OLTL Transcript Friday 7/6/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/6/07


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David: We push and we pull at the same time. Donít look at me -- do it on your own. Thatís why we call this the gazing-at-the-moon pose. And relax.

Viki: Whoo.

David: How do you feel?

Viki: David, I feel wonderful. Do you know I've seen people do this in the park? I had no idea what it was all about.

David: Well, now you know. Tai chi gives us a sense of peace and harmony and focus.

Viki: Ah.

David: Now, we're going to do "the beautiful woman turns at the waist" pose.

Viki: David --

David: Donít give me that -- itís not the lambada. Save that for the cruise ship. Now -- I want you to focus on your hips. And turn from your hips, look to your left. Hips only, look to your right. Thatís it. Oh, thatís good.

Jessica: Mom?

David: Left -- oh, yes.

Jessica: Well, what are you doing?

David: Quiet, please. I'm trying to qi gong your mother. Left.

Viki: Oh.

Jessica: Oh.

David: And right.

Viki: Ok. Hi, baby.

Jessica: Hi.

Viki: Hi. Hello, Nash. Hi, pumpkin! Come on down here.

Nash: Yeah? Well, thank you so much for watching Bree today.

Viki: Oh, of course. Honey, are you sure you're up to this?

Jessica: I can handle it.

David: You look tense, Jessica. I should probably qi gong you, too.

Nash: Uh-huh.

Jessica: Um -- well, we're on our way to the courthouse. Antonio and I are getting a divorce today.

Talia: Antonio, what -- hi.

Antonio: Hey, Talia. What are you doing here?

Talia: Drug bust. What are you doing here? You're not trying to come back to work yet, are you?

Antonio: Itís not that.

Talia: Oh -- itís personal.

Antonio: Well, if everything goes according to plan, I should be single within an hour.

Sarah: You want me to go back to Llanview with you two and be treated like some chick in the witness protection program? Hmm -- yeah, thatís going to happen.

Cristian: Actually, it is.

Sarah: Um -- how do I say this in a way both of you will understand? Go away.

Rex: Wow. You are more worried about your boyfriend than I thought.

 [Blair gasps]

Blair: Who are you?

Hunter: Doesnít matter who I am. I'm here because I know where you can find Todd Manning.

Blair: You're Sarahís boyfriend, arenít you? You're -- you're Hunter.

Hunter: Look, I came here because I've got what you're looking for. Well, do you want it or not?

Blair: Oh, just like that? No strings?

Hunter: Just like that Ė there is a price.

Blair: Huh. Let me get this straight -- you come all the way from Chicago to ask me for money, then send me back to Chicago to find Todd?

Hunter: Who said Manningís still in Chicago?

Marty: We've been over this before. I can handle Miles.

John: Yeah? What about your son?

Marty: What about him?

John: Take care of him.

Marty: What is that supposed to mean?

John: You willing to sacrifice him to Laurence?

Cole: Mr. Manning? Mr. Manning! Come on, wake up!

Miles: I wouldnít get too close, Cole.

Cole: You did this?

Miles: You should've never come down here, Cole -- never.

Layla: Oh! That hospital is exhausting. I guess thatís why all the coma patients are sleeping so soundly, huh?

Vincent: Hey, I'm glad you said that and not me.

Layla: Yeah, I would've slapped you.

Vincent: Well, exactly.

Layla: These things are torture devices. Oh.

Vincent: Well, why donít you wear sandals or flats, you know? Itís not like Evangeline cares whatís on your feet.

Layla: They're not for her. If I get dressed up when I go see her, itís like I havenít given up hope. I'm still making an effort, you know? I mean, I donít take it for granted that she wonít see me.

Vincent: Yeah.

Layla: Hmm.

Vincent: Hey. Why donít you let Dr. Jones take care of those tired feet for you?

Layla: Ok.

Vincent: All right?

Layla: Oh, my God.

[Vincent chuckles]

Layla: Oh. Oh.

Vincent: Is it good?

Layla: Heaven. Why didnít you tell me you could do this?

Vincent: Every man needs a little mystery.

Layla: You have more than your fair share.

