OLTL Transcript Wednesday 7/4/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 7/4/07


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["Star-Spangled Banner" plays]

Viki: Drink?

David: Hmm -- you missed me.

Viki: I thought you might be thirsty. If you donít want it, thatís fine.

David: Now, hold on, hold on. We both know the help could've brought that out, but thank you, it looks delicious. Oh, God -- thereís no champagne in it.

Viki: Did you put a bottle on ice?

David: Whatís on your mind, Viki?

Viki: Oh, a leisurely day, enjoying the birth of our nation. Why? Whatís on your mind, David?

David: I woke up naked in your bed this morning.

Viki: Oh --

David: I was just wondering, did Ė we well, you know, do it?

Clint: Forget Viki. Stay here with me.

Dorian: I'm only going to be gone a few minutes. I promise.

[Door closes]

Dorian: Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Clint: Dorian?

Dorian: Clint. Well, I certainly wasnít expecting anyone this early.

Clint: Is, uh, this a bad time?

Dorian: Oh, itís never a bad time for you. Would you like your usual, or perhaps spice things up with a Bloody Mary?

Clint: Why donít we start with an apology?

Jessica: Hmm, we should start cooking.

[Nash growls]

Nash: I'll say.

[Jessica giggles]

Jessica: No -- stop it!

Nash: Ow! Oh --

Jessica: I meant the barbecue.

Nash: Oh --

[Bree fusses]

Jessica: See? You hear? Breeís saying, "Feed me, feed me."

Nash: No, no, no, no, that is -- that is Brennan for "Gee, I hope my mommy and daddy are cooking me a brother or sister."

Jessica: What about waiting for the doctorís ok?

Nash: Oh, she doesnít know about that.

Jessica: Well, somehow I donít think that sheís up to speed with the birds and the bees, and her name is Bree.

Nash: Not according to the new rules or her birth certificate.

Jessica: I know, and thatís a problem thatís going to have to change.

Nash: Says who?

Antonio: Talia? Hello?

Talia: Um -- give a girl a break. I'm a cop, not an EMT here, let me -- ugh.

Antonio: Itís that bad, huh?

Cole: Which box is it in?

Marty: Look in one of the bigger boxes, and yours have those red stickers that we put on them?

Miles: Wait, wait, uh, what are you looking for?

Marty: His swimsuit -- we havenít unpacked it yet.

Miles: Oh. Whereís the box?

Marty: In the storage room.

Cole: I'll be right back.

Miles: No.

Marty: Excuse me?

Miles: Donít go down there.

Lindsay: Whee!

Marcie: Perfect!

Lindsay: You got it!

Marcie: Whoa, you missed that corner.

Roxy: I love Fourth of July, but it donít hold no candle to Brassiere Day.

Marcie: "Brassiere Day"?

Roxy: Yeah, in France -- you know, once a year, they celebrate the invention of the brassiere? You know, you got to hand it to those French -- they really know how to honor their underwear.

Lindsay: I think she means Bastille Day.

Roxy: Yeah, thatís how you say "Bra" in French.

Michael: You know, since we're talking about clothes, we really need to take him shopping. You know, I practically have to smear him with butter to get him dressed in the morning.

Marcie: You know, I'm such a bad mom. Hey, how about we put together the stuff heís outgrown and then we can donate it?

Michael: Thatís a good idea.

Roxy: Donate?

Marcie: Yeah.

Roxy: Oh, you're going to need those old clothes for another McBain to pop out. You know, from the noise I heard coming from your room last night, I think that pop-tartís going to be here in about nine months sharp.

Michael: Hmm.

Marty: Miles, is there a problem?

Miles: Itís just -- no. I -- look, you guys donít want to spend your time rummaging around the basement, right? I know you're in a hurry to get to your pool party, so, here.

Marty: Uh --

Miles: Just buy a new swimsuit on your way.

Marty: You know, if Cole needed a new swimsuit, I could afford it.

Cole: Thanks, I -- I like the one I have. Be right back.

Marty: You know what? Actually, heís right. The -- the storage area is a mess, it'll take you forever to find it, so would you mind just going with a pair of shorts for now?

