OLTL Transcript Wednesday 6/20/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 6/20/07


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[Music plays]

Starr and Cole: Come with me with a melody

Marty: Is Cole home yet?

Miles: No. Where have you been?

Marty: Out.

Miles: David Vickers has been released from prison. That means that John McBain thinks he's innocent.

Marty: He is.

Miles: Does John suspect you?

Marty: If he does, he'll arrest me.

Miles: If you go to prison, you're going to lose your son.

Marty: And you'll lose me.

[Knock on door]

Miles: It's midnight. Are you expecting anyone?

Marty: Oh. Well, maybe Cole forgot his key.

Marcie: Excuse me, everybody -- can I have your attention? It is now time to crown this year's king and queen of the prom.


Marcie: The votes have been counted, and the winners of Prom Night 2007 are -- Markko Rivera and Langston Wilde!

[Cheers and applause]

Britney: Those two freaks?

Amber: This is so wrong.

Langston: Is this some kind of joke?

Markko: Yeah -- a sick one.

Marcie: Langston, Markko, come on, get up here. What are you waiting for? Got to get your crowns. Come on!


Cole: I've been looking all over for you. I heard you were in the hospital.

Starr: No, I'm -- I'm ok, now.

Cole: You're cut.

Starr: No. Cole, it -- it doesn't hurt. I love you and I have always loved you. I never stopped.

Cole: I love you, too.

Starr: Oh, God, I probably look really gross right now.

Cole: No -- you look beautiful. You always do.

Starr: I'm so sorry I was so mean to you.

Cole: You were just doing what you thought was right.

Starr: I have never been so wrong.

Cole: Well, I tried telling you that.

Starr: It's not funny, ok? My parents always lie to each other. And it never worked -- it was a disaster. I should've learned by now.

Cole: Hey, let's go inside so we can say we went to the prom together.

Starr: But it's over.

Cole: Just one dance.

All: Langston, Markko --

Markko: You think we should run?

All: Langston, Markko --

Langston: I think they'd hunt us down and snack on our brains.

Marcie: Will you two get up here already? Come on!

Britney: I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

All: Langston, Markko --

Markko: Let's get this over with.

All: Langston, Markko, Langston.

Marcie: Yay! Can I have a drumroll, please, or whatever it is you do on that machine? Oh, come on, hurry up. Don't lollygag. Keep moving.

[Music plays]

Marcie: There you go. Oh. Oh, you look so pretty.

Langston: I'm going to kill you for this. Just so you know.

Marcie: All right, time for you now.

Markko: Yeah, what she said.

Marcie: Oh. Oh, don't they look so cute together?


Langston: Child abuse.

Marcie: Do you have anything to say to your subjects?

Britney: "Subjects"?

Langston: Ok. This is the lamest, most ridiculous thing that has ever happened to me, and if I find out who voted for me --

Markko: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Marcie: Chemistry.

Markko: Hey, what's it called when you resign your throne?

Britney: Abdicate, you moron.

Markko: Yeah, that's it -- I'm going to abdicate.

Langston: I've got a better idea.

Bo: We've got you on surveillance tape going into the building. We also caught you with an explosive device in your possession. You are not walking out of here, Harmon. Hey, the longer you sit there and refuse to talk to us, the worse it's going to be for you. Are you listening?

Kirk: Yes, I'm listening. But I've got nothing to say to you guys except what I've already been saying ever since you dragged me down here -- you've got no proof on anything.

Adriana: Hey, Tate. You all right?

Tate: You didn't have to come, you know.

Adriana: Well, you sounded like a wreck on the phone.

Tate: I just -- I can't believe that they think my father's responsible for all these hate crimes.

Adriana: Well, did anyone tell you why the police think that he did it?

Tate: Yeah, they said that they caught him with a bomb.

Adriana: What? There's got to be some mistake, right? I mean, you would know if your father was a racist, wouldn't you?

Langston: I don't think I'm mentally capable of reigning, so I'm going to hand my crown over to my good friend Starr Manning.

Starr: No, she didn't.

Amber: Oh, my God. What happened to her?

Starr: Stop. That's not funny.

