OLTL Transcript Tuesday 6/5/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 6/5/07


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John: Get ready to make a run for it. Well, that was easy.

Bo: Yeah. Nothing to it. Ahem. Call off the evacuation.

Talia: Yeah, I'm way ahead of you.

[Buzzing] [Buzzing stops]

Talia: Do you think itís safe?

John: With fear and common sense holding us back, it looks like just a piece of paper.

Bo: What does it say? Does it say anything on it?

John: "One down, one to go." Thereís another one.

Marty: You are troubled, you are disturbed, and you need help.

Miles: Well, who better to help me than my wife the psychiatrist?

Marty: Blackmailing me, threatening my son and John to get what you want? Itís -- itís not going to work, Miles. It is going to blow up in our faces.

Miles: Well, whatís life without a little risk? So whatís it going to be? Will you marry me, Marty?

Viki: Dear Lord, please take care of Jessica and Antonio. Watch over them. Keep them safe. Protect them, please. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

Viki: Jessica. Jess --

Starr: We canít do this. What if somebody finds out?

Markko: So what if they do? We're meant to be.

Langston: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Knock it off! Thatís not the line!

Markko: Itís better. You know, I'm bringing the sexy back.

Langston: Keep it.

Markko: Look, this is what my character would do.

Langston: Ok, you are not the character. He came out of my head. You just play the part and say the lines.

Starr: Donít look at me. Sheís the boss.

Langston: Think about it. If you get with Starrís character right now, the showís over.

Markko: No, not necessarily. Look, I've got a few ideas.

Langston: Oh, you have got to be kidding me.

Cole: I think Markko has a thing for Langston.

Britney: Yeah, it figures.

Cole: What does that mean?

Britney: That all of a sudden, Langstonís some little superstar, and I canít even get a date to the prom.

Markko: Starr thinks my line is better than yours.

Starr: I never said that, Markko.

Langston: Look, Starrís an actor just like you, which means you say the lines and try to act.

Markko: Oh. I "try" to act?

Langston: Yeah. And if somethingís not working, it'll be pretty obvious, and then I'll fix it, ok?

Markko: No, you just donít want to change your masterpiece.

Langston: You know, maybe I'll just cut your line and give the last word to Starr. What do you think, Starr?

Cole: Go to the prom without a date. It'd be better than going with someone you barely know.

Britney: Well, thatís not exactly the point of prom.

Cole: Itís just another school dance.

Britney: Well, you probably already have a date, so you can say that.

Cole: Nope, I'm not going with anyone. I think I'm just going to skip it.

Britney: You want to go with me?

Fireman: Hereís your blast site. Hereís your primary access point. You -- you Ė

Man: Commissioner Buchananís inside. Do you think heís --

Fireman: Stop talking. Do you know the layout?

Man: I'm head of security.

Fireman: We're looking at a large-scale explosion here, in the east wing. Now, can you tell from what you see here where exactly this explosion was? Security head: Well, thatís where the operating rooms are located. O.R. Four was -- oh, my God. They were in the middle of a transplant surgery. They're still in there.

Fireman: Donít move. Rescue one. Come on, huddle up.

Viki: Mr. Armstrong --

Mr. Armstrong: Get these patients out of here.

Viki: Mr. Armstrong, my -- my daughter Jessica was in surgery. Can you tell me what you happened?

Carlotta: Do you think Antonioís ok?

Cristian: I donít know, mami. But if anyone could make it through this, itís Antonio.

Carlotta: Oh -- yeah, but we donít even know what "this" is, mijo.

Adriana: It doesnít matter. Antonio has to make it through.

Dorian: What is going on here? What?

Clint: I'm Clint Buchanan, the commissionerís brother. Have you heard from him?

Mr. Armstrong: I'm sorry, you're going to have to ask the police. Right now, my main concern is to get my patients away from that blast area and to shut down these oxygen lines before this situation gets any worse.

Viki: Yeah, but -- but what about Jessica?

Mr. Armstrong: I'm sorry, Mrs. Davidson. We have no contact with anybody inside the building. At this point, we donít know exactly where the bomb went off.


