OLTL Transcript Tuesday 6/12/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 6/12/07


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Nurse: They recovered your personal items from the explosion, Mr. Vega.  I have your watch, chain, wallet, and your wedding band.  I assume you'll want to hold on to this, Mrs. Vega?

Tate: Back again, huh? Canít get enough of the food here?

Adriana: Oh, hey, Tate.

Tate: Anyone sitting here?

Adriana:  Nope, I'm just, uh, taking a break.  Laylaís visiting her sister, so I'm doing two jobs.

Tate: Howís your brother doing?

Adriana:  Good.  Thank God.  He almost died, and  Evangelineís no better.

Tate: Well, itís time to start taking care of yourself, huh? Hey, Billy, can we get a bowl of soup over here?

Adriana:  Oh, what are you doing?

Tate:  Well, itís loaded with antioxidants.

Adriana:  Soup?

Tate:  Well, in theory. Itís better than fries, anyway.

Adriana:  Thanks.  And thank you for everything you did at the hospital.  I didnít get a chance to tell you earlier, but we were really lucky that you were there.

Tate: Lucky. Yeah.

Dorian: Clint, I know itís hard to believe, but itís absolutely true. Asa hired David to kill Spencer Truman.

Clint: Where did you hear this?

Dorian: David told me that somebody offered him $10 million to kill Spencer. It didnít take me long to figure out that it was Asa.

Clint: Your source is David? David, who lies more than roadkill on a country highway?

Dorian: Oh, I -- I know that David is -- how shall we say -- honesty-challenged, but in this case, he is telling the truth.

Clint: He canít be.

Dorian: He is. Clint, you know in your heart itís true.

David: Another visitor, huh? You know, this is building a good case for my animal magnetism. Itís so deep and wide, it canít be held by mere prison walls. Lieutenant McBain. This should be fun. How are things?

John: No complaints, you?

David: Well, the service is hell, and they water down the martinis. So, what can I do for you?

John: Vickers, you ever hear the expression "do the crime, do the time"?

David: Variations on the theme.

John: Well, try this one. "Why do the time if you didnít do the crime?"

Miles: Itís our wedding night, Marty. Itís time to consummate our marriage.

Marty: Excuse me?

Miles: Oh, maybe I'm saying this wrong. What I mean is --

Marty: No, I know what you mean.

Miles: This is what married couples do. We're married now, so -- shall we?

[Phone rings] [Adriana sighs]

Tate: Rex?

Adriana: He wonít stop calling, and heís filling up my voicemail with all his messages.

Tate: Thereís got to be some way you can stop him from harassing you.

Adriana: Heís not harassing me, not really. He just -- he wants to talk, he wants to make sure I'm all right, especially after this morning -- another episode of you, me, and him.

Tate: Well, he knows you're ok.

Adriana: Yeah, but he still worries about me.

Tate: Heís just looking for an opening.

Adriana: Because he cares.

Tate: Adriana, you're not thinking of cutting him another break, are you?

Adriana: No, but I still love him, and I canít help it.

Tate: Well, sure. I guess itís hard to get over those feelings when you feel that way about somebody.

Adriana: But I have to.

Tate: I'd like to help, if you'll let me.

Talia: Excuse me. Tate, sorry to interrupt. Hi.

Tate: Yeah, what?

Talia: My nephew is a really big baseball fan, and when I told him you were in town, he kind of flipped out. I'd love to get an autograph for him, if you wouldnít mind.

Adriana: So sweet, Talia.

Tate: Yeah. Whatís his name?

Talia: Monir. Itís Syrian. M-O-N-I-R.

Tate: Here you go.

Talia: Thanks. Great.

Tate: Is there something else I can help you with?

Talia: Yeah, there is.

Clint: How long have you known about this?

Dorian: Well, not that long. Remember my telling you that I went to Statesville to get David to be tested so he could possibly be a donor for Jessica?

Clint: Yeah, and he just offered this up, that my father gave him $10 million to kill Spencer Truman?

Dorian: Well, it wasnít that easy. I had my suspicions all along, and I got him to admit that somebody was offering him $10 million to kill Spencer. I did the math and it added up to Asa. David didnít deny it.

Clint: That doesnít mean that Davidís dealing us a straight hand now.

