OLTL Transcript Tuesday 7/3/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 7/3/07


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Nash: Jessica? Jessica? Jessica! Jessica.

Jessica: You want some juice, dear?

Nash: I sure do. I was afraid that you were, you know -- ow! Oh!

Jessica: Oh.

Nash: Aw -- nuts!

Jessica: Nicely done.

[Jessica chuckles]

Nash: Ah! I was "so" meaning to have that toe removed so that wouldnít happen again.

Jessica: Are you ok?

Nash: No, I'm not ok! Hurts like hell.

Jessica: Why donít you come sit down?

Nash: Because I'm walking it off. Thatís what guys do -- we walk it off.

Jessica: Thatís kind of stupid, you know?

Nash: Oh -- yeah, well, itís what we do. Ah -- itís all right.

Jessica: Or you can come sit here so you donít step on anything. Oh, oh, oh, oh, honey.

Nash: Ah.

Jessica: What were you afraid of?

Nash: Oh, I was afraid that you werenít going to be here, that you'd left.

Jessica: But I didnít leave -- I'm right here.

Nash: And you look irresistible.

[Nash growls]

Jessica: Let me see your toe.

Nash: Oh.

Jessica: Does it hurt when I --

Nash: Ow! Yeah -- ow.

Jessica: Oh. Well, you want me to kiss it and make it better?

Nash: Not my toe.

Talia: Do you need to take a rest?

Antonio: No, I just want to get in my home.

Talia: We're almost there.

Antonio: You donít have to do this, you know? I could make it on my own.

Talia: I have my doubts.

Antonio: Well, then let go of me and I'll prove it.

Talia: Hey, keep your voice down.

Antonio: Then stop telling me what to do.

Talia: Remember, I am a cop, an ornery cop, so knock it off before I take you downtown for resisting.

Antonio: Not before I take you in for insubordination.

Talia: Will you knock it off so I can get you into your loft?

Antonio: You know, I am completely capable of getting my own keys and opening my own door!

Talia: Of course, you are.

Antonio: Oh.

Jamie: Daddy, you're home.

Carlotta: Be careful, Jamie. Oh, I am so glad you're home.

[Phone rings]

Rex: Oh -- ow!

Cristian: Sorry, sorry. Sorry. Hello?

Rex: What, what, what?

Cristian: Did you hear anything?

Blair: No. Any word on Todd?

Cristian: No, no. Hunter hasnít shown.

Blair: What about Sarah?

Cristian: Sheís not talking, but I swear as soon as I know anything, I'll give you a call. You'll be the first to know.

Blair: I donít care if it is in the middle of the night, you call me, all right?

Cristian: Right, yeah, I will -- middle of the night.

Rex: Oh.

Sarah: A day that starts out like this has got to be a good one.

Blair: Please, Cristian, just get whatever you can out of Sarah, all right?

Cristian: Yeah, I'll try another angle.

Starr: Any word on Dad?

[Miles groans]

Miles: You really shouldnít be doing this to yourself, Todd. Lucky for me, they're easy to obtain -- if you have enough money. All right. I sure hope you donít get strung out on this stuff. Hope your tripís full of monsters and demons, you son of a bitch.

Cole: Whatís all this?

Marty: Blueberry pancakes.

Cole: Whatís the occasion?

Marty: Thereís no occasion. I just wanted to do something nice for you. I mean, they're your favorite, arenít they?

Cole: Well, yeah, but you havenít made these in a long time.

Marty: I know. Um -- I'm sorry. You know, I was so proud of you last night. You were amazing up there, sweetie. I mean, I knew you could sing and dance, but I didnít know you'd be the best one up there.

Cole: So, these are my reward?

Marty: No, although you do deserve a reward. I just thought it would be nice to have breakfast.

Cole: Yeah, it is. Thanks. Arenít you going to sit?

Marty: I am -- these are for Miles. Oh, sweetie, please donít tell me you've lost your appetite.

Cole: I wonít -- ahem. I'll -- try to be nice to him. Where is he anyway?

Miles: This is all your fault. You hurt Marty, and I love her.  I'm going to say this one more time, and I hope you can hear me. I love her. Itís because of you she doesnít love me. She doesnít love me yet, but she will. She'll never know how far I went to protect her. Sorry it had to be this way.

Starr: Was that about Dad?

