OLTL Transcript Friday 6/8/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 6/8/07


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David: If you've come for more blood, you can forget it. I  got so nauseous last time, I missed rehearsal for the prison musical and they docked me a full dayís pay in the laundry room. Do you have any idea how far 60 cents goes in here?

Dorian: You look terrible. Your skin is sallow. You could carry a weekís worth of groceries around in those bags under your eyes.

David: That may be the meanest thing you've ever said to me.

Dorian: Oh, David. What are they doing to you in here?

Jessica: When did I fall asleep?

Nash: Middle of our conversation.

Jessica: You're a mess.

Nash: I look terrible.

Jessica: Hmm -- oh. You've never looked better to me.

Paige: Cristian, can I talk to you for a minute?

Cristian: Yeah, sure.

Talia: I'll go.

Cristian: No, stay, stay. Taliaís a friend. Well, whatís going on?

Paige: Well, your brother coded a little while ago. We got him back, but heís in critical condition.

Cole: I have to do something about this. I canít let her stay married to this jerk.

Starr: Well, maybe whatever sheís on, it'll wear off and then she'll dump him.

Cole: I wish my dad were here. All the bad stuff that has been happening wouldnít have happened if he hadnít have died. Look, I'm sorry. I -- I know that you miss your dad, too.

Starr: Yeah, but heís not dead. Um -- Cole? You're right about not wanting your mom to be with that creep, but itís also the best news that I've heard in months.

Miles: Now, how did you find me, Mrs. Laurence? Hmm.

Blair: Yeah, how did you find another fool willing to make an honest woman out of you, huh? So, come on, come on. Letís have a look-see. How much you soak him -- oh, wow! Itís not as big as the one that Todd gave me, but thatís mighty impressive.

Marty: I thought you were supposed to wait for me.

Miles: I know -- I'm sorry. I just -- I'm so proud and happy, I -- I couldnít contain myself. From now on, we do everything together, as married couples do.

Blair: Hmm. You sure have a lot to learn, fella.

Miles: I canít wait to learn it with my wife.

John: So all of this is true?

Marty: Yes.

John: Why?

Cole: How is it good news that my mom married a guy that she hardly knows? I mean, they didnít even go on a date and now heís moving in.

Starr: No, I know, but I --

Cole: Look, there are no "buts" about it. This is a complete nightmare -- how come you canít get that? I mean, I came here because I thought that you would understand, but obviously that was a -- that was a mistake.

Starr: No, Cole, please donít say that. I understand and I know why you're mad at me. I'm being very selfish right now. You're worried about your mom, and I donít blame you for that, but maybe it'll be ok. If this guy makes your mom happy, he canít be all that bad, right?

Cole: No, but she isnít happy. Sheís not happy at all, and you're acting like you've found some golden ticket or something.

Starr: No, Cole, I know I'm being really selfish right now, but I canít not say it. What you're going through, it -- it sucks right now, but your mom marrying Miles could be the way to bring my dad back.

Blair: Come on, Marty, fess up. We're all just dying to know why you married the village idiot here. You couldnít find anybody else to -- to match your wit, or were you hard up for cash? Or, you know what? Maybe it was your hatred for Todd that brought you two together. Is that it? Do two hates make a marriage, John?

Miles: You know, Martyís not even capable of hating anyone.

Blair: Oh.

Miles: Thatís one of the reasons I love her so much. And although I wouldnít seek a friendship with Todd, I donít hate him, either. I only want good things for Todd.

Blair: Oh, yeah, right. Then tell me why you sent Todd to Chicago in the first place to look for his son.

Miles: I was trying to help.

Blair: Like your role model, Spencer? Well, we all know what happened to Spencer, now, donít we? I'm going to find Todd, and when I do, I'm going to make you wish you had it half as good -- you hear me?

David: Sorry I'm not my usual cover boy self. I havenít seen a natural light source in months, and it turned out that asking for a massage in here wasnít such a good idea.

Dorian: Would it help if I replenished your account on my way out?

David: Yes, it would -- cigarettes are like gold in here. Set me up with a carton, I can trade up big-time.

Dorian: Consider it done.

