OLTL Transcript Wednesday 6/13/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 6/13/07


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Nora: So are we sure that the bombs were planted because Antonio was donating an organ to Jessica?

Bo: Well, if the perp objects to contaminating a pure white race, what could be more symbolic than Jessica getting a liver from her husband, who happens to be Puerto Rican?

Nora: Ok, so tell me about this Tate Harmon.

Bo: Well, he came to Llanview right before all these arson fires started. He went to a baseball camp in Wyoming.

Nora: And that design that we saw at Cristianís studio matches the logo of the Wyoming O.P.P.?

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: So the camp is run by supremacists?

Bo: Well, no, no, not on paper. See, thatís the point -- I canít bring Harmon in for questioning unless I have a lot more to go on.

Nora: So what -- so what are you doing?

Bo: Well, Sahid ran into Harmon and Adriana Cramer yesterday, and she started pushing him on the subject of that explosion at the hospital. She said he got pretty uncomfortable.

Nora: Ok, well, now I'm getting worried about Adriana -- her father was Puerto Rican. I mean, what does this maniac have in mind for her?

Viki: Yeah, well, all we can do now is hope and wait and pray. I know. Well, I love you, too. Tell Joey I'll call him later, ok, and you give Kelly and that incredibly sweet baby a big kiss for me. Ok, I will. I love you. Bye.

Kirk: Mrs. Davidson?

Viki: Oh, Mr. Harmon. Hello.

Kirk: Oh, Kirk, please.

Viki: Oh.

Kirk: I've been watching all the news coverage on the bombings and, well, I just wanted to find out how you and your family were.

Viki: Well, thatís so nice of you, thank you. We're fine. You know, we were lucky.

Kirk: Oh, good. And the police -- have they figured out whoís behind this?

Viki: Well, not as far as I know, no, but I'm sure they wonít give up until this maniac is caught and punished.

Kirk: Right.

Viki: Itís -- itís unbelievable to think that there are people who are so consumed by hate. Obviously, they're insane.

Adriana: Well, I hope you're hungry. The chorizo omelet is amazing, but itís a major amount of food.

Tate: Well, you can help me out with it, right?

Adriana: Oh, no. I start eating those babies and you'll have to carry me out of here with a forklift.

Rex: Enjoying your breakfast?

Adriana: Itís no big deal, Rex.

Tate: Yeah, I'm just buying her breakfast.

Rex: You spent the night together, didnít you?

Marcie: A-five, six, a-five, six, seven, eight. Right two, three, four, left two, three, four, side, together, side, tap, side, together, smile, chest out, hands up. Amber: I canít believe you said that! What are you, 4?

Markko: Nobody talks to me like that. I'm out of here.

Langston: The line is, "ok, I'm sorry."

Markko: Yeah, but I would never say that, so I changed it.

Langston: The character isnít you.

Markko: The character was written by somebody who doesnít know anything about guys.

Langston: I wrote this and you know it.

Markko: Like I said.

Marcie: Ok, ladies, here. Kick right, kick left, kick right -- I want to see smiles -- and move forward two, three, four, move back two, three, four. Ok, I want you to keep working. You, too, fabulous, you need to work. Ok, keep going. Kick right, kick left, kick right -- I have eyes in the back of my head. Hey, have you seen Cole?

Starr: I'm sorry, I donít keep track of Cole anymore.

Miles: What do you think you're doing?

Woman: The Truman case had, like, zillions of boxes.

John: Yeah, we, these are the only two I need. Is there something I can do for you?

Woman: Uh -- no. I just thought that this case was closed.

John: Yeah, well, we all thought Vickers gave it up a little too easily.

Woman: Is there new evidence?

John: Vickers changed his story. This case is wide open again.

Langston: If we do it your way and you walk off, the sceneís over.

Markko: Not if she begs me to come back.

Langston: Sheís not going to do that.

Markko: I'm not playing a wimp. You got to change this.

Langston: Ok, I see. He doesnít act like a jerk, so that makes him weak?

Markko: No, I didnít say that.

Langston: Why canít you just do the lines the way they were written?

Markko: Because they donít work.

Langston: How do I know that if you wonít even try it my way?

Markko: Fine. I'll try it.

Langston: Thank you.