Markko: Um -- I'm not competent, either, so I appoint Cole Thornhart to rule in my place. God, that sounds so cheesy.

Langston: No, no, no, no. That's a great idea. Starr and Cole, Starr and Cole.

Cole: No.

All: Starr and Cole.

Marcie: This is highly irregular, and it's totally --

Langston: Oh, really?  

Marcie: No. No, no, that's ok. Starr and Cole.

All: Starr and Cole.

Marcie: Come on up here.

All: Starr and Cole, Starr and Cole, Starr and Cole.

Boy: Hey!

Markko: It's all yours, Thornhart. I'm free!

Langston: Let me get this purse.

Marcie: Ok. Um -- D.J.?

D.J.: And now, for their dance as prom king and queen --

[Slow music plays]

Marcie: Starr and Cole, go ahead.

D.J.: Your king and queen, Cole Thornhart and Starr Manning.

Singer: I look into your eyes you leave me mesmerized and it's you that keeps my head above the clouds and we can live

Britney: That crown was supposed to be mine.

Singer: And we can love

Langston: Better them than us.

[Needle scratches]

[Upbeat music plays]

Singer: Oh

Singers: Oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh let's have the best night of a lifetime the night to remember let it all out rock the house down painting this town remember party nonstop yeah, till we drop come out on top yeah jump into it we can do it make you learn to remember

Britney: You're not all that you shouldn't have one you're such a loser wearing my crown

Starr: Face the facts and get over yourself this is my moment don't bring me down

Langston: You just don't get this you can't co-exist but for tonight who cares?  

All: Let's have the best night of a lifetime it's a night to remember let it all rock the house down painting this town forever party nonstop yeah, till we drop come out on top whatever jump into it we can do it make an end to remember oh yeah oh, oh, oh

Britney: Everyone knows that it's all about me you're just a poser your name won't last

Starr: You don't matter don't matter what you say step aside you been outclassed

Langston: Since there will never be inside you both agree why not take a break? Enjoy the party

All: Let's have the best night of a lifetime make a night to remember let it all out rock the house down painting this town forever party nonstop yeah, till we drop come out on top whatever jump into it we can do it make a night to remember

Britney: Just because the spotlight's on you and your little dream's come t you think you're hot when you're so not

Starr: Just give up you're getting nowhere I'm it and that's just it

Langston: Come on, girls it's getting old

All: Why not let it go live it up, celebrate make it a night to remember? No limits, no regrets go all out, so it lasts forever forever whatever whatever forever let's have the best night of a lifetime make a night to remember let it all out rock the house down painting this town forever party nonstop yeah, till we drop come out on top whatever let's have the best night of a lifetime make a night to remember let it all out rock the house down making this town forever party nonstop yeah, till we drop come out on top whatever let's have the best night of a lifetime make a night to remember let it all out rock the house down painting this town forever party nonstop yeah, till we drop come out on top whatever let's have the best night of a lifetime make a night to remember let it all out rock the house down painting this town forever party nonstop yeah, till we drop come out on top whatever let's have the best night of a lifetime make a night to remember let it all out rock the house down painting this town forever party nonstop yeah, till we drop come out on top whatever jump into it we can do it make a night to remember

Tate: You know, my father and I -- we're not exactly close.

Adriana: But you've been spending a lot of time together since he came back to Llanview.

Tate: After a very long time apart.

Adriana: What about when you were younger? Didn't you have any idea that your father was racist then?

Tate: I -- I just -- I can't -- I can't conceive of him doing any of this. Arson, gassing, bombs -- there's no way.

Adriana: You know, I didn't think that any of those things could happen at the people that I know, either, but they did.

Tate: What are you trying to say?

Adriana: Don't take this the wrong way, Tate, but is it possible that your dad actually is guilty?

Bo: We've got all we need to put you away, Harmon. Sahid?

Bo: That's all that's left of Vincent Jones' warehouse. That's a picture of his man Ted after they found his remains. You did this to him. That's the hospital after you bombed it. And this -- this picture -- you take a long, hard look at that one -- that is my son's house. My son barely got out of there alive. Now, you made this personal. I'm going to personally see you burn for this -- for Ted Osborne, for Evangeline Williamson, the Vega brothers, Nora Hanen, Lindsay Rappaport, Officer Sahid --

Kirk: All right! You made your point.