Cole: All right, fine. You want to help pick them out?

Starr: Of course.

Cole: Letís go.

Marty: Door open!

Cole: Ok.

Miles: I -- I just was trying to help.

Marty: You have a lot to learn.

Dorian: Clint, I missed you last night.

Clint: I missed you, too.

Dorian: I made a terrible mistake -- charging over to Vikiís to insist they change the domestic arrangement --

Clint: Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. No apologies. You made your apology last night, and I was too angry to hear it. I'm not going to ask you to do it again. And as for your reaction to David and Viki, you were being honest. I'm the one who wasnít.

Dorian: You?

Clint: Yeah, you know, that scene between the two of them? It made me jealous, too. I mean, a little bit.

Dorian: I see.

Clint: Not enough to hightail it over there, but -- last night I acted as if your reaction came out of left field, which -- which it didnít.

Dorian: Well, it was terrible -- I mean, leaving you at my place, running over to Vikiís to get between her and David. It could've been -- no, it was very hurtful, but that -- I -- I hope you believe me, it was not my intention.

Clint: Well, the way I see it, you gave in -- and, you know, understandably so -- to 20-odd years of antagonism. Itís just your ferocity took me a little off guard.

Dorian: I'm not perfect. I am trying.

Clint: I'm not asking you to be perfect. Hell, I donít even want you to change. Because the fire that sends you over to do battle with Viki -- thatís the same fire thatís causing me to fall in love with you. And all I'm asking is that, you know, you choose -- choose your battles d your timing just a little more care.

Dorian: Done.

[Nash hums]

Nash: Hello, Brennan. How are you doing, huh? How are you doing? See? She likes her name. Brennan.

Jessica: Yes, and she also likes to stick her little fingers in electrical sockets, but we're not going to let her do that, are we?

Nash: What is your problem?

Jessica: Would you like our daughter to have a complex?

Nash: What complex? Look at her.

Jessica: Nash, are you serious? Ok, picture this -- "Hi, my nameís Brennan, Brennan Brennan." Really, over and over again for the rest of her life.

Nash: How about "double the Brennan, double the fun," "this is Brennan, me, fun."

Jessica: Oh -- are you serious? Can you imagine kids on the school yard -- you know, "Brennan Brennan, Brennan squared!" Itís going to drive her nuts, and sheís going to come home mad and bitter, and sheís going to look at us and ask us, "mom, dad, why the hell did you name me that?" And I have to say, "Brennan, ask your father," and you're going to be the one to deal with it.

Nash: That is cold.

[Jessica chuckles]

Nash: But I see your point.

Jessica: Look, I understand why you and Tess named her that. You thought that she was going to be Brennan Vega and you wanted her to have some part of you. I understand that, but, you know, sheís your daughter. Nobodyís going to take her away from you, nobody ever will. And I love you. One of these days I'm going to marry you.

Talia: What are you talking about?

Antonio: The wound -- itís obvious you're trying not to look at it.

Talia: Oh, um -- uh, no, I was just, um --

Antonio: Just stop hemming and hawing, Sahid. Is it going to heal nicely, or am I going to have an ugly scar?

Talia: Scar, but not ugly.

Antonio: Great.

Talia: Who knew you were this vain?

Antonio: Oh, I like to know my identifying marks.

Talia: Well, they did a nice job of sewing you up. McBainís brother has skills, I guess.

Antonio: Mm-hmm. Translation -- scarred for life.

Talia: I think scars are -- um -- they give you character.

Antonio: Character, huh?

Talia: Yes.

Antonio: Yeah? Where are you hiding yours?

Talia: Uh -- let me think here. 9 millimeter -- point-blank.

Antonio: Hmm. BB gun fight -- Cristian.

Talia: Broken bottle -- bar fight.

Antonio: Box cutter -- domestic violence.

Talia: Um -- ok. Butterfly knife -- pimp.

Antonio: Did you catch him?

Talia: Broke his arm in two places.

Antonio: Thatís my girl.

Talia: Ok. This may sting a little.

