OLTL Transcript Friday 6/22/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 6/22/07


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Jessica: The place looks beautiful.

Nash: And it'll look even more beautiful with you inside.

Jessica: Ok, I'm going to walk into the house, ok?

Nash: Are you?

Jessica: Yes.

Nash: Uh-huh, yeah, I donít know. I think that we should do this right, though.

Jessica: Oh!

Nash: Oh. Huh?

[Jessica gasps]

Nash: Welcome home.

[Doorbell rings]

[Blair sighs]

Cristian: You ready?

Blair: Whatís wrong?

Cristian: Nothing, I just came from court.

Blair: Well, come on in. How did the arraignment go?

Cristian: Well, Kirk Harmon pleaded no contest to every one of the charges.

Blair: Well, "no contest" -- thatís -- I mean, thatís good. Itís like saying that he did it what itís saying right?

Cristian: Oh, heís going to prison. Itís over.

Blair: Well, thatís good.

Cristian: Yeah, thatís good. So you ready to go?

Blair: You didnít get my message, did you?

Cristian: What message?

Blair: I'm not going to sing at the club tonight.

Cristian: What?

Blair: I got somebody to fill in for me, though.

Cristian: What, you sick or something?

Blair: No, I just donít feel like singing happy love songs. Not when I've lost my daughter because sheís in love with the wrong boy.

Starr: That bitch!

Cole: So, I'm guessing things didnít get much better after my mom and I left, huh?

Starr: No. It was the worst. My mom is so stubborn. Cole, sheís just never going to change her mind about you and me.

Cole: Well, what are you going to do?

Starr: You know what I want to do. I want to just push the whole world aside so that it could just be you and me.

Marty: Miles.

Miles: Hi.

Marty: Are you following me?

Miles: No, I was just going to see Jessica, like you. But they just told me at the nurses' station sheís been released.

Marty: She has?

Miles: Yeah.

Marty: Thatís great.

Miles: So I was headed home, but then I -- I saw my beautiful wife.

Marty: Lucky me.

Miles: Do you think it might have been telepathy? The two of us wanting to be at the same place at the same time?

Marty: No.

Miles: Oh, come on, Marty. Maybe it was a sign we're meant to be together.

Marty: No, nothing about us is meant to be.

Miles: I donít know.

Marty: Miles, you need to stop fooling yourself, ok? You forced me into this marriage, and I will hate you forever for that.

Hannah: I'm surprised to see you, detective. My reportís not due until next week.

John: I'm not exactly on police business -- not officially, anyway.

Hannah: Well, what does that mean?

John: I'd like to ask you a few questions about Marty Saybrooke.

Hannah: Well, you know I canít talk to you about patients that I see in private practice.

John: Completely off the record.

Hannah: You know as well as I do that unless I have information that a crime is going to be committed --

John: Ok, letís make it official. Dr Saybrooke gave you information regarding the murder of Spencer Truman. I need that information.

Hannah: I donít respond well to strong-arm tactics.

John: Thatís not what this is. But we are talking about a killer whoís still at large.

Hannah: Well, if I knew there was a threat to the community, I would tell you about it. But I donít.

John: Ok. Whatís the tape recorder for?

Hannah: I use it to record all my sessions. I can review them later.

John: Did you tape Dr. Saybrooke?

Hannah: Yes.

John: You know, your compelled to turn over that tape.

Hannah: Not without a court order.

John: You know I can get so what do you say we skip the dance and you give it to me now?

Miles: No, you act as if your life would be a never-ending pleasure if you just werenít married to me, but you know what? You'd have two choices. You'd either turn yourself in, or you'd wait around until the cops figured out it was you who murdered Spencer.

Marty: Would you keep your voice down?

Miles: You killed a man. But because I stole the tape from your shrinkís office, nobodyís ever going to know. Instead, you could spend the rest of your life helping me spend the inheritance from Spencer.

Marty: You know, it -- it just occurred to me. Is -- is this some sick way for you to get revenge on me for what I did to him?

Miles: Huh. No. I was loyal to Spencer. But if I found out that anyone else in this world would have murdered him, I would have gone to the cops. But not you. I love you.