Miles: Marty? Marty!

Miles: Marty, where are you? Marty?

Marty! Marty? Somebody help us! Marty, itís all right. Marty? Oh. Oh, no. Oh. No! Marty! Somebody help us! Marty?


Paige: Jessica? Oh. God.

Bo: Anybody there?

Paige: Bo?

Bo: Paige?

Paige: I'm with Jessica.

Bo: Thank God you're all right. Howís she doing?

Paige: Sheís alive. We were taking her to recovery. Is it still there?

Bo: I donít know. Itís anybodyís guess.

John: This oneís still alive!

Talia: So is this one. This is Sahid. I need E.S.U. to -- Paige, where are we?

Paige: Oh -- O.R. Four -- or it used to be.

Bo: Come on, letís see if thereís a way out of here.

Talia: To O.R. Four. We got a couple people down, maybe more.

John: This oneís still breathing, too. Get the bomb squad on the radio, all right? Check to see if they found any more IEDs, and also give the paramedics our location.

Paige: There are more?

Bo: We donít know yet.

Talia: Paige, whereís Antonio?

Paige: Oh, my God. Heís still in surgery.

John: Where?

Paige: In there.

John: All right.

Bo: No, no, itís ok. Look, you -- you go back, take care of Jessica, all right? We'll take care of this. No, stop, stop, stop.

Talia: Well, I -- I've got to get Antonio out of there!

Bo: Just stop, stop! Look it, you're going to bring the whole ceiling down. We got to think this thing through. Just take it easy, all right? I'm going to check on Jess.

John: I got it, Bo. Listen, be careful, all right? You start digging there. You find anything, anything moves, you yell out before you do anything else, got it?

Talia: Got it.

John: Good.

Bo: How many more people in there?

Paige: Uh -- thereís dr. Harrison, thereís Kent. Thereís three. They were closing up Antonio when he -- oh, my God.

Bo: What? What?

Paige: Oh, my God -- Michael -- Michael and Nash were in the gallery.

[Nash coughs]

Nash: Mike? Mike, wake up! Mike!

Starr: If both of you guys both want the play to be good, then why are you fighting?

Langston: Starr, whose side are you on?

Markko: Mine, which makes it two to one.

Langston: Not a democracy, bonehead.

Markko: So you wonít even hear my ideas?

Langston: I donít need to take ideas from a guy who krumps from class to class.

Markko: Hey, just because I can move, doesnít mean I canít put two words together.

Langston: Then write your own play, ok?

Markko: Look, we're supposed to be working together.

Starr: Langston, he is not disrespecting you, ok?

Langston: Huh?

Starr: You're not, are you, Markko?

Markko: Of course not. If I didnít respect her, I'd quit.

Langston: If you respect me so much, then why donít you say the lines the way itís written? Or are you scared you canít make it work?

Markko: You know, maybe you're scared I'll have a better idea than you.

Cole: Did you just ask me to the prom?

Britney: You know what? No, I just -- I donít even know what I was saying. Just -- just forget I mentioned it, ok?

Cole: Slow down, slow down. You just caught me by surprise, thatís all. I really never thought about it.

Britney: Look, itís just that I've kind of been looking forward to prom all year, and I just threw it out there because I never really pictured myself going alone.

Cole: You'll know everybody there.

Britney: Yeah, once I get inside. Itís the walking-in-by-myself part that I canít handle.

Cole: Must be a girl thing.

Britney: Maybe, but itís big. Whatever, I'll figure it out.

Cole: Well, I guess we'd have a good time.

Britney: Wasnít really looking for a pity yes. I just -- you know, I thought you might be interested.

Cole: Well, I kind of had another plan for prom night.

Britney: Were you going to ask Starr?

Mr. Armstrong: Letís get these patients out of here.

Viki: Well, wait a minute! You said it was a bomb?

Cristian: An explosion?

Adriana: Is anybody hurt?

Mr. Armstrong: Right now, I need you to clear this area so we can work here.