Blair: Are you saying Toddís in Llanview?

Hunter: I'm saying that I need to be paid for this key piece of information.

Blair: Oh. What, you sneak onto this property, get behind the bushes, and jump out and say, "Hey, Toddís here!" What am I supposed to do -- open my checkbook up to you?

Hunter: Do you want proof?

Blair: You got any?

Hunter: Check it out.

Blair: Oh, thatís Todd.

Hunter: Yeah, that is Todd. And in case you're wondering, yes, heís alive, because I've been taking care of him, but if you donít fork over some cash soon, I canít vouch for the people that have him.

Blair: Who has him? Tell me who has him!

Cole: What is that? You're drugging him?

Miles: Look, Cole, you donít understand.

Cole: Yeah, hell, right I donít! What, are you trying to kill him?

Miles: No! I -- you shouldnít even be down here!

Cole: Neither should Mr. Manning! Has he been here this whole time?

Miles: No.

Cole: Then -- then when'd he get here? Whereís he been?

Miles: Look, Cole, you got to listen to me.

Cole: No! No, I'm not going to listen to you, you freak!

Miles: Hey, just -- where do you think you're going?

Cole: I'm going to the cops! All right, John McBain will have your ass in jail so fast!

Miles: I canít let you do that, Cole.

Cole: Yeah, and what are you going to do, huh? Shoot me up with that stuff, too?

Miles: I will do whatever I have to, whatever it takes, to keep this between us. Do you understand?

Marty: Have you heard something? Has Miles threatened Cole?

John: If he had, I would've dealt with it already.

Marty: Then why are you sitting here saying these things to me? What, because you donít like Miles?

John: What are you doing, hmm? What are you thinking about, bringing this guy into your home?

Marty: I did it for Cole.

John: No. He hates Laurence, heís pissed at you for marrying him, and itís setting Laurence off.

Marty: Cole and I have talked. And he is trying to handle it, deal with it.

John: Let me tell you something, heís not handling it and heís not dealing with it. Heís a kid. And Laurence -- I'm not sure what the hell he is, but I know heís unstable. Look, if he could do what he did to get you to marry him, what do you think heís capable of if he thinks Cole is getting in his way?

Marty: I know Miles and I know how to handle him.

John: Maybe in the office, all right, but not here! Look at me -- you didnít kill Truman. I know it and you know it. What I donít get is, why are you lying here and taking it? Why arenít you fighting back?

Marty: Who do you think you are?

Viki: Darling, I really wish you would let me go with you to the courthouse.

Jessica: I can handle it, Mom.

Viki: But I want to go. Itís upsetting you.

Jessica: I know, but Nash will be there with me.

Viki: Are you sure that thatís a good idea?

Nash: I know what you're thinking.

Viki: Well, itís going to make a terrible situation much worse.

Jessica: Especially for Antonio, and we've thought about that.

Viki: Well, I'm thinking about you, too, you know? You've been through a lot.

Nash: I will be there, but I promise you I will lay low.

Viki: All right.

David: Mmm, mmm.

Nash: Is that Breeís baby food?

David: I guess that means Lois is giving Bree my foie gras.

Jessica: Uh-oh, ok. I better go check on her.

Nash: I'm on it.

David: I probably should, too. I charged the fancy stuff with the truffles to your account. Keep that unappreciating baby away from my food.

Jessica: Oh.

Viki: Baby? Do you really think you're ready for this? This is happening so fast.

Jessica: Mm-hmm. Well, it was Antonioís idea. And heís right, you know? We should just get this over with. It should be easy, you know? We have no financial assets to split, no custody issues. Itís just a formality.

Viki: No, itís not.

Jessica: I know itís not.

Viki: Oh.

Talia: I'm so sorry you have to go through this. But when itís over, you'll -- I hate the word "closure," but it -- it exists for a reason.

Antonio: Yeah. Itís just a ruling, just a piece of paper.

Talia: Yeah. No big deal.

Antonio: I loved her so much.

Talia: You still do.

Antonio: I canít.

