OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/14/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/14/07


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Cole: Langston? I have a question about this scene here.

Langston: Mm-hmm.

Cole: What, exactly, is motivating my character to bust out into song here? Hello? Earth to Langston?

Langston: Shh -- I'm trying to lip-read.

Markko: You know, it'd be fun to go together, unless you're anti-prom or something -- you know, too cool for school.

Starr: Yeah. Hardly.

Markko: But you're waiting for some other guy to ask you?

Starr: Are you kidding me? The prom is tonight. That would be so pathetic if I was just sitting at home waiting for a guy to finally come to his senses and -- yeah, I'm sorry, I have no idea what I'm talking about. Um -- the answer is -- is no, I'm -- I'm not waiting around for anybody.

Markko: Oh, good. Well, then we should definitely go together.

Talia: Ok, wait, I'm -- I'm not ready yet, sorry. I --

Bo: You donít like getting your picture taken there, Sahid?

Talia: Anything for the job, boss.

Lindsay: You know what? You are in the hands of a master, you're going to look like a million, so donít worry about it.

Cristian: These are just tests. I'll let you know when itís showtime.

Talia: Ok.

Bo: You know, Lindsay, itís not too late to move this whole operation to another gallery.

Lindsay: No. No way. I want to help you flush this guy out.

Bo: "This guy"? I donít want to spook you right now, but we donít know exactly how many people there are out there.

Lindsay: I know that itís dangerous, but I also know that you're going to do everything you can to keep us safe, ok? But I also happen to be a victim of this guy, so if you want credibility, I'm your girl.

Bo: Ok, but your -- your role in this whole thing, it ends as soon as we get all these pictures hung and we get our surveillance gear up and running.

Lindsay: Ok, you got it.

Bo: Ok -- and you donít come back until I say "all clear."

Lindsay: Well I donít think thatís going to take very long, because I think this "Real Americans" exhibit is going to be like waving a red flag in front of a bull -- heís not going to be able to stay away.

John: You donít love Laurence, so why'd you marry him? What are you not telling me?

Miles' voice: Marry me. I'll make you happy. And I promise, I will never tell a living soul that you killed Spencer.

John: Listen, talk to me, and I can help you.

Marty: You know, why donít you do the talking? And you can start by apologizing for disrespecting my marriage.

John: I'd do that it was real, but itís not.

Marty: Oh, ok, John, right. So are you ready to have an honest conversation about what constitutes a real marriage?

John: Knock it off. You got a husband in name only. Why donít you tell me why that is?

Miles: Aw.

Blair: Hey.

Miles: Hi.

Blair: Let me help you with these. There you go.

Miles: Thank you. Appreciate it.

Blair: You're welcome. Well -- so where is the missus?

Miles: Oh, I'm afraid sheís out, but I -- I'll tell stopped by.

Blair: Oh, thatís too bad. I was hoping to talk to the both of you, but I guess you will have to do.

Lindsay: Hey, Matthew.

Bo: Hey, guys.

Nora: Hi.

Lindsay: Hi, Nora.

Nora: Lindsay.

Matthew: I told Emily I was doing a photo shoot for this art show.

Bo: No, I --

Matthew: No, donít worry. I didnít give her the details.

Bo: All right.

Matthew: Anyway, she says she thought it was sexy.

Bo: Oh. Is that right?

Matthew: Yeah. I mean, thatís a great thing. Has a girl ever said anything like that to you?

Bo: I donít know. I mean, let me think about it, and then I'll have to get back to you.

Matthew: Uh-huh.

Nora: Um, I thought the plan was to keep Lindsay as far away from the area as possible.

Bo: Well, yeah, we were going over some last-minute details here, though.

Nora: Well, you couldnít have done that with the building superintendent?

Lindsay: Well --

Bo: I --

Lindsay: We thought it would make more sense for me to do the press rather than Bo.

Bo: Yeah. I mean, you got to admit, itís -- we got to make it look good in front of the news, and I'm not the first person that you think of when you're talking about things like art shows.

Nora: Yeah, well, thatís --

Lindsay: It would have been a dead giveaway.

Nora: Yeah. Well -- I mean, do you have any other good ideas about our operation?