Dorian: Clint, think about it. David was out of the country, and there was no way that the police could touch him. Yet, he came back, here, he confessed and -- why would he do such a thing, unless he knew there was a big payoff waiting for him once he got out of prison?

Clint: Dorian, I have no illusions about my father. I know what that man is capable of doing. And by God, he hated Spencer Truman. He thought he was a threat to our family, especially when Truman was running all around claiming that he was one of us.

Dorian: He was a threat to the Buchanans. He was a threat to a lot of us. Your father was not the only one who hated Spencer and wanted him dead.

Clint: But if you're right, and he acted on it, that means my father is a murderer.

Dorian: Well, not technically. I mean, Asa didnít kill Spencer. He hired David to do it, and David never followed through.

Clint: What?

Dorian: Clint, David didnít murder Spencer Truman. Someone beat him to it.

Clint: Then why would he confess?

Dorian: Oh, I can think of 10 million good reasons.

Clint: Who else knows about this?

Dorian: I went to John McBain as soon as I found out.

Clint: You told him about Asa?

Dorian: No. I left that part out. So you see, nobody has to ever find out about your fatherís part in -- in any of this. There are just four of us who know. Asa, David, you, and me.

Clint: Are you willing to keep this a secret?

Dorian: Absolutely. Because we're not actually hiding evidence, are we? The only secret that matters is who really did kill Spencer Truman.

Marty: What are you doing?

Miles: Setting the mood. Do we have any candles?

Marty: This is not going to work, Miles.

Miles: Ok, you know what? We just -- we need to relax a little bit. Where do we keep the wine?

Marty: You're not listening to me, Miles. Wine and candles are not going to put me in the mood. You blackmailed me into this marriage. And I am not having sex with you. Not tonight, not ever.

David: What moron would go to prison for a crime he didnít commit? Wait, that didnít come out right.

John: Not like the old days, is it? What did the locals call you? "El gringo stupido"?

David: It was "blanco stupido," actually.

John: You miss the islands, donít you?

David: I was living the life down there till you plucked me out of it.

John: Nothing to do but work on your tan while the little umbrella drinks just keep coming.

David: You know, you keep at it, I'll have you brought up on police brutality charges.

John: Hmm. You could have it all back.

David: Donít you toy with me. I would kill right now for 10 minutes on a tanning bed.

John: Yeah? How much you getting for taking the rap for Trumanís murder?

David: Nobody paid me a dime.

John: Not yet, but itís waiting for you, isnít it? Offshore account. What is the yield on long-term tax-frees these days?

David: APRs?

John: Jumbos.

David: Yeah, last week, they shot up -- I mean, where do you keep getting these crazy ideas, John?

John: Oh, I donít know -- maybe a little bird told me.

David: "A little bird"?

John: Hmm. Flew right in my office and told me that you took the rap for Trumanís murder because you have a big payout waiting on the back end. But you didnít do it. Someone else did the hard work, but you still want your money.

David: Your bird seems to display the behavior of a yellow-bellied sapsucker. Any avid bird-watcher knows that a yellow-bellied sapsucker always lies.

John: Yeah, I donít know about that, but I donít think so. You see, I never really bought your confession. It was too convenient.

David: Yeah? Well, you seemed to buy it when you pulled me out of paradise.

John: Yeah. Well, you know, everybody wanted a clean case, and the powers that be wanted us to wrap up quickly. Your confession played right into that. Everybody bought it but me. Look, I -- I know you're lying, Vickers. And I think I know a way for you to tell me the truth.

Antonio: Here. Give it to me.

Nash: Excuse me. How is Antonio?

Nurse: Very well, actually.

Nash: Good. You have an ETA on when he'll be well enough to get out of here?

Nurse: Oh, no. But having loved ones around helps speed up recovery.

Antonio: I'm tired. You should get some rest, too. Take care of my liver.

Jessica: You know, even without this extraordinary gift that you've given me, you'll always be a part of my life. I want the best for you. I always have, and I always will.

Nash: You ready? Hey.

Nash: Take care of yourself, Antonio.

Jessicaís voice: I give you this ring as a sign of my vows. With all that I have, and all that I am, I honor you. [Cheers and applause]

Clint: Dorian, thereís something that I donít understand. Why arenít you going to the police and telling them about Asaís involvement in Spencerís death?

