OLTL Transcript Wednesday 7/11/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 7/11/07


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Adriana: Flash.

Sarah: Yeah. Uh -- itís Sarah now, but, yeah.

Adriana: Right. Cristian said you were back in town.

Sarah: Just visiting. I'm not sticking around.

Rex: Well, I guess since you both know each other, I can -- I can skip the uncomfortable introductions. Should we grab a table?

Sarah: Whoa. Wait. Are you the ex he keeps talking about in his sleep?

Bo: I just got a call from the warden at Statesville Prison. Kirk Harmon wants to see me.

Talia: Any idea why?

Bo: No. He just said it was very important.

Talia: Well, heís scheduled for sentencing tomorrow. Maybe he wants to try to cut a deal.

Bo: Yeah, but thatís Noraís department. Sheís the only one that could offer any kind of deal, and thatís never going to happen.

Talia: Well, maybe Harmon thinks that Nora will listen to you.

Bo: Yeah, well, letís not get ahead of ourselves.

Talia: Well, would it be worth it if he, you know, rolls over the rest of the OPP, The One Pure People? "Pure," something they're definitely not.

Bo: Well, you've got that right.

[Phone rings]

Talia: Vice. Hang on. Uh -- Commissioner? Statesville Warden, he wants to talk to you.

Bo: Commissioner Buchanan.

David: Thatís a -- I'm a -- what?

Paige: I checked the results myself. Your liver is compatible with Jessicaís. You're exactly what we need -- a living donor for a partial transplant.

Dorian: Oh, hello, everyone. So David is a match?

Viki: Itís absolutely -- itís wonderful!

Dorian: Yes, yes, it is wonderful, considering the odds.

David: Yes, the odds.

Dorian: The odds, I mean, should you be willing to go ahead with the surgery.

David: We should talk briefly about the odds.

Nash: Well, what do you say? Come on, will you marry me? Yeah?

Jessica: Yes.

Nash: Thatís a yeah? Thatís a yeah?

Jessica: Yes, of course I'll marry you.

Natalie: Coffee?

Nash: Oh.

Marty: Why are you upset with me, sweetie? Look, I am sorry you were here when Blair came barging in looking for Todd.

Cole: Blairís going nuts trying to find him. I mean, heís Starrís dad -- can you blame her? But thatís not the reason why I'm upset.

Marty: Then tell me why you are.

Miles: If you go to the police, your mother will go to prison.

Cole: I'm upset because of what you've done.

Marty: What exactly do you think I've done?

Miles: Whew. Oh.

Spencer: Oh, Miles, Miles, Miles. Be cool, stay calm. Donít panic.

Miles: I know, I know, I know. Just -- oh.

Officer: : You mind turning off your engine, sir?

Miles: Oh, yeah.

[Miles turns off engine]

Officer: : License and registration.

Miles: Um -- oh.

John: Is there a problem, Terry?

Terry: Hey, John -- yeah. This guy was driving erratically.

John: Oh.

Miles: The speed limit is 55, right? I was going 55.

Spencer: Be cool, Miles.

Terry: License and registration.

Miles: Look, my license, itís -- itís not with me.

Spencer: Now you've stepped in it.

Terry: All right. Get out of the car, keep your hands where I can see them.

Adriana: He talks about me in his sleep?

Sarah: Makes it a little hard for a girl to drift off into la-la land.

Adriana: Well, that didnít take you long, Rex.

Rex: Whoa -- no, thatís not --

Sarah: Oh, oh -- oh, you thought me and Rex? Uh -- no. Huh -- I mean, he is a cutie and everything, but, uh, no. I just got off of a nasty breakup -- well, not so much a breakup as a moment of realization, or maybe a shocking revelation.

Rex: Long story, really long. What Sarahís trying to say is that we're not doing -- you know, you may think we're doing --

Adriana: I believe you.

Rex: You do?

Adriana: Yeah. Cristian told me about Flash -- sorry -- uh, Sarahís boyfriend and what you guys were doing in Chicago and about Todd. Havenít found anything yet?

Rex: No, but Johnís on the case. You know how he is -- heís not going to let up. So, are you here alone?

