OLTL Transcript Wednesday 6/6/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 6/6/07


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Starr: Markko gets to you, doesnít he?

Langston: He does not.

Starr: Right.

Langston: I'm the one who got him the stupid part, and now heís trying to rewrite the whole show.

Starr: Like I said, Langston, he gets to you. Is his input any good?

Langston: Huh. No. Why are you doing this, Starr? I thought you were supposed to be my best friend.

Starr: I'm sorry.

Langston: No. No word on your dad? Heís the whole reason that you broke up with Cole, and now you canít have either one of them? Whereís the justice in that?

Marty: No, I'm all right. I just have a little headache.

Cole: Have you seen a doctor yet?

Marty: Yes, and he agrees I wasnít seriously hurt, but they want to keep me here for observation for a little while.

Cole: Ok. Hey, thanks for calling me.

Miles: Sure.

Marty: You know, I still wish you hadnít rushed over here. I mean, a bomb did go off in this place.

Cole: Mom, your office is down here. I would've come no matter what.

Marty: I need a moment alone with my son.

Miles: I'll be right outside.

Rex: Want another salty dog?

Roxy: Sure, as long as you're buying.

Rex: Right.

Roxy: Hey. Never drown your sorrows alone. Always have a desiccated listener.

Rex: You just want to say "I told you so."

Roxy: You mean because I said if you didnít lay off of Tate Harmon, Adriana was going to hate you? But you didnít, and now she does.

Rex: Great. Yeah.

Roxy: Broken heart. Keep them coming.

Rex: Oh, great.

Roxy: You know that guy?

Rex: That guy is Tate Harmonís dad. Seeing him now is like the cherry on the sundae of this day.

Adriana: Tia, whoís taking care of Jamie?

Carlotta: R.J. Oh, no -- Jamie. What am I going to tell her if Antonio --

Adriana: No, no, no. Donít even think that, ok?

Carlotta: A bomb went off in the hospital. Now both of my sons are in there.

Adriana: And so is Bo, and John, and the bomb squad and the rescue teams. Whatís he doing here?

Tate: I canít believe I found you.

Adriana: What are you doing here?

Tate: Itís all over the news. Are you ok?

Adriana: Yeah, we're fine. You remember Carlotta, right?

Tate: Hi. I'm so happy that you and Adriana werenít hurt.

Adriana: Tate -- did you just come from inside the hospital?

Natalie: Howís she doing?

Viki: See for yourself.

Jessica: Hey.

[Natalie laughs]

Natalie: See, mom, I told you there was nothing to worry about. You donít look as yellow. [Natalie chuckles]

Jessica: I want to see Nash.

Viki: You will, you will, honey. You will.

Natalie: She doesnít know?

Clint: Sweetheart, you just close your eyes and rest.

John: You good? You secure?

E.S.U. Worker: Almost there, Lieutenant.

John: All right. Hey, Mike, can you hear me?

Michael: John? John, is that you?

John: Yeah, whatís the situation in there?

Michael: The situation is about as bad as it can get. Now, the O.R.ís completely destroyed, the surgical team is either unconscious or dead, and Antonioís wound is still open. But I canít get to him. Nash can. Heís going to have to close.

Nash: You know, Michael, has it occurred to you that not only am I not a doctor, but when I lose a button, I throw the shirt out. I might not be the right man for this job.

Michael: Really? Well, if you have a better idea, I'm listening.

Nash: No.

John: You copy all that, Bo?

Bo: I heard.

Cristian: Wait a minute, Nash is going to operate on Antonio?

Bo: Come on. We've got to get detective Vega to another O.R. ASAP. Letís move.

E.S.U. Worker: We move this ceiling too quick, the whole thing could collapse.

Cristian: Nash is not a doctor, Bo.

Bo: Nash is not going to operate. Heís going to close the wound so that then we can get Antonio to another O.R. just as soon as we get in there. Michael is going to talk him through it. Cristian, listen to me -- we need your consent. Now, I donít know enough about medicine to know anything, but an open wound with the amount of debris and the dust thatís in there right now -- I think I'd know what I'd decide to do.

