OLTL Transcript Friday 6/1/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 6/1/07


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John: Marty, itís John. Call me. You disappeared from the station before we got a chance to talk, and I'm worried.

Marcie: Good for you.

John: What?

Marcie: Oh, come on, John. Donít be embarrassed.

John: About what?

Marcie: Two bright, attractive professionals who happen to be single at the same time -- thatís totally sick. You're, like, the next big power couple.

John: What the hell are you talking about?

Marcie: You. You're interested in Marty Saybrooke.

Miles: Marty Saybrooke, will you marry me?

Cristian: To things getting better.

Blair: For the both of us. Ahem. Tell you what -- Evangeline is just as stubborn as I am. Sheís going to pull through, and so will Jessica.

Cristian: I hope so.

Blair: I know so.

Cristian: I should have told her how I felt. That I loved her. And who knows if she can hear me now?

Blair: She knows how you feel, Cris. And Todd knows that I love him, no matter what we've been through.

Cristian: Yeah, well, if love was only strong enough to save lives --

Paige: You've been on 24 hours straight. Did you have something to eat?

Michael: You know, I canít remember.

Paige: Well, take a break and get something.

Michael: You know, I'd really rather stay here with Jessica and the family.

Paige: That wasnít a request.

Michael: Ok. So I'll go and get something to eat. But when I'm done, I'm coming right back here.

Paige: We'll be here.

Michael: Ok. Paige, Jessicaís meld scoreís up to 40 points. Sheís nearing status one liver failure. I've gotten a lot more donors to sign on. I even went to Statesville Prison and talked to David. He wants to volunteer.

Viki: They found a donor. Itís Antonio.

Clint: And heís agreed. Heís on a plane right now on his y to Llanview.

Viki: Heís going to save her. He has to.

Nash: Delays? What delays are you talking about?

Pilot: We've got high winds and lightning around Llanview.

Antonio: What about Philly?

Pilot: The whole area. We wonít get clearance for a few hours.

Nash: Hours?

Antonio: We donít have that. If we donít get there soon, my wife could die.

Nigel: Mr. Buchanan, how is Miss Jessica?

Bo: Well, I wonít lie to you, Nigel. Sheís not doing well. Is pa up and around yet?

Nigel: No, sir. He didnít get up at all today. May I get you something to eat?

Bo: No, thanks. I got to get to the hospital.

Nigel: I take it they didnít find a match?

Bo: Actually, they did.

Nigel: Thank goodness. Who is it?

Bo: Itís Antonio. But he left town, and we donít know if heís going to make it back in time to save her.

Nash: You put us down there. I donít care how you do it, but Jessica is out of time.

Antonio: How close can you get us?

Pilot: Possibly New York. But everyone else will be trying ere, too.

Nash: New York is a two-hour drive to Llanview.

Antonio: The weather could change. Stay on course. Keep me posted. Where the hell are you going?

Nash: Oh, damn the storm. He is putting us down there.

Antonio: Flying blind into a closed terminal? What, are you crazy?

Nash: We are out of time!

Antonio: Look, Nash, I am not going to jeopardize my daughterís life!

Nash: Jessica is critical. If we donít get to her, sheís going to die. Or is that what you want?

John: Did you have cough syrup for breakfast again? You are so far off base on this. Marty and I are friends, or getting to be. We are definitely, absolutely not dating.

Marcie: Hmm. Hey!

Michael: Hey.

Marcie: What are you doing here?

Michael: Well, I was hoping to run into number one wife. So --

Marcie: I'd better be the only wife if you know whatís good for you.

Michael: Oh, I do.

Marcie: Hmm.

John: Get a room.

Marcie: No, I think we're fine -- for now.

Michael: You want to have a seat, man?

John: I donít know.

Marcie: Oh, come on.

Michael: So, how did the doctorís appointment go?

Marcie: Oh, fine. You know, itís just a checkup. Howís Jessica doing?

Michael: Sheís critical. You know? We're waiting for Antonio to get back here so we can do the transplant, but this thing is really coming down to the wire.

John: Howís Natalie dealing with all this?

Michael: I donít know. You know? Sheís been really sick lately. And with Jessica so weak, we canít risk a cross-infection.

John: I want to call her. You know, I just -- I donít know if thatís the right thing at this point.

Michael: I -- I donít know, either. You know, I think -- I think the right thing to do here is -- is pray, John. You know?