Bo: Well, do you get it? You're looking at murder one.

Kirk: These allegations are not going to stick.

Bo: These are not allegations. You did it. We will find the proof to connect you to it. What these are -- these are hate crimes. That's a bonus for us. That means you're looking at life without parole, and, man, that's only if you're lucky enough to avoid the death sentence!

Miles: What are you doing here, Detective?

John: Hey, Miles, just a little police business to take care of.

Miles: Hmm. Yeah, we were just watching the news, and David Vickers was released from prison. How's that possible if he confessed?

John: People confess all the time to things they didn't do.

Miles: Well, you must have another suspect in mind, then.

John: Hmm -- one of the reasons why I'm here.

Miles: Who is it?

John: I'm not really at liberty to say, but when I can, I promise you, you'll be one of the first to know -- being that you've been so interested in the investigation and all.

Miles: Well, Spencer was my friend.

John: Yeah.

Miles: And whoever did this deserves to pay.

John: Oh, and they will. Now, if you don't mind, I need to speak to Dr. Saybrooke alone.

Miles: Uh -- actually, I -- I do mind.

[Slow music plays]

Starr: Ok, so why did you do that? You totally put us on the spot.

Langston: Just doing what was done to us first.

Cole: I feel so stupid.

Markko: Oh, come on, you two love being the center of attention.

Starr: Then you don't know us, Markko.

Markko: I know you're both still into each other, no matter what you say.

Langston: Yeah, what happened to you two anyway? You look like you went swimming.

Starr: Don't worry about that. I'll tell you all about it, just not tonight. Tonight I just want to be with Cole.

Langston: You two are back together?

Cole: Yep.

Langston: Aw, congratulations.

Cole: See ya.

Starr: Oh, my God, Cole, I completely forgot about Britney.

Cole: Ooh, I bet she's pretty pissed.

Starr: Yeah, well, at least she got her squad with her.

Cole: Yeah, I'll make it up to her. She'll understand.

Starr: Britney? I doubt it.

Cole: Let's go get dried off in the locker rooms.

Starr: Ok.

Marcie: You two are very, very sneaky.

Langston: We learned from the master.

Marcie: Fine, all right, you win. Go back to hating each other, see if I care. I don't care. No one can say that I did not try.

[Music stops]

Markko: You know, I never said I hated you.

Langston: I did. I didn't mean it, though. I just meant you're a freak.

Markko: Well, so are you.

[Music plays]

Langston: Are you following me again?

Markko: So what if I am?

Langston: I know you never met somebody different like me my style is so unique but you're the freak

Markko: I know you never met somebody different like me both: Your style is so unique but we're the freaks

Tate: My father did not do this.

Adriana: Know, Tate, it's awful when our parents do horrible things --

Tate: Damn it, Adriana, I'm telling you, he's innocent.

Adriana: Well, Bo doesn't think so.

Tate: He -- he just wants another check in his win column.

Adriana: His son almost got killed. He wants to find the right guy as much as anyone else, and I'm sorry, if that's your father, he needs to go to jail for a very long time.

Tate: So you've already passed judgment on him?

Adriana: My brother and cousin were victims, Tate. I was at the hospital when the bomb went off. If the bomb in Jessica's room had gone off, I could've been killed.

Tate: You're right. You could've died.

Adriana: I was lucky. But Vincent's friend wasn't, and Layla's sister is in a coma. Whoever did this is a monster, and I hope that he and everybody else like him gets what they deserve.

Tate: Does that go for me, too?

Adriana: What?

Tate: If they find my father guilty, are you going to hold that against me?

Bo: We found a shoeprint at one of the scenes. That's a size 12. That's -- that's your size, isn't it?

Kirk: I'm not the only person in the world with a size 12.

Bo: Yeah, but you see things like this, they add up for a jury. And by the way, you know what? We also -- that bomb that we caught you with tonight? That was identical to the one that detective McBain disarmed at the hospital.

