OLTL Transcript Wednesday 6/27/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 6/27/07


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Vincent: Hey.

Natalie: Thanks.

Miles: Can I have a Scotch? Can I help you?

Roxy: I'd like a kiss on the lips.

Miles: I donít -- I donít even know you.

Roxy: Relax, man, itís a drink.

Miles: Oh.

Roxy: Hey, baby, I'd like my new usual, and put it on his tab.

Miles: Um -- who are you?

Roxy: I'm Roxy Balsom. And you are Miles Laurence. I know your big brother. What an ass. He was, like, my son-in-law for, like, two seconds. Thatís my kid. Sheís mine and Viki Buchananís.

Miles: Yeah, I -- I know the family history.

Roxy: Oh, well, then you probably know that her and Johnny Mac are, like, splitsville. Well, maybe thatís a good thing, because the word on the street is, is that heís panting after this new lady shrink in town -- I think Marty of Sunnybrooke Farm or something.

Miles: You donít mean Marty Saybrooke?

Roxy: Yeah. Like, you know her?

Miles: Yeah, sheís my wife.

Natalie: I'm really glad that we bumped into each other.

Vincent: Yeah, me, too. Actually, I was just thinking about you.

Natalie: Good. Good, because I'd like to float something by you.

Vincent: Whatís up?

Natalie: You want to go out with me?

Layla: You ok?

Adriana: No.

Layla: Tate?

Kirk: How are you doing, son? You all right?

Tate: You know, you didnít have to do this, Dad. I had everything under control.

Kirk: No, you didnít.

Tate: Well, the cause did.

Kirk: Why are you here?

Tate: I'm here to make sure that taking the rap for me is the last stupid thing you ever do.

John: What do you remember, Marty? When Truman was killed, were you here?

Marty: Yeah, itís all --

John: What?

Marty: I was here, but just something doesnít feel right. Maybe you're right. Maybe I didnít kill Spencer.

Lindsay: Hey.

[Bo chuckles]

Lindsay: Whatís up?

Bo: Is everything all right?

Lindsay: Yeah, everythingís fine. What brings you here?

Nora: Thatís what I'd like to know.

Matthew: Hey, Mom.

Nora: I got your text message to meet you here. Whatís going on, guy? Hmm?

Bo: Well, I'll let Matthew tell both of you. Ahem.

Matthew: Well, I remembered that todayís Jenís birthday.

Lindsay: Thatís right, it is.

Matthew: And I didnít think any of us should be alone. Especially you, Ms. Rappaport.

Lindsay: Oh, come here. You're so thoughtful. Thank you so much.

Matthew: Well, she was my sister, and I really loved her.

Nora: We all did. Hey, Bud, thanks for including me.

Matthew: Well, I know you guys arenít best buds, but we were Jenís family.

Lindsay: Yeah. And it would have made Jen very happy to know that we're remembering her together like this today.

Nora: We'd never forget her, Lindsay, never.

Bo: And we brought this.

Lindsay: Hmm. What is it?

Matthew: Cupcakes. Nigel made them.

[Lindsay gasps]

Matthew: So they're the fancy kind.

Lindsay: Wow, she would have loved these. You know what? I have sodas in the kitchen, so why donít you come with me and we'll set this all up? How about that?

Matthew: All right.

Lindsay: Ok?

[Bo chuckles]

Nora: Huh. How about that son of ours?

Bo: Oh, yeah, heís something, isnít he?

Nora: Hmm. Heís got the best of both of us. How'd that happen?

Bo: Just lucky, I guess.

Nora: Yeah. Yeah, I think we are.

Bo: Sure. You know, we couldnít ask for a better son.

Nora: Yeah. Well, now that we're bonding so well over our son, I -- this be the best time to ask you for a favor.

Bo: What?

Nora: Donít give me a hard time for going to Statesville to see Kirk Harmon.

Kirk: I'll never give you up, son. No one will ever know what you did -- not by me.

Tate: Why are you doing this?

Kirk: Because you're my son, and I love you, no matter what.

Tate: Oh, meaning even if you think what I did was wrong, right?