Antonio: Uh-oh.

Talia: Howís that feel?

[Antonio groans]

Antonio: Yeah, it feels just -- yeah, peachy.

Talia: When do you think you'll go back on the job?

Antonio: Oh, I donít know. Thatís really up to Paige. Bo wonít let me near the precinct until Paige signs off on my recovery.

Talia: As soon as I tape you up, you will be all done.

Antonio: I owe you for this.

Talia: Ta-da.

Antonio: Thank you -- for everything.

Talia: Well, I plan to collect.

Antonio: Yeah?

Talia: Yes -- the next time I need to get out of desk duty.

Antonio: Oh, right, right -- butter up your boss so you can get a favor.

Talia: What, did you think thereís more to our relationship?

Antonio: Yeah. Didnít you?

Talia: I'm not sure what you're getting at.

Antonio: Oh, come on, you've been all over me for the last few months.

Talia: What?

Antonio: Come on.

Talia: I didnít think I was --

Antonio: Well, you're not the most subtle.

Talia: Ok.

Antonio: You donít have to be embarrassed, I like it.

Talia: You do?

Antonio: Well, yeah, who wouldnít? I mean, you tell it like it is, you never say die -- thatís exactly what I want in a friend. Itís what I didnít get from my own -- you're right. I need to stay positive. I'm home.

Talia: You're celebrating. Itís Independence Day.

Cole: All right, Mom, we're heading out.

Marty: Did you leave a number?

Cole: Yes.

Marty: Ok. And your Aunt Dorianís going to be there, right?

Starr: Of course -- her and her million maids. Believe me, life at her house is like Big Brother there -- eyes everywhere.

Miles: What about sunblock? You know, skin cancerís on the rise, we need you two protected.

Cole: Oh, really?

Miles: Mm-hmm.

Cole: I didnít know that.

Marty: You know what? You guys have a great day, ok?

Cole: You, too, mom.

Starr: Bye.

Marty: Bye.

Miles: I thought parents were supposed to present a united front.

[Door closes]

Marty: You're not a parent, and no amount of patronizing my son is going to change that.

Miles: Then tell me. I want to know, tell me what he likes. What are his favorite things?

Marty: Miles, it doesnít work that way.

Miles: Look, I just want us to be a family, a real family.

Marty: What you are talking about takes years to build.

Miles: Well, we have plenty of time, and I'll do whatever it takes.

Dorian: Happy, Happy Fourth of July!

Clint: And to you, too. You know, I've been sitting here thinking, and I -- I came up with an idea. What do you say that we go to Llanfair right now and sue for peace?

Dorian: I'm sorry. How is that a good idea?

Clint: Because itís the Fourth of July, Independence Day -- that struggle for freedom, that historic moment when you draw a line in the sand and you say just, "no more, no further fighting."

Dorian: No further fighting.

Clint: What I'm talking about is a real and genuine truce between you and Viki. What do you say to that?

Dorian: I'm speechless. However, all this fighting -- itís gotten us nowhere, so why not declare peace?

Clint: If you mean that, you donít know how glad I am to hear it.

Dorian: Not only do I mean it, but letís go do it! Come on! Is there anything better than a good, old-fashioned Fourth of July declaration?

Clint: Um -- Dorian, on second thought, maybe I should take some of my own advice about choosing your battles and your timing, because the two of you just went a couple of rounds without the gloves. I donít -- maybe itís better if we wait a few days before we show up on Vikiís doorstep with a treaty in our hands.

Dorian: I like the element of surprise.

Clint: You mean ambush, donít you?

Dorian: Itís spontaneous, itís an indication of sincerity, and although Viki -- no, no, no, she'll be, you know, taken aback by our offer of a -- a truce. You know, hopefully, she'll see that itís coming from the right place. Besides, that woman has never met an apology she couldnít accept.

Clint: You are going to apologize?

Dorian: She'll take it as an apology by implication. Why split hairs?

Clint: Oh, man, I donít know about this.

Dorian: Clint, just give me a few minutes to change my clothes, and then trust me. We're all going to be a lot better off when this is done.