Talia: You wonít as much, in time. But you've got to walk through this one particular hell. I just hope itís not too soon after your surgery.

Antonio: You know, if I could've done this the day she told me she was in love with Nash, I would have.

Talia: So the court just decided? Uh, I'm -- why didnít you tell me last night?

Antonio: Oh, well, because I -- I didnít want to talk about divorce while watching fireworks and get into the whole symbolism of independence day and all that crap.

Talia: Well, you can talk to me. You can talk to me any time, even on holidays.

Antonio: Last night it was -- it was just easy, happy. And, well, I -- I had a great time.

Talia: So did I.

Antonio: And running into you here, it -- it helped. You've been a good friend, Talia. Thank you.

[Antonio groans]

Antonio: All right, take it easy there, killer.

Talia: If I take it any easier, princess, I'll have to cut it off of you.

Vincent: How come I'm the only one of your friends who doesnít own a single piece of exposed merchandise?

Layla: Well, you can just go to the store and buy some just like everybody else.

Vincent: Oh-ho-ho-ho! I'm hurt.

Layla: Well, if you want some so badly -- oh, shoot.

Vincent: What? What happened?

Layla: I have to put in a fabric order before 5:00 or else the manufacturers wonít get it, and if they donít have it, then the retailers wonít and the distributors -- itís like a house of cards.

Vincent: Ok, or a domino effect, I get it, so what can I do to help you?

Layla: You know fabric?

Vincent: I got good taste. Would that help?

Layla: That depends. Are you willing to take your pants off?

Vincent: Hell, yeah.

Sarah: Huh. I am not going within smoke signals' distance of Llanview.

Rex: What if Hunter comes back?

Sarah: I'm not scared of him.

Cristian: You should be.

Sarah: Well, even if I was, Llanview would be the last place on earth I would think to hide.

Rex: Ok, what about somewhere else?

Sarah: Like?

[Cristian chuckles]

Rex: Your mom?

Sarah: Sheís off doing one of her "things," God knows where.

Cristian: What about your dad?

Sarah: Why do you think I left London?

Rex: Ok, we canít stay here open-ended.

Sarah: Then leave.

Cristian: We're not about to do that, Sarah. We've waited this long for answers, we're not leaving now.

Rex: Look, we're not asking you to come back to Llanview on a permanent basis.

Sarah: Oh -- just long enough to mess up my life?

Cristian: Like itís not already.

Sarah: Ugh. I didnít ask for any of this, ok? So if you guys want to stick around to see if Hunter shows up, go for it, but I am not going back to Llanview.

Rex: I know how we can settle this.

Cristian: Stun gun?

Rex: Ah -- ha-ha. We call your dad and tell him everything.

Sarah: You wouldnít.

[Rex whistles]

Sarah: Huh. Like I'm supposed to believe my Dad is one of your five faves?

Rex: No, but my sister is. She works for B.E. now. She can get me your dadís phone number in about four seconds.

[Sarah snickers]

Hunter: Look, I'm a businessman, so you show me the money and I'll show you where you can find Todd.

Blair: Is Todd here in Llanview?

Hunter: Yeah, but without the address, he might as well be in Moscow, right?

Blair: All right. I'll go get my checkbook.

Hunter: Uh -- sorry, babe. I only take cash.

Blair: Oh, what are you talking about? How much cash do you think I have lying around here?

Hunter: Well, from the looks of things, plenty. I'll take whatever you have as long as itís 10 grand.

Blair: Fine. Just wait here.

Hunter: I'll just soak up some rays, and a drink would be nice.

Blair: Go to hell.

John: You realize this -- this guy, this lunatic, is sleeping next to you every

Marty: Trust me, I will never let him touch me.

John: Oh, thatís -- thatís great. So whatís the plan -- you got one?

Marty: Yes.

John: I'd love to hear it.

Marty: I'm buying time.

John: Buying time.

Marty: Yeah.

John: Till when?

Marty: Until you get some answers about Spencerís murder, ok? In the meantime, donít make me crazy about the safety of my son. Thatís why I married Miles -- to protect Cole.