Blair: We donít have anything concrete yet.

Starr: Well, what do you have?

Blair: I will tell you if you tell me everything about last night.

Starr: Mom, it was ok.

Blair: Well, I'm sorry that I wasnít there.

Starr: I'm sorry you werenít, too.

Blair: But you were amazing you were "fantastic," and I thought the, you know -- the production was pretty good.

Starr: How do you know?

Blair: Because the DVD was here when I walked in last night and I watched it three times -- three times! You werenít just, like, "Ok, Mom" -- it was great! You were great!

Starr: Yes, I know, I know. It was pretty awesome, but now it is your turn, ok? Answer my question -- where is Dad?

Blair: Well, um, we kind of hit a dead end. Rex and Cristian are still in Chicago and they're going to follow up on a few things.

Starr: What things?

Blair: Just some things.

Starr: Mom, I'm not a baby and you said that you would tell me. Did someone see Dad?

Blair: Yeah, and thatís a good thing. But then, he disappeared and we donít know where to find him.

Sarah: Oh -- now I'm disappointed.

Rex: You usually walk around like that when thereís a couple of guys sleeping on your living room floor?

Sarah: Usually, I'm not wearing my top, but I'm not worried about you guys.

Cristian: Good, because you shouldnít be.

Sarah: Good, because I know where you live.

Cristian: You know, you donít seem to be taking any of this seriously.

Sarah: Maybe I just have a different way of showing serious. You know, I find my boyfriend helping some guy whoís been stabbed, and then I find out the guy is my uncle -- kind of funny, donít you think?

Cristian: I donít think itís

Sarah: Yeah, well, I donít think itís funny that my ass got dragged down to the police station for an inquest.

Rex: Yeah, I'll bet your aunt Viki wouldnít be laughing, either.

Sarah: Yeah. What do you think my aunt stick-up-the-butt Viki would think about me living like this in Chicago?

Cristian: What do you think?

Sarah: I think she didnít think I'd make it as a singer, and she'd be delighted to find out she was right. Between her and my parents --

Cristian: All right. Why donít we just get back to the point here, like you've been lying to us about everything?

Sarah: You think? And what about you, Rex? You think I'm lying?

Rex: No, Sarah, I donít think you're lying. I know you're lying.

Sarah: Oh, Rex, I'm disappointed.

Rex: Maybe we should take a trip down to the policemenís police station and then you'll have something you want to tell us.

Sarah: Now, why would I do that? Donít you think if they had anything, they would've arrested me last night?

Rex: Maybe they'll have something this time.

Sarah: I'm thinking not so much.

Rex: I'm thinking maybe they will. I found this between the cushions in the couch.

Jamie: I call this one nurse Lisa so she can take care of Daddy now that heís home.

Talia: Well, that is such a good idea -- to have a stay-at-home nurse for your daddy? Heís going to need a lot of extra attention. Wait -- did you draw this one?

Antonio: Oh.

Talia: No way -- this was done by a real professional artist. What? Did you see this? Hello!

Antonio: She must've gotten her genes from her uncle Cristian because they bypassed me.

Carlotta: The fridge and the freezer are full, and most of it you can microwave and everything else has instructions taped on it.

Antonio: I think I can figure it out, Mami, and thank you.

Talia: Ow! Ow! You broke it! Your high-fives are too strong!

Jamie: Again.

Talia: No way, no way! You're too strong! My poor hand -- it will never be the same again.

[Jamie giggles]

Carlotta: Well, she certainly is good with children.

Antonio: Hmm.

Carlotta: Does she have any of her own?

Antonio: I think I know what you're getting at, and no, I donít think she does.

Carlotta: I was just asking.

Antonio: Yeah. I know you too well.

Carlotta: Estoy tan feliz. I'm so happy you're home, gracias a Dios.

Antonio: Yeah, Mami, I'm happy to be home.

Carlotta: I was so worried about you.

Antonio: Hey, I'm home. I'm fine. No tears.

Carlotta: But what about --

Antonio: Letís not go there, ok? We're going to start over again, and everythingís going to be good.

Carlotta: Yeah, but I know you're hurting and I know you miss Jessica.

Antonio: No, I donít miss the person Jessicaís become. I know that.

Nash: Ok, ok -- getting kind of hot.

Jessica: I know, thatís the point.

