OLTL Transcript Thursday 7/5/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 7/5/07


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Marcie: Hey, you talking to me?

[Tommy babbles]

Marcie: Uh-huh. Huh, you talking to me? Hi!

Lindsay: Hi! That wasnít a bad De Niro, if I must say so myself.

Marcie: Thank you.

Lindsay: I hope I didnít startle you.

Marcie: No.

Lindsay: I just like watching how much you love this little guy.

Marcie: I sure do.

Lindsay: What?

Marcie: What? Nothing.

Lindsay: Who knows you better than I do?

Marcie: Ok -- um -- I was just thinking that every time I look at Tommy, it -- it reminds me of what I'm keeping from Michael.

Blair: Oh, thatís just so nice. Who won? Who got -- yeah, look who won. There you go. So you going to have a good time at camp this year? You going to make me a new lanyard? Good deal, because my old one is just about worn out. What about you? What are you going to do today? Just hang out with Cole?

Starr: Thatís really weird.

Blair: What?

Starr: No, I'm just -- I'm not used to you talking about me and Cole without screaming.

Blair: You guys got plans?

Starr: I was hoping that when I'm finished breakfast, I could go over there. Is that ok?

Blair: Oh, no, thatís fine. Just leave your phone on, you know, just in case --

Starr: Mom, itís ok. He knows that we're waiting on news about Dad.

Cristian: You know, this coffee -- itís not hot.

Sarah: Sorry.

Cristian: Well, you donít have a coffee pot?

Sarah: Cookingís not my thing.

Cristian: Since when is making coffee cooking? Itís survival.

Sarah: I went and got the coffee and doughnuts, didnít I?

Cristian: Yeah, well, I would have done it if I wasnít so stiff and sore from sleeping on that damn couch of yours. Very uncomfortable.

Rex: Oh -- at least you got to take a shower with hot water. Tomorrow, I'm in there first.

[Sarah chuckles]

Sarah: You guys would both have hot water if you werenít waking up at the crack of dawn.

Cristian: Since when is 8:00 the crack of dawn?

Sarah: Itís when everybody else in the building is getting ready for work.

Rex: Sorry if my work ethic is interfering with your lifestyle. This coffeeís not hot.

Cristian: Cookingís not her thing.

Rex: Itís survival.

Cristian: Thatís what I said.

Sarah: Will you two lighten up? You're the ones who insisted on staying here.

Cristian: I tell you, all these aches and pains are going to be worth it once Hunter calls and leads us to Todd.

Sarah: Guys --

Cristian: Itís going to be ok.

Sarah: Guys, itís been 24 hours.

Rex: So?

Sarah: So face it -- Hunterís not coming back. Neither is my Uncle Todd.

Miles: Morning. I think I'm going to go get a run.

Marty: Well, make it a long one, and that way, I'll be gone by the time you get back.

Miles: You know, I wish you wouldnít talk to me like that.

Marty: You blackmailed me into marrying you. That doesnít make for a devoted little wife.

Miles: I'm going to figure out a way to make you love me.

Marty: Oh, donít hold your breath.

Cole: Whew. Hey.

Marty: Hey. Sweetie, I didnít expect you up so early.

Cole: Yeah, Starr called and got me up.

Marty: You want me to make some breakfast?

Cole: No, thatís all right, I'll get it. Whereís Miles?

Marty: Oh, he went running.

Cole: Yeah, you used to do that, too.

Marty: Not every day.

Cole: Hey, can I ask you something?

Marty: Sure.

Cole: So you guys are married. How come you never do anything together?

Marty: Donít!

Miles: You killed Spencer, and I know all about it. You're mine now.

Marty: No, donít touch me! Donít touch me! Let go of me!

Miles: No, you're not going to say no to me anymore! No, you're mine. Come here.

Marty: Let me go! Let go of me! No! No, let go! Get off of me! Get off of me! Oh! No!

Spencer: You've done a masterful job so far, Miles. But there is still so much more to accomplish before we're through with Todd Manning.

Lindsay: How long do you think you can go on like this?

Marcie: I donít know, Lindsay. I just know that Michaelís going to be upset.

