OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/21/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/21/07


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[Blair gasps]

Blair: Does that crown mean what I think it means? Were you voted prom queen?

Starr: More like appointed, but -- um -- yeah. Can you believe it?

Blair: Why didnít you tell me last night?

Starr: Oh, I was -- I was just really wiped, thatís all.

Blair: Well, I want to know everything now, and do not leave out one detail. Itís just beautiful!

Starr: Well, I donít know where to start.

Blair: Well, you can start by telling me how you got along with Markko. Did y'all have fun?

Starr: Uh -- yes -- and no.

Blair: It didnít work out?

Starr: Not exactly.

Cole: Hey, mom.

Marty: Hey, sweetie. I didnít get a chance to talk to you last night. So, how was the prom?

Cole: You really want to know?

Marty: Well, of course. Did you have fun?

Cole: It was the best night of my life.

Marty: Thatís wonderful.

Cole: You might not think so if you knew why.

Marty: What do you mean?

Cole: Starr and I got back together.

John: So we got Mike going into the room. Thereís the body. Vickers --

David: Han, kun, cheen, siblae. Han, kun, cheen, siblae.

John: What the hell is this?

David: Tai chi. Han, kun -- you should join me, roomie -- cheen, siblae, lae.

Rex: Adriana? Hey -- oh --

Adriana: Rex, will you keep it down?

Rex: Uh -- I came here to talk to you about something kind of important. I kind of have to -- uh-uh! Oh, you slept with this son of a racist?

Nash: Hmm -- morning.

Jessica: Good morning.

Nash: I didnít know you were awake.

Jessica: I bet you can hardly wait to sleep in a bed again.

Nash: Nah, beds are so overrated --

[Jessica chuckles]

Nash: Unless there is a beautiful, blond, bodacious Buchanan in that bed with me.

[Jessica laughs]

Jessica: I can hardly wait.

Nash: Then letís not.

Jessica: Ooh.

[Knock on door]

[Nash groans]

Nash: What do they think this is, a hospital? Yeah?

Viki: Hello!

Jessica: Oh, hi, sweetie!

Viki: Somebody wanted to see Mommy.

Jessica: Oh, well, her mommy wants to see her. Hi, baby girl. Hi!

Viki: Oh!

Nash: Thank you for bringing her by.

Viki: Well, you're welcome, and you were right. She is the absolute best medicine. Jessie, you look a thousand times better than even yesterday.

Jessica: And I feel better, too. I can hardly wait to go home.

Nash: And you will soon.

Jessica: Not soon, now -- today. Today!

Antonio: So I take a few days off in the hospital, and what do you do -- bust the hate-crimes case without me.

Talia: I wasnít without you.

Antonio: Oh, no.

Talia: No. The whole time I was thinking, "God, what would Antonio do?"

[Antonio laughs]

Talia: "How would he handle this situation?"

Antonio: Oh. So then I did good?

Talia: Oh, yeah, you were awesome.

Antonio: Hmm -- you, too, Sahid.

Talia: Thank you.

Antonio: You know, thereís not a lot of people I could count on these days.

Cristian: Including me?

Antonio: What do you want, Cris?

Cristian: Well, I want my brother back. And I'm not going to leave here until that happens. So if you want me out of here, you're going to have to forgive me.

Cole: I know what you're going to say, and I donít want to hear it.

Marty: Cole, you know you cannot see Starr.

Cole: Her dadís not around to hurt me.

Marty: It is more than that.

Cole: What else, huh?

[Marty sighs]

Cole: There isnít anything, except your own screwed-up ideas.

Marty: Please, just listen to me on this.

Cole: No, no, I'm done listening to you. I mean, if you can marry that -- that creep, then I can be with Starr.

Marty: Itís not the same situation.

Cole: You're right, because I love Starr. Can you say the same thing about Miles?

Marty: This isnít about me.

Cole: You're not a hypocrite, Mom, except with this. I know itís hard without Dad around, and I know you're trying to do what you think he'd want. But with this, you're wrong. I mean, he would like Starr. Sheís different, she -- sheís funny, sheís -- sheís great -- like you. Thing is, we know the mistakes that you and Mr. Manning made, and we're not going to make the same ones. All right, we were taught better -- you taught me better. So, please, Mom, donít get in the way of us.