David: So whatís the news in Llanview? Did they find a liver for Jessica?

Dorian: Oh, yes, as a matter of fact, they did. Thatís what I came here to tell you.

David: Well, thatís great news. So whoís the poor schlub who has to quit drinking?

Cristian: I donít understand. I just talked to my brother a little while ago and he was fine -- he was awake and talking. What happened?

Paige: He developed a blood infection.

Talia: Do we know what caused it?

Paige: Well, we gave him an antibiotic for this kind of complication, but obviously it wasnít strong enough, so we've changed that. We also put him on oxygen and dialysis.

Cristian: Well, what if that doesnít work?

Paige: We donít have a lot of options at this point. Antonioís will to live is what will get him through this. Heís got to fight with everything heís got.

Talia: Do you want me to call your family and let them know whatís going on? Cris?

Cristian: What?

Talia: Look, go inside, ok? I'm going to call your mom. I'll go pick her up, ok?

Cristian: Itís not going to work.

Talia: Whatís not going to work?

Cristian: Thereís nothing I could do for my brother. He doesnít want my help.

Nash: Ok, I got to do something. What can I do for you? Come on, tell me. Thereís got to be something I can do for you.

Jessica: I wasnít the only one that had a hard day yesterday. I mean, you almost died in that explosion -- look at you.

Nash: Piece of cake.

Jessica: Nash, I need you to get your rest. I need a fully functioning Nash when I get out of here.

Nash: "Fully --" Say that again.

Jessica: What?

Nash: "Get out of here."

Jessica: When I get out of here.

Nash: You have no idea how sweet that sounds.

Jessica: I do. I want to get out of here so badly, I want to go home.

Nash: We have a lot -- ow -- to work out.

Jessica: Well, is the cottage still standing?

Nash: Far as I know.

Jessica: Well, thatís great. All Bree and I need are four walls and a roof over our head and we're good to go.

Nash: Wasnít sure what you meant by "home."

Jessica: Itís wherever you are.

[Knock on door]

Natalie: Hey!

Jessica: Natalie, hi.

Natalie: You up for some company?

Jessica: Yeah. Oh. My baby. Hi.

Natalie: This little girl has been waiting such a long time to see her mama. Thought you could use some girl power.

Nash: Hi.

Jessica: You thought right.

Nash: Come on.

Natalie: Honey, we wanted to cheer you up.

Jessica: Oh.

Nash: Hey.

Jessica: You are. You are cheering me up. Itís just, you know, I think about what every -- what everybodyís done for me with Antonio and the doctors and it was just so I could see her sweet little face again.

Nash: Itís ok.

Jessica: I donít know how I'm ever going to repay them.

David: So Jessica cheated on Antonio, told him it was over, and made off with a slice of his liver for good measure?

Dorian: That about sums it up.

David: Talk about taking a literal pound of flesh. Screams "Buchanan" to me.

Dorian: Stop it right there. The poor girl was at deathís door.

David: Oh, look, and Antonio did the honorable thing.

Dorian: It takes a big man to make a really big gesture like that, yes.

David: Mm-hmm, and it doesnít surprise you at all, does it? After all, you raised the guy and his brother and --

[David snores]

Dorian: Oh. I am justifiably proud of Antonio, yes, but, David, you're just as much a man as he is, and I'm sure you would've done exactly the same thing if it had come down to you.

David: Well, I'm just glad we didnít have to find that out. Listen, I'm falling apart in here. I've gained almost four pounds and my body fat is approaching double digits.

Dorian: I really am worried about you being cooped up in here.

David: Well, donít. We donít want any lines on that pretty face of yours. I'm sure Clint wouldnít like that, either.

Dorian: Clint likes me exactly as I am.

David: Treats you real good?

Dorian: We're very happy.

David: Well, at least one of us is.

Dorian: David, things would be much easier for you if you would just tell John McBain that you didnít kill Spencer Truman. And they would be a lot easier, of course, if you knew who actually did kill Spencer.

David: Oh, I do.

Dorian: Excuse me?

David: Yeah, didnít I tell you? It was Marty Saybrooke. Sheís the brave girl who put Spencerís soul on ice.