Cristian: Ok, yeah, yeah. Do it.

Bo: All right, keep moving.

Kirk: Ahem. Hey, give me a shot of Irish, and a draft.

Bartender: Coming right up.

Roxy: Tate sure doesnít get his looks from his mama. Whatís his name?

Rex: Kirk.

Roxy: Yo, Captain Kirk!

Rex: Will you shut up?

Roxy: Over here!

Kirk: Yeah?

Roxy: I just found out who you are.

Kirk: Well, you have me at a disadvantage.

Roxy: Sorry about that. Roxy Balsom -- like the wood?

Rex: Oh, my God.

Kirk: Your mom?

Roxy: Oh, he told me that you were here visiting Tate. Did you bring your wife with you?

Kirk: No. I'm a widower.

Roxy: Oh, I'm a widow.

Kirk: Hmm.

Roxy: Hey, you're not gay also, are you?

Rex: Mom, please, I am begging you.

Kirk: No. I'm not gay, and neither is my son. But your son -- thanks to him, thereís a lot of people in this town think he is.

Tate: I came from the parking lot, Adriana.

Adriana: It looked like you came straight from the building.

Tate: Well, it may have seemed that way because of the reporters and everyone milling around. Itís a zoo over there.

Adriana: Well, how'd you get past the cops?

Tate: I got a press pass from work. I did some finagling, but I knew you were here and I had to make sure you were all right.

Adriana: Well, we werenít near the explosion. The bombs were in the O.R.

Tate: Howís Jessica?

Adriana: She was out of surgery when the bomb went off.

Carlotta: But Antonio was still there. He was in the operating room.

Tate: I'm so sorry.

Carlotta: Sounds like you think heís dead.

Adriana: No one can get into the O.R., ok, so Antonio could still be alive.

Carlotta: And I would know if he werenít.

Tate: You know what? I'm going to go see what I can find out from the reporters, all right?

Adriana: Just donít give up hope.

Carlotta: No. "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil."

Natalie: I donít think that you should've told Jess about the explosion.

Viki: Darling, I had to give her some kind of an explanation as to why Nash isnít here. And, you know, we donít know if Nash and Antonio -- now, obviously we're praying they're all right, but we donít know.

Clint: Well, you know, even if sheís out of it, Jessica would know that we're handing her a line of bull.

Viki: We have to be straight with her so that she will continue to lean on us. You know, sheís got a rough time ahead of her. Even if this transplant is a success, she still has Hepatitis C.

Natalie: Yeah, well, thank God sheís still sleeping off the anesthesia because when she wakes up, sheís going to want answers.

Clint: Yeah. Well, by then, with any luck, we'll have good news.

Natalie: And if we donít?

Clint: Then we'll deal with it together, like we always do.

John: Hey, Mike, can you hear me? Mike!

Michael: Yeah, John?

John: Ok, listen, Cris gave his consent, all right? We're going to be in there as soon as we can, but you guys do whatever you have to do to keep Antonio alive -- you got that? How we doing -- are we good?

E.S.U. Worker: We're good.

John: All right. Letís start clearing this area. Letís go!

Michael: Nash?

Nash: Yeah, yeah, I heard that. Listen, donít you guys usually wear masks and hats and gowns and wash your hands all kinds of times before you do it? What happened to that, huh?

Michael: Yeah, well, that would be the norm, but we're going to have to improvise, ok? Now -- now, look, you already cleaned the wound, you found the sutures, you're doing great.

Nash: All right, whatís next?

Michael: Ok. Um -- we have to make sure that heís breathing. Check that heís breathing, ok?

Nash: Check.

Michael: Ok, now -- now, go to the anesthesia cart. I want you to find the blue and the green hoses. I want -- I want you to make sure that they're intact. We have to make sure that Antonioís receiving anesthesia as well as oxygen.

Nash: All right, they're good.

Michael: Ok. Now, I want you to -- I want you to open up his I.V., Make the -- make it drip faster, all right? You do that by turning the blue wheel on the back of the machine.