Marcie: I said a prayer for Jessica this morning. Went and lit a candle. It just seems crazy, you know, that someone as young as Jessica -- I just -- might die? It just doesnít seem possible.

Michael: Itís definitely possible. You know, I -- I -- I generally try not to get emotionally attached to the -- to the patients, you know? But I mean, itís really -- itís really hard with Jessica.

John: Sheís a friend.

Michael: You know what I would like to know?

John: Whatís that?

Michael: I would love to know who my brother isnít dating.

John: Nobody.

Marcie: Marty Saybrooke.

John: Nobody.

Michael: Marty Saybrooke? You dirty, dirty dog.

John: Thereís no dog here. Thereís no dirty dog. Thereís no dog, period, all right? Look, when you two stop playing telephone here -- you know, you'll stop mixing up things that you didnít even hear.

Marcie: No, no, no, no, no. My hearing is very good, thank you very much, and what I heard was your brother leaving a message for Marty Saybrooke. And he had that, like, sound in his voice. You know what I mean?

Michael: Oh, I get it.

John: Oh, get over -- what? Were you -- were you talking to Cole? Is that it?

Marcie: Thornhart?

John: Yeah, look, I was talking to the kid earlier, and he kind of mixed -- he mixed a few things up. He said some things, you know?

Marcie: Mm-hmm?

John: The thing is he just wants his mom to be happy.

Michael: With you.

Marcie: Hmm.

John: End of story. Thatís it. Fine, if that is the way you want it. But -- you do find Marty attractive, right? Donít you?

Marty: Miles, what are you doing?

Miles: I'm asking you to marry me. This is how itís done, right?

Marty: No! No, this is not how itís done!

Miles: It doesnít matter. I love you, Marty.

Marty: I donít love you!

Miles: But -- but you could learn to.

Marty: Have you lost your mind?

Miles: Look, I've never done this before. And I realize itís not going smooth, but you have to understand that my feelings are true.

Marty: I have to get out of here.

Martyís voice: I killed Spencer Truman.

Miles: Please say yes.

Marty: You're blackmailing me?

Miles: No. All I want is for us to --

Marty: Just stop it! Miles, I -- I canít be bought! I'm not going to accept that ring or anything else from you under these conditions. I'm going to the police station and I'm turning myself in.

Miles: Even if that means losing your son?

Marty: Thatís not going to happen.

Miles: I promise it will.

Marty: I -- but I must have killed Spencer in self-defense.

Miles: But you hid the truth for months. Thatís the way the courtís going to see it. They're going to say that you let an innocent man rot in prison while you knew you committed the murder.

Marty: But I didnít know! I must have blocked it out!

Miles: Oh. The psychiatric defense? Marty, you of all people know that that option doesnít lack for consequences. People will get hurt.

Marty: Get out of my way.

Miles: You could be sent to Wingdale, just like Spencer would have been if you killed him. Look, even if that doesnít happen, do you honestly think they're going to let a murderer practice psychiatry again? You'll lose your job, your income. You're a single mother. You canít afford that.

Marty: Thatís not going to happen.

Miles: Look, I know. I've learned everything. I've -- I've worked it out. I even know the legal ramifications.

Marty: God, you're sick!

Miles: I am the only person that can help you. Confessing to the murder this far after the fact will make you look callous, unsympathetic. You will go to prison. Cole will be orphaned. He'll -- a ward of the state. He'll be just like me. He'll be alone at an impressionable age. Marty, do you want to spend years behind bars? Sentence your own son to a life of chronic instability? Maybe even abuse? When you can -- you could spend your life happily ever after with me?

Blair: No, I donít know where Todd is, or who has him, but I can tell you this much. His love saved my life -- when I was laid up in the hospital with all that Spencer ordeal. The doctors told my family to come in and say goodbye to me. But Todd -- he refused. He just kept talking to me, willing me back.

Cristian: I tell you, I wish I could do something to help Jessica, or -- or something to will Evangeline back from wherever she is. But you know, there are medical realities.

Blair: Uh-uh. No, no. Donít give up.

Cristian: No, wait a minute. I never said I was giving up.

Blair: Well, I know how your mind thinks, and you canít do that, Cristian. I mean, you've got to keep believing, no matter what the doctors tell you. Jessica and Evangeline are going to pull through. They're not lost. Neither is Todd. I know that. Hey.

Carlotta: Hi, Blair.

Cristian: Hey, Mom. Whatís wrong?

Carlotta: I just got a call from Viki. Nash tracked down Antonio.