Marcie: Five, six, seven, eight. March two, three, four, kick right, kick left, and turn into your formation. Bend, bend -- arms up, Britney. Spear fingers. [Marcie laughs]

Marcie: Ok. All right, that was -- that was pretty good. We'll take a 10-minute break and then we will come back and we will run it one more time.

Britney: But itís prom night, Mrs. McBain.

Marcie: I know, but you'll have plenty of time to go home and get beautiful -- after we run it one more time.

Britney: Yeah, ok, but my mother spent $300 on my shoes for tonight, and sheís not going to be very happy if my feet hurt too much to wear them.

Marcie: Well, then I suggest you wear foots. Still no word on your dad?

Starr: My mom keeps telling me that she knows that heís alive and that she wonít give up until she finds him.

Marcie: Moms and dads have radar about each other, I wouldnít worry.

Starr: I donít know. I hope so.

Marcie: Come on, letís get your mind on something else, all right? Letís run your song next, how about that?

Heather: What color is your dress?

Britney: Oh, well, I bought five -- I never know what I want to wear until the last minute.

Heather: What are you going to do with five dresses?

Britney: Well, I'm going to wear one of them and take the other four back tomorrow. Girl: Everybodyís talking about how you got Cole to ask you to the prom.  Yeah. I mean, Starrís still totally in love with him, but they had too many problems. It never really would've worked out.

Girl: And you and Cole will?

Britney: I actually think we might have a chance.

Marcie: Ok, Starr, that was your cue. You know, you're supposed to come in on the downbeat?

Starr: Um, I'm sorry, Ms. McBain, but I canít do this today.

Bo: I want to draw this guy in and then I want to trap him.

Nora: How?

Bo: I asked Lindsay for help. No: Lindsay -- Lindsay Rappaport? Thatís your secret weapon?

Bo: Look, we need a front, and I think she can provide that.

Nora: Well, I have no problem with her front. Itís the rest of her that I have a problem with.

Bo: Ok, look, personal feelings aside, Lindsay does have a stake in this, too, you know? This creep knocked her out when he was trying to kill the rest of you at Cristianís studio. [Knock on door] Hi.

Lindsay: Hi. Nora.

Nora: Lindsay.

Cole: Your stuff was all over the place. I was just putting it back.

Miles: I was in a hurry when I unpacked last night. You donít even want me here. Why are you worried about my things?

Cole: Figured if I packed you up, you would take the hint and get out.

Miles: Cole, I married your mother --

Cole: Get your hands off of me.

Miles: I'm not going --

Marty: You leave him alone!

Miles: He was going through my things.

Cole: No. No, I wasnít. And what if I was? Itís not a big deal, right? Unless you had something to hide.

Miles: I'm not the one who has secrets, Cole.

Cole: Yeah?

Miles: Mm-hmm.

Cole: What do you know about Todd Manning's disappearance?

Miles: Nothing. Is that what you're looking for -- information on Todd?

Cole: Then how'd you get my mom to marry you when -- when you havenít even gone on a date before?

Miles: Your mother and I, we explained that to you.

Cole: Yeah. Yeah, you did. The thing is I donít believe it -- any of it.

Woman: This is so cool. Do you know what you're looking for?

John: I'll know when I find it. I'll really let you know if thereís anything else. Trumanís crime scene photos, thatís what set you off. Why? Fibers from my scarf -- not mine, not Mikeís. Hey, look, itís not like I'm saying you're some sort of lunatic or something.

Marty: Uh-huh. So what are you saying?

Kirk: So howís your daughter doing?

Viki: Sheís thankfully recovering, slowly, but obviously she has a big fight ahead of her. They've taken her down for more testing, so we'll know more when we get the results.

Kirk: Ah. And your husband? I -- howís he doing? I understand he was caught in the O.R. When the bomb went off.

Viki: Well, uh, no. Heís actually my ex-husband, and, no, you heard wrong. He was not there, thank heavens. Heís fine.

Kirk: Good.

Viki: Yeah.

Kirk: Good. Well, if you're stuck just waiting here, maybe I can buy you breakfast at t cafeteria

Viki: Thank you, I've had breakfast.

Kirk: Oh. Coffee, maybe. I can make a run.