Nash: All right, got it.

Michael: Ok, now, back to the anesthesia cart -- yes. There should be a syringe there with a -- a red label on it.

Nash: Oh -- this one?

Michael: Yeah, yeah. Well, what does it say? Does the label say "fentanyl"?

Nash: Yep.

Michael: Ok. Now, I want you to inject that directly into the I.V. Bag. We donít want him waking up in the middle of this thing.

Nash: Oh, yeah, that'd be unpleasant for him. So I just -- I just stick it right into the I.V. Bag, huh?

Michael: Sure.

Nash: All right.

Michael: Good job. Ok, now, at the end of the operating table, at the foot of the operating table, thereís a bottle of alcohol. I want you to open it up, go to the other table, and pour it on the instruments to resterilize them.

Nash: All right.

Michael: Ok. Now, I want you to find a pair of surgical gloves that are still sealed. You want to open them up and put them on. Make sure that you hold them by the inside, ok? You -- you want to try and not touch the outside. The outside has to stay as clean as possible.

Nash: All right. Suppose I got time for a quick prayer, do I?

Michael: Make it really short. Whew -- come on, Johnny.

Cristian: You think itís going to hold?

Bo: If we're lucky.

Cristian: Well, we havenít been that lucky so far.

Bo: Well, letís start moving stuff out of the way and then we'll find out.

Cristian: All right.

Michael: Nash? Are you right-handed or left-handed?

Nash: Right -- why?

Michael: Ok. Now, you see that thing over there? It looks like a pair of scissors with a blunt tip.

Nash: Yeah.

Michael: Yeah. Thatís the needle holder, ok? Now, you use it by putting your thumb and your ring finger through the holes. You're going to put your -- your index finger on the shaft and you're going to use that to control the instrument. Ok? Now -- now, practice opening and closing it a couple of times. All right?

Nash: All right, I got it.

Michael: Now, you're going to pick up the needle with the needle holder. You're going to grab it 2/3 of the way back from the point. The sutures should already be attached.

Nash: All right. Got it.

Michael: Nash, do you see the thing that looks like a pair of tweezers with a fine-tooth tip? Thatís an Adson's forcep. I want you to grab that with your other hand.

Nash: Got it.

Michael: Ok. You're ready to get started. [Sawing] With the forceps, I want you to grab the flap of skin on the side of the incision.

Nash: Oh, man.

Michael: Donít hold it too tight.

Nash: "Donít hold it too tight"? I'm trying to hold on to the contents of my stomach. You tell me not to hold it too tight -- come on.

Michael: You donít want to rip it, ok?

Nash: Fine. Oh, man -- Michael?

Michael: What? Whatís going on?

Nash: Antonio is bleeding again.

Starr: Proms are so lame.

Langston: They're more than lame. They're just an antiquated custom made for humiliation. Look at "Carrie."

Starr: Thatís a little extreme.

Langston: Itís killing you you canít go to the prom with Cole, right?

Starr: Except for these stupid play practice rehearsals.

Langston: Excuse me?

Starr: I'm sorry, but thatís the only time that I see Cole.

Langston: Yeah, and now heís hooking up with Britney.

Starr: Shut up! Why would you say that?

Langston: You're the one who told me. Oh -- as if on cue. Oh, save it, Brit. Starr already knows you got Cole to ask you to prom.

Starr: And you know what? I'm fine with it.

Britney: Well, I hope so. I mean, Cole and I donít mean to upset you.

Starr: "Cole and I"? One movie and you guys are a couple?

Cole: You scared the hell out of me, mom. When Miles called and said that --

Marty: Thought about your dad, didnít you?

Cole: I couldnít handle it if I lost you, too.

Miles' voice: Marty, you have to decide -- be my wife or go to prison and lose your son.

Cole: Hey, promise me that you will always be careful.

Marty: I promise you that itís you and me against the world, right, kiddo? It always will be.

Carlotta: "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. I will say of you, Lord, you are my refuge and my fortress, my God --"

Tate: Sheís lucky she has her faith to hold on to.