Adriana: What are you doing here, Rex?

Rex: I heard about Tateís dad getting busted, thought you might be taking it hard to know you've been hanging around a direct descendant of hate crimes. But, hey, having sex with the guy is one way to handle it.

Adriana: Not that I owe you any explanation, but Tate spent the night on the couch.

Rex: His father tried to kill your own cousin and brother. That doesnít make you nervous?

Tate: You donít have to answer that, Adriana.

Layla: My sister, Evangeline, is in a coma, thanks to your dad. So, yeah, I'd like to hear what Adriana has to say, too.

Bo: How you doing?

Nora: Hey. Good.

Bo: You sure that -- that you're up for this? I mean, maybe -- why not have an assistant district attorney handle it for you?

Nora: Are you kidding? I've never wanted to prosecute a case more.

Bo: Hmm.

Nora: And I have you to thank for that. You really delivered well.

Bo: Hmm.

Nora: I appreciate that. You set up a trap and Harmon walked right into it.

Bo: If it'll stand up.

Nora: Are you kidding? Caught on tape with a bomb on his person -- I mean, it doesnít get much better. I'm going for the max. I want to send a message to the rest of his little racist-pig friends out there.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, thatís a good message.

Nora: Yeah. I'm just sorry that itís only one man I'm putting away. Heís just a drop in the bucket.

Bo: I hope heís the right man.

Viki: Jessie, you canít leave the hospital yet, honey.

Jessica: Oh, you said it yourself. I'm looking a lot better.

Viki: I know, darling, but you're not well enough to go home yet. Honey, you just had major surgery.

Jessica: I know. Itís hard to forget this giant cut in my stomach.

Viki: Sweetie, I know how you feel. I know how you feel, but you cannot go home yet, darling. You have to be monitored.

Nash: You know, I kind of got to go with your mom on this one. Itís not like you're getting over a cold. You just had a liver transplant.

Jessica: And my body is accepting it, and I'm feeling stronger than I have in a long time.

Viki: Thatís fine, and we want to keep it that way. Honey, I know you want to get out of here and go back to your life, all right? But believe me, itís all still there, and itís not going anywhere.

Jessica: No. Not the way Bree is right now. Sheís growing more and more every day. Sheís changing. Sheís -- sheís learning more, and I donít want to miss anything else. Not anything at all.

[Knock on door]

Nash: Oh, hey. Why donít we go with the expert on this one, huh?

Paige: What is that?

Nash: Jessica wants to go home. Is she ready to be released?

Paige: Well, thatís what I'm here to find out.

Viki: Has she talked to you about this?

Paige: She mentioned it, yeah. But first, I need to examine her, so if you'll excuse me --

Nash: Yes.

Viki: Well, we'll be right outside.

Nash: Say "Bye, Mommy." Say "Bye, Mommy." All right, letís go.

Viki: Nash, I donít want to be negative, but I --

Nash: Yeah, I -- neither do I, but if Dr. Miller says itís ok, you know --

Viki: But sheís going to need a lot of care at home, and sheís on a very strict schedule for her medicines.

Nash: I know -- for the rest of her life.

Viki: Yes, unfortunately.

Nash: Well, you know what? Ah -- I will find out what has to be done -- it doesnít matter. As long as I am with Jessica everythingís going to be fine. But I know itís not going to be easy.

Viki: No, itís not going to be easy, and thatís why I want her to come home to Llanfair with me when sheís released.

Nash: Huh. You know, with all due respect, Mrs. Davidson, Jessica and I have waited a long time to be together. Her home is with me, and thatís where sheís going to go.

Viki: Even at the risk of her health?

Antonio: We were never brothers to begin with.

Cristian: Well, no, not technically, but -- I mean, we sure were when I messed with your stuff. Crossed the line to your side of the room. Kept leaving your bike out in the rain.

Antonio: That was you?

Talia: Ok, Antonio, I'm out of here for an arraignment. But for what itís worth, heís been here night and day for you. You should probably cut him some slack -- in my humble opinion. I'm going to call you when I'm out of court.