Kirk: I think what you did was wrong. But I can forgive it all, as long as it stops now. Yeah. I've seen that look before. The same look you had when you came back from camp in Wyoming. Ah. You know, you went away from home this happy-go-lucky kid and when you came back and you were --

Tate: I was "changed." I know. I've heard it a million times. And I'm sick of it.

Kirk: Well, I'm sick of what happened. But damn it, Tate, you werenít brought up to think those things. Itís not like -- itís not just that you were changed. It was like somebody had killed something inside of you. And they replaced it with hate and ignorance.

Tate: You know, I didnít come here to discuss my beliefs with you.

Kirk: Your beliefs are why I'm here.

Tate: I never asked you to tell them that you were responsible for the acts of the people.

Kirk: Do you really think that attacking people because of their color or their religion or their sexual preference is -- is the act of "the people"?

Tate: One pure people, Dad. I donít just think it, I know it.

Vincent: "Oh," so I'm your rebound guy?

Natalie: No, ok? And no more excuses. You want to go out with me or not? Just say it.

Vincent: You know, Natalie, there was a time, not too long ago, that this would have made my day. It would have made my week.

Natalie: I guess the answerís no.

Vincent: Look, it isnít like that. Hey, it --

Natalie: Ok, it is, or it isnít, Vincent. I mean, what, did I make you wait too long? Whatís going on?

Vincent: Look, Natalie, it isnít like that.

Natalie: If you're going to say that itís not you, itís me --

Vincent: Itís neither one of us.

Natalie: Then what?

Vincent: Itís someone else.

Roxy: So you're married to Marty Saybrooke?

Miles: Yeah, thatís right. I married Marty Saybrooke.

Roxy: I'm so confused. I thought she had the hots for Johnny Mac.

Miles: Johnny Mac and my wife are work colleagues, ok? Thatís all.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, like he was with Natty. Like he was with Evangeline Williamson. Well, you know, in thinking about it, I think that our Johnny Mac likes a little office nooky.

Miles: Not with Marty.

Roxy: Son of a gun -- looks like the green-eyed monsterís got you by the shorts.

Miles: What are you talking about?

Roxy: You. You just got married, and you're already jealous.

John: Maybe you werenít even here.

Marty: No. No, I was here, but -- but Spencer -- he -- he was still alive, and -- and then I -- I was someplace else.

John: Where?

Marty: Itís -- itís another room, but itís -- itís smaller.

John: Where was it?

Marty: I donít know.

John: What did it look like?

Marty: There, um -- there were beds. No, it was a bunk bed.

John:  Are there any clothes?

Marty: There -- there are clothes, and they're hanging on the wall. They're -- they're scrubs. I think they're scrubs.

John: I think I know what you're talking about. Come on.

Marty: Where are we going?

John: The on-call room for the ICU is this the room you were talking about?

Marty: Yes.

John: Do you remember what happened here?

Marty: I -- I was asleep on -- on that bunk, and -- and I woke up with a -- a headache. I mean, how did I even get in here?

John: This headache -- is there any chance you got knocked in the head somehow?

Marty: Maybe. You donít think that --

John: Someone knocked you in the head and left you here? It would explain the blackout. The question is, why?

Adriana: I was with Tate at Rodiís, and I ran into Rex.

Layla: Bad?

Adriana: No, itís not like we got into a fight or anything. It was -- different.

Layla: How?

Adriana: Rex thinks I'm in some kind of danger from the OPP.

Layla: I can see why.

Adriana: Not you, too?

Layla: Tateís father torched buildings all over town. He killed one of Vincentís guys. He bombed the hospital. He put Vange in a coma.

Adriana: I know.

Layla: I'm bringing all this stuff to her. Her favorite CDs, family pictures, her Nala. I'm hoping that I can get some kind of response out of her from this.

Adriana: I'm so sorry, Layla.

Layla: I just donít want this to happen to you.

Adriana: It wonít.

Layla: How do you know? You're Hispanic. You can be the next target.

Adriana: They caught Tateís father. Heís behind bars. Itís over.

Layla: How do you know Tateís not like his father?

Tate: I'm nothing like you. And I'm sorry if that disappoints you so much.

Kirk: Promise me the violence will stop.

Tate: Why should it?

Kirk: Why? Itís dangerous, not just to other people, but for you, as well.

Tate: We're in a war, Dad. And in war, there are casualties, arenít there?