Lindsay: Ok, maybe he'll be upset a little bit at first, but he loves you.

Marcie: I know that, but I just -- I want to wait. I want to wait until I am absolutely sure before I tell him.

Lindsay: Beauty, you've been absolutely sure about this for a while.

Marcie: I guess I'm just not ready to accept it. Thatís all.

Lindsay: I know itís hard.

Marcie: Yeah. I guess thatís why I went to so many different doctors, you know? I kept hoping and hoping that someone -- just one of the doctors was going to give us some good news. If there was any chance -- any chance, Lindsay, you know I would do anything --

Lindsay: I know. I know.

Marcie: Every doctor that I asked about the fertility treatments -- you know, they all said that it was expensive, too expensive, and that it wasnít worth it. They said it wasnít worth it in my case, Lindsay, and you know, and I just -- I never should have gone through all that trouble. I never should have had all those tests, all those examinations. I just -- I just should have listened to them -- the first time the doctor told me I canít conceive a child.

Marty: I didnít go running with Miles today because I just have some case studies to review before I go into the office.

Cole: And thatís all it is?

Marty: No. Miles runs faster than I do. A girl doesnít like being left in the dust.

Cole: Huh. You guys never do anything together.

Marty: Hey, we went to Jess and Nash's last night for the fourth together.

Cole: Ok, I donít know too much about being a newlywed --

Marty: Yeah, thank goodness for that.

Cole: But arenít they supposed to, like, hold hands and kiss all the time?

Marty: Well, not when the bride has a teenage son to consider. You're still suspicious, huh?

Cole: Well, I wouldnít have to be if I ever heard you say you love the guy.

Marty: Well, I'm sorry, sweetie. I didnít realize gushy protestations of love would be something you'd want to hear.

Cole: Ok, thereís something going on that you're not telling me about.

Marty: Look, I married Miles without consulting you, and I know you're upset by that, but there are parts of our relationship that need to stay between Miles and me. Ok?

Cole: Ok. But if I liked him or trusted him -- which I donít -- I would really feel sorry for the guy.

John: Oh -- whew.

Marty: Stop it! Stop it! No, no! No!

Miles: I canít do this. I canít do this much longer. I'm a mess. All I keep thinking about is Todd being down here, and somebody coming down here and finding him. Just -- makes my stomach want to throw up.

Spencer: Oh, come on now, Miles. You and I both know you're stronger than that.

Miles: I donít want to do this to him. He needs a doctor.

Spencer: Well, donít look at me. Look, Miles, you've got all the knowledge you need. Think about it. Think about all the time you spent in the hospital, all the books you've read, all the movies you've seen, hmm? You know what needs to be done.

Miles: Oh -- look, I've been lucky so far. Martyís almost caught me. Narrow escapes. I donít know what I'm doing. I'm flying by the seat of my pants.

Spencer: Yes, Miles, and isnít it fun? Relax. You're in control, Miles. You're in the driverís seat. Now, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Miles: I donít know, I donít know.

Spencer: You know I'm proud of you, right, Miles?

Miles: Are you?

Spencer: You've done everything that I asked you to do in my letter, have you not? Now I'm trusting you to finish what I started with Todd Manning.

Miles: I'll try.

Spencer: Trying isnít good enough.

Miles: Look, I know I owe you a lot, but I never knew that it would go this far. This is not the man I wanted to be.

Spencer: I'm sorry, my friend. But you're in it far too deep to back out now.

Cristian: You know, you give up pretty easy.

Sarah: Me and Hunter -- we werenít that big of a deal.

Rex: He kidnapped your motherís brother. From where come from, thatís a connection.

Sarah: Itís just a coincidence that it was Todd. Look, by now, Hunterís probably dumped him somewhere, and heís never coming back here.

Rex: You said he was only doing it for the money. He must have collected. Probably took Todd to the money man.

Cristian: Why would he do that?

Rex: To prove he did what he was supposed to.

Cristian: Dragging a body around? That seems a little amateur. Why not just send a picture?

Rex: You can fake a picture.