Antonio: Anything else you've been keeping from me?

Cristian: Thatís about it.

Antonio: Oh, good, you forget about -- forget about the bike, ok?

Cristian: But not about Jessica and Nash? I honestly think the bike was worse.

Antonio: Oh, really? How do you figure that?

Cristian: Well, I was keeping that from you because I was looking out for my own butt.

Antonio: Oh, I see.

Cristian: But Jessica and Nash -- I really was trying to help you, Antonio.

Antonio: Yeah, well, you didnít. Ok? You know, had I known, I could have fixed things.

Cristian: Maybe. Maybe not.

Antonio: Well, we'll never know, will we?

Cristian: What would you have done to me? If you knew that my wife had a thing for another man, what would you have done? Would you have told me right away, or would you have waited till things blew over? You know, no harm, no foul if I never knew about it. Be honest. Would you really have laid that on me?

Adriana: I agree -- what Tateís father did was horrible.

Vincent: That is understating it by a long shot.

Layla: I spent the night at my sisterís bedside. Sheís alive, but she has no life, and she may be in a coma for the rest of her life because of your father.

Vincent: Not to mention, my man, Ted. Your old man took him out.

Adriana: But Tate didnít, ok? It was his father, not him.

Tate: And besides, we donít know that heís the one who really did it, do we?

Rex: No, he was just carrying a bomb into Lindsayís gallery to try to sell it as an art piece.

Adriana: Guys, Tate is no more his father than I am Dorian, or you are Roxy.

Rex: Oh, except our mothers donít run around committing hate crimes.

Adriana: It doesnít give us a right to be prejudiced against Tate.

Vincent: Prejudiced? Please! Harmon earned this. Nobodyís born a bigot.

Adriana: Exactly. Racism is not genetic. So stop judging him for something he canít control.

Layla: Itís totally different, Adriana.

Vincent: Look, my parents were American, which makes me Black-American. Your parents were Hispanic, which makes you Hispanic.

Adriana: Right, so why -- if Tate was a racist, why would he be hanging out with us?

Tate: Look, if my father had anything to do with this stuff, I donít want to have anything to do with him, ok?

Rex: Easy to say.

Tate: I've got to get to court, all right? I'm going to go see my father and see if he is this person that everyone says he is.

Layla: Oh, we're going, too. I just came home to change clothes.

Vincent: Oh, well, you know what? I'm -- I'm going to wait for you in the car, sweetheart, because itís a little too damn crowded in here for me.

Rex: You know, I --

[Door closes]

Rex: I knew you were hiding something. I just wish I had pushed harder. I might been able find out what your old man was hiding. Stopped him from hurting all those people. I'll see you at the arraignment.

Nora: What are you saying? Of course, we have the right guy. You caught him red-handed.

Bo: No, I caught him with a bomb at Lindsayís gallery. Ears. We have nothing to really connect him to the hospital bombing, the arsons, gassing all of you at Cristianís. You know, right now, thatís all purely circumstantial.

Nora: But itís enough for me to build a case on, Bo, and I will, a very strong one. I really want this guy bad, Bo.

Bo: Oh, I know, I know. I recognize the look in your eye, because nothingís going to stop you.

Nora: No, nothing will. Listen, Harmonís our guy. Donít second-guess yourself, ok?

Reporter: Mrs. Rappaport, Mrs. Rappaport, one question, please. Mrs. Rappaport --

Bo: Excuse me

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Bo: Lindsay, what are you doing here?

Lindsay: The guy assaulted me. He tried to kill people I know. He wanted to blow up my gallery.

Bo: I -- well, yeah, and again, I want to thank you for letting us use the gallery to set him up.

Lindsay: And by the way, I'm opening the "Real Americans" exhibit -- not as a ruse, but to show people how beautiful diversity really is.

Bo: Yeah. Well, could you hold off on that for just a little while?

Lindsay: Why? Didnít you catch the guy?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, but you know, I -- I just want to be on the safe side.

John: Put some pants on, for cripeís sake.

David: Nama stae, John. The body is a temple. Tai chi is a spiritual awakening. I learned that in the joint.

John: You must have been very popular.

David: Easy.

John: Hey, look, I didnít sign up for this when I sprung you.