Kirk: Oh, God. More of your OPP slogans? The braid pr

Tate: You'll never understand.

Kirk: No, I wonít. I wonít ever understand.

Tate: Well, then why did you take the hit for me, huh? I didnít want you to do it.

Kirk: If I didnít do it, it'd still be going on. And people would still be getting hurt by your hand. I couldnít live with my conscience.

Tate: Look at the stats, Dad. Look at the crime rates. Look at the welfare rolls. These -- people are a drain on our society. They are stealing from us.

Kirk: "Us"? Whoís "us"?

Tate: Real Americans!

Kirk: Let me tell you about your group. Let me tell you about your friends, your "real Americans." They're thugs! They're nothing but criminals who do nothing but hurt innocent people.

Tate: Me, Dad. You're talking about me.

Kirk: I am --

Tate: So why donít you just say it?

Kirk: Listen to me. I'm trying to give you a chance to change, to redeem yourself, to use your God-given talent to do good.

Tate: I already am.

Bo: Donít go to Statesville, Nora.

Nora: I need to.

Bo: Whatís the point?

Nora: A face-to-face with that bastard who burned down my house and almost killed us. Your -- our son, Bo! Our son!

Bo: No, wait -- you think I donít want to do the same?

Nora: You had your shot at interrogation. Now itís my turn. I want a shot at him.

Marcie: Hi. How are you doing?

Michael: How are you doing, guys? Oh, we didnít know that anybody would be here so late.

Lindsay: Hi, guys. We were just having another remembrance of Jen.

Nora: Another one?

Lindsay: Well, Marcie and I got together a little earlier today with a cake.

Marcie: Yeah. Lindsay, if you have other plans, you donít have to babysit Tommy.

Michael: Yeah, we can -- we can take him to dinner with us.

Marcie: Yeah.

Lindsay: And what kind of date would that be? Come on.

Marcie: No, itís ok, really.

Lindsay: No, itís not ok with me. Besides, I canít think of a way I'd like to spend my night any better than being with my little man.

Natalie: Someone else?

Vincent: Layla and I -- we've been seeing a lot of each other lately.

Natalie: Oh. Oh, so the two of you are back together?

Vincent: No, not yet, but we may be getting there. What? What was that for?

Natalie: Oh. I am the worldís biggest loser.

Roxy: No offense or nothing, but that wacko brother of yours, Mitch -- he made my life a living hell.

Miles: I'm sorry.

Roxy: Why? You didnít do nothing.

Miles: You know, I'm -- I'm really nothing like him.

Roxy: I think you got one thing in common.

Miles: What would that be?

Roxy: Mitch and Natty -- they met each other, and then five seconds later, they get married. I bet it was the same way with you and Marty. So, where'd you take your vows of the holy acrimony, huh?

Miles: "Matrimony"?

Roxy: You donít know me very well. But I'm going to give you a sense-of-humor injection.

Miles: Huh. We were married in Las Vegas.

Roxy: Bingo! Right, ok. So Natty and Mitch got married there, and that other brother of yours, walker -- walker -- he was big in Vegas. In fact, heís a big deal anyway. He had a whole setup going on in Atlantic City. Yeah. Yeah, you are one of the Laurence boys.

Miles: Donít ever say that again.

Roxy: Someoneís very touchy tonight.

Miles: I never knew my brothers. How could I possibly be anything like them?

Roxy: Ok, fine, maybe you're not. But there is somebody that you're not like, and thatís Johnny McBain, because Johnny would never get married in Vegas. No way, no how. And maybe it'll never happen. But if it does, thatís going to be one lucky lady, because that guy is a fox.

John: So you're in the room. You're on the cot. You wake up with this headache.

Marty: Yes.

John: You remember getting up?

Marty: Oh, God.

John: Where'd you go?

Marty: I -- I -- I didnít know what I should do next, so -- I -- I know I was in a lot of pain, and my -- my head was pounding, so -- I felt like I was going to be sick. I just -- I wanted to get home, and I went out to my car.

John: Did you drive home?

Marty: No. No, I -- I -- I got a text message from Cole. He said that he was here at the hospital, so I came back inside.

John: How long do you think this all took?

Marty: Why, what are you thinking?

