OLTL Transcript Monday 6/4/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 6/4/07


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John: This is getting to be a habit with us.

Marty: I'm sorry I didnít wait at the police station. Something came up, important. I had to take care of it.

John: Itís ok. As long as you're all right.

Miles: You killed Spencer. Do you really want John McBainís blood on your hands, too?

John: So, what'd you want to tell me?

Miles: Hey, Natalie. Have you seen Jessica?

Natalie: No, I've been sick for a week, and they wouldnít let me near her until tonight.

Miles: Oh. Do you know how sheís doing?

Natalie: Itís really bad. I'm afraid that I'm going to lose my sister.

Nash: We canít be too late.

Paige: Wait, wait!

Michael: Antonio, you got here just in time.

Antonio: What do you mean? Sheís not --

Paige: No, no, but we need the transplant immediately. We canít wait.

Nash: Jessica, I'm here. Antonioís here, too. Heís agreed to do the operation.

Jessica: Antonio -- you sure you want to do this?

Officer: Sahid?

Talia: Yeah?

Officer: This was just left at the sargeís desk for you.

Talia: Who is it from, do you know?

Officer: Nobody saw who left it.

Talia: "This is an abomination in Llanview. A pure white woman is about to be made impure. You will all be punished today." Oh, my God.

Jessica: Antonio?

Antonio: I'm here, Jess. Letís do this.

Paige: Antonio, Jessica, we need to start prepping you both right away.

Michael: Now, I'm sorry, I'm going to have to ask everybody else to step out of the room, please.

Viki: Baby, I love you. We'll be here, ok?

Clint: I love you, too, sweetheart. We'll see you right after surgery.

Viki: Antonio, I will never, ever forget this.

Cristian: All right, come on.

Michael: Nash, I'm sorry, you canít stay.

Nash: Yeah. I love you.

Jessica: I love you, too. I just want you to know that, just in case.

Nash: No, shh. Donít you even think it. You are going to get through this. And I'll be waiting for you after.

Paige: We really donít have much time.

Antonio: I'm ready.

Bo: Anything you need, Clint?

Clint: Uh -- no.

Carlotta: Hello, Clint.

Clint: Carlotta -- I canít thank you enough for all of this.

Carlotta: Well, we can thank God, because I certainly had nothing to do with it. But I am very proud of my son.

Nash: You should be. Heís doing the right thing.

Carlotta: Not something you can say.

Bo: Letís not do this today.

Carlotta: I'm sorry. You're right, Bo. Today is about Antonio and Jessica.

Dorian: I can understand why you're worried. Nobody understands better than I do, because after all, I practic-- well, I helped you raise both your boys, and Antonio is such a fine man. A really, really fine man.

Adriana: Heís going to be all right, though, right? I mean, I'm glad that heís doing this for Jessica. I just donít want to lose my brother.

Dorian: There are risks with any surgery, but Antonio is young and heís strong, and so he should be just fine.

Carlotta: Thanks.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Buchanan.

Talia: Commissioner, itís Sahid. I'm so sorry to bother you. I know you're at the hospital with Jessica, but we're in trouble.

Bo: Whatís going on?

Talia: I got a letter dropped off for me here at the station. Nobody saw who left it, and itís -- itís pretty scary.

Bo: Whatís it say?

Talia: "This is an abomination in Llanview. A pure white woman is about to be made impure. You will all be punished."

Bo: All right, find McBain, and I want you to fax a copy of that to the FBI ASAP. Thereís no telling where these jerks might strike next.

Marty: Oh, I canít actually talk right now. I'm -- I'm getting ready to go to the hospital to see Jessica.

John: Of course. Yeah, I know you and Jessica are friends. Itís a good thing Antonio got back in time. Uh -- would it be ok if I called you later?

Marty: About what?

John: Just something I want to talk to you about.

Marty: Is it important?

John: Itís no big deal. I just -- [Phone rings] Excuse me. I got to take this. McBain.

Talia: John, I -- I need you back at the station.

John: What is it?