John: Psst -- ground control to Major Tom. Cool it with the threats or you're going to be the one that ends up in the cell.

Blair: Oh.

Miles: Itís ok. I wouldnít press charges anyway. I understand Blairís frustration. I'm in love, too. And I donít know what I would do if I couldnít be with Marty. Not knowing what has become of Todd, whether heís dead or alive -- must be agony for you.

Blair: You know something.

Miles: Whatever you need to do to hold on to your hope, I -- I understand it. Itís ok with me -- just as long as you donít hurt my wife.

Blair: Oh, you call this a marriage, Miles?

Miles: Yeah.

Blair: Marty, we've known each other a long time, havenít we? I've seen you in love, and I'm telling you right now this is not the look of a woman in love.

Jessica: Oh, thatís it.

Nash: Yes! I think she knows that something is different.

Jessica: Ah, sheís not used to being with us like this.

Nash: I gotcha, I gotcha.

Natalie: I'm not really used to you guys like this, either. I -- I didnít expect -- I didnít expect you to look so good together, and I'm really glad that you're happy.

[Bree laughs]

[Knock on door]

Paige: Hello? Oh, you have lots of company.

Natalie: I should scram.

Paige: Thatís ok, I'm just here to check her vitals. Hi, sweetheart! Hi!

[Bree fusses]

Jessica: Sheís fussy.

Paige: Oh -- you get so beautiful every time I see you.

Talia: Cris, why donít you want to go in and see him?

Cristian: I just said itís not going to work.

Talia: Look, I donít mean to pry, but if there was ever a time to put aside your differences with your brother -- Paige just got finished telling us how serious this is. Antonio needs help.

Cristian: Not from me.

Talia: Of course from you -- of course. From everyone who cares about him.

Cristian: You donít know what the hell is going on, all right, so stop acting like you know whatís best for my brother. You know, Antonio isnít lying in that bed because of some racist or because of Jessica. Heís lying in that bed because of me. I knew for months what was going on with Jessica and Nash, and I didnít tell anyone. I didnít do a damn thing to protect my brother, which is all heís ever done for me. You know, even when I was in prison, he went out of his way to make my -- make sure my life didnít fall apart, and what do I do when I get the chance to do the same for him, huh? I screw it up.

Talia: Cristian, donít do this.

Cristian: I'm not doing anything! Damn it, I'm telling the truth! If I told him from the start what was going on, none of this would've happened!

Jessica: Howís Antonio doing?

Paige: Well, actually, there -- thereís been a complication.

Jessica: What kind of complication?

Paige: He -- he has septicemia. Thatís a blood infection.

Nash: That sounds serious.

Paige: It is. Heís in for a real fight.

Dorian: Marty Saybrooke killed Spencer --

David: Shh! Ixnay on the olume-vay.

Dorian: Marty Saybrooke killed Spencer? How on earth did you come up with that?

David: I've been pretty popular lately. The guys on cellblock d are awfully jealous that I've had not one, but two knockout women visit me.

Dorian: Huh. So aside from me --

David: Marty.

Dorian: Why was she coming to visit you?

David: Donít sound so surprised -- sheís been hot for me for a decade. Anyway, she shows up out of the blue, she accuses me of lying about killing Spencer, says she knows for a fact that I didnít do it, and she backs it up with all this psychoanalytical gobbledygook about my character, none of which was even remotely accurate, by the way.

Dorian: But why would you assume that Marty killed Spencer? I mean, maybe one of her patients confessed to her.

David: Well, then why come talk to me about it? Now, Marty is one of those upstanding types. Sheís not going to snitch on one of her circle of loons, even the scissor-happy ones. She was positive of my innocence, and it wasnít just a leap of faith. She talked like she had actual, tangible evidence.

Dorian: Then there is only one thing left to do -- get you out of here and put Marty in your place.

David: You shut your mouth.

Marty: I know how this must look -- it was very sudden.

John: I didnít even know you two were dating.

Marty: Yeah, itís just not something I advertised. Thatís why I came to talk to you the other day when we were interrupted. Um -- if I'd gotten a chance to tell you, it wouldnít come as such a shock now.

Blair: You donít love this guy. You can barely tolerate him.