Adriana: No, I'm with Tate.

Rex: Thought he did the news at night.

Adriana: They asked him to take a few weeks off.

Rex: I bet they did.

Adriana: His father is getting sentenced tomorrow. It might be a little hard to be on set while they're running the story tonight, Rex.

Rex: I thought there was no such thing as bad publicity.

Tate: Obviously you suffer from a lack of compassion among other things, Rex. Heís my father. It'd be a little difficult for me to do my sports report following a story about how my fatherís wasted his life, although I see you've wasted no time moving on with your own, huh? Smooth and quick.

Sarah: Oh. Thereís no "smooth," thereís no "quick." Look, just because we're living together, it doesnít mean that we're moving on with each other.

Adriana: You've living together?

Rex: Uh -- sheís -- sheís staying with me for a couple of days, thatís it.

Adriana: No, you know what? I'm sorry. Itís your life, itís none of my business.

Sarah: Maybe we should go find a table, I'm starving.

Tate: Well, donít leave on my account. You know, life was a lot nicer when he was in Chicago. You ok?

Adriana: I'm fine, just worried about you.

Tate: Yeah, well, it was tough seeing my father today, but, you know, I just had this nasty feeling that something ugly is going to happen at the sentencing tomorrow.

Sarah: Maybe it is time for you to move on. Obviously, she has.

Natalie: If you guys are getting married, then I'm going to help.

Nash: Thank you, Natalie. That means a lot.

Jessica: Thanks, Nat.

Nash: Nat, would you stay here with Jessica while I go get a priest? Are you ok with that?

Jessica: Yeah.

Nash: Ok.

Natalie: Uh -- you guys are getting married right now?

Nash: Oh. Right now.

[Jessica chuckles]

Nash: I love you.

Jessica: I love you, too.

Nash: All right. I'll be back as soon as I can. Coffee -- thank you.

[Jessica chuckles]

Jessica: Now can you see how much I love him?

Viki: Oh, David, I'm so sorry. I -- I was so excited, I -- I never stopped to consider how you feel.

Dorian: Yes, David. How do you feel about it?

David: Surgery?

Paige: Mm-hmm.

David: Scar? Above or below the waistline?

Clint: David, this is not the time for jokes.

Dorian: Clint, I can assure you he isnít joking.

David: I donít want people to laugh at me when I wear my Speedo.

Viki: Look, David, I'm a match, too, but the doctors wonít allow me to donate.

Clint: Well, and you're family -- itís just too risky.

Viki: No, thereís no such thing as "too risky" when you're talking about saving your childís life!

Dorian: Well, fortunately, you will not have to take that risk -- that is, if David is willing to have the surgery.

Clint: Well, David? Are you willing to try to save our daughterís life?

Cole: You've thrown away any chance of happiness by marrying that guy -- you know that, donít you?

Marty: I donít want to have this conversation again.

Cole: Neither do I, but things are different now, arenít they?

Marty: What things?

Cole: Things, mom, and I think Miles has something to do with Toddís disappearance. You need to stay as far away from that guy as you possibly can before itís too late.

Miles: You're behind this, arenít you, McBain? You know, I donít have to put up with this.

Spencer: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Itís Lieutenant John McBain, McBain, McBain. Yeah, you definitely donít want to piss him off, no, siree. Trust me on that one.

Officer: , look, you donít understand.

Terry: Get out of the car, now.

Spencer: Better do as he says.

[Miles sighs]

Terry: Hands on the roof.

Miles: What, you really think I have a gun or something, huh?

Terry: Heís clean. Turn around.

John: Hey. Isnít this Marty Saybrookeís car?

Miles: You know damn good and well itís Marty say--

Spencer: Ah, ah, ah. Temper, temper.

Miles: Yes. Itís Martyís car.

John: So, in a way, you're driving a stolen vehicle.

Miles: Wait, itís not stolen.

John: So she gave you permission to drive it?

Miles: What -- I donít need permission. Martyís my wife.

John: Oh, obviously you havenít been married very long. You still canít find that license, can you?