Marty: How can you love someone who despises you?

Miles: I donít know. I donít know, I just do. I love you. And I want to prove it to you.

Marty: All you're proving is that you are delusional, Miles. You keep -- you know, you think you love me, and you keep telling yourself and me that this could work out. But I know I donít love you, and I never will.

Miles: You want out? All you have to do is go to the police station and tell them what you did.

Blair: You know Marty Saybrooke, right?

Cristian: I know who she is.

Blair: Here you go.

Cristian: Thanks.

Blair: Well, for obvious reasons, we donít get along, and that is putting it mildly.

Cristian: I got that.

Blair: But the one thing we do agree on -- one thing -- is that we both think it would be a nightmare if our kids got seriously together.

Cristian: And Starrís boyfriend is Martyís son, right?

Blair: Yeah. Now Martyís married Miles, done a 180. I mean, she actually came over here this morning saying, "You know, Blair, I want to give Cole and Starr my blessing."

Cristian: Yeah, but Starr ran into Cole at the movies with another girl, right?

Blair: Yeah, and I thought, "Well, you know, thank God. Maybe heís moved on" -- not.

Cristian: Well, maybe if you guys back off -- I donít know -- Starr and Cole will get a chance to get sick of one another.

Blair: Cristian, I canít risk that.

Cristian: Why not?

Blair: Well, because Starr --

Cristian: You just said you were afraid you lost your daughter.

Blair: No, because Starr is too stubborn to see that thereís no hope. Thereís no hope if Starrís father raped Coleís mother.

Cristian: Huh. All right, so this has nothing to do with Starr and Cole and everything to do with Todd.

Man: Look, I have to go out for a while. Donít do anything stupid.

Girl: What if he wakes up?

Man: Give him another shot.

Girl: Heís had so many.

Man: Look, just keep your head clear. Donít worry about him.

Girl: I just donít want any more trouble than we already have.

Man: Just keep him quiet.

Todd: Blair --

Girl: Right, Blair. Do you have her number?

Jessica: Do you know what? Today your mommy is going to give you lunch. And she is going to give you your bath later on, and then I'm going to put you down for your nap.

Nash: I think Mommy can watch Daddy do all that while she eats her turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with her apple juice.

Jessica: Apple juice?

Nash: Yes, itís good for you. Eat it. Come to Daddy. Hey. Go on, inside. Look at all your toys.

Jessica: You're spoiling me.

Nash: Yeah. Well, there was a time I didnít think I was going to get a chance to spoil you, or sit here with you and watch our kid play.

Jessica: Yeah, we've been through a lot, huh?

Nash: Not nearly enough.

Jessica: Hmm. I canít believe that you did all that for me.

Nash: Nah, it was all Antonio.

Jessica: No. You were the one that went to go get him, to bring him back so he could be a donor, and you saved his life after the bomb went off.

Nash: Ah, shucks. Apple juice, here.

Jessica: Stop it. Stop joking. I'll always love you.

Nash: Well, that works out pretty well, because I plan on spending the rest of my life loving you.

Starr: My dad is gone now. We could just take off.

Cole: Starr, you know that wouldnít work.

Starr: I know, but it sounds really good right now.

Cole: My mom changed her mind. Maybe yours will, too.

Starr: Are you kidding me, Cole? You donít know my mom the way I do. When she was shacking up with Spencer Truman, I kept telling her what an awful man he was. But she didnít want to hear one mean thing about him. Then when she talks about you, she acts like she has all the answers.

Cole: You know, you're really pretty when you're mad.

Starr: The school play is tonight, and schoolís almost over. We wonít get any chance to see each other today.

Markko: This is the weirdest playlist I've ever seen.

Langston: Give it back.

Markko: No. What -- whatís "Anyone Can Whistle"?

Langston: Itís a musical, you moron.

Markko: You donít seriously listen to this stuff?

Langston: Beats listening to you. Hey. You two up for opening night?

Starr: Sure.

Langston: What now?

Cole: My mom changed her mind about us.

Langston: And the problem is --

Starr: My momís talking bars on the windows and a chastity belt.

Britney: Trouble for the king and queen of the prom?