Viki: I have to tell you that the coffee in the cafeteria is undrinkable.

Kirk: Of course. Well, I guess thereís nothing I can do, but if that should change, you'll let me know.

Viki: Thank you. Um -- I'm sorry. This is going to sound a little rude, but, I mean, you barely know us and you've never even met Jessica. I was wondering why you seem so concerned about my family.

Bo: I want to have photographs taken of all the victims of these hate crimes, and then I think that we should set up a special exhibit. We call it "Real Americans," ok? We push the fact that these are really Americans. They are patriotic. I mean, we really push this guyís buttons.

Lindsay: I love this idea.

Nora: Well, do we think this guyís going to show his face so close to the bombings?

Bo: Of course he will, believe me. The guyís arrogant. He doesnít think that he can be caught.

Lindsay: You know, one of the victims could be the photographer -- Cristian Vega. And, of course, we'll have it at my gallery.

Bo: No way.

Nora: No. No, Boís absolutely right. No.

Adriana: Donít be disgusting, Rex.

Tate: What Adriana and I are doing is really none of your business, but I can see why she'd rather be with me. I know how to treat her like a lady.

Rex: I treated Adriana just fine.

Adriana: Ok, please, just stop this, both of you.

Tate: I'm not going to let him talk that way without saying something back.

Adriana: Thank you.

Tate: You're welcome. You can apologize now.

Rex: I'm sorry if I misunderstood.

Adriana: Itís just breakfast, Rex.

Rex: Everybodyís got to eat.

Tate: Well, we managed to not a whole five minutes.

Adriana: I knew this was a mistake.

Tate: You're sorry that you came out to breakfast with me just because you saw Rex?

Adriana: Yes, I am.

Marty: Look, manhandling Cole isnít going to help you with him or me.

Miles: He was going through my things, and you heard him accuse me.

Marty: Yeah, well, why wouldnít he? He knows me. He knows I would never marry you of my own volition.

Miles: I love you. I want to take care of you, ok? I want you and Cole to be my family.

Marty: You know, does it ever occur to you that I might be disgusted by the idea of not taking responsibility for what I did? That confessing to Spencerís murder might actually be a relief?

Miles: Cole needs you.

Marty: Yes, he does. I canít bear the thought of him being alone in the world.

Miles: He wonít. He'll have you and me.

Marty: Cole will never accept you as a father, a will never accept you as a husband! Now, you can force me to do certain things, but this marriage exists only on paper.

Miles: You're wrong about that, Marty, and you're wrong about me.

[Knock on door]

John: What?

Cole: John, I need to talk to you.

John: Come on in. About what?

Cole: My mom and Miles Laurence.

Tate: You're going to let Rex ruin our whole morning?

Adriana: What do you expect, Tate? I didnít break up with Rex because I didnít anymore. I broke up with him because of what he did.

Tate: To me.

Adriana: Yes, but it doesnít mean that I'm ready to start a relationship with you.

Tate: Well, you made your own decision about Rex. Are you going to spend the rest of your life afraid you're going to run into him?

Adriana: I'm not talking about the rest of my life. I'm talking about this morning, and I should've known that it was a mistake to bring you here. Rex is addicted to Carlottaís coffee.

Tate: Well, I wish I had known that, too. This is our first date, I want it to go well.

Adriana: Maybe I should go talk to him.

Tate: No, I donít think thatís a good idea.

Adriana: Why not?

Tate: Well, you're through with the guy, right?

Adriana: Yeah, I guess.

Tate: So, you donít want to seem like you're playing with his emotions, feeling sorry for him now.

Adriana: He would hate that.

Tate: Maybe if he sees us together a couple of more times he'll get the hint. Adrian I'd feel like I was using you.

Tate: Believe me, I donít mind. And anyway, I'm kind of using you right back.

Adriana: How so?

Tate: Well, because of what Rex said, a lot of people still think I'm gay. So if I'm seen around town with a beautiful girl, maybe that'll help clear things up. But I'll tell you one thing -- on our next date, we are going someplace that Rex hates.

Rex: Yeah, well, never mind what I said. Find out anything you can about Tate Harmon. Because I've got nothing left to lose, thatís why.

Marcie: Is your voice tired?

