OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/7/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/7/07


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Rex: That's it, I'm out of here. Come on, just a little bit louder.

John: Listen, if I have to come down there -- I need it now, I donít even know why it'd take this long.

Talia: I got it.

John: Never mind.

Talia: It's the forensics report on the bomb.

Bo: Hmm -- no fingerprints but yours.

John: No surprises there.

Talia: There werenít any fatalities, right?

Bo: None.

Talia: Thank God. Commissioner, I know how worried you've been about your niece.

Bo: Well, the worst is over now. She made it out of surgery. So did Antonio.

Nash: Good morning.

Jessica: Is it morning?

Nash: Has been for a while.

Jessica: Oh.

Nash: How do you feel?

Jessica: I'm not sure.

Nash: Well, you're going to be fine. No one can hurt us anymore.

Paige: Good morning.

Nash: Hey, she just woke up.

Paige: Did you sleep well, Jessica?

Jessica: Not really. Um, I kept on waking up and thinking about Antonio. How's he doing? Tell me.

Adriana: "Hundreds were evacuated and dozens injured in last night's attack on the hospital. Llanview police assure us that they are vigorously investigating the source of the explosion, but due to the extent of the damage, the investigation is expected to take several weeks."

Antonio: As soon as I can stand up, I'm out of this bed and I'm going to work the case.

Michael: I'm sorry, but that's not going to be happening for a while.

Cristian: Is it ok?

Michael: How you feeling?

Antonio: I'm sore --

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: Around the incision.

Michael: Well, that's no surprise, since you were sewn up twice.

Antonio: Twice?

Michael: Last time by one of our physicians here a few hours ago, and the first time you were still under anesthesia -- and your surgeon was Nash.

Antonio: What?

Michael: When the bomb went off, all the entrances to the O.R. were blocked. Myself, Dr. Harrison, and Kent were knocked out, walls were coming down all around us. Bottom line is the only person who could get to you was Nash. I talked him through it, but he closed you up, kept you from bleeding to death. I say, he did a pretty good job.

Antonio: What are you saying?

Michael: It's actually pretty simple -- Nash saved your life.

Blair: How'd you sleep? Yeah -- me, too.

Starr: Why am I being like this?

Blair: Like what, sweetie?

Starr: I'm thinking about the stupidest things when Dad is missing, and that whole explosion happened at the hospital and so many people are sick. And I know that if Dad was here right now, he would -- he would be mad that I was so upset over everything, but he would comfort me and -- he's not even there for me right now.

Blair: Starr -- Starr, come on, honey. Shh. Nobody is going to be mad at you, ok? Why donít you just tell me what you're feeling?

Starr: Cole's going to the prom with the girl who hates me most in this world.

Cole: Mom? What -- I -- I didnít know they were going to let you out of the hospital so early. Why didnít somebody call me? I would've come to get you.

Miles: I took care of that last night.

Cole: What -- last night?

Miles: Mm-hmm.

Cole: So that means you were released yesterday? That means you spent the night with Miles?

Marty: Cole, there's something I need to tell you. And Miles promised he would give us some privacy.

Miles: Your mother and I spent the night in Las Vegas -- getting married. Cole, I'm your new dad.

Blair: Starr, I know that it hurts and I'm so sorry.

Starr: Mom, please -- the last thing you and Dad wanted was for me and Cole to be together. Would you just stop trying to be so sympathetic because you're not. You donít care, ok?

Blair: What?

Starr: Or maybe you do -- you're happy that Cole found somebody else.

Blair: Ok. No, no --

Starr: No, you're probably jumping for joy.

Blair: All right, you can stop right there because I am not happy, ok? I am not happy. Why would I be happy if my daughter is so miserable?

Starr: As if there isnít enough for me to be miserable about? My dad is missing and all I can think about is who Cole is bringing to the dance! What is wrong with me?

Blair: Starr, Starr, Starr --

Starr: My God, I hate myself!

Blair: Starr, listen to me. Listen -- look at me, all right? It is ok what you are feeling right now, and just because you're upset about your father missing -- it doesnít mean that all these other problems that you're having arenít real and important. I mean, going to the prom is a huge deal! I know that. I remember, Starr. You know, I was a teenager once, and even though I didnít get to go to the prom --

Starr: You never told me about that.