Miles: Huh. You really just -- you donít even care what you say to me anymore, do you?

Marty: No, no. I used to -- before you blackmailed me into marrying you.

Miles: You know what? I'm beginning to think that maybe I did the wrong thing.

Marty: Huh. No kidding.

Miles: You know, I -- I kept thinking that eventually you'd see past what I did and you'd appreciate why I did it, but I guess I'm just naÔve.

Marty: Miles, I used to like you, I did. But I look at you now, and I donít see that guy I used to know.

Miles: I just wanted to be with you.

Marty: Whether I wanted it or not.

Miles: But if I could prove to you that I am the same man that I was when you met me, would that -- would that make a difference to you?

Boy: Miles?

Miles: Jeff. What are you doing, man? How are you doing? Whereís your mom?

Jeff: Sheís talking to my doctor. I just got admitted.

Miles: All right. So whenís the surgery?

Jeff: Tomorrow.

Miles: Yeah? Hey, I know itís a drag. Hang in there.

Jeff: Maybe someday, I'll look like you.

Miles: Huh. You know what? You got a good soul, man. Thatís more important than anything, truthfully. All right? So how are those Red Sox doing?

Jeff: They're going all the way this year, I donít care what anybody says.

[Miles chuckles]

Miles: All right.

Hannah: If you're waiting for me to fold, you're going to wait a long time. This is America. People have rights.

John: Oh, good god -- I was hoping to do this the easy way, but I guess thatís not going to o happen.

Hannah: Well, and you're going to have to leave soon because I have a session coming in, in a few minutes.

John: I'll be back.

Hannah: I thought you said this wasnít a police matter.

John: No, I said "not yet."

Hannah: Then why are you so adamant about getting this tape?

John: Well, itís the difference between my job and yours, Doc. I have to know the truth.

Blair: I know what kind of man Todd was before I met him. And I know why he became that man. I also know that heís done everything he can to put that man behind him. But he loves these two kids. He tells me all the time that these two guys are the best things that he ever did with his life. And I know when he doubts himself, he always looks at them. You donít doubt that Coleís a good boy, but my problem is that if Starr starts dating him, maybe sheís going to start looking -- looking at her father through Martyís eyes. And that would absolutely kill Todd. And it wouldnít be good for Starr, either, no matter what she thinks sheís feeling right now, you know?

Cristian: All right. Well, you donít even know where Todd is, right?

Blair: Well, I'm not giving up that heís not going to come back.

Cristian: Come back to you?

Blair: To our family.

Cristian: I mean, are you --

Blair: What?

Cristian: Never mind.

Blair: What? No, say what you were going to say.

Cristian: What do I know? I donít have kids.

Blair: No, well, just tell me. What?

Cristian: Well, I mean, you're going crazy worrying about Todd. Are you sure this is the right time to back Starr into a corner?

Blair: I donít know. Itís -- well, I mean, when -- when Marty was here earlier, I thought, well, you know, it would be easy just to cave in, and, you know, maybe set some ground rules and see what happens, but --

Cristian: Well, why didnít you?

Blair: Because I couldnít.

Cristian: How come?

Blair: Well, itís not that complicated. Well, itís not. Look, I -- a part of me is always going to love Todd, and -- heís forgiven me a lot of things, but I'm telling you right now, he would never forgive me if I allowed his daughter to -- to date Martyís son.

Cristian: So thatís what you're afraid of? Losing Todd?

Blair: I'm afraid that if I allow it, it will be like me admitting that -- that Toddís gone.

Cristian: Letting Starr date Cole is the same as saying that Toddís never coming back?

Blair: I love him and I -- I hate him, and I donít know how to let go.

Girl: So, Blair, if I tell you heís here, what will you do?

Cole: Britney, I'm sorry the way things turned out at prom. I really am. But donít start something, all right?

Britney: Yeah, I'm sorry. I canít help it. I guess I'm just hardwired to be a bitch.

Langston: You're just realizing that now?

Starr: Langston --

Britney: You know, I did a lot of thinking last night.

Langston: Oh. Do you want some aspirin?

Starr: Langston, knock it off.

Langston: Sorry. But do please share.