John: While you were out in the car, someone was killing Truman. Any idea who that might be?

Vincent: Ooh, thatís a tale!

Natalie: You think that itís funny that I'm a loser?

Vincent: No, no. No, I donít. Just that you think you are. Look, Nat, for the first time in your life, you donít have 15 guys chasing after you.

Natalie: You're a jerk. And what was I thinking, asking you out?

Vincent: What you was thinking is that I'm a sexy beast.

Natalie: A beast, anyway.

Vincent: So you're lucky not to be going out with me.

Natalie: You know, thatís the other thing about you, too. You know, you're just way too smooth.

Vincent: You know, I would say two dates and you would already be checking for other guys.

Natalie: One.

Vincent: And I would be standing there licking my wounds.

Natalie: So, thatís why you turned me down, huh? Just because, you know, you're afraid I was going to dump you?

Vincent: Yeah. You know me so well.

Natalie: God, you're so full of it.

Vincent: Well, at least I got you to laugh, for real this time.

Natalie: Poor Layla. I hope she knows what sheís getting herself into.

Vincent: Yeah. You know, the funny thing is, it took these attacks on us to get us back together. See what I'm saying?

Natalie: Do I have a choice?

Kirk: Are you insane? Have you totally lost your mind?

Tate: On the contrary. I think more clearly than most other people do. You see, pretty soon, we are going to be the minority. And when that happens, what do you think they're going to do to us, huh?

Kirk: Certainly not what you've done.

Tate: You're wrong, Dad. We've been having this same argument since high school. And ever since then, this country has gotten worse. But you're never going to face reality, are you? So thereís really no point in talking about it anymore.

Kirk: Oh, my God. I've thrown my entire life away to help you.

Tate: And you are helping me. Thanks to you, I can continue my work.

Kirk: All right, listen to me. Listen good. If you keep on doing what you're doing while I'm in here, they're not going to be looking for me. They're going to be looking for you. Now, you either stop this violence --

Tate: Or what?

Kirk: Or I'm going to tell them everything.

Miles: I would have given Marty the wedding of her dreams. There was a plane -- it was leaving for Vegas, and we thought --

Roxy: And you crazy kids just couldnít keep your mitts off of each other.

Miles: Thatís pretty much how it happened.

Roxy: So what are you doing here?

Miles: I'm buying you drinks.

Roxy: Oh, good. I'm glad somebody is. But really, why arenít you holed up with her? You're newlyweds.

Miles: Well, we have lives to lead.

Roxy: Yeah. Well, I donít think thatís a good enough excuse. Why'd you marry her? Hey, come on, real deal. You make an offer that she just couldnít refuse?

 [Marty sighs]

John: Did you see anything when you came back here? Anybody?

Marty: I can see -- myself, and -- no, thereís -- thereís nobody else here.

John: You sure? Nothing?

Marty: Yes. Yes, I am sure! Look, I -- I must have killed Spencer. It must have been me.

John: Then how do you explain getting knocked out?

Marty: We don't know that I did.

John: Well, you didnít come into this room for a nap, did you? I mean, you ended up here for a reason.

Marty: You know, maybe -- Spencer and I -- I struggled, and -- and I -- I must have gotten knocked out somehow, and then when I -- when I came to here --

John: Still doesnít explain how you ended up in this room.

Marty: Well, you know, obviously, I am blocking it out for some reason.

[Marty sighs]

John: Look, you donít have any blood on your clothing.

Marty: No.

John: Look, you donít stab someone multiple times and just walk away clean.

Marty: Then why do I remember the scissors?

John: I donít know. You know, maybe when you came back in here, you went to Blairís room and you saw Truman there already dead.

Marty: I had them in my hand. Look, why canít you believe that it was me?

John: It just doesnít add up. You know? My instinctís telling me you didnít do it, and I trust that. You need to trust it, too.

Lindsay: Thank you for remembering Jen.

Matthew: Well, I'm glad we did it together.

Nora: So am I.

Bo: Take it easy, Lindsay. We'll see you soon?

Lindsay: Ok.

Nora: Bye, Tommy.

Lindsay: Mm-hmm. Wave bye-bye.

Michael: Hey. You know, we should probably get going, too, if we're going to make our dinner reservations.