Marty: Well, you and Todd know better than anyone that you donít always marry for love. Miles is my friend, and we both know that love isnít something everyone is lucky to come across once, let alone twice in a lifetime. And I know that Miles is someone I could spend my life with.

Blair: Well, way to settle, Marty. Setting a great example for your son. Hmm.

Marty: Look, I came and said what I needed to say.

John: Yeah, I guess congratulations are in order. Actually, can you spare me a minute alone?

Miles: Uh, she canít. We have a lot on our plates as you can imagine. We're even thinking about doing a little fashionably late wedding reception. Hmm? We'll keep you up on the details. Shall we?

Blair: What the hell was that?

Cole: I came down here because I had nowhere else to go. I -- I needed a friend and you were the only one I could trust. I thought you would understand.

Starr: No, Cole, I do. My mom did the same thing with Spencer Truman that your mom is doing with Miles. And my mom always talks down to me about me and my decisions, and then she goes out and makes lousy ones of her own.

Cole: Yeah, but, see, my mom doesnít do that. I mean, this is not like her at all. And I canít help but feeling that itís my fault.

Starr: But, Cole, you didnít go and tell her to marry the first guy that she came across.

Cole: Yeah, but I told her she needed to move on. Now, I love my dad, but heís not coming back. And my mom is not getting any younger and I donít want her to spend the rest of her life by herself. But I -- I have to tell you, this Miles guy, thereís just -- thereís something not right about him. I mean, heís always smiling in a -- a really weird, phony way. Ok, go ahead. Why donít you tell me what you're thinking.

Starr: Wait -- no. Cole, not now. I -- you're so freaked out about your mom and you shouldnít have to worry about me and my problems, especially the way I just treated you.

Cole: Well, why donít you just tell me? Why donít you just ask, please?

Starr: Cole, my dad is in a lot of trouble right now, obviously. And my mom, for a lot of reasons, thinks that Miles Laurence knows how to find him. And if you could find out something, anything, it would mean the world to me.

Nash: Uh -- uh -- septi-- septi--

Paige: Cemia.

Nash: Did Antonio get that because of something I did?

Paige: No. No, Nash, what you did was incredible, it was heroic, and we could never have expected any more of you.

Natalie: Is he with his mom?

Paige: Sheís on her way, and Cristianís there now.

Natalie: You know, I'm -- I'm going to go talk to Cris. Do you mind if I cut out for a few -- thanks.

Jessica: Please. Whatís going to happen, Paige?

Paige: Well, we donít really know. We're going to do everything we can. And meanwhile, you just have to try to stay healthy so that Antonioís gift wasnít given to you in vain.

Cristian: You heard?

Natalie: You ok?

Cristian: Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to tell my mom whatís going on. Whew. I want to go in there and talk to him, but I just donít want to make things worse. You know, dr. Miller said that he -- he needs the will to live, and I'm really scared heís lost that. Itís just that, you know, my telling him how -- how much we need him -- it doesnít carry much weight right now.

Natalie: Cristian, you're not giving him a choice, not by sitting out here and talking to me about it. You got to let Antonio make that decision.

Talia: Your brotherís a little reluctant to come in here, so here I am. You made such a huge sacrifice, saving Jessicaís life. But you're not done yet. Ok? You donít want your daughter thinking that when you do something good, it -- it ends bad. You want to teach your little girl that when you help someone, there can be a happy ending. You got to fight this. And you got to do it for her.

Starr: Cole, look, I know my dad can be a jerk sometimes, but I love him, and I understand that if you donít want to help because of the way heís treated you, but I just -- I had to ask because if I didnít --

Cole: Yes.

Starr: I wouldnít be able to forgive -- yes?

Cole: I donít know how. You and I can figure that out together. But I'll do whatever I can for your dad.

Starr: Cole, thank you. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much --

Cole: All right. I'd better get going.

Starr: Well, if -- if thereís -- um -- anytime you want to talk about anything, maybe even other than this, maybe we could find out a way so that we donít break the rules.

Cole: That would be nice. I'll see you at school.