Adriana: Sheís lucky it still makes her feel better.

Tate: You have an amazing family.

Adriana: We have our issues, but we love each other and we stick together. Guess your family wasnít like that, huh?

Tate: No. No, it wasnít.

Adriana: Well, at least your dad cares about you, right? I mean, he came all the way to Llanview when he thought you were in trouble.

Tate: Right.

Adriana: When Antonio found out he was a compatible donor for Jessica, he came back -- even though they had such a horrible breakup.

Tate: He sounds like a really great guy.

Adriana: Heís the best. I just canít believe this. I canít believe that Jessicaís going to make it because of what Antonio did and yet Antonio might die because some lunatic put a bomb in the operating room?

Tate: I know. Itís terrible.

Adriana: If something happens to Antonio, Jessicaís not going to blame the guy that set the bomb off. She'll blame herself.

Natalie: I wish I was there with uncle Bo, and get Antonio out.

Viki: Darling, I think the best thing we can do is to totally stay out of the way.

Natalie: I know.

Clint: I canít take this anymore. I have to find out whatís happening.

Viki: Clint -- Clint, itís dangerous.

Clint: Viki, I'll be all right.

Natalie: Hey, howís my sister doing?

Nurse: Sheís stable, but she wonít be fully awake for a while.

Natalie: Is that normal?

Nurse: Yes. They didnít have a chance to give her anything to reverse the anesthesia.

Viki: Well, I think itís merciful that she doesnít have to know whatís going on.

John: Hey, Bo, you copy?

Bo: Yeah, John.

John: We're not moving fast enough over here. How about you?

Bo: Well, if the ceiling holds, we should be in there soon.

John: Hey, Mike, you still there?

Michael: Yeah, I'm here! Hurry up, John! Now, you can stop the bleeding. Look -- ok, go over to the table, pick up the thing. Itís a hemostat. It looks like a pair of scissors with a ridge on the inside. Yes. Now, use the gauze and clean the area so you can see where the bloodís coming from.

Nash: I donít want to look at this -- I got to touch it?

Michael: Just do it. Can you see where the blood is coming from?

Nash: Unfortunately, yeah.

Michael: Ok. Use the hemostat to clamp the tissue closed.

Nash: All right. Itís worked.

Michael: See? You did it.

Nash: Yeah, but I canít stitch him up with these scissors in him.

Michael: No, you canít. Thereís a cautery pencil. Itís that thing with the wire coming out of the end of it? Pick it up, touch it to the clamp, and push the button. This should burn the tissue, stop the bleeding. Then you can remove the clamp.

Nash: I'm going to burn him?

Michael: Just do it. You got to trust me.

[Nash sighs]

Nash: All right.

Michael: Good. Ok, now, letís get him closed.

Nash: Mike, I'm sorry. I donít know if I can do this.

Michael: Are you kidding me? You just stopped a bleeder -- you're a natural.

Nash: What if I kill him?

Michael: Huh. You canít kill somebody by giving them stitches, Nash. Now, if you donít close him up, he will get an infection and he will die. Are you comfortable with the equipment?

Nash: Oh, yeah, I'm cool. Hey -- next stop, project runway.

Michael: Ok, good. Now, grab the tissue on the inside of the incision with -- with the forceps. Yes -- ok. Now, pass the needle through the skin with the needle holder. Now, once you're through, release the needle, grab the needle again on the other side of the skin with the needle holder.

Nash: Uh-huh.

Michael: Now, pass it through the other side. Make sure that you -- that you put the hemostats on the end of the suture or itís going to come through.

[Nash giggles]

Nash: And how do I do that -- with my teeth?

Michael: Release the needle holder.

Nash: Uh --

Michael: Grab the hemostat.

Nash: Hemostat -- yeah?

Michael: Now, use the needle to lift the skin. Now, pass it through the other side of the incision. Do you get what you're doing here?

Nash: Oh, yeah. I -- I stitch him up.

Michael: Ok, good. Now, you do that enough times, you wonít be looking at the inside of Antonio anymore.

Nash: Fantastic.