Starr: Yeah, I guess. Look, I know the song really well. I've been practicing ever since you gave me the tape. Itís just -- could we not do it today?

Marcie: Sure. We'll move on to scene work or something. Or we could if we knew where Cole was.

Langston: There, I reworked the scene a little bit.

Markko: Ok. Fine, I'll try it.

Langston: Aw, would you? Actors.

Heather: I thought you only asked Cole to the prom to make Starr crazy.

Britney: No, I'm not like that anymore. I mean, I've never met anyone like Cole. I'm, like, happy. You know, itís getting late. Canít you kick McBain out already?

Amber: She still has a half an hour.

Britney: Well, fix it, Amber. I want to go home.

Amber: Hey, Starr? Donít you need to go home, get ready for prom?

Starr: No, amber, I'm not going.

Amber: Why not?

Starr: Because I wouldnít be caught dead going to prom.

Bo: No. No, I would never ask you to put your life or your business on the line.

Lindsay: You didnít ask, I offered. And if you have this exhibit at my gallery, itís going to get this guy a lot more rile than if -- than if you had it at some warehouse on the edge of town.

Nora: Oh, sheís right, Bo. Sheís right. We have to make this event look as real as possible.

Lindsay: I can do that.

Bo: All right, on one condition -- the night before the exhibit, you let the city put you up in a hotel.

Lindsay: Why do I have to stay in a hotel? I want to be part of this.

Bo: No! I'm not going to let you be a target.

Lindsay: This isnít negotiable, is it?

Bo: No.

Lindsay: Ok. Fine. Do you want me to talk to Cristian?

Bo: Thatís ok, thatís ok. I'll do it. But I do want to thank you for everything you're doing for us.

Lindsay: Anything for you. All you have to do is ask. Nora.

Nora: Lindsay.

Miles: I did what I did because I love you, Marty. I had to make you give me a chance -- Cole, too.

Marty: You didnít give me a chance to think about my options. And I donít care what you say -- this is not love. And you leave my son out of this sick, twisted arrangement of ours.

Miles: "Sick and twisted"? I've been honest with you from the beginning. I've done everything that you've asked for.

Marty: I asked you to leave me alone!

Miles: I never laid a hand on you!

Marty: And itís going to stay that way.

Miles: I hope you will rethink that and you'll start making an effort.

Marty: Or what?

Miles: I'll have to turn the tape over to the police.

Marty: And just exactly what kind of effort are you expecting?

Miles: I want us to go out in public as a married couple.

Cole: My mom, she married Miles Laurence.

John: I know.

Cole: I -- I canít believe it. This is ridiculous. She doesnít even love the guy.

John: For what itís worth, I donít think she does, either.

Cole: My mom always told me that she would never love any guy but my dad. So why did she marry this doofus?

John: You got any ideas?

Cole: Yeah. Itís my fault.

John: How do you figure that?

Cole: Well, I kind of told her that I thought it'd be a good idea if she got over my dad and moved on with her life, started dating.

John: Well, that must've been a hell of a talk you had. She went out and married the first guy she saw. : Yeah. Hey, listen, John, my mom thinks of you as a friend. So you think you could talk to her for me, try to figure things out?

John: For you I'll see what I can do.

Cole: Thanks.

John: All right.

Cole: Well, I got to get to school.

John: Yeah. Look, you -- you hang in there and, look, everythingís going to be all right.

Cole: Itís funny -- when you say it, I kind of believe it.

Amber: Who doesnít want to go to prom?

Starr: Me. Besides, nobody asked me. Itís not like I care.

Amber: Well, you could go alone, I guess -- mean, if you're ok with being humiliated.

Langston: Can we recast Markko?

Marcie: Sure. Can you find a replacement?

Langston: Where? Every guy we auditioned got cast.

Marcie: Mm-hmm. Well, I rest my case.

Langston: Ugh!

Marcie: Ok, fine. I will go talk to him, ok?

Langston: Thank you.

Marcie: You're welcome.

Langston: Ugh!

Starr: Whatís wrong?

Langston: Markko. I'll be so glad when this is over and I never have to see him again.

Starr: He doesnít seem that bad.

Langston: You donít even know him. All you think about is Cole.

Starr: By the way, I saw Cole the other day.

Langston: You did?

Starr: We're not together or anything. We just hate the same guy -- thatís all.