Sarah: No, no, no, no. Hunter didnít have a lot of experience with stuff like that. Look, I know you guys think that he and I are trash --

Rex: Hmm.

Sarah: But he was ok when I met him.

Rex: And then somebody got to him.

Cristian: Somebody who knew Todd was going -- Rex and Cristian new he was going to be in Chicago.

Rex: Had to be --

Cristian: Miles Laurence. You know, Blair said Laurence told Todd that his kid might have been adopted out of an agency here, and he said he got that information from a letter that was left for him by --

Rex: Spencer Truman, along with a gazillion dollars -- more than enough to pay off a crook like --

Cristian: Your buddy, Hunter.

Sarah: Hey.

Cristian: What?

Rex: Sorry, darling, your taste in men sucks.

Cristian: All right, all right. So if Laurence is our man, then what the hell are we doing in this dump?

Sarah: Donít let me keep you. You know, by now, Hunterís probably long gone.

Cristian: Even more reason we should go back to Llanview.

Sarah: I promise, I'll call you the minute I hear anything from Hunter.

Rex: You can go if you want, but I'm staying. Whether we like it or not, flash is the only lead we got.

Marty: So, now you're standing up for Miles?

Cole: You're the one who told me you're doing what you want. But from what I see, you treat him like crap.

Marty: I do not.

Cole: You donít seem to want anything to do with him, and you're always putting him down.

Marty: Look, Miles and I have an understanding. He knows it was hard for me to move on from your dad. And so heís willing to put up with me. Can we just leave it at that?

Cole: Sure. Itís just --

Marty: What?

Cole: Well, I mean, Starr has a lot of problems, too, and she never treats me the way you treat Miles.

Marty: And speaking of Starr -- did the two of you have fun yesterday?

[Marty chuckles]

Cole: Yeah. We hung out by her Aunt Dorian's pool. And actually, we could see the fireworks from there.

Marty: Hmm. And that had better have been the only fireworks going on.

Cole: Huh. Mom --

Marty: Look, sweetie, the two of you are still very young.

Cole: And our hormones are driving us crazy, right?

Marty: I'm serious.

Cole: We already had the lecture.

Marty: I'm serious.

Cole: Mom, we know. Ok? And if we forget, we have you and Starrís mom to jump out of the hedges and say "Stop that!"

Marty: Well, good. As long as you know that.

Cole: Huh.

Marty: Have they heard any news about Todd?

Cole: No.

Marty: Oh. That must be so hard for Starr and Jack.

Cole: Yeah, it is. And Starrís always saying that her dadís going to come back. I just -- I donít know what she'll do if he doesnít.

Marty: Well, you know that if he does, he wonít have changed his mind about you.

Cole: Well, Starrís mom will stand up for us.

Marty: Oh -- sweetie, look, he nearly killed you when you tried to run away with Starr, and if he does come back and hear that the two of you are back together again, I guarantee he will hate it. And Blair wonít say anything to try to change his mind.

Blair: You know, your dad -- heís been gone before. But it always seems to work out, and he comes back. And you know heís an expert at getting himself in trouble, but heís also an expert in getting himself out of trouble. So I think thereís no reason to believe that itís not going to be the same way this time. Hey, whereís your backpack? Oh, you know what? I left it on the kitchen counter, along with your lunch. You know what, Starr? If I had a big grown-up son, I bet he would go get that for me. What do you think?

Jack: I'll get it.

Blair: Ok. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you.

[Blair laughs]

Starr: Mom, you totally just conned him.

Blair: I did not.

Starr: Donít try it with me, ok? Because I'm not a kid. I want to know the bottom line.

Blair: Look, you know everything that I know, Starr, and if Cristian and Rex find Sarahís boyfriend, I'll tell you. Until then, we just have to wait.

Starr: But, Mom, what if this guy has hurt Dad and he just, like, went away with him?

Blair: Donít say that. Cristian and Rex will find Sarahís boyfriend, and they'll lead us to your dad, ok?

Miles: You told me that you just wanted to teach Todd a lesson.

Spencer: Well, thatís true. But it is a very complicated lesson, Miles.

Miles: I have friends, a wife here. I was happy. Getting there. I donít want to do this.