Cristian: Where is he?

Carlotta: Barcelona. But they're on their way back to Llanview.

Cristian: Wait a minute -- so -- so he said yes?

Carlotta: Yeah. Antonio agreed to be Jessicaís donor.

Blair: Oh, thank God.

Carlotta: I want to be at the hospital when he gets there.

Cristian: Yeah, me, too. I'm going to tell Carlos to close up --

Blair: No, no, no, I'll do that. You guys -- you'll be in my prayers, all right?

Carlotta: Thanks, Blair.

Cristian: Thanks.

Blair: Ok.

Cristian: Come on, letís go.

Nigel: I'm sorry, sir. I -- I'm at a loss for words.

Bo: Well, I know what you mean, Nigel. I know that pa would want to be there to say goodbye. And I -- part of me -- I -- I think that he should have the chance, but Ė

Nigel: It would kill him. No, thereís no doubt in my mind.

Bo: Yeah. Well, I -- I know. I -- I think the same thing, and I -- but I -- I want to know -- do you think that we'd be doing the wrong thing, keeping him in the dark?

Nigel: If Miss Jessica should, God forbid, not survive this, I believe it would literally break your fatherís heart.

Bo: I agree.

Nigel: On the other hand, I donít believe in protecting other people from the truth.

Bo: Yeah, because it always comes out anyway, in the wrong possible way, and -- I know all about that.

Nigel: Your fatherís too weak to make a visit to the hospital this evening. And if we tell him whatís happening --

Bo: He'll walk there on his own. Wouldnít he? I think the last thing Jess needs is to be w0rrying about her grandfather. [Bo sighs] Nigel, we may regret this.

Nigel: Yes, sir. But I donít see any way around it.

Bo: I just hate not being able to fix it.

Nigel: Thatís a Buchanan trait.

Bo: I'll be in touch with you.

Nigel: Thank you. And I'll be praying that Detective Vega arrives in time.

Bo: So will we all.

Paige: You need to know what to expect while we wait for the transplant. Jessica will experience some discomfort. She'll most likely be nauseated. She -- she'll continue to lapse in and out of consciousness. She may also become delusional.

Jessica: I love you. I am so happy I found you and kept you in my life. I donít have very much time left. I have to say goodbye. I know you donít want to let me go. I am so sorry I have to leave.

Marty: Miles, this isnít who you are. You're not a criminal.

Miles: "Criminal"? What crime have I committed?

Marty: The only person I told about what happened with Spencer was my therapist. How did you get that tape, Miles? What, did you hurt her?

Miles: No, of course not.

Marty: Then you stole it. Because she would never have given it to you willingly. And now you're blackmailing me. These are crimes, Miles. Felonies. Why are you doing this?

Miles: Well, you know why!

Marty: You love me?

Miles: Yes.

Marty: My God, thatís not love, Miles!

Miles: Well, it is to me. It is. I'm -- I want to spend every day of the rest of my life making you happy. I want to give you everything.

Marty: All you are doing is scaring me. Is that what you want?

Miles: I canít -- I canít believe you think that.

Marty: Look at what you're doing. You are taking this situation -- a horrible tragedy -- and -- and turning it into a -- a game! A -- a bargaining chip!

Miles: Look, I know -- I know I can be socially inept. I realize that. You know that. I'm willing to work on it. I will get better.

Marty: Miles, you canít --

Miles: Just please -- please -- please, just understand me. I grew up in a hospital. I never thought that anyone would ever love me. I met you. Finally -- finally, I had some hope that -- that I -- that I would have somebody. And I bought this ring in hopes that -- that someday, I would have the nerve to give it to you.

Marty: I appreciate how anxious this must have been for you to do. But you arenít asking for anything. You are forcing my hand.

Miles: Arenít you supposed to play the hand you're dealt?

Marty: In poker, Miles! This is real life!

Miles: I know itís real life. I tried everything to win you over, everything. Nothing worked!

Marty: What are you talking about, Miles? What have you done?

Antonio: If I let this plane fly blind into Llanview and we crash and we die, there will be no transplant for Jessica, and she will die, and Bree will be left without anyone. That is why we are not going to land this plane in a thunderstorm, Nash, so donít you dare accuse me of wanting her dead.

Nash: Then you help me find a way to get you there!

Antonio: I loved Jessica, we had a life together, she was a part of me, we had time, no matter what you two cooked up.

Nash: Sheís dying, man!