Langston: What guy?

Starr: Miles Laurence. My mom thinks that heís the reason why my dad is missing and he just married Coleís mom.

Langston: Were they even dating?

Starr: Nope. Heís really upset about it, e offered to snoop around Miles' stuff to see if he could find out anything about my dad.

Langston: You're kidding -- you guys are working together on this?

Starr: Yeah, but nothingís changed.

Langston: I'm sorry. I have to go see if Mrs. McBain got through to Markko Di Caprio. I'll see you.

Starr: Anything?

Kirk: I know what itís like to have a kid in trouble.

Viki: Oh. I'm sorry, of course you do. I -- I also wanted to say thank you once again for volunteering to be a donor for Jessica. [Phone rings] I'm sorry. Whoops -- I better take this.

Kirk: Sure.

Viki: Excuse me. Hi, Bo.

Bo: Hey, Viki. I'm just calling to get the latest on Jess.

Viki: They've taken her down for more testing, but I guess we'll know more later.

Bo: All right. Well, keep me posted, ok?

Viki: Yeah, I will, I will.

Bo: Is my brother there?

Viki: No. No, he went home to shower and change.

Bo: So you're there alone?

Viki: Uh -- no, actually. Itís a little curious. Tate Harmonís father stopped by.

Bo: No kidding. Hey, is there any way that you could keep him there for a while?

Viki: I suppose so -- why?

Bo: I just want to meet him.

Viki: Oh. Ok, well, I'll try.

Bo: Well, thanks, Viki, and can you do this without letting him know I'm on my way?

Viki: Yeah, sure. Bye. I'm sorry. You know, Kirk, I've changed my mind, and I think I would like some of that completely undrinkable coffee from the cafeteria. Is the offer still good?

Kirk: Absolutely. How do you take it?

Viki: Itís decaf and light, no sugar.

Kirk: Coming up.

Viki: Thank you. Thank you. Hey.

Miles: Hey.

Viki: Hi.

Marty: Hi.

Miles: Well, we just came by to see how Jessica was doing.

Viki: Oh, thatís so sweet of you, thank you. Um -- she seems to be getting better.

Marty: Oh.

Viki: Sheís not here right now, though. They took her down for tests.

Miles: Oh.

Marty: Yeah.

Miles: Well, that gives us some time to tell you our news.

Viki: Really? What news?

Miles: Why donít you tell her, sweetheart?

Marty: Uh -- Miles and I flew to Vegas last night. We got married.

Rex: Hey. What do you got? Thatís it? [Rex sighs]  No, it sounds like a wild-goose chase. Just confirm everything, get me a location, and we'll talk. I'll pay you when I see you, but this better turn out to be real.

Tate: So, you think about what I said?

Adriana: I donít know if I'm ready, Tate.

Tate: I'm not asking you to go out on a cruise -- itís a charity event. Itís very public, good for both of our images. You can talk about your company.

Adriana: I know.

Tate: It'll be fun. We'll go have dinner with the beautiful people, I'll have you home by 10:00 -- maybe 11:00 at the latest. What do you say?

Viki: You got married? Wow! Oh -- gee. I -- boy, I'm surprised!

Miles: Yeah. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised.

Viki: I mean, I had no idea!

Miles: Well, it was kind of sudden. I knew that she was the one for me the first time I saw her, but she was a little scared. It took me a little time to finally get her to see the light. Right, honey?

Marty: Uh -- I'd like to be the one to tell Jessica. You donít mind if we wait, do you?

Viki: No, of course not. Fine.

Bo: Hey, Viki.

Viki: Hi! Hey, that was fast.

Miles: Hey.

Viki: Do you know Miles Laurence?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, we've met. How you doing?

Miles: Well.

Bo: Hello, Marty.

Marty: Hey.

Miles: We were just telling Viki that Marty and I got married last night.

Bo: Well, what do you ow. Well, that -- that was -- that was pretty sudden, wasnít it?

Kirk: Here you go.

Viki: Oh! Thank you so much.

Kirk: Sure.

Viki: Thank -- Kirk Harmon, do you know Bo Buchanan? My brother-in-law. Heís actually police commissioner here in Llanview.

Bo: Yeah.

Kirk: Really?