John: He used Cole to get to you -- what makes you think heís going to stop there? If he doesnít get what he wants, what makes you think he wonít do something worse?

[Knock on door]

Marty: Starr.

Starr: Hi, Dr. Saybrooke.

Marty: Hi, come in.

Starr: Hi.

John: Hey, Starr.

Starr: Is Cole here?

Cole: I mean, come on -- did you really think you could pull this off? Half the town is looking for Mr. Manning, including my girlfriend. What the hell is the matter with you?

Miles: Look, I -- I didnít expect it to get this far. I donít want that, but it did. We're stuck with it.

Cole: No, no, we're not! This could be good for you -- think about it. I mean, if he wasnít -- if he wasnít out of commission, you wouldnít even be with Starr right now.

Cole: I canít believe -- I canít believe you're saying that.

Miles: But itís true.

Cole: So you're doing this for me? Thatís what you want me to think?

Miles: No, this is going to help a lot of people. You've got to trust me on this.

Cole: This is sick.

Miles: You say you love Starr. If you love her as much as I love your mother, you will forget that Todd was even here.

Cole: Yeah -- yeah, I love Starr, enough to tell her the truth and give her father back. Now, get the hell out of my way, you sick son of a bitch!

Antonio: Well, so much for getting here early.

Talia: That anxious?

Antonio: Do I look it?

Talia: You look unbelievably together for someone who just got out of the hospital and who is only starting to feel like his old self again.

Antonio: Well, I donít know if I'll ever feel that.

Talia: Yeah, it takes time.

Antonio: If ever. I do know this -- the signs were there, it was right in front of me and I just didnít want to see it.

Talia: Well, you know the old saying -- "love is blind."

Antonio: "Blind" -- yeah, I know. I know.

Talia: Antonio, your wife left you for another guy and you flew back from halfway around the world to save her life, and now you're giving her a quickie divorce. I'm sorry, but what more could you do?

Antonio: Yeah, thatís what I keep thinking.

Talia: Well, if it were me, I -- God, I probably would've egged Jessicaís house, let the air out of her tires, you know?

Antonio: And then, I would have to cite you.

Talia: You wouldnít, so -- no.

Antonio: Thank you, again.

Talia: For what?

David: Mmm. Now, this -- much better.

Nash: Yeah. Bree thinks so, too.

David: So tell me, Nash, you and Jessica -- you're really setting up shop in that vineyard?

Nash: Yeah, itís home.

David: Too rustic. Now, this -- this, my friend, is a home -- everything you want at the snap of your fingers.

Nash: Yeah, and those -- those tai chi lessons, they're paying your room and board, huh?

David: No, no. Thatís a freebie. Viki just likes the pleasure of my company, and to tell you the truth, she doesnít seem to be able to get enough of me.

Viki: Honey, this is so much stress right after the surgery.

Jessica: I can handle it, Mom, really.

Viki: Are you taking all your medicines and doing everything the doctors asked you to?

Jessica: If I werenít, Nash would hit the roof.

Viki: He really loves you, doesnít he?

Jessica: About as much as I love him.

Viki: You loved Antonio.

Jessica: Mom, I know you think I'm making a mistake.

Viki: Darling, I donít want you to be hurt again, thatís all.

Jessica: I'm not the one thatís hurt, ok? I hurt Antonio, I broke his heart. I just -- I hope to God I donít do the same thing to Nash.

Viki: Are you having second thoughts?

Jessica: No. No, no, no. I -- itís just something Antonio said that -- it just wonít go away. What if I'm not the woman that I -- I think I am, you know? What if Nash is in love with somebody that just doesnít exist?

Viki: Oh, honey.

Nash: Sorry to interrupt. We really better get going.

Jessica: Yeah, I --

Nash: We're going to miss the hearing.

Jessica: Lost track of time. Um -- ok. Thank you for taking care of Bree, and, um, I will call you the second the hearing is over and tell you how it went. And you behave yourself.

David: What would be the fun if I did that? You all right?

Viki: I just hope that my daughter is.

Rex: Huh. I liked that phone.

Sarah: Me going back to Llanview was not part of the agreement.