Nash: Yeah, but -- oh. What if we -- what if we pass the point of no return before the doctor says itís ok, you know what I mean?

Jessica: Well, what if the patient says that itís ok?

Nash: Oh. I would like that. No one would like that more than me, believe me, but, look, I'm not going to risk your health. Ok? Donít, we can wait. We can wait. You are a big tease.

Jessica: Ok, fine. Fine, I'll stop -- not that I want to, but I'll --

[Nash growls]

Jessica: Stop.

Nash: Yeah, me, either, especially now that everybody knows about us. Hey, do you think itís going to be as hot now that we donít have to sneak around and do it in private, sneaky place -- ok. Insensitive -- my bad.

Jessica: No.

Nash: Sorry.

Jessica: No, no, I'm sorry, itís ok. I just, you know -- itís just too bad that -- I wish that it wasnít -- I wish that we didnít --

Nash: Yeah, Antonio hurt.

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just feel like itís always going to be hanging over our heads, you know?

Nash: Yeah. Not forever. Right? Look, we got to start living a normal life, like a normal family. The sooner we start doing that, as soon as we start living in our house with our daughter and our friends and your family, the sooner we get over how we happened, the sooner we can get on with the rest of our life.

Jessica: Thank you.

Nash: All right.

Jessica: Maybe we should have a barbecue -- you know, not right away, but in a couple of weeks. I think everybody would love that.

Nash: I'd love that.

Jessica: It would be like a house-- a homewarming party, if you will.

Nash: Well, I think itís pretty hot in here, all right.

Jessica: Stop. We could invite my parents and Natalie, and Marty and Cole.

Nash: Ooh, Marty, yeah -- donít know if everybodyís going to be thrilled about the fact that you got to invite Martyís new husband.

Jessica: Martyís husband?

Nash: Yeah. Oh, you didnít hear? She ran off and married some guy -- uh, Laurence. Uh -- Laurence, whatís his name? Martin Laurence --

Jessica: Miles Laurence.

Nash: Miles Laurence -- she married Miles Laurence.

Cole: No, wait, wait, wait.

Marty: Mm-hmm.

Cole: Remember that time I was swinging and I tried to go all the way around the bar?

Marty: Mm-hmm, and you fell out of the chair, landed on your back in the sand. I almost -- oh, my gosh! You gave me 50 gray hairs -- what were you thinking?

Cole: Oh, I was thinking I could make it, or believe me, I wouldnít have tried.

Marty: Mm-hmm, well, you know, itís physically impossible to do that.

Cole: Yeah, now you tell me.

[Marty and Cole chuckle]

Marty: Oh, my gosh, you scared me so much.

Miles: What did I miss?

Marty: Hmm -- ahem.

Cole: Ahem.

Miles: Did I say something?

Marty: Uh, no. I just made some blueberry pancakes for you. I couldnít find you, so I ate them.

Miles: Oh. Well, I was just down at the car. I keep forgetting to bring everything in -- my shaving kit.

Marty: Um -- well, look, why donít you have a seat and I'll go make some more?

Miles: Wow, that'd be great.

Miles: Well, it smells great.

Cole: Yeah, Mom makes the best pancakes.

[Miles chuckles]

Miles: So this is -- this is nice.

Cole: What?

Miles: Breakfast together.

Cole: Yeah. Breakfast --

Miles: Hmm.

Cole: Very special.

Miles: Yeah. You know, smells are great.

Cole: Smells?

Miles: Yeah, odors.

Cole: Yeah, guess some are.

Miles: You know, when I was growing up in the hospital, I -- I never smelled anything. Well, thatís not completely true -- I smelled a lot of disinfectant. But after a while, that didnít even smell like anything. Out here in the real world, boy, itís -- man.

Cole: Bummer.

Miles: Yeah, bummer.

Marty: I hope you like them.

Miles: I already do.

Blair: We were at your cousin Sarahís, but now we donít know where he is.

Starr: You mean Flash?

Blair: Yeah, and she says that sheís not responsible and I donít know whether sheís lying or not. All I know is that she had your dadís phone, she called me, and when I got there, he wasnít there.

Starr: Well, do you think that heís all right? Why wouldnít he be at Flashís place?

Blair: I donít know. All I know is that Flash has this boyfriend, and I think this boyfriend has your father, and he wants him alive. Why? I donít know, but at least I'm a little comforted knowing that.