Bo: Also, I was a big fan of your son.

Kirk: Oh.

Viki: Oh. Well, I'll leave you two to talk baseball. Can we talk in Jessieís room?

Marty: Oh, yeah.

Viki: Would that be all right?

Miles: Yeah.

Viki: Excuse me. Thanks so much.

Kirk: Sure.

Miles: Excuse us.

Kirk: Donít mention it.

Bo: Oh, boy. You know, Tate -- he had quite an arm, didnít he? I mean, I thought he was going to break records and maybe even end up in Cooperstown.

Kirk: Yeah. So did I.

Bo: You know, I think I read somewhere that he hurt his shoulder when he was a kid.

Kirk: Hmm.

Bo: Do you think that maybe thatís why that he blew it out later on pitching?

Kirk: Uh -- well, the doctors would never tell us.

Bo: Huh -- no, they never do. But how about you? What do you think?

Kirk: Well, I think it had something to do with it.

Bo: How'd he hurt himself? He fall out of a tree or something or --

Kirk: No. He was in camp.

Bo: Camp -- somewhere local?

Kirk: Wyoming.

Bo: Wyoming.

Kirk: You sure are interested in somebody who canít even play anymore.

Bo: Well, yeah, sure, but, like I told you, I'm one of his biggest fans.

Kirk: Huh.

Viki: Wow! I mean, I -- I certainly wish you all kinds of happiness.

Miles: Thank you. I know you had every reason to hate my brother.

Viki: Yes, I did. But I'm going to try very hard not to hold that against you, especially if you're going to make Marty happy.

[Phone rings]

Marty: Ah. Itís a -- a patient. I just need to take this real --

Viki: Sure.

Marty: Real quick.

Miles: Ok.

Marty: Dr. Saybrooke.

John: Hey, itís McBain. I was wondering if I could see you.

Marty: I'm a little busy right now.

John: Itís important.

Marty: Ok. I'll be there as soon as I can. Oh. Itís a patient. I forgot that I -- I booked an appointment this afternoon.

Miles: Oh, well, here, I'll walk you to your office.

Marty: Actually, itís a consult, so itís taking place at the office of another therapist. Would you please give Jessica my love, and I'll -- I'll see you later.

Viki: Ok.

Miles: And donít be too long.

Marty: No, I wonít.

Miles: Ok. I love you.

Bo: You know, my son plays little league and heís good, but I donít really know that he has a future in the game. How old was -- was Tate when you saw that he -- that he really had something special?

Kirk: Well, I showed him a couple of pitches when he was about 7 or 8, but by the time he was 10, he was -- he was throwing some pretty good stuff.

Bo: Whew -- yeah. It must've killed you when you found out that he'd hurt himself.

Kirk: Yeah, well, I went to Wyoming with my heart in my throat -- thatís for sure.

Bo: Yeah, well, yeah. Itís a different part of the country, isnít it?

Kirk: "Different"? From what?

Bo: What? What -- oh, no, no, nothing. I'm -- you know, I'm just making conversation. How long did you stay there?

Kirk: I'd love to stay and talk with you, Mr. Buchanan, but I'm meeting somebody.

Bo: Oh, yeah, sure, sure. Hey -- give my regards to Tate, ok?

Kirk: I will.

Tate: At least promise me you'll think about dinner, ok?

Adriana: I will. But you're probably going to be mobbed by fans the entire night.

Tate: I will not.

Adriana: Oh, please, come on. Even Officer Sahid was all over you yesterday. "Where'd you go to summer camp, Tate?" "What was it like?" [Adriana chuckles]

Tate: Yeah -- I donít even know what she was talking about.

Rex: Can I talk to you?

Adriana: No.

Rex: Itís about Todd.

Adriana: Did they find him?

Rex: I know a guy who knows a guy in Chicago who thinks he saw a guy matching Toddís description being put into a car.

Adriana: Well, is he sure that itís him?

Rex: No.

Adriana: Why are you telling me?

Rex: Blair is your cousin, you know her better than I do. Should I say something to her?

Adriana: Well, it doesnít sound like you have much, and the last thing Blair and the kids need is false hope.

Marcie: Markko has agreed to do the scene as written.

Langston: Smart move. What'd you threaten him with?