Miles: I left it in my wallet and I left my wallet at my house.

John: Oh, no, but isnít driving without a license -- isnít that against the law, terry?

Terry: Yeah. I can check that for you, but I'm -- I'm pretty sure it still is.

John: Hmm.

Terry: Yeah.

John: Wonder what other laws this guyís broken. Open the trunk.

Bo: No, that wonít be necessary. I'll take care of that, ok? Thank you for calling.

Talia: Can I ask what the warden said?

Bo: He said donít bother coming to the prison.

Talia: Kirk Harmon doesnít want to talk after all?

Bo: Well, it'd be impossible. Heís dead.

Talia: Oh, what happened?

Bo: He was in the dining hall and one of the other prisoners stabbed him.

Talia: Was it a racial attack?

Bo: No, no, the other prisoner was white, too.

Talia: Oh-- does that make any sense to you? Because -- uh.

Bo: Not on the surface.

Talia: Well, is the killer speaking? Is he talking?

Bo: Oh, sure, sure -- it was self-defense, naturally.

Talia: Of course.

Bo: Yeah. Harmon was coming after him with a shank, so he took it away from Harmon and then he killed him with it.

Talia: Well, this is a stupid question, but what about witnesses?

Bo: Well, the surveillance cameras -- they were all worthless because the inmates shielded what was happening, the fight, from the cameras, and then all the gang members -- they're all on the same page about what happened.

Talia: But you're not convinced?

Bo: Should I be?

Talia: I wouldnít be.

Bo: Harmon wants to talk to me, calls me to the prison. Maybe he was trying to make a deal, he was ready.

Talia: Yeah, and then he gets killed.

Bo: Yeah. Coincidences like this disturb me.

Adriana: Did your father say he was sorry or that he was wrong?

Tate: Not at all. He was spitting more venom than ever.

Adriana: Oh, itís not fair how heís hurting you and even your career.

Tate: What about you? I mean, my -- I'm in all of your ads and I'm sure thatís not helping you sell any underwear.

Adriana: Donít even worry about that. We are going to show the whole world how different you are from your father. I'm going to help you any way I can.

Tate: I know you will. And I'm counting on that.

Sarah: So, tell me about Adriana and that guy.

Rex: His nameís Tate Harmon.

Sarah: Oh -- the pitcher who messed up his shoulder, and then started doing underwear ads and sports on the local news?

Rex: Oh, so you've never heard of him?

[Sarah chuckles]

Sarah: Unfortunately, I keep up on my celebrity gossip. But I didnít recognize him -- he looks much dorkier in person.

Rex: Adriana owns the underwear company he models for.

Sarah: Oh. So, he saw her undies and decided he liked them?

Rex: Oh -- not quite. Close enough.

Sarah: Well, heís a loser. You're much cuter than he is.

Rex: Thanks.

Sarah: And I know you donít wear headgear.

Rex: What?

Sarah: Headgear -- I know these things. See how his upper lip protrudes a little? Overbite.

Rex: Yeah, whatever.

Sarah: Rex?

Rex: What?

Sarah: Your teeth are ok.

Rex: Thanks -- I think.

Natalie: Are you strong enough to do this right now?

Jessica: Marrying Nash is going to give me the strength that I need to fight this. I love him so much.

Natalie: I can see that.

Jessica: Mm-hmm. Natalie, I need you to fight with me. I -- I donít want you to try to talk me out of this, ok?

Natalie: I wouldnít dream of it.

Jessica: Ok.

Natalie: I couldnít be happier for you.

Jessica: Ok, well, then I have more good news for you.

Natalie: Really?

Jessica: Yeah. You're not going to have to wear a bridesmaid dress.

[Jessica chuckles]

David: Well, letís see. Um -- I guess I can live on one. A lot of people do, right?

Paige: Thatís your kidneys. No, you only have one liver, so we would just be taking part of your liver -- the right lobe, and transplanting it into Jessica.

David: Just one liver, huh? But just part of it?

Paige: Right, just the right lobe.

David: Just the right lobe of my liver? Well, I tend to only use the left lobe, so -- ok.

Viki: Oh, David. I will never, ever, ever forget this.