Viki: Are you suggesting that I took advantage of you?

David: You wouldnít be the first. No worries, I'm just trying to account for the lost time.

Viki: No, David, we did not "do it." I told you, I am not going to sleep with you.

[Viki laughs]

Viki: No, you conked out about 10 minutes into "people will talk," and then you proceeded to snore -- so I slept in the guest room.

David: Then how did I end up --

Viki: Naked? Not a clue. You can work that one out for yourself.

David: I have been known to strip down in my sleep -- makes for a quicker transition to tai chi in the morning.

Viki: Ok, as Starr would say, "too much information."

David: Are you kidding? Too much is never enough. You have a standing invitation, you know, to join me. A little pushing-hands motion -- get your chi flowing.

Viki: I -- I think my chi is fine, thank you.

David: Oh, no, definitely not. I can see from here that you're completely stopped up. I can help you, you know. Why donít you take advantage of me?

Viki: David, if I gave you all the reasons, it would be so boring.

David: Hmm.

Viki: But I must ask you, please, to stop faking it with me.

David: Fake it?

Viki: Yeah.

David: I'm not faking it. I will stand on your rooftop and say, "Viki Davidson, I find you --"

Viki: David, you are obsessed with Dorian. Thatís what this is all about. I wish you'd stop denying it.

David: Well, you got me there. I'm truly, madly, and completely obsessed of making Dorian squirm.

Viki: Ok, your secret is safe with me.

David: Well, I'm glad we finally got that settled.

Viki: Yes.

David: Well, now itís too late for tai chi.

Viki: Oh, dear, what a shame.

David: But I tell you what -- I got a much better way to unclog you, if you're game.

Viki: Oh, my God, that is so good.

[Viki gasps]

Viki: Oh, whoa, right there -- oh, wow.

David: Mm-hmm.

Viki: Oh! Oh!

David: Does that feel good?

Viki: Oh, David, itís unbelievable. Yes! Ah.

David: I could access you a lot better if you were lying naked under a towel.

Viki: Yeah, dream on. Where did you learn to do this?

David: Zanzibar, 1991. My lover Uta reconciled with her husband. She left me penniless without so much as a first-class plane ticket. So, I was on the run from the law, had no money, so I did what any grifter would do -- got a spa services gig at the four seasons and, as you can see, was a pretty quick study.

Viki: So I'm actually reaping the benefits of your -- oh, I donít know, survival instincts, hmm?

David: Ah, pshaw.

Viki: Oh, gosh, that feels so good. Oh, yes!

David: Viki Lord Davidson Buchanan and whatever other last names I donít remember --

Viki: Oh!

David: You are one sexy mother.

Clint: Ahem.

Jessica: You mind telling me why thereís 15 pounds of ground beef thawing on the counter?

Nash: I am grilling.

Jessica: I can see. For the two of us?

Nash: No, for me -- I can eat. I'm hungry.

Jessica: I'm sure you can eat, but would you mind if I called for reinforcements just in case?

Roxy: Come on, confess, guys -- you're just waiting for another little McBain to hatch. Come on. Who am I going to tell?

Lindsay: Only all the ladies at the hair haven.

Marcie: Exactly.

Roxy: So what? And who are they going to tell?

Lindsay: Everybody at their ballroom dance class.

Roxy: Well, thatís why they call it "strictly ballroom" -- because itís like a secret society, you know, like skill and bones, like the free Jasons.

Lindsay: Thatís the masons.

Roxy: Well, whatever. At least they keep their lips zipped.

Lindsay: Unless they're standing behind somebody in the checkout line.

Roxy: Hey, baby, I know how to keep a secret, so you keep your big mouth out of this.

Michael: Ladies, ladies. No need to fight, come on. Everybody just calm down. Come on, come on.

Roxy: All right.

Michael: Ok.

Roxy: Ok. I'm fine.

Michael: Now, Marce and I plan to have a boatload of kids, all right? Itís no secret, so just relax. We've got everything in hand.

Roxy: Well, if you're using your hands, you ainít doing it right.