Talia: I got a letter from one pure people. They're threatening another hit. Itís bigger this time.

John: I'll be there in five. Uh -- I'm sorry, itís work. This canít wait.

Marty: Oh, yeah. No, go ahead. We'll -- we'll talk another time.

John: Ok.

Miles: Hey, donít worry. I'm sure Jessica will be fine.

Natalie: You have no idea how serious this is.

Miles: Ok, but what good is a negative attitude going to do?

Natalie: I'm not being negative. I'm terrified. Jessicaís my twin, and I love her so much. There is nothing that I wouldnít do for her. I mean, do you even get that?

Miles: Yeah. Oh, I get it, Natalie. The same way I feel about Marty.

Michael: Dr. Harrison will be performing the surgery. Paige and I will be assisting.

Paige: We're going to start with you. We're going to make sure your liver is viable. Then we'll flush it. We'll section it for the transplant.

Antonio: Letís forget about the details and letís do what we got to do, ok?

Michael: Antonio --

Antonio: I know, Michael.

Paige: You're very brave.

Antonio: Itís not brave. Itís the right thing to do.

Paige: All right, well, if you wait here, somebody will be out to help prep you.

Antonio: Thanks, Paige.

Nash: Hey.

Miles: Marty? Hi. Itís good to see you.

Marty: Are you following me?

Miles: I was here first.

Marty: I canít deal with you right now. I am here for Jessica and her family.

Miles: Well, that would be me. I'm her uncle, remember?

Marty: I'm going to go see her.

Miles: I'll go with you.

Marty: Would you just stop it?

Miles: What, I canít see my niece?

Marty: Leave me alone.

Miles: So I guess this means you donít have an answer for my proposal.

Marty: Your proposal is blackmail. What, either I marry you or you hurt John? You insinuated as much. And you gave me 24 hours to decide.

Miles: Yeah, do you really need that long?

Marty: Donít push me. All I'm thinking about is Jessica right now, and you should be, too. Although, I donít think you can care about anybody but yourself.

Miles: That is not true, Marty. I care about you more than anything in this world.

Marty: No. You're just warped.

Miles: No, I'm not, Marty. I would die for you.

Marty: I wish you would, right now.

Natalie: Thank God Antonio made it back in time.

Viki: Oh, yes, thank God.

Natalie: So this isnít a sure thing, right? Jessica could still die? I'm really scared for her. Can I go in and see her?

Clint: Yeah, Nat. Make it quick, though, because they're going to take her into surgery soon.

Natalie: Ok, I wonít be long.

Adriana: Is there anything I can do? People I can call?

Viki: No, thank you. Thatís really nice, though. I talked to Kevin and Joey a little while ago, and anybody else can just wait.

Dorian: Adriana, that was really sweet of you to offer to help.

Adriana: Huh. Well, you've been pretty great yourself.

Dorian: Oh -- doing the best I can, but, you know, I'm really worried about Carlotta. This has to be difficult for her. Antonio putting his life at risk for a woman who -- well, quite frankly, cheated on him.

Viki: Dorian, give me a break!

Dorian: Well, for goodness sakes, I didnít mean for her to overhear that. I -- I was merely speaking from Carlottaís point of view, not mine.

Natalie: I'm sorry that I havenít been here lately. I mean, I was here a week ago, but they kicked me out. The stupid cold or flu, or whatever it is. But I'm better now, and I'm -- I'm here. You know, whether you know it or not, I love you so much. And you're going to get through this, ok? Because you're the strongest person I know -- besides Mom. And look -- I mean, sheís gotten through tougher things, right? So this is a piece of cake. You have to get better. Jess, we're all counting on you. We need you -- Bree and Nash, Grandpa, Mom and Dad. Me. Ok, so I'm -- I'm going to be strong for you right now because you can -- you can be strong for me when this is all over, all right? Deal?

Antonio: I've said everything I need to say to you, Nash.

Nash: Yeah, I know. Still, I'd like to thank you.

Antonio: You already did.

Nash: One last time. What you're doing -- it means a lot to so many people.