Cristian: Who said anything about an agreement?

Sarah: Look, you guys canít make me go back, and neither can my parents.

Rex: Did you say "stun gun"?

Sarah: Oh, will you guys just leave me the hell alone! Look, I did my part -- I told you about my uncle Todd.

Cristian: Yeah, a little late.

Sarah: Well, how was I supposed to know Hunter was going to move him first?

Rex: But you can help us find Hunter.

Sarah: I'll let you know if he calls, ok? Assuming he doesnít kill me first.

Rex: You know what? Forget it. You're not staying here, we canít stay here, so you're going back to Llanview today.

Sarah: Like Llanview will be any safer.

Cristian: Look, you could stay at your aunt Vikiís or at the Buchanan mansion. Thatís a nice place.

Sarah: I am not staying at either.

Rex: Ok, you're staying somewhere.

Sarah: Ok. If I go back to Llanview, I stay with one of you.

Blair: Thatís all I had in the house.

Hunter: I'll take it.

Blair: Now whereís Todd?

Hunter: Right under your nose.

Marty: Have you and your mom heard anything about your dad?

Starr: Um -- no, nothing.

John: Well, look, Starr, let me know if thereís anything we can do.

Starr: Thanks.

Marty: Well, actually, Cole is just down in the storage area getting a summer box of clothes. You know, actually he should be back by now. I wonder whatís taking him so long.

Cole: Get out of my way! What are you going to do, kill me, huh? Yeah, that will really seal the deal with my mom, wonít it?

Miles: I'm not going to kill you. God! Donít you see I'm trying to help you and your mother?

Spencer: Oh, no. Donít you go soft on me, Miles. Make the kid do it, Miles. Maybe you canít kill Todd, but he certainly can. Think about what Todd did to the woman you love, think about who this boy is and how he can help you. Think it through, Miles.

Cole: Whatís going on with you?

Miles: You can fix this.

Cole: Just let me out of here.

Miles: No. There is something that you need to do. This man tried to kill you, he raped your mother, he kept you away from the girl that you love. You can solve all your problems, Cole. Just kill Todd.

Cole: You want me to kill Mr. Manning? Are you crazy?

Spencer: Tell the boy that itís the best way for him to get back at Todd for what Todd did to his mother. Go ahead, Miles. Tell him.

Miles: This is the best solution, Cole. You can be with Starr. And more importantly, you can get revenge against Todd for raping your mother.

Cole: I'm not going to do that.

Miles: Why not? He ruined your motherís life. Look, he went to prison, but he deserves more. Thereís enough dope in here to take down an elephant. Do it, Cole. Avenge your mother. Your father would want you to.

Cole: You know what? Stick it in your own arm and do all of us a favor.

Miles: Thatís not going to happen. And I'm sorry to see that you're not a man of your word.

Cole: My word?

Miles: You say you love Starr and your mother. Letting Todd live when you can end the suffering is proof that you donít love them at all.

Starr: I'm going to go see whatís taking Cole so long.

Marty: Um -- you know what? Why donít we just give him another second? You and I can have some girl talk.

Starr: I donít want to interrupt you and Lieutenant McBain.

Marty: Oh, no, no, itís ok.

John: I think that was the point.

Starr: You know what? Actually -- um -- I wanted to tell you something. I know that things between you and my mom are still a mess. But thank you for letting me and Cole be together.

Marty: You're welcome, sweetie. You know, the history between me and your parents should never have anything to do with you and Cole.

John: Hey, look, I'm going to get going, but thereís one thing I wanted to run by you before I do.

Marty: Um -- ok, you know what? Why donít you go grab a soda?

Starr: Yeah.

Marty: The kitchenís -- itís right through there.

Starr: Ok. Bye, Lieutenant.

John: Bye, Starr. Look, I know you think you donít have any choices in this, but you do. You donít have to spend another night with this guy.

Marty: What else am I supposed to do?

John: Throw him out. I'll make sure you never see him again. Think about it. Ok?

Starr: Ok. I got one for you, too.

Marty: Thanks.

[Starr giggles]

Marty: Whatís so funny?