Marcie: Oh -- ok, ok! Ok. Letís not talk about hands, ok, when --

[Lindsay laughs]

Marcie: We're not rushing into anything. We're enjoying Tommy while we can.

Lindsay: As you should, because after the first one, it gets harder to find time to spend with each other.

Roxy: Yeah, and donít get lazy, because eggs wait for no man. Your clock is ticking.

 [Phone rings]

Marty: Hello?

Jessica: Hey, Marty, itís me, Jess.

Marty: Jessica, itís so good to hear your voice. How is everything?

Jessica: Everythingís great. The hospital finally released me and I'm at home with Nash.

Marty: And you're taking it easy?

Jessica: Actually, I'm being waited on hand and foot and liver.

[Jessica chuckles]

Jessica: But thatís boring compared to your news.

Marty: You heard?

Jessica: You married Miles Laurence?

Marty: Yeah. Um -- unbelievable, isnít it? He made an honest woman out of me.

Jessica: Well, yeah. I didnít even know you two were dating.

Marty: Yeah. We kept it under wraps for a lot of reasons. I'm sorry you had to hear about it through the grapevine.

Jessica: Well, hereís how you can make it up to me. You can come down to the vineyard and tell me all about your life with your new husband, and bring Miles.

Marty: You know, I would love to, but can I take a rain check? I really have a lot of work to catch up on.

Jessica: Are you sure? We got plenty of food.

Miles: Jessica? Hi, itís your Uncle Miles. How are you feeling?

Jessica: Uh -- great. I was just telling your new wife that you guys should come down to the vineyard and celebrate with us.

Miles: Thatís a great idea. What can we bring?

Jessica: Oh!

Miles: We brought pie.

Nash: Sweet! Thanks.

Jessica: Well, we were just about to start cooking.

Miles: Well, how can I help?

Jessica: You can go inside and help Nash with the corn. And I'll steal your wife for grill duty.

Miles: All right. Lead the way.

[Jessica chuckles]

Talia: Somebody hides her crayons in a super secret place. I was going to color you some pictures, and I canít find them.

Jamie: I can.

Talia: Yeah?

Jamie: Can she stay?

Antonio: Ask her.

Jamie: Will you stay, Talia?

Talia: I'd love to.

Starr: Want some sunblock?

Cole: Ok.

Starr: Your stepfather said that if you didnít wear it, then you would get skin cancer.

Cole: [As Darth Vader] Cole, I am your father!

Starr: Is he always that creepy?

Cole: [Normal voice] Ah, cold, cold, yeah.

Starr: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Cole: Yeah. Yeah, heís always that creepy.

Starr: What is up with that?

Cole: Straight out of the asylum.

Starr: Hmm.

Cole: Um -- bad joke?

Starr: Uh -- what?

Cole: No, you just got all quiet.

Starr: No, um, I was just concentrating.

Cole: You know, you donít have to do that.

Starr: Do you want me to stop?

Cole: No, itís ok. But, you know, I should -- should call my mom, though, because we told her your aunt was going to be here and sheís not, so, you know -- just kidding.

Starr: Oh, yeah? You think you could kid with me?

Cole: Oh -- oh, oh, ok. Ok.

[Starr screams]

Cole: What are you -- what are you going to do now, huh?

Starr: No! No!

Marty: Everything looks great.

Miles: Itís a miracle. Every day with you is a miracle, Marty, and I want everyone to know it. I was wondering if -- if you'd be willing to renew our vows in Llanview, in front of all our family and friends. Will you marry me -- again?

Dorian: Oh, my. Isnít this an intimate little scene?

David: This? No, this is PG-13. What you barged in on last night -- well, that was rated m for mature.

Viki: Well, well, well. What can I do for you today?

Clint: All right, now focus on what we came here to do.

David: We donít really do duels.

Dorian: Clint and o offer a peace to the two of you. David, what on earth is that on your ankle?

David: A GPS.

Dorian: I thought that you were released from prison and exonerated of all charges. Why are you wearing a tracking device?

David: Well, Lieutenant McBain wants to keep a short leash on me till he finds Spencerís real killer. I told him just to leave me in prison, but apparently the taxpayers donít like that kind of thing. I know -- tan lineís going to be a bitch, right?