Kirk: It doesn't mean I set it, and it certainly doesn't mean I was going to set it off with the so-called "bomb" that you found on me.

Bo: Well, I'm sure that you've done this before, and we will find a way to connect you to it -- D.N.A., hair, fibers. I've got people looking at your belongings right now. Look, the only way that you can help yourself is to confess.

Kirk: It'll be a cold day in hell before I do that.

John: Here's the thing, Laurence, I'm not asking your permission. It's official police business.

Miles: John, it's late. My wife and I were going to bed. It'll have to wait until morning.

Marty: Miles, it's all right. I'm sure John wouldn't be here if it wasn't important.

[Phone rings]

Miles: Wait -- hello? Yeah, I'm in the middle of something right now. All right, just a minute. It's my lawyer.

John: At midnight? That's some lawyer.

Miles: Well, he's in Beijing on business, so --

Marty: You should just go ahead and take it.

Miles: I won't be long.

John: Don't think I didn't see that.

Marty: See what?

John: You can't even kiss him, can you? I can help you, Marty, but I need to know the truth.

Starr: Wow! I never thought I would see that.

Cole: And I never thought I'd be here with you like this again. And this time I'm not letting you get away. Ready to go?

Starr: Mm-hmm.

Cole: Let's go.

Britney: No, you don't. You're not going anywhere.

Adriana: Why would I hold it against you if your father committed these hate crimes?

Tate: Because I'm his son. I'm part of him.

Adriana: But you're not him. And like you said, you weren't close.

Tate: What's to say some of his ideas haven't rubbed off on me?

Adriana: I've never seen anything racist or hateful in you.

Tate: Hmm. Well, you are right -- I am nothing like him, same way you're nothing like your mother.

Bo: Do you realize just how serious these charges are? Your only chance at a deal right now -- cooperate, give us a full confession.

Kirk: Hmm. Confess? Well, that would be like doing your job for you, wouldn't it?

Bo: Hey, hey, I'm trying to help you. Do you want to die?

Kirk: I want a lawyer.

Talia: Damn it.

Bo: Who's your attorney?

Kirk: Just get me a public defender.

Talia: He just doesn't want to I.D. another O.P.P. sympathizer.

Bo: Get on your feet. On your feet, face that wall. You're going to be sitting in a holding cell while we get you a lawyer.

Marty: Look, I don't know what it is you think I'm not telling you.

John: Laurence force you to marry him because he thinks you killed Truman?

Marty: I did kill him.

John: You may be convinced, I'm not.

Marty: Why? I mean, for some reason, you think that I'm not capable of it?

John: No, because there's no conclusive evidence that says you did.

Marty: I remember doing it.

John: You think you remember.

Marty: What do I have to say to make you believe me?

John: Because your mind can play tricks with you, you know? It can twist things around. What is it called -- recovered memory syndrome?

Marty: Yes, I know -- I'm a psychiatrist. Don't you think I would know if my mind was playing tricks on me?

John: Just because you're a shrink doesn't mean you're immune to trauma. You, of all people, should know that.

Marty: I confessed. So why aren't you arresting me?

John: I'm not making the same mistake twice, all right? Look, I am -- I'm working on something right now, but I need to know what's really going on.

Marty: I already told you.

John: You know what I can't figure out? You know, if this guy is blackmailing you, why are you still protecting him?

Marty: I'm not. There's nothing to protect.

John: I don't believe you.

Marty: Well, then, you know, you're just going to have to do what you have to.

John: Don't worry -- I will.

Miles: Going to be much longer, John?

Marty: No, actually, we're done here. I'm sorry I couldn't be of any more help.

John: Me, too. But I'm not giving up. Good night, Miles.

Miles: Good night, John.

[Door closes]

Miles: Now are you going to tell me what he really wanted?

[Music plays]

Cole: Britney, it's late. I don't want to get into it right now.

Britney: Well, that's too damn bad because we're going to. Back off, Starr.

Cole: Hey!

Britney: Don't you dare yell at me. You brought me to this prom and then you left me to look for her.

Cole: I didn't plan on it.