Lindsay: Just that you and Matthew should have as much fun as you can.

Nora: Fun?

Lindsay: Cristianís a great photographer. You two have been through a rough time. Why not make the most of it?

Matthew: Thatís what I thought, so I brought my soccer jersey and my ball.

Lindsay: Yay! Thatís exactly what we want. We want to get pictures of you really being special.

Matthew: Yeah. Why donít we take ours together? I mean, itís not like we have a lot of pictures of us left.

Nora: You're right. Thatís a great idea. [Nora chuckles]

Kirk: Did you hear what I said?

Kirk: The lice know about Wyoming.

Tate: So what?

Kirk: Will you stop what you're doing and listen to me?

Tate: You know, I stopped listening to you a long time ago. And you know what? I'm a hell of a lot better off.

Kirk: You're wrong. And if you donít step up to the plate, you're going to take us both down. Romance is in the air, huh?

Miles: Yeah, well, I like it special for my wife.

Blair: Oh, I bet you do. I remember what it was like to be a newlywed. I canít wait to rush home to my new husband. I hope itís as good for you as it was for me.

Miles: I couldnít be happier.

Blair: Oh.

Miles: You look nice. Special occasion?

Blair: Oh, thank you, Miles.

Miles: Huh.

Blair: No, I'm just singing at Capricorn later.

Miles: Oh. I -- you know, I've been wanting to hear you sing for a while now. I just -- I havenít had the time.

Blair: Well, you should make the time.

Miles: Well, I would, but Marty --

Blair: I know, I know. Marty and I -- we'd probably go to blows on our best day. Itís -- itís all right.

Miles: Yeah. Well, I -- I would -- I --

Blair: What?

Miles: Well, I -- I wish I could fix things between you two. Itís --

Blair: Hey -- you know, itís going to take more than an apology for me to get over my Marty issues anytime soon. And you donít have to fix anything because itís not your responsibility. Hmm.

Miles: Well, Marty is my wife, and ---

Blair: Yeah.

Miles: Her happiness is my responsibility. Isnít that the way you feel about Todd?

Blair: I did before when -- when he was here. But you know, heís gone now. And if he were to magically appear right where you're standing, I wouldnít want him.

Marty: You know, I donít know how you arrived at this conclusion, but you -- you are completely wrong. Miles is the man I chose. This marriage is something I chose. I donít have to explain myself to you or anybody else.

John: You done? Good. Letís talk about something else. On May 30, you signed in at Statesville Prison for the purpose of visiting David Vickers.

Marty: No, I didnít.

John: Hereís a copy of the visitors' log. If I'm not mistaken, thatís your signature, so donít bother wasting my time to tell me you werenít there.

Marty: So are you -- are you interrogating me now?

John: You told Vickers you knew he didnít kill Truman.

Marty: I donít know what you're talking about.

John: I -- I talked to him, all right? He gave it all up. He told me he took the rap for killing Truman to get a big payout on the back end.

Marty: Oh, and -- and you believe him? You took his word -- what -- what -- a liar, a con artist, a murderer?

John: If all I had was Vickers' word, we wouldnít be having this conversation right now. I have your word, too. You told me you had done something. But we didnít get a chance to finish what it was because we kept getting interrupted.

Marty: And I explained that to you. I wanted to tell you about me and Miles.

John: You had a panic attack over telling a -- an acquaintance that you got end?

Marty: No! Yes, I --

John: You had every opportunity in the world to tell me about this marriage before it happened, but you purposely waited till after. Hey, look at me. I can help you. But I canít do that unless you come clean with me, all right? Just tell me what you told Vickers. Tell me what you know about Trumanís murder.

Cristian: All right. The easy partís over. Why donít you take a breather before we shoot the real thing? You know, relax.

Talia: Cristian, if you tell me to relax one more time, I swear --

Cristian: You donít like to relax?

Talia: Ha, ha.

Cristian: You donít know how to relax?

Talia: Ha, funny.

Vincent: Hey, hey, hey. Whatís going on here?

Cristian: Hey. Howís it going, Vincent?

Layla: Hey.