Blair: Well, I wanted to go, but -- well, we never had a chance to talk about that kind of stuff.

Starr: Well, what happened?

Blair: Well, there was this guy. His name was Keith and I thought he was "it." He was really handsome and funny, and smart. And he had all kinds of girlfriends. He didnít even notice that I was even alive.

Starr: Yeah, well, he must've been blind.

Blair: You're sweet. But, see, I was this poor foster girl, you know -- totally not cool. But I kept on hoping and praying that he would notice me and just in time to ask me to the prom.

Starr: And he didnít.

Blair: No, he didnít. He asked mean Brenda instead -- this mean, gorgeous popular cheerleader, Brenda. I hated her as much as she hated me, and that made things even worse. Sweetie, I know what that feels like. I mean, I know it must be kind of what you're feeling with Cole and that girl that he asked.

Starr: Britney.

Blair: Britney. [Blair sighs] Baby, I am so sorry.

Marty: This isnít how I wanted him to find out.

Miles: I -- I know. I'm sorry. I just, I'm --

Marty: And there's no way you will ever be his new dad.

Miles: No, of course not. I -- talk about jumping the gun. Look, I -- I shouldnít have said that. What I should've said was stepfather. I just -- I'm so excited. And I -- I'm hoping in time that you will accept me, maybe even that way. I've -- I've always looked forward to having a son.

Cole: This is a joke, right? I mean, you didnít really go to Vegas and marry this guy? You -- you werenít even dating, you hardly even know him. Say something, mother.

Marty: Cole, I wanted to be the one to tell you. Miles promised he would allow me that.

Cole: "Allow" you? What the hell is going on?

Miles: I -- your mother and I, we entered into this together. We stand together, as husband and wife.

Marty: I did marry Miles last night. We are husband and wife. Now, I -- I know this is a shock, but I can explain.

Cole: Yeah? I'm listening. Go ahead.

John: I see they found an L.E.D. display -- probably used that for the timer.

Talia: That sounds a lot more complicated than the one we found. Maybe this guy knows more about bombs than we thought.

Bo: We've got to profile the ringleader. That's a priority.

Talia: Do you really think that he's acting by himself?

John: I donít know. But the more mistakes he makes, the closer we are to nailing him.

Kirk: I'm not going to sit around and watch you jeopardize your career.

Tate: Yeah, well, you donít get to make decisions anymore about my future or anything else.

Kirk: This girl is not right for you!

Tate: How the hell would you know what's right for me? I know what I need, ok? And if that doesnít meet with your approval, you can just --

Kirk: This goes way beyond some girl and we both know what I'm talking about.

Rex: Now that I heard.

Paige: Antonio is stable. He had some complications, but we put him on high doses of antibiotics just as a precaution, and he's doing well -- as are you. Your levels are good. They're way up since before the surgery.

Jessica: Well, I'm really grateful for the second chance, but I wish I knew how to repay Antonio for what he's done for me.

Paige: Well, when you save somebody's life, that's enough of a reward in itself, donít you think? I'm sure that's what you feel. You saved Antonio's life. You're a real hero.

Antonio: Nash did what?

Michael: He saved your life, without question. And I got to tell you, he did a really good job, better than a lot of the interns.

Antonio: Tell me again. Why didnít you --

Michael: Look, I went up to the gallery right before the explosion, ok? I got stuck. Now, I was trying to remember how it was that I learned, you know, not to take anything for granted -- you know, think like a newbie. And I directed Nash, and he closed you up. The rest is history. You're still here.

Adriana: That's incredible. So, if Nash hadnít stitched Antonio up --

Michael: We would be having a very different conversation right now.

Cristian: Yeah, we're all glad you're ok, Antonio.

Michael: But the most important thing is that you get some rest.

Antonio: No.

Michael: No? Who's the doctor here?

Antonio: I need to speak to Nash. Find him.

Blair: I think that you could ask somebody else to go to the prom. Break the Cramer prom curse. I mean, maybe it's not going to be your first choice, but there are a lot of cute guys in your class -- I've seen them. Really cute. Ask somebody else.

Starr: No, Mom! I am not going to that prom.

Blair: Well, why not?