Antonio: I am aware of that.

Nash: Then start acting like it!

Antonio: Oh, I see. Like you? Flying off half-cocked? So what, you could play hero?

Nash: We both know -- we both know that Jessicaís going to die if that yahoo starts flying circles up in the air.

Antonio: Let me tell you something -- the only way Jessica is going to make it is if I get to Llanview alive.

Nash: Ugh! Why didnít I get to Tess sooner? Why did she have to shoot up drugs to give Jessica Hep C? This is ridiculous!

Antonio: Is that all you got? Huh? How about trying, you know, why did Jessica have to be molested? Or -- or why did Jessica have to create Tess or meet you? She had a whole life.

Nash: She was never whole. Tess was around a lot longer than you or me.

Antonio: Yeah, killing her from the inside.

Nash: Saving her from the outside -- saving her from that monster who molested her!

Antonio: You call shooting up saving her? Running around wild, stealing, sleeping around?

Nash: All right, fine, Tess got the demons, all right? She was a little out of control.

Antonio: Yeah, and you couldnít get enough.

Nash: You know what? When the doctors told me that the only way to save Jessica was to let go of Tess, I did it. I mourned the woman I loved.

Antonio: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Nash: You never did. My Tess and your Jess --they both died on the same day. They both died the day they got integrated. The woman I am in love with now is not the same woman who you've been in love with for all those years --

Antonio: Stop!

Nash: And years and years.

Antonio: Donít say another word until we land, for both our sakes.

Clint: Jessie? Itís your father.

Jessica: Daddy?

Clint: Yeah, itís me. I'm here.

Jessica: You're -- you're the only one who doesnít lie to me.

Clint: I've always been a straight shooter with you.

Jessica: I'm dying, arenít I?

Viki: How long can she survive now without the transplant?

Dorian: That depends on a lot of different factors. The most important thing right now is maintaining her cardiovascular status, and I'm sure they've got Jessica --

Viki: How long, Dorian? How long?

Dorian: Not long. But may I say from a personal perspective -- Jessica is very much like you. Sheís tough. And I wouldnít count either one of you out ever.

Clint: Now you listen to me, and you listen to me good. I know that you remember the first time I took you riding. Biscuit -- that was the name of your horse. You were so young. You looked so brave, proud on top of that horse. But biscuit got a little skittish, and next thing I know, he bucks you off his back. I got to you in a flash because I thought you had broken your neck. But by the time I got there, you had already popped up, and you grabbed the horseís reins, and you looked him right in the eye, and said, "no horse is ever going to throw me again." Jess, this is just another horse. Donít you let him throw you.

John: I'm not blind.

Michael: Well, that is a good thing.

John: I'm not looking, either.

Marcie: You donít have to look. Thatís the great thing. Sheís right in front of your face.

John: I'm not ready. I'm still thinking about Natalie, and the reason why Marty is right in front of me is because we're colleagues. She does profiling for me.

Marcie: Oh. Profiling.

John: She does profiling for the police department.

Marcie: Well, then, you know, I think your profiles will make great music, harmony.

Michael: Confucius say --

John: You know, for a writer, you really make lousy metaphors.

Marcie: Well, I think you should stick to detecting.

John: Thatís it. One more shot of coffee, I'm out of here.

Marcie: No, no, no, no. Dark roast, black. I know you. I know how you like it. You -- work this one over, ok?

Michael: Will do. Come on, man, you canít stay single forever.

John: Who says?

Michael: Precedent.

John: Precedent?

Michael: Hmm.

John: You want precedent? I couldnít make it work with Natalie. I couldnít make it work with Evangeline.

Michael: Well, you and Evangeline got off to a -- an unconventional start. And -- and things were always rocky with you and the redhead.

John: Your point being?

Michael: Point being Marty Saybrooke is a different kind of woman for you. And letís face it, brother, you're not getting any younger, ok?

John: Oh.

Michael: Yeah. It would be nice if Tommy had a cousin or three.

John: Has everybody lost their mind today? You know, I got to tell you, your wife is really starting to rub off on you.

Marcie: Really? How -- how am I rubbing off on him?

John: Well, itís not a good thing.

Michael: Hit him with the biological clock argument.

Marcie: Hmm. Tick tock.

Michael: Yeah, and that it would be nice for Tommy to have some cousins.

Marcie: Mm-hmm. It would be nice.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Marcie: Mm-hmm.

John: Donít you have a sing-along to teach? Isnít there people with funny shoes that are waiting for you to teach them steps?