David: Neither will I.

Dorian: David, this is extraordinary, really generous and brave of you. Why, you canít even stand the sight of a needle and here you are volunteering to have major invasive surgery.

David: You had to use the words "invasive" and "major," didnít you?

Paige: So letís get you ready. We're going to have to do some tests, we're going to draw some blood, and we'll get you prepped.

David: Right now?

Paige: Yes, David, right now.

David: I thought we were talking about the near to distant future.

Viki: No. No, Jessicaís body is rejecting the first transplant. This has to be done immediately.

Paige: Or by tomorrow at the latest.

David: Why not right now? I'm sure Clint has a buck knife in his boot.

Paige: Oh.

Viki: Oh. Well, we should tell Jessica.

Clint: We have wonderful news.

Jessica: So do I.

Miles: You have no right to open my trunk.

John: We donít? He says we donít have the right.

Miles: You need a warrant. I'm not going to let you search my car.

Terry: Hey, friend, we donít need a warrant. Suspicious behavior gives us probable cause.

John: And this isnít your car. Give the keys to your car.

Spencer: You're only making things worse, Miles. You really donít have a choice, you know?

John: What the hell is that?

Cole: All that stuff tonight with Blair just makes me really suspicious, mom.

Marty: Yes, it was strange, to say the least.

Cole: I think Miles has something to do with Toddís disappearance. I mean, why else would that Hunter guy have given Blair our address?

Marty: I -- I donít know. I mean, maybe he just wanted to cause more trouble between me and Blair.

Cole: Well, that doesnít make sense. Why would he care?

Marty: Look, I donít know. I donít know what it is I am supposed to tell you.

Cole: Well, you start by telling me what you're not telling me.

Terry: What is that?

Miles: Itís a suit bag. I needed my suit cleaned. Is that a big deal?

John: Open it.

[Miles sighs]

Terry: Step away from the car, please.

Spencer: Good thing you got rid of Manningís body when I told you to, huh?

Miles: So what are you looking for?

John: You know a guy named Hunter Atwood?

Spencer: Easy, Miles. Johnny boyís only fishing.

Miles: Should I?

John: Answer the question.

Miles: No, I've never heard of him. Who is he?

John: Heís been telling people Manningís being held at your address.

Miles: Why would he say something like that?

John: You tell me.

Spencer: For the money. The double-crossing S.O.B.

Miles: I told you, I donít know Hunter whatever. I donít know him. And I donít know why he would do something like this. But I do know that you're not going to take my word for it.

Spencer: Donít piss him off.

[Car trunk closes]

Terry: Nothing in here, man.

Miles: Of course thereís nothing in there.

John: Cuff him. We're taking him down to the station.

Miles: Oh, come on. This is harassment.

John: Shut up! Turn around, put your hands behind your back, or we'll tack on resisting arrest.

Spencer: I told you. Didnít I tell you, huh, not to piss him off?

Sarah: Crap.

Rex: No, some of the foodís really good.

Sarah: No -- my Uncle Bo is here.

Rex: Thatís cool.

Sarah: No, itís not. The last thing I want to be worrying about right now is family.

Rex: Boís cool. He wonít tell anybody he saw you if you ask him.

Sarah: No way. Is there a back door to this place?

Rex: Yeah, itís just past the restrooms.

Sarah: Give me your keys. I'll meet you back at your place.

Rex: I think you're being kind of paranoid.

Sarah: Yeah, whatever. Keys. Oh, bring me back a tomato soup, and a Cuban -- hold the meat.

Bo: Your dad sent word that he wanted to talk to me.

Tate: Did you?

Bo: No.

Tate: Ahem -- are you going to?

Bo: Just before I left the station, the warden called back. Tate, I'm sorry, but thereís -- thereís really no easy way to have to say this, but the warden told me that your fatherís been killed.

Clint: You have good news?

Jessica: Nash and I are getting married.

Viki: Oh --

Clint: Honey, thatís wonderful. And we're going to throw you the best wedding Llanviewís seen ever, as soon as we get you back on your feet.

Viki: And thatís our news. Darling, you're getting a new liver.