Dorian: Because it was only a plot to kill Spencer, and it was never realized.

Clint: Now you're splitting hairs.

Dorian: It means the difference between guilt and innocence.

Clint: And why did you come to me with this?

Dorian: Because Asaís your father, and I thought you had a right to know.

Clint: Is that the only reason?

Dorian: Thereís another very important reason. I didnít want you to find out that I knew and didnít tell you.

Clint: I'd be furious.

Dorian: At me. And, Clint, I just couldnít bear that.

Clint: Not to mention the fact that if the truth ever came out, I would know it was not you who ratted out my father.

Dorian: That, too.

Clint: But none of this really matters, because I'm going to turn him in myself.

Dorian: No, Clint. Clint, please, you canít do that.

Clint: Why not? David giving you a cut of the money?

Dorian: How dare you. I'm not going to the police with this out of self-interest. I'm doing it to help you.

David: What are you going to do to me?

John: Nothing, if you tell me who hired you to kill Truman.

David: Oh, no. No way. If he thinks I gave him up --

John: Come on, Vickers, who are we talking about here?

David: Stop tricking me into confusing myself. Nobody. There isnít anybody.

John: You know, maybe -- maybe a little vacation will -- will help you to remember.

David: Not a chance. Not even a trip to the Caribbeanís going to loosen these lips.

John: Who said anything about the Caribbean? I was thinking more like, you know, two weeks in the hole.

David: The hole?

John: Yeah, a little peace and quiet. What, does that remind you of any other place you might have been? What, morocco, maybe?

David: You canít do that to me.

John: Itís already done.

David: No, please, I canít.

John: Then tell me what I need to know.

David: John, why canít you just let it go? Spencerís dead, I confessed, the case is closed. Why canít you just be happy for once?

John: I'll probably be happy when I'm dead. So instead, why donít you just tell me the story from the beginning? Otherwise, you better start getting used to the sound of your own voice, because itís the only thing you're going to be hearing for the next couple weeks.

David: Huh, thatís no threat. The only thing I like more than the sound of my own voice is the sound of my own voice counting money. I've been a model prisoner. You have no reason to throw me into solitary.

John: Well, we'll just have to find one. Guard? Will you tell the warden lieutenant McBain would like to speak to him.

David: No, wait. Ok, I give up, I give up. John, you canít throw me into the hole. Look what it did to me. Thatís what happened to me in morocco.

John: Yeah, I heard something about you not being able to put two words together, that you started flipping out. Personally, I -- I donít know how anybody could tell the difference.

David: Look, if I go into the hole, I might not ever come out. I might not ever come out. And if I donít, then you'll never know the truth.

John: Oh, something tells me you'll make it. Moneyís a hell of a motivator. Although, I donít know what good it'll do you with brains of sour mash.

David: Sour mash?

John: See you, Vickers.

David: Uh -- all right. I admit it. I'm innocent. I didnít kill Spencer. Now are you happy?

John: Well, that was almost too easy.

Miles: Do you know how much that hurts me, Marty?

Marty: You?

Miles: Yes. I love you, with everything that I am. And I want to show you how --

Marty: I donít want you.

Miles: You married me.

Marty: Because you threatened to send me to prison, to leave my son without his mother. You threatened Johnís life.

Miles: I know, I know, I know. I just thought it would be --

Marty: What? What did you think? That once you took me off to the cave, that -- oh, I'd see how right you are, and I'd fall in love with you? This isnít one of these movies that you've watched over and over again when you were in the hospital.

Miles: See? See, you do think of me that way. The guy in the hospital -- that guy that knows nothing about this world, but I know more than you think. I know how to pleasure a woman. I've been told in good authority that love-making is something I'm very good at.

Marty: Thatís sex, Miles. You know nothing about making love. You donít know anything about love at all.

Miles: I do, Marty. I do. If you would just give this marriage a chance.

Marty: This -- this marriage wasnít based on love. It wasnít based on mutual respect. It was based on threats and blackmail.

Miles: Marty, it could be so much more.

Marty: No, it canít! Look, I will put up a front in front of other people, ok? But when I am with you alone, I'm not going to pretend to feel something I donít!

Miles: Damn it, Marty, I'm going to make you happy, in every way.

Marty: Yeah, what are you going to do? Rape me?