Starr: Because even if there was a guy I could ask or one that would ask me -- which there isnít -- how could I go there the whole time and watch Britney hang all over Cole? I would want to throw up. That would not be fun for me. I'd rather stick needles in my eyes.

Blair: Ok, ok. I donít know, I just kind of had this fantasy of you in your "beautiful" princess gown out in the garden back here with all of Dorian's flowers with your handsome prince in his tux. [Blair giggles] I'd take tons of pictures of you guys.

Starr: The only thing is, is that my invisible prom date wouldnít show up in the pictures. And it wouldnít be you that would be taking them -- it would be Dad because he's an amazing photographer.

Blair: You're right.

Starr: I'm just trying to stay strong.

Blair: Your dad's a better photographer than me.

Starr: I'm really sorry.

Blair: It's ok, donít be.

Starr: No, really, I -- I'm whining about the prom and then I start talking about Dad and I get upset about that --

Blair: Hey, hey. It's ok for you to be upset about your dad. Can you imagine what he would think if you -- if you werenít worried about him and you were always cool with all of this, huh?

Starr: Yeah, he would be pretty upset.

Blair: Starr, I'm not giving up on your dad, ok? I'm going to find him, and he's alive out there. I would know it if he were dead. I would feel it right here, but he's not.

Starr: What about -- what about John McBain? You -- you said that he's too busy to go out and look for Dad because of the whole --

Blair: Forget about John McBain. I have hired a very important P.I. Who's going to find your dad, all right? But, I think the one person who's responsible for your dad missing is right here in Llanview.

Starr: And who is that?

Blair: Miles Laurence. I think he knows a lot more than he's saying about a lot of things.

Marty: I know this seems sudden, but this is what Miles and I have wanted, so, um, we figured why wait?

Cole: One thing you have never, ever done is lie to me, Mom. And you are so lying right now, it's sick! So why'd you really do this, huh?

Miles: The reason I asked your mother to marry me is quite simple -- I'm in love with her.

Cole: Ok. But is she in love with you?

Miles: Uh -- I certainly hope so.

Cole: Well, are you, mother?

Marty: I know it was the right thing to do.

Cole: That's not an answer!

Marty: Look, Cole, a lot of things go into a decision to marry -- different things.

Cole: I canít believe this. This is like some really bad horror movie where people look the same, but they're really aliens. Mom, you're like some pod person! What is the matter with you?

Marty: I've been lonely -- you know that. I've been wanting some companionship. You told me that I needed to go out and start dating.

Cole: Dating, yeah!

Marty: This is the right thing for me.

Cole: Do you love him?

Marty: I think I can, with time.

Cole: Huh. You -- you think you can? You "think" you can love him? Oh, my God -- that is something you would never say! You were drunk.

Marty: No.

Cole: No, that has to be it. You drank yourself into a stupor, and then by the time you sobered up, you realized what you had done, but it was too late.

Miles: Now, Cole, that is disrespectful.

Cole: Hey, you know what? Be quiet. I mean, this is the only thing that makes sense. On the morning after she almost dies in an explosion, my mother walks through the door with a strange guy telling me that she jumped on a plane, flew to Vegas, and got married. How could you not have been drunk? Or drugged? Did you -- did you drug her?

Miles: Cole, no.

Cole: You know what? Do you even remember what happened?

Marty: Cole, he didnít force me to do this. I wanted to do it, it was my choice.

Cole: I donít believe it, any of it. This is like some insane nightmare. It's an insult to Dad's memory, that's what it is.

Marty: Please donít say that, please. Nobody will ever replace your father in my heart.

Cole: What would Dad think if he saw you right now, huh?

Marty: Cole, I need you to be ok with this.

Cole: No! No, I am not going to be ok with this! I told you to go out and date! I didnít tell you to go out and get married, and I definitely didnít tell you to go out and get married to this guy! I told you to go out with John McBain!

John: Yeah, Tate Harmon -- that's right. Well, he had surgery at your clinic. No, I donít have a warrant.

Bo: Then get one! Now, we could sell this to a judge. We should've followed up on Balsom's lead just like that.

John: I'll call you back.

Bo: All right, I want you two to get all the information you possibly can on Harmon, on his surgery, on -- on his friends.

Talia: Yes, sir, but if -- if Harmon was the arsonist, the racist, then why is he working for Layla and Adriana? They're not white.