Cristian: Thanks for coming. Shaun, good to see you, man. Looking a little puny there, huh? Havenít been working out?

Shaun: Just a little.

Cristian: Ow, ow, ow, man. Thatís my bad hand.

Shaun: I know.

[Vincent chuckles]

Shaun: Hey, come meet my granddad. Granddad, Fred Wynn -- Cristian Vega.

Cristian: Pleased to meet you, sir.

Fred: So you know what you're doing, son? Because I'll tell you right now, I'm a dignified old man.

Cristian: Mr. Wynn, you got my word.

Fred: Gotcha. Call me Fred.

Cristian: Fred. Look, I know I was joking around before, but I -- I do take this seriously.

Fred: No, son, back in the day, we sang when we marched, and we laughed. Some of us even fell in love. So donít think for a second you shouldnít be smiling. I mean, the fact that we can still laugh and experience joy proves that those racists havenít won.

Cristian: Yes, sir. Got it.

Vincent: Vega, I didnít know you had a hand in this.

Cristian: Bo asked me to do this.

Vincent: Yeah. Isnít your brother still in the hospital?

Cristian: Thatís right. They're picking shrapnel out of his guts. I tell you, I'll do anything to catch the bastard whoís responsible.

Vincent: Yeah, me, too.

Layla: How is Antonio?

Cristian: Well, not really up to taking pictures right now. But heís doing all right. Howís Vange?

Layla: Not up for a photo shoot, either. So I brought this along. I thought youíd represent for the Williamsons.

Cristian: Think she'd want you getting involved?

Layla: Probably not, but maybe if I tell her, she'll get mad and wake the hell up.

Cristian: It could work.

Lindsay: Hey, everyone. Hi. I'm Lindsay Rappaport, the owner of the gallery. I want to thank everybody for being part of this project.

Layla: Thank us? Thank you, Lindsay, for hosting this.

Lindsay: Itís my pleasure. Ok, letís just get through this as quickly as we possibly can.

Cristian: I'm ready when you're ready, Lindsay.

Lindsay: All right.

Cristian: Letís do it.

Lindsay: Letís do it.

Heather: Limo or SUV?

Britney: Stretch limo. My parents insisted.

Heather: And we're all sleeping over after, right? Boys included?

Britney: Mm-hmm. Itís catered and everything.

Girl: Dry or wet?

Britney: Soaking. Whereís Cole? He should be hearing all this.

Langston: You're breathing on me.

Cole: Whatís up with those two?

Langston: If I knew, I wouldnít be trying to figure it out.

Britney: Cole, my dad booked us a limo for tonight.

Heather: Stretch limo.

Langston: Ever heard of global warming?

Heather: My dad says it doesnít exist.

Langston: He owns a car dealership, right?

Heather: He owns an oil company -- duh.

Britney: Ok, girls, no cat fights -- not on prom night, please.

Cole: Hey, I figured out, you know, the whole car thing.

Britney: On the day of? Cole, every limo in townís been booked for weeks. Anyways, I've been wondering -- should we get picked up at my place or yours?

Markko: Come on, donít keep a guy hanging.

Starr: Sure. Um -- I'll go with you. Why not?

Markko: Once more with feeling?

Starr: I would love to go to prom with you.

Markko: Sweet. Then itís a date.

Marcie: Attention, everybody. I need you to gather around. Drop what you're doing. Hurry up, come on! We donít have much time if you want to get out for the prom. Markko, Starr, come on. Everybody means "everybody." Move it.

Markko: I'm sorry. I was just sorting things out with my prom date.

Miles: I thought you really cared about Todd. You were so determined to bring him back.

Blair: Well, my children miss their father, and thereís nothing I wouldnít do for my kids.

Miles: Thatís the way Marty feels about Cole. Thatís one of the things I love about her.

Blair: Every day that Todd is gone, I go home to questions that I canít answer. I swear, it stresses me out so much. I -- [Blair sighs]  Miles, I never should have accused you of having anything to do with Toddís disappearance.