Talia: I was hoping you can help me out. My nephew, Monir -- heís a ballplayer. Heís actually a really great ballplayer, and he plays for his high school team. Heís a pitcher, like you. And -- um -- heís wanting to work on his skills this summer, like at a camp. Do you know of any good ones?

Tate: Oh, you know, I'm sorry, but I canít help you out. I've been out of the game for a little while now.

Talia: Well, what about when you were in high school?

Tate: What about it?

Talia: Well, where'd you go?

Tate: All right, cut the crap, huh? Whatís this really about? You been talking to Rex?

Talia: Why would I be talking to Rex?

Adriana: Whatís going on here?

Nash: You all right?

Jessica: I'm a little tired, but otherwise --

Nash: I meant after Antonio.

Jessica: Well, for a minute there, I almost thought he didnít hate me. For a minute.

Nash: Oh, he doesnít hate you.

Jessica: Hmm. Well, he is pretty angry with me. But you know, I guess I just thought that maybe there -- I donít know -- just be some way that we could at least get along, you know? Thank you. You know, itís probably just wishful thinking.

Nash: Yeah, I know what you mean. I was kind of imagining that once everything was out in the open -- you know, about you and me -- everything would be easier. I wouldnít feel guilty.

Jessica: Yeah. Do you want to hear something crazy? I actually thought Antonio and I could be friends. No -- I donít know. Not right away, I guess, but, you know, maybe with time.

Nash: Well, you never know.

Jessica: No, I do know. He left his home and his family and took Jamie out of the country.

Nash: But he came back, right?

Jessica: Yeah.

Nash: For you.

Jessica: Because you made him. Otherwise, he wouldnít have.

Nash: Maybe not.

Jessica: No.

Nash: Yeah, I remember when I was leaving town. I just couldnít handle the thought of seeing you with Antonio. But then I saw you at the quarry.

Jessica: I'm glad you did.

Nash: Never in a million years did I think I'd trade places with Antonio. Now I have everything, right? Except for one thing.

Jessica: What?

Nash: Well, you're still married to Antonio, right? And I would like to do something about that.

Marty: I am not having sex with you, and that is final.

Miles: Ok. Ok, I get it. All right. We'll take our time. Just donít make me wait too long.

Marty: Or -- or what? You going to turn me over to the police? Is that what you're saying? You know what? Just do it. Call John and tell him I'm a murderer.

David: Damn Dorian and her big mouth. She just cost me $10 million.

John: 10 million? Impressive.

David: I thought so.

John: Well, you know, not too many people have that kind of money. Who are we talking about? Who gave you 10 million to off your brother?

David: I donít see the health benefits in naming names just now.

John: Ok. Then tell me this. Marty Saybrooke came to visit you. Why?

David: Same reason you did. She wanted to know why I said I killed Spencer when I didnít.

John: How did she know you didnít do it?

David: How would she know I didnít kill Spencer, unless she did it?

Dorian: Look, I'll be honest with you, Clint -- I donít give a damn what happens to your father, ok? I'm sorry, but thatís the truth.

Clint: I -- I understand that.

Dorian: Ok. Now as much as I -- I'll say it -- hate your father, I care very much about you. And I donít think that you want to send your father to prison.

Clint: Well, I'm just sick and tired of Asa thinking that heís above the law and if he -- if he put a hit on Spencer, then he deserves to pay for it and thatís why I'm going to call Bo right now.

Dorian: No, you canít do that! Heís not in the best of health. He wouldnít last one day in prison.

Clint: Well, maybe he should've thought of that before.

Dorian: Clint? Heís your father. Heís your childrenís grandfather. How are they going to react when -- when heís locked up in prison? And Asa will find out that you turned him in and he will never forgive you for that.

Clint: Well, you know something? That works both ways.

Dorian: I know that you love him, in spite of everything. You havenít got that much time left with him. Is this the way you want to spend it?

John: Tell me about your meeting with Marty.

David: I was surprised she came by. I mean, sheís been attracted to me for years, but I hardly know her. And then she accuses me of this false confession. I mean, you and I both know that I'm not an idiot, so I just connected the dots. The real question is, why are you here? Wait a second. Wait a cotton-picking second. You're the guilty one, arenít you? Except I let her off the hook by insisting that I did kill Spencer.