Antonio: Well, I would have done it for anyone, even a stranger. And thatís what Jessica is to me right now.

Nash: You're talking, but I'm not buying it. You canít just stop loving --

Antonio: You know what, Nash? Why donít you save it, all right? I'd like to think positive thoughts before I go into surgery.

Nash: Letís -- letís do it.

Nurse: Ok, Antonio. Itís time.

Antonio: I'm ready.

Michael: Good work -- tracking Antonio down, dragging him back here. Heís Jessicaís only shot, you know.

Nash: Yeah would you mind if I watched from the gallery?

Michael: Well, it would be highly unusual.

Nash: Yeah, I know. I just -- pacing out here -- itís going to drive me nuts. I thought maybe the closer I could be to Jessica -- it'll help, give her the edge -- I donít know. Please?

Michael: You know, Jessica asked the same thing, and I told her no.

Nash: I'm not afraid of blood.

Michael: I donít know. You know, we -- we could use all the help that we can get. I guess it would be ok.

Nash: Thank you very much, Mike. Right on.

Michael: I got to go scrub in. As soon as Antonioís prepped, we're good to go.

Nash: Excellent. Thank you.

Talia: No distinguishing marks. Not even a watermark on the paper.

John: And nothing indicating who the target is. They're jerking us around.

Bo: Itís a riddle.

John: Oh, great.

Talia: Ok, so I took the systematic approach. Thought it might give me an idea. I made a list of everybody who was a target and everyone who is associated with them.

Bo: Itís got to be somebody that you because this threat was dropped right into our laps.

John: Ok. Well, the only white women here are -- thereís Nora.

Bo: Yeah, but Noraís Jewish, so by O.P.P. standards, sheís not pure.

John: You might want to add Natalie to the list. I mean, sheís friendly with Jones. She was married to Vega. And then thereís --

Bo: Jessica.

Talia: Do you think?

John: I think sheís having a liver transplant sometime today. But wouldnít Jessica be considered pure by these guys' standards?

Bo: Yeah, right up until she gets Antonioís liver, and then I'm sure that they would probably consider her contaminated.

Talia: And everybody in town knows itís happening.

Bo: This is Buchanan. Listen, I want all available units sent to the hospital. Have it sealed, all right? I will brief them on the way. Letís go.

Miles: I canít believe you'd be so cruel to me.

Marty: Are you that clueless, Miles? Do you have any concept of what you are doing to me?

Miles: I love you, Marty. I want to marry you.

Marty: Yeah, enough to kill somebody to make that happen.

Miles: No, that is your choice.

Marty: One you are forcing on me! You know, you are no better than Todd Manning.

Miles: I am nothing like Todd Manning. Look, I will show you. I will treat you like a queen. I know in time, I can make you love me.

Marty: Do you hear yourself, Miles? Do you hear what you are saying? That you are going to make me do something against my will? That is force.

Miles: No, it is nothing like --

Marty: It is emotional rape!

Miles: No, it isnít, Marty. I would never do that to you.

Marty: If you love me as much as you say you do, you will stop this right now.

Miles: Look, I am sorry that you are so upset and that you think I would hurt you. I never wanted to do that.

Marty: Then you're going to let this go.

Miles: No. No, I canít. Because in the long run, this is whatís best for you.

Marty: This is insane. You are insane! And I am not committing to anything until I get some answers.

Miles: Answers about what?

Nash: Hey. They're -- they're prepping Antonio now.

Carlotta: And how do you know that?

Nash: Because I went to thank him one last time for what heís doing.

Cristian: Why donít you just leave him alone?

Nash: Yeah.

Viki: Oh, my --

Clint: You going to be ok?

Viki: Yeah, yeah. I know what sheís going through. Thatís the problem. I mean, even if this works -- I mean, itís going to work. It has to work. It has to. Itís going to be so hard on her. The constant testing and all the drugs she has to take. Itís going to change her life forever. Sheís already been through so much.

Natalie: Sheís really out of it.