Britney: On second thought, I'd rather not.

Starr: Look, if you want to go talk to her, I understand, ok?

Cole: No, I'm staying here.

Markko: It looks like Nice Britney passed her expiration date, huh?

Langston: Uh-huh.

Cole: Yeah, heís right. Just forget about Britney.

Langston: If Coleís momís on board, then whatís the problem?

Starr: My mom will never change her mind about it.

Markko: Well, I donít get this. Why do your parents care so much?

Langston: Come with me.

Markko: What? What'd I say?

Langston: Come on, come on.

Starr: Cole, what are we going to do about this?

Cole: Well, we donít have to do what your mom says anymore. Thatís all I care about.

Starr: You know, that whole time I was saying that I didnít want to be with you -- I never felt so alone in my life.

Cole: Hey, we can take anything, as long as we're together. Right?

Starr: Right.

Jeff: Thatís going to be my room.

Miles: This one right here? Thatís where my niece Jessica was. She just went home today. Hey, you know what? When you're done with your surgery, I'm going to come back and we're going to hang out, all right? But this time, I am going to kick your butt in some Gin Rummy.

Jeff: Better watch out. The nurse says the lady who had the room before me, your niece --

Miles: Mm-hmm?

Jeff: Sheís doing real good now.

Miles: Yeah.

Jeff: My mom says that means I'm going to get lucky, too.

Miles: Good. I like your attitude.

Jeff: I think I got lucky when I met you.

Miles: Oh, come on.

Jeff: You're the one who got that special doctor to come all the way from France.

Miles: You know what? It wasnít that difficult. He was tired of those croissants, anyway.

Jeff: My mom cried when she found out.

Nurse: There you are.

Jeff: I was talking to Miles. Heís my friend.

Nurse: You need to go down for your pre-op test.

Miles: Go on now. But I'm going to come back afterwards. But this time, we're going to play with my deck, all right?

Jeff: Maybe I'll have a whole new face. Wonít that be cool?

Miles: Yep.

Jeff: Are you Miles' friend, too?

Marty: Yeah.

Miles: See you later, alligator.

Jeff: After a while, crocodile.

Miles: All right, buddy.

[Miles sighs]

Marty: So how do you know Jeff?

Miles: Oh, a little while ago, I talked to the hospital. I asked them to put me in touch with people like that.

Marty: Hmm. And he just happened to show up at just the right time?

Miles: What are you saying?

Marty: It just seems a little convenient.

Miles: You think I would use a kid like Jeff to score some points with you? You really think I'm scum, donít you?

Marty: I donít want to think that, Miles, ok? I -- I see you with Jeff and I get a glimpse of that guy I thought I knew. I wish he was here now.

Woman: Let me get this straight. You want me to order Dr. Young to turn over her personal notes and a tape of the session with Dr. Marty Saybrooke?

John: Well, Dr. Saybrooke wasnít a patient.

Woman: What do you mean?

John: Well, she wasnít seeing Dr. Young in any sort of regular basis. Sheís a therapist, as well. Her whole conversation could be categorized as a consultation, therefore not protected by doctor/patient privilege.

Woman: Nice try.

John: Thanks.

Woman: But Dr. Saybrooke still had the expectation of privacy. Are you sure that Dr. Young is protecting Spencer Trumanís murderer?

John: I believe she has information that will clear David Vickers. I donít want to see an innocent man convicted of murder.

Nash: All right, well, now that you've done your lunch, you are ready for your surprise.

Jessica: You got me something? You didnít have to do that.

Nash: Itís not really something I got you. Itís more something your daughter and I have been working on. Come on -- whoa! Ready? Ok. Here we go. Ready?

[Jessica gasps]

Nash: Do your thing. Go, go, go.

Jessica: Oh, my God -- sheís walking! Come here! Oh! Hello!

Nash: Oh, sheís been, you know, kind of walking along the furniture for a while, but --

Jessica: I know, but every time she did that, she just kind of let go and then her butt hit the ground.

Nash: I think she was practicing when she was with your mom.

Jessica: Oh.