Britney: Oh, yeah? You know what I've been planning? Because I've been thinking about prom since I was 12 years old, and I have spent weeks finding the perfect dress and figuring out my hair and what shoes to wear, and imagining how it would be for you, to make you happy. But I guess it just wasn't enough, right?

Cole: You're right, Britney. I'm a jerk. I'm really sorry about it.

Britney: Well, you should be. And so should you, little miss innocent.

Starr: Excuse me?

Britney: Oh, come on, Starr. All you ever did was jerk Cole around. You didn't even want him until he decided to go out with somebody else, and then you change your mind -- you want him back, and to hell with whoever gets hurt in the process.

Starr: I never meant to deliberately hurt you.

Britney: Bull. You've been waiting to get back at me since Halloween. You know, you two deserve each other.

Cole: You know what, Britney? When you're right, you're right. I'm sorry, Britney. I -- I don't know what else to say.

Aimee: What did you say to them?

Britney: Nothing.

[Music plays]


Britney: There is a fine line that you've crossed for the last time invaded my space you stole what was mine never my friend you took the wrong side you there is a boundary that obviously you don't see you're a witch and that's spelled with a B you put the M in "misery"

Singers: All is fair in love and war but, girl this time you've gone way too far

Britney: It's war

Singers: You're trash

Britney: You don't deserve to have any true feelings

Singers: Trash

Britney: Sorry to admit it but your life has no meaning you're worthless, unnerving absolutely so self-serving

Singers: Trash

Britney: You're not one of my favorite people. You're like an ugly and evil stepsister twisting every mister into disaster covering it up with laughter

Singers: Yeah, yeah, yeah

Britney: The last refrain of your final swan song you choose guys like a desperate tyrant but you won't have the heart you can't

Singers: Oh, no

Britney: No chance you won't turn me into thinking what you did was right you're going to be sorry and in big trouble now you're in my sights so it's war

Singers: Trash you don't deserve to have any true feelings trash

Britney: Sorry to admit it but your life has no meaning you're worthless, unnerving absolutely so self-serving trash it's sad to think more people like you exist

Singers: So sad

Britney: If they disappear they never would be missed

Singers: La la la

Britney: The gloves are off the time has come you ruined my night you have no chance it's over now you'll lose this fight

Aimee: I still --

Amber: I still --

Girl: I still don't like you.

Britney: You're

Singers: Trash you don't deserve to have any true feelings trash sorry to admit it but your life has no meaning trash you don't deserve to have any true feelings trash

Singer: Trash, trash trash, trash

Singers: Sorry to admit it but your life has no meaning you're worthless you're unnerving absolutely so self-serving trash

Britney: I never liked you.

Marty: You know I do profiler work, so John was just, you know, looking for some insight into Spencer's murderer.

Miles: In the middle of the night?

Marty: He just must've seen the lights on.

Miles: Did he say anything why he thought David Vickers didn't do it?

Marty: No.

Miles: Did you ask?

Marty: This is John McBain we're talking about. He asks the questions, he doesn't answer them.

Miles: Well, I suppose if John suspected you, he would've taken you in for questioning.

[Miles sighs]

Miles: I'm really worried about you.

Marty: Yeah, I know. And I know why -- because if John does arrest me, well, you lose all your leverage.

Miles: Not all of it.

Marty: Look, don't you dare hurt John.

Miles: Did I ever say I would?

Marty: You implied it!

Miles: No, you took it that way. Listen, I'm not the bad guy here, Marty. If anyone is, it's John. I've done everything I can to protect you and Cole. But if John arrests you, he's going to be the one who takes you away from your son. I don't think he should get away with it. Do you?

[Cole whistles]

Cole: Ma'am.

Starr: Wow -- what a gentleman.

Cole: Well, of course. Only the best for a queen, right?

Starr: I could've done without that part.

Cole: Yeah, but you were beautiful up there.

Starr: Thank you.

Cole: Oh, I almost forgot.

Starr: How did you find my phone?

Cole: I have my ways. I still can't believe all this is real. I mean, I actually drove you home from the prom.

Starr: I know, and the whole night started out like a nightmare.

Cole: And ended like a dream.

Starr: Oh.