Dorian: Excuse me. Did you just tell me to --

David: To shut your mouth? Yes, I did. And you will, because if you ruin this, so help me --

Dorian: Ruin it? Ruin? Sit down, please. Please. I'm not ruining anything. I am mounting a rescue mission here. I am saving you from yourself, from the aging effects of -- of hard labor and gang warfare, and whatever else it is that goes on behind those bars.

David: And you're liberating me of $10 million while you're at it.

Dorian: A small price to pay for your life.

David: Yeah, spoken like a woman whose house is on the star maps of Llanview. Do you have any idea how much $10 million will buy me in Guatemala? I donít even know where that is, but I'll live like an emperor.

Dorian: Provided you live long enough to get your hands on that money. Anyway, since when has Asa kept a promise? Except to maim and destroy and exact reve-- please. You will never see a penny of that money.

David: Donít you screw this up for me, Dorian.

Dorian: I only want whatís best for you.

David: If you stay on your current course, what will be best for me is to move in permanently to the blue room at La Boulaie. And your new boyfriend wonít like that too much, will he? You know, come to think of it, why donít you move in with Clint, who lives with his daddy, and you can see Asaís smiling face every morning.

Dorian: Can you really stand it in here?

David: I'll get out. You'll come with me. $10 million will buy us all the Botox we'll collectively need.

Dorian: Itís so crazy. Throwing away years of your life like this.

David: Hey, itís better than working for a living.

Dorian: Ok. I've got no other choice, do I? I'll do what you want. I'll keep my mouth shut.

David: Not your best event, I know. So I appreciate it.

Dorian: You're trying to take my ring off. Stop that!

David: Come on, it'll get me a lot of money in here. All right. I got to get back to work. Got laundry to fold, toilets to clean, and a musical to choreograph.

Dorian: David?

David: Hey, itís going to be ok. I promise. I know you care about me. That means the world to me. But stay out of it, Dorian.

Dorian: Oh.

David: And keep Marty Saybrooke out of it, too.

Dorian: Whatever works for you. I promise.

David: Thank you.

Blair: Did you believe a word of that? I mean, itís a pack of lies.

John: I'm not going to get into this with you. And you know what? As a matter of fact, next time you need to go off on someone, do it in someone elseís office, all right?

Blair: Ok. Fine. Next time, I wonít involve you unnecessarily. But you have to face it that Marty has now involved herself with our prime suspect, Miles, by marrying him. Toddís gone! And Miles has something to do with it, John. I know that, and you do, too. Look, I have two kids at home that are worried sick about their father, and I -- I need some answers.

John: I know.

Blair: I need something.

John: I know you do, all right? But right now, we got nothing, all right? This -- this clown, Laurence -- he can prove he was right here in Llanview when you and Todd were in Chicago.

Blair: Oh, and thatís supposed to make me trust him?

John: No, no, it stinks. He stinks. But this is all I can do.

Blair: Maybe you, but not me. Hey. Why arenít you in school?

Starr: Um -- first period was free.

Blair: Hmm. You are a very smart girl. I think you can come up with a better idea than that.

Starr: My head just wasnít really in the game this morning.

Blair: I love that picture of you and your dad.

Starr: No more news, huh?

Blair: No, not yet.

Starr: Mom? What do you think Dadís thinking?

Blair: I bet you that your dad is thinking how much he misses you and jack, and how much heís dying to come home. But then, knowing your dad the way we know your dad, we got to throw in a little revenge in there, too, right? What do you think heís thinking?

Starr: I donít want to say.

Blair: Come on, sweetie, you can tell me anything.

Starr: Sometimes I wonder if heís thinking anything at all.

Blair: Oh --

Starr: Do you think Dadís going to come back?

Dorian: This is for your own good, David. Good day.

John: Oh. Dr. Lord, what can I do for you?

Dorian: Not a thing, actually. Itís what I can do for you. This is your lucky day, Lieutenant.

John: Not so far.

Dorian: Oh. Itís about to go uphill from here. I have information about Spencer Trumanís murder.

Miles: So can I do anything for you? Can I get you something?

Marty: I'd -- really like some peace and quiet right now.

Miles: Why does it have to be this way?

Marty: What way is that, Miles?