Starr: This is completely insane.

Blair: Mm-hmm. It is, but Cristian and Rex are there, and hopefully they'll get the answers that we need.

Sarah: So, what -- you going to turn me in?

Rex: Will that help you remember what happened to your boyfriend and Todd?

Sarah: Most of all, I donít smoke pot. I donít do drugs, at all. Oh, wait, wait -- I do take an occasional aspirin, so that bag of pot isnít mine.

Rex: Ooh-hoo, itís in your apartment.

Sarah: So why donít you take me downtown, give me up to the cops, and they'll throw me into prison, probably death row. But you know what? That little bag of pot carried into the police station by you isnít even enough to get me a ticket. And even if you two donít believe anything I've said so far, that isnít mine, ok? I got a lot of friends coming in and out of here, and thatís that.

Cristian: Look, Sarah, we're not here to get you into trouble. We're here to find your uncle. You called Blair and told her that he was here. I mean, you must've cared about him at some point.

Sarah: And I still do, but I donít know why Todd was here or why Hunter wants him. And I'm getting a little tired of the dynamic duo act, ok? I am not working you. I am worried about Todd, too. I have no idea where he is, but I do know that heís hurt and he needs a doctor. And I hope that somebodyís taking care of him wherever he is.

Rex: Hmm. Are you and Hunter serious?

Sarah: What? We're just, you know, hanging out.

Rex: Right, right. Thatís why you've been so calm and accommodating.

Sarah: Oh -- whatever. Anyway, I have no idea what kind of crap Hunterís up to, but as far as I know, heís not coming back.

Cristian: And that doesnít bother you at all?

Sarah: Like I said before, whatever.

Rex: So you donít believe in exclusive relationships?

Sarah: Sure I do, if itís for the right guy. What the hell are all these questions for?

Cristian: We're just making conversation.

Sarah: Ok. Um -- honestly, I am just like any other girl. I'm looking for Mr. Right, but since I canít seem to find him, I end up settling for Mr. Wrong. Got any more dumb-ass questions?

Cristian: I got one, actually. If you donít do drugs and you're all about doing the right thing, then why are you hiding from your family?

Sarah: When my parents got divorced, they both told me individually not to become a singer. They didnít think I would make it. They had no faith in me. And you know what? Maybe they were right, and I hate them for it.

Cristian: Do they know you're in Chicago?

Sarah: I have friends popping in post cards from here and there. I think right now, they think I'm managing a band thatís touring Asia.

Cristian: And what do you do for money?

Sarah: My sweet parents deposit money in a bank account for me. Itís not enough for a lot of bling, but, you know, itís enough to live on.

Cristian: And thatís the way you want to live -- lying and hiding?

Sarah: Yeah, maybe it is.

Rex: Ahem -- question of the day, Sarah. What are you hiding from?

Starr: Ok, so what did Sarah say exactly and why does this guy have Dad? What did he do to him?

Blair: Well, Sarah is not saying anything and thatís the problem. Thatís why Cristian and Rex are still in Chicago.

Starr: I know that Rex works for you, but what is Cristian doing there?

Blair: Cristian has been a really good friend to me, and he wanted to help. I'm telling you right now, Cristianís the one that talked me into allowing you to see Cole.

Starr: Yeah, and why would he care?

Blair: Because I was venting, and he was getting the brunt of it. I was standing by my decision not to allow you and Cole to see each other because thatís what I thought your dad wanted. And I thought if I changed my mind, it would -- it would mean that your fatherís opinion didnít matter anymore.

Starr: What did Cristian say to you?

Blair: He said the one thing that your father would want more than anything in this whole world would be for you to be happy. And if you being with Cole makes you happy, Starr, then --

Starr: I guess I should thank him, then, hmm.

Blair: Well, I guess you should, because I was standing firm on my decision.

Starr: Of course you were.

[Blair chuckles]

Blair: But you know what? Heís right, because itís wonderful to see you happy, really happy.

Starr: You know what?

Blair: What?

Starr: You're cool -- sometimes.

Blair: Oh, yeah, I'm cool sometimes. Well, I'm not so cool that I'm not going to set down some ground rules for you and Cole.

Starr: Mm-hmm.

Blair: In fact, I think maybe we should head over to Martyís and have a little conversation with her about it.