David: You sprung me, so you're responsible for me.

John: Who told you that, the convict fairy?

David: You know, you might want to be a lot nicer to me. Perhaps you've heard the Chinese proverb that goes "a man cast out into the street might tell the police commissioner that you think Marty Saybrooke killed Spencer Truman."

John: Your flyís open.

Blair: Hey, I'm dying to hear everything, so tell me.

Starr: Do you want to look at my crown?

Blair: Sure. Oh, gosh --

[Knock on door]

Blair: It is so beautiful. Oh, I love it.

Marty: Hello, Blair.

Blair: What are you doing here, Marty?

Cole: Starr, you didnít tell her?

Blair: Tell me what?

Starr: Um -- no, I didnít get a chance to talk to her yet.

Blair: Oh, whatís going on?

Starr: Me and Cole want to be together, so we are -- together.

Cole: Sheís right.

Blair: And when did this happen?

Starr: Well, you know how you were telling me how important prom night is? And that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didnít go?

Blair: No, no, what I said is, you should take another boy.

Starr: I did, but he wasnít really a date, and me and Cole realized when we were there that we were meant to be together.

Marty: Blair, just listen to them.

Blair: Marty --

Cole: Ms. Cramer, we tried it your way. You know that. But we were miserable the whole time.

Starr: Yeah, Mom, and last night was the best night of my life. I have never been so happy, and isnít that what you want? For me to be happy?

Cole: My mom gets it. Why canít you?

Blair: And you approve of this, Marty?

Marty: Well, Cole made a very strong argument.

Blair: Well, so what?

Marty: You know, Blair, no, I'm not thrilled about this, either, but what we were doing before obviously wasnít working. Now, the kids are going to be out of school for summer, and they said they didnít want to have to lie to us about being together. And I agree. So if they're going to be together, I would rather know about it than have them sneaking around behind our backs again.

Starr: So how about it, Mom? Are you cool with this?  Mom, look, you canít keep me locked up all summer. Cole and I are going to see each other. So, are you with us or against us?

Blair: Can I get anyone a drink here? Cole, how about a beer for you? And would you like a Bloody Mary? Itís still morning.

Starr: Mom, what are you doing?

Blair: Or how about some drugs? Marty here is a doctor. I bet you could score some good stuff for us.

Marty: Blair, stop it.

Blair: Why should I stop? You're the cool mom here. You donít care what the kids do, as long as you know about it.

Marty: That doesnít mean I approve of them dating.

Blair: Right, right. Gosh, I forgot -- you're the expert on love, arenít you? Marrying someone that you donít even know. Now, that is setting an example, Marty.

Marty: We arenít talking about Miles and me.

Blair: No, we're not, but why donít we? Because I think thereís more to this quickie marriage than meets the eye.

Marty: You donít know what you're talking about.

Blair: I'll tell you what I do know. I know that Miles gave Todd a tip that sent him to Chicago. I know that Todd is missing. And I know that you, being Miles wife, are in this up to your pretty little neck.

John: Keep your mouth shut about Marty Saybrooke, or I'll have you back in the yard doing chai tea or whatever it is so fast, you wonít know what kicked you.

David: Go ahead, make my day. Make my life.

John: Forget it, Vickers. The money train has left the station. You push me, I'll call your sugar daddy in for questioning.

David: You donít have a clue who he is.

John: Not hard to figure out.

David: I'll give you 100 guesses.

John: Asa. You piss me off enough, I'll stick you guys in the cell together -- that is, if he lets you live long enough.

David: You wouldnít do that.

John: Try me.

Viki: You know that sheís going to need an awful lot of home care, and you really think you can give her better medical attention than I could at Llanfair with a nurse?

Nash: Ooh, with a nurse -- I might have to buy a new outfit, but I think I'd make a pretty smashing nurse. It isnít all about drugs, ok? Bree and Jessica and I -- we are a family, we make her happy, thatís important.

Viki: Well, I donít think you're being very realistic at all.

Nash: You sure thatís really what this is about?

Viki: Well, what does that mean?

Nash: Mrs. Davidson, you have been great. You have been wonderful. You have given Jessica and I room to be together --

Viki: "Me."