Markko: She told me I had to have respect for the words.

Marcie: Yes, and that it is your job to make the lines work.

Markko: Yeah, but what a her job? Isnít she supposed to make me look good?

Langston: I think we're supposed to make each other look good.

Marcie: Ok -- are you two going to the prom?

Markko: No way.

Langston: Oh -- me, neither.

Marcie: Teenagers.

Markko: Not if you were the last person on the planet.

Langston: Same here.

Britney: Oh. You're late.

Cole: I know.

Britney: Did you get your tux fitted?

Cole: No.

Britney: Well, you better get on that if you want to look as hot as me.

[Music plays]

Marcie: Five, six, seven, and eight! Yes! That was great! Ok, listen up. We're going to take a 10-minute break, and then we'll come back and run the blocking from yesterday. Excuse me, Ms. Jennings?

All: Oh! Marciete then you can go and get ready for the prom, ok? Great.

Britney: I forgot to tell you -- donít get me one of those pin-on corsages because those are way, like, back in the day. Maybe -- maybe get me, like, a flower for my hair or something.

Cole: Already done.

Britney: Ok, and make sure it matches your boutonniere.

Cole: It will.

Britney: Itís only a couple more hours. I canít wait.

Cole: Yeah. Me, too.

Markko: Hey, I wanted to ask you something.

Langston: You heard Ms. McBain. I canít change the script.

Markko: I wasnít talking to you.

Langston: Makes my day.

Markko: So, I hear you donít have a date for the prom.

Starr: Amber told you, right?

Markko: Right. Yeah. I donít have a date, either.

Starr: I'm sorry.

Markko: Right. Well, see, I know itís last-minute, but -- I donít want to sit home tonight and I figured you probably donít want to, either, so I was thinking -- maybe we could go together?

Rex: If I find out anything more, I'll let you know.

Tate: You know, Rex, I donít think Adriana really needs to know about your cases anymore.

Rex: Itís about her family, and just so you know, I still donít trust you.

Adriana: Please. Rex, if you do care about me, just let it go.

Rex: Just be careful with him, ok?

Adriana: I'm a big girl.

Rex: Yeah, I know, but worrying about you -- itís an old habit.

Tate: That must've been hard for you. I'm sorry.

Adriana: You have nothing to apologize for.

Tate: Do you really think that Rex knows anything about Blairís husband or was he just trying to find another reason to interrupt us?

Adriana: Rex wouldnít lie to me about Todd.

Kirk: We need to talk.

Tate: I'm with Adriana -- canít it wait?

Kirk: No. I'm sorry, Adriana.

Adriana: No, itís ok. I have to get back to work, anyway. Thanks for breakfast.

Tate: Think about the dinner, ok?

Adriana: I nice to see you, Mr. Harmon.

Kirk: Yeah. [Kirk sighs]

Tate: This better be important.

Kirk: Ran into the police commissioner. He was asking questions about Wyoming.

Viki: Miles, may I ask you something?

Miles: You want to know about Marty and me, right?

Viki: Yeah. I mean, last time I spoke with Marty -- and it wasnít that long ago -- she was quite convinced she would never even fall in love again, much less get married.

Miles: Yeah. Our feelings kind of took us by surprise -- well, not me.

Viki: Oh.

Miles: I think I fell in love with Marty the first time I saw her.

Viki: Whoa. [Viki chuckles]

Miles: I'm going to be so good to her -- and to her son. Nothing is more important than their happiness.

John: Come in.

Marty: Hi.

John: That was fast.

Marty: Well, you said it was important.

John: Have a seat.

Marty: I actually donít have much time.

John: I'll get to the point. Cole came to see me this morning.

Marty: Really?

John: Really. Obviously, you know, he must be upset about you marrying Laurence.

Marty: I know, but itís my decision and itís something heís going to have to live with.

John: So will you, right?

Marty: You know, is -- is that what you came --

John: No, itís not. You donít love Laurence, so why'd you marry him? What are you not telling me?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Starr: I would love to go to prom with you.

Markko: Sweet. Then itís a date.

Miles: If you're on my side, you're going to have to prove it.

Blair: How?

Miles: Kiss me.

John: Just tell me what you told Vickers. Tell me what you know about Trumanís murder.

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