John: For the $10 mil?

David: Thatís a lot of piŮa coladas.

John: Did Marty actually say that she killed Truman?

David: She didnít have to, John. Pros like you and me, we can see it on their faces.

John: Listen to me, Vickers. Keep quiet about this, not a word to anyone. I'm going to work on getting you out of here.

David: No, I donít want to get out of here.

John: I'm not letting an innocent man sit in prison for something he didnít do, even if itís you.

David: But I wanted to do it. I would've done it if Marty hadnít beat me to it. Doesnít that count for something?

John: Yeah -- the 10 million you're not going to get. Not a word to anyone. I'll be back.

Marty: Go ahead, Miles. Call John. But I'm going to be damned if I'm going to let you blackmail me into having sex with you. This is a marriage in name only. And if thatís not good enough for you, make that phone call.

Miles: I donít want to frighten you, ok? I plan to make you love me so that you're going to want to make love to me. We'll take our time. I understand. But we are going to share a bed. We have to keep up our appearances.

Marty: Oh, I donít think thatís going to be necessary.

Miles: No, itís not negotiable.

Marty: Fine. But you lay one finger on me, I'm going to make you wish you never had.

Talia: I really wasnít trying to upset you. I really just thought you could recommend a camp for my nephew.

Tate: Well, I canít. And if you donít mind, Adriana and I were in the middle of something.

Talia: Oh. Well, I'm sorry, really. Oh. Thank you for the autograph.

Adriana: Ok, what was all that about?

Tate: Oh, I donít know. I guess I'm just letting Rex get to me. You know, I used to love giving people autographs, and now I'm just jumping all over people. I guess I'm just suspicious that everybodyís trying to dig dirt up on me.

Adriana: Well, what would you be so worried about if there was nothing to dig up?

Tate: I told you that I didnít have the greatest childhood and that I donít like talking about it, especially to strangers. Wait a second. You're not suspicious of me now, are you?

Adriana: Actually, yeah. I am.

Antonio: Jessica?

Talia: No, itís just me.

Antonio: Sorry, I was -- I was having a dream.

Talia: You donít have to explain. You're already looking better than the last time I saw you.

Antonio: Oh -- yeah?

Talia: Yeah.

Antonio: Well, I'm actually feeling better, too.

Talia: Good. You're still hurting? Do you know how Jessicaís doing?

Antonio: Um -- well, apparently better.

Talia: You saw her?

Antonio: She -- she stopped by earlier.

Talia: What about?

Antonio: Oh, to thank me, like everybody else.

Talia: Well, you did save her life.

Antonio: Right.

Talia: So thatís it, she just came by, got out of her own little sick bed to say "thanks" -- thatís all she said?

Antonio: Oh, and to tell me that she still cared for me.

Talia: How'd that make you feel?

Antonio: Everything I didnít want to feel.

Talia: Which is?

Antonio: I want to hate her so I can forget about her.

Talia: But you donít?

Antonio: I canít because I still love her.

Nash: I want to marry you, Jessica. I want to give our daughter the family she deserves and I want to give you the life you've been dreaming about.

Jessica: I want that, too, with all my heart, but I --

Nash: But you're having second thoughts.

Jessica: No, no. No. I am not having second thoughts. I'm just a little worried about how Antonio is going to react to it.

Nash: Well, he wouldnít object, right? I mean, what would be the point?

Jessica: No, he wouldnít. He wouldnít contest it. He has too much pride. Nash, this is going to be really, really painful for him. Itís going to be really painful for Antonio and Jamie. I mean, heís still recovering, and he saved my life.

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: I just -- I donít want to hand him a reminder that he saved my life so I could be with somebody else.

Tate: Do you think I'm hiding something?

Adriana: I -- I donít know. I'm suspicious of everything right now. I've trusted far too many people than I should have.

Tate: Yeah, like Rex.

Adriana: Not just Rex. My mother almost ended up killing me.

Tate: Really? And you forgave her?

Adriana: I guess I realized that even though we're really different, thereís a lot of her in me -- good and bad.

Tate: I've never seen the bad side of you.

Adriana: You donít know me that well.

Tate: I'd like to. Oh -- God. I promised I wouldnít push, and I keep my promises.

Adriana: Unlike Rex?