Clint: Wait a minute -- our daughter was in surgery before the explosion.

Natalie: So was my brother. I -- are they all right?

Clint: We need to know, was the surgery complete before the explosion?

Mr. Armstrong: The transplant surgery was in progress when the evacuation began. Thatís all I can tell you.

Carlotta: But the evacuation happened a long time before. They could have finished the surgery, couldnít they?

Dorian: Didnít they give you a status report? Thatís part of emergency protocol.

Mr. Armstrong: Look, please, I -- I need you all to move back behind the police barricades along with everybody else.

Viki: No, no, absolutely not.

Mr. Armstrong: Mrs. Davidson --

Viki: No! I have to go in there, find my daughter, for heavenís sake --

Cristian: I can go in, Mrs. Davidson -- I'll go.

Carlotta: No, itís not safe.

Clint: Carlotta, itís all right. I'll go with him.

Dorian: Well, this is preposterous. No! I'm the only one who knows her way around the O.R. forget it -- I will go in, I'll find out whatís happening.

Mr. Armstrong: I canít let you do that, Dr. Lord.

Dorian: Try and stop me!

Adriana: Mom, donít.

Viki: Look, I'm on the board of this hospital, and dr. Lord was the chief of staff.

Mr. Armstrong: Are you pulling rank on me?

Cristian: Itís not about rank. Our familyís in there. We got to go get them.

Mr. Armstrong: You canít go in there, itís not safe.

Viki: What do you mean, not safe?

Mr. Armstrong: The transplant surgery was taking place in O.R. Four -- very near where the bomb went off.

Nash: Antonio? Antonio? Doc? Doc! Doc! Hello? Help! We're in here! Help! Hello!

Bo: All right, itís commissioner Buchanan! Is that you, Nash?

Nash: Yes! Bo?

Bo: Yeah!

Nash: We're in trouble in here! You got to get in here, quick!

John: Get away from the door! You hear me? Itís not stable!

Nash: Is this place coming down?

John: We're not getting anywhere, Bo.

Bo: Is there another way in there, honey?

Paige: The stairs are blocked.

Talia: Well, we'll keep digging, you know? Itís -- we can do it. We can get through this.

John: Are you kidding me? Thereís got to be two tons of dirt between us and the doorway. All right? We got to think of something else.

Miles: Help! We need help over here! Help!

John: Whoís that?

Bo: I donít know. You check it out, ok? I'll wait here for E.S.U.

John: All right.

Talia: All right.

Paige: I canít wait any longer to get Jessica out of here. Talia, I need help.

Talia: All right, I'm on it.

Miles: Marty, itís going to be ok. Itís going to be ok.

John: Hello?

Miles: I'm going to get you some help. Help! Help, over here in the nurses' station! Over here! My girlfriend needs help!

John: Whatís going on?

Miles: Oh, John, thank God. We were here and they just -- it blew up. We were just talking. No, sheís hurt -- her head.

John: Ok. All right.

Miles: Her head, itís bleeding.

John: It doesnít look deep. What hit her?

Miles: I donít know, I think -- I think it was that. Is she going to be ok? Just tell me sheís going to be all right.

John: Sheís alive, thatís all I know. Here, take this.

Miles: What are you doing? What are you doing? She might have a neck injury!

John: She canít stay here! We got to get her to --

Miles: Watch her neck!

John: We got to get her to the E.R. -- If it still exists. Just bring the damn light.

Bo: Nash?

Nash: Yeah?

Bo: E.S.U. is on the way. Whatís going on in there?

Nash: Whatís going on in here? Itís a disaster! The place just -- it blew up!

Bo: All right, how many people need medical assistance?

Nash: Ha, ha! Everybody! I -- except for me. I'm fine. Antonio is still on the operating table. Michael is unconscious! Thereís a doctor barely breathing. Another doctor -- I donít know. Look -- Bo, what happened? Howís Jessica?

Bo: Jessicaís ok. Paige is taking care of her right now.

Nash: Good. Ow.

Bo: Antonio is our number one priority. Now, can you get to Michael?

Nash: Yeah, maybe.