Spencer: Now, donít tell me you're starting to believe all the lies that all those people are saying about me. They're just trying to break you down, Miles. Make you weak and pathetic, like they are.

Miles: No. You were right about Todd. What he did to Marty -- he deserves to die.

Spencer: Thatís right, Miles. You'll be her hero. Her avenger.

Miles: You know, if she lets herself see that.

Spencer: Itís very ironic, isnít it, Miles? My only friend, in love with the very woman that stabbed me. Donít betray me, Miles, not even in the name of love. You're in far too deep for that. You owe me far too much.

Marcie: I wanted to have four kids, just like my mom. Only I was going to be there. I was going to stick around and make sure that they grew up.

Lindsay: And you still can do that.

Marcie: But I want to see the kid that Michael and I are going to have together. You know, I want to see the kid that we can make together out of love. I mean, just think about it. You know, not only would she be great at science, but she'd be able to belt out those big old show tunes.

Lindsay: "Einstein, the musical." Marce --

Marcie: Yeah?

Lindsay: You're going to have to tell him eventually, you know.

Marcie: I just donít understand this, Lindsay. Nobody in my family has this problem. There is nothing wrong with me.

Lindsay: All Michael wants is a family, and heís got that.

Marcie: Yeah, and all he keeps on bothering me about lately is having another child. Oh.

Lindsay: What? What?

Marcie: And itís not just that. You know? Itís not just that I'm scared to tell him. I know I have to tell him, but I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint him. And he has been so stressed out and tense lately. It just seems to get worse every time I talk about Tommy.

Sarah: Look, as much as I love sharing a bathroom with Starsky and Hutch, you guys are not going to find anything here.

Cristian: Right, and that would be your helpful advice?

Sarah: Look, Todd is my uncle, and I want you to find him. I mean it. I'm different now.

Cristian: Different from when you found him here?

Rex: Sheís grown and matured.

Cristian: Right, thatís why she took up with a solid citizen like Hunter.

Rex: Huh!

Sarah: You donít know anything about me, ok? I have changed completely since when you last saw me. You havenít even said anything.

Cristian: We're worried about a manís life here.

Sarah: Well, you could have at least said something.

Cristian: Like what? What, you look good with your new blond hair? Fine, you look good.

Sarah: Thank you.

Cristian: You're welcome.

Rex: Oh, my God, I canít believe this.

Sarah: Oh, donít go off on me because your girlfriend kicked you out.

Rex: What are you talking about?

Sarah: You talk in your sleep.

Rex: I do not.

Sarah: "Oh, please, take me back, please."

Rex: No, I didnít say any of that.

Cristian: Yeah, you did.

Sarah: So? Who is she? Do I know her?

[Phone rings]

Sarah: I canít believe it. Itís him, Hunter.

Rex: Answer and be cool. Find out what he knows, but do not let him know that we're on to him.

Cristian: Yeah, and get him to tell you where he is.

Sarah: Hey, babe. Itís about time you called.

Hunter: I know.

Sarah: So, why'd you take off on me like that? And whereís Manning?

Miles: Marty killed you because you were attacking Blair.

Spencer: I wasnít attacking Blair. I was marrying her. Thereís a big difference, you know? Anyway, the point is, I would never do anything to hurt Blair. I loved her too much.

Miles: Marty said that you were forcing yourself on her, and thatís wrong. I'm never going to do that. I'm going to wait until Martyís ready.

Spencer: And when do you think thatís going to be?

Miles: It'll happen.

Spencer: Yeah, whatever you do, donít do anything to make her mad at you.

Miles: Look -- look, Spencer, I've been grateful to you for giving me a new face and giving me a chance at a real life. But Marty is the one I'm in love with, and I'm not going to give her up, not even for you.

Spencer: So in other words, you would do anything to keep her?

Miles: Anything.

Spencer: Does that include murder?

Cole: Starr and I won her mom over. We can do the same thing with her dad.

Marty: I've known Blair a lot longer than you have. And Todd can make her think anything he wants her to think.

Cole: Yeah, maybe you're right. I donít know -- I just donít want to think about it. I'm happy that we donít have to sneak around.