Starr: I was just thinking what my mom would say if she saw the two of us having a soda together.

Blair: What do you mean, Toddís right un--

Hunter: Itís been a pleasure doing business with you, babe.

Blair: Oh, my God. Thatís Martyís address.

Jessica: Antonio --

Antonio: Jess -- Nash.

Jessica: Howís Jamie?

Antonio: Fine. I think itís time.

Nash: You know what? I think I'll be right there.

Jessica: Oh. Maybe you shouldnít have come.

Nash: I wasnít going to let you do this alone. And thatís why I'm going to be right there. Good luck.

Jessica: Yeah.

Nash: Howís Antonio?

Talia: How do you think?

Lawyer: This should be pretty simple. Neither one of you is contesting it. Itís what you both want.

Second lawyer: It'll be clean and simple. Over real fast.

Judge: Good afternoon, everyone.

Lawyer: Good afternoon, your honor.

Second lawyer: Hello, your honor.

Judge: Um -- well, thereís nothing here to prevent this divorce. Itís a no-fault request. Due to the brevity of your marriage, I have to ask -- especially since you have two children.

Jessica: Yes, your honor?

Judge: What is the reason for this divorce? You've been married about six months. Huh. What could possibly have gone so wrong since your wedding day?

Antonio: Your honor, we -- our feelings just changed for each other. Itís -- itís not any more complicated than that.

Jessica: The truth is, your honor -- oh -- I fell in love with another man. And everything that went wrong was because of me.

Vincent: Hey. You did tell me to drop my pants, right?

Layla: Mm-hmm. You didnít have to take off your shirt -- not that I'm complaining.

Vincent: Uh-huh. I could put it back on.

Layla: No. No, no, no, no. Itís ok. I mean, if you're comfortable.

Vincent: Oh, I'm comfortable. I also took the liberty of turning down the A.C.

Layla: Just donít sweat on the silks. I have to send these samples back.

Vincent: Ok.

Layla: All right. So, here -- take this. Write down everything I tell you to.

Vincent: Yes, ma'am.

Layla: Ah. You're much more polite than our normal fit model.

Vincent: And much more manlier, too.

Layla: Uh -- one thing you have in common -- no shortage of ego.

[Vincent chuckles]

Vincent: Ok, so what am I modeling here? Is this like a miniskirt or something?

Layla: No, itís part of our men's' line. I just have to see how the fabric hangs and how it will look against your skin.

Vincent: Well, itís a little scratchy.

Layla: Beauty is pain, baby.

Vincent: Oh, beauty is pain?

Layla: Uh-huh.

Vincent: Is that so?

Layla: Mm-hmm.

[Vincent chuckles]

Rex: No way, no how. You are not staying with me.

Cristian: And I have no room and enough problems.

Sarah: Great. Problem solved. I'll just stay here in my very own place.

Rex: No -- uh-uh!

Cristian: Sorry, not happening.

Sarah: Well, those are my terms. Whatís the problem anyway? You guys both got dumped, you live alone. I can hide out at your places from my family, and nobody would even know. What? You wonít even notice I'm there.

Rex: Well -- what -- I would. You are a slob.

Cristian: Right. And I didnít get dumped, he did.

Sarah: Look, you guys said you wanted to keep me on a short leash. It doesnít get any shorter than me being your roomie, huh? Deal or not? I love it when I get my way. The question is, which one of you two lucky guys gets me first? Huh?

Cole: I'm not going to kill Mr. Manning. You canít make me a killer like you.

Spencer: Stand your ground, Miles. You have the upper hand. You're not going to let this little brat push are you?

Miles: I know this isnít your nature, Cole. I'm not a killer, either.

Cole: But you want me to be one!

Miles: Look, I -- I didnít want it to be this way. You werenít supposed to come down here. You werenít supposed to find Todd. But now that you have, I have no choice but to protect my interests.

Cole: If you kill me, they'll find out, and my mom will hate you forever.

Miles: I am not going to kill you.

Cole: Then you canít stop me from going to the cops.

Miles: Actually, I can. If you go to the police, your mother will go to prison.