Nash: The other night, she -- she was standing in her crib and she just let go of the rail and she just stood there. She -- man, she looked as shocked as I did, and then she started taking steps -- oh.

Jessica: Oh! Oh, no, no, no! Ok, ok, ok. Go get down. Go, go, go.

Nash: Want to go back to your toys? Huh? Whoa! Grr!

Jessica: Sheís so clever.

Nash: Oh!

Jessica: She knows just what she wants, huh?

Nash: Listen, and independent. As soon as she realized she could walk, she went straight to the door.

Jessica: We are going to have to watch her like a hawk.

Nash: Yeah. Thought you'd be upset you missed it.

Jessica: Are you kidding me? I was getting ready to say goodbye. I thought I was going to miss every milestone. I -- I know how lucky I am. You know, everything that we went through -- it was worth it for us to be here together like this.

Nash: Like a family.

Cristian: Werenít you ever nuts about some dude in high school?

Blair: Sure. His name was Kent Weeks, and he was this guitar player in a band and he did a mean rendition of "Shout."

Cristian: Right. Well, what would you have done if your folks told you you couldnít see him?

Blair: I didnít have folks. I didnít know my father, and my mother was in a mental institution.

Cristian: Oh. Sorry.

Blair: The only discipline I ever saw or guidance was the back of my foster parentís hand. Starr doesnít know how lucky sheís got it.

Cristian: Well, it seems to me you're fighting Toddís battle for him.

Blair: What does that mean?

Cristian: Well, any chance Todd might feel different about this whole situation?

Blair: Why would he change his mind?

Cristian: Well, I donít know -- maybe if he saw how the kids still feel about each other. Isnít that what happened to Coleís mom?

Blair: Look, you donít know Todd.

Cristian: You're right -- I donít know him, but he loves his kid and I'm sure he wants his kid to be happy.

Blair: Of course he wants his kid to be happy. He the world, anything she wanted except this.

Cristian: Look, Blair, like I said before, heís not here. You're alone, raising two kids all by your damn self whether you like it or not. Now, if you donít think itís the end of the world for -- for Starr to see Cole, then donít you think you get to make that call? I mean, do you think you're really selling Todd out or --

Blair: Or -- or what? Say it.

Cristian: Uh -- well, I was going to say if you think you're disrespecting his memory, but I figured you wouldnít like the sound of that.

Blair: I donít. But I see your point. Cristian, I'm living my life as if Todd is going to walk through that door at any moment, and it just keeps not happening. And I guess not allowing Starr to see Cole -- now it just doesnít make any sense. And you know how I hate agreeing with Marty Saybrooke about anything.

Miles: I am the man I've always been. I grew up in a hospital, all right? I was a complete outcast until Spencer operated on me and that gave me a chance to be in this world. All I wanted was to be like everyone else. Then I met you and then all I wanted was to spend the rest of my life with you. I'm sorry that you donít like the way I went about it.

Marty: How could I possibly like what you did? I told you how I felt about Patrick. I told you there could never be anyone else for me, and the minute you got something on it, you -- you just ignored everything I said to you.

Miles: Oh. Look, I believe in taking risks in order to be happy.

Miles: I took the risk that I may never be able to make you love me.

Marty: Well, you better get ready to live with that because I never will.

Miles: You wonít even try.

Marty: You threatened me, you threatened my son, you threatened McBain. I donít know how to make this any clearer. There is no hope.

Miles: You know, I'm just going to -- I'm going to go find Jeffís mother. I have to be around somebody that doesnít think I'm some kind of monster.

Marty: Huh.

[Phone rings]

Marty: John, hi.

John: I need to see you in my office right away.

Marty: Uh -- can you tell me what about?

John: You and your new husband.

Jessica: Wow. That was quick.

Nash: I think all that walking must've worn her out because one verse of "Old McDonald" and she was out like a light.

Jessica: Hmm.

Nash: Can I get you anything? More juice?

Jessica: No, I -- I have my -- our beautiful daughter. The three of us are together. What more could I want?

Nash: Well, I told you everything would work out.

Jessica: I almost feel guilty now. I canít stop thinking about Antonio and Jamie.

Nash: It wasnít right for Antonio to be living a lie --

Jessica: I know.