Bo: All right, try to revive him, then he can take care of Antonio.

Nash: Right. Right. Michael? Michael! Ow. Michael, can you hear me? Ow. Michael?

John: Hey -- hey, this woman needs some help here.

Doctor: All right, thereís an open bed in that cubicle, Lieutenant.

Miles: We need a doctor now!

Doctor: So does everybody else. We're doing our best.

Miles: Howís she doing, John?

John: I donít know. Stop talking. Somebodyís got to move that stuff off that bed. Come on, man. Hey. Hey.

Miles: Watch her neck, watch her neck.

John: Shut the hell up, will you?

Miles: You could make things worse, John.

John: And you donít think I know that? Look, go do some good. Go find a doctor. Go find Mike, all right?

Miles: All right, all right. Hey, Marty?

Marty: Hmm?

Miles: Marty, I'm here. You're going to be ok.

John: Hey, Marty, listen to me. You need to wake up, all right? You need to wake up. Can you open your eyes?

Marty: My head --

John: I know. I know. Listen to me -- there was an explosion, all right? I think something hit your head, but I need you to open your eyes. Can you open your eyes?

Miles: Sheís awake.

Marty: John.

John: Yeah, itís me.

Marty: I could tell from all the black.

John: You know, I think you're going to be all right.

Cole: Are you kidding? I canít take Starr to the prom.

Britney: But you want to, right?

Cole: Yeah, it doesnít matter. She would never say yes.

Britney: Probably not. Her dad would probably kill you, so --

Cole: No, actually, her dadís not around. He disappeared.

Britney: Oh. Oh, no. Poor Starr. No, really. I didnít know.

Cole: Yeah, well, it looks like sheís dealing with it ok.

Britney: Ok, can we not talk about Starr anymore? I mean, she doesnít even want anything to do with us.

Cole: Sure.

Britney: And just because she dumped you doesnít mean your life is over.

Cole: Yeah, but -- oh, whatever. Yeah, I'm allowed to be bummed, all right?

Britney: Yeah, well, you donít wallow well. Neither do I. I'm fine with skipping the prom. I just donít want to sit at home in front of my TV, either. I mean, maybe we could do something else.

Cole: Like?

Britney: Like an anti-prom thing.

Cole: Such as what? Picketing the school? Yeah, that'd be great for our reputations.

Britney: I thought you didnít care about your reputation.

Cole: I donít, but you do.

Britney: Hmm.

Cole: You really want to go to the prom, donít you?

Britney: It only happens a couple times in your life.

Cole: What the hell. You want to go?

Britney: Sure.

[Phone rings]

Cole: Hello?

Miles: Cole, itís Miles Laurence.

Cole: Ok. Whatís going on?

Miles: Thereís been an explosion at the hospital. Your motherís been injured.

Paige: Listen up here! We need help! We need a trauma team right now! We got a post-op patient in crisis! Go, go, go, go. Go. This is a liver transplant recipient from O.R. Four. Sheís been properly transferred. We need to monitor her stats.

Clint: Was the bomb actually in the operating room?

Mr. Armstrong: No, fortunately.

Viki: Well, thank God.

Carlotta: Oh --

Adriana: Tia, are you ok? Are you all right?

Viki: Clint, we have to find Jessica.

Clint: Yeah.

Natalie: I think you know more than you're saying.

Mr. Armstrong: Miss --

Natalie: Buchanan. Like the Buchanan wing in this hospital, and I want to know whatís going on with my sister, and I want to know right now.

Dorian: Natalie, they'll let us know when they know.

Natalie: Get off me, Dorian!

Clint: Natalie, thatís enough. We have to let the people do their jobs.

Natalie: Talia!

Viki: Excuse me, excuse me. Officer Sahid, do you know anything at all about Jessica, please?

Clint: Are you all right?

Talia: Yes.

Clint: Do you need to sit down?

Talia: No, no, I'm fine. As far as I know, Jessicaís ok, too. She made it out of surgery before the bomb exploded.

Viki: Oh, thank God, thank God.