Michael: Well, I'm -- I'm worried about you, you know? You're doing the same old same old, man. You're burying yourself in your work.

John: Says the man on the 25th hour of his shift.

Michael: I'm trying to save a life.

John: And I'm trying to get a killer off the street before he hits again.

Marty: Miles, what have you done?

Miles: Lour life together to start with keeping secrets, so you might as well know everything. I asked someone for advice.

Marty: Who?

Miles: It doesnít matter. This person -- they told me that women -- they fall for heroic men, and it made perfect sense to me, because when I see movies, the man comes in and he saves the woman, and she falls into his arms, and you can see in her face that sheís falling in love.

Marty: Ok.

Miles: And thatís all I wanted when I hired those thugs to pretend to hold you up.

Marty: Pretend -- pretend? You set at up?

Miles: That day, you told me that you were going, and I -- and I researched, and I knew that there was only one road to Cherryvale, so I hired those -- those guys to follow you, and you were never in real danger.

Marty: How did you know that I was going to run out of -- oh. You drained my gas tank? Oh, my God.

Miles: Look, I didnít -- I didnít want things to go as far as they did.

Marty: Anything could have happened to me!

Miles: I -- I told them, "donít hurt her." I said that, and I would have been on time if it werenít for Lieutenant McBain.

Marty: John? John? What does -- wt does he have to do with this?

Miles: He was interrogating me about Todd manning, and I told him, "I donít have the time, I got to go," but he wouldnít listen. Look, I -- I just wanted -- I just wanted to be the one to come to your rescue so that you would fall into my arms, but you didnít. You went to John McBainís.

Marty: Miles, you need professional help.

Miles: I'm not sick. I'm doing what I see everyone else doing in this world -- going for what they want. I'm going to get what I want --

Marty: No --

Miles: Whatever it takes.

Marty: Itís wrong, Miles! Itís -- itís conniving! Itís manipulative! And itís not you! You -- you are a nice, sweet person.

Miles: Nice guys -- they finish last. For once in my life, I'm going to finish first. Look, I'm just making things happen like -- like you did when you killed Spencer.

Marty: How can you be so cruel?

Miles: Me? The woman I love killed my best friend, and I'm still willing to protect you.

Marty: By forcing me to marry you. How is that love? Miles, what kind of marriage would that be?

Miles: An arranged one. Look, many cultures still do it today, all around the world.

Marty: I canít believe you're serious.

Miles: Sometimes these people -- they donít even know each other. And they get married and they grow together, and -- and eventually, they fall in love.

Marty: I could never love someone who blackmails me.

Miles: You say that now but opposites attract.

Marty: Miles, itís wrong!

Miles: You could grow to love me.

Marty: Please, just wake up, ok? I wonít marry you, and you canít make me love you.

Man: Ms. Cramer? I'm from Joe Investigations. You retained us to try to --

Blair: Yeah, I know what I hired you for. Did you find Todd?

Nash: The airís clear around Philly International. We got priority clearance to land.

Antonio: Thatís only a half-hour from Llanview.

Nash: We should be on the ground in less than 45.

Antonio: All right, get your things together. I'll have a car waiting for us.

Nash: Yeah.

Antonio: Philadelphia -- Philadelphia town car.

Nash: Hang in there, Jess. We're coming.

Carlotta: Is Antonio here yet?

Clint: No, we're still waiting.

Cristian: How is she?

Clint: Not good.

Cristian: Can I go in there and see her?

Clint: Yeah.

Cristian: Thanks.

Bo: Hey, brother.

Clint: Listen, I'm going to go call Natalie. She needs to be here.

Paige: I'm glad you're here.

Bo: I -- I went by país to talked to Nigel and País having one of his bad days, so we thought that --

Paige: Right. Ok.

Bo: Hey, how much longer can she hang on? Is it -- is it days? Hours?

Paige: We donít really know. It could be less than that.

Man: I'm sorry. I'm here to return your most recent check.

Blair: Money is no object here.

Man: You paid top dollar for our best investigators, and thatís what you got. But we're no closer to finding Todd Manning than the day we started. The guyís vanished, ma'am, completely, which means one of two things -- either he disappeared by choice, or he was taken out.

Blair: Heís not dead, ok? I would know it. I would feel it right here. And he didnít run off because he wouldnít do that to his children.

Man: I understand your need to hold on to hope --

Blair: And I understand your job, the job you're doing on this case!