Natalie: Oh, my gosh, Jessica, this is a perfect day!

Jessica: No, mom, I'm not going to let you do that.

Viki: Itís not me, sweetheart. I mean, believe me, I would do it if they would let me, but they wonít, so -- itís not me.

Clint: Itís David Vickers.

Viki: They're prepping him right now.

Jessica: Oh. Oh, my God. I have to tell Nash. Does he know?

Nash: I heard. Dorian told me. Thatís fantastic. Itís beautiful. Itís wonderful.

Natalie: Isnít it amazing?

Nash: Did I leave out "amazing"?

Natalie: What are you doing back here so soon?

Nash: I -- I -- I got the priest. But then I realized I -- I didnít have a marriage license, so I came running back. I thought maybe that one of the two of you would know how to get a marriage license quickly.

Clint: Nash, Nash, now thereís really not that much of a hurry.

Nash: Oh, yes, there is. I want to get married today, before the surgery.

Bo: They questioned everyone. But you can imagine just how honest the inmates are about something like this.

Tate: Did they say who killed him?

Bo: Yeah, they know. But the guy who stabbed him says it was self-defense, naturally.

Adriana: Was it a racial thing?

Bo: No. The inmate that stabbed him was white.

Adriana: Does this make any sense?

Tate: Just -- just because the guy was white doesnít mean that it was somebody from his brotherhood or whatever. I mean, it could have been for any number of reasons.

Bo: Actually, the killer was a skinhead. Tate, look, again, I'm sorry. I wanted you to know about this before it broke in the news.

Tate: Thank you. I appreciate that. How do I go about claiming the body?

[John whistles]

Talia: What have you got here, Lieutenant?

John: Oh, just another jerk driving without his license.

Miles: I have a license. I donít have it with me. Ugh. Thank you.

Talia: Well, driving without a license? Really?

John: Really.

Miles: You know, if you're going to arrest me, I'd like to speak to my lawyer. If thereís ever a harassment case, you know this is it.

John: You think you're smart, you're not. I'm going to find out what you're hiding. I'm going to find out what you know about Todd Manning and why heís still missing.

Miles: Does that mean I can go?

John: Have the lab check out Dr. Saybrookeís car, will you? Check for prints, trace evidence. And then have a couple units take it back to her. I'll drive this slug home.

Talia: Gotcha.

John: And, go ahead and give him that ticket for driving without his license.

Spencer: See? Told you everything would be all right.

Viki: I donít understand. Why the rush? I mean, there'll be plenty of time later, when Jessie can at least walk.

Nash: I am not waiting another day. I am marrying your daughter today.

Jessica: Are you sure you donít want to wait and get married barefoot on the beach --

Nash: No.

Jessica: At sunset, like we talked about?

Nash: No -- yes, I'm -- I'm sure. I want to marry you, and thatís what this is about. It doesnít matter where we are. We could be on the most beautiful beach in the world with the most stunning sunset, and all I'd be able to see is you. I would be as lost in those eyes as I am right now. It doesnít matter if we have turquoise waters and palm trees, or dirty white walls and beeping machines. All that matters is that itís you.

Jessica: I love you.

Nash: I love you. I'm sorry about you guys missing your big Buchanan party, but, hey, there'll be plenty of time to throw a big reception once Jessicaís back on her feet, right?

Viki: Yeah -- uh -- I -- I think right now, every -- we need to tone down all this excitement, ok? I think we have to give her a little quiet, ok?

Nash: Sure. Do you mind if Natalie and I stay with Jessica?

Jessica: No, not at all.

Clint: Viki --

Viki: What?

Clint: You know a judge, donít you?

Viki: Yes, I -- I do. Let me call him and see if he can arrange for a license.

Clint: Ok.

Dorian: License?

Clint: Yeah. A marriage license. Jessica and Nash want to get married and they want to do it before the surgery.

Dorian: Oh. Oh, well, thatís wonderful, and I am so glad there is going to be another surgery. After all, I was the one who insisted that David get tested.