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: Are you sure --

Lindsay: Would you get out of here?

Marcie: No, I promise we wonít be late, ok?

Lindsay: You donít have to worry about that. I've got you covered.

Michael: We know you do.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Michael: Thereís nobody we trust with our son more than you. Thank you for all this.

Lindsay: No, thank you. You donít know how much it means to me to have this little guy in my life.

[Marcie chuckles]

Marcie: Ok. Well, then, letís go, right?

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: Ok. All right, honey. Bye, Tommy.

Lindsay: Say "bye-bye."

Marcie: I love you very much. You be good for your Godmommy, ok? Bye!

Michael: That goes for me -- yeah, it goes for your Daddy, too.

Lindsay: "Goodbye, Daddy."

Marcie: Bye.

Lindsay: Bye. Jen knew her mommy loved her, just like your mommy and daddy love you. Yeah. They're so lucky to have a wonderful little boy like you. Yeah, they are.

Marty: None of this makes any I can remember the scissors in my hand, I can see Spencer on top of Blair.

John: You remember that?

Marty: Yes -- clearly, and then I wake up in here and I donít -- I donít know how much time I've lost. I -- I -- I donít know how to remember.

John: Ok. Take it easy, all right? You know, I think we need to get you checked out. You know, you've had a head injury. You should probably have a CAT scan.

Marty: I'm fine. We donít even know that anything happened to me.

John: Humor me, all right? I'll set the whole thing up. Ok?

Marty: John?

John: Yeah?

Marty: Why are you doing this? Is it because you think somebody else did it or is there another reason?

John: Such as?

Marty: Miles.

John: Either way, he needs to be stopped.

Miles: Why wouldnít I marry Marty? Sheís beautiful, smart, kind --

Roxy: You're just ga-ga goo-goo.

Miles: "Ga-ga, goo-goo," huh? Thatís -- I donít know what that means, but --

Roxy: Ga-ga, goo-goo.

Miles: Ga-ga, goo-goo --

Roxy: "Ga-ga, goo-goo" -- it means "love." Love is in bloom, love, love, love, and then all of a sudden, boom! Reality comes and it bites you right on the ass, man. One minute you're making whoopee, and the next thing, the whoopee cushion is just losing all its air, itís bye-bye, love, and you're fighting all the time about everything, and then all of a sudden, the sex goes right out the window. Ooh, honeymoon over? Man, that happened fast.

Miles: Just -- hey, it happened suddenly and we didnít have time for a honeymoon, but there will be one.

Roxy: Well, what are you waiting for?

Marty: Donít touch me!

Vincent: So I hope that you understand about Layla and myself.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, whatever, itís just a timing thing -- good for you and Layla, bad for you and me.

Vincent: Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Natalie: It could also be that I'm just too good for you.

Vincent: Oh -- of course. Too damn good for me.

Natalie: You know, Vincent, you're not so hot when you're patronizing.

Vincent: I'm not trying to patronize you, Natalie. I've told you time and time again that you are amazing, and you know it.

Natalie: And I went and quit my job.

Vincent: Mm-hmm, and you landed a better one, and I knew you had it in you.

Natalie: You always did believe in me.

Vincent: I still do. So, whatís up? Are we going to be able to make this friends thing happen, or what? Do you think we can swing it?

Adriana: If Tate was racist, why would he go into business with an African American woman and a Latina?

Layla: I donít know, but I'm the one with a sister in a coma. How could we have let this happen?

Adriana: We didnít know.

Layla: We should've investigated Tate better. And we could have learned this about his father. I just feel like we let this guy into our lives and now my sister may never wake up.

Adriana: Please donít blame yourself.

Layla: How could I not?

Adriana: Layla, how could we have known? Itís not our fault. And itís not Tateís fault that his father is crazy.

Layla: Who asked whose fault it is, ok? Vange is fighting for her life right now, and I may have lost my sister.

Adriana: You did not lose your sister. Sheís waiting for you. So you go to the hospital and you take her her stuff and you donít give up, because she would not give up on you.

Tate: Are you threatening me?

Kirk: I did this for "you" -- not just what you did, but what you're going to do. And if you keep doing it, and other people get hurt, I'm in this damn jail for nothing!