Miles: Well, you're -- you're angry, resentful. We're married now. Canít you try to see the positive side of it?

Marty: And what would that be?

Miles: A promise of a bright future, a partnership. Perhaps love. I mean, just like you said when you told Blair and John why you got married.

Marty: Those were lies, Miles.

Miles: Well, Spencer saw potential in me. He helped me realize it. I see it in us, and I want to do for you what Spencer did for me.

Marty: Donít touch me!

Cole: Hey! What are you doing to her?

Natalie: Before you came back -- you know, when we thought you were dead -- Antonio and I talked. Sometimes we'd go to the diner. We'd share stories about the things that we didnít get to say to you before you died. I donít want you to have those regrets, Cristian. Not if you can do something about it.

Talia: I have given you two good talking-tos in as many weeks, and you know what? That really ought to be reason enough for you to pull through. So you can kick my ass. Ok, I'll leave you be.

Cristian: Stay, please.

Jessica: You know, this whole time, I tried to focus on one step -- you know, getting the transplant. And I didnít want to assume that I'd get one, so I tried not to imagine my life afterwards.

Nash: Something tells me you didnít have much luck with that.

Jessica: No, I didnít, and no matter how hard I tried, I just -- I couldnít help imagining my life with you and Bree. But every scenario that there was -- every dream -- Antonio was in it. You know, maybe not as our friend, but he was in there and some way, somehow, he was there. And I donít know how I'd live with myself if he died to save me.

Cristian: Ok. You're going to hear this, whether you like it or not. Well, the trouble is you really need to be awake to hear this. I screwed up. You know, thereís -- thereís -- thereís no excuse for what I did. But you are my brother. And I love you. You know, Antonio, none of us are perfect. But you know, we're a family. And without you, itís just -- it just wouldnít be the same, man. Ok? So if you want to be mad, fine. Fine, be mad all you want, but be mad here, huh, where we can see it. Maybe we should call dr. Miller so she can check on him?

Talia: Yep. I'll take care of it.

Antonio: You know, if you guys are -- if you guys are going to talk so much, maybe you should take it outside. I'm trying to sleep this thing off.

[Inmates chatter]

David: What does a guy have to do to get some peace and quiet around here?

John: I'm listening. What do you know about Trumanís murder?

Dorian: Well, if you would just use your imagination --

John: Spit it out, dr. Lord. What do you got?

Dorian: I know who killed Spencer Truman, and it wasnít David Vickers.

Marty: No, sweetie, everything is fine. Miles and I were just having a disagreement. Thatís all.

Cole: Hmm. Already?

Marty: Arenít you late for school?

Cole: I'm taking a mental health day.

Miles: I think thatís a great idea. Why donít we all take one together? Our first day as a family. We have a lot of getting to know each other to do.

Blair: I know that I have made a lot of promises to you, Starr, and I know that on a lot of them, I havenít come through for you. But I promise you this -- that I'm going to find your father. Heís out there, and heís alive. Because if he were dead, I would feel it right here. My heart would have completely stopped. But it hasnít. And I'm going to find him, and I'm going to bring your daddy home, all right?

Starr: Sometimes this life can seem too much yeah sometimes I feel like giving up

Britney: And when I donít know how to find my strength you're right there taking hold of me

All: Sticking together we can take on the world oh, yeah together we can do anything if we just believe together you and me

Marcie: I'll be the one to take your hand whenever you are down

All: We'll always be your biggest fan and donít you ever doubt that in times of laughter times of tears you just reach out and I'll be here


Marcie: Together we can do anything

All: Together we can do anything if we just believe we can take on the rain we can survive the pain we can be everything that we need to each other

Marcie: Together we can do anything

All: Together

Marcie: Yeah, yeah, yeah

All: We can take on the world

Marcie: Oh, oh

All: Together we can do anything if we just believe together you and me

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dorian: I know who killed Spencer Truman.

Miles: Why donít you tell your son the truth, Marty?

Clint: Antonioís awake.

Jessica: I'd like to see him now.

Cristian: I want my brother back -- is that possible?

Starr: I'm finally going to do something about Dad.

Boy: Well, what do you know, you ainít dead yet.

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