Marty: Oh, me, too.

Cole: Hey, you know, you changing your mind about us and going to Starrís mom -- that was really cool.

Marty: Well, I married Miles without telling you, so how could I forbid you to see a nice girl like Starr? I just want you to be happy, sweetie.

Cole: Are you happy?

Marty: Trust me, marrying Miles was the right thing to do.

Michael: So the whole recycling thing -- not so high on your list of priorities, huh?

John: What are you doing here?

Michael: I came up to clean the mess that I left after the fireworks last night. What are doing up here?

John: I guess I fell asleep up here.

Michael: And woke up and started throwing beer bottles because --

John: I'm just really disappointed I missed the fireworks.

Michael: John --

John: Leave it alone, mike.

Michael: Oh, Johnny, you know me, I canít do that.

John: I donít want to talk about it right now.

Michael: So there really is something bothering you?

John: Who said that?

Michael: I donít know. You spent the night up here drinking beer and woke up and started throwing bottles at the wall. Last time you did that, you had a big fight with Natalie.

John: Itís not Natalie.

Michael: But it is somebody, and I'm not leaving until you --

John: Marty Saybrooke, ok? Now go away and leave me alone.

Starr: Well, what if they canít find Dad, Mom? What happens then?

Blair: Starr, they're going to. They have a really good lead this time.

Starr: Cousin Sarah? Are you kidding me?

Blair: Rex and Cristian wonít let us down.

Starr: You sound really sure about that.

Blair: I am, and you should be, too.

Starr: What if Dad canít get out of trouble this time? I mean, what if his luck has run out?

Sarah: You canít tell me where you are? Whatís up with that?

 Hunter: Itís the same reason I took off.

Sarah: Look, all I know is that we were on our way to a movie, and you jumped off the l two stops early, and I havenít seen you or Manning since.

Hunter: Look, I'm not going to play games with you. I know you sold me out.

Sarah: No, I'd never do that.

Rex: Heís on to her.

Hunter: I have Toddís cell phone, and I checked the outgoing calls, and someone called his ex-wife. It sure as hell wasnít him. And then you come home all fired up about going to the movie, so, what'd you do, leave the door unlocked so she could find him?

Sarah: No, I -- I didnít do anything like that.

Hunter: Did you call the cops on me, too?

Sarah: Look, I have no idea who made that call from Manningís phone, I swear.

Hunter: You're a big disappointment, kid. I really thought I could trust you.

Sarah: Excuse me? I'm a disappointment? You are so totally not who I thought you were.

Hunter: You know what -- you know what I am? I'm a guy who hates being double-crossed.

Sarah: Are you threatening me?

Hunter: What do you think?

Sarah: I think you're threatening me.

Cristian: Sheís not going to get him to say anything.

Sarah: Hey!

Rex: No, no, Cris --

Cristian: Hey, listen, you know itís only a matter of time before we catch up to you.

Hunter: Who the hell is this? That bitch call the cops?

Cristian: I'm not a cop, and she didnít do anything, but I'll tell you what. If you donít tell me where Manning is, I'm going to be your worst nightmare, man.

Rex: Rela-- relax, man. We're not the cops. Toddís ex-wife is paying me a fat fee to find the guy. Heís got two kids. They want him back. Nobody gives a damn about you.

Cristian: What the hell are you doing, Rex?

Rex: Ah, ah! Just tell us where Todd is, and I'll make it worth your while. Ok? Toddís ex-wife, Blair Cramer -- sheís loaded. Whatever your boss is paying you, she'll double it. Hunter, can we make a deal?

Hunter: Go to hell.

Rex: Nice guy you hooked up with.

Sarah: He threatened me. He knows what I did, and heís coming after me.

Cristian: Donít worry, we'll take care of you.

Sarah: Yeah, right.

Rex: What are you doing?

Sarah: You two are on your own. I'm out of here.

Rex: No, wait, wait --

Lindsay: Thereís no doubt about it that Michaelís had a bad year.

Marcie: Yeah. I mean, first, thinking that John was dead. That just about killed him, Lindsay. And then his fatherís killer was murdered, and then the explosion at the hospital. I mean, thereís no doubt. Itís been a bad year. I think you can safely say that.