Cole: I hope it's not a dream, anyway.

Starr: Hmm. I'll never forget this night.

Cole: Me, neither.

Starr: So, now what?

Cole: Well, we're back together -- I mean, if -- if that's what you want.

Starr: No, it is. It's just when my mom finds out, she's going to be really pissed.

Cole: Yeah, mine, too. But who cares? I mean, it's my life, not hers.

Starr: I know, and you're the first good thing that's happened to me in a really long time.

Cole: Yeah, with your dad being gone and my mom marrying that creep --

Starr: Ok, ok, ok, I don't want to talk about all that stuff right now. I'm too happy.

Cole: Me, too. No, we can -- we can get through all this, right? I mean, now that we're back together, everything doesn't seem as bad.

Tate: What's going on?

Bo: We're taking your father to holding. He'll be arraigned in the morning.

Tate: Did he make a statement?

Talia: He wouldn't admit to anything.

Tate: Let me get a lawyer for you, Dad.

Kirk: I'm using a public defender.

Tate: No, I can get a better one for you than that.

Kirk: Donít.

Tate: Let me help you.

Kirk: I don't want any help, especially from you.

Tate: Everything will be all right, don't worry.

Bo: Alan, could you get him out of here, please? We'll get him a lawyer, then call the D.A.'s office, start prepping all the evidence and the charges for the arraignment.

Adriana: I'm so sorry, Tate.

Tate: Yeah, me, too.

Adriana: Look, why don't you try to go home, try to get some rest? There's nothing more you can do here and tomorrow's going to be a long day.

Tate: You're right. But the press is probably already camped out in front of my place.

Adriana: Is there somewhere else you can go?

Tate: If I check into a hotel, they'll find me. I really don't have any other friends in Llanview besides you.

Adriana: Well, you're welcome to sleep on my sofa.

Tate: Thank you, Adriana. Thank you. That means more to me than you'll ever know.

Adriana: Come on.

[Knock on door]

John: Ah. What do you want?

David: A place to stay.

John: Yeah? Not here.

David: Not my first choice, either. I got nowhere to sleep and no money, thanks to you. And I got no friends, thanks to me. But the way I see it, since you're the one who got me into this situation, you owe me. Now, first things first -- can I borrow your toothbrush?

Markko: See ya.

Boy: See you, man.

Markko: See you later.

Boy: Take care.

Marcie: I hope you all haven't been drinking! I caught two girls earlier with alcohol and I had to call their mother and they had to come get them.

Markko: I don't drink.

Langston: Neither do I.

Marcie: You know, for two people who detest each other, you have an awful lot in common.

Markko: Hmm. She doesn't give up, does she?

Langston: No. I'll see you in rehearsal.

Markko: Hey, you need a ride home?

Langston: In that piece of junk you call a car?

Markko: Fine, forget it.

Langston: No, wait. I didn't say no.

Markko: You freak.

Langston: And don't you forget it.

Markko: Are you ready to go?

Langston: Sure. Let's do it.

Starr: Well, I'd better get inside before my mom comes looking for me.

Cole: Well, it's not 1:00 yet. And besides, we never finished that dance.

Starr: We have no music.

Cole: Stand by.

Starr: Oh -- the radio.

Cole: Now we do.

[Music plays]

Starr: Wait.

[Cole chuckles]

Cole: All right. Wow.

Starr: No way!

Cole: Playing "together."

Singer: Oh

Cole: You believe that?

Singer: Yeah, yeah

Starr: I can believe anything when I'm with you.

[Starr giggles]

Starr: Hmm. Sometimes this life can seem too much

Cole: Yeah sometimes I feel like giving up

Starr: And when I don't know how to find my strength you're right there taking hold of me, hey together we can do anything

Singer: Yeah, yeah

Singers: We can take on the world

Singer: Oh, yes, yeah oh together we can do anything if we just believe, yeah together you and me

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Rex: Oh, you slept with this son of a racist?

Cole: Starr and I got back together.

Starr: The only time that I am happy is when I'm with Cole.

David: Why haven't you busted her? Hot for her, aren't you?

Jessica: I just wanted to tell you, we're going home now.

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