Talia: I think Paige was able to get her down to the E.R.

Dorian: But she should be in the I.C.U.

Talia: Itís really unsafe. Itís too close to the blast site.

Natalie: Well, what does that mean? I mean, can they take care of her?

Talia: Yeah. Paige said yes. She can handle it.

Clint: Yeah, but the emergency room -- was there any damage to it?

Dorian: Thatís on the other side of the hospital.

Viki: Clint, letís go. Letís go.

Talia: Uh -- Mrs. Davidson, no, thatís a really bad idea. The buildingís sustained serious damage. Itís really unstable.

Viki: Well, I donít care about that. I need to find my daughter, make sure sheís ok!

Dorian: No, Viki, think about this. If the building is filled with dust, and your heart condition --

Viki: Well, to hell with my heart condition! If they let me be the donor in the first place, the surgery would long be over, and -- and Jessica would be safe now, for heavenís sakes.

Talia: Honestly, there isnít any room for anyone who doesnít need to be in there. You would just get in the way. I'm sorry.

Carlotta: But where is Antonio? Where is he?

Talia: Antonio was still in surgery when the bomb exploded, and we canít get to him.

Bo: Nash, you all right?

Nash: Uh -- [Nash coughs] Ah! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Bo: Whatís going on in there?

Nash: My way up to Michael just collapsed! Whatís your plan B?

Cole: Yeah, Miles, I'm here. Is my mom -- is she going to be all right?

Miles: I donít know. I -- thereís a lot of confusion, doctors havenít even seen her. Nobody knows whatís going on.

Cole: All right, I'm on my way.

Britney: Is everything ok?

Markko: I'm not going to look like a fool. I'll walk first.

Langston: Go ahead. I'd rather play the part myself. At least I could man up and do the actual script.

Markko: Yeah, you in drag? I'd pay to see that.

Starr: I'm going to go see what happened to Cole.

Langston: You know what? I'll play the boy. I'd probably do a better job than you anyway.

Markko: Want to bet?

Starr: Amber.

Amber: You want to buy a prom ticket?

Starr: No. Have you seen Britney?

Amber: She just bought two tickets and ran off.

Starr: Who is she going with?

Amber: Cole.

Nash: Bo, I canít get to Michael, I canít see another way out of here. I donít know what to do! Antonioís alive but he doesnít look good! Power just came back on!

Bo: All right, look, Nash, we're working to get you out of there, but you have to do everything you can to help Antonio.

Nash: All right! Tell whoeverís coming to hurry up! All right.

Bo: This is commissioner Buchanan. I asked for E.S.U. to meet me at operating room four! Now, you get those guys up here now!

Nash: All right, doc, just hang in there. Helpís coming.

Michael: Nash!

Nash: Michael! Hey, Bo, Michaelís back!

Michael: Nash. Antonio. Antonio.

Nash: Bo, we got another problem here!

Miles: She got hit on the head and nobodyís seen her yet. I donít know, she might have a concussion or something.

Doctor: Howís she doing, Lieutenant McBain?

John: Doc, sheís got a pretty nasty bump on her head. It bled a little, but the woundís not too deep. Thanks.

Miles: How is she?

John: Sheís lucid. She says sheís fine, but I'll feel better when sheís checked out. Look, I got to get back to the E.R. Can you stay with her?

Miles: Yeah, no problem.

John: You sure?

Miles: I'm not going anywhere, John. I'll take care of her. Thanks for your help. Thank God you're ok. You had me scared there for a minute.

Marty: I'm fine.

Doctor: Now, follow my finger, Dr. Saybrooke.

Miles: I donít know what I would do without you, if I lost you.

Marty: Well, you're going to find out.

Cristian: Antonioís trapped?

Carlotta: I donít understand. Was the surgery finished?

Talia: I donít know. The phone lines went out with the blast along with the electricity.

Carlotta: That means they're operating in the dark?

Cristian: Mami, please, try to calm down.

Talia: Each section of the hospital is equipped with emergency generators. The O.R. generators just went back online a few minutes ago.