Miles: I hardly knew Todd. I --

Blair: I know. If anything, you tried to do your best to help him find his so and -- you know, I was just desperate to have my children hold on to any kind of hope. Thatís why I went after you. And itís not an excuse. Yeah, I just wanted to tell you that I'm really, really sorry, ok? Mile. Than I appreciate that. And -- and I accept your apology. I understand, though. I -- I'm starting to get to know what itís like to be a parent. You'll do anything to protect your children.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Marty: So I visited David Vickers. So what? You know, you are reaching, John.

John: No, thereís something here. I know it. And you know it. And trying to hide it is just going to make me look harder.

Marty: If I tell you what you want to know, I am not the only person who is going to pay.

John: Marty, the truth is going to come out, anyway. You tell me now, and I can help you. We can figure out the best way to handle this. But if you donít, I canít make any promises.

Marty: I killed Spencer Truman.

Reporter: Can you tell us a little bit about the genesis of this exhibit?

Lindsay: Certainly. Cristian Vega is a multifaceted artist who, as you know, has been targeted by the hate violence thatís recently hit Llanview. Over the course of several conversations, we started batting around ideas about what artists in a community could do to address the ignorance that feeds racism. The one thing that we kept coming back to over and over is something that Nelson Mandela once said. "People must learn to hate. And if people can learn to hate, they can be taught to love. For love come naturally to the human heart than its opposite." We thought this exhibit would be a good way of putting that lesson into practice. Cristianís pictures take care to acknowledge our individuality, but they also highlight our similarities, our common character.

Reporter: And thatís why itís called "Real Americans"?

Lindsay: Exactly. Whatever our differences, we all share the same basic values. We love, we ha families. These people may have been targeted for their differences, but they'll stand up for themselves and for their loved ones. They're proud of who they are. Cristian and I wanted to give our subjects the forum to express that and to rebut the idea that they are at all "Un-American."

Reporter: Well, thank you for taking the time to talk with us this afternoon.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Reporter: Thatís "Real Americans" at the Rappaport fine arts gallery on June 18.

Tate: You would love that, wouldnít you? To drag me down into your cesspool.

Kirk: Didnít you hear me? The cops -- the cops are asking questions.

Tate: Thatís not my problem. I've got nothing to do with it.

Kirk: Really? Well, what if they make it your problem?

Tate: What do you care?

Kirk: "What do I care?" You're my son. Why do you think I did all this?

Tate: Whatever you did, you did for yourself, not for me.

Kirk: Thatís not true.

Tate: No, all these years, huh? I mean, you were so disappointed in me. The choices that I made. You never came to my games or --

Kirk: All right, me not being there -- that was a mistake.

Tate: No, no, itís the best thing you ever did. I ought to thank you for showing me how twisted you are, the way you think, act. I'm nothing like you.

Kirk: No, but you are my son. And I still love you.

Tate: Are you even capable?

Kirk: It was pride at kept me from reaching out. But I thought about you all the time.

Tate: I thought about you, too. I thought "how could this manís blood possibly run in my veins?"

Britney: Delicious. With you two going together, the whole cast will be there. I'm sure we can still find you a date.

Langston: Donít do me any favors.

Marcie: Come on, guys, please. The musical is tomorrow. We really need to pull it together, ok? Enough, enough! Britney, Heather, and Amy, you are with me. Markko, I need you to go over the steps to "eye on the ball" with Cole because he really needs help.

Markko: Yeah, no problem. I'll school his ass.

Marcie: Callate!

Cole: Yeah, say that again. I'll show you schooling.

Marcie: Gentlemen!

Cole: Ok, tough guy?

Marcie: Gentlemen! Please. Markko're just playing. Come on.

Starr: Hey, Britney sucks. Donít listen to her, ok?

Langston: Never do. So when were you going to tell me about Markko?

Starr: Well, just now. He asked me, like, five minutes ago. It was so random.

Langston: Yeah, well, you do know Mr. Krump-mís a total jerk, right?

Starr: I donít think heís that bad.

Langston: Compared to who?

Starr: Look, itís not like we're getting married or anything. We're going together so that we donít miss out.

Langston: Just as friends?

Starr: Yes.

Langston: Would you be going at all if Cole wasnít going with Britney?

John: Ok, I know this is tough, but I'm going to need to hear all of it.

Marty: Then what?