Nash: Yeah. I just -- I just want to spend one more moment with her before she does this, you know?

Natalie: Thank you for -- um -- getting Antonio. You're saving her life, the both of you together.

Nash: I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. You'd better know that. You mean the world to me. Everything I want out of life, I want with you.

Jessica: Nash?

Nash: Yeah. Hey, I'm here.

Jessica: Donít go.

Nash: I am never going to leave you again.

Michael: Antonio, Dr. Harrison will be performing the surgery along with Dr. Cooper. Dr. Kent will be your anesthesiologist, and Dr. Greer will be Jessicaís anesthesiologist.

Paige: They're bringing Jessica down now, but the first step is harvesting a piece of your liver.

Antonio: I'm ready. Dr. Kent: I've already given you a sedative, and we're putting the anesthesia in now. I want you to count backwards from 100.

Antonio: 99, 98, 97 --

Jessica: I canít take back what I did to you. But I'm sorry. I did love you.

John: All right. Keep me informed. Ok, Bo, swatís rolling.

Bo: Ok, bomb squad?

John: Already sweeping.

Talia: Where do they even start?

John: I ordered a room-troom.

Guard: That could take hours.

Bo: Whereís the hospital most vulnerable?

Guard: Right now, the O.R. thatís where the transplantís going on.

Bo: Could they get a bomb in there?

Guard: No. But they could get close enough to do some serious damage.

Woman: What makes you even think itís a bomb?

Bo: We're covering our bases. These people have used fire, they've used gas.

John: A bomb would definitely make a statement.

Talia: And it would take out a lot of people.

Woman: So what are we talking here, evacuation?

Bo: If we have to.

Woman: Do you know what that would entail? Staff, visitors, patients on life-support? It could be life-threatening.

John: Explosives are life-threatening, ma'am.

Bo: All right, letís put all necessary personnel on alert, ok? But no obvious announcements over the P.A. system, and no media.

Guard: Done. We've already got codes in place for a situation like this.

Bo: All right, good, good. We donít want to start a panic.

Talia: Where do we even start?

Woman: Dr. Saybrooke?

Marty: Yes?

Woman: Gayle.

Marty: Hi.

Gayle: Hi.

Marty: Thank you so much for coming on such short notice.

Gayle: Sure.

Marty: Sit here?

Gayle: Well, what you told me on the phone got my interest. Why do you think you may need a defense attorney?

Marty: Oh, no, itís not for me. I -- I just have some hypothetical questions.

Gayle: All right, shoot.

Marty: So, say I know someone who killed someone. And a third party got a copy of them on tape confessing this. Would that be admissible in court?

Gayle: What kind of killing are we talking about?

Marty: A stabbing. Multiple stabbing.

Gayle: Self-defense?

Marty: No, no. Um -- but it wasnít premeditated. That makes a difference, right?

Gayle: It could. I'd need more specifics -- history of the accused, nature of the crime, willing to express guilt, remorse. The judge will look at all of that. But a taped confession is fairly damning.

Marty: So if things go wrong and this person is found guilty, whatís the best-case scenario?

Gayle: I canít give you a guarantee. Best-case scenario would be a lesser charge -- manslaughter, second-degree. But this person could be looking at several years -- hypothetically. Do you want to retain a lawyer, Dr. Saybrooke? Miles' voice: You will go to prison. Cole will be orphaned. He'll be a ward of the state. He'll be just like me. He'll be alone at an impressionable age.

Marty: I'll let you know.

Miles: Oh. Iím praying for Jessica. I just want you to know that.

Viki: Thank you very much.

Clint: It all helps.

Miles: Yeah. How long do you think it'll be before we hear anything?

Viki: I -- I donít know. I guess at least another hour. I donít -- I donít know.

Miles: Ok. Well, I have some personal business to take care of. I'll -- I'll be back before then.

Viki: Ok.

Clint: We'll be here.

Miles: Yeah.

Dr. Harrison: Ok, we've got the section. Drain it and flush it. Is the patient ready to receive?

Paige: You take care of Jessica. I'll close.