Clint: Yeah. And we'll always be grateful to you for that.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Clint: And now, I'm going to go and tell David how grateful I am to him. Excuse me.

Dorian: I'm sure he'll appreciate that.

Paige: So try to relax while I get these down to the lab.

David: Last time I gave blood, they gave me a cookie.

Paige: When this is over --

[Knock on door]

Paige: I will bake you a whole batch. Hi.

Clint: Paige -- is it all right if I have a word?

Paige: Of course.

Clint: Thanks. David, we've had our share of differences, I know. I'm grateful that you're able to put them aside so that you can help Jessie. And if thereís anything that I can do for you, you just let me know.

David: Actually, Clint, there is something. You can give me the $10 million your father promised me.

Bo: Because of the circumstances, there'll be an investigation and an autopsy. And then I'll help you make the arrangements after they release the body.

Adriana: Is there anything I can do?

Tate: No. I -- I donít think so -- I donít know. I got to get some fresh air.

Adriana: Excuse me.

Rex: He wants to be alone, Adriana.

Adriana: You're wrong. Thatís the last thing he needs right now.

Jessica: What if -- what if my body rejects this liver, too?

Nash: It wonít.

Jessica: It rejected the first one.

Nash: Yeah, but the odds are really, really good for this one.

Jessica: Huh -- you donít know that.

Nash: Well, then I'll find out what the odds are.

Jessica: What if they're bad?

Nash: I'll lie.

Natalie: Jessica, I think you're jumping the gun just a little bit here. I mean, look, you're getting a brand-new liver, you're marrying a wonderful, wonderful man. I mean, this day started out pretty lousy, and itís turned out to be pretty darn good.

Jessica: Listen to you. You've always been such a pessimist.

Natalie: Well, you've always been such an optimist.

Nash: And I am such a realist, and the reality is that I am marrying the girl I love.

Viki: Oh.

Dorian: Oh, any luck with the marriage license?

Viki: Well, I spoke to judge burrows, and he said that he would be happy to help, but unfortunately, he doesnít think he can get one until -- whereís Clint?

Dorian: Oh, he went in to thank David.

Viki: Oh, Dorian, I'm so grateful to David.

[Viki gasps]

Dorian: Well, I'm the one who insisted that he be tested.

Viki: Yes. And for that, I am very grateful to you. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Dorian: You're quite welcome. Itís so fortunate that you and David became so close just in time for him to give up a part of his body to save your daughter.

Viki: Itís a very selfless and generous thing that heís doing. And if it is due to our new "friendship" -- oh, my goodness, the timing couldnít have been more fortuitous. And once again, I thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dorian, for whatever it was you did that made him so angry that he begged to move in with me.

Clint: We have been over this.

David: Well, maybe we should go over it again. Asa owes me $10 million, and unless I get it, the right lobe of my liver stays exactly where it is.

Clint: You're a heartless bastard.

David: Correction -- a greedy bastard. There is a difference.

Clint: I thought lately, you were a great friend of Viki. Thatís going to be over once she hears about this.

David: Vikiís not going to hear about this. No one is going to hear about this, or the deal is off. Once you pay me and I'm gone, tell anyone you like.

Clint: How do you want the money transferred?

Marty: I donít want to keep going around and around about this with you, ok? I'm not keeping anything from you. I donít know why you think I am.

Cole: You've just been real edgy.

Marty: Well, Blair barges in here, practically accuses me of kidnapping Todd. Is that it? Is that what you think I've done?

Cole: No, of course not.

Marty: Then please -- sweetie, please, donít look for trouble where there isnít any. Ok?

Cole: Ok.

John: Well, this guy had your car, but there was no sign of Manning.

Miles: And why is everyone looking at me to find Todd?

John: Because you sent him to Chicago to look for his son.

Miles: Spencer told me to do that. I -- I was only the messenger. I mean, if it was a trap, he used me to set it up. Maybe -- maybe he used my trust and friendship to get revenge. I mean, thatís the kind of guy Spencer was, right?

Marty: Thatís exactly the kind of guy Spencer was.

Miles: Then you believe me that I had nothing to do with Todd disappearing?

Marty: All I know is that Todd wasnít here.