Nash: Because thatís what your marriage now it. Antonio deserves to be happy, just like we are.

Jessica: Yeah, well, he doesnít know where his happiness is going to come from.

Nash: Heís putting the pieces of his life back together now and I know that --

[Bree cries]

Jessica: I guess she wasnít as down as we thought.

Nash: No, you rest. I'll get her.

Jessica: No, no, no, no. Please. I really want to do this. I've waited weeks to do it.


Nash: All right, I get that.

Jessica: Ok.

Nash: Ok. Sure you're ok?

Jessica: Yeah. After that apple juice, are you kidding me?

[Knock on door]

Nash: Can I help you?

Man: Yeah. I'm here to see Jessica Vega.

Blair: Who would've thought that talking with you would help me see this whole situation in a whole new light? I mean, you are going to be a great daddy someday, Cristian.

Cristian: I'm just talking.

Blair: No. You cut to the chase, and I need that. I havenít had that in a long time.

Cristian: What are friends for?

Blair: Who would've thought that we'd have this great friendship, now, you know, given how we kind of started our relationship?

Cristian: No, maybe thatís why we could talk, you know? We donít have the whole sex thing hovering over our heads.

Blair: Yeah. Oh, God -- who am I to lecture my daughter about anything?

Cole: Hey, listen, your mother could still come around. I never thought mine would and she did.

Starr: Cole, you got to your mom because she married Miles Laurence.

Cole: True.

Starr: My mom just sits at home and waits for my dad to get back. When they're in the same town, they canít stand each other. And now my momís all "What would Todd want?"

Cole: It doesnít matter what he wants. I'm not going anywhere.

Starr: Do you think he'll ever come back?

Cole: I donít know, but I'll be here, ok? We made a decision and we're not backing down.

Starr: Yeah. Is my mom.

Cole: I donít care. It doesnít matter, all right? Nothing is going to get between us -- not anymore, ok?

Markko: Whoa -- Starrís old man raped Coleís mom?

Langston: Say it a little louder -- I donít think they heard you in Altoona.

Markko: Well, thatís unbelievable. Look, if some dude raped my mom, I could never hook up with his daughter.

Langston: They didnít know that when they met. They're not just hooking up -- they love each other.

Markko: Yeah, they must if they can get around all that.

Langston: Weird, huh? They have this major problem and they still want to be together.

Markko: Yeah -- people with nothing in their way still treat each other like crap.

Langston: Right. Yo, Britney, they have enough problems, ok?

Britney: What are you talking about?

Langston: Just leave them alone.

Britney: Oh. I wasnít going to do anything. I was just thinking how sad it is that Cole and Starr can never really be together.

[Phone rings]

Starr: Mom. Surprise, surprise.

Cole: You going to take it?

Starr: If I donít, she'll come to school with a butterfly net. Hello, Mother.

Blair: Look, Starr, I'm sorry about our little scene before and actually, you should start treating me a little nicer because I'm calling to tell you everything you want to hear.

Starr: Is it about Dad? Is he ok?

Girl: Damn it. Now what?

Hannah: You're back.

John: Told you I would be.

Hannah: And you werenít kidding.

John: I rarely am.

Hannah: Look, even if I give you the tape, I doubt you'll be able to get it admitted as evidence.

John: Doesnít matter. At least I'll know the truth.

Hannah: Oh.

John: Do you always keep that thing locked?

Hannah: Yes.

John: But the keys are usually just on your desk?

Hannah: Um -- while I'm in the office, yeah.

John: Hmm. Well, you want to play the tape, please?

Hannah: You want to listen to it here?

John: Yes, please.

[Hannah sighs]

[No audio]

Hannah: I donít understand.

[No audio]

John: Playing games again, Doc? Itís blank.

Hannah: No, no. I -- you gave me a court order. I have no choice but to comply. I donít know whatís happened here. Uh -- I -- it was a new tape, and maybe I forgot to -- to push record. I --

John: Has a guy by the name of Miles Laurence been in this office?

Hannah: Yes, he has.

John: Did you leave him alone at any time?

Hannah: Yes -- I did.

Nash: Who are you and what do you want with Jessica?