Viki: Carlotta?

Cristian: I'll get you some water, Mom.

Viki: You all right?

Carlotta: As well as you are, I'm sure.

Viki: Yeah. Itís hard, I know.

Carlotta: Yeah, I canít stand this. I just want to do something.

Viki: I think you are doing something. We have to have faith, you know.

Carlotta: My son had faith. He believed in your daughter.

Viki: Yes, he did. But even so, heís now in there, giving her so much of himself.

Carlotta: He gave her everything. I just hope -- I'm sorry. I hope this doesnít take what little heís got left.

Natalie: Hey. You doing ok?

Cristian: How you doing?

Natalie: Well, your brother, my sister -- both of our moms are a mess.

Cristian: Yeah, well, at least you got to see Jessica before she went in.

Natalie: They wouldnít let you see Antonio?

Cristian: No, no, he doesnít want to see me.

Natalie: Why?

Cristian: Well, heís pissed that I didnít tell him about Nash and Jess.

Natalie: You knew? I'm sorry, I -- I didnít mean to jump down your throat.

Cristian: Well, if something happens to Antonio and I donít get to make my peace with him -- what am I doing? This shouldnít be about me.

Natalie: Why not? Heís your brother and you love him.

Cristian: I hope he knows it.

Dorian: Yes, thank you. Ok, I finally reached someone, but no one has come out of the O.R. yet, so thereís no news. They'll let me know when there is.

Clint: Thanks for trying. You know, Adrianaís been a trouper, but right now, I think she needs her mom. Itís about 10 minutes since the last time you looked.

Viki: Itís endless. Clint, I would give anything -- absolutely anything -- if I could be in Jessicaís place right now.

Talia: Is the emergency room covered?

Bo: Ah -- is the north wing locked down?

Talia: Let me know as soon as the area is cleared. The operations chief is on board, but heís already starting to get calls from outside.

Bo: Yeah, well, thereís nothing we can do about the media. Letís just hope that we're overreacting. I donít want to have to evacuate this hospital unless itís absolutely necessary.

Talia: The bomb squad is sweeping all the common areas. So far, so good.

Bo: All right. [Phone rings] Well, maybe we'll get lucky. Hey. John, whatís happening? We'll be right there. They already have something. John? Whatís going on?

John: The bomb squad didnít sweep here because they're moving Jessica to surgery, but I thought I'd check it out before they got back. Take a look.

Talia: Oh, my God.

John: I'm pretty sure itís live.

Bo: All right. I'll -- I'll call the bomb squad. Evacuate the building.

John: I donít see a timer, Bo. I think we have to do this now.

Miles: I was just trying to reach you.

Marty: Yes, you called six times.

Miles: I know. I -- I feel really bad about how we left things.

Marty: Bad enough to take back your ultimatum?

Miles: I just wish you wouldnít be so upset. Look, honestly, Marty, we're going to look back on this and laugh someday.

Marty: Do -- do you have any concept of reality? Have you learned anything since you got out of the hospital? How couples work, and donít? Miles, couples that work are partners. Couples that donít are opponents, and that would be us. And in that kind of situation, nobody wins. Your life would be miserable. I would make sure of it.

Miles: But I would do anything for you, anything and everything.

Marty: Except for the one thing that I want you to do! I'd rather serve my time in prison than marriage to you.

Miles: You donít really mean that.

Marty: I absolutely do.

Miles: Well, then your son must not mean as much to you as you say he does.

Bo: Looks like it might be radio-controlled.

John: Yeah.

Bo: Oh -- you know, the whole family was in here just a few hours ago.

John: Hey, look, before I do this, you should get out of here.

Bo: And miss out on all the fun?

John: I mean it, Bo. You know, when this thing goes up, thereís no point in both of us going with it.

Bo: Yeah, see, but I have a lot of confidence in what you're about to do.

John: Oh, boy.

Bo: You might want to cut that red wire first.

John: You trust me that much, huh?

Bo: Well, just an educated guess, thatís all. I've done this before.