Man: If you want to apply for a full refund, minus expenses --

Blair: He is out there. And he needs me, all right?

Man: I'm sorry, but your belief is not enough for us to go on.

Blair: Somebody told you to -- to back off this case, didnít they? Thatís it, isnít it?

Man: I'm sorry for your loss, Ms. Cramer.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Hello? [Static] Hello? [Inaudible voice] Todd?

John: I'll tell you what. If I'm ever in the market for the right woman, you two will be the first to know. I got to go.

Michael: Oh, you can run, but you canít hide.

John: What will it take to end this?

Marcie: Uh -- you have to admit that Marty is the yin to your yang.

John: Letís leave my yang out of this, all right? Itís is my business.

Michael: You know, Marce, heís got a point. His yang really is his business.

John: Thank you. Look, why is my social life even important to you two?

Michael: Well, because we'd like to see you as happy as we are.

Marcie: Yeah. You are the one who started it, anyway, when you left that sultry message for Marty. [As John] "Hey, Marty, itís John -- call me --"

John: There was nothing sultry about it, nothing.

Michael: Oh, I donít know -- if she says it was sultry, it probably was pretty sultry.

John: Oh, fine, you win, all right? We're dating, all right? We got reckless. The kid -- he walks in on us, now he thinks we're getting hitched, all right? You got me. You got the sultry guy, all right? Is this all over now?

Michael: Thatís dirty.

Marcie: [Normal voice] Sure, itís over.

John: Great.

Michael: Yeah -- provided you ask Marty Saybrooke out.

Miles: You have two choices, Marty. You give yourself up -- and your freedom and your son -- or you marry me and everybody wins.

Marty: What about Spencer?

Miles: Heís dead. You going to prison isnít going to bring him back. Besides, he'd understand. He wanted me to be happy.

Marty: Marrying a won who hates you isnít going to make you happy.

Miles: I donít think you're capable of hating me. And I'm willing to take that chance. I wish you could look inside my heart and know how much I love you.

Marty: Miles, please donít do this.

Miles: You have 24 hours to consider my proposal.

Marty: I'm going to go to John. I'm going to confess, and I'm going to tell him everything that you're doing.

Miles: I'd think about that again. You killed Spencer. Do you really want John McBainís blood on your hand too?

Marty: Miles, please -- please.

Miles: I know you'll make the right decision -- for everyone.

Clint: Jessie, sweetheart, we're all here.

Viki: You hold on, honey, ok? Stay with us.

Jessica: Where am I?

Viki: You're in the hospital, sweetheart.

Jessica: No, I'm not. I'm somewhere else. Itís bright.

Priest: Hello, everyone.

Viki: We didnít call for a priest.

Dorian: Are you here to give last rites?

Viki: No! No -- no! No, you canít! I wonít let you!

Clint: Viki --

Viki: Sheís not going to die!

Clint: No, sheís not. I have to believe that, and I have to believe that Antonio is going to get here in time.

Viki: He will! Heís going to save her.

Clint: But we canít deny our Jessie this comfort if she might need it.

Viki: Ok.

Blair: Todd? [Static] Todd! [Line disconnects] Oh, where are you?

Miles: See you soon, Mrs. Laurence.

Marcie: All you have to do is ask Marty out on a date, and we'll leave you alone. If you donít, well, then we'll just have to keep pestering you and bothering you -- we'll give him emails, phone calls, text messages --

Michael: Yeah, we could stick notes to your door --

John: No, listen -- all right, listen-- shh. Shh. If I was to tell you I'll think about it, will you leave me alone?

Michael: Sold to the man in the black. I have to get back to the hospital.

Marcie: You know what? I'll walk out with you, ok?

John: Yeah, take this with you.

Michael: Good. I -- you know, I will. I'm hungry.

John: Yeah.

Michael: I love you, brother.

Marcie: Mm-hmm. We're watching you.

John: Yeah, yeah. Ahem. Swell, I'll take it up. Whew. Snap out of it.

Priest: Almighty God, look on this, your humble servant, lying in weakness, and comfort her with a promise of everlasting life.

Antonio: Dr. Miller --

Nash: No. No, that canít be.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Nash: Jessica, I'm here.

Paige: Need to do the transplant immediately. We canít wait.

Talia: "A pure white woman is about to be made impure. You will all be punished today."

John: I donít see a timer, Bo. I think we have to do this now.

Paige: Antonioís hemorrhaging.

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