John: Then you're just going to have to trust me. Just tell me what happened. I need you to fill in the blanks.

Marty: I wish I could. I donít remember all of it.

John: You blocked it out?

Marty: Part of it. I -- I'm -- I'm working on trying to remember it. Look, I know I did it.

John: Then just what you remember.

Marty: I remember the room. I saw Spencer attack Blair. And I saw the scissors. I can see them in my hand. I just know I did it.

John: When did you start remembering?

Marty: A few weeks ago.

John: Before you were married?

Marty: Yes.

John: Does remembering any of this -- did that cause you to get married?

Marty: Why does one thing have to be connected to the other?

John: I donít know. You tell me.

Marty: You know what? Donít condescend to me. Have you ever been married? Well, people do it for a lot of different reasons.

John: Ok. So what were yours?

Marty: Look, you know what? This was my choice. Why canít we just leave it at that?

John: Because no one suddenly remembers killing a guy and then decides "hey, you know what I want to do? I want to go get hitched."

Marty: Well, I did!

John: Because you wanted to?

Marty: Yes!

John: You're lying. All right? Just admit it. Admit it! You married this guy because you remembered killing Truman.

Marty: Yes. Yes.

Blair: But I got to hand it to you. A wife and a teenager in one fell swoop? I mean, you are a bigger man than most.

Miles: Well, I'm optimistic. Although I am worried about Cole. I want him to be happy, but everything I do just doesnít seem to work.

Blair: Miles, heís a teenage boy. I think whatís important is that you tell him and you let him know that you care. And the rest will come.

Miles: Think so?

Blair: Yeah, I know so. But I have to admit, itís a really big undertaking to take on a wife and her -- her grown boy. Itís -- itís great. I mean, itís one more difference between you and Todd.

Miles: Excuse me? I --

Blair: You donít know this. And itís kind of crazy, but right after we first met, I went home to my Aunt Dorian and I told her that I had met you, and that I thought that you were the anti-Todd and that you were perfect for me. And -- I know I should have said something then because look at you now -- now you're married, and you're here with -- with Marty. And -- well, I should have said something, but now itís too late.

Miles: If I would have said I was interested in you, too, what would you have done?

Starr: Look, Cole and I are not going to prom together. We're not going out. We're nothing.

Langston: Ok, fine. Forget I said anything.

Starr: Itís not too late, Langston. You can still ask somebody.

Langston: Who says I even want to go?

Starr: I want you to go. Ok? Markkoís cute, and heís a good dancer and all, but you're my best friend. It wouldnít be as much fun without you.

Langston: Yeah?

Starr: Yeah. Come on. So what about Gabe?

Langston: Alcoholic Gabe?

Starr: Garrett Greer?

Langston: I donít do Britneyís seconds.

Starr: Yeah, you're right. Um -- Brian Slott.

Langston: He set my hair on fire in the second grade.

Starr: Alec ray?

Langston: Ok, enough! If I canít go with who I want to go with, then I donít want to go at all.

Starr: Langston, tell me who you want to go with, and I'll make it happen.

Markko: All right? Here we go.

Cole: Ok. So why'd you ask Starr to the prom?

Markko: I donít know -- because sheís fun.

Cole: But you're not really interested in her, are you?

Markko: Why do you care?

Cole: Hey, listen to me. Sheís had a rough year. I donít want to see her hurt, all right?

Markko: Look, I know you two were, like, most star-crossed somethings or whatever, but thatís over, right? I mean, you two are done.

Blair: Miles, you were interested in -- in -- in me? Well, why didnít you say something?

Miles: Shh. Come on.

Blair: Um --

Miles: I didnít know how to treat a woman before. But I do now.

Blair: What happened to shy Miles?

Miles: I donít know. You bring something out different in me.

Blair: Well, it is your innocence that makes you so special. And you know what? If we were together, I could help you hold on to that, just like you could help me.

Miles: Yeah, you seem so capable.

Blair: Well, everybody needs help every now and then, even me.

Miles: Mm-hmm.

Blair: And itís pretty obvious that I'm not going to be able to bring Todd home by myself -- find him. But you know what?

Miles: Hmm?

Blair: I bet you, if you were by my side, I could.