Nash: Me -- to be together. But you blame me for luring your daughter away from her husband, donít you? Am I wrong?

Viki: Look, all I care about is my daughterís welfare -- and well-being. If sheís happy with you, thatís wonderful. Her medical condition is quite another story.

Paige: Ok, we're done in here, if you want to come back in.

Nash: Great. So, how'd it go?

Jessica: Good news -- I can go home!

Paige: If you promise not to do too much.

Nash: Oh, I promise to keep her off her feet.

Viki: Did she push you into this?

Paige: I wouldnít let her. Jessica is doing very well. Now, it doesnít mean that you can resume a normal lifestyle. You still are living with Hepatitis C.

Jessica: At least I'm not dying now -- thatís a good thing.

Nash: Ooh, the dying thing -- that sucked.

Viki: Jessie, you're going to need a lot of care. You have to take it easy.

Paige: Yes, she is, definitely, and we're going to set that up for her. So I'll go get you some release papers to sign, and as soon as you pick up all your prescriptions from the pharmacy, you can go home.

Jessica: Yay! I want to celebrate.

Nash: Well, I already booked the caterer.

Jessica: Oh. Did you book a band, too?

Viki: Jessica, you have to take it easy, honey!

Jessica: Mom -- Mom, we are joking.

Viki: I know that. I just think you are really pushing it trying to go home now.

Jessica: Mom, I have too many good things going for me to screw it up, ok? But there is something that I have to do before I leave.

Cristian: I know what you would have done. You would have told me the truth, because thereís no way you'd keep something like that from me.

Antonio: But I have. I have. I've done it to protect people, or at least thatís what I thought I was doing.

Cristian: Well, there you go. And if I was one of those people, I'm sure I'd be angry for a little bit, but eventually, I'd forgive you. And you know why? Because you're my brother. And I wouldnít want to lose you for my life. You know, Antonio, when I did the "Real Americans" exhibit in Lindsayís gallery -- you know, the one that Bo used to catch the bomber -- these were pictures of victims, victims that I tried to turn into heroes. But you know what? The biggest hero of all wasnít there -- you.

Antonio: You know what? If I hear one more person call me a hero because I gave Jessica a piece of --

Cristian: Thatís not what I'm talking about. I mean, yeah, thereís that, but I'm talking about my life, my whole life. You're my brother, my big brother. I looked up to you. I still do. Look, I canít make you let me back into your life, and I've said everything I have to say. I've apologized a million times, so -- the ballís in your court.

Antonio: I thought you werenít leaving until I let you off the hook. That is what brothers do, right?

Cristian: Thatís exactly what brothers do.

Antonio: You going to the arraignment?

Cristian: Yeah, I'll be there.

Antonio: Would you mind representing your brother there?

Cristian: I'd be glad to.

Jessica: Antonio?

Antonio: What do you want?

Jessica: Just wanted to tell you we're going home now.  Bree and I are going to the vineyard.

Antonio: Well, thanks for sharing. You can go.

Jessica: Thereís something else.

Antonio: Do I really care?

Jessica: You're mad at me. I know that. And maybe you always will be. But I just wanted you to see Bree. Just in case you ever had any doubts over what you did, what you've done, how -- why you helped me. You could just look at her and you could know that you did it for her, if not for me. I know that you still love her.

Antonio: She was like a daughter to me.

Jessica: I know. And I hope that -- that you'll still be a part of her life in some way.

Antonio: Hey. You're not even going to miss me. You probably wonít even really remember me. But I'll never forget you. Thatís right. You'll always be a beautiful little girl just like -- just like you're supposed to be. Hey. Bye, mija.

Paige: I've got those papers for Jessica to sign.

Nash: Oh, thank heavens. I'll take those papers to Jessica

Viki: I should have taken the papers. I think the last person Antonioís going to want to see right now is Nash.

Paige: Oh. Is that where she is?

Viki: Yes. Paige, I have to talk to you.

Paige: Ok.

Viki: Is this really a good idea, to let her go home?

Paige: Viki, I know you're scared.

Viki: Yes.

Paige: But I would not let her go if I werenít sure, especially not Jessica. I mean, Bo would never forgive me if I let anything happen to her.