John: Yeah, I donít know if I'm sold on this, either, but would be a hell of a cover, wouldnít it?

Bo: Right, right. There is something definitely that's not right with this guy, so get a warrant.

John: Got it, boss.

Blair: Excuse me, guys. I -- I want to talk to you, John, if you donít mind.

Bo: Ok with me. We're finished here. Got to get the warrant.

John: You got it.

Blair: Look, my kids are worried and I am really tired of waiting around here.

John: Yes, Blair, I understand, but we havenít heard anything from Chicago.

Blair: Well, forget about Chicago.

John: Forget about Chicago?

Blair: Yes. I think the best lead we got here is right here in Llanview.

John: Go on.

Blair: Miles Laurence.

Miles: You wanted your mother to date John McBain?

Cole: She's spent a lot more time with him than she has with you.

Miles: Yeah, because they work together sometimes at Llanview P.D. That's not love.

Cole: And this is?

Marty: Miles? I would like some time alone with my son.

Miles: Ok. That's fine. I have something to do anyway. Excuse me. I havenít even left yet and I'm already missing my new bride.

Marty: Hmm.

Miles: Hey, why donít we have dinner together tonight, huh? Break the ice a little? Ok. Um -- I'll see you soon.

Cole: The truth, Mom -- right now! What the hell is going on?

Kirk: Tate, things are getting out of hand!

Tate: Not for me, ok? I have everything under control. You're the one who's losing it.

Kirk: I donít make snap decisions, unlike you -- going around making a complete fool of yourself on national television, couch-hopping on "the view"? What were you thinking?

Tate: When are you going to let that go?

Kirk: People are getting suspicious.

Rex: Hi, guys. Am I interrupting?

Cristian: Sorry to interrupt, but my brother sent me. He wants to see you, Nash.

Jessica: Is Antonio ok?

Cristian: He's tired, a little out of it, but as far as how he is, he's not exactly confiding in me about that. But, you know, at least he acknowledged my existence.

Jessica: You two will be close again, Cristian. The second I'm strong enough, I'm going to go to him and I'm going to say that I asked you, I begged you to keep my confidence and I -- I'm just going to tell him that it's not your fault, he canít blame you.

Cristian: Thanks, but I'm not sure that would make a whole lot of difference. Anyway, he wants to see you, man.

Nash: Ok.

Cristian: I'll stay here with Jess till you get back if that's ok with you, Jess.

Jessica: Of course it is.

Cristian: Ok.

Jessica: Go talk to Antonio. I mean, you saved his life -- he knows that.

Nash: Yeah.

Adriana: Do you want me to shut the lights so you can get some rest?

Antonio: No.

Adriana: Look, Antonio, I know that you're waiting for Nash, but donít you think it's a little early to be dredging all this stuff up? I mean, you're on a lot of medication, you need your rest.

Antonio: I need to speak to him.

Adriana: I'll go. See you later. Take care of yourself.

Antonio: Thank you.

Adriana: He's very tired. Donít stay long, and donít you dare upset him.

Nash: How you feeling?

Antonio: My sister thought I called you in here to thank you for what you did for me. That's not the reason.

Nash: Got something else on your mind?

Antonio: I hope the two of you burn in hell. I know you're some kind of hero around here for what you did -- sewing me up. If you're looking for some kind of thank-you, some kind of opening for us to become friends again, not going to happen.

Nash: Ok.

Antonio: I gave Jessica a part of my liver to save her life because it was the right thing to do.

Nash: Well, she would have died without it.

Antonio: The same principle applies for what you did for me. You did it because it was the right thing. If I would have died, it would have been hanging over your head. Right?

Nash: Yeah, I supposed if I had had time to think about it -- which I didnít -- I would have come to the conclusion that I didnít want to be left with your blood on my hands. But like I said, I didnít have time. So we donít owe each other anything. And as for that little message to Jessica -- no. I'm sorry, she got enough on her plate right now.

Antonio: Jessica talked to me before I went under.

Nash: Yeah. I saw from the gallery.

Antonio: You know what she said? She loved me once.

Nash: I think that's obvious. She'd have to if she was going to stay with you, right?

Antonio: If any part of you did this in the hopes that someday, I'd forgive you, you did it for the wrong reasons.