Miles: Yeah?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Miles: But I've already tried to help you and Todd.

Blair: I know --

Miles: Well, if you're on my side, you're going to have to prove it.

Blair: How?

Miles: Kiss me.

John: Is Laurence blackmailing you?

Miles: You killed Spencer. Do you really want John McBainís blood on your hands, too?

Marty: No! I mean, how can you think that? Miles loves me.

John: You're saying he doesnít know anything about Truman?

Marty: Why would I tell him?

John: I donít know. Then why did you get married?

Marty: It was like I said. When I started remembering what was happening, I knew the truth would come out someday. It was inevitable. So when that happened, I knew I would go to prin. And I'm willing to pay for what I did, but what about Cole? I canít just leave him unprotected.

John: Unprotected from what?

Marty: The system. Come on, you and I both know what happens to kids there at the foster cares and the group homes. Itís dangerous. And my husband -- well, he has a million enemies that wouldnít think twice about going after my son for revenge. So I had to think of someone who had resources, who could take care of him and keep him safe. Miles can do that. My son is the most precious thing to me in this world. And I would do anything -- anything to keep him safe. So do I love Miles? No. But now that you know I killed Spencer Truman, you have to arrest me.

John: No, I donít. Oh yeah, here she comes.

[Layla sighs]

Layla: I'm going to go see Evangeline now, ok?

Cristian: I wish I could go with you. I want to see her so bad.

Layla: She knows how you feel. She knows that you care. Donít worry, I'll remind her.

Talia: So whatís the next step, boss?

Bo: We set up our stakeout, and we hope our guy watches the news.

Kirk: We're not so different, you and me. We fight for what we want. Sometimes, when we have to, we -- we fight dirty.

Tate: Oh, you stop right there, donít you?

Kirk: Well, we have differences. But right now, Tate, you got to stop and look at the big picture.

Tate: Hereís a picture for you. Me, on my own, raising myself because you were unfit for the job.

Kirk: Wait a minute. Wait a second, Tate, come on.

Tate: No, no, no, you listen to me! Because this is the last time I'm going to say this. I do not want to be associated with the garbage that you stand for.

Kirk: I'm just trying to protect you, son.

Tate: You're trying to protect me? Fine. Do what you're best at, then. Staying the hell away from me.

Langston: Thereís nobody specific I want to go with. I just donít want to go with Joe Blow or by myself. I'd rather just sit at home and watch the nature channel.

Starr: Yeah, I know. It sucks to settle.

Langston: Yeah, well, settle on prom dates, settle on life. No offense. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with your non-date. I just donít want to go just to say that I went. [Langston sighs] I have to go run line changes with Mrs. McBain. I'll see you.

Starr: Wait, Lang-- what did I do?:

Britney: Hey, Lang?

Langston: What?

Britney: I hope you didnít take what I said the wrong way. I just -- I think it would be fun if the whole cast was at prom. Sorry.

Langston: Fun for who? Mrs. McBain?

Marcie: Yeah?

Langston: The rest of my revisions.

Marcie: Oh, thanks. I'll -- I'll give them a look tonight. How are you holding up?

Langston: Fine.

Marcie: Um -- you know, I know what itís like to have your work publicly criticized.

Langston: It feels like getting stabbed in the back.

Marcie: Huh. Why donít you do something to let off some steam, huh?

Langston: Like what?

Marcie: Well, you could go to the prom with everybody else.

Langston: Oh -- the promís for losers and followers.

Marcie: I think thatís very close to the excuse that I used when I didnít go. And you want to know something? To this day, I wish I would have gone. I wish I would have just sucked it up and went, now? Date or no date. I really, really think you should go. And I think I know a way how it might be worth your while.

Marty: But I confessed. Why arenít you arresting me?

John: Vickers confessed, too.

Marty: Yeah, well, he was lying, I'm not.

John: Really? How many times did you stab Truman?

Marty: I -- I donít know.

John: Where did you catch him first -- in the chest or in the back?

Marty: I donít know!

John: Important details.

Marty: I just -- I donít remember everything!

John: You donít remember taking a pair of scissors and then stabbing them into a manís chest?

