much longer we can keep her under without a serious risk to her heart.

Dr. Harrison: Whatís the choice? Stop now, we lose her anyway.

Nash: Whatís going on with Jessica?

Viki: Is she all right?

Nurse: The surgery isnít finished yet. I came up to bring back Mrs. Vegaís --

Nash: Brennan! Her nameís Brennan, damn it.

Viki: Hey, take -- take it easy.

Nurse: I just wanted to bring back her wedding ring.

Nash: Thank you. You know, maybe I should go, uh, call, check on Bree.

Viki: You know what? You stay here in case thereís word, ok? I'll go call about Bree.

Nash: You can take your ring back.

Marty: Are you sure you donít want to keep it just for a little while?

Nash: Yeah. You know what? As soon as Jessica gets out of here -- which sheís going to do -- I am going to throw her a real wedding, and sheís going to have a rock so big, it'll barely stay on her finger. Thank you.

[Marty sniffles]

Marty: My real husband gave me this.

Natalie: Honest to God, Miles, I donít know why you put up with her.

Miles: Sheís put up with an awful lot from me, too.

Dorian: Clint, you didnít have any other choice but to tell Bo the truth about your father.

Clint: I know. Itís tearing him apart, though. But the alternative. Pa wouldnít last one day in prison. My other concern is I hope this doesnít cost Bo his job.

Lindsay: "Slippery moral ground"? Remember who you're talking to.

Bo: Hmm. Lindsay, I know what I have to do. I just donít feel right about it.

Lindsay: Well, I'm not exactly sure what we're talking about, but if you feel that you've got good reason, and no oneís going to get hurt, then go with your gut.

[Phone chimes]

Bo: I may not have a choice. Itís a text. I got to get back to the department.

Lindsay: Yeah, I got to get going, too.

Bo: Ok, I'll walk you out.

Lindsay: All right.

Bo: Uh, Clint, listen, I've got to get going, so, uh, can you call me at the office if -- if you hear anything?

Clint: Yeah, as soon as Jessieís out of surgery, I'll call you. And, Bo, uh --

Clint: Donít worry. I'll live with it -- for the sake of the family.

Dorian: Good seeing you, Lindsay.

[Phone rings]

Cole: I have to take this.


Cole: What do you want?

Miles: I was just calling to make sure that you're keeping our little secret about Todd Manning.

Cole: I am, but I'm tired of lying to Starr. Sheís going crazy wondering where her dad is, and I know you have him.

Starr: Who was that on the phone?

Cole: Uh, just my mom checking in.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

David: I hope you enjoy my organ as much as I did.

Blair: I want to know what Cole and Miles know about Todd.

Britney: Cole is lying to you about something totally huge.

Todd: Help -- help.

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