Cole: What? You expect me to believe my momís involved in this with you?

Cole: Whatís that?

Miles: Just listen.

Martyís voice: I killed Spencer Truman.

Viki: David, how sweet of you. Oh, wait. Who did you pay off to make this?

David: I have very few legally marketable skills, but I can actually boil water. Your granddaughterís in the kitchen throwing around the rest of my foie gras with Lois.

Viki: How politically correct of her.

David: Yeah, runs in the family. I'm sorry, is it something I said?

Viki: No, David, no. I'm worried about Jessica. I mean, sheís -- the divorce, and -- and the transplant, and the hearing, and the baby, and itís so much stress. I mean, she just had this transplant.

David: I often wondered what it would be like to be a father. I know you're thinking I'd probably be very good at it, but deep down, I'm actually pretty selfish. You have to be a very giving person to be a parent. From everything I've seen, you're the greatest.

David: Yikes. Itís the cops.

John: Hello, Mrs. Davidson.

Viki: Hello, John.

John: Sorry to interrupt, but --

Viki: Everything all right?

John: Yeah. Reluctantly, I need to speak to Vickers here.

Viki: Ok. Well, why donít I go help Lois clean up the foie gras? David, thank you.

David: You miss me?

John: Terribly.

David: Hmm. Well, this canít be good. Unless, of course, you're here to tell me that you have a lead on who actually killed my brother.

John: As a matter of fact, I do.

Talia: Antonio really is hurting.

Nash: Yeah, Jessica and I both feel very bad about that.

Talia: This is none of my business, but I am Antonioís friend, and if you mean what you just said -- and I think you do -- keep your distance from him.

Nash: Yeah, well -- when Jessica and Antonio come out of there, they'll be divorced, wonít they? That'll be the end of all that.

Talia: It better be.

Judge: Marriage is a legally binding commitment. While the system obviously has the means to dissolve a marriage when it doesnít work, I feel compelled to say that marriage is not something to be entered into lightly.

Jessica: We didnít, your honor. I made a mistake, and I'm sorry -- mostly because I hurt Antonio. Because heís a very, very good and wonderful man, and he deserves better. He deserves better than me.

[Judge sighs]

Judge: Your divorce is granted. Good luck to you both.

Lawyer: Well, thatís it.

Second lawyer: Do you need anything else?

Antonio: No. You know, thatís -- thatís it. Itís over.

Jessica: Antonio -- I would give anything so that this --

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: So that this would have turned out differently.

Antonio: Well -- not anything.

Talia: Hey, do you want to go get some coffee or -- or something?

Antonio: No. No, I think I need to be by myself for a little while.

Talia: Ok.

Antonio: Thanks.

Nash: Jessica? Hey.

Jessica: Sorry, I -- Nash, I --

Nash: Jess?

Sarah: Seriously, guys, which one of you gets me first?

Rex: Donít look at me.

Cristian: Only one way to find out. You call it.

Rex: Heads!

David: You have a new lead on Spencerís killer?

John: Actually, I -- I have an eyewitness to the murder.

David: Who?

John: You.

Marty: You know, Cole was expecting you, so I donít know why heís not back yet from the storage room.

[Knock on door]

Marty: He probably forgot his key.

Blair: Where is he? Whereís Todd?

Starr: Mom?

Blair: And donít tell me that you donít know, because I will search every inch of this building until I find him, you heartless bitch!

[Tape stops]

Cole: Mom -- Mom killed Spencer?

Miles: Thatís right. She killed the most important person in my life. My best friend. And I still love her. Hmm? Go figure, huh?

Cole: Thatís how you got her to marry you. You're blackmailing her.

Miles: I'm protecting her. And I need your help, Cole, to help your mother.

Cole: And what if I donít?

Miles: If you donít, she'll go to prison. It'll just be you and me, son.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

John: I know you didnít witness the murder, but Trumanís killer doesnít know that, does he?

Spencer: He loves his mother far too much to rat you out.

Cole: You want to find Todd, talk to Miles.

Viki: Do you know whatís wrong with Jessica?

Paige: Sheís rejecting the liver.

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