Viki: You said something about peace?

Clint: Go ahead. It is our opinion that the four of us should be able to co-exist in Llanview without coming to blows every time we happen to run into each other.

David: Sounds like another empty promise to me, Viki.

Clint: Hey, watch it.

Dorian: Yes, indeed. Clint and I are willing to apply ourselves to this new peace if the two of you are.

David: Sold, for $10 million. What? Itís practically a steal.

Dorian: All of us here have done something to hurt one of the others. I mean, no one here is innocent.

Viki: Well -- ahem -- I suppose I could've been a little more welcoming to you and Clint.

Clint: And I have had my moments, too.

Dorian: And I could be more -- I could be more gracious in the future.

David: I could wear more clothes?

Dorian: No time like the present.

David: Well, fine. Look at that -- we're all hunky-dory, then.

Viki: Uh, well, um -- I have hamburgers and hotdogs in the kitchen. Um --

Dorian: Yeah.

Viki: We could have a picnic, watch the fireworks, hmm? David? Shall we make some room for them out here?

[David sighs]

David: Fine. I'll get some more chairs. I hope no one else is expecting a massage.

Dorian: Oh, thank you.

David: Here you go.

Clint: What the hellís this -- soda pop?

David: Called a Cosmo, Clint -- vodka, triple sec, cranberry, and a twist.

Clint: I donít drink liquor thatís pink.

David: Afraid of getting in touch with your feminine side there, cowboy?

Viki: Everything all right?

David: Tell him, Viki -- pink is the new suede.

Viki: I donít know what that means, David. Uh -- anything I can do?

Clint: Oh, yes, indeed. You can take this to the table.

Viki: Oh. Ok.

David: Fireís looking a little low there, Clint. Should I pour on a couple of bottles of lighter fluid?

Dorian: There you go, Viki.

Viki: Thank you. So, foods on the grill -- help yourself.

Dorian: Um -- no, thank you. I have to watch my weight.

Viki: Why donít I get some serving pieces?

Dorian: Oh, no, donít bother. We'll rough it.

Viki: Fine. I'm starving.

Dorian: Hmm. I must say, I really admire the way you've been bearing up under, well, what must be for you considerable pressure.

Viki: May I have the mustard, please?

Dorian: Oh, of course.

Viki: Thank you. What pressure?

Dorian: Well, I know how prim and proper you can be and it must be very difficult having David running around here with barely any clothes on.

Viki: Oh, please, I've so gotten used to that.

Dorian: Have you?

Viki: Well, heís very well built, isnít he? I mean, itís very classical lines.

Dorian: And he eats like a horse.

Viki: You know, Dorian, I still shop for a family of five, so that works out just fine.

Dorian: Hmm. And he has such expensive taste.

Viki: Hmm.

Dorian: Hmm -- the drinking, the carousing.

Viki: I find him absolutely delightful.

Dorian: He steals.

Viki: Not from me.

Dorian: And the mood swings -- whoa, and his moods do swing. He'll go from sweet to stab-you-in-the-back.

Viki: Really?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Viki: Have not experienced that so far.

Dorian: Ah.

Viki: However, he does snore rather powerfully.

Dorian: Huh.

Marcie: Doesnít it make you nervous when people start asking us about having more kids?

Michael: Not really.

Marcie: Itís just, um -- mike, I want to have more kids like we talked about, you know? But all I can think about is whether or not we're going to have enough space or enough money, and then I donít even know how we're going to get Tommy into a decent preschool, d have more kids, how do I manage work?

Michael: Well -- sweetie?

Marcie: Yeah?

Michael: We'll work all that stuff out the same way we did with Tommy.

Marcie: When? Mike, Tommy is a huge responsibility. He takes up so much of my time. I mean, I donít even know whether I'm doing a good job or if I'm screwing him up for the rest of his life. Donít look at me like that. You worry about that just as much as I do.

Michael: Every parent has doubts, Marcie. You know what I know? I know that this little guy is going to be the best McBain there ever was -- do you know why? Because he has the best mom that ever was.