John: Whatís that? What does that mean?

E.S.U. Worker: That means we have to work faster.

Nash: So whatís next?

Michael: Just keep doing what you're doing, ok? We're going to -- we're going to use a running stitch here. Make sure that you keep the stitches close and tight.

Nash: All right. Oh.

Cole: So how long do you have to stay here for?

Marty: Oh, God only knows. Is there someplace you can stay tonight?

Nurse: I'm sorry, this area is restricted.

Cole: I donít care. I'm not leaving my mom.

Marty: No, no, no, sweetie. Please, I am in great hands, and listen to me -- I would feel a whole lot better if I knew that you were far away from this place, so, please.

Cole: Ok. I'll go home and wait for you there.

Marty: Ok.

Cole: Call me as soon as you know something.

Marty: I will. God, I love you.

Cole: I love you, too.

Nurse: Ok, out you go.

Marty: What are you doing here? The nurse said this was a restricted area.

Miles: I told her to say that.

Marty: What?

Miles: You said you were worried about your son and you'd feel better if he were away from here.

Marty: No, you'd feel better if he was away from here. Donít worry. I didnít tell him you were blackmailing me into marrying you.

Miles: Marty, I donít think of it that way. Instead of living the rest of your life in prison, you can spend it with a man who loves you. If you look at it my way, itís a no-brainer.

Adriana: Did you find out anything?

Tate: I tried, but they're not talking to the press. I'm sorry.

Carlotta: Itís ok. Thanks for trying. Excuse me.

Tate: That wasnít quite the truth.

Adriana: What do you mean?

Tate: They suspect that O.P.P. was behind the bombing.

Adriana: I know. Itís horrible. I mean, what kind of monster would do something like this?

Roxy: Hey, listen. Your son was hitting on my sonís girlfriend --

Rex: Mom!

Roxy: On live TV.

Kirk: Oh, well, that makes it all right for him to call my son gay?

Roxy: Well, he didnít want to see Adriana used as a beard.

Kirk: Your son lied and knew about it, and that could've destroyed my sonís career.

Roxy: Yeah, but Adriana dumped my son because of your son.

Kirk: Well, if she did, thatís probably because sheís smart enough to know not to get hooked up with a liar. What the hell took you?

Bartender: I had to go to the basement for the Irish.

Rex: You nervous about something, Mr. Harmon?

Kirk: Oh. Go to hell.

Roxy: He just told you where to go and you look happy about it?

Rex: Heís hiding something. Daddyís about to fly apart.

Jessica: My throat is really dry.

Nurse: Thatís an after-effect of the anesthesia.

Viki: Oh, thank you. Um -- sweetheart, here. Itís an ice chip, ok? Can you open your mouth a little bit? Just an ice chip.

Jessica: Thank you.

Viki: Ok.

Natalie: Sweetie, how are you feeling? Are you in any pain?

Jessica: Not bad. Whereís dad?

Viki: Um -- honey, he -- he went to find out what he could, you know, about what happened.

Jessica: The explosion?

Viki: Yeah.

Jessica: Well, how long has he been gone?

Natalie: Itís been a while.

Jessica: Well, if heís not back, it must mean that itís bad.

Michael: Howís it going down there, Nash?

Nash: Pretty good, as long as I imagine I'm sewing something other than flesh.

Michael: Is the incision closed?

Nash: Yeah, all right? The sutures are holding, too.

Michael: Well, you finally made it, huh?

John: You know where you can shove that.

Michael: Look, you need to get me down there and you need to get me down there now.

John: What do you think I brought him for? Cut those hinges.

Nash: We got company?

Michael: Yep, and they're about to start sawing, so do me a favor -- put one of those sterile towels over Antonioís wound.

Nash: All right.

John: Bo, we're into the booth. We're almost down to the floor.

Bo: Copy that. We're close here.

John: Would you like me to carry you down there, princess? Letís go.

Michael: Thatís funny -- very funny.

John: Come on.

John: Be careful.

Michael: Yep.

John: Come on.

Michael: Yep.

John: Letís go.