Starr: Head over to Martyís -- is that a good idea? You two donít exactly, uh --

Blair: I can be civil with Marty. But I donít know about her new husband. Hmm. I think he knows more about your father than heís letting on.

Miles: Mmm. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Cole: Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes.

Miles: Well, itís not just about the pancakes. When I was growing up in the hospital, I always felt empty. I didnít know it, because I -- I didnít know anything else. But I sensed it, and the breakfast was great. It filled my stomach, but now I -- I know what itís like to be full, full of warmth and compassion, companionship, family. I'm sorry. Excuse me, I think I might have forgotten something in the car.

[Cole chuckles]

[Door closes]

Cole: Perfect, perfect pancakes, Mom.

Marty: Oh, sweetie.

[Cole laughs]

Cole: What was that?

Marty: Look, thank you for trying, ok?

Cole: Yeah, well, it doesnít mean I have to like it.

Marty: I know. It'll just make it easier if we can, you know, be pleasant. But listen to me -- I donít want you to ever feel pushed past your comfort zone.

Cole: Oh, donít worry about that.

Marty: Ok. So howís Starr?

Cole: Hmm. We're getting along great -- makes it a lot easier when you donít have to hide.

Marty: I'm glad. So you're happy?

Cole: Well, as happy as we can be for now. I mean, itís easy to be together because Toddís not around. But Starrís really hurting.

Marty: I'm sure she is.

Cole: Can I ask you something that I've already asked?

Marty: About Miles?

Cole: Are you totally sure that he had nothing to do with Toddís disappearance?

Miles: I just had pancakes with my family, Todd, the woman of my dreams. Itís the life I've always wanted, and I'm not going to let you take it away from me.

Sarah: Running and lying and hiding, oh, my. You guys make it sound like I'm some sort of mysterious creature lurking about in the shadows, only to come out at the dead of night to nibble on the morsels my parents leave out on the front lawn for me. I hate to disappoint you, but I'm just a girl who doesnít like playing by their rules. I'm not hiding anything. I'm just not seeking the love and encouragement of parents who have nothing to give.

Rex: If you're not hiding, why are you having post cards mailed from all over the world?

Sarah: Gives me something to do. Gives them something to wonder about.

Rex: Why wonít you even give your family a chance?

Sarah: I've given them plenty of chances. And I did everything I could to help Todd, and I'm not going to go throw on my cammies in search of Hunter, ok? That could be deadly for me.

Cristian: But you're not going to even give us a clue as to what happened to him?

Sarah: I donít have a clue. What about you two, huh? What, are you trying to score points with Blair helping her out?

[Rex chuckles]

Rex: No, points donít do it for me.

Sarah: What about you, big boy?

Cristian: Isnít my style.

Sarah: Oh, of course not. Women are always attracted to you. You just stare into their eyes and they melt. And as they crumple, you catch them, and you bring them back to your room in your big, strong arms while they purr contentedly.

Cristian: Crumple and purr -- yeah, thatís exactly it.

Rex: Excuse me, Rex is still here. Do you ever wonder how your familyís doing?

Sarah: If anybody died, a letter would catch up to me. They always have in the past.

Rex: Itís touching. It really is. So obviously, you're aware of whatís happened to your cousin Jessica?

Sarah: What happened to Jessica?

Jessica: No way! Miles Laurence? That doesnít seem like Marty at all. I mean, sheís still mourning the death of her husband, and I didnít think she was dating, and she sure as heck wasnít dating Miles, and then she goes out and marries the guy?

Nash: I donít judge the facts, I just report them, ma'am.

Jessica: I just -- you know, it just seems so weird. I -- wait a minute. Huh. I guess I'm sounding a little hypocritical, huh?

Nash: Different situation.

Jessica: Yeah, can we change gears for a second?

Nash: Yeah, sure. Uh, barbecue -- who -- who are we inviting to the barbecue?

Jessica: Thank you.

Nash: Sure.

Jessica: I think that we should have a lot of kids there. Nice to have Jack and Starr and Ja-- Jamie. I guess not Jamie, huh? Antonio doesnít want to confuse her any more than she already is, and I just -- I'm sorry. I -- itís just hard for me not to think of her as my daughter, and I just -- I miss her. I miss her a lot.

Nash: Hey, give it time.