Marcie: You're just saying that.

Michael: No, I'm not. Look at him -- heís happy.

Marcie: Hmm.

Michael: Heís well-adjusted, heís intelligent, and all of these things are because of you.

Marcie: Because of you, too.

Michael: Honey -- I'm sorry you know, if -- if I put any pressure on you --

Marcie: No. Itís -- itís not you. I'm doing it to myself.

Michael: Hmm. You know, we can take it as slow as you want, honey.

Marcie: Ok.

Michael: You know? We'll -- we'll take baby steps.

Marcie: You're so corny.

Michael: Yes, I am. And I want you to be happy, sweetie.

Marcie: I am happy. Very happy.

Roxy: Hey, Marcie?

Marcie: Yeah?

Roxy: This guyís a keeper. You couldnít find a better husband or a father.

Starr: Come on, come on, come on.

Cole: All right, so, we need a new plan to figure out how we're going to find out if Miles has really disappeared your dad.

Starr: Oh, my gosh -- I completely forgot to tell you -- ok, my mom got a lead. She tracked down my dad in Chicago and heís definitely still alive.

Cole: Really -- thatís great. Whenís he coming back?

Starr: Thatís the weird part. The guy who had my dad moved him, and the guyís girlfriend is the one who called my mom, and here sheís my cousin and her name is Sarah.

Cole: Ok, thatís weird.

Starr: Look, but, Cole, if -- if Miles is a part of all of this, he could be dangerous and I donít want him to hurt you.

Cole: Well, heís not going to do anything to me -- heís too nuts about my mom.

Starr: He could be just nuts, period.

Cole: Either way, I'm not going to stop helping you. Thatís a promise.

Marty: We donít need that, honey. Uh -- you know, I'm not the kind of girl who likes a lot of attention.

Miles: Donít you want people to know how we feel about each other?

Marty: Well, all the people that need to know how we feel about each other do. And although itís -- itís very sweet that you want this for us, I donít think that, you know, our kind of feelings need that kind of statement. The wedding we had, it was -- it was so special and it was just the two of us and our truest feelings -- you know, the kind of wedding we deserved.

Nash: Sounds amazing, donít you think? I am so jealous.

Marty: Hmm.

Jessica: Nash wants us to elope.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: Unfortunately, my parents wouldnít really appreciate that -- they're very traditional.

Marty: Well, I'm not. Right, Miles?

Miles: Absolutely.

Marty: Well, I'm starving. Letís dig in.

Jessica: Ok.

Nash: Hamburger buns.

Viki: Ok, tell me the truth -- le truce idea, that was yours, not Dorianís, right?

Clint: Well, it was -- a lot of Dorian, I think. Why, you find that hard to believe?

Viki: No, I find it impossible to believe. But, listen, if it works, I'll give her all the credit she deserves.

Dorian: So, you're back to the old back-massage routine?

David: Why so skeptical?

Dorian: Hmm, hmm. This is the United States of America. You need a license to be a masseur.

David: Well, jealous, if you had played your cards right, you'd be enjoying the magic of my fingers instead of Viki.

Dorian: Hmm.


[Music plays]

Singer: Every little kiss I turn too bold precious in the heart you've turned too cold thatís not the word to explain just how I feel it seemed like a dream but I'm wide awake or like the earth and sand made me shake like some fairy tale but it was real you set off a brand-new kind of spark inside of me and I wouldnít leave your lips even to breathe the first time I saw you, you were lighting up the sky.

Singers: Ooh, ooh

Singer: Like bright flashing fireworks on the Fourth of July

Singers: Ooh, ooh

Singer: No, I wonít forget, I do keep losing myself deep inside of your heart a night I'll remember

Nash: I love you.

Singer: For the rest

Jessica: I love you, too.

Singer: Of my life

On the next "One Life to Live" --

John: I'm not here on business. This is personal.

Sarah: Face it -- Hunterís not coming back.

Hunter: I'm here because I know where you can find Todd Manning.

Cole: Oh, my God -- Starrís dad.

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