Viki: Ok. You've been so great. You've put in so much extra time with Jessie. I donít even know how you get to see Bo anymore.

Paige: Well, itís -- itís actually been really crazy.

Viki: Yeah. You have to make time, though. Donít lose what you have with him. Heís a very special guy. I wouldnít mind finding somebody like him right now, you know? I mean, my kids are grown. I have no life.

Paige: Oh.

[Viki laughs]

Paige: Come on, I find that a little hard to believe.

Viki: Well, I'm kidding, of course. But at least I donít have a man to worry about, which is a good thing. The last guy I talked to was just arrested for arson and murder.

Tate: Well, they all hate me now. I canít say I blame them.

Adriana: I donít feel that way.

Talia: So?

Cristian: Thanks for the two cents about my brother. It turned out to be a lot more.

Lindsay: I am so glad you're here.

Cristian: Oh, I wouldnít miss this. I want to see this SOB burn for what heís done.

Lindsay: You did your part. Itís your art that brought him here.

Cristian: Thanks.

Reporters: Mr. Harmon --

[Reporters all talk at once]

Bo: Good luck.

Nora: Thanks. And, Bo, donít worry. You got the right guy. And I'm going to make him pay for everything heís done.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Be seated. Good morning, everyone.

Nora: Good morning, your honor.

Public defender: Good morning.

Judge: The purpose of this arraignment is for the defendant to hear the charges against him read, and subsequently enter a plea. Is the district attorney ready to read the charges?

Nora: I am, your honor.

Judge: Go ahead.

Nora: Thank you. "The defendant, Kirk Harmon, has been charged with crimes both mala prohibita and mala per se. Seven counts of felony arson, eight counts of malicious destruction of property, possession of implements of crime, unlawful entry, felony threats, four counts attempted murder, and one count murder in the second degree."

Judge: Do you understand the charges as read?

Kirk: Yes, your honor.

Jessica: Antonio, sheís not going to forget you. I promise I wonít let her. Anyway -- um -- I hope that you get out of here soon. And, um, I hope that you heal completely, in every way. And I hope that you find it in your heart to forgive me.

Antonio: Hmm.

Jessica: Oh --

Antonio: I think I'm all out of forgiveness right now.

Jessica: I want the best for you.

[Bree fusses]

Jessica: Shh, shh. I always will. I know, honey. I know.

Nash: Jessica -- sorry to interrupt. The release papers are ready for you to sign. Hey.

Jessica: Ooh. Goodbye, Antonio.

Judge: How do you plead, Mr. Harmon?

Kirk: Nolo contendre.

Public defender: The defendant wishes to plead nolo contendre.

Tate: "Nolo contendre"?

Adriana: It means "no contest." Heís basically saying that heís guilty.

Judge: Do you have anything to say, Mr. Harmon?

Kirk: No, your honor.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Court adjourns at this time while I consider how to proceed.

Bailiff: All rise.

Layla: Nora? What does this mean?

Nora: It just means that heís not contesting the charges. It -- it carries the same weight as a guilty plea, but the judge can move to sentencing without a trial.

Rex: Why didnít he just plead guilty?

Bo: Because technically, heís not admitting any guilt. Heís probably just protecting himself against any civil suits somewhere down the road.

Nora: Well, I donít care how he got there. The bottom line is, Kirk Harmon is going away for a long, long, long time.

Adriana: You ok?

Tate: I -- I just donít know what to make of any of this.

Adriana: I know you were still hoping that he didnít do any of it. I'm so sorry, Tate. I'm going to be here for you. I'll help you get through this.

Rex: I'm just glad itís finally over.

Bo: I hope it is.

David: You just ran out of dental floss. Coffee looks good. I'll take some of that. So any luck smoking out the real killer of my brother, Spencer? Even though we both know who really did it.

John: We donít know anything, do we?

David: Oh, come on. How could Marty know, proof positive, that I didnít kill Spencer if it wasnít her who actually did it? The bigger question, however, is, why havenít you busted her?

John: Thereís no evidence against her.

David: Except her memory.

John: Which we both know can be faulty.

David: I donít think thatís it. I think itís something else. Hot for her, arenít you?