Jessica: Yeah. Time.

Carlotta: Well, Jamie and I are going to go to the diner, and you can rest.

Antonio: Ok. I'm fine.

Carlotta: Yeah. You look very tired. And every time you move, you wince, so I'm going to leave you guys alone so you can get settled. And please, take it easy.

Jamie: Bye, Daddy.

Antonio: Bye, baby.

Carlotta: Would you sit?

Antonio: I will.

Carlotta: You know, he never listens to me. I donít know what I'm going to do with him. But thank you, Talia. Thank you for caring for him.

Talia: Well, heís a lousy patient, but a fantastic cop.

Antonio: Hmm.

Talia: Thatís why itís important to all of us at the station that we get him back to the precinct so he can tell us all what we're doing wrong.

Carlotta: Oh, I can only imagine. Wave goodbye to your daddy and Talia, and we'll see you guys in a couple of hours. Come.

Talia: Ok, if you donít sit like your mom says, I will make you.

Antonio: All right.

Talia: Here, let me help you onto the couch.

Antonio: Oh.

Talia: How are you feeling?

Antonio: Oh, I've felt better.

Talia: Do you want to just lie down and get some sleep?

Antonio: No, no, no. No, if I -- I sleep now, I wonít sleep tonight. Besides, I like your company.

Marty: Look, Starrís mom is -- is fixated on tying Toddís disappearance to Miles. And yes -- Miles gave Todd the tip from Spencer that sent him running off to Chicago, but that has nothing to do with what is happening between Miles and me.

Cole: What is happening between you two?

[Knock on door]

Marty: Blair, Starr -- uh -- come in.

Cole: Is everything all right?

Blair: Yeah, everythingís fine, but I thought, you know, since we've agreed for the two of you to see each other, I thought it was important that your mother and I be on the same page about what is and isnít going to be allowed.

Marty: I think thatís a good idea.

Cole: Ms. Cramer, you have to know that I totally respect Starr, and I would never, ever do anything to hurt her.

Blair: If I thought you would, I wouldnít be here right now. But I do think itís important that your mother and I agree on whatís expected from the two of you together. Ok?

Marty: Well, should you start, or do you want me to?

Blair: Well, I do have one concern, and that is with your husband. I mean, what is his say in all this, you know?

Marty: He has none. I make all the decisions concerning Cole. Miles is not his father.

Miles: What are they doing here?

Sarah: You know, Jessica and I were never really close, but I'm glad sheís going to be ok. I mean, she is my cousin.

Rex: And of course, being family, that means a lot to you.

Sarah: Knock it off. You have no right to make snap judgments about my feelings. Ok, maybe I donít want to hang with them, but she is family.

Rex: You're right. I'm sorry. But Toddís family, too, and you donít seem all that concerned about helping him. Itís a little frustrating.

Sarah: Yeah. For me, too.

Cristian: Is that because we're not leaving?

Sarah: You guys are just waiting for me to "slip up."

Cristian: Hey, look, we'll take the info any way we can get it.

Sarah: Well, sorry. You're not going to get anything, because I donít have anything to give you, ok? I have no idea where Todd is. I donít know anything about any kid of his, and I canít tell you about Miles Laurence.

Marty: Blair and Starr came by so that we could talk about how to handle the kids' relationship.

Miles: Well, look, I understand that I'm not Coleís father, but as the head of this household --

Marty: Head of the household?

Miles: All right, well, I'm at least a part of the household, and I donít think itís wise to have problematic people coming over here unannounced.

Marty: I'm glad they came by, because it is  one the four of us need to have.

Cole: So anyway, what are the rules going to be?

Blair: Uh -- curfew still holds, right?

Marty: Absolutely. I know you are very excited about being able to have this relationship, but you're very young.

Blair: And donít need to jump into any adult type relationship.

Marty: So we're going to take this slow.

Starr: Of course. We donít have to -- we donít want to have to sneak around behind your backs.

Blair: Well, we appreciate that. I appreciate that.

Marty: I do, too, sweetie.

Starr: But we can hang out, though, right? We can go swimming?

Marty: I'm ok with that.

Starr: Cool. Aunt Dorian has a really nice pool, and itís kept warm.

Cole: I know, itís hot.

[Blair chuckles]

Blair: I'll be there. Ok?