John: Then why did this guy, Hunter, tell Blair that he was?

Tate: When the O.P.P. said that they were going to take care of things, they didnít say they were going to kill my father! No. No, he -- he pled guilty for everything that I did. He wasnít going to tell Buchanan anything! No, you know that I am loyal to the organization, but that was my father. No. I donít want his death to be for nothing. I'll do what I'm supposed to do.

Adriana: Hey. I didnít think that you should be alone.

Tate: We used to come here a lot when I was a kid. Me and my dad. We would -- he'd push me on that swing over there. And when I was big enough, he'd bring me out here to play catch. We played it all the time. Yeah. Sometimes we'd be out here for hours, you know, and he'd have stuff to do, but he'd always say "ah, it can wait." He was -- he was a great guy. He was a great dad. And, you know, I know we went our separate paths, but -- he was my father, and I loved him. And I'm going to miss him.

Bo: I didnít like Kirk Harmon, and I sure didnít like what he believed in, but it doesnít make it any easier to break news like that.

Rex: Is it bugging you that he was killed by a white dude?

Bo: The white dude that killed him was a supremacist. So yeah, it bugs me.

Rex: You think they were trying to keep him quiet?

Bo: Maybe. Maybe Harmon was ready to cut a deal, start naming names. Or maybe -- a name.

Rex: You donít think it'd be anybody we know? Do you?

Tate: Itís not right.

Adriana: At least they caught the guy who did it.

Tate: Yeah, but the guyís in prison. And he -- and he said it was self-defense. So whatís -- whatís going to happen to him? Maybe a month in solitary? My father did not deserve to die. It shouldnít have happened! I just donít understand why some people who donít deserve it die, and the other people who -- who do deserve it, they just never have to pay.

Adriana: They will pay, either in this life or the next.

Tate: You think so?

Adriana: I know so. And even though your father did some horrible things, he was still your father. And itís all right for a son to mourn the loss of his father. No matter how bad he was, no one will judge you for that. You're just a son who loved his dad.

Miles: Look, I donít know what this Hunter guy was thinking. You know, maybe -- maybe he tied me in with Toddís deal so you would waste your time chasing after me instead of him.

John: Hmm. Well, when we catch him -- and we will -- we'll ask him why he sent Blair here.

Miles: I hope you do. I hope you catch him, because that may be the only opportunity I have to prove my innocence.

John: Laurence, I wouldnít leave town till you get that ticket taken care of.

Miles: Hmm.

Cole: What'd you do with Todd?

Miles: Heís being taken care of. Listen, Cole, thanks for keeping our little secret.

Cole: I'm just protecting my mom.

Miles: So am I, son.

Paige: I'm going to schedule a room, put a team together so we can operate as soon as possible.

Viki: Great, great.

David: Well, I was kind of hoping to take my liver out for one last spin, but I guess you'll have to do it for me.

Viki: Oh, David -- you donít have to joke just to prove how brave you're being.

David: I'm not being brave. This is how I act when I'm terrified.

Dorian: You neednít be. The odds are in your favor. I'm betting on you, and you know I never bet on anything but a sure thing.

[Viki chuckles]

Viki: Thank you again for being so selfless. I will never forget this.

Clint: Neither will I.

Natalie: Ok, what would you like me to do to help you get ready?

Jessica: Well, I think itís going to have to be pretty soon.

Natalie: Ok. We'll do a little makeup, maybe fix your hair up a little?

Nash: You crazy? Look at her. Could she be any more beautiful?

Jessica: Oh. Stop it. I just hope we have time to do it before the surgery.

Nash: Well, all we got to do is wait for the license, and thatís a done deal.

Jessica: God. Divorce, remarry, and a major surgery within 24 hours. Thatís got to be some kind of record.

Nash: Well, I say we start setting our new record.

Jessica: Whatís that?

Nash: The record for the longest, happiest, most beautiful "ever after," ever.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

David: Why is everyone so surprised I want money for my liver?

Blair: I am going to find him, Cristian. Todd needs me.

Viki: Jessica and Nash are getting married.

Nash: Right here, right now.

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