Tate: Well, my beliefs are what I am. And if you can accept that, thatís your problem, isnít it?

Kirk: How does Adriana fit in all this?

Tate: Thatís none of your business, is it?

[Door closes]

Kirk: Get me out of here.

Nora: Not yet. I canít believe I'm actually looking at the face of a true, dyed-in-the-wool bigot. And yet, here you are -- a throwback, a relic. Well, I want you to look me in the eye so that I can tell you you've failed, because your attacks only made us stronger. You may have destroyed our home, but you havenít destroyed our spirit. There is only one thing that I canít figure out -- you're a father. You raised a son, and I refuse to believe that even you could do that without knowing unconditional love. So how could you try to take other peopleís children away from them for any reason, let alone because of the things they were born with? Does difference threaten you that much? Well, I thank God that I'm different from you. And so does your son. What you're doing, what you've done -- itís destroying him. Yeah. How ironic -- the one person that you've done this for hates you for doing it. What a waste of a life.

Kirk: Ms. Hanen? Losing my son is the greatest loss of my life. More than you'll ever know.

Nora: You make me sick.

Adriana: Hey, Tate.

Tate: Hi.

Adriana: You all right?

Tate: I just came from Statesville.

Adriana: You saw your father? Come on in.

Tate: Thanks.

Layla: I'm leaving, Adriana. I need to go to the hospital to see if my sisterís doing any better.

[Door closes]

Tate: She hates me.

Adriana: Sheís just upset because of her sister.

Tate: Her sisterís in a coma because of my father. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?

Adriana: I'm so sorry, Tate.

Natalie: You want to be friends?

Vincent: Yes. No. Well, you going to make me grovel?

Natalie: Like you would anyway.

Vincent: Is it going to be yes or is it going to be no?

Natalie: I donít know. I guess maybe, maybe I can squeeze you in as long as you promise not to let me make a fool of myself ever again.

Vincent: Natalie, you are nobodyís fool. Thatís one of the things I like about you.

Natalie: Yeah, well, you and I probably wouldnít work anyway.

Vincent: Oh, never. I'm way too good for you.

Natalie: Yeah!

Miles: Well, I -- I offered Marty marriage, love, support, all the things that you should offer someone you love.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, good luck with that stuff. Oh. Oh, sorry, I got to dash. Thanks for the drinks.

Miles: Hmm.

Roxy: And props for swiping Marty out from under Johnny McBain. Heís a tough guy for the ladies to give up.

Miles: Yeah.

Miles: Whew.

John: Ok. Looks like we got you hooked up with a cat scan for tonight, but I canít stick around. I got to take care of some things. You'll be ok here on your own?

Marty: I just hope this isnít all for nothing.

John: Let me do my job and we'll get you out of this.

Marty: Murdering Spencer or my marriage?

John: I think you're going to get the bonus plan.

Marty: Look, I need you to leave my marriage alone.

John: Why? The guyís blackmailing you. You say you donít love him.

Marty: I'm ok, really.

John: "I'm ok"? I donít even know what that means. What arenít you telling me? Forget it. I'll figure it out for myself.

[Tommy cries]

Lindsay: Oh, there must be something in here that'll make you happy.

Bo: Uh-oh.

Lindsay: Bo.

Bo: Yeah. Is everything all right?

Lindsay: Yeah, well, I mean, it was. He just started crying and he lost it and I -- thereís nothing I can do to calm him down and this has just never happened before.

Bo: Hmm. Well, I guess itís a good thing that I came back.

Adriana: I feel terrible for you knowing what your fatherís done, having to live with it.

Kirk: Now, you either stop this violence --

Tate: Or what?

Kirk: Or I'm going to tell them -- everything.

Tate: This isnít over.

Adriana: What do you mean?

Tate: My fatherís a marked man in prison. I can feel it.

Nurse: We're ready for your cat scan, Dr. Saybrooke. How did you get the head injury?

Marty: I wish I knew. I really do.

[Vincent chuckles]

Natalie: So I think this friend thing is actually going to work. All right, so are we allowed to hug or --

Vincent: Well, I have to check the bylaws, but in the meantime, give me some.

John: I'll have a beer.

Miles: What can I do for you now?

John: This thing you call a marriage? Itís over.

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