Michael: Ah. Ok. Heís still alive. Weak pulse, but heís here.

John: This oneís still breathing, too.

Michael: Howís it going?

John: Bo, we're in. We're on the floor. Michaelís finishing sewing up Antonio. The -- the doctors are alive but unconscious, but, look, we got to get this door open and start moving these people out of here before the ceiling gives in.

Cristian: John, howís my brother?

John: Mike, howís he doing?

Michael: Heís -- heís doing good. You're doing good, right, Antonio?

John: Heís doing good, thanks to Nash.

Michael: Heís good to go.

John: Hey.

Bo: Come on. Hey, take care of these two on the floor. Thereís a team waiting for Antonio in another E.R.

Michael: Letís get him packaged up.

John: I got other people to check on. You mind?

Bo: No, no, no. Take off.

John: All right.

Cristian: Thanks.

Nash: Yeah.

Britney: Cole and I went through a lot together -- you know, because of Henry.

Starr: Yeah, I know.

Britney: And, you know, you did break up with him.

Starr: Ok, I donít want to talk about it anymore. You guys can go to prom with each other, ok? Knock yourselves out. Just leave me alone.

Britney: Ok, I just want you to understand. I'm not trying to upset you or, you know, make you feel bad.

Starr: Right. Cole?

Britney: Hey, are you ok? You freaked out before.

Cole: Somebody set a bomb off at the hospital.

Marty: You want to spend your life with a woman who could never, ever love you?

Miles: You'll learn.

Marty: You know, you can force me to marry you, but you can never force me to feel something I never will.

Miles: Have I forgiven you for killing Spencer? And -- and I'm going to keep your secret so that you can spend your life with your son. Because of me, he doesnít have to grow up alone and he doesnít have to know that -- that you're a murderer. I mean, that ought to be worth a change of heart, right?

Marty: I was completely wrong about you. You're more of a monster than I thought.

Miles: Donít ever call me that again.

John: Everything all right here?

Miles: Everythingís fine.

John: I asked Marty. Doctors check you out yet?

Marty: Yeah, but they're coming back. They just, you know, have a lot of people to see.

John: Donít get impatient and take off.

Miles: I'll make sure she sees a doctor.

Marty: Have you found out anything about the bomb?

Miles: You know, I donít think we should keep Detective McBain. I'm sure heís a very busy guy tonight.

John: I just wanted to make sure you'd been taken care of.

Miles: Well, I'll make sure sheís taken care of.

John: Oh, yeah?

Miles: Yeah. And as a matter of fact, before you interrupted us, Marty and I were talking about the future.

John: What future?

Miles: I made an offer to Marty she canít refuse.

Bo: Nash. You really stepped up.

Nash: Well, it was mostly Michael.

Bo: You two saved Antonioís life and that couldnít have been easy, for many reasons.

Nash: Never even crossed my mind.

Bo: Thank you.

Michael: You want to go see Jessica?

Nash: Yeah, definitely. I -- I just need a minute here.

Michael: All right. I'll meet you there.

Nash: Oh, damn.

Roxy: Hey, turn on the TV, Billy baby. I want to hear the scores.

Kirk: What do you want?

Rex: Somethingís going on with you and Tate, something thatís got you drinking boilermakers.

Kirk: Do you really think I'm willing to talk to you about my son?

Rex: A friend of Tateís said your boy changed after he came back from some camp in Wyoming. What kind of camp was that?

Kirk: What do you really want?

Roxy: I canít hear. Come on, turn the sound up.

TV Announcer: A bombing has been confirmed at Llanview Hospital this evening.

Rex: Adrianaís at the hospital.

TV Announcer: Stay tuned to this station for further details.

Adriana: You seem so upset.

Tate: Well, of course I'm upset. We still donít know what happened to your brother. I wish there was something I could do.

Carlotta: Cristian! Oh, oh.

Adriana: What happened to you?

Carlotta: Did you see Antonio?

Cristian: He made it.

Carlotta: Oh!

Cristian: Heís going to be ok.

Carlotta: Oh, dios! Gloria dios!