Adriana: So if Antonio was on machines or something, they -- they're working?

Talia: I -- you know, I heard Bo on the radio with Nash Brennan and I --

Cristian: Nash?

Talia: Nash is trapped inside with Antonio and the doctors. He says that Antonio is still alive.

Cristian: Well, I'm going inside.

Talia: Cris?

Cristian: What, you going to try to stop me?

Talia: No. Bo could use the help, but donít get hurt. Antonio would never forgive me.

Cristian: Yeah. I know the feeling.

Carlotta: Cristian, dios te bendiga. Cuidate!

Viki: Paige!

Paige: Viki!

Viki: What do you know about Jessica? What happened? What happened?

Paige: Sheís ok so far.

Viki: Oh --

Paige: She survived the surgery, sheís stable. She didnít get hurt in the explosion. We were in the corridor and the ceiling held.

Natalie: Oh, thank God. I knew -- I knew she'd be ok.

Viki: Oh, my --

Clint: Thank God sheís all right.

Dorian: Yes, thank heaven for that.

Viki: Well, can I go to her?

Paige: No, no. Itís chaos in there right now.

Dorian: I'm still a licensed doctor. Could you use an extra pair of hands?

Paige: Oh, we could use 12. Thank you.

Dorian: All right. I'm going to find out how Antonio is doing and I'll get back to you.

Carlotta: Thank you.

Dorian: Letís go.

Paige: Yeah, you know where the O.R. is. I'm just going to try to help Antonio.

Clint: Paige?

Paige: Yeah?

Clint: Is he really all right?

Paige: Honestly, I just donít know.

Natalie: Sheís looking better already.

Viki: Yeah, I think so, too.

Natalie: You know, Jess and I are very different, and not just in the way we look but how we look at life, how we deal. When things are ok, I feel like I hardly know her. Sheís my twin -- we're supposed to be connected.

Viki: You are connected. You are.

Natalie: Yeah, well, at times like these when one of us is in trouble, definitely. And she is fighting hard, mom, with all sheís got. And I know that whatever happens next, sheís going to be ok.

Clint: Dorian.

Dorian: Oh!

Clint: How you doing?

Dorian: Uh -- well, they've got most of the emergencies handled. Things seem to be under control.

Clint: Thank you.

Dorian: For what? I havenít done much.

Clint: Oh, you did more than you know. In fact, you did exactly what we needed.

Natalie: Dad, you want to go in and see her?

Clint: Yeah, I sure do.

Dorian: Clint? Um -- well, I'll come and look in on you when I'm through.

Clint: All right, I'll be here.

Natalie: My dad really cares about you.

Dorian: I really care about him.

Natalie: Good. Then donít mess him up. You know what I'm talking about.

Dorian: Right.

Viki: Is there any word about Antonio and Nash?

Clint: Not yet. No one is saying anything.

Jessica: Mom?

Cristian: Bo.

Bo: Who let you in here, Cristian?

Cristian: They said I could help.

Bo: Great. Nash, whatís going on in there? Are you and Michael all right?

John: Michaelís in there, too?

Nash: Michael, Antonio is in trouble here. Canít you find another way down?

Michael: I'm trapped! Look, I'll talk you through it, ok? But you're going to have to be my hands. Itís the only way we can save Antonioís life.

Nash: "We"?

Markko: Come on, Shakespeare. Put your money where your mouth is.

Langston: Are you daring me to play your part?

Markko: I bet I get a standing ovation.

Langston: Oh, please -- itís a school play. Thatís a lock even if we suck.

Markko: Ok. Uh -- spontaneous standing o, middle of the show, end of my solo. If I get one, you have to do your little drag number in the middle of the cafeteria at high noon.

Langston: And when you donít, what are you going to do for me?

Markko: Afterschool Special -- I'll streak the building, end to end, right after last bell.

Langston: Deal.

Markko: Deal.

Langston: Who wants to see him naked anyway? Starr, whatís wrong?

Starr: Coleís going to the prom with Britney.

Carlotta: Oh.

Adriana: Carlotta, do you feel ok? Do you need a doctor?