Marty: John, please, it was traumatic enough, ok? Look, I -- I canít account for how I process something. And obviously I'm blocking something out. And thatís the reason why I donít remember everything!

John: Such as? Something here doesnít add up.

Marty: I know what I remember.

John: Yeah? Well, your memoryís got holes in it you could drive a damn truck through. All right? And let me tell you something. I'm going to figure out what happened here.

Marty: Well, you do what you have to do. So will I.

Miles: Kiss me, Blair.

Blair: Oh --

Miles: Come on.

Blair: Miles.

Miles: We'll go find Todd, we'll bring him back to your kids, and then we'll be together.

Blair: Oh? What about Marty?

Miles: I never would have married her if I knew how you felt.

Blair: Oh.

Miles: I mean, come on. We -- we have a connection. We canít deny it.

Blair: Hey. You are a married man.

Miles: Well, I was meant to be with you.

Blair: Listen, you stay away from me, or so help me -- Miles!

Miles: Fooled you.

Bo: Put additional surveillance cameras here and undercover officers here and here. Think I'm missing anything?

Talia: No, thatís full coverage. Thereís no way our guy will slip by us now.

Lindsay: Hey, guys, itís on.

Reporter: Up next on "the news at 5:00," a local artist takes a stand against hate crime.

Lindsay: Rappaport fine arts has a history of working with local artists to try and be responsive to the community at large. Mr. Vega and I felt a responsibility to address the violence thatís held Llanview hostage.

Cristian: This is our way of saying that we're proud of who we are and we're not afraid to live our lives. Llanviewís our home as much as anyone elseís.

Kirk: Turn that off!

Waitress: Sorry?

Kirk: Would you mind turning it off? Itís giving me a terrible headache.

Marcie: You still have a couple of days' worth of detention, and we are almost at the end of the school year.

Langston: Ok.

Marcie: So I was thinking, what with rehearsal and finals, I would, you know, hate to see you spend the first day of your summer break washing blackboards.

Langston: Wait, wait -- wait a second.

Marcie: Great.

Langston: No, no, no, no.

Marcie: So you will help me man the ticket table at the prom.

Langston: You are the most black-mailingest teacher at this school. You know that?

Marcie: Uh -- uh -- going once, going twice -- two hours at the prom or eight hours in detention? Going twice --

Langston: Ok, ok, ok. Ok.

Marcie: Thank you.

Langston: Fine.

Marcie: Mm-hmm, sold.

Langston: Ok. Guess what.

Starr: What?

Langston: I'm going to prom, and I'm so excited -- not.

Starr: You are? My gosh, Langston, you are not going to be sorry. I promise, we're going to have the best time.

Langston: Hmm.

Markko: You know, you donít have to dance with your date all night. You can cut in all you want. I wonít stop you.

Cole: Thatís not what Starr wants. Thatís all that matters.

John: Yeah, well, Rick, I'll tell you, I'm glad to hear it. But unfortunately I didnít call to catch up. I need a prisoner sprung from Statesville. David Vickers.

Miles: Was this the same little act that you -- you pulled on Spencer before you betrayed him?

Blair: Iíll do what I have to do to get Todd.

Miles: You wouldnít even kiss me. But thatís all right, because I wouldnít have let you. I love Marty.

Blair: Oh, love -- you donít know what love is. You're a -- you're a Laurence.

Miles: Why donít you get the hell out of here, Blair?

Blair: Oh. You two deserve each other.

Miles: Marty, let me explain.

Marty: Just save it, because I really donít care.

Starr: Mom, crisis. This -- this kid, Markko -- he asked me to the prom at the last minute, and I donít have a dress or anything. And -- and the prom is tonight. I need your help, ok? I'll be -- I'll be home right after rehearsal. And I really need to look good, ok? Itís -- itís important. Bye. Oh.

Cole: So you're going to the prom with Markko?

Starr: Yeah. I guess so.

Cole: I wish you wouldnít.

On the next ďOne Life to Live" --

Marty: W do you believe in me?

John: Marty, you're not a killer.

Girl: Oh, my God. Itís Todd Manning.

Marcie: Hit the lights, and music.

All: Together

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