Jessica: I want to know the truth.

Viki: Sweetheart, you really have to calm down. This is not good, ok?

Natalie: Can you get her something?

Jessica: No, no, I donít want to be sedated. I want to know what happened to Antonio and Nash.

Clint: I have some good news.

Viki: What? Oh, my God.

Jessica: Nash.

Viki: Oh. Oh, thank God.

Nash: Itís ok, baby, I'm fine.

Jessica: Thank God.

Nash: Hi.

Jessica: Hey. Howís Antonio?

Clint: Looks like heís going to be fine.

Jessica: Thank God.

Clint: Antonio is now in another O.R. They had to redo his sutures.

Natalie: What -- "redo"? Why -- what happened?

Nash: After the explosion, I -- huh -- I was -- I was stuck in the O.R. with Antonio and the surgeons and the anesthesiologist people -- they were all knocked unconscious before they could -- close him up, so I closed him up and he started bleeding. It was --

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Clint: Michael told Nash what to do and Nash did it. He stopped the bleeding and sewed up Antonio.

Jessica: You really did that?

Nash: Yeah, I never want to do it again.

Clint: If it werenít for Nash, Antonio would be dead right now.

Jessica: Thank you.

Nash: Well, after what he did for you --

Jessica: I have a long way to go.

Nash: I know, and I'll be there with you every step of the way.

John: What kind of offer are we talking about?

Marty: Miles has offered, um, to wait here with me and to take me home once I'm discharged. Isnít that right, Miles?

Miles: Yeah, thatís it.

John: You ok with that?

Miles: I'm the one helping her.

John: I'll call you when I can.

Marty: I should've told him.

Miles: You really want to risk that?

Marty: You'd really hurt John?

Miles: Look, I donít like to play games. I've proposed to you and I've given you time to think. So whatís it going to be, Marty? Marry me, or lose your son?

Langston: Who set the bomb off?

Starr: Was anybody hurt?

Cole: I donít know how many people got hurt and I couldnít see all the damage. The place was swarming with cops and firemen.

Britney: Well, what happened to your mom?

Cole: A light fell off the ceiling and hit her on the head.

Starr: Is she all right?

Cole: Yeah -- they kicked me out, but she'll be all right.

Langston: Do they know who did it?

Cole: I heard it was that racist hate group, the one thatís been setting all the fires?

Starr: Oh, my God -- you said that all that happened at the hospital, right? Well, my cousin Jessica -- she was waiting to get an operation. My whole family was probably there! I have to call my mom.

Carlotta: Oh, hay dioceses fiel. Gloria. Just when can I see Antonio?

Cristian: Well, come on. Letís go find out.

Carlotta: Ok!

Cristian: Thanks for taking care of Mami.

Carlotta: Si. Gracias, Adriana.

Tate: Feel better now?

Adriana: Jessica and Antonio survived the operation and the bomb. Itís amazing.

Tate: It really is.

Adriana: Thank you for sticking around and -- and for caring.

Bo: You can send in C.S.U. now, Talia. Tell them to see John or me as soon as they get here.

John: Ah. It could've been worse.

Bo: Yeah, at least nobody got killed.

John: Yeah. But what are these bastards going to do next?

Billy: I donít want to listen to this again.

Roxy: Hey, I want to hear the letter.

TV Announcer: It connects the bombing Ė

Billy: Those nut jobs again.

TV Announcer: To a wave of hate crimes.

Roxy: Well, whoever it is, I hope they get a life and leave the rest of us alone.

Jessica: You know, if this whole winery thing doesnít work out, you can always try medical school.

Nash: Not in a million years.

Jessica: Hmm.

Nash: All I could think about the whole time was when I could get back to you.

Jessica: Forever and ever?

Nash: Forever and ever.

On the next "One life to Live" --

Tate: You lost, ok? You're done. Get over it.

John: Just know that I am watching Laurence very, very closely.

Miles: Cole, I'm your new dad.

Cristian: I know my brother. Heís not going to get over this.

Antonio: I hope the two of you burn in hell.

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