Carlotta: I'm feeling just fine. I'm fine. I just feel a little faint.

Adriana: Well, here -- sit, sit, sit. Put your head down, ok?

Carlotta: Oh.

Adriana: Hey, excuse me! Can we get some help over here?

Mr. Armstrong: Sure, you and everybody else. Is she ok?

Adriana: No. She has a bad heart and she needs a doctor -- do you think you can find one?

Doctor: Whereís the film for cubicle three? I need it stat -- come on, people, letís stay sharp! Hey. You hurt?

Cole: No, no -- somebody called and said that my mom was hurt and she works down here. I need to find her. Wait Ė

Miles: You donít mean that, Marty. You're just -- you're angry about the explosion.

Marty: I was upset before that. Have you forgotten about what we were talking about when it happened?

Miles: Look, this -- this anger, it -- it isnít you.

Marty: You're forcing me to marry you against my will.

Miles: No, I'm not. You have a choice. If you accept my proposal --

Marty: A "choice"? You make me sick.

Miles: What?

Marty: If you force me to marry you --

Miles: Stop seeing it like that, will you?

Marty: We will both be miserable.

Miles: Look, you've forgotten what itís like to be happy. I -- I can change that.

Marty: You really have no idea what love is, do you?

Miles: Teach me. Marty, you have to decide -- be my wife or go to prison and lose your son.

Cole: Mom?

Starr: I feel like such an idiot.

Langston: You really thought Cole was going to skip out on prom, huh?

Starr: Or that he would go alone. The fact that he picked Britney makes me sick.

Langston: Donít hate me for saying this, but you dumped him.

Starr: You're right -- I am an idiot.

Langston: You're not an idiot. You're just not as hard-ass as you pretend to be.

Starr: Yeah, well, you know what they say -- you have to fake it to make it. Thatís the only way that I'm going to deal with Cole and Britney being together.

Cole: Are you ok?

Marty: Yeah -- no, no, no, I'm fine, sweetie. I just -- I just hit my head.

Cole: I freaked out when Miles called me.

Marty: Miles called you?

Miles: I -- I didnít want him to see it on TV.

Marty: I wish he hadnít called you, sweetie. A bomb went off and there could be others.

Cole: I donít care, all right? The way -- the whole way over here I was just going nuts. I thought you were hurt really bad. You canít leave me, mom. I donít have anybody else. I need you here with me.

Clint: Donít try and talk, sweetheart.

Jessica: Is it over?

Viki: Yes, darling, it is all over. You have a new liver and you're going to be just fine.

Jessica: Antonio?

Clint: Well, they're still sewing him up, but heís going to be just fine, too.

Jessica: Nash?

Viki: Nash -- he'll be here as soon as he can, sweetheart. You really have to rest now, ok?

Jessica: Somethingís wrong.

Viki: There was, um -- there was a little accident in -- in the O.R. after the surgery.

Jessica: What kind of an accident?

Viki: It was an explosion.

Bo: You guys work on getting all this off the stairs, get Mike up there in the gallery. We're going to shore up the door to the O.R., See if we can get in there.

John: You got it, Bo.

Bo: Thanks. Proceed with caution, all right? The structure is compromised. Make one mistake, it'll bring the whole ceiling right down on our heads. Cristian, I want you out of here.

Cristian: No way, not without my brother.

Nash: There, all right. Are we good?

Michael: Not quite. Do you see that cart over there?

Nash: Yeah.

Michael: Ok. Thereís a container -- it should have needles and sutures in it. Ok, they're labeled. I want you to grab a whole handful of them.

Nash: No.

Michael: Nash, you have to do this. Now, this place is full of dust and God knows what else. You donít close Antonio, heís going to die.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Miles: I made an offer to Marty she canít refuse.

Rex: Somethingís going on with you and Tate.

Adriana: Tate, did you just come from inside the hospital?

Jessica: I want to see Nash.

Cristian: Nash is not a doctor, Bo.

Michael: Whatís going on? You all right?

Nash: Antonio, heís bleeding.

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