Lindsay: I know that heís been stressed, but I donít think it has anything to do with you or Tommy.

Marcie: No, but I just donít think that this is a really good time right now to give him more bad news on top of everything heís already been through? You know, I just donít -- oh.

Lindsay: What are you going to do?

Marcie: I donít know. Well, I think I've actually convinced him that it would be a really good idea to wait to have more kids until Tommyís older.

Lindsay: Marcie --

Marcie: Well, no, I'm not going to do this to him, Lindsay. Heís been through enough this year, ok?

Michael: You and Marty Saybrooke, huh?

John: Itís not what you think.

Michael: Didnít she just marry the guy that inherited all of Spencer Trumanís money?

John: Yeah, she did.

Michael: I'm sorry, Johnny. You know, if I had known that she was in love with this guy, I never would have tried to set up --

John: I donít think sheís in love with him.

Michael: She just married the guy.

John: You're such a doofus sometimes. What am I going to do with you? Look, I think sometimes people -- they do the wrong things for the right reasons. I think thatís -- thatís what she thought she was doing.

Michael: Well, you know all about that.

John: Mike, you know how I'm always saying I -- I donít want to talk?

Michael: Yeah.

John: This time, I really, really donít want to talk.

Michael: You're up to something, Johnny. You're going to do something, I know you are, and you're not going to discuss it with anybody, are you?

John: You're a smart man, bro. Someday when you grow up, you might just become a doctor.

Michael: I am a doctor.

[John laughs]

Cole: Hey, Mom, I was thinking --

Marty: What?

Cole: When I told you that I wanted you to find someone, I meant someone that makes you happy.

Marty: Well, I already have that someone in my life. You.

Cole: Mom --

Marty: Oh. You know, instead of sitting here playing marriage counselor to me, shouldnít you be out making plans with Starr?

Cole: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Marty: Of course not. Look -- you know, every parent likes to see their child go out in the world and find happiness. I like seeing you this way. And it makes me sure that everything I've done was worth it.

Cole: Mom, what exactly have you done?

Spencer: Think, Miles, before you change course in midstream. Do you really want Marty to become a jailhouse widow, only to fall into the waiting, open arms of John McBain?

Miles: She doesnít love him.

Spencer: Well, maybe not yet, but with you out of the way --

Miles: Stop talking like that.

Spencer: But I'm not talking at all, Miles. Hell, I'm not even here. Which means you have a very major problem.

Miles: Itís all the stress I'm under.

Spencer: Then fix it. The best way to protect yourself is to get rid of the evidence.

Miles: Kill Todd?

Spencer: Piece of cake. You have enough drugs to do the job, Miles. One little shot and Todd will stay in dreamland permanently.

Lindsay: Itís not giving birth to a child that makes it yours, you know. Itís loving him and feeding him and changing him and walking the floor with him at night. Itís wanting for him and having hopes and dreams, and you have done all that for Tommy, havenít you?

Marcie: Yeah, yeah. Just real quick, letís change the subject, ok?

Michael: Sweetie?

Marcie: Hi, honey.

Michael: Hey, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Oh, hi.

Marcie: Hi.

Michael: Sorry I'm late.

Marcie: Hmm, no problem.

Michael: I bumped into John.

Marcie: Oh, look. The baby swing. The baby swing is open. Do you want Daddy? Yes! He loves the baby swing.

Michael: Oh, wow.

Marcie: You want Daddy to take you, huh?

Michael: Daddy would love to.

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: Yeah, and who knows, you know? Maybe this time next year, they'll be putting in another baby swing.

Marcie: Huh.

Sarah: Put me down!

Cristian: Sure.

[Rex whistles]

Sarah: God!

Cristian: One second.

Sarah: I'm so sick of this.

Cristian: Here -- whoa! Hey, no, you're down, you're down.

Sarah: Loved the caveman routine.

Cristian: Kept you from getting away, didnít it?

Sarah: So I'm just supposed to stay here and be some sort of sitting duck?

Rex: I thought you said Hunter was such a regular guy.