Nash: No, it's like you said. I would have done it for a stranger.

Antonio: Go. Get out of here.

John: Look, Laurence stinks to high heaven. But at this point, my hands are tied.

Blair: The only thing that you have that connects Todd and Miles is that letter that -- that Spencer gave to Miles.

John: Right.

Blair: Come on, John, you know that there's something more. You know it. Why arenít you saying anything? John! Look, I've got to feel like at least we're doing something. I mean, will you look into it for me, please?

John: Look, I need you to trust that I am doing that for you, that I'm doing it in ways that I canít always tell you right now.

Blair: Wait -- is this some kind of honor code thing that you're, like, playing on me? What?

John: Blair, I understand that you want answers, but this is not a straight line investigation.

Blair: What are you talking about?

John: Just know that I am watching Laurence very, very closely.

Blair: Well -- well, good. Because -- ahem -- you're going to get a chance to watch him really closely in just a few minutes.

John: What?

Blair: Yeah -- I -- I invited him to come to your office to talk to us. How's that? He should be here any -- any minute.

[Knock on door]

John: You in --

Blair: He's here.

Miles: Well, I canít imagine why I've been summoned here. But this is the best day of my life. So there's nothing the two of you can do to spoil it. So -- ah -- what is it you'd like to know? Or should I go first?

Marty: The truth is complicated.

Cole: And I wouldnít understand? What, am I a total idiot?

Marty: No, of course not.

Cole: Ok, then please, tell me why you jumped on a plane, flew to Vegas, and got married to a complete stranger?

Marty: Hey, your happiness means everything to me.

Cole: Again, that is not an answer. The way you're talking, you donít even sound like yourself.

Marty: Look, Miles is a wealthy man, and he can give us a good life.

Cole: Ok -- ok, you know what? Now I know you're lying. Or you're some imposter pretending to be my mother.

Marty: No, Cole --

Cole: No, you've never worried about money. We already have a good life, Mom. If you're -- if you're so worried about it, I can get a job.

Marty: No. No, that's not it. But --

Cole: But what?

Marty: It had to be done.

Cole: Why?

Marty: For you. I did it for you.

Cole: Huh. I canít even listen to this anymore.

Marty: Cole, please, this -- this doesnít have to change anything between you and me.

Cole: Are you kidding me? It already has. Well, now, either you're lying, or there's something wrong with you. I mean, did it happen in the explosion? Did your brain chemistry get all screwed up? Because brain damage is the only thing that makes sense right now.

Marty: No, Cole, there is nothing wrong with me. Please, I need your support on this. I mean this. You are everything to me, and I canít do this without you.

Cole: Maybe you should have thought of that before you married Miles Laurence.

Marty: No, Cole, please --

Cole: I got to get out of here. I canít even look at you now.

Rex: Ahem -- see, I was over there having a cup of coffee. I was just kind of -- I was lost in thought, and I heard the two of you bickering. You know, it's hard to see two grown men -- father and son, no less -- going at it like that. But who am I to talk? I donít have a dad. But I do have a father figure, who just happens --

Tate: Yeah, like we care, Rex. Why donít you go away, huh? Go back to your table.

Rex: Well, before I do, I heard something about a girl. And since I'm assuming the girl in question is Adriana --

Tate: So what if it was? You lost, ok? You're done. Get over it.

Kirk: I'm leaving. We're not done.

Tate: Well, what the hell is your problem?

Rex: Hey, I'm not the one who started making a scene in here. You and your creepy dad -- sure is controlling, isnít he? Trying to run your life, calling the shots --

Tate: Shut up.

Rex: But I'm guessing you're a real disappointment to the old man. That he had high hopes for you, and you never really fulfilled those hopes, and --

Tate: You know what? I told you to shut the hell up, didnít I? You donít know anything about me, or my father. So donít open your mouth about me or him again. Do you hear me?

Rex: Or else what? Going to jump up and down on the barstool, tell the whole world you can kick my ass?

Adriana: My God, Rex. When is this going to stop?

John: Look, since you were the reason Todd went to Chicago, I think the drum major here and I were wondering if maybe you would help us try to clear up why he disappeared in the first place.

Miles: Hmm. Well, donít you think if I had the information, I would have given it to you by now?