John: Yeah, me, too. It doesnít get any easier.

Bo: No. Ooh. Just do it.

John: Ahem. Hey -- all joking aside, Matthew needs a father, all right? You clear out of the area. I'll cut the wire.

Talia: I.C.U. has been evacuated, same as the floors directly above and below.

John: Thatís good. I'm not making another move till both of you get out of the area. All right. Donít say I didnít warn you. Whew.

Michael: Looks like we've got flow. Colorís good. I'd say this is a keeper.

Paige: Antonioís hemorrhaging.

Dorian: What is going on here? Why were we forced to come outside?

Natalie: Dad, did you get any information?

Clint: No, I canít get a straight answer out of anybody. Got to go track down Bo.

Viki: What about Jessica?

Carlotta: What about Antonio?

Cristian: Why are we evacuating?

Natalie: Jessica and Antonio are still in surgery.

Adriana: Well, maybe they're done. Maybe they're getting them out another exit.

Natalie: No, itís too soon. Thereís no way they could be finished with the surgery.

Viki: Thereís something terribly serious going on. Oh, my God.

John: Ok. Two for two. Last chance to bolt.

Paige: Suction.

Michael: Whereís the bleeder?

Paige: I canít see it. More suction.

[Monitor beeps quickly]

Dr. Kent: Blood pressureís dropping, pulse going.

Michael: We're losing him.

Paige: Antonio, hang in there. Just one more -- ah. I got it.

Michael: Pressureís coming back up.

Dr. Harrison: Everything ok over there?

Paige: We've got sinus rhythm. Heís stabilizing.

Dr. Cooper: I'm through here.

Michael: Look good?

Dr. Cooper: I'm done here.

Dr. Harrison: Excellent. Want to close?

Michael: I'd love to.

Dr. Harrison: Extubate when you're ready and we'll prepare her to transport to recovery.

P.A. Announcer: Please exit the building in an orderly fashion.

Marty: No, donít you dare tell me how much I love my son!

Miles: I know you do, but you're not thinking this through. Now, if we get married, you'll have a nice life. I have a lot of money. I can provide a good home for you and Cole.

Marty: I like my life the way it is.

Miles: Well, that all changed when you killed Spencer. I'm giving you a way out.

Marty: I've been so stunned by what you're doing that I -- this isnít who I thought you were, Miles. You are troubled, and you are disturbed, and you need help.

Miles: Well, who better to help me than my wife the psychiatrist?

Marty: Blackmailing me and threatening my son and John to get what you want? Itís not going to happen, Miles. It is just going to blow up in our faces.

Viki: Dear Lord -- dear Lord, please take care of Jessica and Antonio. Watch over them. Keep them safe. Protect them, please. Thank you. Amen.

John: Get ready to make a run for it. [John sighs] Well, that was easy.

Bo: Yeah. Nothing to it. Ahem -- call off the evacuation.

Talia: Yeah, I'm way ahead of you.

[Buzzing] [Buzzing stops]

Talia: Do you think itís safe?

John: With fear and common sense holding us back, it looks like just a piece of paper.

Bo: Can you see -- what does it say? Does it say anything on it?

John: "One down, one to go." Thereís another one.

Paige: Do you want me to close?

Dr. Harrison: I'll take care of Antonio. You go with Jessica. Get her set up in recovery.

Paige: Ok.

Nash: How do you think it went?

Michael: It went really well.

Nash: Thank God.

Michael: Listen, Nash, even if the transplant takes --

Nash: Uh-huh?

Michael: Itís going to be months of recovery.

Nash: Thatís fine. I'll be there with her every step of the way. Can I see her now?

Michael: Yeah, why donít you -- why donít you -- why donít you relax a little while, and as soon as sheís in recovery, you can see her.

Nash: All right. As long as I'm there when she wakes up.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

John: I need you to open your eyes.

Marty: John.

Guard: The transplant surgery was taking place in OR 4, very near where the bomb went off.

Nash: Bo!

Bo: Yeah!

Nash: We're in trouble in here! You got to get in here, quick!

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