Sarah: Well, he was. Up until today. I saw a side of him I've never seen before.

Rex: Oh. And now he knows the cops are on to him.

Cristian: So why would he get in even more trouble by coming back here and going after Sarah?

Rex: I donít know -- maybe heís scared and wants to shut her up.

Cristian: I know I'd take a risk to do that.

Sarah: Oh -- you're such an ass. You donít even care what happens to me.

Rex: I do, and I have the perfect way to protect you.

Blair: Hey, there you are. You found it, good. Now, have a great day at camp. And please, do not throw away your lunch today.

Jack: I wonít.

Blair: Good.

Starr: Is Paul driving him to camp?

Blair: Yeah. I'm going to hopefully get in touch with Rex and Cristian.

Starr: Yeah. Just call me if anything happens.

Blair: I will.

Starr: Would Paul be able to drive me to Coleís?

Blair: Sure.

Jack: Coleís your boyfriend

Starr: Knock it off, shrimp.

Jack: Coleís your boyfriend

Blair: Ok, wait -- ok -- Starr, Starr, Starr, Starr -- Starr. Come on. Cut it out.

Starr: He does it all the time.

Blair: Give me a hug. Ok, have a great day, and -- what are you going to do?

Starr: Probably just hang out. Donít forget your backpack.

Blair: Ok. I was going to say donít do anything that I wouldnít do, but that would leave you too wide a berth.

Starr: Yeah, it would. I love you.

Blair: I love you back. You guys be good.

Starr: Ok, you, too.

Blair: Uh-huh. Oh, man.

Marty: I -- I didnít mean that I'd actually done something.

Cole: Well, it sure sounded like it.

Marty: No, I meant that I was glad that I changed my attitude, you know, about you and Starr.

Cole: Oh.

Marty: And facing off with Blair. I mean, sheís irrational in the best of times when it comes to me, but I'm glad I did that, too.

Cole: Yeah, me, too.

Marty: And -- hmm, we actually have something in common now. She loves her daughter as much as I love my son.

Cole: Well, you might have something else in common.

Marty: What?

Cole: Miles.

Marty: Excuse me?

Cole: Well, you're married to him, and Starr thinks that he might have something to do with her dadís disappearance.

Cristian: Maybe we should let the cops protect Sarah.

Sarah: No.

Rex: All right, Hunterís after Sarah, and we need Hunter if we want to find Todd, but heís not going to come back here now.

Cristian: Well, I guess.

Rex: So, maybe the best move is to get Sarah out of here.

Cristian: That sounds like using her as bait.

Sarah: I donít care, as long as it gets me out of Chicago.

Rex: So, you're ok with going to Llanview?

Sarah: Like hell I am.

[Blair gasps]

Blair: Who are you?

 Hunter: It doesnít matter who I am. I'm here because I know where you can find Todd Manning.

Marty: I know Starr is desperate to find her father, but sheís wrong about Miles. Sweetie, I would never have married him if I thought that there was any way he was involved with Toddís disappearance.

Cole: Ok.

Marty: You believe me, donít you?

Cole: I had to ask.

Marty: Well, now you know.

Cole: Mom, donít get all upset. Starrís going to be here soon.

Marty: I'm not upset.

Cole: Good.

Marty: But you can make it up to me by going and getting that box of summer clothes out of the storage room.

Cole: Done.

Marty: Hmm.

[Miles pants]

Spencerís voice: One little shot, and Todd will stay in dreamland permanently.

Marty: John, hi.

John: I need to talk to you. Are you alone?

Marty: Yeah, actually. Coleís downstairs and Miles is out running. Come on in.

John: Thanks.

Marty: Does this have something to do with Spencerís murder? Have you found out anything?

John: I'm not here on business. This is personal.

Cole: Uh -- hey, pal, you canít sleep in here. Hey, you ok? Oh, my God. You're Starrís dad. You're Starrís dad.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Judge: What is the reason for this divorce?

Sarah: If I go back to Llanview, I stay with one of you.

Blair: Whereís Todd?

Hunter: Right under your nose.

Miles: You can solve all your problems -- just kill Todd.

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