Blair: Not if you're trying to protect someone -- like yourself.

John: Uh -- Blair, maybe I'll handle this. It's my office. I'll handle it.

Miles: I donít need handling.

John: Oh.

Miles: You can accuse me. You can berate me. But it doesnít faze me in the least.

Blair: Is this some kind of joke to you? It's some kind of joke to him. What are you talking about? Why are you so cheerful?

Miles: I told you. This is the happiest day of my entire life. Oh, please, feel free to congratulate me.

John: I know I'm going to regret this. For what?

Miles: As of last night, I am no longer a single man.

Blair: You got married?

Miles: I did, indeed. To the woman of my dreams.

Marty: Damn it! Oh, God, Patrick. I'm so sorry. I miss you so much. But I didnít know what else to do. I mean, I couldnít just leave him alone. And I couldnít think of anything else. And I donít love him. Huh. God. I donít know what to do. Patrick, I donít know -- I donít know --

Starr: I'll just move. [Starr gasps] Cole?

Cole: Hey, I needed to see you.

Starr: Why? What -- did something happen?

Cole: Yeah, something happened, and I donít know what to do.

Starr: Shh.

Cole: And the only person I could think of to talk about it is you.

Cristian: When Antonio was in the O.R., all I could think about was, what if I donít get to make my peace with my own brother?

Jessica: No, you will.

Cristian: I hope so. But I tell you, if roles were reversed, I'd -- I'd be just as angry. I donít know if I could ever get over it.

Jessica: Hey. How is Antonio? Did you talk with him?


Michael: He's seizing?

Paige: The nurse paged me. His fever's spiking. It's 104.

Michael: Oh. Pressure's down.

Rex: Ok, look, you got it wrong, Adriana.

Adriana: No. The sad thing is, I got it right.

Rex: Hey, I heard what happened at the hospital, and I thought --

Tate: Adriana -- thanks for meeting me.

Adriana: Sure, no problem. Can we just get a table, please?

Tate: Sure, let's go.

Starr: Look, whatever happened, just -- just tell me, and I'm here for you.

Cole: My mother did something colossally stupid last night. And I donít know what to do about it.

Starr: Ok, what happened?

Cole: She got married.

Starr: Wait -- wasnít she in the explosion?

Cole: Yeah, yeah, she was, and she must have got hit on the head really hard, because as soon as the doctors released her, she jumped on a plane, flew to Vegas, and got married.

Starr: To who?

Cole: Miles Laurence.

Miles: It was kind of a whirlwind courtship, although it made it all the more exciting. And Lord knows, it wasnít an easy feat, taking this wonderful woman off the market.

Blair: Oh, gee, that is just so romantic. Isnít that romantic?

John: It's very romantic, yeah.

Blair: What the hell are you talking about, Miles?

Miles: What? Nobody wants to guess?

Blair: No!

John: Just answer the damn question.

Miles: Marty Saybrooke is now my lawfully wedded wife. How lucky am I?

Nash: Antonio is -- he's ok.

Jessica: Well, what did he want to talk to me about? Tell me. Nash, please.

Nash: Said he'd never forgive us.

Jessica: Well, I'm sure he feels that way now, but -- but in time --

Nash: Oh, yeah.

Cristian: Look, Jess, my brother lost a lot. He lost his wife. He lost his stepdaughter. And to him, that's almost everything. I know my brother. He's not going to get over this. I donít know if he'll ever get over this. Anyway, I'm going to go. Take care of yourself, ok?

Jessica: Ok.

Nash: Well --

Jessica: So I know it was a really -- I mean, I know it must have been -- I donít know -- facing Antonio when he's angry --

Nash: It's ok. Hey, I have you. I am the lucky one.

Michael: We need to get him on dialysis.

Paige: He looks septic.

Michael: Well, it's no surprise after yesterday. His kidneys are more susceptible because of the transplant. I'm going to go get the dialysis nurse.

Paige: Yeah, right, good. Antonio, try to relax. We're going to take care of you. You're going to be ok.

Antonio: Jessica --

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Starr: Your mom marrying Miles could be the way to bring my dad back.

John: So all of this is true?

Marty: Yes.

John: Why?

Paige: He's in critical condition.

Jessica: I donít know how I'd live with myself if he died to save me.

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