Marty: I'm not going to talk to you about Miles. I'm here about my son. And your daughter. I want them to be happy.

Blair: Oh, get off your high horse, Marty. Your son is so spoiled because you let him get away with everything.

Starr: Mom, please, stop this.

Blair: No, I'm telling the truth here, Starr. You donít care about your sonís happiness. Otherwise, you wouldnít have married the village idiot. Am I right, or not, Cole?

Marty: You know, I'm not going to get down in the mud with you, Blair.

Starr: Mom, donít you want me to be happy?

Blair: Oh, no, no. Donít you start with me, Starr.

Starr: I'm not starting anything, mom. With all the things that have been going on, dadís gone. And with all the stuff thatís been happening at school, the only time that I am happy is when I'm with Cole. Without him, I hate my life. I thought that you out of anybody else would understand that. Everybody always tried to tear you and Dad apart, even aunt Dorian. But you fought to stay with him, just like I am with Cole.

Blair: Starr, your fatherís express wish --

[Starr sighs]

Blair: Was for you to have nothing to do with Cole Thornhart, and I'm going to stand by that.

Starr: Dad is not here right now!

Blair: Starr -- I've made my decision, and I'm not going to cave in. You are not allowed to see Cole, and thatís final.

John: I'm not having this discussion with you, all right? I donít think Marty killed Truman any more than you did.

David: Yeah? She sure acts peculiar for someone whoís innocent, donít you think? I mean, I heard she married Mitch Laurenceís brother, Miles. This guy she doesnít even know. Hey, a little secret -- the shrinks that need shrinks themselves.

Marty: I just -- I just felt I could-- I couldnít breathe for a second.

John: Another anxiety attack like you had the other day?

Marty: Yeah, I know. I have an appointment.

John: With Dr. Young?

Marty: Yeah, sheís an old grad teacher of mine. And, you know, we just get together and catch up, and -- so I'll see you later.

John: Yeah, ok -- ok. I got to get out of here. Donít be here when I get back.

David: All right. Never would have pegged him for hazelnut.

Cole: Ms. Cramer, if you could just hear us out --

Blair: No. Game over.

Marty: I'm sorry it worked out this way, kids, ok? Come on, Cole, I'll drive you home.

Starr: And you know what? I am through listening to you.

Blair: O-- you really did it this time, Marty.

Marty: You know what, Blair? You've got bigger problems than me. Come on, Cole. Come on.

Blair: Ok, Starr! Get down here right now, because we're going to talk.

Starr: I donít want to talk to you.

Blair: No, you are going to talk --

Starr: Let go of me!

Blair: No, Starr, listen to me. I've had it. You are not allowed to disobey me like this, you understand?

Starr: I donít care what you think, ok?

Blair: Stop yelling at me!

Starr: I'm not going to! Cole was on our side! He doesnít trust Miles, either, ok? He was going to help us see if Miles had anything to do with Dadís disappearance. But now you are on your own! Because you wouldnít listen to Cole. So fine! Ok? I have one more thing to say to you. You are not going to keep me and Cole apart. Never.

Talia: I want to get over to Antonio, tell him the good news.

Cristian: Ok. Come on, I'll go with you.

Vincent: Hey, maybe this will bring your sister some sort of satisfaction.

Layla: Hmm. If only it was enough to bring her out of the coma.

Nora: In my experience, itís the ones that you least suspect that are capable of the most horrendous things.

Bo: Harmon made your job a lot easier, didnít he?

Nora: Yeah, and you didnít think we had the right guy.

Bo: Hmm.

Nora: I'm going to go home and tell Matthew the good news, and then I'll call you later to prep for the sentencing hearing. Bye-bye.

Tate: Ready to go?

Adriana: If you are.

Kirk: Son -- Tate --

Adriana: You should talk to your dad. It may be the last time you see him for a very long time.

Kirk: I l told  you, son. I love you.  I always will. Donít forget that. I'll take this to the grave. No one will ever know that it was you.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: Antonioís suing me for divorce.

John: I need to see you in my office right away. Itís about you and your new husband.

Blair: Whereís Todd?

Girl: Heís right here. I'm looking at him.

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