Tate: Did I say the R word?

Adriana: No, I'm sorry. And you have kept all your promises to me, sort of -- so far.

Tate: Um -- would I be crossing a line if I asked you for a date? No big thing, no strings attached, just a trial run. If it doesnít work out, it doesnít work out and I'll never ask again. Ok -- forget that. Hit the delete button, erase it from your memory.

Adriana: Uh, no, it --

Tate: What? I -- forget it. I -- what date? I didnít ask for a date.

Adriana: Uh -- no, I mean, itís ok, Tate. Um -- I'll go out with you.

[Doorbell rings]

John: Marty, itís John. You there? Marty?

Miles: Hey, John.

John: Hey. I -- I need to see Marty.

Miles: Yeah, sorry. My wife and I are kind of busy.

Nash: Yeah -- no, I get it. You canít divorce Antonio now -- heís flat on his back and so are you. It'd be too much.

Jessica: Hey, hey.

Nash: Yeah?

Jessica: Thank you for understanding.

Nash: Sure.

Jessica: Hey. I love you.

Nash: And I love you.

Antonio: Ah, I wish they would've removed my feelings when they removed my liver.

Talia: Yeah. Itís a bitch, isnít it?

Antonio: Yeah.

Talia: It'll get better --

Antonio: Ah.

Talia: In time, I promise.

Antonio: Hmm. Well, maybe you could tell me some good news -- tell me you caught the son of a bitch who blew this place up.

Talia: I wish I could, but we are making headway and we have a suspect.

Antonio: You do? Who?

Talia: Yes. Tate Harmon.

Antonio: The baseball player?

Talia: Turned sportscaster/model for your sisterís company.

Antonio: Uh-huh?

Talia: Yeah, him.

Antonio: Why him?

Talia: He shares a connection to the perp. Itís someplace in Wyoming -- baseball camp and a -- a medical facility. It -- itís -- it doesnít all add up. Itís still circumstantial, but we canít rule him out.

Antonio: Oh.

Talia: And I also have a first-generation writing sample.

Antonio: Hmm -- his autograph.

Talia: Yes.

Antonio: Wow.

Talia: Now we have something to connect to the calling card our guy left on Cristianís canvas.

Antonio: Yeah -- worst-case scenario, you have something you can hang up on your wall.

Talia: Funny.

Antonio: Well, I donít know. It just doesnít add up. I mean, if Harmonís our man, then why is he so interested in my sister, Adriana?

Tate: Really?

Adriana: Yeah. I'll go out with you, Tate.

Tate: Thatís great. Um -- I'll make reservations for dinner. Whatís a good night?

Adriana: For breakfast. Thatís the only kind of date I can make right now, with anybody.

Tate: Ok. Breakfast works for me.

Adriana: And just breakfast -- no talk about work or Rex or anything like that.

Tate: Well, then I guess we'll be eating in silence, wonít we? That was a joke. I -- we'll have plenty to talk about, like you. I mean it, Adriana. I -- I really want to get to know you better.

Adriana: Well, we can both get to know each other better.

Dorian: Clint, I didnít come here to argue with you. I've done my best. I -- I guess I'd better go.

Clint: Dorian? Donít go, you're right. The irony is this is not the worst thing that heís ever done. But I canít make Asa pay with his life. I canít take that responsibility.

Dorian: Maybe I shouldnít have said anything.

Clint: No, I'm glad that you did. I'm glad that you -- you came to me and told me the truth the minute you knew about it. That says you care, a lot, which is a good thing because I care a lot about you.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: I -- I could ignore it. I could.

Clint: No, you take the call. I'll get a couple glasses of wine.

Dorian: Ok. Hello?

David: I had to use that entire carton of cigarettes you gave me as a bribe to use the guardís phone.

Dorian: David, are you all right?

David: No, I'm not all right! Thanks to you, I'm about to be a free man, and a poor one!

Clint: Hey.

Dorian: I'll -- [Dorian chuckles] I'll get back to you on that. Thanks for calling, bye.

David: You owe me for this, Dorian!

Dorian: I'm turning my phone off.

Clint: Itís French.

Dorian: Ooh. Delicious. Where were we?

[Phone rings] [Phone stops ringing]

Marty: Donít. Just donít.

Miles: Ok, ok -- for now.

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