Man: Well, I can only speak to her. Is she here?

Nash: Yeah. But, look, she just got out of hospital, so --

Jessica: Nash? Whatís going on?

Nash: I donít know. This guy, he says he needs to see you.

Man: Jessica Vega?

Jessica: Yes?

Man: Sign here, please.

Jessica: What is this?

Man: You've just been served. Enjoy your afternoon.

Nash: Is that what I think that is?

Jessica: Yeah. Yes, it is. Antonio is suing me for divorce.

Blair: No, sweetie, I'm not calling about your dad. Thereís no news.

Starr: Well, what is it?

Blair: Well, um, I've been doing some thinking and -- and I'm not actually comfortable with all this yet, but -- and there are going to have to be some ground rules, but --

Starr: Ground rules about what?

Blair: Well, I was thinking that maybe it would be ok for -- for you to see Cole.

Starr: Are you kidding me?

Blair: No. Life is too short.

Starr: Wait -- I'm sorry. Could you say this in English, please?

Blair: I'm saying you have my permission to date Cole.

Starr: You're kidding me.

Blair: I said that you could date him. I didnít say you could run off and get married and have five kids.

Starr: Are you serious?

Blair: I've -- I've never been more serious about anything.

[Starr squeals]

Starr: Oh -- sorry. Itís my mom.

Cole: I know. What did she say?

Starr: She says that sheís ok -- with us.

Cole: What?

Starr: Mom, you are the best mom in the whole world and I take back every mean thing that I ever said to you.

Blair: Starr? Listen, we're just going to start out slow here. Like I said, we're going to have a long talk about this. There will be ground rules.

Starr: Yeah, sure, fine -- ground rules. I -- I love ground rules and I -- and I love you. Thank you so much. This is so cool.

Cole: She changed her mind?

Starr: We can go out now!

Cole: Wait, wait -- are you sure it's not some kind of trick?

Starr: I am positive, ok? Itís over, itís done! We can be together!

Britney: Oh, they're so happy. I guess I'll have to do something about that.

Cristian: So I take it sheís happy?

Blair: Oh, are you kidding? Sheís "great"! Everythingís great, I'm great! Sheís just as happy as she can be. She deserves that. Sheís a -- she is a good girl.

Cristian: Then why do you look upset?

Blair: I donít know. Itís kind of like what I said before, you know? Itís like admitting Todd is gone.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Itís probably her, you know, calling to say, "Mom, you're the best. I just love you so much. I'm going to send you flowers," you know? Todd, is that you?

Girl: No. Itís not Todd.

Blair: Who -- who is this? Whereís Todd?

Girl: Heís right here. I'm looking at him.

Miles: Hey, bud.

Jeff: You came back.

Miles: Yeah, of course, I did. I just spoke with your mother. She said that she forgot to pack some books for you to read, so here.

Jeff: I like Roald Dahl.

Miles: Yeah. I used to like him, too, when I was your age.

Jeff: Most of the grownups are jerks.

Miles: Totally, especially the ones in authority.

Jeff: You brought cards, too?

Miles: Yeah. Yeah, I thought we'd play a few hands while we're waiting for your mom. Yeah.

Jeff: You look sort of sad.

Miles: Yeah, you know? I guess I am a little bit.

Jeff: Who was that pretty lady you were with when I saw you?

Miles: Thatís my wife.

Jeff: I didnít know you were married.

Miles: Yeah, it just happened.

Jeff: I went on a honeymoon after they got married.

Miles: Yeah, well, hopefully we'll get to that one day. We will if I have anything to say about it. Here. Cut the cards.

[Knock on door]

John: Come in.

Marty: Hi.

John: Close the door.

Marty: Um -- so what is this about? You said you wanted to talk to me about Miles? Oh, my God. He -- he promised.

John: Promised you what?

Marty: He swore that he would never give you that tape.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dorian: You -- you canít believe that Viki is going to invite you to come and stay in her home.

John: This guy crosses the line, he so much lays a hand on you or Cole, I'm putting an end to him.

Blair: Itís my only lead I've got! I'm going.

Girl: Hang on. Sheís coming.

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