Marty: I'm ok with that, too.

[Phone rings]

Miles: Since I'm being excluded from this conversation, I'll take my phone call in the other room.

Cole: Mom, do you know where my bathing suit is?

Marty: You know what? I donít think we ever unpacked it. Itís probably downstairs in one of those boxes in the storage area. I will go get it.

[Nash whistles]

Nash: Did you --

Jessica: Did I what?

Nash: No, nothing.

Jessica: No, no --

Nash: No, never mind --

Jessica: No, no, thatís not fair. You canít start a question and not finish it.

Nash: No, I donít want to ruin an absolutely perfect moment.

Jessica: Hey -- ask me the question. I'll be thinking about it all through breakfast. Come on.

Nash: Divorce papers -- did you sign the divorce papers?

Jessica: No. No, I didnít. I didnít. I just donít want to think about it. I want to stay here and cuddle and have a nice breakfast with you.

Nash: All right. E you know, Antonioís going to push.

Jessica: I know.

Nash: I mean, he filed those papers as fast as he could, and he got released from the hospital today, so -- I'm going to eat something.

Jessica: How did you know that? I didnít know that.

Nash: Oh, I called the hospital last night.

Jessica: Why did you do that?

Nash: You -- I knew you'd want to know that he was ok. Heís ok. Heís getting released today. What?

Jessica: You're a really great guy, you know that?

Nash: No, I'm not a great guy. I'm really in love with you.

Jessica: You're a really great guy.

Nash: Well, you make me want to be.

Talia: This is why I became a cop and not a paramedic.

Antonio: All right. Howís it look?

Talia: It looks like itís oozing.

Antonio: Hmm. All right, well, the doc said to keep it covered and keep it clean so it wouldnít get infected. So why donít you help me up and I'll redo

Talia: No, just stop it. You canít do it yourself. I'll do it.

Antonio: No, no, wait a second. Look, I donít want you passing out. Then I'm going to have to dress my own wound and pick you up off the floor.

Talia: I know itís not my calling, but I promise, I will be a good nurse.

Antonio: All right.

Talia: Uh -- take off your shirt.

Antonio: Itís a lot easier said than done.

Talia: I'll help you.

Antonio: All right.

[Antonio winces]

Talia: Ok.

Antonio: All right.

Talia: Sorry.

Antonio: That arm first.

Talia: Ok.

Antonio: Oh --

Talia: Do both.

Antonio: All right. Ow, ow, ow. All right, take it easy there, Killer.

Talia: Huh. If I take it any easier, Princess, I'll have to cut it off of you.

Rex: Slip up or no slip up, we're not going anywhere until we get some answers, or you hear from your boyfriend.

Cristian: Yep. I think heís spelled it out for us

Sarah: Both of you?

Rex: Looks that way.

Sarah: Perfect. Three of us and one tiny little bathroom. Well, if you guys arenít going to start paying rent, you might as well go buy your own groceries. Otherwise, I'll start charging you for what you eat.

Rex: Huh. All right, you think we're going to get anything out of her?

Cristian: I donít know. I donít know. She comes across pretty damn stubborn.

Rex: Then we wait for Hunter. He comes back, we'll get it out of him one way or another.

Cristian: I promised Blair I'd find Todd, and I'm not leaving here until we do. We owe it to her. For all we know, heís right under our noses.

Blair: Well, I'm going to get going. But if you would like to escort my beautiful daughter to Dorianís pool, you are welcome. Just drive safely.

Starr: Mom, really?

Blair: Yes, really. I'll see you later.

[Starr giggles]

Cole: Mom, I'm going to go downstairs in -- in the storage room and get my bathing suit. What -- what box is it in?

Marty: Itís probably one of the bigger boxes, and all of your stuff -- they have those big red stickers on them.

Miles: What are you looking for?

Marty: His swimsuit. We havenít unpacked it yet.

Miles: But whereís the box?

Marty: In the storage room.

Cole: I'll be right back.

Starr: Ok.

Miles: No.

Todd: Blair --

[Todd groans]

Todd: Blair? Oh. Blair?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Talia: Do you think there is more to our relationship?

Antonio: Yeah. Didnít you?

Jessica: You married Miles Laurence?

Starr: If Miles is a part of all this, he could be dangerous.

David: You are one sexy mother.

Clint: Ahem.

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